The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 23, 1996 · Page 20
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 20

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1996
Page 20
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B8 TUESDAY, JANUARY 23, 1996 Fun THE SALINA JOURNAL Jumbto in INVENTING A TECHNOLOGY TO PREVENT KIDS FROrA 5EEING SttUT ON THE INTERNET. SO, VOU'RE PITTING VOUR INTELLIGENCE AGAINST THE COLLECTIVE SEX DRIVE OF ALL THE TEENAGERS WHO OWN COMPUTERS? WHAT IS VOUR POINT? DID YOU KNOW THAT IF YOU PUT A LITTLE HAT ON A SNOWBALL IT CAN LAST A LONG TIKE. IN HELL? BY HENRI ARNOLD & MIKE ARGIRION Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to dach square, to (orm four ordinary words. JAROM f ^\ \ / r~ "> ^ j etm TKtuni MMi SmlM, He. CYDUH IJ Peanuts HEf,MARGIE..WHAT'S OUR HOMEWORK FOR TOMORROW? WE'RE SUPPOSED TO MEMORIZE A PASSAGE OF SCRIPTURE.. REMEMBER LOT'S WIFE.? 60T IT! IF I TELL YOU A SECRET ABOUT THE GENERAL, WILL YOU PROMISE NEVER TO SAK&E! PIP YOU HEAR ABOUT THE NO SECRET STAYS A SECRET FOR MORE THAN A MINUTE 5AR6ES ASTUTE ON HUMAN BEHAVIOR TUBECK f A ^ > DARIFA LI > s J When do we Ml to Uw llnlsh line? WHAT THE EX- JOCKEV OONe-IPEREP Hfe PAILROAP WORK. Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. Yesterday's (Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: LURID JUMPY PURPLE ADVICE Answer: What the contractor had to do when the plumber finished — PAY THE "PIPER" Cryptoquip Hi and Luis E JXSOGXB VZSV VZX UV O X XV -QN O G X O SOVEUV KSGSFXB V N BOSH UNKX JSOFX QONHBU. Yesterday's Cryptoquip: THE RADICAL CARPENTERS LEFT THE UNION AND MIGHT FORM A SPLINTER GROUP. Today's Cryptoquip clue: J equals L The Cryptoquip Is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands for another. If you think that X equals 0, it will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single' letters, short words and words using an apostrophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error. SO, WHAT KiMP OF Y LIZARP LI PS, OCTOPUS Born Loser THAN WHAT VoU FEP The Lockhorns L LDV6 k GOODTHWULER.! KALFNb< TUPKei?.! WHY N^E. YOU (2EM>lh\GTH£ DIPNTYOUJU5T 5TNCTTHAT BOOK "WHEM IT COMES TO YOUR BROTHER, I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE ... EXCEPT MY CHECKBOOK." I NJW W5 £EM> TH6 END OF THESE TWNK>FlteT... CANtTAKETHE Family Circus For Better or For Worse SHE'S BeeN TrilNKlNQ- ABOUTPOINS LONG -TIME. 1-23 Otm BU Kwtx. I DM. by CowMl Synd., (no. GarffeU "Why do we say 'doggy 1 and 'horsey 1 and 'piggy 1 but not 'cowie'?" morale /I WONPER WHV I PO THIS... (6 IT BECAUSE I CRAVE ATTENTION?... OR 16 IT JUST BECAUSE I'M 6TUPIP? EVERVBOPV! LOOK AT THE . 5TUPIP CAT! BOY. BUSINESS SURE HAS BEEN SLOW LATELY ^V> I'LL SAY BUT I KNOW HOW TO CORRECT THINGS Pickles Cathy Crossword ACROSS , 1 Spring • wind? 5 Gen. Arnold of WWII 8 Stereo forerunner 12 Domini lead-in 13 Sapporo sash 14 Enthusiastic, plus 15 Attractive? 17 Not quite a hurricane 18 Compass point 19 Old hand 20 Advertisers' concern 21 Brooks or Blanc 22Shriner's chapeau 23 Aladdin's ally 26 Most 30 Eager, and then some 31 Ump's call 32 Pianist Peter 33 Excuses 3523 Across, e.g. 36 Idolater's emotion 37 Cattle genus 38 Infinitesimal 41 Ms. West 42 Perch 45 Milanese moolah 46 "Qolconda" painter 48 Augury 49 Candle count 50 Houston acronym 51 Sagacious 52"— Abner" 53 Pull an all-nighter DOWN 1 Approached 2 — even keel Solution time: 27 mine. Yesterday's answer BY EUGENE SHEFFER 3 "Picnic" 23 Asian nation: abbr. 24 —Khan 25 In favor of 26 Greek consonants 27 Chaps 28 Swiss canton •:* 29 Larry's pal 31 Indivisible 34 He gives a hoot :• 35 No stay- at-home 37"Donut dipped in concrete" 38 Behind time 39 U Boheme 40 Mars' counterpart 41 Christmas trio... ' 42 ...and . their ' beacon 43 Lead-in to bird or plane 44 Squad 46 — de mer 47 Letterhead playwright 4 Chaney Sr. or Jr. 5 "Monopoly" buy 6 Somewhat 7 Snap 8 Periodicals 9 Elliptical 10 Cleo's waterway 11 Praiseful pieces 16 Incessantly 20 Kinsey study 21 Mary forgiven by Jesus 22 Adipose 1-23 abbr. 1 12 15 18 2 3 38 45 48 51 39 40 OT1 IIV /IDCrY5 For answers to today's crossword, call • O I UlVIr CU f 1-900-454-6873 (99 cents a minute) op. touch-tone or rotary phones. You must be 18 or older. A King Features Service. ; '?> n •• '••• •-_•'... . r OJJRPRIclx *I4.5§ URPRiCE 9.1S X MOWP YOU y WELL. IT KNOW J^f ALWAYS WHAT T> WORKED ON TO DO? a US, DIDN'T IT? LUDICROUS OEflDLINES... POIKTVUSS EmtR&ENClES... IT'S STRESS ? ITS MAKW& US SICK! /WDIWWTO BTOH6 IT TO flN EUD!! fllV mt, SOflL IS TO CREflTE fl HflPPS, TRflNQUlL ENMl- RONIKIENT WHERE CHEERFUL, FRIEMDS WORK SIDE BV SIDE, TflKING PRIDE K JOB WELL DONE f svmeoL OF mv commir- , I'VE flbKE& CflTHM TO GH1E EflCH EmPLOSEE K HflND- 800K OF STRESS- REDUCIN& TIPS flNO &UIDELIMES. mESSEM6ER THE BOOKLETS TO THEIR HOmES 1MD Hfl\IE THEftl E-MfllL THEIR STRATEGIES BflCK I'M ; FEELlNfr fl BI LOOK&UVC& A LITTLE UOE.V6.Vtt, EVERVONE BUT IHE CE?T ErtRLV WITH THE FLU TDDAS. fflR. PWKLEY. Rex Morgan, M.D. ITS RE/HARKAZLE TMS OM MO /^N/ONE CAN BE SO STUPIP STVART. I C/4WT FEEL

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