The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 4, 1997 · Page 44
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 44

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 4, 1997
Page 44
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16 '' SATURDAY. OCTOBER 4, 1997 THE SALINA JOURNAL Tune in Tomorrow Soap opera summaries for September 29-October 3 By Nancy Reichardt • United Feature Syndicate • ALL MY CHILDREN: Adam tore up their divorce papers after spending the night with Liza. To celebrate, Liza and Marian took a TGA airline flight to New York City on a shopping spree. Adam, who actually owns TGA, was relieved that Liza and Marian were OK after the plane had trouble. Miles later grounded all TGA flights. A mechanic said the TGA owner (Adam) ordered cost cutting. Edmund publicly thanked Brooke for trying to save Maria: Edmund was devastated when the judge gave Dlmitrl custody of Maddy. Erica enlisted Opal's help In a scheme to convince Gloria that Maddy should be returned to Edmund. Fearing Edmund would never talk to her again, Skye kept mum that he Is Maddy's real father. Ruth consoled Kelsey, who was crushed when Kevin said his attempt to romance Kelsey failed because he's gay. Gillian plotted to use the nude computer photo against Laura. Tim, who hates Janet, fumed itfeen he saw her kissing Trevor. • ANOTHER WORLD: Jake suspects Lila is out to snare a new man (Matt). Rayburn forced Etta Mae to phone Ton! and say she had been attacked and was in the hospital. As planned, Ton! and Josle talked an officer Into letting them out of jail, then rushed to Etta Mae, where Raybum trapped them In a hospital room. Ton! risked her own life to save Rayburn when tie fell out a window, but as thanks, Rayburn shoved Josle out the window. Amanda made phone calls to Rachel In which she pretended to be "Hartley," and like Alex, told Rachel that Cart Is having an affair. Amanda arranged for Rachel to "hear* Carl talking to *Hadley" via an audiolape of Carl's voice, which Amanda re-recorded from taped conversations. Amanda also told Carl that Rachel thinks he's having an affair. To keep Grant, Cindy changed his hospital computer records back to show that he is Klrkland's father. Grant won the mayoral race. • AS THE WORLD TURNS: Cariy told Molly that she can't rreceive an inheritance due he unless she gets pregnant by someone other than Mike. The police were not cooperative when Ben called for help after someone sent a brick through a window In Camilla's apartment. For her safety, Ben Insisted that he and Camille break up until after his racial discrimination suit Is settled. Ben forced Camille to accept a job transfer. Hplden fumed when Molly suggested Lily made herself III to get Holden back. Lily regained consciousness and made up with Holden, but later relapsed and refused to see him after Molly had a lab tech tell her Molly Is pregnant by Holden. When David's aunl fell asleep, Nikkl and Terrl learned from a scrapbook that David's parents died in a suspected arson fire. David told Lucinda that his "adoptive" parents died In a car crash. David is broke because the government seized James' assets, which David had Inherited. > THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Maggie was devastated when Sheila took baby Margaret away from her. When Connor said they need current proof that Sheila Is an unfit mother, James told Maggie that he was going to make Sheila think he loves her, then move in with her to get Margaret back by proving Sheila unfit. Amber agreed to help James get Margaret back when he said it would be worth her while. Amber later told Sheila that she thinks James still loves her. Stephanie vowed to fight Lauren, who Is out to win Eric