Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 23, 1952 · Page 6
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 6

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 23, 1952
Page 6
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Want tn ilif up somo Kinllts nf nolory that HIT not iiltnu'livi' enough to serve liiw" I )i(o rind < uul'. tlvni In a little st.ille;! \int.'i. Itn-ii teum thrm with slewed tunKiid,:. cooked cairotH or f.Tieii Hri<'f'< ill llif Nrws Gene Asprey Returns to U. S. S a n d i n FUNERAL HOME tS -"f 0 V_Lt. ; C .'. A Pi: y\j ]il)Ula!,f' it ; times; in a ; - i\' ivcl\- for ;i a.:-;'"."'a!:"!i d the si!-k. -1 1 ,1 I i.ii. M A J|M . >. 1 • S ' Mil III- coip. Is ;irn;)ri;; M.i- rill.' I ' •! p • \'t' I .IM nf K (.I •• :t n i 1 It: Wi i n.' t '1 .-It fi V I ti S ;t n 1 M- ;• ^ • Clill Ir),!:i'.- .'ain;!!-.! t)l" fitn. JoilM; !''v5^•• Tv .i \v tv ;lnA)^lnl, 1 ,1, A ^i'li v i « c |. nii- Ml. tnr ,i mi .:-..;i -it- illt < ..a. ;i :a I Mil' u\v\\ ' (••.. .Iti!v : til n >•••:•! :ii-'> .%fl.- i \ : ... I. . i,.., <;.•,. > in \V :i- I •• I '...I.- fhM y. <i .-^h for- { Tii'i!-. V I - \'nn.-'n'- I 'hN-H'il i '!ijf'.-i- !! -n In.-l i ii< •-iH 111 K-t M. 1 \ 111 rincti ill \l!»yt)r's Cnini .1 .1. k .Mr li.'i iii'.l t .if ()il."in,.i «:is tin..i ?I0 ;iiul . ..-;t.^ in .Miiym I );in H.iwaiil's coinl !!ii..; nuiiuiiii; afl.T ti.' ail. (1 ^-lults III 'mloNiratliiM .M.I ii'illiutt wa,-; .-I'liia . liy Illy IK.lie.' lasl jiU'ht, Dead in .'^Srcrl s<..i:i. i,ak.-. la M V u:: \v U : .1 j.i.i-i • r.r '.^ is • .t..l •:• ail in »'>• i • • • in ft "lit »r : 1- ja. la .,]]•,• ' a .lr. 1 'i.ilia : 11 (1 • • v: •< \ - n aial ' iaa • . . • • '11. n;., rk - li" .1 (•iiiam.-r ', .I.>hr. T y !..i s .;.! T-iin. i \ u i ;• ; (nan •• u h. " f ii'- '... I . t..itni! T.-ivlor <.i.!. r. d an > < ! '.j -.-.w •'• h.«i!. i. . TODAY AND SATURDAY mSlMZS OF THE V/ES7'S STRAN0BS7 HIDEOUT! MARLENE DIETRICH ARTHUR KENNEDY MEL FERRER TfAMCHO c ^.^ncmicom CO-f KATl HK• M-G'M 'S M 'siERi Of THE MA«J NF»r Dood. .liilisaiii CTiTiTiT> SUNDAY AND MONDAY P ot /oc^^ S ^'^'^p A Koy Hnidburn Dies r .i.v Hrailliu! II. rminiT < ii.-a.nlian uf Ih'. |-;.,th..| •• ill, |-:ilCS l.j.Ua.. ihall .%T,av in ,it .'^.lull .Saint .\ il lia'i la.-n l.air,..l h. i .• by .Foy ll.irswell. rlui. s.Tr I'tar;,' Hraillnn n It t'l Oi-rviU.' about in >.ar.s au'n but \a-l ;;.is prrip.'ity inti'iasts in Ilia rnni- 'nnnilv. iMi.- In na 1 .ba: ra pii laini- ,iany thi- l';iks lodir. at .S.aul' .-^aiiit.' Mali.' (ii.l r.aih tin lo. al |iiitt;e bat a, t. il f. r il ii'in.' 1 b.- b'ss wit li ll 1 . ni.-iiibr.ani • s in b.'lialf .it l-Mh. rvill.' Klks .Named Ursidcnt Kiiijinrcr i 1IH1 ..1 .1.- HI' r 1 il. 1\ .1 s. I i: •• ilfaina;:.- anil flo .ul .ontinl ivriii. .r 1.11 11,. .Minntsnta .«at.' 1 i.n-a.rva'i I 'jnirv:; siiin li i . b.fn • ntraL'.al bv the > nj,'in, ,•! im^ liiiu li,, I a.' ris la siii, nl .-nLiin, . i to work . ut of llie firm's Kinm,-!s- biirL' offie, fb'Ti, rally. h • will h .andb' tl-,, fiian'.-i act i\it i,. s in the I'alo Alto, Minni.t. I\ossutii .and I *.). ahoni a.s (anintii .s ai.