Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 24, 1952 · Page 1
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 1

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 24, 1952
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Weather Forecast Sunday mostly fair, little warmor. Low last niBht 53. noon today 65. Pul! Weather Information Page S BY FAR THE LARGEST CITT, RUBAI.. TOTAL CIKC ELATION IN KM MKT CO IN TV 1 A. 84th Year; No. 196 Combining tlic Vindicator & Republican EsthervUlc. Emmet County, Iowa, Saturday, May 24, 1952 An Indrpendrnt Xcwspaprr Week aOf; Copy 64 HEADING THK GRAND march at last nlghfa Junior-Senior prom were Supt. and Mrs. N. E, Demonoy, Marcia Schultz, prosidpnt of the senior ^uaily wews pnoto and enRravirffe), and Jim BIttnor. Settinff of the prom was a show boat. FACULTY MEMBERS sit one out at the Junior- Senior prom in the high, school Kymnasium to watch students" dance to the music of Lynn Kerns. From left to right are Edwin Thoroaon, (Ually News photo and ongraving) Mrs. Harold Hosklns, Mrs. Thoreson, Mrs. Dean McCormlcli, McCormick, Mrs. Boyd Borghcfcr and Berphofer. Standing are Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kaley, Steven Kul)lsen and Harold Hosklns. France Fouls Up Contract Refuses To Sign Peace Agreement Bonn, Germany, May 24 /P— France tossed a nionkcy wrench Into the machinery today only hours before the Wentcrn powers were to sign a peace contract with Germany and tie It Into a western defense force to resist communism. The French cabinet directed Foreign Minister Rol)crt Schumon not to sign either the peace contract or the European army treaty until French conditions have bc«n agreed to. These conditions, not made public officially, were understood to Include: m * * 1. A STRONGER guarantee against Germany pulling out of the European defense community (EDO) at some future date. 2. A revision of financial arrangements between the Allies and the West German government. 3. A promise that special French problems outside Europe—main* ly In Indochina—be given consider^ ution at once by tho United States and Britain. * * * 4. A rROraSE hy Britain and United States not to Interfere—by demanding more liberal French attitude toward Independence—In Tunisia and Morocco. 5. Continued Allied controls on German/industrlal production. The calendar which brought the Big Three foreign ministers here this week end called for signing the peace contract In Bonn Monday and the EDO treaty In Paris Tuesday. Hi ^ AFTER HOURS of trying to compose their differences, the Big Three called In Chancellor Konra^i Adenauer. Meetings scheduled with him earlier bad to be postponed because of the argument. Their own first meeting had been delayed while Schuman got hU Instructions by phone from Paris. The contract Itself Is Intended to ally 48 million Germans with the west, despite Soviet opposition to the whole Idea. It gives Germany a key spot In free Europe's deffen- SOS against possllilc communist afr-' gresslon. Tho EDO treaty slated for signature in Paris Tuesday would put 400,000 Germans Into a united European forco at- a million men. ! Release News of Third Bloody Riot at Koje Dr. Collins Accepts Mayo FeUowship Dr. 1,, K. C.illlni. will iilire fi»in his prnctlce tif mi':itlclnr and surgery In Enlliervllli' to niTrpt ii f.'l- lowship In rndlol<>(,'y of the Mnyu tounrtallon nt nurhenlor Ho will turn OVIT IIIB prnolU'' July 1 t" Dr. Dale Dunn of Oinnhn who will move here at that tlnuv * * * DR. COM.INS