Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 13, 1953 · Page 13
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 13

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1953
Page 13
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IKE'S BIRTHDAY SCENE—This is the entrance to the huge circus tent in which more than 6,000 persons will sit down to a $100aplate birthday dinner tonight honoring President Eisenhower whose 63rd birthday takes place Wednes­ day. The welcome sign was set in place Monday. Prominent figures in entertainment and sports will appear on a program. Ike leaves after the party on a western tour. (AP Wircphoto.) Birthday Fete for Ike Has No Limit THE DAILY Prof, T. H. Willanl spoke next. It was ft week of ttto later thftt on "Bell Orators" tolling when it f nP bft |, was found Deptlty mm had rung out in joyful celebration;ir„rh.,rgh go* » •" buried SEC. ?, PAGE Friendly Neighbors Meet at Fairviow F A I R V I E W — The Friendly Neighbor Club of Kairview met at the country home of Mrs. Gus Anderson and daughter, Hazel, Wednesday afternoon with twelve O/.IFMJIJPG, IIIINOIS, TUESDAY, OCTOBER n, 19.VJ members, two guests and thrccj — — S2rtt SI Both Sides of Main Street % wie i l m rL Cs t C wn's fi ni a nn C d for' w - w - W. .been made when the bell rhnrsfl-ivevenint? at'the home of ! , An w , nl important to Knox Col-;rolled out. of the building. mors spread rapidly through the!round and no time was lost in Ihursday evening at the home oi , ;im| ( ; a „... burj , tha , look; „ ut thcre was nothing to do but sllldc nt body as to who stole theihoisling it | 0 its bearings on Old Place the latter pari, of February : go on with the dedicatory exer- M | Somn fhotifhl it might be iMa, 'n- Dr. McClelland gave the bell dedication of the cises even though the whereabouts, mf . ml)ftrs of , h o class 0 f m2 aslope its first pull and then seniors of the, Knox ora.orieal victories. S U &lT\n\S! " F£ He named as the winners Ban-!™*" J ,uhr ' cd h ? basement 6f croft, Wyckoff, Bender, Finley.if". ° W house that had burned on Hauerbach, fSorsnch and Brownj wnaf . was caI,ed Bi » Spaulding'S 13 fthe latter of the class of 1902)j ran 5' l, „ , as the seven bell oralors. I. Mr - ""rbtirgh returned to town, F. K. Brown spoke next on theiP ,in f CfI "P the drayman who had 1902 oration. Then followed the ]masterly address by Dr. Finley. I Since early morning when the was bell was discovered missing, hi hauled the bell there and they brought it back to town. Word spread rapidly that the bell had been found, the seniors gathered g at the home of Mrs. Fred Ilowerler. Mrs. Charles Cook, the former Betty Archdale, was honored at a: V-Wl was the recast Knox College bell, a gift'of the bell were unknown. Dr. John; jy the class of 1002, whose mom-ill. Finley, former president, had The next meeting will be held obr , rs w ,, rf . soon 1o )ako ]oavfi of rf .)„ rn( . r j to Knox, corning all the, at the home of Mrs. Harry Van the class rooms for their future way from New York City to do shower. Games were played. |, two faction* Houlcn Oct. 21. Refreshments the hostesses. were served Firemen on Picnic Miss Out on Alarm DAYTON, Ohio W — The siren in nearby Harrison Township;?;,, screamed and screamed and! b i ;in a coI(. b y What evnl memorable ceremonies were fire , cold world. diver the main makes the dedicatory! Dr. Thomas was that, the ley's .successor, complete in address McClelland, Finin opening the evry detail, with a few other de- Ihrown in, except there was program told briefly that, it was tai no he|| glorious lege when John Finley won the inter- to hang and ring out the slate oratorical contest at Bloom- said to he the class. About the time for the exercises to open, Fdward Swanson, president of the < lowing letter: "Having conceived the idea of playing a present, took turns ringing the bell. It was never definitely proven who really stole the bell, but it has been pretty well established ass, received the foi-; ,hal - nn members of the class of 1 1902 were involved. senior class, it Suspicion rested rather pointedly on some members of the class of 1903 and they might have been the guilty, because feeling between been strained practical joke on thej and having carried! , , , . ,„,,„ .. , ,. . „ , , •- ufficiently far, and being un-, announcement that Knoxinglon in 1887 that the bell had' wiI | jnj , )f) put forth a Sf , cond limP the two classes had r'whir^ «o fi rinx ? %h P e r S • bCCn Crackcd whi,e ringing oul .