The Republic from Columbus, Indiana on July 26, 1988 · Page 16
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The Republic from Columbus, Indiana · Page 16

Columbus, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 26, 1988
Page 16
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B The RepobWc Columbus. Ind- Tuesday. July 26. 1988 'Die Hard' is one wild, crazy movie By Robert Denerstein Scripps Howard News Service To date, Bruce Willis' movie career has been amazingly puny. The smirking star of TV's "Moonlighting" twice worked with writerdirector Blake Edwards and went down swinging. "Blind Date" and "Sunset" weren't just bad movies, they were potential career-stoppers. Willis seemed to be one more TV star destined to wither on the big screen. Now comes "Die Hard," a movie that's likely to give Willis' career a boost. Make no mistake. We're not talking about a classic. This slow-starting action picture is wildly implausible and so commercially calculating it can't even keep its prejudices straight. YET "DIE HARD" succeeds despite itself. It combines action and comedy and eventually turns into a dizzying example of how to have fun while watching things blow up. "Die Hard" also attempts to place the values of the '80s in" a macho-movie context. The result is a weird blend of cynicism and sensitivity. The terrorists who seize a skyscraper have forsaken politics and are interested only in money. The blue-collar hero played by Willis is having a lifestyle crisis. His executive wife (Bonnie Bedelia) moved to Los Angeles to take a big-time corporate job with a Japanese conglomerate. He stayed behind, refusing to leave the New York City Police Department. It takes a lot of cumbersome maneuvering by director John McTiernan to set up the action. The film opens with Willis' John McClane arriving in Los Angeles to spend Christmas with his estranged wife and his two daughters. He Movie Review meets his wife at the Nakatomi Corp. Christmas party, which is being held in the upper regions of a towering skyscraper. MCCLANE IS IN the bathroom when thugs invade the party and take everyone hostage. He sneaks into the stairwell and tries to figure out how to battle the smooth-talking Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman), a former terrorist with his eye on a fortune in bonds. Willis is turned into a Rambo-like hero, only tempered for the times. McClane shows fear, indecision and eventual remorse over the rigid stand he has taken in his marriage. Only a raging battle can reestablish his manhood and allow his wife to realize what a great guy he is. Warfare turns into a bloody form of marriage counseling. Action carries the day: breathtaking stunts involving elevator shafts and shattered glass. The script culminates in an all-out assault on a faceless skyscraper of corporate America. The supporting cast is as mixed a bag as the movie itself. Paul Gleason ("The Breakfast Club") is as stupidly pompous as ever as a Los Angeles police official. Alexander Gudonov ("Witness") shows up as a snarling terrorist. Reginald Veljohnson is a Los Angeles cop who communicates with Willis by radio, sort of his partner in absentia. WHAT STARTS AS A serious drama switches gears midway through, turning into a violent comedy with a nonchalant attitude toward nearly everything. "Die Hard" is one wild and crazy movie. Heart patient keeps fit by exercising in the bed DEAR ABBY: "What a way to go!" That's my response to the lady who was afraid that her husband, after triple bypass heart surgery, might die in her arms during sex. Lady, sex is a form of exercise, and the body needs exercise after surgery. I, too, had a triple bypass at age 62. I was in and out of the hospital in four days, back to work the following week. I am now 74 and my wife is 72. We both swim 50 lengths