Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 26, 1952 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 26, 1952
Page 5
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—Local Mnrkelx— Corn, Oats, Soybeans in Penny Drop Corn, oats and soybeans each took a penny per bushel drop on today's local grain market. Produce prices continued unchanged Children Need Good Example In Safety Accordlnt; to Chi<>f of PoHci- Gene Bolly, contest reprcsentati%'e Old corn New corn Soybeans Oats (36 lbs.) Vlax $1.66 $1.62 $2.74 .. 74c $3.70 Oimvea Urain Company Oniv««.,HunUngtoii. Maple Hill PHODVCB Sweet cream ...i. No.. 1 No.. 2 73c 71c 6Sc 29c 26c 22c 25c Quick fi^tths. Satisfaction from Daily News Classifieds Sale Caiendcir THURSDAY. MAY 29. 1:30 p. in. . Mrs. Doris Fouts closing out sale for the National Pedestrian Protec- I of household goods. Also misc. ar- Wont To Buy 20 Henpqries _ No. 1 No. 2 Straight run _ Hens, under lbs 10c Hens, lbs. and over 13c Heavy cookji lOe Leghorn, leghorn cross cocks ....8c SiouJc City Livestock Sioux City, May 26 OP)—Sioux City livestock market quotations Cattle salable 9,000; calves 200 hardly enough slaughter steers and heifers sold to establish marke*:; few yearling steers around 1000 lbs down weak to 2S lower; many bids 50 lower; cows slow, steady to weak; stockcrs and feeders fairly active, steady to strong; scattered sales good to choice yearling steers 31.00-33.00; load mostly choice matured steers 34.65; commercial lots around 27.00; choice heifers held above 32.00; few utility and com merclal cows 22.00-26.00; small showing canners and cutters 17.6021.00; medium to good stock steers 28.00-32.00; limited sales choice 36.00-37.25; latter price for load 60V lb weights; load flesh 876 lb steers on feeder account 34.00. Hogs salable 8,000; fairly active; lighter weight butchers about steady with last Friday's average; top 20 lower; heavier weights and sows strong to 25 higher; choice 190-250 lbs No. 1 to 3 barrows and gilts 20.76; fair showing choice mostly 1 and 2 around 200-230 lbs 20.85 to order Jjuyers; part deck 20.90; 260 270 lbs 20.25-20.60; 280-300 lbs 19.5020.26; 310-350 lbs 18.75-19.60; sows around 360 lbs down 18.75-19.60 choice light weights to 19.75; 360400 lbs 18.25-19.00; some around 500-560 lbs 17.00-17.50. tlon contest, 1,420 children one to 16 years of age were killed In pedestrian accidents In 1951 and 90,000 children were injured. The contest is sponsored by the American automobile association and affiliated motor clubs. Forty per cent of these children were Injured or killed during the three vacation months of June, July and August. Child accidents normally Increase 60 per cent during the month of May with warm weather allowing children more time outdoors for play. This means that the parents have a serious responsibility, during this period of the year to make j additional effort to protect their I children, Chief Bolly warned ns school patrols, crossings guards and other protection for school children is not availalile during the summer months. tides, at 1106 2nd Ave. N. Iowa Trust & Savings bank, clerk. Ben Reeves, auctioneer. Sale ad: Tuesday, May 27. SATURDAY', MAY 81, 1:30 p. m. D. D. Gllbertson, 312 N. 8th St Esthervllle. Complete line of household furniture. Auctioneers: Foshler and Bums. Clerk: Emmet County State Bank. Sole ad: May 27. WANTED—Good used apartment size gas stove Ph. 826J. 196-2-20 Form did Sign Peace Contract with West Germany FOR SAL.BJ—Two holstcin heifers, weight 600 and 800 pounds. $380.00. One milk cow, 4 years old, milking, bangs vaccinated, $200.00. Two-unit Serge milker with large compressor and pipe line for 20 cows, perfect condition, $240.00. New Van truck box, 7x10 feet. Ideal for saddle horses or 4 -H stock. Built to live in. $190.00. J. J. Griffith. Ph. 4aOJ. 1DT-2SI-7 Personal HEUEN: Will you forRlve me for waltlnn ..