The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 15, 1930
Page 8
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PAGK F1TGTI7 They're Best in American Loop MLECT Rulh, Simmons, Gehrig and Cronin Are Outstanding Choices of Sporl Scribes EDITOR'S NOTE: Yesterday a jury of 10 baseball writers named on all-star National League team. The atl-itar Amerlcnn League team chosen by the same Jury is yiven- below. Tomorrow the Jury will' name an all-s:ar for both leagues. BY \YII.1-1AM BUAL'CIIKK NEA Service Sports Editor Remarknb!.? unanimity of opln- j rn prevails In the choice ol an I all-star American league team I chosen by 10 ba.scball writers. Tv.-o imielders. two outfielders and a catcher and pitcher were picked by every member ol th jury. w'lrft Ruth, Al Simmons. Lou Gch- rig, Joe Cronin. Mickey Cochranc and Wes Ferrell. The lineup as chosen by the writers is: Averill, Cleveland cf Ohringer, Dctrril 21) Ruth, New York r ' Simmons, Philadelphia If Gehrig, New York lb Bluege. Washington 3b. Vluege. Washington 3I> i Cochranc. I'hllarlclp nickey. New York c Ferrell. Cleveland |) Grov.?, Philadelphia P Lyons. Chicago P One of Ihe jobs was holly contested. Marly McMaims of the | Tigers polled Ihrce votes for third base an Tony Lar.zeri of the Yanks polled three. Four of the writers chose Bluege. Nine Choo?c Gehrlnger Bull Uurliain. Il«'s just a kid. but! he hus tuvncd In some mit;luy leal games. __ MONDAY,.. SKI'TEMnKK lii, 1030 Southern iMow Tncy t'inis ; 'H t !) • W. L F..vadalc Mas Ed»e But Fin- EI™ • i p- I i.ip- n- I, .Atlanta 84 ou islil'inds It Dig item; ; Liu; <, R , xk 8) 73 Fight Marks Big Game. .59G .MC .549 .52C An argument, a forfeited game, • a protest u light, in which one • Holland player was injured murk- • cd It'--' baseball B a »>e "'- Evadale : Chattanooga Na.shville Mobile G7 81 C« 87 40 112 ; Washinton j Ncw yj rk Cleveland . . Dcirolt ; st. I.miis - j Chicago ____ ' League W. L. ... 9G 47 ... iiD 54 03 09 73 84 80 70 10 59 .JW Pet .07! .021 .55: .52-' .49! .413 .331 .326 Nulirmal W. L. K3 (iO .GO CO 05 07 Arkansas High Schools to Open Season This Week: B'ville Idle Until Sept.26 There was only one dissenting vote against Gehrlnger at second base. One of the writers named Andy Reese for the jou. Earl Averill got six votes for the center field assignment. The rest of the votes went one each to man- j R ^ While collies were entering scrimmage period of Irainl ing Ihe ami (•I UlU VU.CO WlUl- UllU ( I" ,..«..- : *J* mh. Hice. West nnd Combs. The Into fact that Mntmsh, Hice nnd West piny in the outfield on the sams team, the Senators, was one of the queer quirks of Ihe no!). Ench of Ihe writers was asked to name two catchers and three pitchers. Cechrane was chosen unanimously. Dickey running :«cand with the Browns got two voto, nnd Luke Sewcll of the Indians nnd Hoy Spencer of the Nnts one each. Ferrell, th.? yr.un'g Indian who Is on his second olg league season, led in the choice for pitchers with 10 votes.' l.efly Grove was next with nlna, and Ted Lyons, who hn': been having a big year wilh the weak-White Sox, got seven. Tlie rest went to George Earnshaw of tlie A'S. An Argument? There are joints .about the lean) that seem to the writer to be lefl open lo dispute. Thus, Bli\:gc was chrscn for third above McMnnus, though McMamis has been battins nearly 40 percentage points lilgli- staiting line-ups were beginning to emerge from the material reporting. Arkansas high schools wort preparing today for opening games of this week-end. Colleges, In main, will nol set to ncliou until next week, when the drive for slate, conference and sectional titles will start. Rains which fell semirally over the slate, cooling the weather, gave impetus lo (raining ami spirited the c.