The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on April 12, 1947 · Page 2
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 2

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 12, 1947
Page 2
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TWO The Morning Herald, Ha^erstou'n, Md. l til rilii v. AjtrJI JVI, 11) 17. Trinity Lutheran At. the 1U:40 a. in. church service tomorrow Dr. Wilson P. Ard will preach on the subject "But Thomas Uas Not With Them." The sermon theme at the l-:\(\ oYlock vesper Sen-ice will he "The Exhaustless Christ." Sunday school at S.'oO a. m. Luther Leagues for young people at «:;jo {) . m . Clearspring Lutheran Parish "Christ Made Known To IV is the subject, this Sunday O f Rev Luther L. Hare. St. Paul's, Western Pike, will have service at 9- St. Peters, 10:30, and Mt. Tabor, • :30 p. m. St. Paul's Evan. U. B. Morning worship ai Ji o'clock with sermon by Dr. F. Berry Phunmer, pastor, on "Burning Hearts." Evening worship a t 7::JO with sermon on ".Inexcusably idle," by the Rev. Charles A. Shelley, assistant pastor. Junior C. E. League 11 a. m. Sunday School 3:45 a. m. Special music: }>v adult choir directed by R. K. Ho'llinger with Mrs. diaries K. Ross organist. St. Mark's Evan. Lutheran Morning worship, if): 15, with the pastor, the Rev. Edward p. Heinze preaching on "Faith Victorious." A serrce of Investiture for the Boy Scout Troop No. 26 will be conducted at the 7:30 p. m. service and awards will be presented to the members of the Senior Patrol. Church School begins at 9:30 a. m. and Luther League at (j:30 p. m. Christian Science Church "Arc Sin, Disease, and Death Real?" is subject of the lesson-sermon for Fir-si. Church of Christ, Scientist, 235 N 7 . Potomac St., with morning service at 11; Wednesday evening meeting- 5 o'clock. The Second National Bank The Oldest Bank In Hagerstown Commercial Art WINN OFFICE SERVICE 113 W.Washington St. Ph. 2600 A. B. C. Will pay the following prices for good, clean late model USED CARS. Get CASH in 5 minutes Make Buick Chev. 4C J911 19(0 1930 1018 Ford Olds. Ply. . Pout. 1750 1225 1075 1200 1050 900 i:75 1150 1000 i:!00 1125 1000 1350 1175 1025 1150 1025 925 1375 1250 1150 S50 750 R25 soo 9SO 700 975 650 525 R75 600 775 500 750 Automobile Brokerage Company 895 Penna. Ave. Phone 4593 losson-sormon consists of pass; from th«> Hiblo and the C. S. textbook, with following from ihe lab tor: "Sin. sk-kiifiMs and death must 1)0 deemed ;is devoid of reality as they arc of Rood, find." Zion Evan, and Reformed The importance of "Being a Christian" will be stressed in the 11:00 Sanctuary service by Rrv. Scott K. Wanner, n. I)., with appropriate choir and or^an selections. Church School for nil agr-s at 9:45. Youth fellowship at 6:30 p. m. An informal Chapel Service will be held at 7:30. A sound film, "Man of F'aith," will be shown to illustrate (he service theme. Tin; -dull choir will sing "The Vesper IJymn," by Fisher. Church of 8-ethren "The Narrow Limits 0 1 Prayer" will lie- the sermon subject at the 11:00 o'clock worship tomorrow, with the I'lev. Paul .Mimiirh !tob inson bringing the message. The Temple Choir under the direction of Mr. Lawrence Fitzwater, will sing Geoffrey O'Hnra's anthem. "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked." Miss Grace LJowman will be at the organ. The evening Vespers will bo held at 7:30 wluMi Mr Robinson will speak on "Life's Ultimate Question." St. James Brethren Sunday school will convene at 10 a. m. This service will be