of an Olympic-size pool twice a week when high school is in session, and walk two miles every day. We've been married for 50 years, hug each other many times a day, and two or three times a week enjoy a roll in bed with Honey! My goal in life is to live to be 90 and shot by a jealous husband. (Just kidding.) SEXY SWEDE IN THE PACIFIC N.W. P.S. Please don't use my name. I already have more volunteers for my 90-year project than I can handle. DEAR ABBY: Well, it happened again. Somebody dialed my number, let the phone ring three times, and just when I picked it up, hung up! Abby, you will be performing a public service to print this open letter to whom it may concern: Hello. If you really want to talk to me, won't you please let the phone ring four or five times, and give me a chance to dry my hands if I'm washing dishes? Or turn off my stove if I'm cooking something? Or run in from the yard if I'm down on my hands and knees weeding? Or rinse out my mouth if I'm brushing my teeth, etc? The point I want to make is this: If you haven't the time to let me get to my phone, please don't call me! BETTY T. SMITH, SEATTLE DEAR BETTY: Thanks for a Dear Abby By Abigail Van Buren great letter that will apply (and appeal) to many. May I ring in another bit of helpful telephone etiquette? If you know you've reached the wrong number, don't hang up before you say, "Excuse me, I think I've dialed the wrong number." And when you have reached the correct number, for openers ask, "Did I get you at a bad time?" DEAR ABBY: Let me add one more tip to help people use prescription drugs safely: Carry a list in your wallet of the exact name, dosage and schedule of each medication you take. When your doctor alters your medication or instructions, change your list. Date your entries. Many people I have cared for in the emergency room had no idea what medications they were taking, were too ill to tell us, or had an unmarked pillbox with a collection of unidentified pills. Much time was lost trying to locate their private physicians all over the world at odd hours. Duplicate, unnecessary and expensive tests were done to figure out from scratch what we might have learned immediately from an up-to-date drug list or medical summary. Ideally, people should ask their doctors for a brief summary of their medical problems to carry with their travel documents. A.R., M.D., PORTLAND, ORE. DEAR DOCTOR: Thank you for a helpful addition to this column. BARTHOLOMEW COUNTY 4-H FAIR WEDNESDAY NIGHT TRUCK PULL - 7 p.m. GRANDSTAND Thursday Night - Three-Quarter Midget Racing - 8:00 p.m. Family Arts and 4-H Building Open It) a.m. - 10 p.m. Commercial Buildings Upen 5 p.m. to TO p.m. Wed. only 1 p.m. - 10 p.m. SEAFOOD SPECIALTIES FISH of STROH 2645 N. National Road 372-2966 Mon.-Thuri. II a.m. -9 p.m.. Fri. & Sat. 11 a.m. 10 p.m.. Sun. 11-2:30 i 5-8 9k E20PPEH .)..T.',I:W 1 372-2134 SHOVVTiiViE 8:15 DOUBLE FEATURE 1. TOM HANKS BIG (PG) 2. WILLIAM HURT BROADCAST NEWS (R) TUESDAY SENIOR CITIZEN'S SPECIAL Ribeye Dinner $g99 CLIFF HAGAN'S 2506 25th Street, Columbus 376-6410 '000 AT KERASOTES THEATRES Crump 372-3456 fS ComliH)ToAmerici(R) 4:30 7:00 9:3oJ Courthouse 376-9911 DwdPoollR) S: Bid Tod Pm Wm IPG) 5: 10 7:20 9:30 157:15 9:15 1 Cinema 5 379-9331 Short Circuit 2 (PG) 2:00 4:30 7:00 9:30 ,Rog Rabbit (PG) 2:00 4:30 7:00 9:15 Bimbi(G) 1:00 3:00 5:00 7:009:30 Grtit Outdoors (PG) DieHard(R) 1:153:155:157:159:15 1:30 4:157:00 9:45 '2" ALL SHOWS OEFOfU 6 P.M. DAILY "3 Networks can be persuaded by letters from upset TV viewers Deadline for submitting information to the Hopper is 5 p.m. two days prior to publication Call 379-5633 to report an item Columbus East Breakfast Krwa- nis will meet at 6:30 a.m. Wednesday at Ketchum's Komucopia in Eastbrook Plaza. Featured speaker will be Charlie Hite. ' Columbus Heart Beats