will f'-rxl Hludy under his M.'iyo fellowslilp nnii will be affiliated wllh the Mayo illnic In the taking, rending, and Inter- Many Demos Seek Election As Delegates BY DWIGHT MoCORMACK Des Moinea, May 24 <JP) — So many Iowa democrats want to be delegates to their national convention that if the state convention here next Wednesday chose a double delegation there Btlll would bo 16 left out Among the multiplicity of names mentioned as delegate candidates, there appeared to be some support for .mopt -of those mentioned as possible democratic presidential ' nop;tlnpej. However, U. S. Senator Eslos vKefauver of Tennessee seemed to hoJ,d -fho upper hand by a slight Smalrgli. Of those among 63 dele'\gate candidates who would express I a proferpnoe, It was Kcfauver 6, [iVico 'President Albun W. Barklcy Is dp ijioro, Gov. Adalai E. Steven- Ison of Illinois 3, and Iowa's U. S. penktor Guy M. Gillette of Cher- lokcc at Icaat one. * * « OTHERS INDICATED preferences for U. S. Senator Richard B. lussell of Georgia, U. S. Ssnator Dbort S. Kerr of Oklahoma and Avorlll Harrlman of New York, i>r0lgn aid chief. 'The 2,088 delegates chosen to at- ^nd the state convention will nc the 24 delegates allotted to pwa for the Domocratio national pnvcntlon opening In Chicago ^ly 21. istiitc'convention delegates from |e..; elgfit^ congrossioital districts meet in district caucuses Wed- aday morning to choose two na' al convantlon delpgatos each, stat^ conveiitipfi .Itself will se- elght national convention delc- at large in tho afternoon. }ne 'thing appeared to be almost tain. That is that the Iowa §ga,tiQn wtU go to Chicago un- 1-Ucted for any of the many dilates Jor the nomination. ^ 'a course is strongly urged aatio)^ai committeeman M. P. of JJubuque. I, • • • • • IDVES HAVE boon started In than one of the districts to ko Senator G'Hette a "favorite candidat^/and give him the .Wote on»f^ii firat national gentlon ba^jbt ne of tbGw|' H ^ho favor this relate thtt. jt ^is would give iQwans a (^HA^e to pay a trib- the only.JismQorat In coti- from U>w stite, and give fdelegation /j|n op |>ortunUy to |up the relaUfyre strength of the ly candidates. V ti^oee yrho have been mentioned tional convention delegates In to fogp S, oolumii T Eugene Ilenely Had Good Night After Surgery Eugene J. Henely, 34-ycar- old Esthervillo resident critically injured in an automobile ac^dcnt early yesterday, Is reported by his mother to have had a good night at the Sioux Falls veteran's hospital las*, night following an operation for his fractured pelvis. Henely was driving a car which left the road and plunged down an embankment one and a half miles west of Superior. Henely was taken first to a Spirit Lake hospital where ho was given a blood transfusion. Ho was moved yesterday morning to the Sioux Falls hospital. With him In Sioux Fails are his father, Fred Henely, and a brother, Sylvester. Mastersoii Trial Recessed Until Monday Morning Des Moines, May 24 JP —Tho trial of John A. Mostorson, tho rejected suitor charged with stabbing a former girl friend in St. Ambrose cathedral last September, has been recessed until Monday morning. District Judge Dring D. Needham' i-ccessed the trial after 20 prJDspoctlve Jurors were questioned yesterday. Masterson, 24, is accused of assault with intent to commit murder In the stabbing of Theresa O'Connor, 24, as she approached tho communion rail during an early morning mass. Masterson, who sat calmly through yesterday's proceedings, has pleaded innocent to