-indldates who were faced before by unbearable heat. Conches of the various colleges were opiintlstlc over Iheir prospects, many of Ihem mUiirnliig unknown qualities In the new men. The latest convert to night football In high school ranks Is t h e strong I.ltile Hock high school team, which will play Its fli-sl night game l-'riday, opening its season. Among the games scheduled for FulJiiy In high jchool circles are: nnonerlllc at Mansfield; Harrls- burg at Jonesboro; Batesvillc at Mnlvcrn; Hope at Aslulowu; Sheridan at Hot Springs; Ili-lx-r Springs at North Little Reck high (night); Clarksvillc at Llltlc Hock (night), and Norphlel playing ot Camden Saturday. 82 81 17 74 61 4» Pet .S8r .577 .574 ,54V .52: .4 62 .39( .340 fires JL/«_M^JL/ Vj jAM RPA'riiER_ An Umpire's Opinion In the lobby of a Detroit hotel 7 met Umpire Dill McGowen, the Wizard, liom Washington, who ciills balls and strikes and occn- Opening < for playing a great game around third for the Nats, but McMnnus isn't exactly hogticd at that spo;, either. An argument might arise about the pitchers that nev.-jr ceuld be settled. Ferrell wns chosen unanimously, whereas one writer dis- tent cd on Grove. To date Grove has won the most games, recent averages showing he had wrn 26 j games to Terrell's 2-1. Grove, however, is pitching for the champion ball team of the league, while Ferrell is with a fourth place club. Perhaps the point will be lelt to the years to settle. The batting average for the team chosen ic. 349, considerably above the average of the Yankees who batted .307 according to recent fig- The niytheville college elov- ?xl week, high school Cltickafows will open their season here Sepi. 26 with Ihe Eaiie high eleven offering the opposition. ures, leading office. the league in that The individual baiting averages Scottish Sun Bathers Take to Mountains GLASSGOW. Scotland. (UP)— Sun-bathers in Scotland, denied a place, on the beach, are baring iheir bodies In (he mountains. Most authorities forbid lliis sort- of bathing at the popular resort?, so the most persistent have found peace high above the haunts of the ordinary climbers. slnnlly thumbs the boys out of tlie American League baseball pastures. We got to talking tilxiui young pitchers. An umpire, looking at pitchers dny after day. judging Ihcir stuff. comes to know in most ca?,?s what the next ball is going fj be- Seeing the same stuff day in. day out. an umpire usually can tell whether or not the young man from Muck- crsvillo is going lo make the grade. Throws a "Drnvner" Dill regards Tom Bridges, the young Tiger rookie, as having al! the qualifications for becoming star within a year or two. "Saw him beat the White Sox 4 to I," said Bill. -Has a deceptive delivery. Tils curve ball is a beaut. Dazzling fast ball, too. He lln-ows what the tatters call a 'downer.' In. the old days they culled It an outdrop. Also has a sinker like Wiley Iiroote's- George Uhle says the kid can't miss being a great, pitcher. Only 22 years old. Canir. np from Evansville, I understand. "One ol the besi young left- hiimlerr. In the leai;tii? is this Seeds Caraway of (he White Sox. Wraps himself into a pretzel before letting go of lite hall. If I^fty Grove had n delivery like that lad. to would win 35 games every year. Just a kid, fresh frum the farm, but has the stuff. Cave the Indians three hits In l'j innings. Beat the A's and Yanks, too. "Whitney Wynlt of the Tigers is another man to watch. Had a sore arm iwarly all season, but showed Biu-hy Harris enough in hh few slarts to make him a regular next year. Another Iron Man? "IBelve lli'an looks like he otigh to make It next year for the Indians. Big and strong. Maybe he'll be one of the iron men some of these days. Lots of speed and a curve ball and Is just having the rough edges knocked off. With :i lillle coaching he'll be Inking a regular liirn next year. "Ilolshaiiser of the Browns is getting the experience he lacked. Next' year should show a big improvement In this lad. He has the Kurds." There you are. You jmys your and takes your choice. It makes little difference watering the lawn ' whether water is amounts applied once or in small daily twice a week. the drv Trees need enormous amounts An apple tree. 30 years for the players are: Gehrlg. .391; jRwilar watering of one sort or Simmons, 385; Cochrar.e. .351; another will almost double Ruth, 360; Cronin, .342; Averill, growth of grass during the .340; Dickey, .340; Oeliringer, .320; «ason. Bluege, .295. An all-star team for both leagues. char,?n by the writers' jury, will appear in The Courier NEWS tomorrow. • • * All-Star Jury Baseball writers who selected ?