The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 8, 1935 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1935
Page 5
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\ CLASSIFIED ADS FOE SALE OR TRADE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE—One ot Cicero township's best 80 acres o£ land. L. W. Fuller. c-186 FOR SALE—140 acres, % mile of Road 31; extra good buildings. Roy C. Purvis, Agent. c-187 FOR SALE—6 0. I. C. pure bred male pigs, about 100 Ibs. Prank Pennlngton, 6 on 24, Goldsmith. P-187 FOR SALE—15 acres, extra good buildings; basement; electricity; $500 cash, balance on easy terms; possession 30 days. Roy C. Purvis, Agent. c-187 FOR SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR BALE—Kerosene cookstove, Mendenhall's Studio. c-tl FOR SALE-—Comb honey, 10 Ibs. for $l.dO. Kathleen O'Banion. Phone 1616. if I i FOR SALE—Comb honey, 10 Ibs. for $1.00. Kathleen O'Banion. Phone 1616. -4 FOR SALE — Two thoroughbred Duroc .male hogs. C. G. Kinder, mile east Windfall, c-186 IMPORTANT—Order chicks . in advance. Hatch each [Men. Heavies 57.45 per 100 U7.26 per 500; J7.00 per 1,000 (Large type White Leghorns $6.85 per 100: 16.75 per 500 $6.50 per 1.000. Few started chicks. Hoosler Hatchery, Michtean- town, In<J FOR SALE — Tip-Top chicks proven the .cheapest for farme: or poultryman; a few starte< chicks. Tipton Hatchery. c-t FOR SALE]—New Remington No 8 noiseless typewriter, shop worn, regular price $79.50, sal price $61.50 Press. cash. Tribun t FOR SALE—Real fox terrier pup pies. David Carter. Sharps P-18" FOR SALE — Super clean hard coal for brooder stoves. Phon 55. Edna Burkhait Co. c-t FOR SALE—Duroc male hog, 1 % years old. Ed Coe, Phone 5X9 c-lSa FOR SALE—All kinds vegetabl plants; come to my place; ge your plants pulled fresh; sav the difference; sweet potatoe now ready; cabbage and tomatc plants, 5c dozen B. C. Cham bers, ,531 N. Independence St ; P-191 T, .he Ford Dealer is a good place to buy a good USED CAR • any make! *<•*; - «•' good ^Ear is being traded '" tut*tWng New Perlup* one ot wfcat you need. Ford Dealer fof d6ebe*t Tallies—low ptitef'-- eonrmient lends ~taA • gaaraniee jrott can BARGAINS row OR SALE—^Roll top desk, swivel chair, typewriter. Delia Roods. p-188 LUNGER STARTS A FOR SALE—John Deere fertilizer attachment; good shape; also property : for trade or rent in Atlanta. Simon Wolfe. Phone 1572. p-187 Former Governor of North Dakota Is iReady to Continue Political Fight. FOR SALE-;—One Fordson tractor, Oliver 12-in. plows; one brood mare; one 7-ft. binder; one used Speed Dexter gasoline washer; one used Coleman gasoline iron; one Letz feed mill; one John Deere disc tandem. Butz Implement Store, Hobbs Ind. c-tf PERSONAL STOMACH ULCER, gas pains, in digestion victims, why suffer? For quick relief get a free sam pie ot Ulga, a doctor's prescription at Lewis Speckbaugh's. p-Tu-W-Th-193 WANTED WANTED—You to know we have plenty of wall paper at 8 cent a double roll. Rexall, Drugs 'c-t WANTED — Good used S or 10 gallon milk can. Address Bo: N. Tribune. c-18 WANTED—Garden ptdwing; wor guaranteed. Ira O. Baden Phone 3536. P-19 WANTED—A man who believe in himself, but he have the training; must als get thi GRANTED A NEW TRIAL (By United Press). Bismarck, N. D., May S. A guests in' Mr. "and fars. Win. Forest. Lucille Stillwell Alice Hoi! ingsworth the Kokoiio school dinner gut sts of the ents, Mr. and Mrs. well. the Buffer home Were arrived F days with Mrs. Audr Langpahr Mrs. C and Mrs. fiAlLt Carrlck ' of and Mary teachers in •were Sunday former's par- Frank Still- Harry Merrill of Toledo, Ohio, •iday to j visit a few his parents! Mr. and 3W Merrill, i Geo. Auble Jr., returned Saturday afteriioon fromj Fort Wayne where he attended the Methodist conferencf. Sunday j the Auble's entertained! Mr. andjMrs. Leonard of Lebanon! at dinner, ara Cunningham, Guy Cunninghini and falmily and Mr. Frank were dim er guests Cunningham j of Mr. andj ot Mrs. Reldjo Goodnight; of Bosley Other guests in the' Goodnight ; fighting politician of the broad prairie lands, ousted as governor of North Dakota after placing the state under martial law in an effort to hold office, today fired the first blast of a comeback cm- i Mr. anil Mrs. Carl Hollings- sade. | worth entertained ajt Sunday din- George "Wjoifgang o£ 'Indianapolis. Mrs. Wolfgang remained lor a week's visjit with hei daughter. \Mr. and' Mrs. Albert Justice had as .their Sunday dinner guests Mr. and Mrs.' Everett i Justice of Richmond! Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Justice and Mr. and Mrs. Earle Byers. I ' . : :Mr. and Mrs. Fred Clifford and daughter Ijanice and Mrs. Eva Clifford yisited in Noblesville Saturday With Mrs. i Emma Reisinger and! Miss . Hattie Goldman. Mrs. Samantha Campbell and Mrs. Mima Cook were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Will Goodnight? on the range line. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Raquet and Mr. a [ nd Mrs. Doyle York t.f Indianapolis were guests from Friday until Sunday as the guests Mr. anil Mrs. Eugene Ovcrdorf j west of' town. ' home- werj p Roy Thompson and [' Mrg Burton an d Smith were family and Louise Cunningham, i Sunday dinner guests of 'Mr. and — - J n .__!_ X* Alxl AC1*illt* William H. Langer, square- jawed and 'bellicose, served a warning on his political foes after the U. S. district court of appeals granted him and four others now trials on charges of using federal relief funds for political purposes. "The government spent nearly 5125,000—almost as much as in the Lindbergh case—to prove I am an honest governor," he said, tipping back his wide-brimmed campaign hat. Langer charged that "big business" ran him out of the gover- ner, J. H. |Ressler and family, Mr. | ;. Clarjc Burton in Noblesville Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mahan'had as their dinner guests L Sunday Mr Mrs.i .Newell Mahan and and Mrs. Frank Hoilingsworth °Ej daug hter JBetty and Mr. and 3 Kokomo and Will Hoilingsworth ; Da u as Andrews of Kokomo. of New London. | i ^i,- ss isabelle Campbell has re Morton JBundy of Elwood vis-' turnc(1 n q mc from spending sev- ited Sunday with ihls children, eral wee ]t s in Indianapolis will Carl'Edwards and family. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ryan. The members o£ the Methodist! jj rs Mollie Dickover enter church arc' making quite an i">rj ta j n ert as|her dinner guests Sun prov.ement ito the parsonage hav- (( jay Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Mar ing new wall paper iind laying | flu is of Cicero, Mr. and Mrs. Don hardwood floors iui three rooms! uickover >and family of Indiana and paitnms. I polis, Mr.' and Mrs. James Correl Carl McCarthy attended the j and Fred; Dickover and family. , spring conference of the Ameri-J airs. Harvey Hiatt. and son Bo!) nor's.chair in the skyscraper can-1 can Legion ; held Saturday at the'Mrs. Conrad Rode and daughte- Vera ! Louise Parker visited rom Thursday until Saturday ith Dorothy DeitHnger and Mr. nd Mrs!. Henry Gunst, Jr., at road Ripple. Miss Deitlinger and « Mary Farnces Latmore ac- ompanied Miss Parker home and pent the week end. Mrsl Bertha "Leonard of Pendle- on visited Friday evening with and Rena Gifford. 'Mrs. Leonard who was quite ill for everal months with chronic stom- ch ailment is highly improved. Charles Long attended the an- Ual Methodist conference at__Ft. Wayne as a lay delegate from Wednesday until Saturday. Frank Warfel and daughter 'auline and son Max, Marjory Stitt, Madonna Hoppas, Harry ilcVeigh and family and Mrs. Lois Hughes and sons, .Milton: and Merrell motored to Anderson Sunday where the Hughes twins accompanied at the piano by Mrs. lughes and Pauline Warfel and Madonna Hoppas, with uke accompaniment, broadcast over the WHBU radio station sponsored by the Davis Grain Co. of Atlanta, Sharpsville and Goldsmith, Honnold Hatcheries at Atlanta and the Morehead' Hatcheries at Arcadia. Harry McVeigh had charge of the program. .Mrs. Kittie Walton and Mrs. Carrie Leonard visited Friday and Saturday with Mrs. Dwight