Gab will meet at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at the Kiwanis Booth at the Bartholomew County 4-H Fair. Dessert is low-fat Heart Beats ice cream. A short business meeting will follow. Program is your choice. Columbus Christian Singles will meet at 7:30 p.m. tonight and Thursday at Clifty Park courts for volleyball. Information: 372-4555. The Columbus Dance Club will hold a bi-monthly dance practice from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Wednesday at Dormer Center. Edinburgh Masonic Lodge will hold work in the Fellowcraft degree at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the lodge hall. Ogilville Fun and Fellowship Club will meet at 9 a.m. Wednesday at the Ogilville Methodist Church Fellowship Hall. Members will participate in crafts and share homemade ice cream. Those attending are to take sandwiches and desserts. The Wednesday evening meeting of the Hugh Miller Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution is cancelled. The next meeting will be Aug. 25. Auditions held for Pacers cheerleaders INDIANAPOLIS - The National Basketball Association (NBA) Indiana Pacers are now accepting applications from women age 18 or older, who have skills in cheer-leading, dance and tumbling for the team's cheerleading squad called the Pacemates. Applications may be picked up at the Pacers' office, 2 W. Washington St., Suite 510. Preliminary tryouts will be held at Market Square Arena Aug. 6. For more information: (317)263-2100. By Jerry Buck Associated Press LOS ANGELES - Never under estimate the power of the pen, particularly when it's in the hand of anrate television viewer whose favorite show has just been canceled. At least 2,800 people have written to NBC to express their disappointment with the cancellation of "A Year in the Life." Television critics have similar letters. The Associated Press received about 50 urging the return of the show next fall. "I know that 4,000 people have written me about 'A Year in the Life,'" said Dorothy Swanson of Fairfax, Va., director of Viewers for Quality Television. VQT is the nation's leading organizer of mail campaigns and in the past has saved such shows as CBS' "Cagney & Lacey" and "Designing Women." "I'm getting an average of 200 letters a day. I think if 4,000 people care enough to write to me, they will also write to NBC. This mail exceeds what I received in the 'Designing Women' campaign and is approach ing 'Our World' (an ABC news show). Viewers are very upset People are passionate about this show. People are tired of losing quality shows." BRANDON TARTKOFF, president of NBC Entertainment, said his network had never reversed a cancellation because of viewer mail. "But that doesn't mean we don't look at the mail," he said. Tartikoff said the most mail NBC had ever received was after it dropped "Little House on the Prairie" after 10 years. He did not recall the number of letters. Other canceled shows, such as NBCs "Days and Nights of Molly Dodd" and "Aaron's Way" and ABC's "The Slap Maxwell Story" are also drawing mail, but not in large amounts. The networks do respond to viewer mail. "Designing Women" was getting good ratings on Monday nights, then in December 1986, CBS moved it to Thursday against NBC's "Night Court." In two weeks it dropped from 20th in the ratings to 63rd. CBS pulled the show off the air. Swanson's VQT members wrote 50,000 letters to CBS and the show went back on the air and became a bit again. "WE CERTAINLY DO look at all viewer mail," said David Poltrack, vice president for marketing at CBS. "While volume is important, we differentiate significantly between mail that is coming in an unorganized way, from a large number of viewers, from that mail which is part of an organized campaign. If we get a lot of letters that are the same, we are somewhat