The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 22, 1981 · Page 52
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 52

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 22, 1981
Page 52
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Page 8 The Salina Journal Sunflower Sunday, November 2% 1981 TV program listings for November 22-28 sunday November 22 5 a.m.-7 p.m. MORNING 5:00 HBO Movie -.V-.V'/i "The Private Eyes" (1980) Don Knotts, Tim Conway. 0 John Wesley White © The Wacky World Of Jonathan Winters Guest: Wayne Newton. 5:05 CD Between The Lines 5:30 CD After Benny Hill 0 Words Of Hope 0 Movie :'::';Vt "Hurray For Betty Boop" (1980) Animated. Voice of Tommy Smothers. 6:00 O Insight (3) © © 13 Calvary Temple O Business Journal (13) Six Million Dollar Man CD Target 0 Good News (Cl Best Of C-Span O Sports Center 6:05 CD James Roblson 6:30 O Daybreak O Public Eye O Jerry Falwell O Law Enforcement Training (10) Bullwlnkle CD Hour Of Deliverance HBO Movie -.V •/.• Vi "?car Island" (1980) Donald Sutherland, Vanessa Redgrave. 0 The Deaf Hear 6:35 fD It Is Written 6:45 (13) Sacred Heart CD Pastors Study 7:00 O O (El Amazing Grace Bible Class Q First Presbyterian Church © © 3D 13 Children's Gospel Hour O Christ's Church CD Q) Jim Bakker O US) CD (B Jerry Falwell ( 9 ) Faith 20 £0 Faith For Today (10) FCO (13) Kids Are People Too 03) Sesame Street (R) g CD Sunday Mass 0 The Lesson 0 Best Of The NFL "1975 World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers And 1975 Cincinnati Bengals Highlights" @ Movie ;.v-V "The Little Dragons" 7:05 CD Three Stooges And Friends 7:30 O O CD James Roblson Q Jerry Falwell CDS) ©13 Insight O Kenneth Copeland O TV Altar O Overland Park Church Of Christ ( 9 ) Three Score And Community Calendar CD New Zoo Revue CD Jimmy Swaggart 0 To Be Announced 7:45 ( 9 ) What's Nu? 8:00 O O CD Robert Schuller © © © 13 The World Tommorrow CD Larry Jones O O 01 CD Sunday Morning Featured: a look at neighborhood watchdog groups; a profile of flutist James Galway; a report on heavyweight fighter Joe Frazier. O Dimensions In Black (9) Mass For Shut-Ins CD (13) Rainbow Patch CD Villa Ategre(R) CO) Mister Rogers (R) CD Day Of Discovery £D Jimmy Swaggart 0 Kenneth Copeland O Collage Football Ohio State at Michigan 8:05 ID Lost In Space 8:30 O O CD Larry Jones O CD Oral Roberts ® © (Q) 13 Jimmy Swaggart OW.V. Grant O K.C. Baptist Temple ( 9 ) Chteagoland Church Hour (D Unde Bill Reads The Funnies (13) Lowell Lundstrom (D Sesame Street (R) g O Big Blue Marble CD Herald Of Truth CD Thy Kingdom Come CD Juat Passln' Through MO (raid* The NFL 9:00 O O OD Herald Of Truth M > ) £D Robert Schuller (Minority Matters CD Day Of Discovery (6 ) Sesame Street (R)g CDKIdswortd ! 10) Sunday Morning 13) Jimmy Swaggart O Mr. Wizard CD Oral Roberts CD Wrestling 0 Ben Haden @ Marvin Hamllsch: They're Playing My Song 9:05 CD Hazel 9:30 O O GD Oral Roberts (33 © CD © 13 Rex Humbard 0 The World Tomorrow © Sunday Mass O O OS) CD Day Of Discovery O CD Kids Are People Too ( 9 ) Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon (13) A Reason To Sing CD Electric Company (R) CO) Old Houseworks HBO Country Music: A Family Affair 0 Religious Townhall CD Scholastic Sports Academy 9:35CD Movie wiVu "Since You Went Away" (1944) Claudette Colbert, Shirley Temple. 10:00 G G O GD Rex Humbard 3D ® © 13 Kenneth Copeland O CD Sunday Morning (D Robert Schuller O Faith For Today (6)Sesame Street (R)g O © For Our Times (9) Tarzan (13) Riverside Baptist Church CD The Adventures Of Robin Hood CO) Antlquery CD Viewpoint ED Wrestling CD Cisco Kid 0 In Touch CD College Football Notre Dame vs. Penn State 0 Gabe Kaplan: Just For Laughs 10:30 e O GD Lowell Lundstrom O Day Of Discovery O O (ED CD Face The Nation O 1981 World Chess Championship O CD This Week With David Brlnkley (10) Dick Van Dyke (13) It Is Written CD I Am, I Can, I Will O Here's To Your Health CD Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon 11:OOQ O OD Greater Wichita Baptist Church O Meet The Press (3D ©© 13 Jerry Falwell CD At Issue O First Baptist Church Of Dodge City (6) Doctor Who O © CD First United Methodist Church 9 ) Cisco Kid 10)Sunday 13) Day Of Discovery CD Studio See CO) I Am, I Can, I Will CD First Southern Baptist Church CD The Lone Ranger HBO Movie vV •/,••/,• "Pete's Dragon" (1977) Helen Reddy, Shelley Winters. 