>o lont! to Ret the cur radio ropairi-d? rve liiid it fixed by Sieve nt Kslln-rvlll,- Undio and it's better than evi-r. Joe 197-1-4 Oomblnlni tt» \-Uk4*r*M una D»|mMMk». •uhlUhM rvffr R«TBIM KlC#J)l UKt rrtiKlr«l lloU4»jr». For Sole 10 For Sole • lirln a *-ln.. S13M 197 Mon.. May 2fi. 1952 5 LADY, does your ruK look from soli? fjit oa.Hy-tii-u.'o Koum. Martin Kurnltunv fadv Klna 1H7.5-4 Eaitml mt —*-tM nattrr Oct. «, »»S0 »» U» p««lotn<» »« »:«i»«f »tn«. low*. uwNr U» Ml •> M»i«« a. iiTt $17 M and 423 Ni and $22 AO %VKi«TKHN At'TO ASHC^' STORK FOR RENT—9 acres of blue grass pasture, running water and shade. Maynnrd Lamack. Ph. 28J51. 197-2X-7 CUSTOM BALING with Now Holland baler. Phone 6F6. Harold Davenport. 187-2-7 HOT PORK SAN'inVlt-M. mnxhed potatoes. 50<\ ni'TCM MAin M'NCH 197-1-4 I or t Anf* Tim* d»jr» . Four 4«T« rm <Myt — — Oo» »r«rt . - rjteh >MtUaiuU 4fty Minlmaa) ad »0e. aaoMcaim lOHrtiivi ausinio) *da *r« t)t wart *t ft wart . lt« ft wvt* XU fT wtwt »t ft war* lUtM »r» V> ol Mm* «4. CASII wtTli "NEVER USED unythinK like it," says users of Bertou Molhspray. Odorless. Ktainless. and guaranteed to stop moth dnmane for i five whole yearn. .Sanborn Fur-1 nlturc. " 104-3-4 i for er»dli. »o«, Mrrle* «Mrt* If l» pilw arr t>k«« by Otnj Nnn *M tte U riMriKJ If *d nm— mliltan or p*H>n« numtwr tmt BM sdvwtUM-i iMtr MnrtlMmaBU to UM nn« um» Vwj a|>p«ar u>4 rtiwr-. ui imt »X nan — no HlowaBBM e»D " »n»f tiM ftrtt Chicago Livestock Chicago, May 26 UP) —^Hog prices recovered somewhat from last week's closing weakness today as receipts proved about normal. Values generally were steady to 25 cents higher as compared with Friday's. Averages. Cattle were steady to 50 cents lower and sheep steady to 25 up. MELTON— Continued from page You can wear the crown of right cousness in the other life." Reverend Melton pointed out to the graduate* that they will make many (imlstakes in life. David, he said, also made many mistakes but he repented them and asked God' forgiveness. In conclusion ho charged the graduates to use "God-directed stones In their slingshots, cast off tho armor of thia vorld, put on the breastplate of God,and go out and conquer the giants of the earth Be faithful until you die to Christ, the Son of God, and you ^vlll have a crown of rlghtousness to wear forever." m at * THE INVOCATION was given by tho Rev. Clyde Leeds of tho Christian church and tho behedic tlon by the Rev. G. E. Porssell the Union Baptist church. Supt N. B. Demoney introduced Rcvcr f end Melton. Musical selections were presented by the girls' glee club, "Ye Fair Green Hills of Galilee" and "Now We Sing Thee Praise" and the mixed chorus, "There Is a Balm in Gllead", "Praise Be to Thee," and the choral benediction. They were directed by Carl Will, high school vocal music director. Woodrow Ferguson, Instrumental music director, played the processional and recos- alonal. Searching for Es^pee Mason City, .ff"—Authorities were searching today for Bolihont Martin Andre, 47, 3t. Louis, witb escaped Saturday from the Cerro Gordo county jail here. He was, being held pending filing of forgery char- OST .SERIOUS increase in child accidents was to children playing in the streets—there was a 27 per cent increase in fatal accidents and 3,700 more children were injured playing in the streets in 1961 than in 1950. Most dangerous hours, when children are struck down by cars, are