skeptical of the depth of the feeling. "At the end of the season we got a lot of mail about 'Wiseguy.' This is a progrAn whose future was in doubt. We noted that we were getting a strong support. We didn't take that alone as an indication of the show's potential. We also interviewed a random sample of people and discussed with them their views toward 'Wiseguy.' We learned it had a very loyal audience." In January 1984 "Cagney & Lacey" rose f.un the ashes to become a hit and pick up numerous Emmy awards. LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT NOTICE TO BIOOERS Notice Is hereby given thai sealed bids will be accepted at Developmental Services. Inc until ? 00 a m. eastern Stan-dard time, Monday, August 8th. IMS. to be publicly opened and read aloud immediately there alter Bids received after this time will not be accepted Bids should be addressed to: Trailer Bid, Developmental Services, Inc., 220 10th Street, Columbus. IN 47201 Bids are being accepted tor the following vehicle: New 19U or IM9 40 foot fifth wheel trailer to be utilized for a mobile evaluation and testing unit. Design and dimensions must be equivalent to those specified In the drawings included in the bid specifications package. Questions regarding design options and purpose are strongly encouraged Features include complete wheel chair ec-cessability excepting only the stand-up office over the fifth wheel; slide-out access ramp; two tiydraulically operated push-out rooms; security sys tern; SO Amp lifeline; electric refrigerator; complete air conditioning and heating, bathroom with sink and toilet . and handicap access bars; V generator system fully adequate to power all systems un der maximum load. The trailer shall include the proper manufacturer' warranty. The exterior color of the trailer shall be either white or silver and may be either aluminum or II-berglass. Bid price should In uvw .v.. vim maiDiigiiuii ui a mtina fifth wheel Mwmfalw The successful bidder must guarantee delivery within jlx (6) weeks of a purchase order. Other bid specifications and alternate bid items do apply and bids must be submitted on the standard form No. 96 with Non Collusion Affidavit Included. Said documents and bid specifications are available by . contacting: Director of Transportation and Property, Developmental Services, Inc., 2920 10th Street, Columbus. Indiana 47201. Developmental Services, Inc. reserves the right to accept or reject any bid or combination of bids and to wavier any Irregularities m bidding. All documents related to this bid must be completed and signed where indicated. Failure to complete these forms will cause the bid to be rejected as Incomplete. All bids may be held tor a period not to exceed thirty (30) days before awarding contract. R July 26, 1968, 102 NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE TO THE OWNERS OF THE WITHIN DESCRIBED REAL ESTATE AND ALL INTERESTED PARTIES By virtue of a certified copy of a decree to "me directed from the clerk of Circuit Court of Bartholomew County, Indiana, in Cause No. 03C0I 8803CP344 wherein Great Financial Fede ral was Plaintiff, and Earl H. Holcombe was Defendant, re quiring me to make the sum as provided for in said Decree with Interest and cost, I will expose at public sale to the highest bidder, on the 13th day of September, 1988, at the hour of 10:00 AM of said day, at the office of the Sheriff of Bartholomew County, Indiana, located at 350 Second St., Columbus, Bartholomew County, Indiana, the fee simple of the whole body of Real Estate In Bartho lomew County, Indiana: A Lot Numbered Seventeen 17) In Redman's Addition tqf they Town ot Lowen. as recorded May 5, 1948 in Plat Book "D", page 113, In the Office of the Recorder of Bartho lomew County, State ol In dlana. Commonly known as R.R. 111. Box 430. Columbus. IN 47201 Together with rents. Issues, income, and profits thereof. said sale will be made without relief from valuation or ap pralsement laws. Rick L. Hill Sheriff of Bartholomew County, Indiana David L. Foutty HARTMAN ft FOUTTY 605 Barrister Building 155 East Market Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 Need some ready cash? Sit back and relax while classified sells those unused items for you! A 3-line , MONEYMAKER ad costs just $7.50 for seven days $1 more for it to appear in the EXTRA. Phone classified's direct line, . 