The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 10, 1935 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 10, 1935
Page 3
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^"Friday, Sfcv 10. J!>35. RELIEVES SOWHOIE FAMILY OSES IT Kellogg's ALL-BEAN Corrects Constipation* An enthusiastic and voluntary letter: "We have a daughter -who has J>een troubled all her life -with constipation.* About three months ago, we discovered ALL-BRAN. From that day to now we have not given her any form of laxative. We have become "ALL-BRAN" users, and/now it is a part of our daily diet. We have told many of our friends and they, too, are getting results."—Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Pope, 662 Maple Ave., Elmira.N.Y. * Constipation due 'to insufficient "fodfc" ia meals. | AtL-BRAN'providesgentle"bnlk" ,' to aid regular habits. It also fur- ' nisfies vitamin B and iron. The ^bnlk" in ALL-BRAN is often more effective than the "bulk" in fruits and vegetables, as it does not break down within the body. Two tablespoonfuls daily are usually sufficient. If not corrected this way, see your doctor. Isn't this food much pleasanter and safer than risking patent medicines? Get the red-and- green package at your grocer's. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. •' i ! ent. evening: worship. id 7:30 p.-m. leople v.-ili prcssnt program. Dorothy give a short talk 'Mother." Vradonc loris Mclntiro will h .several vocal nirch notes: lure, pastor.) •-1 0 • 'til ley as hostesses. Several contests were enjoyed with Mrs. Nina' Rodenbeck as the winner and later several pames of bunco furnished entertainment with Mrs. Vale Learning carrying away the honors for high score. A luncheon was served to those mentioned and Mesdames Leland Perish, Charles Carter, Glen' Drumm, Harry Gwinn. Paul Apple and Mabel Whisler. n; i M s* i £.1 ff TTfrok nJ the home of Mr. arid Mrs/Ed Lorenze. Mrs. Lorerize'(wKo'feH'|sev- eral weeks ago at the home of her daughter Mrs. Frank Raquet in Marion and broke h er hip was not so well when! the relatives visited her Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Wai have been living at for the past two their household g ter Lewis ; who Hinkle Creek years moved dods to : the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. er, superintendent. Morning aud 10:30 a. in. an The young p a Mother's Day McFai-laud will in memory of " Reamer and De entertain w i t h ducts. Tetersbui (Rev. Sunday school. 9:30. Ros;;oe Samuel!;, superintendent. Morning and evening worship, 10::!0 a. m. and 7:00 p. m. L. L. !ii!;-r and family entertained Sunday Mrs. Bonnie GrifTe of Kokomo, Mrs ..Margaret AUK- stadt, Hubert Gri/fe and- Mr. and Mrs. carl Miller uf Tiptou. Ksther Rarr of Kokomo and Ralph Barr of Pern wore the week end-guosis of their parents, Clnndc narr and family. v *- Floyd Cunningham 'and 'Mrs. Cortez Thompson were at Sheridan Friday and made the official visit of the Arcadia Missionary society to the Sheridan society. The meeting was held at the home of Mrs. John Pickett sbuth of Sheridan and iwas a very interesting meeting. jMrs. Cunningham gave the address of the meeting. MUSHROOM Mrs. M. H. Lobeck John 1 McGill here Tuesday. They! left Tuesday for Nebraska where , will reside in Indianapolis where Rev. Lobeck will undergo an op- 