-a. .Mr. I'lirr \\\\\ woik und-r tli. sup. r\i- -lon of Doniild II, Tlinnipson. assistant enuima-r. A nativ., nf Wond Lake. .Minn. -Mr Han holds a H. .'^ diTr.a' fniiii til.' I'luv.'rsily oC ('hir.'ii:o in Meteruloi;y, .a V, S. in I ('nil Kn;;ini .rinir iwilh distim: : tioni fiorii tb... I'nixa-r^ity ol .Min- ! ni-ota and a -M. .S, in Civil 1 -Jnuiii- ..rin^' from tb*- sarn.' srhnol, M.' is a r.i."isti,r.-d, i.rof.ssional eiiLMPi-i, l-",,r t\..o V. .ars during' Worl.l War !I b..- v.-.a-- a wealli.'r for.rast.r with 111, a.ii .'orps hoUlina tin i.ank of Firs; I,i. ul.nant. .Mr Hair is ! ri.'d to tin- t 'oiima Svj.-Maib- Sciiri'ibiT of Moin.s and they have on.' child, a son.'in Dovcj- l,is. two old. .Mr, and .Mrs FJarr h.ave piircli.-i.seil a bon,. at 5«; Siiii.'rior .street. Kinni.'IsbtiiL;, .MairiiiRc Lin-nsc I.s.sin-d Ouiine H. nnllmnn, 2.'?, Estlier- ville, iind Toricson, ^'0, W'liIliiiKford, Richard I)ix Jr. Surd f«)r Divorct' I, OS AM <_',1,'. S . .May ^.'i i.'T) Ku'h- .iid A, l)i.\, It'i-vear-obl son of Ih" bill mo\i.' .'letor, h.'is h,.|.n sind for dr.ore. bv .Mrs. ,Jo Ann 17, his biiil. ol S"V .n moiiUis. WIKJ ,'il|i',i;id riui'ltv .Mi.s. I)i-\ filed her snp, Nisterilay and asUetl for eiislody of their son, l-tiehard .Mar.sliall I li.x. si\ rnonlhs old. The collide v.-as married l.-isl Oct, 1 after she filed 11 pat.rnltv suit aK'iiinst him Alctllcy Touriiaim-nt Sunday Men will play In a nni 'dlf'.v toiir- niuiienl Sunday al the fjolf and f'oiintiy (lull, with an array of prl- /• s for all tyjx's anil sorts of scores, includin..,' .special prizes for fiiit.s on .ipecifU; holes. The tournament will be held from 9 a. ni. until noon. Orrl.s Warrington, in ch;ii';ie, empha.iized that it's Hi 'ii.son opener of the toiirnanient year nnd a meet desi),'nod to interost al) Rolf- The Wealber OI'I'IC'IAL Ti;.MI'KUATUKK.S M.LNiinum yesterday: 60 Miniimini last niKht: 57 rOOAVS WKATIIKU ft a. m. Noon 'remr>eratiire,s: 57 62 Wind, diiectlon: Calm ENE Wind, velocty: Calm ."l-S Haroiiietcr: 29,58 29,60 Rainfall: ,25, row A FOItK <;A .ST Cloudy with showers north and mostly <'loiid.v with showers and lluinderstorms, Hif,'h this afternoon in 60's north. 70's south. Mostly cloudy with occasional showor.s in noilliwcst and scattered showers ;ind thunder.stoinis southeast tonight and Saturday. Somewhat eoolei south Saturday, Low to- nijjht 50 lo 56 west, 58 to RO east, Hit-'h .Saturday 60 northwest to 70 south.'asl. Further outlook: Considerable cloudines,"! Sunda.v with little chance in fetnperaluro, scat- t.'red showers cast, IOWA l'IVi;-nA\' OLTI.OOK Temp.'ratures will averai;e 2 to 4 degiees above normal, Kormal hif ;h 76, n.irmal low 52, P .ainf .'ill will to- I'll one inch to one and ;i half inch, s, oceuriinK -.XA showers today-ond .Satuid.iy and in the east Sunday. .\o import.anl teniperaturi, changes indicated, ,M I .N.\ i;.solA I ORix: A .»