379-5600. 632 9555 Please Serve this notice on : Earl H Holcombe, Inmate 1876147 At the following address: co Michael E Broglln. Superintendent Westville Correctional Center, Westvllle, IN 46391 Service Requested: Certified Mall R July 12, 19, 26, 1988. 052 3 Lost LOST: Small black, tan ft white female Beagle, In Grandview Lake area. 342-3527 LOST: PAIR of girl's glasses, blue frames & blue case, possibly at summer school at East. 3426346, leave mes-sage LOST: SMALL white male Poodle, vicinity of Ever road Park REWARD! 372 5064. LOST: MALE Border Collie mix, black ft white, answers to "Oreo", vicinity of 23rd ft Pearl St 376 6113. LOST MAGNETIC SIGN that goes on side of car, white with green ft yellow. "Miss Indiana Slate Teen Queen". 579 5363 LOST: Male Fox Terrier, Poco', no collar or ID, around 22nd & Indiana Ave. 3766717. LOST: Blue Tick hunting dog, wearing collar with 'Vallonla' name plate, vicinity 1500 block Lafayette. 372 2510 or , 379 9711. 4 Found FOUND: CUSHION off sofa, "'floral print. Vicinity of US 31 by Behler Ponflac. 372 0047 oays. FOUND: MALE mix breed dog, black, brown ft white, wearing collar no taas. VI clnity ol east 13th St 372 9329 FOUND: FEMALE Fox Hound, owners name tattooed in ear, must Identify. Vicinity of Edinburgh. 526 6016. FOUND: Male Beagle dog, vicinity 950 South ft 50 West. Identify to claim. 342 6953. FOUND: Large English Sheepdog, on Marr Road. 378 3316. FOUND: OLDER Poodle, charcoal color, vicinity of Northgate Addition. 372 9579. 6 PersonalsNotices 1 WAY TICKET to Dallas and or Corpus Christ!. Texas, MuguST I. JC-6JB3 BLACK FAMILY REUNION Sunday. Aug. 7, 12 Noon Decatur Co. Fairgrounds, Greensburg, IN. Please bring family tree up to date. DATE LINE Nice smile, romance awhile (812 ) 342 2032 DIAL A DEVOTION. East Columbus United Methodist. 376 8211, day or night. ROMANCE THE RIGHT WAY Call Matchmaker International 1317 ) 253-0430 Bloomington, (8)2) 339 2221 SECRETARIAT Secretarial, Temporaries Resumes. Answering Services 961 25lh St. 379-2016 7 Person to Person RERSON TO-PERSON ADS Published Friday, Saturday and Sunday 7 lines - 87 - 3 days I AA CI n TUB , ' iv PKr"' "' i "fc EXTRA) Person To Person Ads are accepted under these conditions: You must live in this area Payment required in advance No phone number please your replies will be forwarded to you Your ad will be edited and published at our discretion. Send your ad and check, Including your name and phone number, to: THE REPUBLIC 33 Second Street Columbus, Ind. 47201 AGRICULTURE 10 Farm Equipment ft Supplies 1986 TIMPTE 40' hopper bot torn grain trailer. New tires. Excellent. 526 2449 after 5. J R B FORD TRACTOR Plenty of new ft used parts for older model Ford. Open Mon Fri. 8-5, Sat. 8-12. 1-522-9608, Seymour McGuire International Tractors - Trucks Lawn ft Garden Jet. 46 8, 9 546-4435 New ft Used Farm Equipment. Buy-Sell Trade. .10 mile West at Jet. I 65 8, SR58. 342 3222, SNYDER'S FARM DRAINAGE Tile Sales ft Installation 579-5974 546 545) WICK BUILDINGS .Post frame construction "Agricultural, commercial Horse barns, garages Larry Mohr 587 52)6 WOODS ft BUSHHOG mowers, other 3 pt. hitch equipment. Utility Trailers or parts to build your own. Branham's, Highway 3 N North Vernon, 1-346-2495. 