the charge by virtue of insanity. Last November a district court jury found him Insane and he was committed to the state psychopathic hospital at Iowa City. . Authorities at the hospital last month found him sane and he was ordered to stand trial. The attractive young stenographer appeared nervous as the trial .o|>ened. She «ald her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed O'Connor of Relnbeck, will be here Monday to remain with her throughout the trlaL Four prospective women Jurors ^ere disqualified because they admitted tinder questioning they had formed opinions about Masterson'* innocence oi euUt. Problems of State Schools Are Outlined EalherviUe Rotarlans were given a glimpse at their meeting yesterday of problems and achievements of the Woodward stale school for feeble minded and epileptics. A. J. Shaftcr, social service director of the school, described new and important emphasis on place ment In society of those who can be adequately trained. He said that the school'n policy has been changed and that the state i« returning ^to society two types of inmates, tfiose who can be trained for useful work and those who can be permitted to stay at home following certain training. * * m OTHERS ARE custodial patients, sometimes described as human vegetables. The school has made important changes, ho said, in the emphasis to prepare Inmates for living In private homes. There are eight ward buildingB, an 800-acro farm which produces much of the food supply, including milk, caring for 1700 patients ranging in ages from two weeks to 73 and 80 years of ago, with Intelligence quotients of three to 138. The plant is served by 300 regular employes and 2B0 volunteer workers. i> « « THE IIOSriTAL cares for the state's epilectlcs and the mental defectives of the northern part of Iowa, He sold that many of the patients are unable to do things for themselves which tjjey learn later largely because of over-protection on the part of parontfl. Included among patients arc those committed by courts and voluntary patients seeking the care needed. Other guests at yesterday's meeting were J. M- Gibson of Sioux Falls, State Repreaent^tlvu Max Socth and Hubert Q. I>ougherty, state welfare director for Emmet county. Sees Dangler In Bombing Of Manchuria Caused Fire Wliile Trying To Prevent One Bettendorf, la., May 24 UP)~A group of woi'kers >t th« J. I. Case company plant caused what they wei-e trying to provent—fire. A half-milUon dollar blaze yesterday damaged « huge foundry building at the plant Offlciahi said the fire WM started by a crew making plant changes to reduce fire hazards. A cutting torch Ignited • paint vat. 1 Washington, May 24 l/P)—Gen. Matthew B. RIdgway has told senators he believes that United Nations bombing or communist bases In Manchuria would increase the danger of bringing Russia's air force into tho Korean war. His feeling on this Issue wos disclosed with publication today of a heavily censored transcript of his testimony at the general's closed- door appearance before the senate armed services committee' Wcdnes- doy. Tho committee, heade^ by Sen. Russell (O-Ga), released the transcript after cutting out many sections for tho stated reason of national security. * * * ONE PART WHICH was consoled out was Ridgway's reply to a question as to whether tho U. N. allies in Asia would have air superiority over the communists If tho Russian air force entered the fighting. The transcript quoted a question by Sen. Morse (R-Ore.); "Is 11 you/ military opinion that the bombing of Manchurlan bases would greatly increase the danger of bringing Russian air forces into the Asiatic war," "In my opinion, it would, sir," was the quoted reply of the former U. N. commander in Korea, recently named supremo commander of allied forces in Europe. « « • RIDGWAY HAD said, and been quoted, on Wednesday that the V. N. forces were not strong enough to stage an all-out offanalvo to drive the communists out of Korea, or to begin t>ombing of Soviet bases In Manchuria. Another Morse question in the transcript was: "Are you In position to advise this committee this morning as to whether It Is true that we do not have air superiority In Asia In case the Russian air force should come into the war?" "Reply omitted for security reasons," the transcript read. "U. S. Could Control Germ Warfare" Washington, May 31 Ue>-Gen. Matthew B. RIdgway is confident that measures taken to protect the health of U. N. troops In Korea would make control of germ attack easy if tho Reds shottM launch one. Speaking to a combined meeting of newswritar** clubs here, the general said yeaterday be believed the communist* «re capable of using gvrm warfare, '^our guMW Is a« good u mln*," b« s«l4 when asked if he thought tb« Rod* niight do so. DR. I,. E. rOLI.IN.S pretlng x-rny pictures a« well UN x-ray treatment. Tho Collinses have puteliaxed a home at Rochester and will Hell iitheVr dwelling here. They hnve n daughter, Dlune. * * s- DR. COLLINS ranie t <i EnUicr- vlllc In 1D38 and fxcifl for three years of medical Beivtce tn the army medical corpo has hi en a prue ticlng physician nlnre. He is president of the Kniniet County Medical soelety and pieBl- dcnt of Holy Family hnnpliul Ktnff. Ho studied roeduane at CreU;lil'in university and Interned nt .St. Cn- t,herino's hoBpltal In Omaha. Dr. Dunn, who will rome to K»- thervlllo to practice, nino In n Crel- ghlon graduate. Is mmried imd hii.i three children. One Killed in Car*Truck ColiiHioii Iowa City, la.. May 21 </Ti A c«r-truck coUlslon (i)\ir iiilirn north of Iowa City on hiKhwav I'lK took the life of Virgil Uell, ut Cedar Rapids, yesterday. Two other men, Paul Hamer, 60, Cedar liii- plds, driver of the Iruek. and Charles Crago, 40. Cednr Uapldn. u p^vK»^^nger In the car, woii- for minor Injuries at university hospitals here and releaHeil. Rodeo To Be Staged At Kirk s Ti'iitutivr l )Htf«< An- Jill) 19, 20 An «ll-iiinte«t ro.leo In pl.tnmd fur KnlliervlUe nt the .Mm KlrU Iiirni four mlhii north i .f tin' on htgliWiiy 17, It hait bei-n niiimun <ed. Tentative diilen foi tlie ii.ilin iiK- Siilurdny n:»l Sunday ntXvt nmins. .luly 10 nnil W. The even! will IM' iilnKed by 11 r.iin hrrji frinn Hlunt, .S. I), wlio. in the past four yvatii. have luiWI np II lodiM) pf.rfoMnitnce ati a hltlellnr to tlnir leculiir lumlMemi eiiterpitx it*. Thf men Iwive all tn-cn tiiteien) id In roileoii for iiiiiny \riirs aiiil di <l(li (I to lieRln TilMUliij! litem nn (!<irt i .f a lioliliy IIIKIIi OK(iAM/.ATIO.N i»n t ,, IruvellInK iixteo Hint iiinki'n vnil iriiM oneiliiy utands out Id «lrlelh a route!.! Kideo In wlilrh ex I 'ry ev I'nt In <-oinpefItlve, wit'i piifoini •'IK vyint! hjiHln»l em h otlier foi I rl /.i- iiittnex'. All evrntH air oprii «lilrh n>runR tliiil any rider oi liiillilo^'Ki I who wiMlirn niiiy rntn eny or all eveiitn The Hlunt Ilinehirs li.lVr lino prochirlnn llieli iixlro luriilly (oi Imii .M-.iin iind derlilrcl to lirlnv: Ho/•how to ICHtloTvllli' /iflir 111 • i .niliii; Mri|iialnt^<l with Kirk «lon hi- « In Hlunt liiiving (•-•'ilir inltN' All till' llveMtoek the rodro am n iom<» from till- Hlunt urea nm) inonl U owned by the 11 linn_ Ineludid are •U) lu-Hd of liueklni; liornen and Urahma tattle uned (or ridlrm. • • * KUVIN KORKOW. Hh.