>fEA's All-star American .League tftuz are: Stuart E.'ll. Cleveland Press. Daniel M. Daniel, New York Telegram. Ralph Davis, Pittsburgh Press Bill Droly. Philadelphia 'Record. Kenneth E. Fry, Chicago Post. Nick FlateJy. Boston American Sam Grcsne, Detroit News. Sid Keener, St. Louis Star. Tom Swope, Cincinnati Post. John O'Uourke, Washington News. Over-production of cotton spin nlng factories in Poland has been curtailed by agremer.t to operati only one shift dally. "Ad Liska Improves Liska of the Senators Is improving all the time. He'll be going in for his regular turn r.?xt year sure. "The A's came up with a couple of pencils. .Torn Mahaffcy and Red Perkins. This Mah.nfey won six in n row. Perkins, no kin, to Cy, is a rangy Icft-hur.dod curve ball artist. No better curve from any youngster In the majors this Chicks Beal Travelers '-as Season Closes in Southern; Dixie Series Soon. ATLANTA. C.a.--The cmiai!) dropped on Southern league baseball foi- mo Sunday with (he champion Chicks defeating ;lic Lll- lle Hock Travelers, Ihe second place Pelicans beating the orphan occupants of the cellar, the Hears, the Vols beating the Barons and the Crackers defeating the Lookouts. Memphis. New Orleans. Chattanooga nnd Nashville were the scenes of the closing games. Al Memphis the Chicks, playing before a large closing day crowd, defeated the Little Rock Travelers. 11 tn :t. Clarence Grifliu went Ihe rot le for the Chicks and h;trled good uall while the champions, who cinched the pennant several days ago. hit the Pebble hurler; fo; 11 bingles. Strohin. Pobble malinger and third baseman, wa crowned the "two base hit" char- pio)i of the league when 'ne crashed out his fifty-third double of the season to beat Tex Jeancs' old rec- crrt of fifty. The Pelicans trimmed ihe Mobile Dears 1 lo I wilh Glialto. PC' hurler. holding Hie orphan Hear well in hand. Tlie Birds hopped on the Bear hurlc-rs for H hils. The Crackers and Lookouts s:ag- DID YOU KNOW THAT— Hark Wilson led uo'.h teams in hiltins in the world scries last year . . . eight hits out of 17 times at bat. for a murk of •171 . . . The University of Chicago baseball learn has b?en lidiinir il en the chin regularly in Japan . . . the Orientals won four in a row from the Maroon nine. . . . They do say that Blake rind Root, the Cubs' pitchers, were hurt in n taxicau . . did t|-.; cab hit a tree or something? . . . no, the boys just iiad a little friendly debate mid bansccd a few knuckles off one another's chins. Dodgers Half Game Ahead of Cards and Cards Half Game Ahead of Bruins. Sundayui which the championship of the Aik-Mo Sunday amateur ball leaKiic depended. New the remit and unlink* chances of other Mams lu beal out Evadnle arc very much up in list: air and will re- ^ muni so until ihe nexi meeting of '• jjosloii league officials untangles the. t-on- llict. Howe emerged tl« winner of the Chi'jkasaw Icusue racu by cop- phiB yesterday's struggle with Fr.i [ Brooklyn . Lake and pii'dudiiig the possibility St. I/niis . of liny oilh-.M- CliicltiiLaw loop team Chicago ... fsitchinji Hove by pluying off posl- i New York poited games. Pitlsburgli Ho've beal Flat I like 2 lo 1 in a ' Boston .... 10 Inning conlest ID establish a | Cincinnati lirni hold on Ihe Chickasaw! Phllndc-lphin championship. Tlie Minyard-Dell! ame in tlie same circuit was for-! failed lo Dell while no reports have' jeen received from tlie Burdette-; Little River and Promise Land- j Lone Oal; games. I In the Ark-Mo circuit EvadaL?' bent Holland 11 to 4 us far as I :core.s go bill a dispute arose, the ! umpire, a Holland man, awarded I ihe game to Holland, Evadale pro- j tested and the oiucom.? is still I (iiubtful Imt with one Holland man nursing a sore face as a result of fistic encounter. Ciosnell beat. Yarbro 10 to I and the Osccoln-Cooter gam? was forfeited :o C'coier, 9 to 0 when Osce- ula failed to put in its appearance. 