Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 21, 1948 · Page 21
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 21

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1948
Page 21
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Phone 4600. For a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., ' TUESDAY.' DECEMBER 21, 194S TWENTY-ONE Radio Roundup News And Notes On The INehvorks They'll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatlo VERMI/J BRINSS'ALL HIS .GRIPES AND, VJCES HOME- £f?OM THE-OFFICE AMP PUMPS THEM IN MAMA'S LAP—• Pat O'Brien and victor'Moore will be on hand to help Dottle Lamour fiil the stockings of the millions o: ^ listeners to "Variety Theatre'.' with joy and laughter during the broadcast Thursday, December 23, k cast inursaay, uecemoer «, .• 9 9:30 p. m. EST,' over the coast-t coast NBC network. O'Brien. 'Kill team with -Miss La- mow In a comic sketch concerning a holiday-time football' game, and Victor -Moore and Dottle .Lamour Trill be heard to a Santa Claus skit Yuletide music will be leatured on the show, with Miss Lamour singing a' novel arrangement of "Jingle Bells" and that ever popular "White Christmas. Helen Hayes, America's first lady ' of the theatre, has announced'. the following schedule lor his December and January .appearances on "the Electric Theatre of the Air:December 26— "A • Second' Sarah Siddons." January 2 — "Arrowsmith." " . January 9— "Being Nice .to Emily." Janiwr? 16 — "Young .'AVoocUey."." li*. Hayes .stars in 1 these ''plays r.- a "command •"performance". :;Al: the productions 'that are 'presented are chosen by the listening audi- • ence. The -Electric Theatre of the Air is heard each Sunday evening -at 9 p. m.. EST over the Columbia Broadcasting System. . - Hollywood comedienne, Jean Ar. thur. stars 'in the December. -19 fcroaricasrof the Pulitzer Prize-winning play, :!Mlss Lulu Bett." on the American Broadcasting .Company network -at 5:30 p. m.,.(EST).. For ."The Theatre Guild on- the . Air" 1 adaptation. of Zona Gale's uproarious comedy-of-errors, pert Miss Arthur handles the title role of the spinster household worker in the home of her sister, Ina, and brother-in-law, Dwlght Deacon Veteran actor Barry Thompson ol CBS 1 Young Dr;'. Malone offers this recipe for overcoming stage fright: Three deep breaths, 'and .then, trust trust to memory. — - , Quick Change. Dept.: 'Popular radio actress Louise Barclay starts off th« day by portraying sophisticated career woman, "Dr. Carson McVicker" on NBC's Road of Life., and after a ' quick .snack undergoes a complete metamorphosis — becomes home-loving. . newly-wed '"Connie Kramer" 'on .NBC's The Right To Happiness. ' '-:.-.*-,. . ' Hugh. Studebaker,. "Dr.' 'Charles Matthews" on : CBS' The Guiding Ught celebrates his silver anniversary in radio this month— started working regularly, before -a. .mike ' twenty-five, years .ago, in.. Kansas City. ' . " ' • . ' John K: 1 il.-rMcCaffery, 'Examiner of "What"; Mates <XouVfTick?.", the psychological-'audlence •participation show, is'.,one .of .the few: 'ex-college professors *n ra.dio.. McCaffcry was a Professor, of, -English "af'Sfc-'Jo- seph's College: and -at The .City College of New York. .-,"',-",.''. Lowell Thomas, Jr., is following in the footsteps of his .famous dad. a world traveler and lecturer as well as a radio, newscaster. Lowell, Jr., leaves shortly for a lecture in the Midwest just a few -weeks .after his return from a. trip to Persia. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 21 Evening 8:00—Xtw» Report 35 Win.—Tibc Newscast Every Day—cba N«iworlc Silent Hour—aboeas: Kiddies Hour (repeat)— (tie-west Network Silent (1 hr.)—mbs-east. Kiddles Hour (repeat)—mbs-wesl 1:15—Sports: Music Time— nbc - '. You and Christmas— cbs 1:45—Newscast by Three—nbc liowell Thomas' (repeat 11)—cb» 7iOO—Supper Club—nbc-buslo The Beu!ah Skit—cbs News and. Commentary—aoo ... Pulton Lewis,'Jr.