> l- im iiiitunioblle dosler. tnieher and rancher at [Hunt, :n in • linrue 11 • /ind tiaiiy l*ln^ w«'ie Tn lOHtlii'r- vllte this Week nlaklng out llie arena at Kirk's fsrni. It will be IIKHI- • d wc «t ot the Kirk farm home on the Routh shore of old (Unim lak"- end an nll-wi 'nther road lends to till- Hiti'. The arena IN IIH ali'd in Honii'lhln); of a natural boul iin I Heatn will \»- on the went Hide of the liowl. Kirk has the material • •in hand (or bulIdInK ihe anna and will lii'Hln work on II BCMIII. Ini ludi 'd on the pioKrum svlll l >i' II wild horse raee and wild "ow milking rontCKt, xiwelal I'Vi nti* whiih have proyi-d riowd |ileii«irii, Korkow said, Korkow aald that I'O lo ;!5 row 1M))'H will rorne from thr Hlunt tma lo roinprti' for prize nion> v iin<l lo vv.mlM all ildem from Ihla nnu to •mopiti' In (he evrnid (<iv<> IK5 PintN (if KlixHi ''.rlnnill, In. May 21 l/l'' 'iiiii- mil I 'oUi'Ke HtudenlM and (arultv 111. iiiliem K 'lVe 1H.1 pints of l)li«xl «h .ii the lied CroBX l)loodniol )l|i' Htopp^il on the cafniiuii thU wiik. Thirt rxce^'iled th^- rolli -K<' fiuoXti ' ^^^^^^ (Dally New* enKravlnir) QVEKN 0|P TUB A4|t *ATKNNIAI. I««t year In Mlnn<a|«.IU will be tn Bstbervtlto for the Osdrlc Artamit «how In th« hlxh m ho«l t.-vm nnsium, at B p. m. T ^wsday. A rurm«r K«therville iclrl, iib>- utt<iv>l ed grade and junior high school hrrv She was «;h«>»*n Uopkin. Minn., Raspberry queen last June and wiui entered by (bu iiopkinji V. y. W, In the Aquatcnnial conlcut. She won the AqualennUI «jutfn titl* la competltkin with over SOO contestants from Mlnm notd towns and flnallsU. Part of h<'r scttvltles «s quern lnclud<d a 8U«ti4Cru)Mt. night t« Hawaii wiili MinovapolU columnist Vlrifiniit Safford and will Inolifdie reigning ovrr the IMZ Aquateunlal lo July Tb« Adams show Is tpoiMorod h*re by B«t« Sigma Pbi. ( C(impai*rn Manafiers in Predictions IW nWKilll MrtX>K.M.\( H M^<liir>, Mny '.M .1' Mi-• atopaltcTi innnrtKrr^ of the fl\.• anillilnlr« (or ROV. rnor irnv,- a wlilt' \nil. t\ •»( K\ir^*r« tiHl»\' •»( llir i;ii; \otr in Ihi- Jim* 2 pilinUM •i.-rtlim ."-{••iio' hii>ti'iir'^l to prrOlet vh lor- I.K for I loir inin Othern illit not ninki' in> riaillllonn] forrr«»t» Tto' •'rtioll(lnti-f) are (lov. W'Ullnin S H.'iiril«l.\ fiirio. r I.I (lov Km- ni -lh A l \\nn«. and l .t <on- WIT ilul" II Nlrho !i»i. (or the Uepuhl). run ooiolnntlon: Othn !> Wi-nrln nod Uet.%rhrl I,ovrU 'iiii on the 111 nioitnll. i>Uli Ml. n WIMtfleUI, 1V» Molne» •! t .i |(o\' rinit Hrniilnlry hinonKer. flalil hi' anth'lpnl^^l the Itrpuldl.-nn> for Kovrrnor would totnl ."li'ft.- ooi> 111 lonilr no Kueiiii on lli<- ff- loortiitle t ^>lal f . (I. AUK .Me .N'I'.AI.. H. loKio.l i • n\ • «liil.' ilinhi ami fnrm ninnnis^ r. l%\.-in»»' ntiinitKrr'. forr (.'«»t n tota! xoii', III piililliiin and Iremorrallr. of .1ll >.P0<) l .i 'slie Hull. Wniikon nr»iipii|M'r I>iil)ll»lier and ninnnKvr for Nieh olan. nald the totnl voti* on (tie Iti-- loihllenn Hide only Would be SXO.OIK) to :iOO(H)0. Dull- L H|i«-nrer. Den Mnlnea nt- loiniy nervliiK an Wenrlnii iiiiinn ^••r, predletiMl n roniblneil vote of 4OO.0<:K) or ponulily more .lohn lirentibneh. Oltiiniw.i an toiiiohlh- ilrnlrr snd mnnntfer for Lovelrim. iinid he thovighl U>e !>•• luocratlc vole would Ire sbout 70. 