« hc tenuous effort necessary tojduring most of their college years, screamed. The township firemen: don1s Vo their class rooms, or*an-! lhc ncws of thc victory \ Hc alsotransnort the bell, we hereby give| Thcreforc a moflvc mighl bc scen . didn't hear it. They were picnick-; nouncf , , 0 thp cily thc fiood news ;explained the serious desire to,you the privilege of getting it, h ing. that Knox had won a football have thc bell recast and now this yourselves. In considera ion of Dr., , Their host had assured them he^uno or a dcbate victory . „ hfl( , becn set asjdc for lhe ;Hnley we think i to mar member of the class of Naughty could hear the fire siren at his, s jokcstprs or cuIprils had 'dedication. I ,he p5 ? crc,s ? s ' ami hcrcin .'"form.three and he is willing to take heme. Too, hc added, there waS| s j 0 | ( , r) t | )fl bf , ilways the telephone. They even,' A few dav's Dr. Albert Hurd spoke of the told how you of its location. it in miles on.senior class By PATTI SIMMONS NEA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON (NEA)—President Eisenhower's birthday party'will be arranged on Oct. 13 is going to make anything Billy Rose ever cooked up look: ; like a small town block party. j The "Great Brood" ofCirndas In showmanship, extravagant setting and entertainment, the shin-^17 year locusts) anooarcd in inn- dig being tossed by the Pennsylvania Republican Finance Committee;the next of this laree brood 1 in Hershcy, Pa., will out raz-ma-taz even thc Inaugural Ball. Iknown as "Brood 10" k 1 . ° Props include a Ringling Brothers' circus tent pitched in a sportslappear in 1970 arena, one full-sized stadium, Fred ' Wiring's orchestra a birthday (walch lllc co]ossal show with cake seven feet in diameter, and! chorus of 500 and a cast o[ 45 enough food for possibly 6500 peo-j Pennsylvania-born movie star p ... . . , .,, . .. jJames Stewart is to narrate The public^ which wil jam the ,. s of Amerlca » a pagcant stadium, is bemg invited to bring! dicti dramatic episodes of their supper with them. But lhc| Amcrlcan history fromH Columbus Republican bigshots from Wash- to Lincoln ington and across the country „ ,, ' , . ,, . will be forking out $100 a plate! Golf champion Ben Hogan and to nibble roast beef under thc;Pro Harry Obitz plan to keep "big top" between 5 and 7:30 p.m.;things moving by driving hun ... . ~ , „ , dreds of plastic and cotton golf It's not a political rally, de- , „ . , ,. _ . ? n Clares Finance Committee chair- bas ,nt P . thc a' lclie nce. Each ball man Philip T. Sharpies. "We arei^ 11 co " tal ? a L UCky m,mbcr - r f going to help the President •cele-r de . emabl . c , fo '. Pennsylvania-made brate his 63rd birthday in typical ^'^uJ^ T'^f ^ Pennsylvania fashion, just as we a c 'g arcttc "fihter to a TV set. the night before. got a stand-in dispatcher so lhe! se ' t ' / or " th V "' dc K io ^ \ hhCc ^^ory of thc bell. He regular dispatcher could go to thc )bad b ,, r , n brougbt j nlo the Knox,lhc first bell had been placed U • 1 Ali lyni picnic. ilibrary. (then in Alumni hall); it the original academv in 1847 or a college joke, we remain, liCimncl AllOlia 1 IA Came thc report of a grass fire.J was ,,|j lf .. ( . d und( -. r the librarian'silMS and how afterward it has been' "Yours sincerely, Of Fill fonfi-rrnrn The temporary dispatcher tried , if , sk for Kaff ,kceping and covered sold for the purpose of a fire bell. ATEAAVA ... «Iv ..r thc hosls telephone. No answer. wjUl ;i ,. w .. S p apers io hide it from! For years it was the only bell ALTONA-AKona ROVA P.T.A.jHc tried the siren. Everyone in the curious gaze of the under- in the inland community of Gales- „ mnInv ,., , lrIirk drnvp mit tn , hp . |9i „ , h ., wnr „ n„™ f B1 , M |„ hll H «„ members are reminded that dis- the township-except the firemenl c i ;i , SInr , ri ! bl . r „ and was usr-d ilikn for cm P'°> ed a truck, drove out to the tails that were never published in trict four fall conference meets hv-heard it. To make it worse, thej when the librarv opened theischool, church, and' as a warning 7" p,, . c . h ^ d ab ° U ! a to"<he newspapers Were Senator Mc- Kcwancc Oct. 20. fill-in dispatcher couldn't get thc morning set. for the dedication, so of fires. He spoke of thc service it ^ I'Vi? .V •7 fl } ought '^ arth ,, y . to caI1 . hcmfto appear be, Those desiring luncheon rescrva-'siren turned off. far as the eve could sec, the bell,'had faithfully performed through ™ e bc!I had ocen buried and were fore his committee I am sure that, tions call Mrs. Irving Lundcen by| Finally, he got thc firemen from about, to be "hung in the tower of all the years, but at last in 1887 H 10 " convir, ced the letter was