Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 26, 1952 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 26, 1952
Page 4
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Political Ringside Demos Hauling Out Artillery By ROflKllT IIOGAN Dcs Moincs (IDPA» —Iowa drmocrata nrc Imuling out the hcnvy artillery for their Etnto prcsldcntlnl convention which la slnlnd for Wrtlnesdny In Des Motnes. Indications ore for good convention battles on several iasucs, audi as: • Whether or not the state dclcRivtion to the Chicago nat'.onni convention shall be unlnstructed or pledged wholly or partially to ii presidential candidate. At least two districts will lead a fight on the floor for splitting of the Iow« delegation vote in order to permit costing of one-hnlf votes ,it the national convention. There may be some opposition In the nu'lijctlon of Mrs, Florence Lynch of L.<'Mnr.s iis nntloniil con\- mitteewoman, although such a movement, now rumored, may be more local than anything. There Is sentiment, however, favoring Mrs. Ruth B. Metller of Mason City tor nntlon.-il eommUteewoninn_ * * * M. I'. IIOGAN of Dubuque, national committeeman. Is serving out the unexpired term of G. G, Jeck of Atlantic, who resigned to accept the job as lown collector of Internal revenue. That term is expiring and Hogan %vlll seek the election on his own at this convention. It is unlikely that oppo.iltlon will de vctop, although li. could. A heated battle la expected over the .tnlecllon of delegates. The Iowa Ketauver-for-presidont organization will make n determined effort to obtain delegates instructed to vole for Kefnuver at Chicago. The nnllonal commlttecmnn, in March, wrote lel- ters to all 2,088 state convention delegates, urging an unlnstructed delegation from Iowa to the nn- lionnl parley because of the "wide open" race. He questioned the wisdom of an uninslructed delegn • tlon, declaring Iowa delegates should be given the opportunity to use their own judgment and discretion as (he occasion arises at the national convention. He also look the ottitude tlint unlnstructed dclogatlons, in the battle over the nominee, a,re th" ones that gel credit foi convention accomplishmiint.s. He wants Iowa to be in as favornlde a spot a.s pos- with the party's chosen candidate for presidi'nl. « » * SKN. GCV GILLKTTK, who will keynote the stal.- convention, also enters Into the candidate pictur<'. A "fovorlte son" movement is underway sponsored I owu Dully I'ress Writer not only by Cherokee democrais but .liso with the added support of the Dva Moines county group, and others. An embarrassing situation could develop If th-; Kcfauver group presses Its fight for .some Instructed delegates in the presence of aillotte und In the face of the favorite-son drive. There is conslde|-nl)le .support for n first ballot commitment tor Gillette at the national convention, with the Iowa delegation to be released by him on the second ballot. A fight would develop If the senn tor tried to control the delegates. Knstern Iowa democrats are still strong for Gov. Adlal Stevi.'nson of Illinois and will put up n slron;; fight against any efforts for an inr.lructed delegation. * * * IOWA «'ir,L IIAVl'; 24 votes to cast at the na- Monal convention, four more than in 1948. The additional ones are a bonus because President Truman carried the state In the last presidential election. Because so many party members are expressing nn interest in attending the Chicago event this summer, a real