followed by the morning worship at which time the pastor, Rev. Henry Rates, will talk on "Keeping the Feast." The choir will furnish special music. At the evening service the Spring Love Feast will he held. The service will begin at. 7 o'clock. pulpit af St. Paul's both nu.inung and evening until $h<i lirst Sunday in June when the new pastor will lie appointed by Bishop Charles W Flint. St. John's Lutheran ,V .Morning worship will he IrJld at St. John's Lutheran Church tomorrow at JO: If, a. m., with the assistant pastor. Rev. Robert W. Koons, preaching on "An Invitation 10 Faith." Sunday School will meet at !):.'!n ;t. JH. Vespers will be held at 7:.'50, with the assistant pastoi preaching on "I Mavo Promised." Young people of the i:him:h will meet at ?>:?,<> p. m. with Miss Margaret Pot IK profMuiting a program on "The Question Mark." This Funny World Christ's Church Services will be held at Christ's Evangelical and Reformed Church Sunday with the assistant pastor, the Rev. Gordon H. Sperry, preaching at the eleven o'clock service. His sermon theme will be "The Consecrated Life." The Rev. Frederick D. Eyster, pastor, will preach on "Mortal Man Looks At Immortality" at the evening service. Church School will meet at S:,'?!) and the Youth Fellowship will hold its regular meeting in the social room at six thirty. Salem Church Holy Communion will be administered at Salein Evangelical and Reformed Church, Cearfoss Pike, this Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. The pastor, the Rev. Frederick D. Eyster, will be in charge of the service and will bring the Communion meditation. Church School will be held at ten o'clock. St. Paul's Methodist At St. Paul's Methodist Church on Sunday morning, Rev. S. Paul Schilling will have as his subject "God Comes First!" The Adult Choir, under the direction ot John ^'httmore, will sing. At the evening service Rev. Mr. Schilling will take as his subject, "After Easter What?" Rev. Mr. Schilling will fill the Zion Evangelical & Reformed N. Potomac Street Established 1770 The Rev. Scott R. Wagner, D.D., Pastor Miss Viola Fisher, Organist and Junior Choir Director Charles Howard Roderick, Director of Music CHURCH SCHOOL 9.45 A M SANCTUARY SERVICE .'!ll!oo A'. M.* Sermon—"Being a Christian" YOUTH FELLOWSHIP 6 - 30 p M CHAPEL SERVICE 7:W p! M! Sound Film—"Man of Faith" VISITORS CORDIALLY WELCOMED WORSHIP SHOULD NOT STOP WITH EASTER First Christian Church William M. Norment, D. D., Minister -MORNING WORSHIP AND COMMUNION - 9 '30 -RESURRECTION POWER," CHURCH SCHOOL —30:30. COME AND BRING THE FAMILY. EVENING WORSHIP - 7:45. "OUR NEED OF CHRIST." IF YOU HAVE NO LOCAL CHURCH HOME YOU WILL FIND A FRIENDLY ONE HERE Washington Square Methodist "Tito Christian Philosophy of Suffering" will be ihe topic "of a sories of five sermons at, Washington Square .Methodist Church. .Sunday morning at eleven. The minister, the Rev. Charles M. Lel-'cw, win preach on, "Why Do ('.odd People SutTerV Other topics "'ill lie: "The; Cause of .Suffering". "Th»3 Sympathy of Jesus", "The Key to Cethsemane" and "Vou and Your Brother's Pain," The evening song service, which pnjved so popular last year, will be resumed Sunday evening at 7:HO. The minister will preach on, "Going Fishing." Emmanuel Evan. U. B. "Unafraid" will be the 'sermon theme of Rev. Paul K. Holdcraft at the JO:,'fO a. m. worship service. A C. t:. Fellowship Tea will 1 be held at (J p. m., with Miss Viola Kyler leading the discussion. At 7:^0 p. m. the young people will