Thursday noon. Transportation'^ neighboring township to douse I old Main, was still reposing in its 1 when John Finley won the inter- hoax ' You will find an oa th that he had no part in the barn of Mr. Felt, 2 ,/ 2:ihe affair, one reason that he was west of town. Hoping the] no t invited to be a parly to thc may consider it onlyjtheft. Hc has talked with several members of the class of 1903 about the bell but none would admit they "The Perpetrators." ihad a part in it, though some of Immediately a group of seniors them appeared to know little de- the fire, damage. They reported: would in our own home To date, Sharpies' homelike plans call for President and Mrs. Eisenhower to enter the sports Orchestra leader Waring, who's in charge of the thrill-packed show, says the governors and members of congress have been a ^ a .u in JL. , hoTr , sc - (,rawn ub , u ,egy 1 i nvi t ed to play "pin the tail on with the Chief Executive holdmg! the don k ey ." A second pageant will depict the the reins. Then they will circle thc{ the America ri scene from Lincoln stadium on a 15-foot-wide white (t0 the prescnt day . This part of painted parade route. As Ike and ^ program caUs f or a stirring Mamie alight and come up on1 f he !rendition of "Battle Hymn of the stage, the multi-layered birthday | Republic," "America thc Beauti ,.»h ft* Panrlln, UMII TISC^ and „ God Bless America ..- cake with 63 candles will through a trapdoor. At this point 700 Pennsylvania girls, each carrying a cake baked by a Pennsylvania housewife, will go through the audience dishing out ice cream and a piece of cake, complete with individual candles. This way each of the thousands of well wishers can light up their own candle and join in on a rollicking chorus of Happy Birthday. Ike and Mamie will sample ice cream and cake in their stadium box with Maj. and Mrs. John J. Eisenhower, the President's four Cabinet members have been in vited as have top White House brass. Senators James Duff and Edward Martin of Pennsylvania will lead the congressional con tingent. Governors who have ac cepted to date include Thomas Dewey of New York, John Fine of Pennsylvania, Dan Thornton of Colorado, Theodore McKeldin of Maryland and Alfred Driscoll of New Jersey. Highlight of the evening, of course, will be Ike's extemporaneous remarks to the crowd. brothers and Mamie's mother | Fr the $ ioo -gate-givers there will Mrs. John Doud. Together they'll Not only relieves coughs colds but... 7 Loosens sticky phlegm and thus V"Breaks-up" coughing spells. V Contains no narcotics. No wonderso many doctors have prescribed PERTUSSIN* for coughs of colds for all the family. be a souvenir plate with the Pres idenl's signature in gold. Special trains will be running to Hershey on the party clay, which incidentally, is not the President's birthday at all. It's really the next day. A good guess is that Mamie will be throwing a little party of her own on the 14th. This one is sure to be a cozy affair for family-only, with the grandchildren probably on hand to blow out the candles. a if he asked them if they were loyal jto their country they would em- "Noitemporarv resting" place.""At "least state oratoricarcontest, ""HS"" joy! It «"as a tired and dejectedlphatically answer in the affirma- thc pile of newspapers looked the was unrestrained and a fracture group of seniors, their clothestive, but should he bring up the same as the pile of newpapers of its side changed its tone. "We mussed and hayseed in their hair.iquestion of the theft of the college Crude oil as it comes from the had the night before. No suspicious should rejoice that from the a.shcsithat arrived back at Central Con- bell they would likely stand on ground can be one of many thou-!cye then noted the mark on the of the old has come forth a new.gregationai Church just as the their rights under the fifth amend- to'sands of different types of com-: library floor from the librarian's|and larger bell," the venerablebenediction to the dedicatory ^menf as they would not want to in- pounds. desk to the front door which had professor said in conclusion, Services were being said. jcriminate themselves. WHY WE CAN GIVE YOU AN EXTRA IU0WANCE ON YOUR PRESENT CAR "Mercury than any dealers sell more cars per dealer of our competition. We still make money operating on a lower profit margin— so you can get a higher trade-in allowance!" More than 100,000,000 man-hours were added to the nation's production output by the rehabilitation and employment of physically handicapped persons in 1952. HEY!! 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