—nibs 7l15—News and Comment—nbe Jiick Smith Show—cbn • Daily Comroemnry—abo donor. Dale—rnba T:30—Smoothies Trio—nbc Bob Crosby Clob—cbs „ To B» Announced—abo • • News Commont—fflbs • x^ 7rt5—N«wi Comment—nbo . \ News Broadcast—cbs Sporu Comment—mbs 1:00—This Is lour Ll[»—nbc Jlystory Theater Play—cbs . Youth Asks Government—aba , Geo. O'Hanlon Show—rabs »:15—News Eroaocast—abo *:30—Datn •wlth'Judy—nbo " Mr. and Mrs. North—cbs America's Town 'Meeting—»bo Detective Drama—mbs . \_ 1:55—Hy Gardner Says—mbi .£''. S:00—Bob Hope Sho-w—nbc We the People,.Guest—cbs Gabriel Heatter, Comment—raDJ 9:15—News Broadcast—mbs. »:30—Fibber and Molly—nbo . . LUe with. Luis!—cbs News Comment—abc Liono Woll Drama— mbs _ tS5—Detroit Symphony—abc J:55—News for 5 Minutes—mbi 15:00—Sic Town Drama—abc Hit the Jackpot—cbs American Forum—robs • i . 10:30—Peopl* Are Funny—n1>c . •!. M. Amsterdam Show—cbs • Let Freedom Ring—abc Dance Orchestra—robs KWS-^Strints Serenade—aba IUOO—x«ws & Variety to'l—nbe . News, Variety. 2 hrs.—cbs News and Dance Band—abs Xews. Dance Band 5 hra.—mb« 12:K—Danclnc Continued—abcrwcet NEW HAT? DONT 80/ ANYTWIN6/ IF I'/A NOT FlCED'B/ THE END OF THE.MOMTH,lM GONMA HOW/ MOBOD/ CAN TALK TOME TtiE WAV'BkSDOME VOES! KMOW WHAT HE SAID TO-ME THIS MORMIN6? HE CALLS -MEINAN'SEZ- tTT VC£S SHE £\)ER WEAR. OF fllS GOOD FORTUNE - LIKE, FteEXAMPLEv THE BOMUS flE'GOT TODAy?HEH,HEH/ Paiil^iricheU Gets -Ne\?. Clianee „ - •• By C. E. BCTTERFTELD "'•' NEW' .YORK — W)'— Retirement, e'ven".'.temporarily of Edgar Bergen and his Charley McCarthy, may "be opening the- way for Paul Wlnchell to step" forward as" Radio's No. 1 ventriloquist. As a matter of fact, he already is pretty well established. Wlnchell calls his dummy Jerry Mahoney find gives it a role a lot like • the wisecracking McCarthy. Right now lie is getting co-star billing with Dunninger, in a weekly NBC television show. Bergen intends to lay off after next Sunday night's NBC broadcast. He.hasn't said how long, he will take. • but .indicated . Jie would -do some-investigation" of television, on which -he -has made an ; appearance or two. -• .. • • ' Winchell has 'been around for more than 12 years although, he is only"26.. '/He' started' as a Major Bowes amateur at the age of 14, including a tour with one of the units. Among his radio appearances was .a. .regular series or MBS a couple of. seasons ago. He v a" iias made • various "vaudevillfc • and night club-appearances. , . *. Tuning tonight: NBC—8 This Is Your Life; -9 Bob Hope Comedy; 9:30 Fibber'and Molly; 10:30"People are.Funny;' 11:15 Morton Downey Song.-- •;, . ' ' ."..,. CBS—8 Mystery Theater; 8:30 Mr. and Mrs.; -9:We the: People,'(also cast' coast television); 10. Sit ,thc Jackpot; 10:30 Morey Amsterdam ABC—S .Youth Asks the Government; ". 8:30 . Town Meeting-, from Battle^''Creek, Mich., ".The , Cold War;'"9:45 Detroit Symphony;-10:45 Serenade f or: Strings;.. ; ••'•'• MBS—3' -Geo,. O'Hanlon:". Skit; 8:30 Detective . Yarn;'..9:30- Lone WoU;'10 American^Forurrr'"Health Insurance-" '• '• .•" .'.'.''•• .' WTBO HIGHLIGHTS "' /,, TO'DAV ' ' 4;00 Backstage Wife. (NBC). ' 4;15 StellR -Do'.lns iNBO. '4:30 Lorenzo Jones iNBC). 4:45 Youns widcler Brown (NBC). 5:00 Jive at Five. •'• 5:30 News. 5M5 The OlfliChisholm Trail. 6:00 News. 8:15 .The Marie wurnow Ehon'. 6:30 The Sportsman's Corner. 6:45 Alcoholics Anonymous. 7:00 The Supper Club (NEC'. 7:15 News of the World INBC). 7:30- The Smoothies (NBC). " T'45 To be Announced. - 8:00 This Is Your Ufc (NBC). 8:30 A Date With Judy. iNBC). 9:00 Bob Hope Show (NBC). ' 9:30 Fibber .McGcc A: Molly (N3C); 10:00' Big Town INBCI. 10:30 People Are runny (NBC). 