The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on February 18, 1967 · Page 4
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 4

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 18, 1967
Page 4
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fUbwff BMKHltS-tte Brefca* |>TWi!>ssCWfelBM tts February m-ettae *n«K»a»vv altenMBP at tt* few* eft Mrs. fHfcwrt ««son. T*lrt«« wemter* ans:- were* Mr roU e»U. "Wher* I wwtttf Ufa? te SkMK Hr Water VKattoar Mrs. Sfea »ar- «ta8t. prpsWeat. caadncteti the bestows? meeting. Henry Q»W sixnwJ mottos of American swawn tor H* lesson. tt» members *otet! to send *»*- ttees to wet*! places as part of OKir pro|e«t tor tbe wear. Tt* next nw«tS«fr*tUh?Marer) ¥ <*ttfc Mrs Lew Larser. as hostess Mr and Mrs. Robert Zemin eaterUtBWJ Ttetrscfatr afternoon to honor <jf thetr sue. Joan Russell's, s-conf, birttadar. Tbosr present tacliKteti ftp graat- graw&areats. Mr, anti Mrs. Will BCWMI. grandparents, Mr and Mrs Milfortf £emas and Mrs. Vitfll Ban-is Mrs. Nell Turl*y. iir. and Mrs. Tern Han- sec and Tracy. Mrs. Gay ten Larser> aad Barbara and L*e Bums. (••Sfc^Sh^k •VT Sis'. Fctrkif McGw OM! Tbonos Ahredit wed at Uvemore witt. Mrs K*rtS» CaniBs as 3* art re-- of Mr, *«S «rs. Vmnoe A, »c- •Gce o! Uvereaere. m£ Ttessa5 "BdhWot ARrreeJr.. «* -Of Mr. «a6 Mrs. Ets**rd Alijrecfe' a^ Claw were suite: K- raa-ragff Saawtia.'' F^Affstrt 4. iser, t: .the Sacj^l Se*rtCaMS^ SF Bt«. II ».;». XaptaS Mass aafi wer* of Baattv *a£ Ptf qr I •!«•••! fro« tofp return^ fe»K At o. .ttey irtsjjw! Mrs. *»t- acce's ssWrr. Mrs. Se«l^ Esps. art ter brosters Mr. aal Mrs. fiarlaai Miiswsc. aati OWTE« HDtsvecL Tbey atsc Tisi»«J .Kw- M<tt 'GsaiKgiaiberc. a Bestow,. *te> is M »» «a.v}-. Ecrwott tense. they nsfl«! Mr. «as! Mr^ iote a! .Ft.. 'Oofee. pas- vtf£ OKif £ tass. tatat* iota, it5>. Mr. , .'asdifex.'-^afairt.^ieKi), eafieti *» i*w» City .to •Mt. ••••* *«.. E«ri Okae "i tor MatoMt.' -hw./toe^ pwfrtfeit. Tte brnipe. pwr. IP ma.rrxafe fc< !»»r iafiKr wore * senti- siK-at?. Sacs- r?nptt- skir: ol cr>-- stau pete ami * botero top a? .tultac eiabroMtery ttsat featurtsc! ioo;: lafienKJ si«r»*s> s baieas: sedElK»e aoC aciapern-agthpanel trais.. Her poo! **E was of sOk iUusioc. She carrwd a bwstqaet cs! wfeits rwses Etos-ores Becker of RaJB- a trwne of the brrte, as saawS oJ booor. Sbe was atbreS ic * ftr** tisat fea- rar«£ at aiane nlse Goor ienetb skirt UK! a queec biu? empire StbwS IwdK* wrtfc short beeves. B€>r Sse«ftii«K* feasared s nuftcb- inp royaJ ress= oe a tulle bow. Sw e*rrt«! a cakKJal bouquet of fcii^ aad vbtte earaattats. Cfearies AlbreefeiofFortDoofe s«rwd his brother as tes EOH. Ustoess wer* Jiorbert Aiig of am! Ciart* Cooiey ol Ar*aas»s- Tb* brrfe's aKtter wore a rose tat; suit aad tbe bride- SKX&er -Asse a oiarooc Bott *er* preseottK! wttt a ewrsage of put roses. A "Sinner for 14S gwests was tt» tavermore Legion fofio«teg; tfae veddioc. Mrs. «*«rit Opbewc of k>wa C«T »•*< K scarce of J*e p*es* boofc. Vrs Sesasss KaaHseo aad Mrs. Doe DeWimer, bodi at Bstoboidt, itoei Mar? ABE Zeitaei of Beav st& opeaed -the wwfctaae P^S- Mr. *atf Mrs. AB«r*eht are xi9« at BOBW is Huiabol* after t sfiort wed£at tnp, O3>. of torn fwsts that at- we*lise *«re fracs Fort Qodee. 3*kot« Ct?y, Sorsc Late, Cberotee, Ida un>w. Iowa Ctty. SL J^oe. R»*l, Parahwtfas. Boife. Benaset, Fat- uter. aaC Clatre, lowac Omloaaa. ami Hot Sfm«s, L.C V£RN£-Tbe Tuesday met Tuesday. February 7, at U* besae a* Mrs. Eteaaor KuisJy. Arm Smith, president presided a! tbe business rae«tia£. Minnie Henderson ba£ ti» lesson. Nine members *ere present Luacfc was semwi by tbe hostess Mrs, Earsihl Traager was a patient in tbe Britt hospital for sewral days las! week. Gea?ra! WSCS of the MetJ»- d:st Cbssrcfc belfl their moaaUy meeting Wednesday. February 15, ir tbe ctmrefc. Derations wre QeanorKubjy. aad lessor, by Florence Se»an Hossesses *ere Martba Walt Eleanor Ktibiv. Clara McQellac, Audrey Weber, aad Lucille