take charge of the evening service. Miss Hazel Cash presiding. The officers of the Girls' Missionary Guild will he installed and "Coronation" exercises will be held for Princess and Prince Emmanuel, 1947. Dr. E. H. Sponseller, Evangelical United Brethren pastor at Myersville, and part-time professor in Hood College, will bring the address. "The Word of the Lord endureth forever." I Peter 1:25 Calvary Brethren Church (Friendship Union Chapel, Halfway) J. Edgar Beckley, Jr. — Pastor Morning Service 10:50 A.M. "Noah and his Ark." Evening Service 7:30 P.M. "The Miracles of Calvary- Sunday School 9:45 A.M. Prayer Meeting and Bible Study Thursday, 7:30 P. M. "God never calls youth to venture for Him, but with Him. Go to church this Sunday First Christian Church The minister, the Rev. Dr. William M. Norment, will preach on "Resurrection Power" at the morning service of worship and communion at 0:30; and on "Our Need of Christ" at the evening service of worship at 7:45. The adult choir will sing "Brother James' Air," by Jacobs, at the morning worship service. The Christian Youth Fellowship and the Intermediate Society of Christian Endeavor will meet at (5:30 p.m. Presbyterian Church The Rev. G. Aubrey Young will preach ou "The Recovery of Perspective" at the Presbyterian Cliurch at 11:00 a.m. Sunday. The Sacrament of Infant Baptism and an anthem, "0 Lord Most Holy," sung by the senior choir, will "be included in the service. Church school starts at !): In a.m. and Westminster Fellowship, 5:30 p.m. Mapleville Union Mapleville Union chapel will celebrate at 2 p.m. tomorrow the first anniversary of the reopening of the church, which had been closed for a period of 20 years until 1946. Raymond and Anna Edwards, of "Old Familiar Hymns'", Frederick, and a number of ministers who have assisted with the chapel, will be present together with the builder,. Mr. Jones. Police Free Worker From Molasses lank (Continued from Page 1) the full meaning of the word. The friend summoned other workers, who lowered a rope. Giknis didn't budge, and neither did the molasses. The workmen got a rope ladder. Giknis still stuck to his stand in the matter. A police emergency squad was summoned. The cops studied the situation—from above—and went to work rigging up a boatswain's chair. Two hours^ after Giknis first found a kicker in the sticker, he fastened himself into the chair and the cops hauled away. Our. of the stickness came Giknis, unhurt hut not unsweetened. "Get the wrench?" asked his pal. All vultures, which feed on carrion, are guided to their food by sight, not smell. "If jour employer's wife ever sees you, would you like to be my secretary?" Radio Highlight: Kj C. E. HUTTKHF1KLO New York, April U—A 15-minuu- memorial broadcast, marking -Jje second anniversary of President Roosevelt's d«:iih s scheduled for Saturday afternobi. at -1:30. Coning from liycie Park X. y ami Wushiuffio.i. it is lifted on".VBr ABC and MBS. Speakers will h.^ President Truman, Mrs. Roosevelt and Henrv Morgeiuhr.u. Jr. Or-hestras of the Nation on NElC ;u 3 is to hi-iiip in from Columbia" Mo., ihi- Sojthern symphony orchestra in its annual concert on the fieries. Carl Bumberger is to conduct. A concert 011 behalf of the 1917 cancer fund drive for ABC at 7::io include Jessica Dnigonette and Jan Peerce, as w M as Lucienne Boyer. It being horse r»u-e Saturday Martin Storage Co. 705 Penna. Ave. LOCAL MOVING Phories 62—1677-j—;i88 Storage space available for Household Goods The Presbyterian Church Washington and Prospect Streets G. Aubrey Young, Minister 'The Recovery of Perspective" 11:00 A.M. Sermon: Infant Baptism. 