t'ffort will be made to split the votes so that more delegates can be seated in tlie convention. Normally the slate would send 16 delegates from the districts, two from each, plus the eight at-large, making a total of 24. Some would keep the 16 district votes intact, divvy four at-large spots to the stale chalrm .'in und vice-chairman and the national committeeman and woman, and split the four remaining at-large to have votes giving 28. Other sentiment is for dividing the district vote.": to one-half, also four of the at-lnrge votes, and give a full vote to the four top st.ate party members. « * * TIIK .STATE CONVKNTION will get underwigi- at tl a. m. Wednesday at KRNT theater. District caucuses have been scheduled for 9:30 a. m. preceding tiie convention. Pre-caucus sessions Tuesday night, if any. will be held in the same rooms assigned for the lormnl morning district caucuses. The Democratic state centra! committee will meet Tuesday afternoon, day before the convention. Delegates selected to the national convention will nn'ct immediately after the state convention to or- ganizi^ and attend business details. The I'altnei Hcuse will be the official headquar- teis of the lowans while in Chicago. ComblniKK tlic vindicator and Ilepubllcmn. Publlsi«<i Kver.v KvenInK Kxcepl Sunday and Principal nolidays. Entared n9 S (H:und clajts matter Oct. 6, 1030 at tlio pnstofiice at KsUj- ftntllp. Iowa, under ttiea act of Alarcb 3. 1879. 4 iMon., May 2(5, 1952 Ownnd and Published oy: De«mer Ujc, tdllor and l^blldber, Itobert N; Lee, Advortlblne Manager. Tbe AMoclalcd rrean ta entitled exclus- tvely to Ibo us» for republication ot all Uie local nowa printed !o Mila newspaper as well aa all AP newf dli- patchoa. 8UB8CIUPT10N TKRMS By mail In Emmet, XwiuJi, Palo Alio, Clay, Dickinson, Japkson jnd Martin countica; one year J8; »U niJnlhs t4.25; three months J2.20; 5 weeks Jl. By QYall outside aJ}ov< cointlcs one year SIO; six tnonttis fi .2b: ttu'ee nuwDu J2.76; one raontli *1.00. By LIIU B Merchant jJTior! per weeH aoc; one year }14i six mootHs I7.2S; three monthu J3.7fi. Member of the Iowa Press AssociaUon, towa Dally Press Association, Natlooal Kdltorlal Association and Inland Press AssociaUon. RBPRKSKNTATIVB8 Eixctiange, Om»hac also Atlanta and General advcrtlsInK reprasootafives; Inland Newspaper RepresentaUves, Inc. WrlRloy BldE-. Chlcaso; 618 mrth Ave., New York; Security BIdg., St, tioruhi; 1012 Baltimore, Kansas Clly, tSS Urain Dallas. Three lowans Killed in Car Accidents By the Associated Press Thrco lowans were killed and at least seven others were Injured Sunday In separate automobile accidents on the atiitc's roads. The three fntnlltlos raised the motor vehicle death toll thi .n ye .ir in Iowa to 163 as comiiared to 208 last year. The dead are Mrs. Fred loergir. 37, of Jewell; Robert Bohn .sack. 23, and Melvin Yaddoff. 24, both of Preston. Mrs. loerger was killed in a tuo- cac collision at the junction of two county roads a mile and three rolles north of Ellsworth in southeastern Hamilton eouiuy. !',<• t;. MRS. lOKIlGKirS two lUuiuh- tejB, Debbie, 4, and Becky, 2, wen' lalten lb the Slory City hospital, where their comlitions weic de- Horlbed as "t 'nirly good." Her husband, 28. received culx wiul bru .lHe .