The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on February 18, 1967 · Page 8
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 8

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 18, 1967
Page 8
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«*• »^W Kutl.u Mrs. k H. Nog, Mf*, Elfwr JfjhiH tW.-Mt 1 *, ttoyl* Smffli al- 1MM ftiy df Prtytt at huttfc tn la Mtjw Aftwttscn fell and brtik« . Hf*. E»*l T^mtjktes Mid Mrs. Elmer Johnson called »t ttw Or- vtlle Mass home In tafle Grow Friday. Mrs, M»ss is safter- tnt trow a broken leg. Mrs. Elmer Johnson returned home list wetk from Alburtjiwr- <»oe, Sew Mexico. S» rioted in the homes of her brother. Mr, ma Mrs. Lester Stevenscm, Mid • nepheir «nd his *lft>, Mr. Mid Mrs. Robert Sterenson. Mrs, Dollte Nlelson is spending some time in Florida, rlsit- tnt relative;. Mrs. Elmer Johnson was » Santa? dinner gross *itt her dngMer and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Nflles, of Gilrnor* City, Mrs, Paul Thorn entertained 12 women »t a party Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Wilson en- II, 1H7 UK Coujfcf 0* ftft. to ««MlMf. Jw Vejfcrbywm • m tor fern, a*) Rayimtrf &K*. date lot. itr*. Jem Hir«h *» hit* fat women and Row SKx*dal* >ow. Odlne Milan* *«» 0* iratel jHflie. Mr*. C. I Goodell entertained the Rutland Women's Club Tuesday evening with Mrs. Cnim- bteher as a foest. Films were shown about cancer bv Robert Bristol. Mrs, L. H. Watson, Mrs. Harold Colrret and Mrs. Elmer Johnson attended the county dobs officers' meeting at the axial Center in HutnooKN. Nancy twining wed recently in California Miss Nancy Lorming. daughter of Mr, and Mrs, Ed?ar Loaning of Dakota Citv, and Fdwin Dickens, son of Mr, and Mrs, Lewis Dickens of Everett, Wash., were united in marriage recently. The Rev, Walter Yiermann officiated at the double ring ceremony -Milch was held in the Chapel of The Bells at Annaheim. Calif. Attendants were Mrs. Julie Loaning, sister-in-law of the bride, and JamesDicJrens.broth- MMEYmCOLLEfiEATLOWdST mnia fnm lutnt ii ****** IMi h tf» «MT wtr to aytlMMiie Mvin9i fgr eaBa«t. Ca« and n «9Mn whti t fin* on yw invM«n«M Ma offtm Otto E. Schafor DIST. REPR. •« us rkMe su-im I •••>«Mt. !•«• 5*MI Lutheran Brotherhood Insmance er of the groom. Following the ceremony, * r*- «ej*r«i *as held in the horn* of James Dickens, After » short trip to Lake Arrow Read, th* couple are tn*k- tag their horn* at 1518 North Durant, Santa An», Calif. The bride Is a graduate of HumboWt High School and is employed at the Register. Sfcnta Ana. Calif. The groom graduated from Carl Hayden High School at Phoenix. Arti,,'and is employed by the Union Oil Company of California. Surprise party honored Mrs. Albert Thorsen OTTOSES-Mrs. Albert Thorsen »-»s honored at a surprise birthday dinner Sunday night at the August Sehafcr home at" West Bend. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Thorsen, Mr. and Mrs. Louis ZinnelofEmm»tsburs Mr. and Mrs. Terry Sfchafer ami Kim and Mrs. W. E. Hundertmark of HEARING ACCURACY PLAINED West Bend, Mrt tXirothy wn of PoeshonUs, SahinJijr afttf«o«i Mr«. t, K. Humtertmart honorid htralater. Mrs. Albert Thors*n of Ottosen, at a birthday coffee at her home in West Bend. Otto* guests wre Mrs. Harvey Thorsen and Clara, Mrs. Charles Welter, and Naomi Brothers. Howard eeman of Ames and Marilyn Zeman of Des Molnes »*r* wrk.pnd visitors at the Arthur Zeman home. The Maple Lawn Good Will Club met for a party Jtonday ni?ht at the Henry Olson home. Mrs. Kate Jacobson and Le- Rov visited at the Art Bartlett home and with Mrs. Gall Stod- dsrx) ami family at Titonka from Tuealay until Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wehr- spann ij'ere Saturday night supper guests at the Frank Allen home at Eagle Grow. Tho junior high school and the sixth, ami eighth grader of HUMOTA SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY Masoc City Sahirday, wtwrti they played instrumental solos. Jack RemboM is their Instructor, of ?