14 Feed, Seed ft Hay ALFALFA HAYFOR SALE S4.75r6ale. 376-6703 after 8 p.m. 14 Horses ft Supplies 4 HORSE King gooseneck with 8' living quarters. Very good condition. II' stock trailer, 6' wide, almost new. 392-2967 alter 4om 16 Horses ft Supplies HORSES. Palominos, Arabians, Tennessee Walkers All ages. 1275 1550 I 346 5940 22 Produce, Seeds ft Flowers BLACKBERRIES tor freezing, canning, l1 miles north of Hope on Rd 9 546 4247 PEACHES FOR CANNING ft FREEZING. Bush's Market, 7301 E St Rd 46, Columbus. Open 7 days, 8am 7pm STRAWBERRIES. 1125 per quart already picked. Bring containers 526 5492 WHIPKER S MARKET Indiana Cantaloupe Produce. U S 31 south ot 7 Hours 9 7 372 4216 .- WRIGHT HILL BERRY FARM- Blackberries, you pick, Silb. Picked: $2.75 quart, 342-6893 or 526-2556. EMPLOYMENT 24 Business Opportunities 40-o6K PER YEAR National Wholesale Perfume Co. needs Rep for local area. No direct sales, wholesale only. 713-782-9868. Desire S15,000$25.000 yearly? Part-time business at home Franklin, (3)7)933 3947. EXISTING SERVICE business available In Columbus. Good growth potential and location. Office furniture, equipment ft computer system included in selling price ot 18.000 Call 372 8728 tor Information. FAMILY BUSINESS CandyNut route (machines) Good return on Investment of $7,500. 1 2 days a month. Call operator 3), 1 900 535 5505 26 Child Care BABYSITTERHousekeeper, 7 am-7 pm, Mon. Fri., In our home east of Edinburgh. 1 child. Must have own trans-portation. Please reply with brief resume and references to Box 849, The Republic, 333 Second St., Columbus, In 47201. CHILD CARE. Professional care, low rates. ' The Kiddle Academy 372 5735 LICENSED DAY CARE Home has full time openings. Ages 0 5 376 3)70 WILL BABYSIT, my home, Taylorsville area. 526 2461. 28 Help Wanted ACCEPTING applications for RNS or LPNS, full time, 3rd shift ft part time day shift. Nurses aides, full time day shift and 2nd shift. Com petitive benefits & wages. Contact Director ol Nursing, Ken Joy Nursing Home, 546 4814. ANSWERING A BOX NUMBER? Our blind box ads are confidential, but if you don't want us to send your resume to a certain com pany, we won't. Just enclose your replies In a second en velope, along with a note telling us what company you don't want to reach. ASSEMBLERS. Earn money assembling Musical Teddy Bears. Materials supplied. Write: Jo-El Enterprises, P.O. Box. 2203, Kisslmmee, FL 32742 2203. BRAKE ft SUSPENSION mechanic, experience necessary. Apply at Midas Mufflers, 2995 Central Ave., 86 Tuesday through Saturday. BRIGHTEN YOUR LIFE! Ladies, show candles, home decor. Christmas Items, toyt, ft gifts for House of Lloyd. Qualtity brass, wood, porcelain ft collectibles. Earn top pay, 8100 sample kit ft priiet. NO -Investment, collecting or delivering. 1-800-835-2246, ext. 490 342-4563, 546-5078 BUSY SALON needing an ex perienced Hair Stylist. Call 372 7448. COLUMBUS BASED company has Immediate opening for a computer input operator. Applicants should have at least 1 year prior experience. Send all replies to: Account ant, P.O. Box 823, Columbus, IN 47202. CREW LEADER. Some management .skills necessary. Bring resume to Pizza King, 25th St. Shopping Center be tween i t pm dally. DATA ENTRY OPERATORS MAKE THE RIGHT MOVE AND COME TO KELLY! We have short and long term assignments available. We have immediate openings and can keep you busy I CALL TODAY! 378-3757 KELLY SERVICES The "Kelly Girl" People EOE MFH Not an agency Never a fee DIRECTOR OF NURSING. Position will soon be open for Director of Nursing at the Heritage House of Greensburg. Must have knowledge of a skilled and ICF level of care.' Company paid Ufa Insurance. Contact Martha Waltz, administrator, at 410 Park Road, Greensburg, In. 1 663-7543. 