>i, Four of the seven persons lidiiig In the other car ri .'Ceived cuts arid bruises. They are. Birch Flem- \ngj 35; bis wile, 37; Mrs. Theodore OUpn, 57, and Mrs. J. U. Juhiison, D7( all of Garden City. Fleming uaid hJa three young children «p- ptircntly escaped unhurt. « V Xf Tin: BODIKS of the two Preston men were discoveri'il about four hours after Ihi' oar in which thoy were riding struck u bridge OB highway 64 ulioul 18 miles east Of Maquoketu in .southeastern JflkCHson county. Sheriff Ijorin FeUlermun said that Bohnsnck was thrown out of the car and across the highway. Yaddoff's body was found in the wreckage. The sheriff said a watch worn liy one of the victims had .stopped at 2 a. m. The bodies were foumi by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Linnemann of l^reston, about four hours later. Si^ourney Man Droivus Fishing Beniidji, Minn., May 28 (A'l Elva L. Griffin, 33, of Sigourney, la., died yesterday uliile fishing on Laki' Andrusia near here. Dr Cha Ill 's Vandeisluis, Beltrami county coron.r, said he was attiibiiting the death to "natural causes." He said lu' did not plan an autopsy to deiertnine the specific cause because be had li'ttin- eil to his satisl'action the <leath di <l not result liDiii loul play. The coroner saiii C.iiffin and Dwigbt Clarahan. also of Sigourney. were in a boal when Griffin tell into the watia'. He said Clarahan told blni Grilfin made no apparent I'ffort to save himself. He added that (irittln had "felt fine" when they left shore. The boily was recov'eicd in 17 feel of water. DolUxtT To S |H 'ak Twicf Washington, May 2C i.T) Hep. Dolllver (H-lii.) has returui-d to Iowa for two .speaking engagements and to vole in the June 2 primary. Dolllver will speak lo the Commercial club at Brill Tuesday anil will make the Memo­ rial'day address at Ellsworth Friday, The American Bible society distributes Bibles in 50 nations. loM'a Stale Could Tie For Second Kansna City, May 26 (/Ph-Iowa State and Colorado wrap up the Big Seven conference baseball Bca- son this week end with two games at Ames, la. All other teams have finished thulr schedules. Missouri clinched the championship with 13 vlctorlea and 1 loss. The lowans can tie Nebraska for tlie No. 2 spot by winning both their Friday and Saturday games against Colorado. Iowa State is now in fourth place with a (5-0 record. Nebraska ha.s a 8-5 mark and Kansas, in third place has 8-6. Colorado, in fifth place with 8-7, could move into fourth place by sweeping the two gnmoa. Oklahoma holds sixth place with a 4-7 record. Kansas Stale wound up in the cellar witli 2-15. The standitiga: \V. U. Pet. Missouri 13 1 .020 Nebraska 8 5 .616 ICiinsas 8 0 .671 Iowa State 6 5 .6-15 Colorado 5 7 .417 Oklahoma 4 7 .365 Kansas Slate 2 15 .063 VJO FLINT SO THIS 10 TME JOIMT V wweee AKcwei? pocuy ' 9AS>. PERTV CtA $&v/ A.A.U.W. Awards FellowsJiii) Amos iJPt The Americiui Association of University Women haa awarded a $S,Q0O.. foUowsblp for studying 10th century drwna to Dr. Pearl Hogrete, an English professor at Iowa State college. She will study at the Folgor Shakespeare library in Washington, D. C. Wolves Lose In Shutout To Wdldorf Waldorf Junior college defeated the Wolves 4-0 in a game played at Inland Saturday. The game won not played at Forest City because of wet grounds. The Warriors got two runs In tho fifth and oixth for the only scoring in the game. Waldorf got only one hit off of Pognv- ty in the first four innings, a dribbler down the third base line that stayed fair. tn tho fifth Inning a single, a wild pitch, a double, fielder's choice, and another single counted tho first two Waldorf ruiis. In the sixth Inning throe singles, a passed ball, and a bulk led to tile Inst two Waldorf runs. In the second Inning Reed led off with n single. Ivoraon walked after Peterson had tiled out but Burger and Pemble were unnbic to bring the runner home. Also In the third and fourth runners got on ba.