'Mr. Leewis has employment. eration for removal of tonsils. I While living at Hinjcle Creek Mrs. Mrs. Nina Rodenbeck enter- j Lewis was employed las bookkeep- tained at dinner Sunday Mrs. Ma- ; er for the Hinkle Packing Combel Whisler and daughter Luel- • pany. la Mae and Mrs. Sarah Lang- Mrs. George Waltz and son Several Persons Finding Lars' 1 Xumber.4 According to Reports. ston. Mr. and Mrs. Don Dickover Frederick and Mrs iVirgil Pres- and family of Indianapolis were , ton and son Jimmiej Of Indianapo-' were out Wednesday and found Mushroom hunters of the county continue to comb the woods for the much sought edible and several reports of large flnds am being made. Mr. and Mrs. John Frawley Thursday Charles Hess of the jers: have found {hem almost nri- '4er water. Tiptori i Produce Company' went to the woods and is repprted to have returned vrith 51 fine mushrooms, one extra large one weighing, over one pound. The j heavy rains have caused mushrooms to pop up in places where they had never been found befor^ and in some places hunt- Tqken to Hospital. ,'| Mr. and Mrs. Elton Book of j Hobbs took their ..fonrteen- j months,old son, Joseph, to Indi| anajiolis Friday where they placed [litm in the Riley hospital for ob- servation, and treatment. - ^j ; The little one; his strong and for the past ee I days has been suffering : cold. It was feared mastold t! We might develop, and ife thought best to have him at?tl hospital. Try a Tribune Want Ad] evening callers. I Us attended the Wabash Valley Mr. and Mrs. Will Caylor and ! Zone Rally here Sunday and vis- Paul Crinstpad and family ot j Mrs - E1 ' z a b eth Knapp visited near Keep on the Sunny Side of Life GOMXS.M1TH. K Goldsmith church notes: Sunday school, !l:30. W Aldridgc, superintendent. Evening worship. 7:i:o. There will he a short Mother'.: Day program after the Sunday school session. Each class is preparing a special number. Hopewell church notes: Sunday school, 9:30. Russell j Collier, superintendent. Normanda church notes: (Rev. Donald Hoffman, pastor.) , near I!o.\l. y were Sunday gucsU j of IIr. and 'Mrs. Knssell Collier. j Otlii'r ;enests were ?,Ir. and Mrs. Oeorse Collier and family near Boxloy. Julianna and Deloros Esthc. Grinstead of near Boxley ha •leeu visitinj, for the past weeK •vith Mr. and Xvs. Russell Collier uid Albort M:?lnl and family. I.ana Michel of Anderson was .ho wfi'Ic end piiest of her par- -•nl.s, .Mr. and Mrs. Pave Michel. Mr. and Mrs. Carlaml llorton, '!li Iliiriun and family. Garland )rr and family and Kay Sliepperd •.vere Sunday Riiosts of Fred Hryant and family of near Noblesville. Mr. and Mrs. U. G. Foster were Friday quests of Mrs. Jennie Marlholumcw of Kokomo. Mrs. Hai'tliulomew has been very ill r tin' iiasi week, but is improv- ns now. ARCADIA. The members of the KillKare Klul) were entertained Monday evening at the pretty country home of Mrs. Jim Correll with Sunday school, 9:30. Carl Tyn-J.Mrs. Correll and Mrs. Frank Con- BRANDED BEEF SALE FEATURED IN A&P MEAT MARKETS Round or Sirloin Steaks Pot Rpast Chuck Roast Lb. Porter House Steak Veal Roast schh0 ° u & r Veal Chops sh ° uldcr Veal Steak Veal Cutlets Lb. Lb. 37c Beef GFro ±d 21c Chickens •%£ ". 25c Haddock ft »?' «• 33c Whiting FF / 0 « hn Lb 33c Cod Fillets £s£ i*. 