Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 24, 1952 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 24, 1952
Page 5
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r !- Quick Results. Satisfaction from Daily News Classifieds ACADEMY AWAKn WINNER 'Joso For.-or, William Prlnc. ami Ma^ Powers star in the romantic Edmond Ros nnrpirv ••Cv.r^^^^^^ thervllle in which Ferrer was judRed Academy Award winner The show plays at The Chief Drlve-ln Sunday and Monday. —Local IHarketH- SoJ^beans, Flax Show Price Gains Soybeans wore a penny hisher and flax up two cents a bushel today for the only price chanKes on the local grain and produce markets. GRAIN Old corn $1.67 New corn $1.63 Soybeans $2.76 Oats (36 lbs.) 75c Flax $3.70 Oravea Oram Company Oruver, Huntington. Maple Hill PHODUCK, Sweet cream 73c No. 1 - 71c No. 2 _ 69c Henneries 29c No. 1 25c No. 2 22c Straight run 25e Hens, under i% lbs. 10c Hens, 4 V j lbs, and over 13c Heavy cocJw lOo Leghorn, leghorn cross cocks ....8c Legal Notice NOTICK OF HEARING ON PBO- VOSED RKSOLUTION OF NJ> CK8S1TY FOR TlIK CONSTRUCTION OF STOR.>I SEW- KR AND NKCESSARY AV- I'tRTENANCKS. NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS: Notice 18 hereby given that there is now on file for public inspection In the office of the Clerk of Eether- vllle, Iowa, the proposed resolution of necessity and estimate of costs and plat and schedule showing the amount to be assessed against each and ever>- lot and the valuation thereof within a district as approved by the City Council of Esther- viUe, Iowa, for a storm sewer improvement as shown on the plat and schedule now on file in the of- dy tod:iy. The week was featured I 9* A*"' '^^ by a halt in the wide upswing In live hop prices which had been Koin;; on for the three previous week.s. HoK.s held little changed of the week. But yesterday producers shipped in the largest .supply for a Friday in three month.s. That broke the market. Barrows and Kilt.s closed the week $1.00 to $1.25 lower while sows were off 50 to 75 cents. WhoN\sale pork advanced 50 cents to $2.00. Choice and prime over 1,100 pound steers clo.sed the week steady to 50 cents lower but all other weights and grade.s of .steers and yearlings, along with heifers and cows, finished steady to 50 cents higher. Western fed steers arrived in large (luantitics. including two loads all the way from California. Slaughter lambs clo.sed the week 50 cents higher while .sheep held steady. Sioux City Livestock Sioux City, May 24 (./P)—Sioux City livestock market quotations; Cattle salable 400; mostly steady; liberal share directly shipped stoc- kcrs, held for Monday; calves 100; all.stockcrs held for Monday. Market for the week: slaughter .steers largely steady to 50 lower; weights 1100 lbs down little changed; average choice and better over 1200 lbs at full loss; heifers steady; cows steady to 50 higher; commercial mostly unchanged; stockers and feeders steady; numerous choice fed steers 32.00-34.25; few choice to prime around 35,00-35.50; comnitercial and good 27.50-31.00; ' ch'of?'^ heifers 31,60-34,25; commer- cldJ and Vooti '26 .68 ^i)!t )5; bulk utility and commercial cows 23.00-2560; high commercial $27; most canners and cutters 19.00-22.00; medium and good stock steers chiefly 28.00-32,00; fleshy 865 lb feeders 33.25; choice light Blockers 38,0038.60. Hogs salable 400; mostly 25 lower; butchers 260 lbs down 20,00-2060; heavier butchers 18,50-19.75, sows 17.00-19.50., For the week: Barrows and gilts 1,00-1.25 lower; sows 75 to mostly 1.00 lower; some off more; top for the week 22,00 on early rounds; late limit 21,10 for fo .w choice 1 lightweights by shipper; practical closing