000, luid Ihn Rvpubtlcan total about 300,000. In the tViWI prlmarN'. B»«fdsl«>y as the only Hepubltcnn eundldatti $ot volen. Two rH-moiTnUe ran. (lUlatrK irot n IOIHI of VJ.tM vote*, Thu» the urnnd total for K<'v.rtror In the Innt primary was 333.I(K), « • * IN Tlir; IWH i.rlmnry. Henrd* U'V Kot 1WI.W.1II Votin. former (Jov HoOert I) Hlue. m.77l. for n lie piihllrnn total of ,1I7.7(KI. Th. one nemoerntle cnndldnte Knl (M.IM votnn, to ninke tho icrand total 375, tK)4 Till' ennipalKn mnnnurrn rn«<|e the (ollowInK eommentn on the pri ninry ranipalKn: Wbttflild "HrnrdKleyn plnlfnrrii IH lo liullil a hrtlir town by moind Hiate ndnitnlatratlon. no new tnnen. no lnrrfa»e In taKeii, no ntntr prop I'lty tax, tmpi-ov*-n»ent of I3,2 <.i'-l ro'O.' lollrn of fnrmlo ronrk 't riiddii and l.OOO lour, inllin of diary roiid«, full i'.'i jH 'r • ent «it«l< Hid to mhoolii, ronllnunllon of iin phtiMln on rnnKi-rx ni loo of noil v« a til unit human n «ourrin " Mi.S 'eal "I 1). llivr that Illy ran didiilr In Kolofr >o win 40 per not of II,.' Ile).ol>ll< HO viilr Hrardii lev will he lo.tind witll S .I per rrnl. nml Ntiholrm n .-o' I think Ihr tin d .rld.d vol.- ulll l-iri;.ly •i^ttl. In the iHiit week of tli. i nmpniKn HiKht now li w'liht i-r n ptioto fin lull h«'lwi'ro Kxii (i« iind H *'^iC (liil« • « « IH'I.I^ Tlo' faiiurn IhU yi -nr «r«- rlrtin. r and Ih.' raiHlidatin nre iiwiUlni; more ttuin an tivi-rnjf.' vltf- oiou« rjiiiiptilifn I tM 'lii-vt' th" rond (|iOfltl.m tn thr d ^xolniirit Iqntir uml I h. II. v<' thai If the voler« In grn < ral know that II will not Inhc n piopi.rly lax to rrllri' a froa/li IIOIHI litiiui', IIKO I Hunk lh>y Mr>apt to Ko alon^ with Mr. Nlrholit* for hU prokrnrn la eh ar rut and on*- that will prr>vlii'* roadH There wim no properly tax r«-i|ulred 2») y.urn ntto ('A'tii'n th.' prr*« ot pavr- fo( nt wnu uo'l'-rtaki'n 1 and l( will not tJlk." r,n<' toiluy ( IM-H.-V.- to<i that tin- rliihti .itm Inr '-rrii' t *y ptjhtle llv i^Hen H.jiril«|iyi nn .l Ho- third ti rrn 'for H .-4Ml «l «-yi inMij,- jtr. aUri infliiilicloif Ho- viil<'f« of It,. I l.»ll.-.i- Iw) thai .Mr .Nh hol.i»' ntand In f^v-r '•( horn<- ruh- for urbociU 'AUI Inlliji -ni ' many vutrm In hl« favor •• Hvt:srr.ti~"wt: expert to ..e a InrK'-r primary th.'in t-vft iM-for*- In hlntory On \hf l ,i «u»n. !• la oli vtooH (hat Ihr ina)or ta«tir Ir. Uo- (iKht for (fovrrnor l« the dtploratile rondllion '.f luwn'a U(Khw,iyi. whleh In our opinion reata a<|o &rely and completely in (ho Up of Hi« pre«4'nt admlnUtratlun Klooda are lh« serond major Iwur The dt*- ajiter which raced throuKh cvory »rr« of the atatr In the tut fi-w years »p |>ari 'ntly h«» ROne unnoticed by Krpuhlirana alnro the fl<M3«la atarted. We are ronddonl »»e will win (the nomination I with We »rln by an o'. eri* halrnlng tiikjorUy " Grrniel«rh 'VVe think (h- De mo <.'ralk- vote U Koinif (a h«t (air­ ly IlRht In a liBht vote It would he itnylmdy'a vletory It U difdcult lo t. II whtrh If It lurna out l,i ()«• a hr«vy vote Lovrle*« will win (the nomlnallonJ with flying rolora. In s llkTbt vote Wearin mljiht win The nwt« Indepondent vote lliere U, the more IHOVKUM will trc th' iKi," W« are hoplnje for a heavy vute.- . . 