23c Haddock Lb - "• 17c 29c -10c 12|c 14|c Vigorous and Winey BOKAR COFFEE IONA BRAND FLOUR 79c •24-Lb. Bag Ann Page All Flavors Preserves CraekeSs Sardines Kutol Coffee No-Rub Wax Jars Quaker Imported —In Olive Oil Wall Paper Cleaner Chase & Sanborn's 3 pkgs. c 3 Cans 20C Cans 25C 2 1-Lb. Bags BUTTER NUCOA MARGARINE S. 0. S. OVALTINE Wllberfa _. With Bot. Pint ofFurn. Pol. Can isb FREE Country Roll (Sllverfarook Print Lb. 29c ib. 39c 28c - 22c Free Sink T«y Sent Fat 1 Pk«. Top Mailed to S. O. S. Company, Chicago Health Drink C-Ol. Can 29C Can Quart Jar 29C 8-Oz. 1 A. Glass -LUC GRAPEFRUIT JUICE s-^« ORANGE JUICE ^-^., RWAH SALAD DRESSING ' If I IV Grape or ' JCH.I .. .Baspberry iSUYERCAKE c ][^ *«* 25c IEAD Grandmother'i 24-Os. Loaf Qg FCH CLEANSER 2 c.n. I5c iSOUP or TOMATO JUICE 6 c« 25c feilns s^^iL, 3 Ibs. 19c CARROTS .-___^__ 5c ONIONS—3 tranches lOc if. Fancy Quality, Ib. lOc -«. bunches .—_-lOo Lmrge aoUd, a for — J8c •»«-5fts. 25c bid t »^S £ » I Alexandria Sunday with their mother, Mrs. Judith Lorenze at ited Mr.-and Mrs. John Waltz and other relatives.! Mrs. Ray Hildeprand, Mrs. 72 fine mushrooms by following the bank of the open ditch from ! the south! edge of the Singlton farm near the roundhouse to the Beech Grove school. THE BARGAIN GROCERY irawberries 'FancyOQuartOCfi Ripe &Boxes £ JU Ibs. for RICE SODACRAKERS 0 ™ 1 '^ BLISS COFFEE SOAP CHIPS 2-lb. box 19c 15c 21c 27c BUTTER Pleasant Valley Pasteurized Creamery 1 pound carton 35c 15c STRAWBERRY SHORT CAKES ^JM^ST 15c DATED COFFEE—Chase & Sanborn, Ib PRESERVES—Assorted flavors, 15-oz. jar 26c 15c MOTHER'S DAY CAKE'S— Each, 25c and '.• SUPER SUDS— 2 large pkgs. ARISTOS FLOUR-ISC^. PP A C Early'June (not soaked), 2 No. 2 cans Freestone halves, 2 large 2% cans roroA True Worth> VWV/li 2-lb. can TOILET TISSUE—Waldorf, 4 rolls for, BROOMS—Well made, 4-sewed, each $1.04 19c 25c FLOUR Our Leader 77c I O WHEATIES--With dish free, lot 2 pkgs. ! 07 ANGEL POOD CAKE^13-Bgg OA .**'*• I size, each ' j.. «5«/C Home Killed Beef and AU CarefuUy Selected for Your Table \ Small Wieners, Ib., 20c Large Wieners, jib., 17c Large Bologna, ib., 17c Pork Hearts Ib. j J . .15c Spare Bibs, Ib. J...15c .lOc Veal Roast, Ib 22c Veal Chops, Ib. ...30c Veal Stew, Ib 15c .17c ,20c .20c Fresh Beef Brains, Ib, Fresh Ground Hamburger, Ib Fresh Ground Sausage, Ib Beef, Veal and Porit, ground for loaf, Ib. Fresh Beef Liver, per Ib |.. .17o Lean Pork Chops, per Ib. Lean Pork Roast, per Ib. . Lean Pork Steak, Ib. Lamb Roast, Ib 22c : Arm Swiss Steak, Ib. — Choice Chuck Roast, Ib. Leg o* Lamb, Ib... Round and Sirloin Steak, cut from baby beef, Sugar Cured Jowl, Ib. Sugar Cured Picnics, 4 to 6 Ibs., Ib. Sugar Cured Bacon, sliced, Ib. Ocean Fillet Fish,.lb. 15c Boneless Herring, lb.20c Halibut Steak, It >;..25c Channel Catfish, Ix $5c .29c .24c .25c .25c .23c .22c Ib. 32c .19c .19c ,28c OLEOMARGARINE Tdsty Nut; & for *»/Cj GRAHAM CRACKERS 2 A I9c II: . : °i : i .. N BE ONior i Bunch 5 6 for GELATI] Six 6 b ? RMUDA IIPLANTS P'..'..25c f DESSERT Flavors! ses 2$c >r <UI|u .\\ : ! : i 1 mfct'll 1 " i 'Bananaa, ripe, 4 Ibs r .... 19c Oranges, new Oal. Valendis, doz. . ,19o Oarrots fancy California bunch ......5c Green Beans, stringlesa, 2 Iba. 15c New Peas, fresh, 2 Ibs. ........" 19c New Potatoes, 6 Ibs, ..... % ,,..,. 4 .2to ' '''{^^s'mm^ : ^^^^^^^ r Florida 2 head* , bunch per Ib .13C . 5c . 