Ra- tnas, Mr. aafi Sirs. Dick Bo< Mr. and Mrs. Hartac Wagner and Mr. tad Mrs. Lero* Wafoer o! Htrraboldt »«re Saturday e»ea- guests ic the tame o^tbeir r, Sirs. Sadie Wagner. Several members of tbe Lu- V«w Fire Department attended a radiation sctoo! at tfae fire station IE HutnboWt Wednesday evenioe. Les Calkios aad Verc Daley were tbe firetnec attending the school. Tbis is a sebooi of tbc affect ol attmtic radiatioc OB peopte aadwJJiie nlaats. sj«»- sored toy Cirt Oefettse. This weeJdey sdioottng oc radiatioc fiS lasl several iweks. Coirt record Hayor Jean VL £le«e (AH arrests made by tbe tan BieitvxT Patrol unless otbervise iadieated.) James G. Vaadenbert, ft, Kua&cS*. iaflure to yield, «0, fiae aad costs. Arrest made by Hos&aktt PaUe* Department. Douelas 8. Colt.«t tl, Rot- land, toad mufflers, 550, fine and costs. SUniey C. BUsiaad, £2, Sbel- dae, faflure to <fi»pixy tiftts. $10, Qae aod coats. E. Fiat, 1C. Corwift. •Btmttic. 70 mpfc in a 60 mob aoie. HO. fine aad «*U. Gtocpt J. Han. M, Stow FaQ*, track apaadtta^, 41 you read any good window stickers lately? «B*?^BP^^(*^Bj^n^^*J^ ^*r »BlPBiWP*JP^i^^^^^^ ™ f — t heart** content ^G^^^^^j^B^rfj^^^' T*^^ B 3; ! 'WW'^"'^ P ' ™ 1W f ft* C. Heeafc*. «V emor*. a* ai9«r «•**. Ss, ArtoaM, - - ^^^t OTB warn- A. Namannv, i«, faDjHt tc Jriofn at a stop afetn. SHU, Hwang coats. Jeaa* Berry, 44. Tajrtot. Mteh., truck »ae«<H»t. 61 mob in a SB m|* COM, Stt. Jrae and COAL. Gary M. Porter. K. Duncombe. 40 mp mats Hut avl tmft^ : tiy HumbftMIt PiBICe Dmaftmirt. Altw II. ««in, m, Gllmott Cttr. nKWrt apMttta, m n«<* to a to THfh »•*> »iO fine and costs. ^.._^. John L OOT, 48. Hutnbdjltft. spmdtNg, <» mtifc in * 66 'IMWt* 9B> inIK lMs-Strathtrs wMUbgvowsotWwtlMd Collins, wr* Lor a I s . aptfliat. "?0 mpJi in a 6C mpfc sow*. 510, fine and costs, Thomas A. Drttklev. SS, Seneca, 111., spwdtnc, 80 mi* in a TO mph tow, SJO, fine and costs. Lloyd D. Goortell. 35, Kum- boM. no safeh chain. $5. One and costs. Justice Deonv L. Hansen (Ml at rests maoe by the Iowa Highway Patrol unless otherwise indicated.) Albert E. Dahlfrreo. 45. Clarion, speeding in a restrict cone, Mrs, FavDaretqwrtspent from W«toesda,v to SKutttajr *tth her ciauytiter anfl tamtly, the Mead? Barttetts at lo*a Falls. Mr airf Mrs. E. R. Goodell of Davenport visited his sisters, Mrs. Fay Davenport and Mr. and Mrs Nels Ltndhart, Sunday, and were twernigtrt puesta. Mr. and Mrs ..Raymond Boll and famtfy at Dictens spent Sut>day with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Nels Lindhart. Mrs. Jack Vatattm of Livermore and Mrs. Hugh Mackintosh and girls of Le Mars were callers Satunlav at the Harvey Zetnan botw in Dakota City. OTTOSEN-Durothy B«as, darter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Baas of West Bend, and Ronald Strutters, son of Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Struthers of Ottown. were united in marriap- Salurcray, January 28 1967. during » nuptial hlph mass at St Peter and Paul's Catholic Church at West Betid. The RPV. LotUsGrevlnf officiated at the double rinf ceremony held at 10 a.m before an altar adorned with bouquets of yellow ami white chrysanthemums. Music was provided by the church choir and « sister. Given in marriage by her father, the bride wort- a white floor length empire styled gow of silk organta and ChaiitiHv lace. The empire bcxiice, appllqued vlth Chantllly lace, had a round neckline and lonp tapered sleeves. Her headpiece was a fingertip ienpth mantilla of or- ea and matcWnjt Cbantttly faw. Her bouquet »'»« of yellow roses and white baby mums. The bride's sister, Mrs. Merrill Blair of Ft D«Hce, *•• matron of honor, we *or« a floor length p>«of yrtta*linen »nd chiitw. The A-line em- plff styled dress had an overskirt of chinon wliich jdwwrf a front panel of th» linen f^ The fitted linen bodice featured a round neckline »-ith elbo* length Piwve? Becented with I niffl« of linen and chiffon *e wore s matching yellow headpiece with a circular