limit 21,00 W'ith major packers 20.60; closing range most choice 1 and 3 barrows and gilts around 190-280 lbs 20.0021,00; ,280-320 lbs 19.00-20,00; some- big weights 18.00; good and choice 100-160 lbs 19,00-20,00 on feeder and serum a/icount; sows 17.00-19.50, stags 13.00-16.60. Chicago Livestock Chicago, May 24 (^)—Hogs, cattle and sheep sold nominally stca- SOCIETY— Conttno<>d from paco t who told the group <f her college days at Augustana collere at Sioux Falls, S. D. College hfv and work at St. Olaf's collegf;. was described by Mrs. Percy Larson. af:.»r which Mrs. Shaw introduced Tommy and Susan Nelson who s.-ing "In the Temple," Mrs. R. P. Haakonson is a graduate of Waldorf college a'. Forest City and she talked to the group on what college had meant to her. The meeting closed with the singing of the offering and table prayers and praying the Lord's prayer. Refreshments were served by :i committee which included as hostesses Mrs, Anna Brunsvold, Mrs. Kenneth R. Thompson, Mrs. Charles Hash, Mrs. A. T. Bringle, Mrs. Kirstine Thomson, Mrs. George Bartleman. Mrs. James Nyman and Mrs. Elmo Bartleman. Jobs Wanted For Rent ' MmrtU* p ^ii Hii^^ Loans and Ins. JOB WANTED--Wallpaper cleaning and lawn mowing. Dick Hornby, Box 318. 196-2x-3 \VANTEa3—Carpenter work. New building, remodeling, garnses. cabinet work. Arthur M. Hlgby. Phone 1F5I. IM-»x -3 FOR RENT Sm*ll. rt-room u|>- .stairs furnished apartnu'iit Very rea.sonable lU'S 1st Ave .S IJoi. .Mnuss tS>6-7->% For Sale mi Sal.. Slav 31. 1W2 5' FOR RENT Fit.Ht floor nu>dern ! 5-room apt (lla!<.Hi-<l In porrli. garage .Vvnilnhl,' .Uin.- ! P l> Cnwrr.! u (k^o.! rtkn Mlln Oct. nil*. Iin». J. I art •MhHr Ik* art •« MartA Box Y, Entertainment A NEW TWIST To an old atorj-! Abbott and Costello in "Jack and the Bean«talk' at the Grand theater 8unda>* and Monday. X9^\-\ FOR RENT Thr. ment Private i 1648IJ I"-mom •ntrane iipnrl- I 1!»>V2 ,'1 ' The Weather OFFICIAL TEjrPERATCRE.S Maximum yesterday: 64 Minimum last night: 53 TODAY'S WEATHER 8 a. m. Noon Temperatures: Wind, direction: Wind, velocity: Barometer; Rainfall: .10 55 ENE 8-11 8-11 6S NE 11 11 IOWA FORECAST Partly cloudy to cloudy this afternoon with showers in southeast half of state; high today 68 northwest to 80 southeast; partly cloudy and a little cooler tonight. Low tonight 45-62. Sunday mostly fair and a little warmer. High 70-78. Further putlojk: Fair Monday, warmer tn daytime hut cooler at night, jfjn MINNESOTA iPORECAST Portly cloudy today, tpnight and Sunday, e.xcept cloudy with occasional drizile in extreme east this forenoon. Cooler in northwest. High today 65-70. Low tonight 4045 in northwest to 45-60 in southeast. TODAY'S CROSSWORD Arkansuv Traveler PUZZLE Answer to Previous Puzzio 3 Point 4 Former Russian ruler 5 Feminine appellation 6 Dinner course 7 Erects 8 Conjunctions 9 Quoting 10 Sharper 13 Dibble 15 Rot flax by exposure 18 Half an em HOBIZONTAL 1,7 Capital of Arkansas 11 Concord 12 Iroquoian Indian 13SpUt 14 Flower 16 Dined 17 Mora ' unopmmoh 19 Suffix 20Tiiroi|gh 21 Abstract being 24 Arabian 22 Seine 25 Clamp 23 Posture i'i Agriculture <ab.) 2S River (Sp.) 29 Gibbon 31 Mimic <f!iSi Silkworm 331*eanis stroke 35 Arkansas is the"— State" 38 Evergreen 39 Body of water ' 41 New Guinea ,43BVlend (Fr.) .S|4 Modified iii f color 47Russian communli) 48 Stair part spSketching 52 Oriental . weight «59An 5«HUip OSUriBta. VBRTIOAir ' 1 Inhabitant! o( Luya V A C M K s 9 T A R « A o O O • m A R 1 A V • « • R to C X t N 3 • • m O u ?5 • i hi • s o • IM m A A R a N « A P *• U k 1 c P • c O P • • • U T • o f A a • 9 • 9 a A N w 1 < I. • P !