the hours of 5 to 8 p. m. With this in mind tho A. A. A. pedestri- contest representative offered the following suggestions to aid parents in protecting their children: Parents should make sate walking habits their habits. "You should whenever you cross the street stop at the curb and look both ways, keeping in mind that while you walk 12 feet from the curb a car travels 132 feet at 30 m. p. h. Help your child to realize how much space must bo between him and an approaching car l)efore ho can safely cross. Teach him to wait for cars to pass and to wait for a break In traffic. "Cross at intersections, as that is where tho motorist expects you but watch carefully for turning cars. * * * "NEVER STEP into tho street from between parked cars and your child should be advised never to run into the street as either of these acts are very dangerous. Parents must realize too that darkness brings reduced visibility and that extreme caro must be taken at night in crossing a street, then pass these rules on to your children." The A. A. A. pedestrian official urged more careful driving when children are in tho vicinity. Parents should not send children on errands at night or at any time across heavily traveled strrets or highways until they are old enough to study traffic for a safe crossing. For toddlers parents should provide back yard play yards or play areas with swings and other play equipment which should bo fenced in if possible. Remember the happiness and safety of your child depends on you as tiaffic is dangerous for pedestrians unless they use caro." Bonn, Germany, May 26 W) — The United States, Britain and France today signed a peace contract with Western Germany and then welcomed their former enemy as a "new partner in the fight for peace and freedom." Approximately 6 0 0 persons crowded into bundcstratsaal -chamber of tho upper house of the German parliament—to watch the 40-mlnuto ceremony that marked dramatic milestone in the unceasing struggle between the Western powers and the Soviet Union over Germany. There was little jubilation over the signing in Western Germany, Where all nine .states of the western federal republic turned down a government request to close the schools and make tho day a holiday. * * * SEATED IN RED leather chairs at a velvet draped table were British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden, French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman, U. S. Secretary of State Dean Acheson and West Gorman Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. They put tholr signatures 20 times to the documents in tho peace contract, aimed at bringing 48 million Germans west of the iron curtain into the western community of nations on a basis of equality. But the ministers were coreful to stress that the documents need final opproval of their parliaments before the contract can be more than a scrap of paper. A companion act — the European army treaty to bo signed in Paris tomorrow — needs similar ratification. This would bring 400,000 Germans into a million-man, six-nation army. •+ * THE SHADOW of a scowling Soviet Union and the realization that their homeland remains divided gave Germans little to cheer about. Thero were predictions in the West German press that tho contract might be rejected by the French and the West German parliament, where socialist opposition to signing has been most bitter. After the ceremony tho four ministers met with newspapermen and declared both the peace contract and the European treaty PARMERS-A LITTLE EXTRA CARE with your eggs this time of year will pay you In top prices. Gather often, keep clean, cool them before casing. p. O. GRAY Phono 91 197-3-7 FOR SALE-Six Spotted Poland brood sows to farrow last of May lister Bergeson, 2 ml. north of Gruver. 