<r partly cloud.v I 'Xtremc north, el (Mid\ with scattered shower.? south .iiid ci 'niial portions tonight and i^iturdiiy. Not much change ia tiiiii.i 'i ature. Low tonif;lit 4S to 5.5, i:<iept 12 to \*. extreme nort:i, Minb Saturday 60 to H .H. except 70 to 75 .'Xtretne north. Moi'c Rainfall Is Predicted For Iowa Today Des Moines, May 2.". (iT-l-More rain i,s hoade<r for Iowa in the wake of thunderstorms which dumped an Inch or more of rain af inan.v jioints In the stati' late yi-:;- terday, the weatluM- bureau said toda.y. The storms which lashod tlie soutliein half of Iowa wore the most severe of the season .and were acconipanied by h.'iil, stronf; winds and sharp lightninf;. The storms moVed eastward out of the state soon after midniffbl, but the bureau warned that more of the same will move in Inter lo- day_ One to two inches of rain Is I xiiecled today and tomorrow. Oiinnell, Indianola, Montrzuma anil Sioux Cil.v' reported more than ended early today, Dos Moines hid tv .o inches of rain in the 24 hours more than an inch and n half. In lies Moines a lale -ycsterday storm snarled traffic, filled .streets nutter-deep witli rain, and some hail came with it. Two liomcs nnd a biisinc'^s building were struck by liKhtning, JEAN SLAMEN, noted home economist of the famed Linda Marshall staff, will show you the wonderful ease of cooking on Maytag Dutch Oven Ranges. Don't miss this unusual demonstration. You're Invited to the FREE MAYTAG Dutch Oven Cooking School Wednesday, May 28 'J It) I p, in. IIOM.VWOOl) TIIKATKU m $50.00 Certificate Free Door Prizes Free Menus S|ioa.son>(l by APPLIANCES Kiifit Sidi' of S(|iiiu'»* 'IVIcphono H8 "X. Sliiari;' Who SouglU Obsciirily, Dies Berkeley, alif,, May 23 (/IV—An enigmatic man died here yesterday al the age of 89. IIi.s full name was Henry Clifford Fowler Stuart. The telephone directory listed him two ways: X Sluart, Stuart G, Small cards which he had printed 10 years ago, and which ho I>assed around lo questioners as his "obituary", explained thai he dropped all names excei)t his last "and annexed an 'X' to mark his un- knownness." But he wasn't exactly unknown. His father. Col, ,Tohn Stuart fought in the Cival war, later built rail- road.s in Guatemala and Hondurn.s. He helped his father build these railroads and stayed on to operate them. He retired and came to Berkeley in 1924. Adopting the "J Sluart," he called himself a philosoi)hor and voiced disapproval of civilization. His family said his estate totaled about .$200,000. Rolariuns To Help Pay Hospital Bills Laramii-. Wyo., May 23 i.l^i Rotary club members here have raised .$182,60 to help pay medical bills of Virginia Anderson, 24. University of Wyoming coed. Miss Anderson, a graduate of Cornell (In,) college, was found brutall.v beaten on a prairie north of here May 9. She ha.^ been unconscious or semi-conscious in a hospital here since. She is aware of persjms around her, hospital attendants say. but is unnble to communicate with anyone. Miss Anderson's mother lives in .Springfield, Mo., and her father lives in Olenclale, Mo. She con- skiers Mauston, Wis., her home. Ksthervlllt', lown, Daily Ncw,s Friday, »Iay 23, 1952 6 Try a Dally News Want Ad. .Striking Carpeiiler.s End Their Walkout Rock Island, HI., May 23 (i^>— Striking AFL cnrpentors agreed to end their 12-day walkout today lifter reaching a wage Bettlemcnt with Quad Cities contractor.s last night. C. J, Bolt, secretary of the carpenters district council, said the agreement calls tor a 10-ccnt hourly wage increase. He said an adxli- tlonal five-cent hourly boost would go Into effect Oct, 1, The carpenters now receive .