*» 9 • T A M A 1 1 1 T T • R 1 «> » C U U • t> T A 4 A s • A u il R a A T S • s N • t O to 33 Arkansas* eastern are along the Mississippi 34 Prayer ^ 35 Roam 26 Mine shaft hut 38 New York city 27 Dry 37 Actress Ella 29 Lion 30 Scottish alder 38 Distant 39 Leather thon« 40 Daybreak (comb, form) 42 Unit of energy 45 Sea eagle 4S Facts 49 Note in Guide's scale 51 Acumen out in the resolution of necessity hereinafter set forth. The City Council of Esthcrville. lown, will meet at 7:30 P. M.. on the 16th day of June, 1952, in the council chamlK?rs of the City Hall in Estherville, Iowa, at which time the owners of property subject to assessment for the proposed storm sewer improvement or any other person having an interest in the matter may appear and make objection to or indorsement of the making of the proposed storm sewer improvement, to the boundaries of the proposed district, to the cost, to the amount proposed, to be assessed against any lot or to the final adoption of a resolution of necessity. Unless property owners have written objections to the proposed asses.'«ment on file with the Clerk at the time fixed heroin for the public hearing they shall be deemed to have waived all objections thereto. That at said time and place said resolution of necessity may be amended and passed or passed as proposed. Said resolution of nece.ssity being as follows, to-wit: RESOLUTION OF NECESSITY BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF ESTHERVILLE, IOWA, on it-s own motion, that it is hereby declared, determined and deemed necessary and advisable to erect, construct and lay the storm sower, together with all necessary manholes, catch basins, and other necessary appurtenances in the City of Estherville, Iowa, said storm sewer to extend from the intersection of West First Avenue South and West South Second Street 140 feet to an open ditch In Lot 12 of Block 1 of Coon's Addition; from the intersection of West South First Street and West First Avenue South to a culvert crossing West South First Street to a distance of 30 feet; from the intersection of West South First Street and West Second Avenue South, thence east 140 feet to the Des Moines River. Said improvement to Include 9 catch basins and 2 manholes. All material used shall be of good quality and grade subject to A. S, T. M. specification, including 254 feet of 10-inch vitrified clay sewer pipe, 126 feet of 12 inch vitrified clay sewer pipe; 140 feet of 15 inch 1500B concrete culvert pipe, 140 feet of 18 inch 1500B concrete culvert pipe and in addition thereto the necessary pipe to run from the main sewer line to the catch basins and manholes. The type of said improvement will be a storm sewer designed and constructed so as to insure proper drainage and removal of the surface water, sanitation and facilities to carry and dispose of surface water from the area to be drained by said storm sewer and the property adjacent to and abutting both sides of the storm sower. That in order to insure the proper operation of said storm sewer and to provide a satisfactory outlet therefore, it is necessary and advisable to erect and construct an open ditch 8 feet In width at the bottom with variable sloping sidewalls to extend from and having terminal points as follows: from the liorth line of Lot 5 in Block of Con's Addition to Estherville, Iowa; thence crossing Lots 12, 13, 2 and 1 in Block 1 of said Coon's Addition to and across West South First Street, thence easterly to the Des Moines River a total distance of 763 feet and Including a culvert across and under West South First Street and across and under West South Second Street each of which culverts to be constructed of multiple arch 8 gauge galvanized steel 5 feet in height by 8 feet In width. The