9:45 A.M. The Church School 5:30 P.M. Westminster Fellowship for Young People. A CORDIAL WELCOME TO ALL Will be discussed in a series of five sermoni at Washington Square Methodist Church Beginning Sunday Morning at eleven POPULAR EVENING SONG SERVICES Begin SUNDAY EVENING at 7:30 Sermon Topic: "Going Fishing." Charles M. LeFew, Minister - arc eoneentnumjj on the same event, the Experimental at. the Jamaica. N. Y. track for 4:30. his is Jazz, absent for a time on MBS after its recent Introduction. Is being put back on that netu-jr 1 s list for 2:30. Same type of jazz times. . . Van Heflin topethor Ida Lupino, do "The Strange Love of .Martha Ivers" for CBS and a .sponsor at 10:15. Other Saturday concert features are to include: CBS 5 Philadelphia orchestra and Eugene Ormnndy. in- diin,' Schubert's symphony Xo. ABC :> Chauncey Kell«y i-oncluft- and En-I Wild piario playfnt,- the Saturday concert; MBS l'n i-iiKo Theater of ih- Air niniiitir to the gypsy operetta "Sari," with Dorothy Staiper. Chicago soprano g; the role of the- lead itK flight Along-. Soot n, .Sp,>t —9:,'!0 a. m. rot'fee to Congress: 12:30 p. in. Home Is What vou make it: 4 p. m. Doctors Thvn nnd 4 \o\v: 7 Our Foreign Policv: 8 [.He with Ftiley: 8:;<0 Truth or—• J Pre-Iiit Pnrade series: D:30 Can P" Tn l> This: 10 Judy Canova; .-.10 Grandest Olest Opry. CBS—11:30 a. m. Adventures club drama; 2:?,~> p. m. Country Journalists: 3-.HO Two college singing g: nips; 6:15 The Chicugoans music: i:.!0 \aughn Monroe show; S Once upon a Tune "Head in the Clouds;" S:30 Mayor of the Town: 9 Hit Parading: 2:45 Saturday Serenade- 10M5 (Jen. J. T. McXarney discussion of American occupation, forces in Europe. ABC—11:30 a. m. Piano Play- A"'i?- e: -, J) - m ' 0«r' Town speakinp )Vil'iamsbtir£, Va.: 3::JO Sunset Floundup of westerns: S Famous Jury Trials; J» : ;to 1 Dealt in Crime" !> Oangbu.ster.s: 3:30 Murder and Malone: 10 prof. Quizzing:: 10:30 H a y 1 o 11 H oe it j w n e r.s. MBS—10::;o a. in. .Tafkio Kill's show; 1:30 p. in. Symphonies for onth finale: 3:30 Sports Parade baseball preview; 5 Drama "Scat-' t.>rgooci Baines:" G Cleveland's symphony; 7 Hawaii called; S Tweutv Questions: S:30 Scramby Ambv 0 Mighty Casey skit: 9:30 High"Adventure drama; 11:00 Korn's a Krackin'. WJEJ—Hagerstown 12-JO on jronr (11*1 5 ATTJRDA Y'S t'UOGHAMS 30 Dixie Serenaders. 45 Farm Program. :55 News. 00 Gene and His Gnng-. 30 Rise and Shine. 00 iVews. 05 Rise R d Shine. ::3 Happy Birthdav Club. 3 Little Record Show. :45 Family Altar. :15 Melodies by Malcolm. ' :45 Music in the Lciter Vein. :oS Interlude. :00 Morning Melodies. :15 Morning; Devotions, :"0 Jackie Hill Show. :00 This Week in Washing-ton. :ir> Piotidly We Hn51. :30 Chat with Roma. :45 .Shopper's Xews. . News. :00 Pro Ante Quartet. :30 Flight Into the Past. :00 Bands For Bonds. :lf> Sunday School Lesson. :30 Symphonies for Youth :SO Kay Hobbin's Orch. :f»0 Art Mooney's Orch. .'.TO Los Angeles Symphonic Band. :00 Sports Parad . :30 George Tovne's Orch. :00 For Vour Approval. :^.0 Dick Jurgron's Orch. :4') Evening: Melodies. 6:00 News. 6:0j .Sports Parade '•>:!", H;ii4,.T Hui^r. f '»::!0 .Ink,;- Box Hits. 7:0!) Hawaii Calls. 7::!0 News and Sports. 7:45 V-D Series. S:00 Twenty Questions S:;Ui Bread uf Life. C'J'J Veterans Administration. i:l.» O;im:e Uroh. ):30 llig-h Adventure. K>:00 Chicago Theater o! the Air 11:00 National Moomiia!. 