5c . lOc T 2 DATS GREAT BIRTHDAY PARTY! GAINS—GIFTS with purchases! HURRY! THIS GIFT CREDIT CHECK FOR $1.00 IS WAITING YOU...AT KROGER'S! Get it—the clerk will explain h you may apply it on the purchase of a beautiful 15 PIE< LUNCHEON SET OF MONAX WARE! FOR ONLY (Our regular price $1.98) Hurry! Our supply is limited 15 PIECE LUNCHEON SET OF FOR ONLY Preserves GOLDEN COCOANUT CREAM Cake French Brand Hot Dated A Sensational Value Pure Granulated 25-Lb. Bag $1.24 - Avo'ndale—High Quality Country Club 24-Lb. Sack 9Sc Pure Fruit Strawberry, Raspberry CLIFTON 49c Tissue 24-Lb. Sack Rich, yellow layers, topped with cocoanut and cherries Soft and absorbent toilet .tissue. Stock np during this —Free to brides and grooms of 53 years of ase. big value event. GOOD LUCK . SWANSDOWN Oleo ; Swc< COUNTS Corn 19c Cake Flour ! Sweet, fresh flavor. Dated (or freshness. . For Itfht, fluffy, successful cakes, etc. COUNTRY CLUB ISLAND PALM Cans 25c Soap 6 Fancy Country Gentleman Corn. Tender, sweet kernels This. Una toilet soap is a real value at this low price. COUNTRY 'CLUB O No. 2 COUNTRY CLUB Bran Flakes COUNTRY CLUB Corn Flakes COUNTRY CLUB Tomato Juiee AVONDALE Corn Post Toasties lOc Apple Buffer EMBASSY 2 p^ 19c Peanut Butter 'MACARONI OR 4 ^ns 1 19c Spaghetti »* COUNTRY CLUB can lOc Peaohas ' .?$£ 19c low price, 15c 25c lie Dutch 15c Crisp, flaky. full of cner&ry build ing vitamins. lOc Freshly churned. Print Lb. Low Price WQodbury's Soas) 3 A delicate, scented toilet bar—Doz. bars 93c Crackers w es eo sod. *£*- jg c g e ^ e Spectal Birthday Value! Get a Beautiful Chu: & Sanbom Monax ion ion Dish ^ 19c Jewel Ooffse Chases dirt, doesn't scratch. Use it for all scourine. No 2 JQ C Standard Pack. Tender. COUNTRY. CLUB Can ; Ron-Lb. 29c Lb 26c To match Luncheon Set—With nne pound of pur Cocoanut Bon Uims at our low price.' While-thjey last. In the double lined bag—Hot dated at the roaster—* ground when you buy it. FRESH BAKED ' COUNTRY CLUB : • LATON1A CLUB Cookies ^ lOc Pears Nc .^ 19c Ginger Aie f 4 " eBo °t. f 95c ' Fie D«rs or Ginger Snaps. __i pluj Bottte charze Gold Dust »--18c Peaches 2' N ^i*'37c Stuffed Olives IOJn ° r - 25c For all household cleaninu i Del-Monte. Halves, slice.. Finest qnality—Bne flavor. Shinola Po:ish ^ 9c Putted Wheat 3 ?<"» 25c Puffed Rice 2 ***>• 19c Margate Tea 1> k g b lOc Peanuts "• 14c Olives Qt - 33cJ Mixed. A delicious, refresbinz.drink Salted. Crisp, crunchy. Hollywood. Larce slie. " Keilogg's ^ lie Candy Bars 6 *> !•! Corn Flakes. Fresh. " Bnd and Jaan bars. COUNTRY CLUB Asparagus ARMOUR'S — BONELESS SMOKED ' i! UflJTin Whole lams Lb. i or half HEAVY BACON, Ib. ... .j.. .20c Choicest Quality Beef 23o 24c BEEF BRAINS, 2 Ibs, (Fresh CHUCK ROAST, Ib, .. Tender, juicy i BEEP BOIL, Ib |...15c (Lean, Meaty Brisket GROUND BEEF, Ib . .15c Fresh Ground ' SWISS STEAK, D». L. .28c Tender Shoulder PICKLES, 32-oz. jar, 23c Appetizers 'FED BEEF, 4-oz. pic 15 Lb gADIKKJK FILLETS, NEW POTATOES 10' 25c ' Alabama Red Triumphs Priced . ; Sensationally Low. Grapefruit 4 For 17 I Florida Seedless Potatoes i Maine Green Mountain Celery 2 Florida—Large .Stalks Carrots i 'Fancy -California Tomatoes \ Extra Fancy Red Ripe Cucumbers "|Flel( Grown New Cabbage M,Gr<Hta.;Sqlid;Heads Beans Bag Bunch 2"* 3 F« II SunKist _ •^California Doz.

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