=c but could not score. In the sevcnlli and elghtli the Wolves got their third and fourth hits ot tho game but were unable to bring them around. The Wolves play their final game of the season at Eagle Orovo will pitch for the Wolves. BOX SCORK Eatherville ab rh i> n Cnlhan, lb 4 0 0 6 I Duff.v, 3b 4 0 0 1 1 Pogart,v, )) 4 0 0 0 1 Reed, If 4 0 1 3 0 Peterson, of 4 0 1 5 0 Iver.son, rf 3 0 0 1 0 Burger, c 2 0 0 5 1 Pemble, ss 3 0 0 1 1 Piggott, 2b 3 0 I 1 1 Totals 31 0 4 27 6 Waldorf ab r h o a Thorshelni, .ss 3 0 0 2 1 Purcoll, 2b 3 0 1 o 2 Polzin, lb 4, 0 1 7 I Carlson, If 4 1 1 4 0 Smith, cf 3 1 2 2 0 Egemo, rf ,3 1 1 0 0 Knutson, rf 1 0 0 0 0 Dunbnr, 3b 4 0 2 2 0 Mitcholl, e 3 1 • 1 7 1 Evenson, p 3 1) 0 1 1 Totals 31 4 9 27 7 Summary: Errors, Piggott2; RBI, Purceil. Dunbar, Mitchell; DP. Pemble to Culhan; 2B, Dunbar. SB Polzin; Left, Estherville 5, Waldorf 6. Winning pitcher, Evenson; losing pitcher, Fogarty. Eatherville 000 000 000—0 4 2 Waldorf 000 022 OOx—t 0 0 State High School Baseball Tourney Begins FinST BOUND 1:30 p, m.—West Waterloo vs Kuthvon. 3 p. m. —Aoland vs New Sharon, 7 p. ni.— ^.Maquokota IK K«- nftwha. 8:30 p. m.—Kxlra vs Culniar. Mason City, la.. May 26 l/I^)—The Iowa high school baBcbnll tournament opens here today with all eight finalists scheduled to play. Three teams—New Sharon (l6-0>, Roland (13-0) and Calmar (10-0)-have undefeated records and each club boasts at least one tough pitcher. West Waterloo, which appears to be best equipped with mound reserves, opens against Ruthven at 1:30 p. m. Roland, a scmifinullst last year, and New Sharon play the second afternoon game. Muquokcta's Darold Satchell, a lott-hnnder with a 12-0 record, probably win oppose Kanawha's Don Mews, a right-hander with a 9-1 mark, tonight. C^xlro, runner-up to the 1951 champion Dubuque Lorns, meet-i unbeaten Calmar In the last first round game tonight. Farm Bureau ISearing Goal Des Moines, M.iy 26 i/l') Iowa. Farm Bureau membership was less Dian 1,000 .short of the stale quota at the und of last week, Al Hagen, state organization director, said today. The week's tolali'd 231), making the state total 131,.'i08. This Is only 007 away from the iiuota of 132,416. Humboldt county, with a iiuota of 1,135 mentborH, became tho Sfith county to roach its quota. Hagen said. Marshall county is just eight members short of Ha (|Uota and Scott county is 10 shy. Membership workera are striving to reach state quota by June 3. They will then seek a goal of 1,33,889, set by the state, which would push Iowa Farm Bureau member- shtp to tt new all-time high, Hugen said. The ruins of Jormo in Iraq, uncovered recently by archaeologists, nro remtilna of u village believed to have thrived between 6,000 and 6,000 B.C. BACK JN TIIK LINKUP. Ted William.s, Red Sox slugger, changed a Philadelphia Marine recruiting poster back to present tense n- porling as a captain for active duty. IIH inoiw and Michigan Sliai-e Bijj Ten Title Chicago, May 20 (.I'l Illlnoi.