Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 21, 1948 · Page 16
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1948
Page 16
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SIXTEEN' EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., TUESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 194S Phone 4600-for a WANT AD.-TaKer -Prosperity Slicks Up U. S. Fanner -•-, Jt '.•/..•• JL • • ; • '• By DOUGLAS LAKSEN •"".' ' NBA Staff Correspondent ~- WASHINGTON—(NEA) — Hig "I^food prices are taking long-handle ;^tincicrXvear otf the American farm r"anti putting the plumbing insl'c ~jhis house. ' -.- Those are just two of the man -^significant changes 'which hav '~taken place in the lives of U S ,t^armers since they have-been stnac —-T.'ith record prosperity... • '• V"> What has happened to the farm -~cr during the past couple of year •itind where he is headed was th "subject of a', recent "Outlook" con .Xference sponsored by the Depar: ^mcnt of Agriculture. Farmers from -Till over the U. S. were on nan Mo put in their two-cents . wort i;r'and to get information. ^,7- The changing clothing habits o .^American farmers were revealed b .,;» special Department of Agricul —ture •survey. It . shows • that. th ^younger and more prosperous iarni _"-crs are abandoning long undenvcai ^»rd instead, buying .undersborts an - Aindershirts. It shows also that th ~yt>unfer fanners are getting awa - irom.overalls and coveralls as wor .".clothing. 'They are" taking more t •i- jackets and sweaters. , • ~' An American farmer .totes, .up — his new prosperity: In terms of ~. nis house, it's revolutionary. '•*". For-T dresso. clothing, American ;7f armors are-buying a h'igher per- IJ.'centag'e of.. business. suits, 'sports ^-jackets,- sweaters '.and -slacks and ."Awhile shirts for their, wardrobe. •"The -young men are 1 also wearing .^slippirs ' around - the house- more -•- than- their elders ever did. .~ in'the female • apparel '• depart- ;j.ment it 'was revealed' that farm . Jadlos are rapidly' catching .up with _-^thelr city-sisters' In', the 'use of V»/'stoae-bousht," ready-made' summer -_*!ips;'summer, street.dresses, house . - dresses and'. short-sleeved ' blouses. —Among the was '".discovered tliat 83 .per cent buy -^-ready-made summer, street dresses. *i'Of the rural ladies,.70 per cent buy - -"them ready-rnade.'Thls is'said' to be ~"a tremendous'Increase, for. the lat- ~\es group; •'.:'•.' ' ; , f And American/farm families .in -r-general are..-catching' up with the .-•J.dress habits of'the .city folk.' The "average, city 'family' .spent about ^."ihe same' lor- sew clothing In 1947 — as Ifr did In ..1845. During that' same n.perldd farm families sp ; ent one-fifth ^more for new.clothlngV :'..'' •.-.' What farnT'prosperlty- has '.done ^jto the farmer's house Is 'iri .'.the —Inature of a small revolution', From 771940 to 1947 the number or Jarm- VT-liouses -with modern bathrooms' •^.nearly doubled, and more than a High Food Prices Are Taking Off: His Long-Handled Underwear and Pulling Plmnbiug Inside His House has been handling. They also will be authorized to collect tnxes, .' The .five judges of the Court of Appeals hear the cose only tour days after - the circuit court decision so they might dispose of It before the-Christmas holidays. They indicated they would file explanatory