again. Taylor called off her marriage to Thome after saying she wants to tell Ridge that he fathered her baby. • DAYS OF OUR LIVES: John went into the Jungle to find the flowers needed for Roman's eyre. Kristen fumed Stetano sent Hope Instead of her to take, a compass to John, Hope nixed feeing John to find the flowers on his own, then saved John from falling off a cliff. Hostile natives followed John and Hope. When Roman sensed John was in danger, Mariana, Abe and Lexle Kept mgm that he went with Stefano to find a cure for Roman's illness. Roman later told the group that Krlsten was missing. Kate fumed when Sam) said she had Mike sent to a medical conference In Rome. At a Street festival In Rome. Carrie kissed a costumed 'Austin,' then was surprised to. see It was Mike who was wear- Ing the same costume. When Carrie asked him about his feelings fqr Rebra/ Mjke taught Carrie was trying to say she icives him, Austin was shocked to see Blllle had needle marks on her arm. Jack rushed IP save Jennifer, who was attacked by a prisoner, T.C. t GENERAL HOSPITAL! To get Kalherine out o) his {He because he wrongly believes she's his half-sister, Stefan tired her from General Hospital In Iron! ol (he hospital staff. Stefan hasn't told Katharine the (r<4h because he (ears, Helena Cassadine will have her Wiled U Helena (earns Katharine is (supposedly) MMos' Niegitl- rrutfe daughter. Kajtherlna later had a dangerous corirohtaUon with Alexis. Brenda, who was staying with the Quartermalnes, was pleased to see Lois when she arrived to help Brenda deal with being dumped by Sonny. Jax asked Jason to keep watch over Brenda for him. Mac told V how Brenda changed Jax for the better. Lois realized Ned Is involved with Alexis. AJ fumed after Keesha told Monica what Cariy had done to him. AJ kept Monica from telling Tony. Lorraine wanted more money after helping Cariy make AJ believe he didn't father Carly's baby. A mystery man suspects Felicia has the Indian artifact. • GUIDING LIGHT: Michelle was thrilled to see her father, Ed, who has been working In Africa. Ed told a stunned Rick that Jesse received Maureen's heart. Jesse realized he received Maureen's heart after Michelle told him the heart donation date. Nola confessed when Buzz confronted her about being the woman who has been stalking him. Nola panicked when Buzz took a bad fall. Reva and Blake kidnapped Annie and took her to Cross Creek, where Reva said she wouldn't allow Annie to jerk her around anymore. Annie was shocked to see Fran, who said Alan paid her to testify against Annie at her trial. Annie told Alan that they're finished, then mixed booze and pills while trashing the Lewis cabin at Cross Creek. After reading her letter to their unborn baby, Matt rushed to stop Vanessa from terminating her pregnancy. Hariey and Phillip got romantic. Cassle feels guilty about setting up Billy. • ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Dorian had flashbacks to a terrifying time during her childhood. Addle got upset when Cassie asked questions about her and Dorian's childhood years. After Cassle accused Dorian of taking David from the Austrian sanitarium before Cassle arrived, Kelly showed Cassle phone bills for calls Dorian made to Austria. Anticipating a clash between the women In his life, Mel sneaked out of the hospital, but collapsed when he arrived at Dorian's door. Dorian, Mary and Dorothy argued over who would care for Mel when he's out of the hospital. Todd fumed when Blair had him served with papers in her suit for custody of Starr. Tea set out to make sure Todd gets sole custody of Starr. While Renee comforted Max over losing Maggie, Maggie said good-bye to Ian and Andrew, then left town. Hank played referee after