vt-il and carried a bwtquet of yellow and white w»y mums. „ . Merrill Blair of Ft. DixJje was iK-stman. The crooro and best man were dressed in dark business suits. Ushers were Harold Baas, brother of the bride, and Charles Tte tir*<J in * cad« wit with viator *M» ae- c«aw»riec. H» ir*ma*( mater wn» blue w»tt mahittBt awtt- sortes. Both had eoraafaa trf yellow and white carmtioM. A reoepUoo wa» held at the Imperial Can- at Bo* tor 90 rueirte. Moats and npatiaaii of the dlnlnt room *«r« Mr. aM Mrs. William Baa* anfl Mr. and Mrs Richard Kteatfint, Miss Marilyn Panic Mfvad the punch, and aunts of tbpoMple served the w«Min| cake. Tbey were Mrs. KatWwm Far rell. aunt of the brMc, and Mrs. Eunw Strutberc, the frooWs aunt. Vtr. rinlt and Beverly atnrtber*. Bitters of the groom, were io chart? of the fllU. Guests attended from Kansas City, Mo.; Kanaac Ctty, Kan. : and r>s Moines. Ft. Dodfc, Mason City, Charles City, Akooa, WbJHeroort, Bradf at«, Havelock, and Ottoaen, la. The couple will make their home at Ft Dodfe. Humboldt Needs A UNICIPAL UILDING Your Support Needed For The LECTION The Humboldt City Council has called a special election for Thursday, February 23, to tifimit to the voters of Humboldt a propose I for the construction of a combination FIRE STATION, POLICE STATION end CITY HALL. The proposed building, to cost not over $130,000, would be located on the northeast comer of the intersection' ot Fifth Street South and First Avenue South. The location would be just south of the Iowa Public Service Co. building. The Fire and Police Departments are now located in o building at 18 Sixth Street North. This building is in a bad state of repair and unsafe. The estimate on repairing the roof alone ic $4,000- The walls of the building ore buckling and the concrete floor of the fin> station is supported by make* shift supports installed by the firemen. The city clerk's office is now located ot 720 Stunner Avenue in a rented building. The present building is too small for present fire deportment equipment. One vehicle is parked outside and other equipment ic stored •t the Street Deportment Garage. You are invited tq inspect the present building to personally determine the needs. The cost of the building will not exceed $UO,000 and will be financed by is- svinf boners. The bonds will be paid by levying of • tax not exceeding two mills per yocr. The aversge levy per year would be approcimotely OM and o quarter mills. All •resent boadad indebtedness will be paid by 1970-incIuding street, swimming pool, tend water tower bonds. The proposed building will be approximately 80 feet by 100 feet. The area which will house the fire trucks will be 46 feet by 80 feet. The building is to hove a brick veneer front with concrete tile sides. Three huge doors will open from the fire station section of the structure. The building will face the west with a parking area to the rear and a parking area and landscaped area on the south side of the building. In addition to the area for fire trucks, the building will include o fireman's meeting and training room, shop, fire department rest room, mayor's office, police room, dispatchers' room, lounge (which will be open 24 hours a day), council chamber, city clerk's office, city office, public waiting room for city office, and a janitor's room. A mechanical room, jail cell and storage area will be located in the partial basement. The building was designed by the Howard R. Greene Co. of Cedar Rapids. The voting in the February 23 election will be by ballot (o simple ye$ or no) and the proposal must carry by 60 ptrcent. The polls will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Voting places are as follows: FIRST WARD-city office; SECOND WARD- IPS office. Toft Street is the division line between the words. ,*/ VOTE FEB. 23 City of Humbold ^.ylMM|^p|*i • W wll%w BFwpPlMI WBWPH1 • <g|pM^ r JPU 1 -^pBp^Wf WPtWll^W-

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