opinions next month. Among new'patents on inventions that are distinctly in the "next war" category, is an automatic pilot that uses true, celestial navigation 1 to hold a puidcd missile to its course. Kelly Workers Can Get jobless Pay The local office of the Maryland Unemployment Compensation Division has completed plans for, unemployed Kelly Springfield Tire Company employes to register for benefits, Francis A. Kenney, manager, has announced. Workers may app]y,,for unemployment insurance on December 27, 28, 29, and 30, according to office offi- cials. The nrrnnffcmcr.ts were completed alter /company officinls announced pln'ns, to close the, local li'.nnc completely during the holiday week. ... Some employes may be. eligible for partial benefits 'for trie week ending December 25, if their earnings for the week are less than ^ 525. Those who qualify for the- partial benefits must register December 23. The full schedule for registi'ation will begin December 27,. with em- ployes of the Cumberland area filing. On December 28' registrations will be accepted at. the Lonaconing V office and on December 30 at the Frostburg- office. All employes are urged to report to. the offices between'* 1 and 3 p. m'. to.avoid delays in handling claims. Marriage Licenses o ,. Charles Wilst.r. S.lobe. 'RFD No. 5, and Rita Agnes Ltppold, RFD No. 3.. | Robert Ccdcrlo Joe". 146 Wood Street, i nnd Donjv Sullivan, 196 Mcchnnlc Street, ' both Frostburff. ORle .and Betly Elizabeth Cruwforii, both 931 Gay Street- Clarence Luther Pryor, Eclch&rt, and Lillian Lorctta tan'eascer. Bordcri' Mines. Don LuKc Brondwater, . AVllton, n.nd Helen Vlrclnln RIchnrdK. JVonburc. • 1'lo.vrt Homer Conn. KFD No. 1. mid Snr» Snvdcr, ftFQ No. 2, bol.h 'Somerset. Pu. Robert Joseph Culio. Wnslilncton, D... C., itnd Alimi LijciHe Slircve, Wcstcrnport. Grorge Wilbur Corbctt iind Emma Prances Mlnnlx, both Paw P»w, W. .Va. .Roocrl Jumes Jlavenscro'ft, 623 Montreml Avenue, and Eleanor Drue Yost, 327 Davidson Street; •'• -• Irvin-William. Gallck. Romney,-w. V*., nnd Elizabeth Jane Powers, Springfield. W. Va. • • . • Francis Eugene Cummines. Piedmont w. Va., and Mary Mnrle WJiimer, Beryf. W. Va. • . Most privately-operated are 'sinple-motored. planes Farmer's wife has shared in his new prosperity with, new kitchens. Many are copies-of the model farm kitchen, desifrncd by the U, S. Department of'AJrricultiire, in one corner of which a vegetable bin is being demonstrated. ' . • • ' million .were supplied with running vater for the first-.time. There still is a long way to go, owever, as far as farm housing s .''concerned. Two-thirds of ' all arhahbuses . still - have: no running -ater and'.'iour-fifths'. do not have modern Bathroom.- : . The'buying of more'medical- care or themselves and their families ras another' spending increase dis- overed.; Among a .special group of ural families used for'the survey, more than two and one-half times s. much money went .for. doctor ills and medicine last year .'than t did:In. 1940.' ,-'• • •• Before the war it -was estimate d that the farmer spent about: six er cent of his total^income'-.