$2,44 an hour. MORITZ— Continued from (MRe I "color" with "temperament" and think they have to be difficult to coach In order to achieve individuality. Guests of the "E" club In addition to Kaley and Luithiy were •Siipt. N. E. Dcmonpy, Principal Walter Hammer, and members of the athletic staff, Coaches Harold Hosklns, Dean McCorniick, Ray Steele, Steve Kubiacn and Boyd Bcrgohefor. More than 40 per cent of the world's sulfur Is produced from wells on the gulf coast of Louisiana arid Tcxfia, Simmer, rather than boil, corned beef if you want it to be tender rather than tough and stringy; and be sure to slice it across the grain as you carve it. 14 "Panly Raiders" Put On Probation Iowa City. Ia„ May 2:j (.-Vi-The State University of Iowa has put 14 men students on probation and announced it would continue Its inveslig,-ition into the "|)anly raid" on Currier hall .May 13. In .announcing the <liscipline nieied out to th,, 14, L, Dale Faunt,., (I, an of students. said there may be more lo come. So far no one h ;is been expelled for participating in the raid and no women have been implicated. Dean of .Men .M. L. Hull said the probationary periods vary with the longest being for the balance of the academic career given to a sophomore "You might consider these , probations as a l .iy! chance," Hull said, "If the men involved become mixed up in any further dlslurh- anres. they will be automatically expelled from the university," It Is university policy not to release the names of those discl- pline<l. SOIL CONSERVATION FIELD DAY THURSDAY, MAY 29th LOHRVILLE, IOWA on the FLOYD J. ZAIGER FARM 3 Miles West. 3 Miles South of Lohrville 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. . . . RAIN OR SHINE LONG GRASS SILAGE . . . . PROPER LAND USE Gully Filling Grass Waterways Fertilizing Seed Bed Preparation Pasture Renovation Drainage Demonstrated with Average Sized Farm Machinery Under direction of Calhoun Soil Conservation District in cooperation with Soil Conservation Service; State Soil Conservation Agencies; Extension Service Personnel and Local Agricultural Groups. LUNCH AVAILABLE ON GROUNDS AMPLE PARKING SPACE — WATCH FOK KOAD SIGNS NEAR LOCATIONS — StH! Bob Min(>r at Miner K-F Motor.s about transportation MINER K-F MOTORS "Your Ferguson DeaJer in EstherviUe" Congratulations^ Terril Graduates Allen Rouse |..r «"*-.',;'.:l ,'i.'.Ci^ Wanda Nelsen Allen Smitlcy Pat Blum Shirley Moyer Donald Miller La Vonno Krciitzkampf Farmer s Cooperative Co. Thorvald Petersen, Mgr. Terril, Iowa Colleen Spencer Harvey Baedke Duane Alexander James L. Ballah Marlayce Johnson Gaylin Johnson James Stellmach Cliff Peters Frances Petersen Eugene Nichols Bonnie Lee James Soat • / y y/. >\/>V.-'*»^i/>-^,'« >^A/'-A ^ #>) A/ ^

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