Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 21, 1948 · Page 19
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 19

Cumberland, Maryland
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Tuesday, December 21, 1948
Page 19
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KEYSER And West Virginia News Evening Times, Tuesday, -December 21, 194S Miner Walks After 29 Years As An Invalid OORMANIA. W. Va.— A 45-yenr- '6Jd man wHo broke his back at the age of 16 while working in a coal mine, is walking again. t! He Is Parry Lewis, one of three j "West Virginia miners sent .to. a f clinic for paraplegics for treatment I Tinder provisions of the United I,' Mine , Workers Union Rehabilita- i,. tion Fund. ' • All three men were paralyzed .from the -waist down when they entered, the Newark. T?, J., clinic operated by Dr. Henry J. Kessler last summer. The thref-recently walked out o the place almost completely re" habilitated and returned- ' to 1 the! homes. The other two are Archi Moore, of Holden.-'W. Va., and EC McGuinness, of Notamlne, W. Va Dr. Harris K. Cohan, superinten dent of Hasbrouck Heights, -sal Lewis has reached "the maximum amount of rehabilitation." He sai the miner is one of the first para plegics ever to walk out of his rios pita! with the aid of crutches. Th other two men used only caries tc .support them, while many other left completely cured. Treatment at Hasbrouck Height -by the famed physician and hi: staff was made possible through thi Welfare and - Retirement Fund'-o fbi United Mine Workers. When "Lewis boarded a train in Oakland last August to go to '.thi hospital, three other miners of thL we* -accompanied, him. N They arc James Rankin, 48, Frostburg, who suffered a fractured spine May 21 1934; Charles •- William Davis, 40 Etzmiller, who suffered a fracturec vertebrae April 7, 1942; and Theodore Geaser, 26, Vindex, -who suffered • broken back in January *. -1946. a fall of rock Upwards of 150 to 200 paraplegic miners are now being treated at the hospital. Many of them, physicians say, are able to do bench work arc other tasks after proper care and treatment. More area miners—there are- 14 in United Mine Workers Distrlcl jfo. 36—will be given'the benefit of thti treatment, if they ask it UMWA officials say. After paraplegics are treated others will also be given hospitalization under the •union's rehabilitation fund.. Fire Hall Change Asked By Firemen "v KEYSER, W. Va.—The Vigilant Reel and Hose Company has • requested that office space be -eliminated on the first floor of the new municipal lire' station.- The Mayor City Council, Citizens Committee, and the Fire.Company Building Committee wlll:ineet today discuss the proposed changes. v A jpokesman for the lire company «sJd that the reason fo- the requested change i« thai.the second floor •win not be finished at this time and that If the offices are, put- on the first floor there -will be no-large room for a meeting place. -The building being • erected by tb« City of Keyser will cost nearly $100,000"," Mayor Freeland said, adding that In his opinion such a costly bunding should have » business office. If the various committees meeting today adhere to the firemen's recom jnendations-there will be no place to transact the administrative work that must be attended to. Mayor Freeland said. It was indicated by Mayor Freeland that the city council " -will have the final say on the matter. Another topic .of importance icheduled for discussion at the regular meeting of the Mayor and'Coun- cil today is the traffic situation' on Mineral 'Street between Armstrong and • Centre streets. when the proposed Keyser-McCoole bridge is completed. Collections from the city's park- Ing meters for the wee): ending Sunday; December 19, totaled $241.37, according to A. A. Jordan, city clerk. 1,627 Enrolled In Extension Courses MORGANTOWN, W. Va.—Extension classes in coal mining, mine •qUiproent maintenance, oil and fas. and fire service are being attended by 1,627 persons, according to G. R. Spindler, director of the School of Mines of West Virginia University. • > . N The classes, operated by the Min- 1ns and Industrial Extension De- .partment of the school In cooperation with the Vocational Division of Tucker Leads In Deer Kill CHARLESTON, W. Va.