195-3-7 Jobs Wanted Automotive 1) WANTED-Carpenter work. New building, remmlellng. Kanices. cabinet work. Arthur M. Hlgby Phone 1F51. liM-4x-3 Political 24 FOR TIRE MILEAGE have us .nwitoh tires and check whool nllKninent Ut help rut down tire * T110MA.S MOTORS 197 3-11 l.KTS <U> KISIUNO HmW »2.M>. $3M and $4 4» Nylon line. 5i) vd» 9!**- Sh!»l»r-!.|>.nr.- i.el!< »,'\s<» to V\\>" ItV-. -1 (.n .W <'«»tlnR IwllK. «»o to ami ninnv other flnhlnu nef^H SfUPLl'S STORK Wont To Rent WANT TO RENT .•\-b.<droon» m«>- drrn home To lie nvBlUMe In June lor (nnillv *ttl< In- comr I'h T.TO 197 6 14 WANT TO RENT 3 bedroom n>t>«l ern home To l>.' available In June for family with mo<le»l Income Ph. 730. 191-T-U For Rent WANTED---Let us custom hatch your duck, goose and turkey eggs in our new electric incubators. No order too small. Hatching season drawing to a close. Bring eggs In soon. Lake Belt Hatchery. Cevlqn, Minn.. 6 miles east and ont^ffurth south of Dunnoll. 196-3X-7 VOTE KOU Orville Williams for SHERIFF Foriiic-r dt'puty sheriff and policeman. Republican tlckeU Your support will bo nppreclateil. 197-5-24 LAST CALL for chicks 1 to 3 weeks old and end of season reduced prices. HAMILTON HATCHERY Bancroft, Iowa 194-tf-7 FOR YOUR NEEDS IN New and Used Machinery VIKING MOTORS Always a square deal at Viking . . . your Massey-Harrla and Oliver dealer In Esthervllle. 179tf-7 RK-ELRCT Max M. Soe+h Republican Canillilnte for State Ri.presenlatlve of Emmet county. Republican Primary. June 2 197-.')X-24 FOR SALE Clean 19.17 Chev. tu- dor. I.awrenre Ketman, 414 N. must m .ix-ii CAR TROUBLES? For carefree spring driving and gnu saving top performance, bring your car to us for a spring checkup. HENAMAN MOTOR CO. 1956-11 YOL'R LUMBER NEKl^ W'r ran furnish plans aiul mat*^ Uls for your n«w (rtllU, yafd fi>nc'. lawn (urniturt>. Tail a* your n»rds Call 44 W3, lOiitlwir^ vlllr. Comnwindrr CUvator*. HunUnvton. W R S«>m*nn. manairri lirr-l-Ii> Vxm SALE Garusr-. IltM n. with jucttnnal imrhrail <l«X)r. Miillt in our varvl Hearty tu move 117 80 f>^r month ,Vo jnvrK Li 'NfHEn ro i9:-i-io VXiW SAI.r Thr.c-pound tpHns (rli • FrttnvK KMX I'h. WWT. •4 YEARS Ar;0 Miw M I'tt*. Amoa Ahinm Riajrir- plli-hlnif Y«l«>. ntnK-k out I'rint-.ton Imitpr^ and MA Prln- .rti.n lo 2 hlla 8,\NnE!l« t«"K CREAM fJO FmORS .SHAllHV' Make them look like new. at low coat ll--nt n nnnder front Wnnlr MONTdOMEHY • WARD l.>lh.rvUle. lowu 197 2 5 MOK nxruRjai Olv.- more lldht and ibtd lo Ih' h<<atity of .'vrry room Mi»ny d<^ aigna to cho*!*^ frttnt t1l„SON KLKCTRU' SERVICK lit .So 8l<th 1»7 3-10 LET US take care of your aulomo- tlvo needs. Bumper to bumper service—all makes, flee us. Robinson Motors "Pontlac" 8th and Central Ave. 227-tf-ll 16 Loans and Ins. FOR RK.NT Two-room apartment with prUnle imth Phone 319W. Ralph Oehrleln. 197 2x-8 FOR RENT Newly derorntrd 3- room furnlaheil apartment Private bath and entrnoee titlll- Ilea furnlahed. Ciaragr Mra Uny Van ValkinlierK. 120 renl- ral l97-«f» FOR nM.r. dltlon. $4lW alruni: 19M F.»> » O<H 1 con- WllHim Olaon. Arm 10I-3x-l>) FOR HALF. Olrra t)l«ye|e In Al rondtllon JW tMURlaa Bmlth Phone U42J jat-SlO MR. FARMER Call our agent nearest you for prompt removal of dead stock. Sherman Gunderson for Supervisor Fifth niatrlct • Republican I'rlmiiry) Except for 2 years in the U. S. Marine Corps, a lifelong resident of Emmet County who suggeHts you exercise your American privilege- -Vote June 2. 