0 Newslght '81 Q Sports Center Plus @ Come Blow Your Horn 11:30OS)NFL'81 QMarvLevy ( 6 ) Doctor Who O It's Your Business ( 9 ) Lone Ranger CD College Football '81 (10) CD NFL Today (13) New Design For Living CD Once Upon A Classic "A Tale Of Two Cities" CO) Energy Savers CD Rat Patrol 0 This Week On Wall Street AFTERNOON 12:00 O O CD The World Tomorrow CD ® GD Mister Rogers Talks With Parents About Competition O CD NFL Football Region'al coverage of Denver Broncos at Cincinnati Ben- gals; New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills; Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns CD © (Q) 13 The Search O Face The Nation CD NFL Football Denver Broncos at Cincinnati Bengals O American Lifestyle (6) Doctor Who O 5® CD American Lifestyle "George Eastman" O Movie -fri-iVi "Live A Little, Love A Little" (1969) Elvis Presley, Mlchele Carey. (9) Movie -ft•& "Shadows Over Chinatown" (1947) Sidney Toler, Victor Sen Young. CD Wichita State Football Highlights (10) CD NFL Football Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears (13) Calvary Temple CD (ED Washington Week In Review (R) CD The Amazing Spider-Man 0 D. James Kennedy 0 CFL Football: Grey Cup Preview CD Greatest Sports Legends "Bobby Layne" 12:30 O O GD Meet The Press (3D CB © 13 Lowell Lundstrom O NFL Today O O OS) CD Movie ft ••', Vi "Hans Brinker" (1969) Richard Basehart, Eleanor Parker. (6) Doctor Who O Val De La O CD Louis Rukeyser's Business Journal CD CO) Wall Street Week 0 CFL Football "1981 Grey Cup Championship" from Montreal, Canada. CD Scholastic Sports Academy 1:00 O O ID NFL Football Seattle Seahawks at Kansas City Chiefs CD (D 09 It's Everybody's Business CD © (13) © 13 This Week With David Brlnkley O NFL Football St. Louis Cardinals at Baltimore Colts (6 ) Ben Wattenberg At Large CD The Baxters CD Enterprise "Catfish Fever" (ED Market To Market CD The Amazing Spider-Man 0 700 Club 0 Idea Notebook O Movie -.V-.W,- "Something Of Value" (1957) Rock Hudson, Dana Wynter. 1:05 CD Movie •.'.*,'. "The Garden Of Allah" (1936) Marlene Dietrich, Charles Boyer. 1:30 CD S> E0 It's Everybody's Business ( 6 ) State Of Colorado O America Sings (9) Movie •.:,••<>,> "Nevada Smith" (1966) Steve McQueen, Karl Maiden. CD Sunday Magazine CD Inside Washington (O Agronsky And Company HBO Movie -.'7*'/2 "The Private Eyes" (1980) Don Knotts, Tim Conway. 0 You: Magazine For Women "A Look At Six Terrific Women Over Forty — Their Jobs, Beauty Routines, Clothing Style And Attitudes" 2:00 CD ® EB Great Performances "Edith Wharton: Looking Back" CD © © 13 Movie ?f& if "The Proud Ones" (1956) Robert Ryan, Virginia Mayo. ( 6 ) Washington Week In Review (R) O Movie ft*V4 "The War Between Men And Women" (1972) Jack Lemmon, Barbara Harris. CD In Search Of... (13) Business Journal CD Market To Market (R) O Ben Wattenberg At Large CD Movie -ft-tf-fr "Scars Of Dracula" (1971) Christopher Lee, Jenny Hanley. 0 E.J. Daniels CD Alive And Welll 2:30 O O 2® CD NFL Today (6) Wall Street Week O Down The Tube At 8 CD We're Movln' (13) Herrlck Roth's Roundup (D Lead Story CO) Fast Forward 0 Zola Levin 2:35 CD Movie ft*V4 "The Incredible Mr. Limpet" (1964) Don Knotts, Carole Cook. 3:00(3) CB 60 The Crlsco Kid O Movie V.