^ and Michigan share the Big Ten biuieball championship today /ifter a down-to-the-wire finish. Illinois' loss to Minnesota Kiid;iy and Micliigan'.s I 'aini'd (ml ,L ;ame the same day with Northwestern set up a sizzling fin; le Saturday Willi Ihe pennant hanging on Ihi' out(:(;me uf doubleheaders. Illinois' Gerry Smith won his fifth game for a perfect conference season as tiie Illini downed Iowa l-l. The Hawkeyes took the piglitcap 4-3 when Jack Hess bunted home Don Waldron in the sixth Inning. Wisconsin routed Michigan 11-0. but the Wolverines won the second game 6-5 in 11 innings on Paul bepley's walk, Paul Sanchcr's single .-ind Gil Sabuco's long fly. Ohio State blanked Mlnno.sot.-i 1-0 and 5-0 Saturday while Purdue trimmed Indiana 9-3 and 8-2. The Kortliwestern-Michigan State dott- bleheiidcr was wa.shed out. Pinal standings: W. U Pet. GB Illinois 10 5 .067 . . Michigan 8 4 .067 '.j Wisconsin i) 6 .600 1 Purdue 7 5 .583 lU' Michigan State 7 6 .538 2 Minnesota 7 7 .500 2'!: Northwestern ' 5 5 .500 2i,..- Ohio Stale 7 7 .500 2'^ Iowa 5 8 ..385 4 Indiana 1 13 .071 8'- REA Loan Approved Washington t /Pi—Tho rural electrification administration has approved tt loan of $372,000 tor the Winnebago cooperative telephone association, Thompson, la., for use in constructing lines for" approximately 300 new telephone subscribers. Four Teams In Playoff for NCAA Berlh East Lansing, Mich., May 26 i.l'i Ten will enter a four-leam playof:' Ullnois-Wisconson of the Big Ten with Ohio university nau Western Michigan to determine the distiict No. 4 representative in the nation ni collegiate alhlelic association baseball tournament. Tlie liesl-of-lhrei' playoff series will begin Friday with Illinois ho^•t to Ohio univeisity and Western Michigan entertaining Wisconsin at Kalamazoo, Doubleheaders are slated to: Saturday .and if they are rained out. the first game Friday will de cide the winner. In announcing these conditions. John Kobs of Michig:in State, chairman of tho district selection committee, said if the second game Saturday is washed out and the series is tied a Saturdaj night game will determine tho winner. The two pla.voft winners will meet cither at Illinois or Ohio university June 3 and 4, or June 4 and 5. for the right to go to Omah.a. Illinois and Miclilgnn tied for the Big Ten title while Wisconsin finished third. Kobs said Wisconsin w.-.s chosen when Michigan declined to enter the NCAA playoffs. Dog Finds His Master's Billfold Decatur, 111,, May 26 (/PI- -J. A. Good lost a billfold containing $100 and important personal papers last fall. A search of his neighborhood and newspaper ndvertiaoments yielded nothing. Yesterday Good's young cocker spaniel trotted up to his ownei- with the billfold in his mouth. Good said the money und the papers were still there but a bit soggy. There was no clue as to where tho billfold had been. Chief ;LAST SHOWING IGNITE; Tho 14 Star Academy Auurd Winning IMcture "Cyrano de Bergerac" Starrinj; Jose Forrer Showing Tuesday and Wednesday WEBB ANNE FRANCIS BICKFORD-LUNDIGAN ' Direcled by HENRY KOSTER ^Qt. CO-HIT First Run In Es+herville Cvtrirthrnt y«u «)M In em motl«n pictur* ROMANCE! UUGHTER! SUSPENSE! rHRlLlSJ TEARS I TRIUMPHS 1 llard-Luch Hiirlers Have More Trouble m .iin: HKICHI.KK A I' S|M)rl-H Writer Art Houtlemnn, Murr>' Dickson and Boh Hooper are running neck- nnd-nerk tor hard-luck-of-the-year hurling honors. At the moment. Houttenian is in the fore. The young Detroit twin­ er dropped a henrt-breoker yesterday, losing a I-O decision to Marv Ori.siom as the Chicago White Sox twice shut out Detroit. Veteran Joe Dobson outpltched Virgil Truck."", 3-0, in tho flrat gtime of the doubleheader. Hooper also went down 1-0 a? tho Philadelphia Athletics were held to a split by Washington. The A's drew first