Mendenhall and family and Fred itol building here. His claim of vindication wns looked upon by observers of th'* state's turbulent affairs as serv-1 Antler's hotel in Indianapolis. | Josi-phine, and Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson \Vhcatleyi left Sunday'Jordan and daughter Isabel! for Danville whuru ho will enrollment Friday and Saturday in • in school for the summer session.! C.rconoastlc as the guests of Mr ing notice that ho was back in thoj 1Iis parcllts hai , as : their Sunday land Mrs.; Frank DcVancy. In th scra "- L,,,,^ Mr. :.nd i Mrs. Oliver i evening (he ladies all attendee the grand inspection of th training through International Correspondence Schools; ask for •circular on (check) Inventing. Chemistry, Radio, Aviation, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Architecture, Accountancy, Advertising, Electrical Engineering, Draftings, Show Card Lettering/'Good English. International Correspondence Schools, Jack Cunningham. Representative, 183,4 South Adams street, Marion, Ind. C-1S6 LOST AND 70UNB. LOST — 5-prong pitch fork between Alvin Askren farm and Hobbs. John ZHtiuger, Hobbs. , c-16 MISCELLANEOUS PAPER CLEANING — Call 168. Claud Jolly. p-188 FOR RENT FOR RENT — Furnished rooms. Bockover. c-189 FOR RENT — Modern heated rooms as low as $3 per week Miller Hotel. Tribune Bldg. t' FOR RENT — Pleasant unfurnished apartment, ground floor, good neighborhood. Phone 591. ' c-188 MONEY TO LOAN FARM LOANS—Reasonable rat-; Fielding & Fielding. c «t Home From Florida. J. M. Ertel returned Tuesday afternoon to his home in Tipton from West Palm Beach, Fla., where he has been since January. He has been making .his home with his two daughters, Mrs. Josephine Whidden and Mrs. Ida Laughlin, who reside there. Sinco Langer's ouster last sum-] mer—the result of his conviction on the fraud charges—three men have hold the governorship. Lieut. I Gov. Ole Olson succeeded Langer j after a seige of civil war Mr. and : Mrs. Oliver; Wheatley of. Frankfort and Mrs. Sula Booher. Evening which i two "governors" gave countermanding orders to a befuddled; legislature. Thomas Moodie' was elected Jim Steele of Rushyille and l)e\v•y Watson of Nornianda. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Beaver attended Sugar Creijk and John- uests were' worthy Brand matron. Josephiri Hi-own of the Grsencastle chap i son Townships Sunday school convention Sunday | afternoon at Roganlown. 'Mrs. Heaver assisted: ler. On their return to Indiana polis Saturday evening Mrs. Jor dan and ; daughter , attended birthday surprise supper on the! son and brother James Shortei .Other guests were Mr. and Mrs last November but was disquali-|'" tllc pr ° Kra ' 1 fied in a reprisal engineered by I dies quartet Langer. He 'was succeeded by Walter Welford, present governor. The district tourt of appeals in St. Paul, Minn., said in reversing the convictions of Langer and ">' Mr.' and Mrs, Mrs. Edgar Stahl of Wcsttteldi I was a Saturday over night guest | of Crc'tchen Kemp guests of Mr. and I Dean DeVanoy. Several games o eiit'hre wero enjoyed after sup i per and prizes were awarded Aland Sunday j ncVan , !} . firsl and Mrs . Dean De- Mrs. Jesse | vaney consolation. Mr. and Mrs Kemp were Mr. anil : Mrs. Guy : short " 01 . brought Mrs. Jordan an Campbell of Nonnarida. After-; j| iss ^liorter lo their home her four members of his adminlstra- noon guests were Joljn Hinsliaw| Sund . ly c y c ning and they visile tion that insufficient evidence ox- ilnd family of Westpeld and Mr.i in tho llomc O f Mr. and Mrs. Jak isted for conviction. The others were Oscar J. Chapnt, Frank Vogel, Harold McDonald and R. A. Kinzer. Langer was sentenced to IS months' imprisonment and lined $10,000 in federal -court -here. McDonald received a four-months sentence and the other 13-month sentences and $3,000 fines. land Mrs. dcrson. Kemp of 'An-; shafor . i.Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shank o Ary Scirclq and I family were i Indianapolis were guests Sunda supper guests Sunday! evening of Of ji r . and Mrs. Claude Shaffer, the former's brother Dr. and Mrs. | Mr. and Mrs. John Chenowet Itoy Scirclc of Elwood. jhad as their guests Saturday ev Mrs. Mary D. Sltocklcy spout! oning Mr.-: and Mrs. Lowell Whl: from Wednesday until Saturday jler of Anderson, Mr. and Mrb visiting with ilier aughter Mr. I Dale Shaffer, Miss Victoria Mos, and Mrs. Eterett Christy ; otjbausli and Don Hope. i Sheridan. j | "' GeorgojSnyder has returne KEMPTOX. j Mr. and Mrs. Altan Shaw en- ; home from spending several day - I tertained at Sundayj dinner Oliver! in Chicago. Miriam Peters returned to her Shaw and family, Mr. and Mrs.! Mrs. Clara Hartzler, Mr. an home Saturday evening after vis- Virgil Gunning and | Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Lorfii Brown and Mrs. Km iting, a week with her mother Robert Lee of Elwood, Lester Carrick visited in Indianapol Mrs. Bonnie Peters at Butlerville. Alexander and family of Rossville Sunday with the former's grand Mr. and Mrs. Robert. Cox visited Sunday'with the latter's par- j Kokomo. and Mr. and Mrs. Corner Benge of Daughter >Mrs. Jean .Lawrence n the Snnnyside sanitarium. f THE DAILY WHEEZE I *X ioxe Coach, UsecJ Grandma: "Joie Lou, what 'part ot school do you like best?" I Jole Lou: "Recess." I An expert suggests that raising bees will-help the farmer. It's a! good' idea. The farmer is so used to being stung with everything 'he tries that a few mora *Ungs won't make any difference. MAYTAG SALE6 and i SBEVIOE i Pbona 88 SBVICB MOTOR 00. ents Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dadget of Frankfort. Lela Kemp entertained a few of her friends at two tables of bridge Wednesday evening. Prizes were won by Mrs. Delphin Stroup and Mrs. Dane Stroup. .The hostess served dainty refreshments of pineapple frozen delight, wafers, and coffee. Mr. and Mrs; Oral Eaton of Anderson 1 visited Sunday with their parents Mr. and Mrs. Orval Eaton. Paul Philippi and family moved Saturday from Scircleville to the Otto Dick property. Mr. Philippi is employed as principal of the Kempton school while Mr. Dick has accepted the prlnclpalship of the Scircleville school. Mr. and" Mrs. Lloyd Beaver and Mrs. Julia Etta Beaver visited Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Richard Comstock at Marlon. Mr. Comstock who' has been sick far several months with high blood pressure and softening of tbe brain remains in a serious condition. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Flshback of Beechwood, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cline ot Independence were Sunday dinner-guests of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Cline. Mr. Cline who has been sick with pneumonia is slowly improving. , k Mr. and-,Mj». W. H. Hubbartt »^d-'!|h-.':and r Mrs., Lemon -Sribw of Sheridan were dinner guests r; FT Hiibbartt tltM Elsworth Thorp and AnSclol L ^ rcnc c ; «'ho has been at th ' sanitariuni for several month Freeman motored to Cambria Sun-1 day and Were guests of the for .|was imprpvin 3 ill 11 mor's grandparents, I Mr. and Mrs. Ed Thorp. Mr. and Mrs. Einmons Wcbli attended a bii;thdaj| dinner Sunday at the home of iMr. and Mrs. W. S. Ridenoulr of Russiavillo in honor of Mr. and Mrs.! Ridenoiir's Card birthday; anniversary. A pitchln dinner jivas pnjbyed at the noon hour with 1 three large birthday cakes. Fourteen guests were present to enjoy thd day. Mrs. Frances Jackson of Lebanon spent the week son Mr. and Mrs. 3z end with her mps Jackson. A granddaugth'er Helen Jackson accompanied her home for a few days' visit. ARCADE Mr. and Mrsj. Vaaej Learning had as their dinner guests Sunday iMr. and Mrs. Will Stanley and daughter Carrij j Alice I of Hinkle Creek, Mr. aid Mrs. Cpcil Casey of WqatflJld, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Knapp, A r.Land Mrs. Otto Knapp and M-.'jand <Mrs. William Hughe* andj daughter Margaret Ann. ; Mrs. Leliji Fp'x 1 aa received word that her i da igiite'r Mrs. Robert West who hud an operation- hospital In ' I idlaiapolis <ast siius to her home in Hagerpti^wn Sunday. Slje w: th; tmuble * «• .. undergone Methodist the 01 along .