Cariotta found Jacara at his fishing cabin with him. Bo suggested Nora cut down on her work load. • PORT CHARLES: Kevin was rushed Into surgery after a mystery person tampered with his IV. Lucy was relieved that Kevin will be fine. Karen was suspended after Chris gave Ellen information showing Karen caused Kevin's medical problem. As part of his plot to get custody of Serena (and her fortune) by proving Scott an unfit father, Rex put drugs on several of Scoffs envelopes. Scott began to hallucinate after licking the flap of an envelope. Jake and Danielle teamed up to stop Rex's plot against Scott. Eve suspected Bennett, who wants to get rid of Frank, was behind the Chicago job offer Julie urged Frank to accept. • SUNSET BEACH: Gabi got Ricardo drunk after Paula told him they're finished. After seducing Ricardo, Gabi was upset that he said he loves Paula, and making love to Gabi was a mistake. Running into Paula at the door, Gabi lied that Ricardo had raped her. Paula later learned Ricardo disappeared. Annie drugged Ben's hyp- notherapist when she realized Annie "pro- gramed* Ben to call Meg "Maria." Ben was furious when the groggy hypnotherapist told him what Annie had done. Ben rushed to his computer to contact Meg, but got angry when he saw her goodbye message. Cole told a relieved Caitlin that he went to Monte Carlo to retrieve the Peschanel necklace Jacques (Uam) stole from Olivia. Cole admitted he romanced two women , to get the necklace- Gregory urged Sean to find the woman Cole was previously engaged to. Cole realized Olivia may be carrying his baby. Gregory told Seaji and Caitlln about what he /thinks Is Olivia,'? fake pregnancy. t THE YOUNQ AND THE RE8TLE88; Chris was furioys when Paul said Phyllis thinks she and Danny are getting (OP close. To spend time alpne with Chris, Paul didn't let Panny go to New York City with him and Chris to find PenieJ'e father, Brian Hamilton. Ashley and Cole shared a kiss while working on his new book. Victoria, who returned from New York City unannounced, witnessed the kiss through the window, but Cole and Ashley didn't see her. Later, Cole was surprised to see Victoria. Grace and Tony let Cassle talk to Mile after the glri dreamed MilUe had died. Grace was relieved that Cassle didn't tell Millie she hasn't been reunited with her mother (Sharon). Veronica (Sarah) secretly watched NIKW and Josh kiss, and discuss a Vermont honeymoon trip. Ve/onica vowed to get Josh back- A return Nina fumed to find Tricia In her apartment. Ryan was lelleved an unidentified dead woman In St. Louis wasn't Nina, . DAYTIME October 6-10 LATE NIGHT 2:00 1 CroMflra 258991 Movl* (Mon) * * Tarzan Goes to India" (1:30)712939 • Movto (Fri) * "976-Evil II" (2:00) 437411 • I Leva Lucy • Mu*lc Vld*o* (Fri) B A»p*n Comedy FMtivil II (Tue) • Chri*toph*r Clowup (Mon) F*c** on Filth (Tue) Lifestyle Magazine (Wed) Scripture* Allv*l (Thu) Our Family (Fri) O Up Clot* (Mon-Thu) ln*ld* the PGA Tour (Fri) B Rev It Up (Mon) Motowortd (Tue) Street Rodder (Wed) Drag Racing (Thu) Auto Racing (Fri) ~ Boris Kariotf Pre**nte Thriltor (Thu- _ (2:24) Movto (Mon) *** "Love's Dark Ride" (1:36) 61286910 (2:24) (:24) (Thu) *X "Angel In Green" (1:36 61124126 B CISL Soccer Playoffs (Mon) Boxing 8 Uw 4 Order Jazz Central CrteUna 422571 (2:15) Movl* (Thu) **X "Once Upon a Brothers Grimm" (1:35) 17623326(2:25) B ) **KTirstKid" (1:41)66866053 (2:15) Movto (Wed) *» Trauma" (1:45) 13426712 53) (2:06) ABC World N*w* Now (Mon- Thu) IB) Prate* th* Lord (S) (2:07) Mirthi Stewart Living (Mon-Thu) (10) America's Store (Wed) TCM (2:15) Movto (Man) *K The Footloose Heiress" (1:16) 37741561 TMC (2:10) Movto (Mon) **K "Blood Feud" (1:40) 83471262 (2:20) (:20) (Tue) *» "Body Count" (1:35) 66777330 WON