1 Censors Held Up Story Srvon Killrtl, 57 WoumlctI Ka]« UUnd. Kor**. May M Nrwa of • third Moody rlo4 by Kml priinner* at war on v(i>l«a<»-4ota Ka)e laland camo to light to4ay. Hnulh Korean soureiM aal4 fwtf Korean Bunrdu and thr»« Nortlt Korrnn rr.nimunUt prl«ofMrs w «r« killed nnd 57 Itnts WOWMIMI In (ha uprlsInK April 10 Aanx'lAltit l>rv«a Carr««|PMm4a«t Wllllnm Jordfn obtalnmi Ihn story from South Korean wtinMSMi at- tnoai a week «•« but army e*n«or« In Tokyo withhald II until today. A tr M. RiKhlh army spoliMHiMa aald the army had ann<nine«4 nolh- Ins of (hi> riot "bccaus* the dghth army lnvr«(ls«(tnn o( th* laeldmt ha* not bven rompleiMt." Ami »rt- ran nfflelala hsrs r*(u««4 Ut Own- ment. • • • A. n. MIKK Monrtm #r fTV Oklat Indleatrd In Wsnhlnften a nenntn nutrrommll** may litvaaU. (tntn erniKirahIp d»lay of Jordan's dUpnteh, Monroney. a former n«wapapar- man. la a memb«r of lh« spMital •enste InventIgatlng subcommlttM rheeklnK Into Ihs avallabHlty of newa under gov<rmm «nt ragakh lion*, lt« aaUl the commlllt* "wauM eertatnly Ilka to taks a toak* •> the delaypd dispatah. It« i4d«d invcsttiratlon might »h«w _ son for dstaylng tha slofy. .. « « - NiNRTlr co»octrmirr yrtooMf* and on* U. » aoMtet MOad ta earlier Koje rlota -r »»n 111 and Mnrvh II The army roUasad f»r- rrapondirnts' storin on th«aa ibArt- ly after they occurred. Ited l>OWfl today haul«d d«ini II of tha IT North Korvan and CM- ne«o communist flaxa thaiy bad flown defiantly ovtr Ihsir eota- IHJuml (or months. Two rnmpanlM of Rrlllah ean»- mnnwealth troop* witt« due to land today In bolster the United Nslloaa romntand garrison on this tanatoa- rldd«n Island. The Houth Korean wttnsaaM told Jorden a U fl. srmy eaptaln aad •Is Houth Korean tuarda w«t« wounded In (h« April 10 uprlslag. The Am»rlr«n is CapL Jack J. MrOulre. (hometown unavailable) wounded In th" arm and thigh He waa itivrn a blood tranefiMlan oa Koje then transferred to Japaa. • a • Tlir. IXrORMANTM said moet of ih.< (iKhtlna took place withia aliiht of the eoinp comniandar. then HI IK «l-n rranrii T. Dodd. t>od .l waa aeljed by l»OWII May 7 and relraavd 711 hours later. The trouble April 10 tMfgan near Ihr Kate of rnmpound 98, the Korean Miurce* said The dead liouth Korean guard* *ir>- brought out of tho eompooad ahortly after (he battle. Another souree said the Red IHlWa were hoklln* the bodlaa of aornr of their dead leader* on May 17, thn date of Jorden'* dlspateh. Tht* rould not be ronflrmed. but the atench of death hunf In tha air aUiut tlt<- compound. Jorden rapor- ted. • * a AS KHCATKn prt ».mer >ald the llrda In the compound were ke«p> IhK thi- IxMlle* of -five or els" prisoner leader* killed In the outbreak and VKere waahtog them dally wtth nl.ohol In an effort to prr *«rve them The rted* ripped down (heir flags to<tay apparently %.i the re*ult of n abort meeting ye«terd«y txttwti-n (he new camp ri »mm«ndcr. Brlj. Orn Haydon L. Dioatner, and a llrtt epukevman. llvf^in Work To Restore Aid Cuts Wnahlniftoo, May 24 -AdmHv- iniration leader* op«ned an attack today to realor* *om* of the Sl.- 7Tr iOO.WX) the house cut out o( I'realdent Truman's foreign aid proKram for nvst year. Th* evident hope w»a that th* saaata would go caster with tho pruning knife Overtones of the praaldvntta) campaign wer* obvious as tha lioujui chopped lh« big aid bill tram (he t7JMO,00O,0OO Truman asked to Klfl3.«UO.Oi}0 bofora approving K • •let night. The roll call vota an pajaaage was 248 to 110. Two tk»r eats, •peasored hy hacker* of San. Taft (R-Ohlo». topped 73«H mlUlon dolUira from sc*. noRilc aid for Kuropa and th* rar Kaat. The house aim approved sla- ahe* of tUOIObMAOOO la Buropoaa ecoaomU; and Military asatatanca made pravtoualy by U »a ioralgs at* (all* coounlttea.

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