*£ " ip- Jco- Mr. and Mrs. Lee Sowers ha as their jl inner guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Rodenbec ami family of Indiariapolis, Loui Jacobs aiid John Westendorf o Dayton, Ofilo. The latter two me are employes of the Premie Rubber Company ofj Dayton an visited Mr. Sowers in connectio with his liightning window clean er. Mr. Sowers accompanied then to Gary Sunday evening to spen several days on business. Mr. and Mrs. Olvio aieyers o Broad Ripple were guests Satur day and Sunday of Mrs. Otie Mey ers. On Sunday; jMrsJ Meyers an her guests visiteil fn Noblesvill with iMr. and MTs. Bill Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Bran soil had ijs their dihner .guest Sunday Mrs. .Mattle Raquet, Ml and Mrs. Hubert Raquet, Mr. an Mrs. Doyli York of indianapolls .Mr. and JMrs. ! Eugene Ovcrdon Mijss HclehiGood, Mr. and Mrs Carl Overjlorf and .Mr. and Mrs Frank Whisler; Aftej-noon guests welre Dr. and Mrs. Russell Hav ens and daughter Patjty of Cicerc Mr. and; Mrs. Morti Albright o Millersburg had as jtbeir dinne guests Sunday Mr. and 'Mrs. Job Albright o|f Indianapplis and Mi and Mrs. Walter ! iQverdorf -o Ekin. In ^he afternpon- Mr. an her -"parent Mr. and Mrs. 1 Lew' Groves. ' Mrs. Albr^ht ylilted Mr. an MM. H,. Hartle3 | H ,<- ^—_ Car of on Track Hendershot and Nettie Hendershot at Indianapolis. Alberta Shock was brought to her home last week from the Noblesville hospital, where she has been a patient for several weeks: She is still quite weak and unable to be up. Edna Hott and Iva Beeson of Hagerstown visited from Wednesday over the week end with Clem Hott and family east of Atlanta. Miss Hott just lately returned from Miami Beach, Florida, where she spent the winter. . Ray Bryan and family, Vern Parker aTTd family and Ralph Bozell and family of 'near Tipton were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Tranbarger of i place. Mrs. McConnell stayed over •fbr the funeral services -which were held Saturday. Ray Calhoun and family attended the funeral services and Mrs. McConnell returned with them to Atlanta. Mrs. Daisy Gunst of Broad Ripple visited Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gunst, Sr. \ Mr. and Mra. Andy Kauffman of near Noblesville entertained at Sunday dinner as a farewell dinner-for. their daughter Mrs. May Keesling of Charleston, West Virginia. A number from Atlanta were in attendance. Mrs. Keesling accompanied her brother Ray Kauffman and family to Indianapolis where she will visit -for a few days before returning to Virginia. Miss Lela Snyder who underwent an appendicitis operation at the St. - Vincent's hospital more than a week ago was taken to the home of Dr. Laddie Kornafal at "Broad Ripple the-latter part of the week. Miss Snyder and Mrs. Kornafal are sisters. Mrs. Mary Spidel visited the latter part of the week with her parents Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Harrison at Cicero. Captain and Mrs J. R. Lippincott of Sycamore, 111. were also guests at the Harrison home. Mr. and Mrs. Spidel were also Sunday breakfast guests and spent the remainder :of the day. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Whisler returned home Sunday after a two weeks' visit with their son Lowel Whisler and family of- Marion who with Mrs. Victoria Goodpas- tiire accompanied them home Mrs. Goodpasture spent the winter with Mr. and Mrs. Lowel Whisler at Marion.- Mr. and .Mrs. Clarence Baden of Indianapolis spent Sunday with Mrs. Sarah Baden and son Orlie Shirl Essig and daughters Har riett 'and Evelyn of Indianapolis were Sunday guests of Mrs. Max $7.00 Per Ton Delive Hmkle's Goaf Yi Phone 48 here be, why said account.-as ouchers should not be. 1 approv Witness, the clerk and sea* aid Tipton Circuit Court at on, Indiana, this 30th day of il, 1935. • •:< RAYMOND W. SIMPSON, >:• •Seal) Clerk Tipton;,: .80-86-92-98 Circuit Courts Notice of Administration. ~~~- Notice is hereby given that Hie undersigned has been appointed >y the Judge of the Circuit CoflvJ of Tipton County, State of IiMtt- ana, executrix of the estate..?! Peter Henry, late of TJiptpp. County, deceased. Said estate:^te supposed to be solvent. •-•CATHERINE HENRY,;: ril 22, 1935. Executrix. KEMP & KEMP, :;Attorneys. 