Movl* (Mon) ** "Godzilla vs. Moth- ra" (1:30) 510113 (Tue) **"A'Showpf Force" (2:00) 388069 (Fri) *** "One Good Cop" (2:00)727527 Hwculm: Th* L*g*ndiry Journey* (Wed) 2:30 B Gtoreldo Rivera (Fri) 6769140 B Movto (Mon) * "Lady Frankenstein" (2:00) 929561 (Tue) * "Missile to the Moon" (2:00) 534953 (Wed) *** The Little Shop of Horrors" (2:00) 949165 (Thu) ** The Monitors" (2:00) 416749 (Fri) * * * "Gorgo" (2:00) 243091 B (2:37) CBS Up to th* Minute (Mon- Thu) • Port Chart** 5234991 _ (2:41) ABC World N*W* Now (Tue- Thu) P (2:42) CBS'Up to th* Minute (Mon) 12) Sport* Bar (Fri) Short Subjict (Tue) Movto (Thu) »* "Over Her Dead Body" (1:45) 32510010(2:45)045) (Fri) ** "A Time of Destiny" (2:00)32506817 • (2:50) Uvtrm ft Shlrtoy (Tue) • (2:40) Movto (Mon) ** 'Foxfire" (1:40) 19121484 Erotic Confessions (Tue) • Movto (Mon) * *n "Death on the Nile" (2:30) 5387262 (2:45) (:45) (Fri) **** "Death of a Salesman" (2:30)96930508 Hollywood On* on On* (Tue) 6039040 • Chrto Rock (Tue) Mr. Show (Wed) Movto (Fri) *** "North Dallas. Forty 4 (2.00) 651091 • CNN/Sport* Illustrated B Movto (Wed) * * * The Crimson Pirate" (2:00) 648335 (Fri) ***X Tor Whom the Bed Tolls' (3:00)792184 • Taxi • Irwplritton, PtoM*l • Auto Racing (Mon-Tue) Rooters* DOrtJWed) Co]!** FoottwH (Thu) Up • Coli* FeotWI (Mon) NHL Hockey ffue-Thu) Boxing (Fri) B (2:36) Movto (Tue) ** "Howard the Duck* (2:25) 34033390 66) Movto (Wed) ** •Vigilante ' (1:04) 65974625 (2:42) (:42T(Frl) The Strange and Deadly Occur' rerwe" (1:18) 35259614 :38) OS (2:38)lnCoiK«rt(Fri) (5) (2:37) CBS Up to th* Minute (Mon-Thu) (2:37) F/X: The S*rto* (Fri) TCM MdVlc (Thu) *** "Million Dollar M,ern\aW (2-.00)8604652(Fri) ***The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse' (2:30) 7643609 TMC (2:65) Movto (Wed) **% "Satan Never Steeps' (2:10) 45365083 (2:36) (:35) (Thu) *» "Undercover" (2:QO) 2636948 (2:60) (:60) (Fri) * "Lap Panclng' (1:25) 63171188 3:00 B (3:05) NBC News Njghtsld* (Mon- Thu) I Community Bulletin Board (Mon) JudfleJudy Movto **** Outstanding ***u Excellent ** Not bad *** Very good *» Fair **» Good * Poor • (3:06) ABC World N*w* Now (Mon- Thu) (3:08) In Concert (Fri) ~~ ~ ) ABC World News Now (Mon) (3:12) Fishing th* W**t (Fri) _ t Subject (Mon) (3:15) Movto (Wed) ** "China 9, Liberty 37" (1:45)27790538 8 (3:05) B*v*riy HlllbllllM (Mon-Tue) Movie (Tue) * "Naked Souls" (1:25) 138934 (Fri) *** "Stealing Beauty" (1:58) 527633 B (3:15) Movie (Wed) * "The Forbidden Dance" (1:45) 98228880 • Movie (Tue) ** "Fall Time" (1:28) 330330 Making of Virtuosity (Wed) • CNN International • (3:15) Movto (Thu) ***K Tear Strikes Out" (1:45)29165010 i Acaputeo H.E.A.T. (Tue-Wed) N*whirt Top 20 Video Countdown (Fri) Highway World Series of Potor (Wed) Unbelievable Sport* (Fri) Fit TV Sampler (Thu) _ Movto (Thu) **x "Streets of Fire" :00) 377279 (Fri) ** "Phantasm II" :00) 532411 Bori* Karlotf Pm*nte Thriltor (Fri) G*nltoB*n Breaking Through (Wed) Drag Racing (Tue) Futbol Mundtol r ed) Motoraport* Hour (Thu) _J Movto (Mon) *** "Bedazzled" (2:00) 483823 (Tue) *** "Bunny Lake Is Missing" (2:00)977885(Wed) ***The Happening" (2:00) 461847 (Thu) *** The Second Woman" (2:00) 642381 (Fri) ** "Cheech & Chong's The Corslcan Brothers" (2:00)336343 8 El Aim* No Ttom Color 954755 (3:25) Movto (Mon) **x "Frankenstein and Me" (1:31)84694281(3:05) (Wed) **» "Labyrinth" (1:41)37246828 B (3:05) Movto (Mon) **x "Johnny Handsome" (1:35)90873910 OS (3:06) Movto (Fri) **X "Skyward" (1:54)31530121 TCM Movto (Wed) *** Three on a Match" (1:30)1370806 WON XWM: Warrior Princess (Wed) 3:15 B Movto (Mon) *** Tommy" (2:00) 99616465 3:20 B Movto (Wed) ** "Broken Arrow" (1:48)29263606 3:30 B (3:35) NBC New* Nlghtekto (Fri) B Headline News B (3:42) KwlkWte (Fri) • (3:35) Uveme