-for ouse furnishings. Last'yea'r among he test group It-was discovered that 4 per cent of the income "went for ome furnishings.' There-was .a drop in'total U: S. arm income during 1947 and • a urther .small slump is predicted or this year and next. -But the ercentage of.' income spent for othlng, medical care, and house urnishings has constantly increased nd is expected to continue to In-ease. ' . The. conclusion drawn from tills lenomcna .by the experts is. that he present farm 1 presperity has 'ven the'farmer-his. first taste of .ore comfortable'living, and that more he ' tries: it, the better e likes it. The trend toward farms buying better'.living for them- Ives will continue, they predict, s long as a -reasonably good level •farm prosperity is maintained. In spite of the changes in fam- f spending in recent years among rmers, however, the purchasing 'of od still takes first place . among ie;goods farmers buy; for family ie."Ifc accounts for about one-third .one-quarter of farm family..ex- :nse. For families on-the poorer rms it Is even-more. As farm fam-i .Hies have grown more prosperous it has been .noted that' they choose to buy more of their food,, rather than, depend on the products that they raise. . •'-..-'•. County to Elect Charter Council Court Denies Plea Of Four • Commissioners . ANNAPOLIS— (IP). — Montgomery county will elect. a seven-member council'to go with its "new 'charter form of government' January 6, and It'll be legal. : .' . . .- .': The Court of .Appeals has denied the plea of four county commissioners that the. election be. postponed until 1950. If the:. commissioners wish to remain jr. "office, the court ruled, they must run and 1 be elected to membership on.the new council. The decision, handed down after a two-hour hearing and 30 miautes of consultation, upheld the Montgomery County • Circuit- Court,- which ast. Monday dismissed an "Injunction suit filed by the commissioners. Their attorney, F, Barnard Welsh, contended 1 they were elected to four- year terms in 1945 and'it would be unconstitutional to deprive them of office' 'after they served only, two years. '_ ' ' " Charter Attorney, Frederick P, JOG argued the commissioners would lave a "naked title -to an. empty office." ' .... Montgomery is the'first^Maryland •ounty to make use'.'of a 33-year-old amendment to the state constitution under which the charter form oi government may be' adopted. The 'council, 1 to be elected', nexl nonth,' and. a county manager will be empowered to enact most of the ocal Jaws which the state 1 legislature GET ON THE RIGHT TRAIL FOR YOUR---- ~- jfi* ^$u. ;#g DARTMOUTH RIDGETOP HICKORY SKIS ....... 19.95 DARTMOUTH YOUTHS' HICKORY SKIS .., 5.85 to 9.50 ADULTS' SKI POLES:.-:..'.' \ "....... pr, 4,95 YOUTHS' SKI POLES pr. 1.75 SKI SHOES 8.95 to 19,00 SKI BINDINGS , >;;.;....: • 5,00 SKI CAPS .;..., ...:;...:..';.'-..'. 1.75 SKI GLOVES ............'.,'.....:......... 2,75 SKI GOGGLES ..;,/....... 1.00 SKI SOCKS.:... ;• .:... .i. pr.90c •it l# it TOBOGGANS 37.35 Eight feet lone. Comes equipped with cushion. '•'36-inch -aad 42-Inch sizes. A great gift idea for the kids. ^A\/£ ilsOii it ;#r •' *J,A»-, 30. NORTH ME C'H A N I. C .'5 T R E'E T - •it SANTA!. At CMM Mel Open Thurs. Evening 'til 8 P. AC Closing Friday— Christmas Eve at<6 P. M. *' I Hams - Sunnyfield Sliced Bacon . . . . !b 65c Ready-tq-Eat Piflniei •& . . . .... . lb ; *l» Betf-'Ghuek' Roatt %f .... ..... lb ' *3» Boneless Bottom Round Stiak. .... lb - B9c • Fresh Pork Loins --RSA **t ; . . . ...