11:00 News.' •11:15 Soncs. by Morion Downey (KBC): 11:30 Hotel Syracuse Orchestra (NBC). 12:00 News (NBC). TOMORROW 6:00 BrMlcfniL on x Flutter. ii:15 NCTVS. 0:20 Breakfast on x PUtter. •7:30 News. '7:35 Breakfast on a Flutter.. 8:00 \Vorla News Round-Up (NBC).. . 8:15 The Minute Parade. 8:45 Mornlns Meditation. 8:00 Honeymoon in New York (.NBC!. fl:30 Munlc lor Wedncjdnr. '9:55 News. . 10-00'Fred Warlnc Show (NBC). 10:30 Hoad-of USt (NBC). 10:45 The BrlRhter -Day (NBC). 11:00 This is Nora Drake (NBCj. 11:15 IVc Love & Lenrn (NBC). 11:30 Jack Berch 1 Show (NBCj. 11:45', Music at Mid-Day. 12:15 Mid-Day News. • 12:25 The Bandstand. 12:45 R. P. D. 1:00 Concert Airs. 1:15 Wills Creek Hoe Down. 1:30 News. ' 1:35 'Etudes in Black & White. • . 1:45 Hash With B. Dash. • ::oo- Walter o'Keefe's*Double or Nothing" iNBCi. ' 1:30 Today's Chlidrm (NBC). - . 1:4! Interludes. • 2-.S5 News. 3:00 Life Can be Beautiful- (NBC). 1 3:15 Mi Perkins INBCi. 3:30 Pepper Young's Ftmtly• (NBC). .3.45 RlBht to Happiness (NBC). POOR PA By CLAUDE CALLAN " Cousin Ellen's daughter Fay has quit wcarjn' an enBajement ring, but her beau isn't mad. The jeweler is the one who got mad an' look the ring back. Mar y Haworth's Mqil . Editor's Note: r.cjectcd by mother •untl til-behaved toward -father's second wife, nrlrl, 11, .constitute? Jamlly problem; is -boarding home advisable? /DEAR MARY HAWOKTH:. My husband's daughter Beverly, 11, spends here -summers with us since we.: married and returns :o her mother (who has har custody) lor the schooi term. Her mother, .-though married again, works continuously for funds to. spend on clothes, beauty care; etc., and consequently -Beverly has had very little home life such as a young child needs. ' She is disobedient, .quarrelsome and Impudent with her father and me, can't, hold friends .either at school or here, seems always»to have a chip >on her shoulder, and if we try conversationally to show her where she is wrong, she shrugs us off'with V "I can't help it." I have two -children by a former marriage, ,too; find In addition pan and I have two lovely children of our -own. .Also, wo- are -expecting another baby next,' Spring and I must have a major operation soon after —•all'o£ .which .is -background for-the Immediate problem. Child'sMother Has Final Say Early in October. Beverly's mother sent' her to' us to- stay until Christmas, prefacing this with a long-distance telephone call. Now our home, ordinarily peaceful even with four children, is a bedlam of quarrels-and falsehoods; and the situation is making nervous wrecks of Dan and rr.e, . : In the circumstances, Tve feel we can't call 'on Beverly's mother to take 'her, because -we've.learned 1 that the-mother has' left: .her husband tentatively,'is'seeing other men and inducing -younger matrons to drlak and carouse with her. But something- must' be done, lor Beverly's, sake —•, straighten- her out — and -also to protect our, youag children from ' her behavior. She even fights with them. ,It -has. been suggested tl^t we place.her in a_boarding home. Is this a'good idea? .I'm not sure, the mother would consent; and she, being ; the guardian, would have final-saj',, of course; but Dan and f. would be grateful for your comment. E. T. Family Influences Injurious To Girl. DEAH E. T.: It's, certainly tnie that Beverly's plight calls to high heaven, for. succor. She should be rescued from her "rejected" 'status. Both. In her mother's custody and yours. . Almost any spirited child, similarly shunted from pillar .to post twixt mother and stepmother, equally Vexed by her wretched personality and need of care, would "become progressively furtive, defiant, defensive and difficult over the years. . What chance has sl-.c to relax and "be herself." .constructively, in wholesome outflow ol >.appy loving relatedness to anybody? Emotional