«BHlr WH ob- M <• w«t wlln altotafcln. Mr. Norman is chairman of Uw Board Reproduced for THINKING people by... DR. K. G. PRIDE and Preservation of Your Health OFFICE 2 3RD ST. NORTH-PHONE 332-1504 SPINAL NERVE PRESSURE CAUSES MANY DISEASES KAMI IERRY HEARING AID CENTER At pr*i*nl «r* SOY* no R*pr* • •ntatlY* In Humboldt. Coll for icrvii:* at our oMlco, 42i Corrcr Building, Pott Oodj«, T*l. S73-782J H»ma«Ut-D«k»to City Lioni CI»b Chili-Oyster Supper Friday, March 10 $»p»i«l 4:30 ».». t* 8:30 •>.«. UnJ.r 5 F™. 12 50< DOOR PRIZES will §• »• tW H«*W14t C««iatf Hiatwlcal S» ttoty, HM^Wt Music l« M i»rs Cl.k, *md Hw Ll*aa Club. some people will do almost; truer THIS CHART cAairuur The diseases mentioned on this chart are only a few caused by (he verie- br«e pinching" nerves as they enter or leave the spinal column, transmit«mg viul nerve energy trom the brain to the organs of the body. hi Hw *, n*i« k<»^, i ktMtklM. tlk.f htn. ^ HOLT INSURANCE AGENCY A GLANCE AT THE PAST HunboUt ichool board n»m- b*ft in 1944-43 w*r« Harry Strong. proiUont; Howard Me- K**, T. C. Mlckolion. Rudy Nolion, and Mri. Coorao Me- Cullouah. Humboldl County contributed «30.47l.3i In tfw Rod Cro.. War Fund Drlr* In March. 1945. Kolth W. Campboll of Hum. bo>ldt wot a cadot at th* San Antonio, Tonal, Aviation Cadet Cantor tn March, 194S. SIE US FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS PHONE 332-3477 1. SliiM "plmMftf" tl nttvti •» tMi p«lnl will I«M* i*-««Ht4 N.qdoih.i. tyt dli.ti.i, •Wntti, .pll.piy, IniwnlM, wry w •im nttk, f«ltl ptrclytlt, dlnlntti, p«ll», •ttkrltlt, ••«• W«»d prtiiurt. •ntrnl*. ttlrfi. fc«y Itvtr, tinvi Itwkl*, vtwin.u, c !2 • A ilifht ntfvi _ ._,.., ,. w _,, _ •' lo-toll.d iht*«l Irtukt*. Mvtaifla, cidti •( |vmi, (•(•tth, th. 3.1h« »tftw ht«4 m«tk*4 N*. 3 ipin* wNtftln "pliuhtd" ntrvtt »UI «•»•• M«ni. (Min k*twt*n IKt illil el IN* crmi enrf tli««Mtii. th. 4 • A blt<ht4 ntr.t tt ihli (Mini m pntumtnlo. IvWxvltlli. mlhm*. 41 Ittuklfi, •«. 3.5l«m«h «n4 lUti litvklt. tnl*t|tmtnl tt Ik* »t«tn, plturltf «n4 • Ktii tf tlhtt tr««W<l, l>-<«lltrf, art C«*it4 kr pttiivit In IKIi MI) «» *• iplnt. it II|M n t. n«llitd by tlhtn tittpt lh« Iralntrf Chl.tpt««l«t. 6. Ht.t w« «n4 Iht «un t) ••^•11(4 |«ll ilwwi. . r >r •I VPM' b.wtli, ftvtri, iMntlti, »>>«»v«Ki. 4l«WI*t, tM. 7. lilfhfi 4li««t. flt.lln, klrfnty, (kin tflirat*. Mil, llont cnrf .IN., dlitcitt. i.-c.ll.d, «ft <t*n* by iwrm it4 In Iht <pln«l tptnlnft el (W« p«lni. 8. ••txUll.n. tl tv<k IctvWtl « It-«ltt4 •^•flrfklllt, Itnilii, lvmb«f t, onillpc'ltn. tit., CMftpfwIlt •4|««lKt*«H •! IKIi ptlnl. 9. W^y h«it it-<tll.4 kldnty ihinti, IMK| IrwMm, »•*•!• litvWtt. ««ny Itwti «M«i«ln<il p«lni. tM., wkwi Chlita«M«l« •4|i>ilmtnH tl Ihli p«rl tl mt ip<n« will rtHM.t Ik* ta«t*T 10. A illfM J8CK uemmon W8L7BR maiTHau TH6FORf1Une coorae .» RON RKH CUFF OSMOND Itwtt ttlrMiMI**. •V* t* Ikttt MIM« •«. kt IIACT CAbM W TtH/l CONtlTMNI Take time to re-study this famous "Health Chart of Chiropractic," reproduced at the left, and you will see how simple it is to understand what an important pan YOUR SPINE can play in the maintenance of your food "natural" health. Misaligned spinal bones can cause disease io ALL PARTS OF THE BODY. Notice how the nerves go to every organ, tissue and cell of your body — arms, legs, abdomen, head, etc. So provide your body with the fullest protection against disease with AT LEAST ONE ADJUSTMENT EACH MONTH. MANY TIMIS, IVIN APTII Ail OTHII MITNODS OP HIALINO HAVI •AILID, CHIIO'IACTIC SUCCIIOS. No Charge For Spinal X-Rays From Now Until April 1 YOUR SPINE IS YOUR I IFF I !NF KFFP IT IN LINE . WITH REGULAR (HIROPkAe IK ADJUSlMtNTS NATIONAL FOOD STORES QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED TOP TASTE BEEF STEAKS U. S. D. A. CHOICE BEEF SIRLOIN STEAKS Per Lb. IMZ. 89( VALUE WAY TRIMMED EARLY- WEEK SPECIALS EFFECTIVE THRU FEB. 22 MORMEL "LITTte SIZZLCRS" CO* TOM ™ UMB " B ^ "KW PORK SAUSAGES 12-01. DINNERS - 12-OZ. . . FRESH ROASTED PEANUTS 2H-LB. BAG . . . ORANGE DRINK TROPI-CAL-LO QUART ONLY For taps . Stows - Salotls FRESH CARROTS 14b. Pk|, USDA CHOICE ORCHARD FRESH TOP TASTE ORANGE JUICE 'TlM ntl riling Itn H«iU" *X)l. t-faxk POTATO CHIPS "At Geoa 1 At The list" * • • • • lO-Oi. TWIN PACK rfc§» t * t t •

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