• . lb - 35o Fancy Smeits^-ro«n . .......... . • lb- 250 Large Froien Shrimp ......... .'. Jb 19»Vresh Oysters! '. .V A* Fmll »f AM S*Mtm>* Pmck'. Dairy Dept .Saruv hasn't cornered -ALL 'th« good trilncs thi» neiuion.' You'll find lots oi tlitm In AAP's 'Dairy Department, where ,coiin- tn'-Jresh foodB am plentiful . . . budget-wise prices num- •iroue. Fresh Butter : At Tem A Christmas Gift: Friiils and :•"•' t Vegetables Just irolt till lyou »ee the holiday 1 -Hi-ray of fresh-fruits'and vecetoblss at your A&P: You'll want to have heaps of tliese taste-tempters on your tnble. And why r.ot . . , when they're no attractively ' priced? SWEET, G0LDEH, EASY-TO-PEEL Tangerines tMtTmrkty e Jo much at Christmas time! And Tou'] really Santa ClauJ when you sea -A&P » thrlf ty- • Jrl A& PMines Meat :........ ^• oz Helm Plum Pudding... .. ..'. Date' & H«t. Bread -; : Dron,edary.'. : Graniurry : ;Sauce .......... ^490 SOI ' CI " 1 ' 9 « SILVKRBKOOK ROLL _ ._: ____ lb. Bl«u Dessert Chwse , ...... ...... lb G9c Sharp; Cheddar Cheese ......... . . lb - 69c Domestic Swiss Chwse. , .......... lb " 69c Phila. Cream Cheese ........ ° ° z - >*•.. I8c Large 150 Size doz. 15c .A&P Fruit C.oktail ..„...*"• Ann Pafe Strawberry Preserves. - 35o' 27o-. ' 43 ° Fresh Large Grade "A" Sunnybrooks 69c Juicy Grapefruit. ; I0' lb bas 5lc . Juicy Grapefruit s ^ 0: 6 lor . 2Sc' Florida Oranges.^V do=.4lc Delicious Apples ..^r^,^ 2 .""• 23c Late Howe Grlnbetrks...... wb - bas 25c. Calif. Cauiiflower u.'»-™m* ...: hd 25c Crisp' Iceberg Lattuce *$f .... 2 hd5 - 25c . Calif. Pascal Celery ^ ....'..: sulk 25c . ' FIRE QUALITY IMPORTED M Sultana Stiiffed Olives .. . . . Tiny Sweet .Pickles. ....... ^^ "• Ann Page Salad Drnsinjr . . .'." . . Qt - ;jar: «o dexo Shortening. .......... a^.""; (-M VEGETABLE' SHOBTENING '..' co. . ,-. ., j-i ' ' . ' ' 'Mb. bag Diamond English Walnuts J)b ^ 4lc California Almonte; . : _____ . Wb - bnir 49c Mfxed NutS'C.:49c Brazils .. 43c A;&-P Golden Corn Fancy Reliable Pm 'Green Biant Peas. .... .Sliced 'Mushrooms. A &:.P Asparagus Tips. '• ^ '!. 9§ . : .2 ^ «•'. «••>? ^.M* ^ tln 35« ™-~<" 29o Fruit Cake 22.25 5-lb. Size 3.59. .1^-lb. Size 1.19 Hert's an old-time treat ths.t'« an all-time favorite. And no vondcrl.Tor over 60% of each rich Jane Parker Fruit Cake IB fruits and nut» . . . and'lOOfo oi each li luscious. ^ Christmas Layer Cakes " ch 89o Christmas Cup Cakes.. „.-... pkE - Ol 6 39c Pfeffernussi Cookies pkfr - 35c Sprinjerle Cookies plcir - 29o Spicy Mince Pies MCh 55c A & P Family Bread. ...... :: -° z - lMr I5e Marvel Stuffing Bread: Jottf ,15s Fresh A&PCof fee Servo lots nf bc«n-fr«li, t Cuntom Ground AftP Coffee • dlirliiK I no liolirtny nrnjinu, Anil ,:njoy gninn wivlncii, BH well; /u Brand flavor, by UIIJ-IIIK: you/- favorite A&r blend In tlic .1 lb, economy buff, -which saves you up to 45c compared with the price of 3 single pounds of CDin- pnrable (iimllty coffee. EIGHT ', O'CLOCK REI3 CIRCLE Fr ^. BOKftR ™* . Wb> ' 40c 47c Hardies"Filled Mix ....;.i. Ib 29c Ann Page Salad Dressing .... r 49c A & P Grapefruit Juice .. "'" cnn I9c Sparkle Gelatin ... T 4 1 " 15 ' 25e Sterling Hard Mix :'" 23c Christmas Candy Canes .. 2 I9c Warwick Chocolates ........ 2 ^ 1,^.8'- Popular Candy Bars .... 12 Icr 49c POPULAR BRANDS CI6MEHES. GIFT WRAPPED carton 1.49

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