The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on February 11, 1967 · Page 4
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 4

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 11, 1967
Page 4
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RtprtstMttd coMty at stat0 coaforMca Mrs. Peter ttelrk* of Rant- bOltft, coontv president ot Ht& American Legion Aunili.rv, w*nt to Des Motnes Sunday to attwid the Mid- Winter Conference of the MXtilaf? held at fl* Fort Canasta Club uttt Thursday, Ftbrvary2 LU VERNE-Mrs. Frank Grofi- bach entertained her Canasta Glob February S. Dorothy Hint won high and Fave Lichty low. Gcests w«re Kathleen Meyer sand Fay* Lichty, Lunch was served by the hostess. Tbe club will meet in two »«ks -»1B> Dorothy Hint as hostess Tfce Biddies and Kiddies Card Club met Tuesday afternoon with Maryaan Ctlkias, Harriett Sctnilti won hlfSi and Lillian 9»l- by low, Pat Ramus received travel, and Maryann Calkins bad most nine bids. Lunch was served by the hostess. Tbe dab will me*t nth Marly* State in two «**ks, Carol Rtstun, dasfhter of Mr. and Mrs. HaroM Ristsu and a Junior in elementary educatioei at Northwest Misscwri State Collet* at Maryvilk, Mo. , nude the Dean's list Ust semester with a frade point of 3.6, Tbe Memorial Sxietr met Tuesday at tbe town hall. Hostesses were Violet Goetsch. Daisy Rvntz, and Nellie Bockes. Dinner gnests la the beta* of Mr. and Mrs. Jess J*r»asea Wednesday evening were Mr. aad Mrs. Brraa Stewart and Mr. *ad Mrs. Qlff BJastrotn and Jerry. Tbe dinner was la boaoT of Mr. Stewart's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Htrd- copf visited la OK borne of Mr. and Mrs, Lawreaee Car ran at Bode. Mrs. Carraa is a patient at tbe University Hospitals in Iowa City. Guests ia &e hes* of Mrs. Myrtle Eggeistoa Saturday and Ssndar w«re her daagtsters, Doris and Beolaa of Des Moi»s. Doris tad jfast returned from Chicago where she attended aa Altruse Clab meeting, tn iaterattioaal bosioess cl*. She was cxagat in the biizurtf in Qiicafo ao) w»s saowboaad for several days. Tbe 500 Card Club met at the borne of . Von Groobtca. El- Tiaa Biger woo high and Faye Lichty low. Gnesls vere Faye Licaty sad Jaae Kably. Loach was serred by Mrs, Grodtaca, clnb meets wtftEtrSai Baser . Rev. ud Mrs. Ralph Hindman were is Des Moioes Twsday aad Wednesday on a statewide Retreat for E. U. B. nsiflisters aad their wires. They stayed Tuesday alght with their nephew, Mr. and Mrs. Skra StreyfeQ*r. inDes lioiaes. Mr. and Mrs, Clif Rkhardsoo left Tuesday by plane for Wiater- haven, Fla., to risit ia tbe home of their SOD, Dale aad family. They win also visit tbeir daocb- ter-hi-lav. Nancy's, paresis, Mr. and Mrs. Joisa Ramas. formerly at La Verne. In Wlater- havea. Mr. aad Mrs. Vern Smift erf Dayton were Tuesday visitors ia the Bert Thomas home. Mrs. Robert Hardeopf has received word from her brother. Frauds Merrfl Carna, of Vfc- tar vote. Calif., that be and his *lfe let February 3. tor tbe PMBUptae Islands. Ttejrvfflbe there lor si* aoBtJis, A rnd- «ate of U.C.L.A. with « dapce to electrical eoftoeeriat, Mr. • Carraa *ill be wortta*. far OK Adrian WUson Cmaptay aad As- •odatet Mr. aad Mrs. Oar- ran are the parents of ttreeerown cMMren. Pat, a Registered Horse. Mike, vto works for mM, and Brian, «*» has cone back to eoU*ce to further Us education, Mr. Quran U iormertj of Ut- Verne. Mix atrjfte E«ristoo aad dampers, Beelah and Doris, of Dec Motaes, were amday (vests ii> tbe fewe of their daatMer aad «tst»r, Mr. and Mrs. Caarles Nrcaard, <rf Wesley. Mr. and Mrs. Uoyd Stoddard of Ft Dodge became tbe par- eats of a son Friday at Lea»raa hospital In Ft, Dcrfte. Mr. Standard is formerly of La Vert*. TbtSMdgbroetSttndayewn- ia« at toe borne of Mr. aad Mrs, LeBoy Wetoer H]gta *as *t» »T Mr. aad Mrs. Verftoo Baasd- man; lov by Mr. Bad Mrs. Myron Bias; and aiat bids west to Kay nuadmap. The cWb •wets February » at the Myron HlubotM. Des Motnes HcJN-1. Mrs, James CAson of Ham- boWt and Mrs. Richard Baklwn and Mrs. Archie Johnson of Bode acc^fficanfed Mrs.. Helviet and were del*fat»s to tbe conv«nticn from th*ir local anits. Mrs. Ruth SJmmonsmler of L«dyard noted that HuntboJdt Countv was one of the Ibur of the 14 counties ia the Eighth District that made their membership goal for