174-8 0-8 6-9 2 Notice of Administration, v J Kokomo. Myrtle Jane Chestnut gteckle and son Charles Max anc and Vanco Witham were after noon guests. Those from Atlanta attending Richmond spent the week the M. E. annual conference at Ft. Wayne Sunday were Hazel Meehan, Azza Long, Pauline Ov- »rdorf. Max Steckle and Victor McCarty. Mrs. Nancy Long. Mrs. Estelle Basey, Charles and Irvin Long were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Chenoweth at Arcadia. I. M. Gasho is displaying- an unusual and rare variety of tulip at Iiis home in Atlanta. The tulip, is dark maroon red and has from •,wo to five blossoms on one stem. Mr. Gasho has many : beautiful tulips in size and coloring, making his home one.of the beauty spots in Atlanta. Mrs^ Mary Calhoun McConnell was called to Frankfort Thursday by the. sudden death of a sister- in-law, Mrs. John Ward of that with their mother, Mrs. Ros Brown. .'. Mrs. .Maggie Fox of Sheridan Uucile Fox of Anderson and Pau Jones of Tipton visited Sunda evneing -with Cora Aldridge. John William Fox who spent the week with his aunt Cora returned home with his mother to Sheridan. Moore's Market Groceries —Meat* 130 — Phones — 27 s Chevrolet Co. We Are Not OB the Code Honest Appraisal I Assured You Tiptpn's Finest Selection of • USED OARS. -——-i—— of Unused Miles In Our Guaranteed Used Can f^wST *tf Sedan C. P. Essig. ', Mr. and 'Mrs. Earl Clark of nea Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed •>y the Judge of the Circuit Coiirt of Tipton County, State of Indiana, administrator with the will annexed of the estate of John T. Cline, late of Tipton County, deceased. Said estate is supposed to be solvent. NOEL A. PURVIS, April 23, 1935. Administrator. JAMES M. PURVIS, Attorney. 174-80-86-92 See the New Leonard Electric Refrigerators H. J. SCHRADER & CO. dCPENKEYGC* llfl-118 South Main St. LEATHERMAN FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Furnace Coils Waste Fttel Replace YoTtt Coil WlOi a Self Ac$hm GAS WATER HEATBR Public Service Co. of Ind. Notice to Heirs, Creditors, Etc. In the matter of the, estate of I Pernial Blazier,. deceased. In . the Tipton Circuit Court, April '• Term, 1935. Notice is hereby given that Vollen Blazier, as executrix of the estate of Pernial Blazier, deceased, has presented and filed her account and vouchers in final settlement of said estate, and that the same will come up for examination and action of said Circuit Court; on the 24th day of May, 1935, at which time all heirs, creditors or legatees of said estate are required to appear in safd Court and show cause, if any there be, why said account and vouchers should not he approved. Witness, the clerk and seal of aaid Tipton Circuit Court, at Tipton, Indiana, this 1st day of May, 1935. : RAYMOND W. SIMPSON. , (Seal) Clerk Tipton 180-86-92r98 Circuit Court. 'Notice to Heirs, Creditors, Etc.. : lri the matter of the estate ot ICharles -W. Warne, deceased. 'lo. the! Tipton Circuit Court,, i April Term. 1935 i Notice i is herebyj given that EJnma Warne ,as administratrix ot the estate of Charles W. ] Warne, deceased, ; hat presented .and filed her account and vouchers lln final settlement'ot said estate, and that th'e same;wlll come np tori exami- natioh and action of said i Circuit C<i!urt on^- the . 20th '. day of May, 19^35, at>hlch time jail heirs, cre- diliors or! legatees of sal^ estate are required to appear • In said <3q|urt and show canse, JK any 9c BREAD-^li/2-lb. loaf ... KROGER GROCERY & BASING CO. Comforts, Blankets, Qtolfe SMITSON'S LAUNKEY & DRY CLEANING Phone 120 YOUNG & MASON Suite and Furnishing^' 106 East Jefferson St. " Ratio Repairs LINEBAOKS ': I f „ %* ' L^.f-iS-/ ,"*" f ^V"*'£*?3g^

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