—The total legal deer kill during the recent open season was 4,958, said the Conservation Commission today in releasing figures which were said •to be virtually complete although subject to passible slight revisions The kill compared with 5,473 last year, these figures, however, including 1.145 antle/less deer on which an open season was permitted, while th 1948 season was confined to bucks with one or both antlers branched. Compilation of figures showing the illegal kill has not'been completed said the commission which declined to estimate the total but stated that imcomplete' and unofficial 1 reports indicated this would be unusually large. Unofficial estimates had placed the illegal kill in Tucker county alone at 350. . Tucker again with- 527, led in legal kills, the total comparing with 580 last year, which latter figures also included .legal antler- less deer. . . .: Officials said this year's kill probably would have been much higher if the weather, had • been more favorable. On two days heavy rain fell throughout most of the deer country, it was stated. , . Following- are the 1948 figures by counties,' with, the figures in paran- theses being for .1947: Barbour, 109,'(90); Berkeley, 31, (28); Braxton, 118, (80); Clay, 69; Doddridge,- 119,- (90); Fayette, 8; Grant, 502,. (492); Greenbriar, 147, (156)- Hampshire, 380, (360); Hancock, 21, (15); Hardy, 325, (281); Harrison, 1 114, (111); Lewis, 116, (43); Logan, 60; Marion, 57, (59); Mercer, 18; Mineral, • 245, (200); Monongalia, 175, (273); Morgan, 62, (62); McDowell, 29; Nicholas, 92, (69); Pendleton, 164,U09);Poca- hontas, '284, (291); Preston, 307, (419); Raleigh, 10; Randolph, 331, (229);.Summers, 2; Taylor, 60, (SO); Tucker, 527, (580); Upshur, 112, (126): Webster, 131,,(105); Wetzel, 63; Wyoming, 170. Morals Charge Denied By Woman MOOREFIELD, W. Va.—Mrs. Mildred. McBrayer,-Raceland, Ky., has '.enied morals charges Involving Vincent O. See of Moore'field, who was slain last Tuesday,- according to a Bennett Heads Parsons C. of C. PARSONS, W. Va'.—Luther Bennett has -been named president of the Parsons Chamber of Commerce succeeding Robert O. Shrout. Other officers elected are Jason Wolford; vice president; Gordon Cade, reflected treasurer, and Cecil M. Stalnaker, elected secretary forj the fourth consecutive yew. Directors for the coming year to take oiTlce In January are Robert O. Shrout, Dr. Guy Mlcheals, Harold D. Shlflet, R. K. McClain, E. J. VonHaven, Theodore - T. Dorm an, Ralph. L. Rowland, Robert W. Minear,- Kenneth Minear. J. Kenton Lnmbert, Joseph E. Pailer and Clarence W. Holler. A committee comprised of Jason Wolford, Theodore T. Dbrmari Ralph L. Rowland was /lamed • to select roads in the county'which the chamber will recommend for construction under the 50 million dollar road bond program ratified by tire voters in'November.. The chamber'.also voted to sponsor Santa'Glaus who macie his appearance at the children's/theater matinee on Saturday arid will appear .in stores and on the streets each evening until Christmas. The membership for 1948 was 45. The group is in its fourth year. rcrscnals " ' . . Mr. and Mrs.- W. F. Lipscomb are in Baltimore where"Mr. Lipscomb has /entered Johns Hopkins Hospital for observation. Miss Dorothy Gr.eynolds, junior of Asbury College, Wilmore, Ky., is spending the holidays with- her parents. Rev. and Mrs. R. L. Greynolds. Miss -Esther Sill will leave, this week for Acworth, Ga., to spend the holidays with her sister. Mr. and .Mrs. A. Frank,Little will :eave this week for Hartford, Conn., to spend the holidays with the former's father, Eil Hall. Mrs. Icie Vannoy and daughter, Thalia, will visit Mrs. Nolle Phelps in Pittsburgh during the holidays. Mr. and Mrs. Donovan Rlley and children have moved from' Thomas ;o Parsons. Mr. and-Mrs. Bret Allender, Pittsburgh,, are guests.of Mrs. A. P. Allender. Mrs. Riley'Harper is spending the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Russell Furbee, Fairmont. Wayne K .Pritt will leave this week for Washington to be a guest of ,Mr. and Mrs; Prank Swlnk. Mr. ' and Mrs. Joseph 'Turner, Hendricks, announce the birth of a son. December 12. The child has jeen named Jerry Arthur, Chief Liller Ends Training Course THOMAS, W. Va.—Chief.