1 The lesult of the Kskcr-Wilson j CARDWELL. Mo.-In Iheir scc- gjme has.not been ascertained. . onA ^mc of the season. Cardwell The AiK-Mo situation sizes up • high school handed Hornersvijl" in this manner: if Ihe Evadale-1 the lillle end of a thirteen to noth- Games Today AincriLLin League Washington at Chicago. Boston at St: Louis. New York at Dctroil. Only games scheduled. 'National Leajuc St. Louis al Boston. Cincinati at Biooklyn. Pittsburgh at New York. Cardwell Eleven Turns Tables on Hornersville Huljand protesied game is awarded j nig SC ore. The game was played or Evadal.-.-. that- clnb has the league i die Hornersville higli schoo'l ficlc championship. If awarded Holland. the game is Co-jter has the championship. If Holland and Uo:nell play off a game poslpoi!?cl which they will do it, is uuderstoo'J if H'Hand is awarded the disputed Evadale-ltolland g;:mc. Gusnell by I the Hornersville high school field Friday afternoon. This was the sec ond game with Hornersville. who won the first game. The first touchdown of the game was made by Norih of Cardwell, w'ho caught r pass from Whitson, Cardwell quarterback. Tlie second was marie I- defeating Holland would be tied Hc.rdin. who intercepted a Horners- ivilh Coof-r for the league tiile. Take your [nek! Main Street Arena to Remain Dark Tonight The Main street athletic arena will be daik tonight. Efforts of Joe Crnig, promoier. 1C match LcRny Doujiin, leal bantamweight, nnd Little Tuck of Os- „ CEOla. for the main go' failed wher- • " OVl '''. . , Craig was unable to get in louch i I >roml5 «l Land with Tuck and Hie proposed can 1 j-°"5 Evadale Cooler . Ucsncll Holland j Varbro | Kciser . > G.-,ccu'i: Standings Ark-Mn Lragnc W. L. Pel. ville pass, and ran almost sixty yards for a touchdown. Stewart 250-pound Cardwell player, crash cd the line for the extra point Cardwell's team was composed of J. Rutherford, LE: B. Bishop, J,T: B. Ray, LG; O. Mt/e. C; D. Ladd. NEW YORK.—The Brooklyn Robins wore back on top of tru 1 National league pennant chase fol- low'iig Sunday's games after . an extended absence from the top. Wilh only 11 games left to play, however, with the Si. Louis Cardinals having 12 10 play and.the Chicago Cubs 13. tiie Robins will be-called upon to exhibit some plain and fancy baseball before the pen- mint. If ever, is thrjr property. Al present the Robins ;irc a half game ahead of the Cards in second..»!ace and the Cards are a halt" game ahead of the Cubs. Tlie Dodgers beal the Cincinnati Reds 8 to 3 yesterday with Elliott, holding '.lie Reds scoreless after relieving Thitrstosi while the !lc| J ins hopped on the Cincinnati htnv- cis wilh some limely hitting. Herman, us usual, played quite a p;irl in the Brooklyn victory. i The Cords lost out, in an effort ! to get ahead of the Robins and fell ! back instead to a half game behind I the Dodgers. divi-Jing a double | header yesterday wilh the Bosto 1 : i Braves. The Cards copped ihe first encounter 9 to 2 but lost the second 7 to 4. Grimes was t h e winning pitcher of the first game while Cantwell had il on the Birds in Ihe second. Giants Fust Fading The Pittsburgh Pirates reduced the Giants' chances of taking the National league pennant to a fadeout when they beat the Giants i a double header yesterday. 8 lo '• and 7 to 3. Tlie lirsl game went 10 innings while th? second was called at the end of seventh on ac- ccunt of dnrkness. The Pnilocielphi.i Athletics wu;- ?ned the margin between their lirst place position and tlie Senators running second In the American league race. The Mackm-n took tho Cleveland Indians into camp 7 to 1. By defeating the Indians the Macks prevented Wess Ferrell. Cleveland ace. from chalking up his 25lh win and gave him another loss instead. Jimmy Moore, rookie hurler. he'd the Senators to six scattered hits and the Chicago While Sox won from the Nats. 2 to 1 in a hurling •1 .'i2U j ROi L. Stcw.irt. RT: O. North. RE: 5 .081! w. Whitson. QB; B. Mize. LHB: 11 10 5 .651 j. Hichiy. RUB; 0 5 B 7 -1 8 2 7 0 C If. Hardin,..FB: Referee,, Moon .