11:15 Korn's a-Krackin 1 . 11:30 Emil Coleman's Orch. 11:55 Mutual Reports the News. 12:00 Sign Off. SUNDAY S:00 News. 8:0". Hymns fro->i all Churches S:3(t Gospel Truth. 9:00 Voiinp People's Church 9:3U Melodies b»' Malcolm 10:00 Radio Bible Class. lOr.TO Voice of Prophecy 11:00 Local Churc|i Service. 12:00 Pilgrim Hour. 12::',0 Lutheran Hour. 1:00 Married For Life. 1:30 Ramparts of Time. ^:!T. Mennonite Choir. 2:00 Afternoon Novelty Program. 2:30 Bill Cunninpham. ' 2:45 What the Veteran Wants to Know. 3:00 Open House. 3:30 Crimes of Carelessnc-ss. 4:00 House o- Mystery. 4:30 True Detective Mysteries. 5:00 The Shadow. 5:30 Quick as a Flash. 6:00 Those Websters 6:30 Nick Carter. 7:00 Souvenirs. 7:1") Old Fashioned Revival. S:15 It Happened during- the Week S:30 Special .Investigator. S:l."j Ollicial Detective. 5:00 Exploring the Unknown. 9:30 Double or Nothing 10:00 Gabriel Heatter's "Brighter Tomorrow. lO.-SO Kdmum] HookrMge show 11:00 William Hillman. ll:i. r « Erldie Stone's Orchestra. ll:4r, Blue Barren's Orchestra 11:55 Mutual Reports the News 12:00 Sign Oft. CARD OF THANKS THE FAMILY of the late Simon L. Sheffler wish to thank friends and neighbors for kindness during the illness and after the death of father, and for floral tributes and cars. Adv. THE FAMILY WOOLEN RUGS FIBER RUGS CONGOLEUM RUGS All Reasonably Priced At Meyers & Berkaon 41-43 W. Franklin St. Opposite Post Office 7-UP Likes You 7-UP BOTTLING CO. CALL RINGER Electric Service for Home, Industrial, or Commercial Electrical Work PHONE 3338 Drive out — plenty of parking space, out of high'rent district THEY'LL DO IT EVERY TIME By JIMMY HATI.O IVE6000 NEWS FOR. \ VOU, CORNELIUS. I'M \ CUTTING VOU ON THE RQXD! FIRST VOU'LLGO TO NEW YORK-THEN . DES MOIMES, DALLAS AND VANCOUVER-1W FACT, WHEREVER THERESA PIN ON THE MAP. YOU'LL BE ON THE 60 FROM NOW S~;-^ ON I A- <• &% AT LONG LAST * MY BEGONIA! MY GERANIUM ! H MY SUMMER SQUASH? WEAREASONE- 0 , INSEPARABLE*. /x UNDIVIDED'! EVER/ MINUTE OF OUR TIME TOGETHER QARLIN61NOW NOTHING, NOTHING CANEVERTAKE US AWAY FROM EACH OTHER! So, SHORTLY THEREAFTER THE BOSS HAD AWDPDWITH HIM~ <>756 CHESTNUT ST. ClNC!NNATt,OHlO. TOPR i!>«7^Msc rrururs SYNDICATE, tw.. WORLD RIGHTS RESERVED Washington Merry-Go-Round By DREW PEARSON (Continued from Page 4) saved live years later. Recent history is full of similar examples. If the British had backed the French when Hitler moved into the Ruhr in 1!)36 there is no question but that the German war machine would have crumbled. Dictators can only live on continued victory. One defeat is the beginning of the end for them. The Truman Doctrine Coming: back to Truman: I do upt like certain details regarding his aid to Greece and Turkey. I do not like the Fascist Royal Family of Greece. I do not like the hishhindJng tactics of the Turks. But I am convinced that the present policy of the Soviet Government is (1) 1.0 stamp out the last vestige of democracy wherever they Mud it in Europe; and (2) so discourage the American people regarding the European imbroglio that eventually we will retreat to our traditional isolation. The Truman aid plan, despite some of its imperfections, can probably achieve two things: (1) resuscitate and protect the last vestiges of democracy in Greece: and (2) prove to the Russians that the American people, contrary to being isolationist, are determined to work for the principles we fought for in this war. If we prove to the Russians that we are willing to work for peace we won't have to fight for it