-of Police Harry Liller has completed a six- month training course dealing with statement of L, L, Liles, common-1 the handling of criminals and law wealth attorney. . „ Mrs. McBrayef's .husband, Sherman, has. been booked on a murder charge in. the case. He is a school ttendance officer and former coach. Following the shotgun slaying in McBrayer's automobile, h; drove to the Raceland-police station and sur T -endered. • - ' . . • - - : Sheriff William Adklns and Road Patrolman John Lambert said at he time, quoting McBrayer, that le and' his wife, had argued after she was told, that she was to become a mother, by See, , • . : Llles quoted the 34-year-old Mrs. McBrayer as saying the story was iot truet' that she Is not to become a mother; . The McBrayers are the parents of a 'teen-age daughter and son. • Since the. slaying of the 40-year- old construction worker. Mrs. • McBrayer .has made "her home with her sister, Mrs. Lydla Ross, vhere See -and his 20-year-old son roomed. McBrayer has been • released on ;8,000 bond pending action by the 'anuary grand jury. See's body has arrived In Moore- ield. He was a power shovel operator on a construction job at Race- aad. Adams President 3f Farm Bureau PARSONS, W..Va.—-Selby Adams, Limestone, • was reelected president f the Tucker County Farm. Eu- eau at .the annual meeting in the Tucker County 'Court House. Other officers -chosen are Ben P. Thompson, Davis, • vice president, nd Miss Marion Evans, of, Parons secretary-treasurer. The board of directors for the Dining year will include H. Clay ong, Blackfork District: . C.. P. 'hillips, Clover District; Glendie E. Josser, Sr., chairman, 1 Davis dls- rict; Ben P, Thompson, Dry Pork; ,ec Miller, Licking District, and Okey -Stiles, St. George District. • The membership at the present ime is 63 with a goal of 240 set be- ore the end of 1949. French Miles, organizer for the State Farm Bureau, and Miss Ruth inoch, clothing specialist for thc Extension, Service- of-West Virginia University, Morgan town, were peakers. ' . enforcement. The .course closed at a meeting of the West Virginia Police Chiefs' Association held recently at Pruntytown. The work of .the course 'was discussed at the meeting. Moose Yule Party A Christmas party lor children of members of Thomas Lodge No, 1531, Loyal-Order of Moose, will be held .-from 4 to 6 p.m. Christmas Eve. A Santa Glaus will distribute Faculty Meetings Neglected In W.Va. MORGANTOWN, W. Va. — A statewide study of school faculty meetings- conducted by- two • West Virginia educators tends 'to shov; that this means of stimulating teacher- development is being neglected in the Mountain State. Reporting their findings In the current issue of "The School Review." published by the University of Chicago Press, Dr. Hermit A. Cook, associate professor of educa- itlon at West Virginia University, and Harold H. Pull, English teacher at University High School, Morgan- Itown, snid there is evidence of a lack of planning in a good many instances and that too often school faculty meetings consist of little more than brief, Informal discussions. 1 In 43 per cent of the schools queried, Cook and Full pointed out, teachers' 1 are not notified of a meeting more than one day'in advance. "Sixty-three per cent of the teach' ers Indicated - that they spend less than 30' minutes in preparation, and 59 per cent of this same group stated that thc -time spent in preparing for meetings is perhaps" more •nearly zero than 30 minutes. "The data reveaL almost no evidence- that 1 the planners, when arranging for one meeting or a series of faculty meetings,, recoenize-the HERO'S LAST REST—Reburial services Saturday marked the last rest of Staff Sgt. J. Edward Kelley, son of Mr. and 'Mrs'. J. N. Kelley, Keyser, W. Va. Shown a'oove in his parents' home is the casket of the district's only Medal of Honor winner as it lay in state before being, interred, in Queen's Point Cemetery, Keyser. The pict'ore of Sgt. Kelley was made for the commissioning exercises of the 'U. SI Army Transport J. Edward Kelley named in honor of the hero. Below the portrait is the citation''of the'Medal of Honor awnrd. Also can be seen citations for the Purple Heni't with Oak Leaf Cluster, and the Bronze Star. At the left are Sgt. Kelley's medals earned before his death in action January 31, 1945, at Kesternich, Germany. They include Distinguished Unit* Badge, Good Conduct Medal, European-African-Middle East Medal, World War Victory Medal, Combat Infantryman's Badge; expert