21 Help Wanted EARN EXTRA MONEY ON THIS TWO MONTH TEMPORARY ASSIGNMENT! Sharp, out going, professional person needed to take applica lions for credit cards (sales experience helpful). Part time, Saturday hours (every other Saturday). IMMEDIATE OPENINGI CALL TODAY! 378 3757 KELLY SERVICES The "Kelly Girl" People EOE MFH Not an agency Never a fee DIRECTOR GIRL'S CLUB of Shelbyvllle is seeking person with Ad ministrative experience ft human service background. College degree required. Send resume by: 8)88 to: Search Committee, Girl's Club of Shelbyville, P. O. Box 274, Shelbyvllle, IN. 46)76. EXPERIENCED Maintenance Supervisor for apartment complex. Prefer strong heat air & plumbing background. Apartment, utilities ft salary included. Reply to Box 845, The Republic, 33 Second St., Columbus, IN 47201. EXPERIENCED WAITRESS ft dishwasher. Apply In person at House of Yu, Target Shopping Center. HAIR STYLISTS! Booth open ing at Headlines available August I. Call 372 6344. HELP WANTED: Experienced grill cook ft prep cook. Apply, Grandma's Kitchen, Nashville. IN 1 988 0860 HOSTESSCASHIERBAR TENDER; opening consists of days, evenings and weekends Must be 21 over and able to obtain ABC license. Apply Gropp's, 2645 National Road, 2 4 p m. Mon Fri. HOUSING AUTHORITY OF. the city of Columbus has an opening for a full lime maintenance employee. Applicant must be capable of performing misc. maintenance tasks Including light carpentry, plumbing, electrical and painting. Position will require outside work for lawn maintenance. Apply in person at 799 McClure Rd , Colum bus, 9 am 4 pm, Mon. Fri. EOE.' INTERESTED IN SUBBING? "Effective Substitute Teach-, ing" workshop. August 13, 9 a m. Noon. IUPUI Continuing Education 372 8266. JOB OPPORTUNITIES. Full time positions on the job training in welding, electronics, machinery, metal working Paid relocation. High School graduates to 25. In dianapolis, I 800 22) 5932 KELLY SERVICES The "Kelly Girl" People 378 3757 LIGHT DELIVERY person needed. MUST BE NEAT IN APPEARANCE, know the area, and have a small car. For appointmentinterview call 376 3258 or apply In person starting Monday, July 25 through Friday, July 29 be tween 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. at 2625 Carr HIM Rd. F O P. Lodge. LOOKING FOR a retired, de pendable, non-alcoholic "Mr. Fix It" to care for yard ft maintenance of country home. Would average 10 hours' week year around. Possibility of living on property with wife to care for household ft one mature lady. Might be opportunity for handicapped. Reply with age, health, experience, current . drivers license, address, phone number to Box 851, The Republic, 333 2nd St., Columbus, IN. LPNs , We have the following posi- lions open: 1 full time or pari time day position, full time.' ind part time positions available on 3 to 11 and 1 1 to 7:30 shifts. Salary and ben- : efits competitive. Every other weekend off. For more Information, come In or call 372 8447, 10 a.m. -4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Columbus Convalescent Center 2100 Midway, Columbus MAINTENANCE PERSON HealthCare Center has a full time opening for a maintenance person. Experience In electrical, plumbing, and general repair is required. If interested, send resume with salary requirements to: Glnny Roberts Franklin HealthCare Center 1285 W. Jefferson Franklin. IN 4613) MANAGEMENT TRAINING opportunity available with The Pines Restaurants. Career positions for aggressive people In full service or quick service restaurants. Good' starting pay with overtime pay after training. Vacation' benefits. Insurance plan-available. Call Monday' through Friday, 9 e.m.-4 p.m. . for appointment for Interview. 376-0563. , MATURE, CHRISTIAN lady o car for elderly lady In our , noma. 1-4 days each -week.: Only experienced caregivers need apply. Own transporta-' tton ft references required.' 372-6478, leave message.

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