196-.' H 24 CASH LOANS $80.00 — $280.00 and up on your signature, auto or furniture. Repay In small monthly amount*. Our service Is prompt. Phone or come In! IOWA GUARANTEE, Inc. 190-.VIB Real Estate FOR RENT Small. 3room upstairs furnlahed nparlmrnl Very reaaonnble. U28 lat Ave, « Hob Mauaa. 19«-7-6 FOR RENT Flrat floor modem 6-room apt. Olaaaed In poreh. garage. Available June 1. P. O. Box Y. t»K'-C FOR RENT -Two-room house. 711 So. 12th St. Roy Bowon. 187-tf.B NYIA)N CRKPK allpa. (fowna *n.l p«)nm«a. r*t $»'»«. •P'clal thl« werk at 13 M Good cloan atOfk. Fine for eraduatlon itlfU. K1II.F.HH VAIAJE HTORi: lM-3-10 FOR «AIJC-rjaa atovy., dlnlnx n»<>m lat.le, rhair*. buffet. rh#«t «( drawers, b«l complet". Oth*r hnuaehold goods. Ph. WW. ••OR SALE -One also Krluldatrc. good ap*rtm*nt Call MO. IMI-tf-IO FOR RENT — 3-room downstairs apartment. Olaf Twedt. Ph. 838. FOR SALE- New 6-room houhe two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, attached garoge, utility roont. 1418 lat Ave. So. $10,000. ESTIIERVILLE REALTY I'h. 1.'140 or 1638J 197-1-8 ESTHERVTLLB DOLLIVER ORAETTINGKR WALLINOFORD SUPERIOR ARMSTRONG l*hohe 700 Phone IVL. Phone 700 Phone 700 Phone 700 Phone 700 Lars C. Thomsen FOR SUPERVISOR •Fifth Di.slrict Life-long resident of Emmet Co. ' Successful farmer. Worthy of your vote at Republican primary, June 2. 195-7-24 ACREAGES FOR SALE CAROL BROCKMAN, Ro»Uor Ceylon, Minn. 197-3-8 FOR RENT—Good sleeping room for a gentleman. Mrs. Elmer Wogon, Phono 1136. l«3-lf-8 FOR RXNT—Fumlshml or unfup- nlahed apartment. Ph. 213W. Olarenco Golla. 17S-tf-8 Help Wanted Says U. S. Far Behind Soviet In Air Power troct and the lauropcan ireaiy have the preservation of peace and i freedom as their alms. At times I they appeared to be speaking directly to Moscow when they declared their unanimous goal was to unite all Germany by peaceful means. At Holy FamQy Rospital Mm. Henry Grandgenotto of Bancroft was admitted Saturday for surgery. Wa.shington, May 26 (^)—John D. Small, chairman of tho munitions board, told congress today "wo are still, far behind" Russia Esthervllle Rendering Service EARL TUTTLE, Driver 197-2-7 The Weather 'OjmOIAi:. TEMPEBATURES M;axlmum yesterday: 77 jyiinlmum last night: 60 TODAY'S WEATHJEB 8 a. m. Noon Temperatures; . 88 80 Wind, direction:- S SSW Wind, velocity: 19-20 16 Barometer: '29.72 29.67 ' wc arc still iiar ocnma nusaia in current Warplane production, particularly of jot aircraft. He said that even so, planned deliveries in 1953 and early 1964 will have to be cut back if congress sticks to a house-approved ceiling of a 46 billion dollars on armed forces spending in the fiscal year starting next July 1. And those years. Small added, appear to be "a very perilous period as we look- ahead." • * * SMALL TESTIFIED before the sepate preparedness committee. It was one of two senate groups which were inquiring simultaneously into the air power situation. A senate appropriations subcommittee had Secretary of the Air Force FInletter before It behind closed doors. The preparedness committee's hearing also was closed to tho public but Small sent newsmen a copy of a prepared statement he read to the group. SEN. STENNIS (D-Mlss.), a member of tho preparedness group, said In.advance of the oloscd-door meeting he believes "we've got to get these fighting planes of ours off the drawing boards and ready to fly." The meetings comp on the heels of some sobering testimony by Gen: Matthew >B. Rldg;way. former commsa^er pf the United Nations forces;in^Korea, at a private meeting with senators last Wednesday. Lester Perkins of Enunetsburg entered the hospital Saturday for surgery. DEAD STOCK WANTED Mr. and Mrs. Russell Clark of 1 ^Dickens arc parents of a son born ' Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hegen of ! Ceylon are parents of a daughter born Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Boggess of Bsthcrville are parents of a son bom Saturday. Mr. and and Mrs. Donald Murray of Bancroft are parents of a son born Saturday. 