energies must -be spent, if not iii love, then in hate; and parents, but especially mothers or their proxies, by their innermost feelings about a. child, .determine which attitude —love or hate — the child shall .take toward intimates and society. Stepmother's Soul Isn't Syini>alhelic . .Granted that Beverly's mother has failed her .terribly, still what have you done to repair the deficit? Search the record of .your, feelings about Beverly and face the fact that, all the while going- through motions of including tier in the family circle-— as a wifely bid for Dan's esteem — your essential attitude has been .one .fo; taut intolerance. Beverly feels this in her, an dlt's 'tragically -true that] she can't help how she acts in consequence. You've never emotionally identified, yourself with her: never sensed sympathetically the fierce distress — the fears, anxiety, loneliness — that underlie and animate her out- law'behavior. You've, seen her only as a nuisar.ce, to be adroitly underlined as such in- Dan's eyes; and what's he doing for his child? Looking to. you in vain, it seems, for redemptive mother-care of her, and matching .your galled reactions with .anger-symptoms of his 'own. It seems a-shabby device to railroad Beverly to a boarding home: but if your soul is too petty, too engrossed in "me and mine" lo vouchsafe her mother-love according to her 1 need, she'd, be better off In impersonal surroundings than in your household, I think. However; for Beverly's sake, I'd favor a Rlrl's boarding school as the best face- saving substitute for "home" in family emergency. • - ' M.H. • Marj* Hawortrt" counsels throtlpli her column, not by mall or personal interview. Write her in care of The Evcnlnff Times. . (Copyright, The Waslilncton Post) (Distributed by • Kins Features Syndicate) The Worry Clinic By Dr. Gcor/ft W. Crane chorrr. and Editor's .Note: A ftucceH&ful wife doesn't try to hold her'husband by beauty alone, for in a few yenrs other girls can outbid her on that score. CASE S-244;.-Julia B.,-aged IS, is in love with, a high school class- iate.- '. '. .. ' "Dr; Crane; my parents want me to go oil to college, -but :i want to ;et married and. so does Bob," she said. " ' • .• "We have gone together -for 'a year. . I never had any dates with other, boys before I met Bob and we have kept steady company ever since-our first evening together. "So. Dr. Crane, do':you.'think I am too young- to. get -man'iea? My mother'told me to come down to see you and get your advice.'." •'•: Marry At 22 • At the .time of George Washington, the only- occupation open to the ;reat majority of women -was matrimony. . -.--•• And a' girl of 17 was fully able to wash "dishes, make the beds and do , ability practical business or office experience, and the poise -that comes with having earned money as a stenographer or secretary for a few years.' Can a blushing 18-year-old .bride expect to show the executive skill necessary to preside at a meeting" of jthe church ladies ai-' meetings? Men Want Versatile Wives At' 17 or 18, a fellow may be enamoured of a girl's pretty face and her cute imitations of some Hollywood actress's speech or mannerisms. , But these things are r.ofc enou to hold a man who is 25 or,30, for sexual attraction palls unless there is mental stimulation and mutual social interests, to tie them, together inseparably. There 'is also plenty of competition among pretty faces, so if a -wife hopes to hold her husband by her physical beauty, she is playing a losing'battle. For time will wrinkle her skin, as av new .bevy of j'outhful beauties parade with each high schooi graduating class. Women., may win a man by their beauty but they cannot hold him by ,he other" simple household chores ol Jiat age. ... . Besides, there was 'no. thought of high school or college, or a business career. A- girl -would grow tired of working for her mother and fa flier, and would feel much more elated at, th t £] „ „ ^ too for mcn to the thought of-being mistress of hcr1 avai] themsclvES of otl ( er beauties! own home, -so she entered marriage ^^ . a marj . s wor]d> and men at lo-to 17. years .