the year. Mrs. Helvtek. county president, will receive aa award tor belne the president of a goal tottnty. Ham- bddt was It members over the goal with the present membership totaling J34 Daring tbe Sunday afternoon program. theGirls* State winners gave talks about their trips to Washington. D, C., and thanked the auxiliary for sponsoring the project. Tbe sirls wttre Miss Lynae Burtoo of Iowa Falls and Miss K»rU Martensea of Clinton. Mrs, Dale Baird of Marshall town, department president. presided. A baixf^et was held Sunday evening in the Grand Ballroom of tbe hotel beginning at ? p.m. with nsasic furnished by the Western Band of tbe Knorville Veterans' Hospital. Mrs. A. J. Ryaa of Danla. Fla.. national president, was the guest speaker. Tbe convention reconvened at 8:45 a.m.. Monday when allde- pirtmest chairmen gave their reports, Mrs. Robert^ Croker of Bode, department chairman of child welfare presided as her committee chairmen reported oo education and scholarship-, tbe Battercat Coffee Club; and child welfare. At 1:30 p,ra., Robert Wtlbanks, news director of WHO gave a talk on his trip to Vietnam la December. He was fallowed by a membership skit presented by the presidents of the Ninth District. Diane Kinney honored at variety shower GrLMORE crTY-Mrs. Barten Kinaev of Des Moines, the former Diane Strait of Gflmore City, was honored at a variety shower at the GDmare City Methodist Church Tuesday afternoon, January 31. Corsages were presented to Mrs. Ki&aey, her mother. Mrs. Fern Strait, and her grandmother. Mrs. John Strait. Group singing was enjoyed, fol- lowed by a dMtonstnUoft by Diane ot how to pm*r* baklAg »6wa»r Mscuits with the sap- piles furnished by ta» hostesses bat without the helpof a recipe. Mrs, Bob Lamis and Mrs, Mark Palmer assisted Mrs. Rinney in opening her ftfts. Hostesses far the shower w»« Mrs. Lester Lynch, Mrs, Tom Peters. Mrs. Walter Httttes, Mrs. Lars Larson, Mrs. Richard Stamper, Mrs. Harry Pisel, Mrs. Alfred Ganf stad. Mrs. HaroM Wallace, Mrs. Donald Day, and Mrs. Jim PrtclMitlltt WHEREAS the heart and blood vessel diseases take, more lives each year than all other causes of death combined; WHEREAS these diseases are responsible tor widespread suf» ferity and disability, causing serious economic hardship in homes and businesses tn our community; WHEREAS leading authorities agree that medical science is on the verge of important breakthroughs to further control heart and blood vessel diseases, AND WHEREAS, the Number One defense against these diseases is your Heart Fund; THEREFORE 1 proclaim that the month of February be observed as Heart Month within the Jurisdiction of my office, and I urje all cititens to help speed their Heart Association's research, education, and community heart programs through Heirt Fund contributions and volunteer service, supporting the 1967 Heart Fund *ith the full measure of their generosity. Jean M. Were Mtvor Wolk to Had a friMd dttofcd at piblic Horary Ne<r children's books it the Humboldt Public Library include "Who Will be Mine?" by Edith Thacber Hurd. A sensitive perceptive text tells the story of a real little girl who goes for a walk to flad a friend. Pagv* by page, we follow her as she stops to ask a furry rabbit, a scratchy old turtle, a deer in tbe park, aad a baby seal in a pool to be hers. When at last tbe child discovers tbe perfect answer to her need, tbe reader finds that he too has shared in a moving experience. This book will appeal to very young readers and to their elders as well. A book that older girls are reading is "A Girl in the Witch House" by Ruth L. Holberg. This tale about Jennifer Rowe, her family and friends, took place In Revolutionary limes on C»p*> Ann in Massachusetts wher* strange oM houses and odd happenings were part (4 the dally life. And what a full life Jennifer had - making money tor her sister's wedding present by wiling catnip, dancing the minuet with her new friends, and ev?n climbing the mainmast of a schooner. Thisbock will pleas* children who want to know what life was like for youngsters their age in those earlv days, A science I Can Read Book by Mtlllcent Selsam named "When an Animal Grows" is a delightful book about th« process of growth and how young animals reach the age of Independence. "The Long