(H2 i J. Ferrell, RG! .533 - Cardwell's next game is Tuesday .333 ! with Paragould high school. .2221 .0001 In the fourteenth century it ; was fashionable to carry toothpicks of silver suspended around water, d, will give off approximately year or last. Put his name down barrel of waler a day. j somewhere for 1931. — — I "Gomez of the Yanks has been The inventor of citric arid was sent out for some seasoning. But ••as called off. TWINS DIE AT 80 CHERTSEY, Eng. (UP)—One of oldest twins in England, Mrs. Phil- Burdctte Little River Flat Lalx> Dell ...... .. LraRtie W L Pet. | the neck by a chain. 13 2 .312 10 9 7 duel. Alvin Crowder. Nat ace. was or. the losing end against Moore The gume went 10 innings. The Detroit Tigers lost to the Mew York Yankees with Charlie Rufliiig. Ihe Yankee pitcher, twirling and batting his way to Victory. Ruffling drove in four runs with a triple and two doubles. If Australia could be placed in (he Atlantic Ocean it would fill up all the space between Great Britain and America. 6 4 5 8 9 (i p -I 11 .714 .643 .468 ' .400 [ .357 i .266! The wedding ring has, from an-i adclphia Jane Cowland, 80. died ricni times, been placed on tliej here. | fourth finger of the left hand oiii ol the belief that from this finger a nerve runs directly to the heart. So skilled were the Egyptians in the nianuacture of perfumes that some of their products, preserved A ship with heated holds loj in an alabaster vase in an English! maintain a cargo of asphalt in; museum, still retain their odor al-' liquid form Is being built in Ire- : though more thr.n 3000 years old. 'land. R1TZ THEATRE MONDAY AND TUESDAY r-d a comic in the finale London chemist and, having Ills wn prices as long as the way of he'll be back. Has a ir>: of good left-handed stuff. McEvoy is ccm- amifactiiring the acid was a se-1 ing through for lite Yanks t-o et. realized a large fortune. Red Sox have a young nun named We Point With Pride Pfttrons of this theatre arc advised that the sound pictures now being presented arc projected by RCA Photophonc sound producing equipment. RCA Photophonc, Inc., is one of the subsidiary corporations of the Radio Corporation of America, anil allied wilh it in the development of sound recording and reproducing are the General Electric Company, the \Vcstinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company and tlie RCA Victor Company, combining: in oiu 1 group, the woild's greatest electrical corporations. \Ve state these facts with pleasure, because \ve are satisfied that RCA Photophon.i sound reproducing equipment is the best. The Kitz Theatre Chattanooga with the Crackers triumphing 12 to 3. The ClmttanoojA fans celebrated Billy Bayne day in fine style. The Nashville Vols and Birmingham 13arons played their final game of the season at Nashvillr utli ihe Vols winning 14 to 5 Th? Vols smashed the oftcrlnvs cf the Bnron liurlcrs for. 11 hits ar.:l two :iomc runs. HOME THEATRE Monday and Tuesday with Ricaido Corlez—\Vm. Col liers, Jr., and Alma Honnett Comedy—Admission 10—25c Night. Xo Matinee—Todnv— The Marx Brothers in their second Paramount "Animal Crackers" •• WitK l.'l'.ir.n Roth. COMEDY AND NEWS MATINEE :i:00—10-30c Special School Children Matinee—Grades—1 to "'— 10c. Grades—7 on—l!5c. Time 3:45. Night—G:-lii—and S:.!a—Adm. 15 and -lOc. FARMERS ATTENTION UNTIL SEPT. 30th. THE FAMOUS SAHARA COAL (Hums to a Clean Gray Ash—No Clinkers) I Per'Ton it Yard. Cash This Coal Delivered in Hlytheville During Sep. (ember at §8.00 per Ton Cash. LAY IN YOUR WINTER'S SUPPLY NOW SUPERIOR COAL CO. Cherry and R. R. Sts. Phone 123 ^

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