-of age. • know it Nowadays, howcvefr the situ.ation . • , for a man to flncl has .changed and city girls don t, j{ has charm and poise, marrjvon. the average. tili:'22. For • m make mends ^^^ running a home and'being a sue- •.„ nr , ri .,, - ri .« t ,,, 1rf lliu mnn fi. cessful .wife in--.this-2Gth: Century- involves much more than washing dishes or making beds. A-wife may thus be. her husband's greatest business asset If siie is cultured and can .mingle socially .with nis associates, or entertain .for his lients and other-friends.". '•' • Arc You. A Good Wife?. • . . A wife's kitchen skill is : - : thus bull one of a^dozen.. assets, necessary.• for i successful 20th century marriage. Women must now be able." to operate their home "on a. businesslike basis. They must know how to budget. Modern, wives should also know some child psychology, for they will want to be at least average, as moth;- ers. And they need social poise andj conversational, skill. - '' " '"• ' In 1776,, a wife didn't need, these virtues so evidently, for she might ivc 10 miles from the nearest neighbor. Today, however, she" Jives' in an urban civilization which throws her in crowds-almost every .day. Few modern girls of 18 have enough social •• experience to keep pace with wives of 25 who. have !ly,and-understand his moods. (Copyright by The Hopkins Syndicate, Inc.) AUNT HEX By ROBERT QLTLL1-N .Back in the'old days, folks .must have liked cnbhasc and fish: Their kitchen was a separate little building; back of the house. i By Al Capp Ll'L ABNER GCO'BVE.VD'TWO — 1 -AH MEANS-VO' -£«-AH MEANS ALLO'VO'"' -AH LETT \ (' GOMNA BE MIGHTY (SOa.9 HIM HERE-IN \ V 'RIDIKALUSS, HAVlW A FOONERAL I SOUMDj "BOTTOMLESS ] ,—*. } WIFOJT NO CORPSE-BUT, A MAH PIT-BUT HE'S V AW ~x> MAN CHILE'S PORE,SLinY . \J A" GONE MOW-AS \ SEE.?" I CARCASS MUST ALREADY BE ^NPANSY- ANV FOOL KIN /—--vr-f AT TH'BOTTOM O"BOTTOMLESS PLAINLY , -^ ^.J' \ PIT" (CHOKC-; WE GOTTA ^ ^ V GIVE HIM A-DECENT SEND-OFF.''.'' — ^^z. —_ . -i & /( &s%J ' SO AH NOW PRONOUNCES VO' SHMOO AN' WIFE.':'' By Frank. Godwin' RUSTY RILEY I'M- ARAID WOT, KUSTY. A fLMs HAS TO EOLl-ANP teU. Pe FAST-TO GST INTO Trie AIZ GOOD NIGHT.' yOU'U= RIGHT.' I CAM NEVER TAKE OF? H=2E.' NOT IN THIS SOUP! By Afiltoi r Caniff JTEVE CANYON ^YOV COTHEKTTH5N THEY'l? ^ 1O CHEETAH IBB LEGAL TENDSZil CAN KEEP -^ -THEKE AEE I — I WOULDNT WANT YOU' TO TAKE TH£ EI5K5THAT WOL'LP COME- WITH HAVINS CHESTAH - WHAT'S YOUE DOUSH TCAVEL AFE FOC ) PEOPLE WHO'P PO / My Altx Raymond YOU TAKE HIM FCK HIS WALK.' . Y 0», BUT. -)DU I'LL FIND MS. KIRSV AMD TELLMUSTN'T DO: SSI'T THAT CUTS.'? MAJC? OH, MS. : THAT/ REALLY MUSTN'T.' UTCH WILLV C? AXY / 3ANCAS i5LJ3l=S.' I ' BUGS BliISIN* WHAT COLOiS WHA.T REALISM. . BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES —«: x .*i' Vf*'fl'l£tirt~~\ • - .F*"sz-2.r~^\ By Lyman.Young TIM TYLER'S LUCK SPUD AND I ( Y£S, I KMOW ONCE ----- " "" VEF?THIS POLLY WE\F VM MYSTERIOUS rr WAS. HE WHO RECOMMENDED. YOU LADS TO ME FOR THE SEARCH PRINCESS'. YETIVE OF KILO- LAMD/, NOTE TIED TO THE MONK'S EVEFJTCN WOULD RETURN TO SERPENT 1- AFTER HIS PARACHUTE RESCUED PROM THE tty Merrill Blotter FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS If HELP/ GET rl ME OUTTA HERE J sy. THAT'S A GROOVY GAG! I NEVER. PAL .' SEE YOU IN SANTAS LAP' COULD RESIST A SLIDE t fSy 'Dudley Fiiher NUTPICK', MYRTLE POP CPACKED SOME OF THESE WALNUTS / ^ r •/ WALN'LITS WHERE NOBODY SKID ON

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