rifleman, sharpshooter, automatic rifleman, and champion boxer badges, and the American Legion Citation. A large crowd attended the services. Faculties Hold Christmas Party THOMAS, W. Va—The i of Thomas High School and urraneu j women remaln plen , i[ul thc p -. ace . School held a Chrishtmas party re-; mcnt servlce at Wes t Virginia Uni- Collcge Graduates' Services Iii Demand. As. Year Closes MORGANTOWN, W. Va. —With year's end approaching, job oppor- gifts. New Club To Open the State Department of Education, have 1,057 students in mining sut- jj ou th Branch District jscts, 110 in oil and gas, and 460 ia .fire sen-ice training, Spindler said. The Mining Extension Department, organized in 1913, offers training 10 employes to promote safety and to enable workers to im prove their employment opportunities and meet legal requirements for supervisor}- and inspection positions, Spindler pointed out. Mining extension classes are offered ;in principal coal mining . communities throughout the state with centers •stablished at Beckley, 'Bramwell, Madisoo, Morgantowa, Mount Hope, ••and Rlchwood. Classes in oil and gas subjects we meeting currently at Charleston, Clarksburg, Parkersburg, Pine Grove and West Union, he reported: These classes are devoted to. the technical of the petroleum and natural industry and the course of injunction covers three school terms of nine months each: Fire service extension* classes, •which are operated in cooperation with the office of the .State Fire Marshal, are' being held in 26 large and small towns of the state. Local instructors, chosen by thc,School of Mines, are in charge, with Instructional material and supplementary literature furnished by the school. These classes have been in operation ilnce 1930 to acquaint municipal and industrial fire-protection personnel with the principles and practices of fire prevention, control, and txUnguishment. and with new developments in fire protection- techniques and equipment. Stores Opeu PETERSBURG,- W.' -Va.—Business ylioes Till remain open each right •uaH] Christinas Eve for the convenience ol shoppers. • . First In Fire Contrpl CHARLESTON, W. Va.—An all- time record In forest fire control was set by. the South Branch .district during the 1 fall fire season which ended December 15, according: to "the Conservation Commission. Only six fires occurred during die season and the burned over, area was held to four acres; said the commission. The total • cost was $53.70 and the average cost per {ire, $8.95: The South Branch district Is composed of the counties of Berkeley, Grant; • Hampshire, Hardy, Jefferson, Mineral, Morgan and Pendleton. , ' • . A complete'picture of, the season's results throughout the state will not be available, the commission explained, until reports from the-other districts have tabulated. been received and Students Named To National Honor Unit PARSONS, W. Va—New members' were elected to the National Honor Society of Parsons High School recently. 1 They include Susan Vachon, Patty Goff,' David Gatrelle, Mary Ann Gilmore, Donald 'Poling, William Wingneld, Richard Macey, Malora Knotts.. Mary McVicker, Margaret Ellen Barb and Orlen Eye, all seniors, and four juniors; Anna Jean Woodman, Donald Good, Donald Roberts and Mary Alice Miller. The four members remaining from ,ast year are Jack Gable, president: Effie Jane Pennington, treasurer; Joanna -Blackburn; vice president, and Sally Ann English, secretary. Plans for the opening of the new club quarters'were made at a recent meeting' of the.. Society .of'Mutual 1 Help. Equipment has arrived. 500 Club Party The 500 Club held its annual Christmas parby recently at the home of Mrs. Pauley.Day.' A chicken dinner was . served . following the party. Gifts were exchanged. Members present were Miss Mary Ferruso, Mrs. .Mary fluattro, Miss Selena Massi, Miss Victoria Merlmr, Mrs; Orlando Massi, Mrs. Catherine Button, Mrs. Daisy Terrano and' Mrs. Alice Di Bacco. Mrs. James Sackman. Bayard, and M-s. Robert Mil- bint, Davis, were guests. Baby Shower Held Mrs. Isaac Harper entertained recently with a baby shower in honor of her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Thomas Harper.,-Attending were Mesdames Keith Painter, Prank Udovicli, Jr., Cleveland Pansier, Ellle Ashby, Caroline Nazarod, Dorothy Nazarod and Louis Royce,' Woman Of 73 Listed As Oldest Deer Hunter CHARLESTON,,W. Va.