2-Hour Service ..1350 , .IOWA FORECAST Qaperally fair and mild this af- tornooni high 76 to.' 92. Partly cloudy with icatt^red shovyera - tonight and "TuMday. .Cooler ftViW- day.' Low tonight W to '88. High Tuesday 68-^northwest, -70 southeast Further outlook: Partly cloudy Wednesday..not much cbjutge in temperature, iqcatterod showers aou^hea«t MMtly. -Oloudy ;ly Cloudy Win scattered Bhowers'ioplght wvTuesday. Cooler Tuesday,-but pot quite so cool fcMt tonight bow tonifW^a to 62 nortn. M to i» .Kouth. mtt^ any B5 to 60 iiortb.-IO tOiWwuth, Indict Tavern Owner Fair Manslaughter Seymour, la., I4ay 26 UP)-—Leo Bragg, tavern operator, has been ettarged with m&nalaughter in connection with the death of Floyd sWllson, ;61, Seymour miner. ' Bragg WM arraigned before JU8> tice of the Peace W, B. Doots in Corydon Saturday and released on 41,000Jiond. A coroner's Jury, called by Dr. D. R. Ingrahani, waa to hear wltneae- es today. Wllaon died Friday night and the aheriff quotad Bragg aa saying h^ struck the man with a home-made blackjack. Glow wornw .»ro (UglitiaiB fe- malea or iacvaof firefliea.- Mr. and Mrs. Robert "Twlgg of Esthervllle are parents of a son born yesterday. Mr. Mid Htn. WilUam Brown of Qraettingcr are parents of a daughter born yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Eddy of Spirit Lake are parents of son born yesterday. Chariea West of Eatherville was admitted yesterday for surgery, Boy Nlasen of Graettinger entered the hospital yesterday for surgery. JDismlBtials Saturday were Boiial4 Kolpin of Eatherville, ntedloJal; 'Mrs. Marlon C^blpmah of DoUtvor, medical; Virgil Borchardt of Fenton, medical; Mrs. Walter^Grems of Esthervllle, surgical, treatment; Mrs. Brwin Story of 'Estbervitle, surgery; Harold Buns of Ringstcd, surgery; Mrs. Adolph Mortenson of Swea City, tonsillectomy; Mrs. Lawrence-Edwards and baby boy of Rbigated: Mra. John Genrioh and baby girl of Eatherville; Mra. Ben Johnaon and baby boy of Bancroft; iMra, John Henkey and baby girl of Oraattlttgar. DtamlaaftU yeatentoj' wer» Mrs. Earl Kollaaoh arid baby boy of Bwea City: -Mrs. -Lucaa- Main and baby boy of Armatrong; Mrs. Charles Welp and baby boy of Bancroft; Michael Shannon of Esther- vilie, i^onalllectomyi Mra. Arvii Parka "of Batberville, aurgery. Fr. MAlj[«ai9', Md.. Ube birthplac* of Uta Star. ^panglad' Banner; ia now a-natloniU-ebrlne.- ESTHERVILLE DOLLIVER -...OPERATOR SUPERIOR OPERATOR WALLINOFORD 80 WE PAY PHONE CHARGES Bob Wilson, Driver Farmers' Rendering Service Branch of Algona Rendering Co. 197-1-7 Services AUTO LOANS~New or used cars financed with terms to suit your income. Let your bank assist you with financing problems. IOWA TRUST & SAVINGS BANK 197^9 MARY TOSTENRUD PETERSEN For Clerk of Court Qualified by expcrienee. Present deputy clerk. Republican Primary June 2 193-9-24 FOR SALE-New house. 2 bedrooms, L. R., D. H.. kitchen and bath. Full basement. Gas heat, shower. 2 loU. »8,BO0. »1.800 down, monthly payments. Good location. aiDOUT REAL ESTATE Ph. 1660 or 1&38J 196-3-8 TRUCK DRIVERS WANTKI) Good salary. New rqulpmenl. Honeymead, Inc. 197-12 HX)R HALE-I*om«ranl«n ftmale, onn year old. Houaa broke. %*- l.le eoUnr Kd Manucin. Ph. JW Oraeltlnger. lt»^10 ^T)R HALE'HpHng fH»a, 9 >b«, and over. Ph. SaWS. n«b«rt Fay. IM^x-lO $10 00 TRADE-IN aljowance tor your old blkn on a n«w nre«ton« bicycle. All »l«4>«. H*» uji for a biko deal. 12.00 weakly. Flraslone Htorwi. ItKHO FOR SAIJC- IMS 91-foot all mMal housn trailer. Henry MlUrr, Graottlngrr, Iowa. lta-*i-W HELP WANTED—Truck dHv»r. Apply In person. JOYCE LUMBER CO. 196-2-2 FOR HAIiE -Like new, DIvldad lop gaji rang" sacrltU!