blond, defeating the Senators, 2-1. as Bobby Shantz tui*ned/ in a six-hitter to become the first American league pitcher to win seven games. Lefty Lou Stealer got Washington even, however, edging out Hooper in the ninth when Pete Runnels drove In the only run of the game with single that scored Jim Busby, * * * DICKSON, Pittsburgh's gritty righthander, was within one out of registering his first triumph since April 30 and only his second of the year—but a two-out home run by Dee Fondy with a man on base in the ninth inning dashed Murry'a hopes. The blow came off Dickson's reliever. Ted Wilks. and gave the Chicago Cubs a 5-4 win over the Pirates. Cleveland earned a split with the St. Louis Browns, winning the nightcap. 6-2, after Rogers Horn.s- by'a men had taken the opener, 7-5. The split left the front-running Indians still three games ahead of Washington and the Boston Red Sox, now tied for second place. » * * IX TIIK ONLY other aetidn, the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Cincinnati Reds, 7-6. when Tommy Glaviano drove home Del Rice with a double in the seventh inning. Rain washed out the second game. The elements also postponed games between the Ni'w York Yankees and Red Sox. Brooklyn and Philadelphia and the Boston Bravi'S and New York Giants. The only run Houtteman gave ui> resulted from a wild pitch. That Turn to page G, colamn 8 Brooklyn in Firsl Place In National NATIONAL LKAGUK W. L. Pet. GB Brooklyn 23 7 .767 New York 23 8 .742 >t Chicago 19 15 .559 6 Cincinnati 17 16 .515 TVj St. Louis 16 19 .457 9 ',i Philadelphia 14 17 .452 9',<: Boston 12 18 .400 11 Pittsburgh 6 30 .167 20 Suttdny'ft rcHiilts: Chicago 8, Pittsburg 4; St. Louis 7, Cincinnati 6. Other games rained out. Tuesday's srhcdult-: New York at Brooklyn, 6:30 p. m.; Boston at Philadelphia, 6 p. m.; Cincinnati at Pittsburgh, 11:30 a. m.; St. Louls ftt Chicago. 12:30 p. m. AMKKfCAN LEAOVK -W. L. Pet. GB Cleveland 24 18 .M9 Washington 19 14 .576 3 Boston 19 14 .676 3 New York 16 14 .833 4H- St. Louis 18 20 .474 6% Chicago 16 18 .471 m Philadelphia 12 17 .414 8 D<trolt 9 23 . .281 12«4 Sunday's ri^sultti: Philadelphia 2-D. Washington 1-1; Chicogo 3 -1, Detroit 0-0; St. Louis 7-2, Cleveland 5-6: New York at Boston, rain. Tiiesdny'x sclicdilln; Chicago at St. Louis 7:30 p.m.; Detroit at Cleveland. 6:30 p. m.; Washington at New York, 6:30 p. m.; Philadelphia at Boston. 6:30 p. m. WKSTEBN LKAOVK Yesterday's results: Denver i0 -2i Colorado Springs 3-0; Sioux City 8;' De.s Moines 7; Omaha 11-4, Lincoln' 5-0; Wichita 6, Pueblo 3. The easiest way to keep the copper bottoms of skillets .to use a special powder that quickly removes tarnish. ANDERSON -SCHENCK lOS S0.6TH TEl.265 tSTHERVIllf IOWA HURRY, Ends Tonite Gene Kelly—Debbie Rej^nolds—Donald O'Connor Singin' in the Rain" COLOR BY TECHNICOLOR • •I STARTS TUESDAY iBSTHmnviLLm; THE NEVER-BEFORE-TOLOSTOlrr OF M ARMY'S DEVIL DRIVERS! Even inrhefuryof Jlie front-th«y fouflii love's rnkloss iniisl CttttlK ••WMW-mnMH.,... Coo^ / , n ^^^^ Pockage \ \ TENDER MACARONI AND KRAFT GRATED I \ FOR FINE CHEESE FLAVOR " 9 , ON, W VIC PHNT ..M6;oU6HTi (^EAMWHIia^VlC IS HAVINA Twice AKOUNI? TW6 »I.O<iK ANC NOT A FNeKIN© SP-ACE. •THie .POWNTOWN TKAPPIC TH«T«TME MOSTplS- , SU9TING THINS I EVER' emOOOLA.HE AND . 8AW/1 WANT VOU TO \ GOU3 TO RK4ANCE ^ WINS AUtEV BACK | THE OPERATION ^HERERiaHTNOW.' i OF OUR TIME ^MACHINE/ THEYHAVEN 'r0UGU(>^ RtaHT. AIXJBT 009 'mm T. tt.

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