—The Oldest hunter seen in the.woods during the recent deer-season, -as reported to . the .Conservation Commission, was a, woman of 73. She was Mrs. P. J. Long, of Vaughn, Nicholas county, and was encountered by a conservation officer while the latter was patrolling Cranberry on the mountain back of the glades. She was alone and carrying a 30-30 rifle. She told thc officer that .there were three in her party. cently in the school gymnasium. Those present were Mrs. Viola Martin, Mrs. Nell Grassland, Mrs. Daisy Pansier, Mrs. Bessie Moran, Mrs. Ida Pase, Miss Mary Ferruso, Mrs. Virginia Bruce Boyer, Kiss Solena Masvsi. Miss Lilian Scholar.; sky, Miss -Mary Colabrese, Miss Lucille Dumire, James Griffith, Ernest £naggs, Charles Bennett, Stc-iinan Harper, Richard Lawson and Reardon Cxippett, Tucker county super- ,ntender:t .of schools. Personals . . Mr.' and Mrs. Ray Pase and son,j]py-»|, jerry, are visiting Mr.- arid Mrs, H. W. Campbell, Cumberland. Andrew "Urban, Clarksburg, visited Mr. and -Mrs. Waller Malonski n Davis, Francis J. Malonski was guest of his mother, Mrs. Anna Swantek. Mr. and Mrs. George Snyder, Mrs. Helen Parks, Mrs. .Ann DiBacco, Miss Barbara DiBacco, Mr. and Mrs. verslty reported today. Representatives of oil companies, engineering concerns, insurance companies, building supply firms, and governmental agencies have visited the campus during the pnst 30 days. to interview candidates for university degrees either in January or May. Heaviest demand, as has-been the case since, the end of the for engineers. is Cecil Parsons and Miss Mum Cop-. per were recent shoppers tn Cumberland. Thomas iKomac, Jr., Columbus, [ Ohio, is visiting his mother, Mrs. I he became president Piedmont School Head Dies MARTINSBURG-, W. Va. —Dr. Wilson H. S. White, former president ol Shepherd College at Shepherdstown, W. Va,, died yesterday at the age of 57. Dr. White had been hospitalized for a long time. Since his retirement from the presidency in October. 1947, he had lived at his country I KEMFTON, W. Va.—The annual 'Snow Ball' Set At Keyser High KEYSER, W. Va. — Highlighting the annual "Snow Ball" at Keyser High School gymnasium tomorrow night will be the crowning of "King and Queen Winter'.' who will be chosen by vote of the student body and be presented before intermission at the dance. Aspirants for the. titles are Paul Andrews "and Betty Judy. Senior Class; Louise Gardner and Carlyle Grubs, Junior Class; Richard Wilmouth and Juanita Kemp, Sophomore Class: Jennings Stickley and Barbara Stanhagen. Freshman Class; Granville Cannon, sponsored by the student council, and Peggy Taylor, sponsored by the K-Klub. The dance !s sponsored by the Junior Class. Music will be furnished by the Jimmy Andrews Orches- Lni, Cumberland. The gymnasium will be decorated In keeping with the Christmas senson. Grant County Cnltl* Growers Will Prizci- PETERSBURG, W. Va. — Two Grant'county--cattle breeders won prizes for. .calves entered, in- the Timonium livestock stow recently in~ Baltimore. ' . •'.-.,. T. J. Grove received a'12-inch.' plaque and Alva- Sites won a seven- inch plaque for entering- best-bred stock. • • Work Completed On Warehouse MOOREFIELD,- W. Va. — Work lias been completed on the $50,000' warehouse of the' Rocco Feeds Company 61 West Virginia' at the inter-" section 1 of U. S. Route 220 and the • Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The SO by 100 foot building,''constructed of metal, has a four-bin grain 1 elevator with a capacity of five railroad cars. The feed bins, nearly 40 feet high, are constructed of two by six inch planks laid flat. Nineteen thousand board feet:of , lumber were, used -in construction.' of the bins. • , -.'•'••'. The new structure has a loading, platform running the- length of the building, on the • highway, side and has Its own' railway Biding.. , « For custom grinding, of- local grains, trucks can back up to the platform where the grain^is weigh- training, experienced abilities, in-|ed. The grain continues -into the . .,,.,.._._,__ -" and attitudes of terests, needs, teachers." Concluding, the authors declared: "Although professional growth is difficult -to measure and equally difficult to trace to 'its cause, the school faculty meeting, if used skillfully, represents the principal's most promising technique .for the promotion of teacher growth." Tucker Rainfall Figures Announced • PARSONS, W. Va.