beginning and terminal points of said storm sewer and the general location thereof shall be as set forth hereinabove and as fully set out on the plans and specifications now on file in the office of the City Clerk. That the costs and expenses of constructing and erecting said storm sewer and all appurtenances neces-tarj- to the proper functioning thereof and all costs and expense incurred on the part of the City of Estherville, Iowa, by reason of the construction of said storm sewer improvement shall be assessed against the private property abutting and adjacent thereto in proportion to the b«neflt« to result therefrom and as provided by law, except the portion thereof to bo paid for by Ehnmet County, Iowa. That the City of Eathor\>ine, Iowa, and EMimet County, Iowa, by and through It* Board of Supervisors have entered into an agreement wher«by the County shall fumiah all material and labor for the C4}n- BtructioB of said open ditch above d«terlb«d and th« X-m> culverts aho\*e deacHbed. the County to pay MM^ thervof and the City to pay for 40<t> thereof, the eoat to be baaed on the actual coat of the material and' labor for said open dttcb and cuhtrta to thu county. That the property that will be ti«Qeflted by said atonn tewer and asM »a*d for the cost thereof la the prtvat<> property on both aides of said atonn aewer tuMI adjaeedt to and benefited thareby and described aa tnUowa. to-«tt: AUofBloeks 1 and t of Coon's Addhton to ISs- thar^'lUa. Iowa. 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It was all dei'ply appreciated. .Mrs. Klovd (liven. l'.>6-lx4 IMMEDIATE DEIJVKRY!! 24x30 bungalows, t3,144, erected on foundation or basement home. Other sisea. styles. Your plana or ours. Prcs dollvory 100 ml. Standard construction. Not prefab. Best dry lumber. Visit Pahning Supply, Waterville, Minn. Open 8-5 (No 8undn.v>i). ie6 -2-8 Avenue ond west of the Des Moines River. Lots 3 to 14 inclusive in Block 2 of the County Auditor 's Plat of the SE'i of the SW'i of Section 10-9034. Lots 3 to 8 inclusive in Block 3 of the Countv Auditor 's Plat of the SE', of the SW', of Section 10-9934. Block 1 of Westwood Addition to Estherville, Iowa. Lots 1, 6, 7 and 8 In Block 2 of Westwood Addition to Estherville, Iowa, Lots 6 to 11 inclusive in Block 3 of Westwood Addition to Estherville, Iowa Lots 1 and 2 In Block 1 of Westwood Second Addition to Estherville, Iowa. Block 5 of the County Auditor's Subdivision of the SEVi of the SW',, of Section 10-99-34. A part of Lots 2, 3, 4 and 8 of Al mlra S. Ridley 's Subdlvleon of the West Half of the SW''. of section 10-99-34. A part of Lots 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24 of the County Auditor's Sub(flvl- slon of Section 16-99-34. A part of Lota 11 and 12 of the County Auditor's Subdivision of Section 16-99-34. That there is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the City of Estherville, Iowa, a complete description of each and all of said property, together with an estimate of all costs of the proposed work and a preliminary plat and schedule showing the description of each lot proposed to be assessed, the actual valuation of each lot as shown by the records of assessment in the office of the County Assessor of Emmet County, Iowa, and as amended by the City Council, the amount proposed to be assessed to each lot for said storm sewer and necessary appurtenances thereto and full and complete plans and specifications setting forth the kind, size and type of material to bo used in said construction. That it is the Intention of the City Council of Estherville, lown, to issue assessment certificates for the assessments to be made against said private property