later. Otherwise 1 am afraid we will. 1 would add some other features to the Truman plan—especially a campaign of good will toward "the Russian people, a program to show that we are the good friend of plain people everywhere, even though we may differ vigorously with their government. This is all-important, but I'll write more about that later. Meanwhile, love to the kids and tell them next time I'll find a Merry-Go-Round and take them for a real ride—in addition to the Senate subway. Your brother, Drew. Michelangelo painted the frescoes in the Sistiue Chapel a half- century after it had been competed in 14S3 when Sixtus IV was Pope. CLEAN OVENS THE EASY WAY! I. C. DEGREASER CLEANS .OVENS WITHOUT WORK No Rubbing... No Scrubbing ... No Abrasives! 95c pt- FOURTH FLOOR EYERLY'S STANLEY'S (On the Square) THE ONLY STORE OF ITS KIND IN HAGERSTOWN BUY NOW At These After Easter Prices! FACTORY SAMPLE 9,95 EASTER 12.95 COATS 14,95 and SUITS to DRESSES 4.95 (.95 to for EASTER "They're Beftutiet" BLOUSES 2.95 Tailored «y J. STANLEY'S MDSE. IS PRICED TO SUIT THE AVERAGE POCKETBOOK. Union Rejects Tentative Plan (Continued from Page 1) ciates said that press of other matters slowed his consideration. He went to the White House but an aide said that visit involved a meeting oa universal military training and had nothing to do with the telephone situation. The Union Federation proposes to carry a complete story to President Truman if it cannot get a three-cornnrcd meeting of the Labor Department, its own leaders and represenfafkes of thr A T & Y. ' / Labor Depart men t conciliators who have been meeting separately with union and operating company officials , held a series of private meetings of their own today. The policy committee of the 40- Union Federation met for four hours and adjourned without any outward 'sign of progress. John J. Moran, policy committee chairman, indicated that members will stay in Washington, however. The Federation's memorandum to Schweilenbach suggested that representatives of the press and radio attend the proposed three- cornered meeting. AMBULANCE SERVICE INVALID and EMERGENCY CARE HAGERSTOWN CALLS $3.00 "Day and Night Service Anywhere" Phone 1160 Scott F. Minnich & Son Funeral Director •••••'••••••••^•^••a AUTO OWNERS ARE YOUR MONTHLY PAYMENTS $50 ...$75^ . .$100 MORE OR LESS DOWT PAY MORI THAN HECtSSARY! TO REDUCE THE PAYMENTS ON YOUR CAR Just drive up to this office...bring a rccordol the payments you have alreidy made with you. We'll work out * Plan while you wait to give you monthly payments you can conveniently meet. IF THE B ALAN CI OWID ON YOUR CAR IS $100 200 300 600 ' 900 WI CAN HI D U C I YOUR MONTHLY PAYMINTS TO $ 7.53 15.06 22.59 44.67. 66.32 And, any anrauRt up t* $1,500 wIHi mtnthly payments i* prtp«rtiM GENERAL ACCEPTANCE CORP. Thomas Building 49 N. Jonathan Street • , H&gerstown, Maryland Phone: Hagerstown 2416 — 250 Farmers! Truckers! Gardeners! ! Get Your Order in for Prompt Delivery on Green Thumb Agricultural Brand MARL Prices at Plant Loaded in Trucks or Cars Burnt and Pulverized $3.45 per ton Raw Marl . 2 .50 per ton Prices Delivered and Spread on Your Land Burnt and Pulverized on Sod Land . . . $5.75 per to» Burnt and Pulverized on Plowed Land 5.95 per ton Raw Marl on Sod Land 4.00 per ton Raw Marl on Plowed Land 4.20 per ton Maryland Lime & Fertilizer Corp. HopeweJl Road , R. F. D. No. 3 Phone 2636 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY $1.00*

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