—Tucker county had 4.17 inches of rainfall from 1:30 a.-m. Monday, December 13, to 6 p. m. Thursday, December 16, according to figures just-released. Since July, and not including the pass' week, there had 1 been 23.32 inches of rain in 'the county. Last' year's rainfall of 52.23 Inches was 5.27 above-normal. hammer gi-avity where it is-. ground 'and- mixed; and • then is automatically, weighed and bagged for delivery. The .entire operation ' takes place. within a few minutes. ; To Receive Degrees -PARSONS, W. ,Va'. — Three Par-. sons students will receive bachelor . of arts degrees from West -Virginia University -at Morgantown at the close of : the .first semester in January. They .are Edward Lee Gilmore, son of Mrs. John' Gilmore; Robert W. .Durr, son. of- Mrs. -Margaret ' Brennan, and Ernest L.' Lake, eon'.. of Mr. and Mrs: Hubert Lake. COAL $7.00 Pennsylvania's best.:.. Clean-and lumpy. It's the best' you can .buy. ' Phone'Frostburg 483-J. : Adv.—N-T-Dec. 20-21-22. WSCS Holds Annual Covered. Dish Supper home. "White Rocks." I covered dish supper of the Keir.pton A native of Lewis county, W. VaJWSCS was held. recently. Table dec- Anna . Osretka. Col-lege in 1920. of Shepherd orations were candles and an cver- jrecn. Pfc. Robert Nutter, Camp Kilmer, ! Funeral rites were set for tomor- N. J., is spending: a short furlough j row -afternoon in the college audi- at the home of his parents, Mr.* and Mrs.'-Harry Nutter.. ,.", 'Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stemple. Parkersburg, and Miss Rulih SLcm- ple, Logan, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Stemple. Sgt. Thomas Devore is spending a 45-day leave at the home.of his parents, Mr, 'and Mrs. Alfred De-. vore, after serving in Tokyo, Japan. Robert Nicholas, student at West Virginia University, Morgartown, is visiting his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nicholas. torium at Shepherdstown. • Surviving Dr. White are his widow and four children. Dr. White was superintendent of schools in the Piedmont District from 1913 to 1913. While there he was grand master of Mt. - Carbon Lodge No. 28, A. F. & A. M. A meeting was held following- the supper with Mrs. L. W. • Duling in charge. Gifts were exchanged and secret sisters-drawn-for the coming 'year. Those attending- included Mrs. Paul Carr, Mrs. Harry Buckley, Mrs. Harry Wolfe, Mrs. E. Paul Dice, Mrs. Robert Martin and Rev. R. W. Doctor Injured PARSONS,'. W. Va.—-Dr. M. J. Small, a physician here for several years before joining the staff of Halloran General Hospital, Staten Island, N. y.', was hit by a car in New York recently. He has' been hospitalized a month for treatment of injuries. • Chosen to Fraternity PARSONS, W. Va.—James Miller, of St. George, has been elected to membership -in Delta Sigma Theta. Methodist men's fraternity .at West Virginia University. • - Sef -for Holiday Fun . Crowning glory for o merry week ! Your newly styled hair. Shorf as a minute ... exquisitely waved' soft and lustrous. VAUDA'S BEAUTY SALON G4 E. Main St. Frostburg- APPLES ', Staymon, Rome Beauty and York Imperial. Phone 133. Frostburg. W. N. Cook & Sons. Adv.—N-T-Dec: '21 -. • FOR SALE Modern Restaurant IN FROSTBURG ,.. Phone Frostburg 270-J SPECIAL Just Received A Shipment of White Fruit .of the Loom .Shirti $3.45 They Won't Lett Long, "First Come First Served Arrow, Botany and Park Ave. Ties .... $1.00 to $2.00 We Have A Good Selection of Wool and Silk Mufflers $1.50 to $3.95 A. CHAS. STEWART The Homo of Good Clothes Beginning Tonight At THE CAMELLIA ROOM Buddy Stevens and His Hammond Organ OPEN CHRISTMAS Make Preparations Now To Spend New Year's Ere In The Smartest Cocktail Lounge In Western Maryland No Coyer — No Minimum Entertainment and Novelties For All . .AS SEEN IN VOGUE 2. ttt tvnfta or naittral flofa . „ r 300.00 Bride'* ftngf Lock md Unlock • conriantty turn ana toparoie ifme fmV to mat ett fo Single Diamonds from ?37.5Q to $2,000.00 G. Kear Hosken YOUR JEWELER Frost-burg, Md. TOYS REDUCED COME IN AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR SENSATIONAL VALUES 20% 40%"OFF XMAS TREE STANDS Large non-Hit, Chriitmoi Tree Standt — ; HoId^ Quarts of Water-green Trimmed Enamel $1.75 ea. 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