for the payment of all of the costs and expenses thereof as provided by law. Be It further resolved that the foregoing improvements and storm sewer he located and erected as aforesaid is hereby proposed to be constructed and located as al>ove set forth and that this proposed resolution of necessity be and the same is hereby set down for hearing and for final determination and passage at the meeting of the City Council of Estherville, Iowa, to be held on the IQth day of June, 1952, at 7:30 o 'clock, P. M„ in the Council Chambers of the City Hall at Estherville, Iowa. The City Clerk is hereby directed to cause public notice of the pendency of this resolution of necessity, the timo and place said resolution of necessity will be considered for final passage and that at said hearing objections will be he%rd to the passage thereof and to the making of said storm sewer improvement, together with the appurtenances thereto, and to the assessments proposed to be made, such notice to bo given by two publications in the Estherville Dally News, a newspaper of general circulation published in the City of Estherville, Iowa, In the manner and at the time as prescribed by law. . Be It further resolvad that unless the property owntrs at the time of final oonslderatlon of said rasolu- tloif of n«««n1ty have on flle with the city clerk written objections to the proposed assessment, they shall deemed to have waived all objections thereto. The above resolution of necessity was passed and ordered placed on file for final action thU 31st day of Mar. IMS. DAN a HOWARD. ICsyof. At^st: I WISH to express my deepist gratitude and thanks to Ur. Powers. Dr. Morton, the second floor staff at the Holy Family hospital for their wonderful care durinp my Mrs. Floyd Civin. 190-1x4 TO MY relatives ami friends, I wish to say "thnnk you" for the cards and flowers sent me dur- , Ing my recent Illness. Your many kindnesses meant much to me. Mrs. Mamie Gage. l!»e-l-4 HOT SWISS STEAK SANPWICII, mashed potatoes, 60c. DUTCH MAID LUNOH m-1-4 "NEVER USED anything like It.' .says users of Berlou Mothspray. Odorless, stainless, and guaranteed to stop moth damage for five whole years. Sanborn Kur, nlture. 194-3-1 Sale Calendar SATURDAY, MA\ SI, 1:80 p. m. D. D. Gilbertson, 312 N. 6lh Ht , Estherville. Complete line of household furniture. Auctioneers: F<>- ahler and Burns. Clerk: Emmet County State Bank, Sole ad: May 2T. WANTED I,^t u. •u»tom hatch your duck, Kixne and tvirkey m our new ileeirle Im ul>«torii •No onler too nninll. 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P & O Cleaners. 2Se -tf-« BOTTLE OAS SALKS-BERVICE Installiittotts — Rtgulattona miMi CORNER. Ph. 4BJ9I in-tf-B FSnpEtSOmi RadUtor Bervlca. OU»W STORY, • City Cterfc. (May 34. SI) ; MWt of Vandy's, 1714 CeatnO. mp*rUnts*i ia all types radiator ropalr. 110-U-9 Sherman Gunderson for Kupervinot Fifth nisi net 'Republican I'rlmaryi Ex(<'pt for 2 years in the P .S. .Marine (.Jorps, a lifelong resident of Enim>'t County who HUggests you exerclsr your Anierlran privllej-,- Voti' .lune 2 l!>6-a-24 Lars C. Thomsen FOR SUPERVISOR Fifth District Lifelong n-sident of Emmet Co. .Sue< essful farmer. Worthy ol your vote i,t llepuhllian p.