-vViV "Money From Home" (1953) Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis. CD NFL Football San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders O O ® CD NFL Football Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys (6 ) Lover's Exile O Matinee At The Bijou Featured: "Country Gentlemen" (1937) starring Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson; a cartoon; a short, "Olympics Highlights Of 1936"; and the final chapter of "The Phantom Empire" (1935) starring Gene Autry and Smiley Burnette. (R) CD Movie ti-tr'/i "Frankie And Johnny" (1966) Elvis Presley, Donna Douglas (lOlGunsmoke (13) Colorado '81 ID Firing Line (D) The Paper Chase CD Six Million Dollar Man ED NFL Football Regional coverage of Miami Dolphins at New York Jets; San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders HBO Country Music: A Family Affair 0 Your New Image 0 Gabe Kaplan: Just For Laughs 3:30 CD CB 60 No Place Uke Home (9) Movie vVA-Vi "When the North Wind Blows" (1974) Henry Brandon, Herbert Nelson. (13) College Football '81 0 LaHayes On Family O Sports Center Plus 4:00 O O ID NFL Football (Joined In Progress) San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders © © © 13 College Football '81 Weekly highlights of key NCAA contests are presented. Q Movie iVvYVi "The Girl Who Came Gift-Wrapped" (1974) Richard Long, Karen Valentine. (10) CD Famous Classic Tales "Five Weeks In A Balloon" Animated. Three adventurers seeking a fabulous diamond travel across the wilds of 19th- century Africa in a hot-air balloon. (R) (13) We're Movln' CD The Voyage Of Charles Darwin CO) Focus On The Family "Sex In Marriage" CD Movie ii ft "They Went That-A-Way And That-A-Way" (1978) Tim Conway, Chuck McCann. 0 Jewish Voice Broadcast CD College Football California vs. Stanford 0 Marvin Hamllsch: They're Playing My Song 4:30 CD (D ED The Grand Generation ® © O © 13 SportsBeat ( 6 ) The Pueblo Presence O TV Quarterbacks "Notre Dame Vs. Penn State" (13) That's Incredible CO) The Victory Garden HBO Movie -,V-.'nV "Pete's Dragon" (1977) Helen Reddy, Shelley Winters. 0 Jimmy Houston Outdoors 4:35 CD Wrestling 5:00 CD @>ED Soccer Made In Germany Italy vs. Uruguay ONews (I) © © 13 Focus O Jack Benny OM'A-S'H CD ABC News (10) CD CBS News CD Theory Of Communications CO) Iowa Press ' 0 American Trail © Movie /.W'/z "Hot Lead And Cold Feet" (1978) Jim Dale, Don Knotts. 5:30OShaNaNa 3D © (13) © 13 ABC News O O CD CD News ( 6 ) American Chinatown O Agronsky And Company CO) Take O*N*E 0 George 5:35 CD Nice People 5:50 ( 9 ) Little House On The Prairie Laura blames herself for the death of her newborn baby brother. (Part 1 of 2) EVENING 8:00 Q O O CD GD ED CHIPs Jon and Steve track down a hit-and-run driver who turns out to be a master thief plotting a major diamond heist. CD ® ED Sports America "Desenex Squash Classic" CD © O CD OD 13 Code Red A teenage girl who apparently has psychic powers envisions Ted and Danny in the midst of flames. O O O (08 (10) CD CD 60 Minutes (6 ) Soccer Made In Germany Italy vs. Uruguay O Movie *Vi "Paroled To Die" (1937) Bob Steele. Kathleen Elliott. (13) News CD Cosmos O Firing Una Ot The Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries O Priority One International 6:05 CD Movie &£% "Rescue From Gilligan's Island" (1978) Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr. 6:30(9) Wild Kingdom O Larry Jones B Sports Center CD NHL Hockey New York Islanders vs. New York Rangers 7:00 O O O GD CB CD Bob Hope Special Bob Hope and his guests including Elizabeth Taylor salute the National Football League on its 60th anniversary. CD O ® CD © 6B Nova "Notes Of A Biology Watcher: A Film With Lewis Thomas" Biologist and award-winning author Dr. Lewis Thomas reveals some of the mysterious wonders of life g (D © O (D OD 13 Today's FBI Ben and his agents go undercover to Identify the members of a radical faction conducting a reign of terror in a small Southern town. (Continued on Page 9)

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