*. Call 8LW 0;00 to p. m. IKt-te-tO FOR HALE Old n«wspap*ta. Eo- thervillo r>iUly Nawa office. IM-lfx-tO FORHALE -Two eH. Ph. 1674W. n. W. Nelson. 2-bedroom hous- 1614 3rd Ave. N. 166.7-8 RE-ELECT E. I. Eilers-l-on Republican Candidate for Supervisor First District Seventeen Years Experience Republican Primary, June 2 Your Support Appreciated 191-11-24 IMMEDIATE JDEUVERY!! 24xS0 bungalows, 43,144, erected on foundaUon or baaament boue. Other stsoa. atytea. Your plana or ours. Free delivery 100 ml. Standard conatrucUon. Not prefab. Best dry lumbar. Visit Fahnlng Supply, Watervllle, Minn. Open R-5 (No Sundays). 196-2-8 FOR SALE—amall. modern 2-bad room home, on two lots. Oas heat. Immediate possession Phone 16. 174-tf-8 For Sheriff Re-elect EMLET TWITO Candidate for re-election on the Republican ticket. Primaries, Monday, June 2. 190-12-24 Entertainment 1 DIZZY DEAN STORY Dan Dulhy 1« DlW in "I'rlde of ai, IX)U 1 H " TueHdny, Wednesday and Thursday at the Grand the ler. 197-3-1 HELP WANTED Woman n» housekflopar and com|«olon for elderly Ittdy In modern home In Esthervllle, Make personal application to Herman Jensen at Golden Hun Milling Company. 19&-6-3 RKFRICiRRATOn SPBOtAt Now. ft-foot refriMfAtor. tpacl- ally pHeed at {iMUM^ HKIDKR BLEOrmo CO. RAWUUOU Bauntann. BRODUcm m. T. Ph. 7I«. XUI-W MAC LOGAN For Sheriff Honest, dependable, well-qualified. REPUBLICAN PRIMARY June 2 177-26-24 I SMORGAHBORD Thursday. 6 lo 8 p. m- BKYLINB 197-.'l-l WE PO contract paint work. Bee ua for eaUnwte on, exterior and interior painUng. Fb. 18M. Ray'a Paint Store. mf -9 FOR FREE PICKUP and dfUvary. Ph. 40, P & O Cleanera. 28«-tf-9 BOTTLE OAS SALES4iBRVICJS Insiallationa — Regutatlona HILL'S CORNER, Pb. 49J61 lBl -tf -9 BBTCBRSON'B Radiator Servtoa, juat eaat of Vandy'i, 1714 Central, ncperienoed in types radiator NiMdr. How Is Your Supply of STATEMENTS ENVELOPES INVOICE FORMS Get ready for month-end needs by. ordering now. Expert work in Northwest Iowa's largest and most modem printing plant. ESTHERVILLE DAILY*-NEWS 197^9 Maurice Oteson For Supervisor First DIatrlct Btuseesaful farmer, competent, qualified. REPUBLICAN PRIMARY June 2 178-25-34 Open Square Dance KENNY NELSON CALLING K.TO p. m. May 27 OUI.EAN8 HALLROOM Spirit I.,ake, Iowa Bring your friends for :in evening of l»«-2x 1 TRUCK OPERATORS WANTED TO LKARN LONG DISTANCE HOUKEHOM) Kt;RNlTi;KE MOVINi; If you are over 3S, owning or ttlile to purchase arceptalile e((ulpment, there are now openings with an uld estab- llnhed carrier. Good eamlnga. Year 'round long term contract, unuffecteil by bustneM riucluallons, strlkcH. Uy-ovrra, weight laws, etr. GREYVAN LINES. Inc. (AfflUated with Greyhound Lines) 68 West Grand Ave , Chlciigo 10. III. Tomato and Cabbage Plants Good, hardy Outdoor Grown BEN BURNS PLACE ',1. mile south of I->tthervllle, Iowa W-i-io By Popular Request (until payday) Our Sale Continues throupb Saturday, May 31 w^re J»7-t Last Week, of May Sale on Rytex F*rint-writp Stationery Double the UKunl quantity! $3.50 value for $2.10 Sales ends 'Saturday Esthervllle Daily News 187-3-10 Check the Red Tags for savings on Suits 129.95 and up) 100% All Wool Sport Coats (14.95 and Sport Shirts I up to 1-3 up) off) Sale Continiies Thru Saturday. May H Chapman's Clothing

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