-lmtiry. June 2 I9,'>7 24 MARY TC)ST?:NRUD PETERSEN For Clerk of Courl (Qualified by i'xperl<'nr.' I'll HI rd di'puty clerk, Republkan Primary June 2 I»3.».24 HELP WANTED Woman na housekeeper nnd runipnninn for ridorly lady In modern home In Ksthervllle Make persons! »|>- pUrntlon to Herman Jensen nl (iolden Hun .Milling Company HELP WANTED tPsrt Time! Distributing company will select reliable person to deliver mrreh- nndlse and eollect money (No Helling) local acrounls. this area Must have ear, « to It hours spare lime each week snd A-1 references. Pay 1.1 not hourly but depends upon number of accounts serviced. Can also service some routm on a higher profit basis for a p«r^ centage of money collected. This rec|uires ability to work without direct supervision and $700 00 cash worklnir capital which U fully secured. To aid In developing a full time route, company will lend financial ruwlslaner to qualified applicants who provn their ability If you qualify write fully. Including phone number, for personal Interview. W. M. Webber, 67WW. Estherville, U. 1M4« 3 WANTED—Waltreaa. PaUea Cafa 10S-lf-» RE-ELECT E. I. Eiierston R>-publlcan Candidate for 8up«'rvl»or First District Seventeen YBftrs Experience R>>puhllcan Primary, June 3 Your Support Appreclat<.>d l»Ml-24 Having a Party? Then see us for clever Party Invitations Place Cards Our staff will design them to fit your party scheme. ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS Northw«iA Iowa's Largest Printing Plant For Sheriff Re-elect EMLET TWITO Candidate for re-election on thr Republican ticket. Primaries, Uonday, June 2. 190-13-34 MAC LOGAN For Sheriff Hondtt, dependable, weU*quaUned. REPUBUCAN PRIMARY June 2 Maurice Oleson For Supervisor First IbbArUtt BiK«essful fartiMr. oompeUnt. qualified. REPUBUCAN PRIMARY June 2 TRUCK OPERATORS WANTED TO LEARN IXJNC DISTANCE HOL'SEHOLD ki;rniti.'re WOVINO If you are over 2f>. ownln* or able to purchase aeceptsble "•quipmeni, (h< f" are now opinlnK* with an old ritab- llahrd r.arrter. <!«o<l rarninit* YesJt, 'round long l''fm contract, unsffeeted by )>u«lnrss fluctuation*, Htrlhi*. lay <jvit», Wright lawji, »ti UHEYVAN LINKS. Inc. • AffllUtrd with Gr-yhounrt Lin'»( SO West a rand Ave, Chteaxo tO, ill. l|ft-2x-7 Part-time Help Needed Boys or Giris Stock boys and checkers. No photw calls, please. See Amie at KOU HALK Llk» new tX\tH«d lop K»» range Kscririre 0411 itLW 6(M to ft 30 p m. lKI-««tO TOR HALE -Old npwspapwu liV thrrvlllo Dally Now* offW». iMi -tr«to FOR HALB—Uctitnlni roda, Tt yr» of satisfied eustomera. Call l««t isnj. BM S. lOth Si, flB«» oar, la. am D. It^^i. UT-d(fai-lf REFntOBRATOR HPECtAX N »>w, ft-foot refricorator. Specially prtc<>d at ilMJtft, iiEiDKE tttxcrnta co. mifio Oi :n IIIQ PiJnt and Wallp «p «r Halo lasts throucS Saturday. May 24 Two rolls of waMpapvr for thn prir<i of one and many other outalandlnn barsains. JOYCE LlfMBKR CO. t91-«^10 ASK FOR Sanders lem Cream at your fnvorito storn. HANDEfUi ICK CrUCAM CO IM (f 10 Minnow hucktt liner*. WIc tarh. lUmbmi p <*ks J>c. L4n »s 16-Kl .h «ifInfers Jlr. Dtp n«<a »• WKSTKRN AtlTO ASSOC STOKK IM-tf 10 MKN H HUMMIUl HATS Htrnw and cloth hala. Two ityl- .» wttlrrprovf straws. (]ood •»•lotion of colors and si»»s. tl 49 nnd Itm. Also straw work hatu Himi 'LfH STORK 10 RAWLKlOll PRODUCTS. E. T. Baumann. Pli. 7UJ.~ 90-((-tO Aiitomotiv* a KOU HALE Cl<-an 1M7 r,*h,v tu- dor |jtwrrnc» Ketman. 414 S. 4lh Kt ll*3« U CAR TROimUOl? Foe carefree sprinc d(lvla| and gaa savtax top perforoMiKOk tolns your car to us for a tprtag ctMClnip. HENAMAN MOTOR CTX FOR SAFETY. lUve us Inip^t braka system thorouahty . . adjust or rsllne tb* btali**. tf n'cssary. THOMAS MOTORS ms It LET i;s take ear* of y«ar automotive needa. Kuupar to bumper e «Tvtce ~an malie» Sea us. Roblaaoa Motors n^ostuuf Ml) and Central Ave. »T-4f-U VANDY'S 196^3-3 The Wise Old Owl Says . . . -Dont w1c«l«. do»'l bouiw*- Slay o«k th« stratitDt and Mr- row Kav» yotM- wheels rh'cked wUh Ueaf wtv««l stiKamoot Miulpmeat." Open 7:U0 a. m. to ».S0 p m. Sundays Included. SHELTREN'S M^stfr Service Juactioa Hl«b«nky» 11 and W.

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