A Shlrtey (Mon-Tue, Thu) (3:35) Beveriy Hillbillies (Wed) B (3:60) Movto (Wed) * * * The Nostradamus Kkf (2:00)15014002(3:50) (Thu) A'AModemAffali* (1:30)73400869 B EnW Blyton (Thu) • (3:45) Movto (Mon) **K "Something toTalk About" (1:46)33573674(3:65) (Thu" ** X "Blue Thunder (1:49)76344010 B Newsroom (Mon-Thu) Future Witch B Movto (Mon) ***"Leadbelly" (2:30) 837007 B Fictt of Lit* (Thu) B UiryTy tor Moore B Mormon T«P*nwcto Choir Sportsman'* Dta**t(Frt) Man From U.N.C.LE. (Mon) SWppy (Mon-Thu) Adventure* of B Wom*n: Start** of Passion (Tue) (3:45) Movto (Thu) *K "SplH" (1:J 52115968(3:65) (Fri) *K "Vies' (1:8 80937275 W) (3:37) Due South (Frt) (10) (3:37)An»riC*'| Store (Mon) TCM Movto (Mon) t * "Love Is on the W Level premium life policy to age 40. Ask us about Policy fatmL-630 (1:30) 1622561 (Tue) *** The Sellout" (1:30)5927773 TMC (3:50) Movto (Mon) * * * * "12 Angry Men" (1:40) 71836674 (3:55) (:55) (Tue) ** "Sentenced for Life" (1:05) 15659392 4:00 B Headline New* (Mon-Thu) Movto S ) *K "Knights" (2:00) 376035 (4:15) Abbott and Cottello (Fri) Movto (Tue) **X The Big Bus" (1:30) 5473953 (4:15) (:15) (Thu) **X The Razor's Edge* (2:15)43376010 B (4:05) Corner Pyto, USMC (Mon-Thu) Who'* the Bo**? (Fri) B Hollywood On* on On* (Tue) 6041885 EnM Blyton (Thu) B CNN International B Bloomberg Television (Mon-Thu) FscUoiUte(Frl) B Dick Van Dyk* B After Houra (Mon-Thu) B American Muscle (Wed) Spe*dwe*k Man From U.N.C.LE. (Wed) Tito* of Tomorrow (Fri) JefTcCollto Ail* M«rk*t Wrap (Mon-Thu) . __ Short Subject (Mon) Movto (Wed) ** "Night of the Fox" (1:39) 7975624 (Thu) **» "Shadow of the Thin Man" (1:41)2923145 Emily Dickinson: A Certain Slant of Light B Witer Skiing (Mon) Motoraport* Hour (Wed) Women's College Volleyball (Fri) ~ Dlvln* Plan (Wed) Primer Impicto Extra _ Frenkenweento (Thu) (4:15) At Home With Donald Duck (Fri) ' B (4:05) Movto (Wed) * * * The Counterfeit Traitor (2:20)85978915 OS Bob Larson (Fri) TMC (4:15) Movto (Fri) *X "What Every Woman Wants" (1:10)27105169 WON Adventures of Slnb*d (Wed) 4:16 B Movie (Mon) ** * Tommy" (2:00) 7147991 4:30 B Vlb* (Mon-Thu) ,796668 Nick News S ) Flret Business (Mon-Thu) o B ffl B 4:45) PMtor-s Study (Fri) :45) (4:45) Movto (Fri) **** The Conversation" (2:00) 84124614 B (4:35) HMdlln* N*w* (Mon-Thu) Who'* th* BOM? (Fri) B Movto (Mon) ** "Scorpion Spring" (1:32) 261755 B Hollywood On* on One (Tue) 5330934 Enid Blyton (Thu) B Movto (Fri) * "Getting Away With Murder" (1:32)275169 B CNN/Sport* Illustrated B Movto (Tue) *** "Horizons West" (1:30)801779 Ctoorg* Bum* *nd Qracto Alton (Wed) B Bloomb*rgT*tovl*lon(Frt) • T*KhwtoTMch*rWHhMr.Wlz*rd (Mon) Big H*lp Storto* VoJum* 2 (Tue) Nick N*w* (Wed) Uunch Box (Thu) Rhode (Fri) B Up CtoM (Tue) Scholastic Sport* America (Wed) R*c*hore* DI0**t (Fri) • NHL2Nlght(Tue-Fri) B Our Gang Short* (Mon) • LWMiput(Frl) B Tlmmy and LMsto B Baton th* Ml (Mon-Thu) B (4:47) Movto (Tue) * * "Death Valley Manhunt" (1:00) 7475601 (4:36) (:36) (Fri) *** The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case* (2:32)32981411 B Creflo A. Dollar jr. (Mon-Thu) R.C. BtokM, Sr. (Fri) B Notlctoro Unlvtojon Edlckm Noctum* B (4:50) Autumn (Tue) (4:50) Mick*/* Oardwi (Wed) Tito Spin (Thu) B (4:40) Movto (Mon) *K "Modem Problems" (1:31) 36686303 (Tue) * The Forbidden Dance" (1:37) 3282779 OH 6*ib*itN8cmM(Fri) (?) AflO*y (Mon-Thu) (4:37) HMdlln* NMM (Fri) (10) AnwriPi'* Store (Tue, Thu-Fri) TCMMQMP|fid*(Wed-Thu) TMC M36) Movl* ]Thw) 1 1 * * "Butch Cassldy and the Sundance Kkf (1:55) 42931590 4:45 B TMCh*r to Twehw With Mr. WU- •rdTMon) (S) John Avwulnl (Fri) m Jean Curry 8737Betai<mt 823-5129 e'll iMM I* li«in(» C».. Hen* O** WumWi MP ••••*•••«*••••*•

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