Ride Home" by James L. Summers Is an excellent young adult novel added to the adult department of the library. Tod. a high school Junior, and his sister. Ann, a sophomore, have a father who Is an alcoholic. They join no clubs and make no intimate friends because they fear their father would be drunk when they brought them home. Two fellow students try to draw them into Alateen, a group of boys and girls with relatives who are alcoholics. This Is a sympathetic story which can create a better understanding of the alcoholic and his family. William Campbell' Gault has written another car racing story "Sunday's Dust." Denny Dugan, who works in his grandfather's garage, and Gregg Ludington. the richest boy in town, are drawn together by their great love for cars. Set In 1929, Just before and during the depression, tt vividly shows the excitement of automovile racing In the raid- west on dusty Sunday afternoons. A collection of mystery stories by Agatha Christie. "13 Clues for Miss Marple" will Introduce a new generation to Miss Jane Marple. whose fluffy esterlor conceals a rat-trap mind. Ftbrtory •••fii|s at Hirrfy HARDY-The Dorcus Circle of the Trinity ALCW will be entertained at tbe home of Mrs. Olive Pederson Tuesday afternoon, February 14. with Mrs. L. L. Mandsager as the leader of the Bible study. Tbe Lydia Circle of the Trinity ALCW will be entertained at the Trinity Lutheran Church Tuesday evening, February 14, with Mrs. Marjory Poutre as hostess. The Hardy WSCS will be entertained Friday evening, February 17, at the home of Mrs. Iva McKim. Mrs. Lyle Kitley will lead the devotions and the lesson will b* presented by Mrs. BUI Walkner. Members are to take notice of the change In date. Sociil Caltriar Ctwrtt*? *f SIMM *UNt*AL MOMI MONDAY, FEBRUARY IS Eastern S»r Chapter meets. American Uekm Auxiliary meets at 8 am. Monday Club meets at the home of Aftnes Jensen with Mildred Debner as hostess. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14 Royal Neighbors Lodge meets at 10 O.F. Mall. The Worth»Wle Club of Dakota City will nmt at 2 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Marvin Bertiow when Mrs. Robert Griffin will give a book review. Members ire asked to bring Valentines for the nursinf homes. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15 Fifth Avenue Baptist Church circles meet. Rebecca Circle, devotions, Arlvs Hendrlckson- program. Phyllis Pederwn; hostess, Carol Lathrop; co-hostess, Marian Dany. Clara Circle, devotions. Iva Selter; program. Lorraine Ellgren; hostess, Marlys Ross; co-hostess, Beverly Nelson. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16 White Cross Circle of the Fifth Avenue Baptist Church meets. Devotions, Phyllis Pedersen; hostess, Llla Basore; co- hostess. Janet Craig. WSCS Circles meet. Esther: hostesses. Mrs. Stanley Nelson, Mrs. Richard Stolgren, Mrs. Arthur Strachan. and Mrs. J. J. Howe; devotions, Mrs. Charles Larson; program, Mrs. Alan Anderson. Lydla: Hostesses, Mrs. Val Moore, Mrs. A. W. Glddlngs, Mrs. Ray Seaver, and Mrs. E A. Johnson; devotions, Mrs. Horace Adams; program, Mrs. Lavrence Strachan. Martha: hostesses, Mrs. Richard Hockel, Mrs. AlvinHul slier, Mrs. John Mansfield, and Mrs. A. B. Lennon; devotions, Mrs. George Brandt; program, Mrs, Wlllart Hart. Mary: hostesses, Mrs. Sidney Parsons, Mrs. Irene Russell, Mrs. Mllo Bowen, and Mrs. Henry Debner; devotions, Mrs, Earl Schenck; program. Mrs. Dean Harmon. Rachel: hostesses, Mrs. Warren Blackman, Mrs. Clyde Bayse, Mrs. Don Enfold, Mrs. John Cedar; devotions', Mrs. Clifford ; r>rosr»m, Mrs. Ruth: hostesses, Mrs. Asa AWM, Mrs, Walter tlnktm. Mrs. Earl Bauftous, and Mrs, I Hoop- MHtatwr; devotions, Mrs. Harry Burns; program. Mrs. Uon Klelss, Mlrlaw: hostesses, Mrs, Don Chrlstensen. Mrs. Rsmon Fisher. Mrs. Brvce Thorsen; rtcviv tlons, Mrs. \Viiltam Mekemson; program, Mrs, Lloyd Terwllli- per. Naomi: hostess, Mrs, Jim Johnson. Mrs. Leslie Hastings, and Mrs. R. C. Greene; devotions. Mrs. Harold Nostrom; program. Mrs. Lloyd Phllltps, Congregational Women's Fellowship circles meet. Circle I meets »1th Mrs, Pogtr Hetter at 8 p.m. Circle II meets vith Mrs. J. H. Coddlngton at 2 p.m. Circle in meets with Mrs, R. A. Sneetos at 2 p.m. Circle IV meets with Mrs. Kenneth Logan at 2 p.m. Circle V meets with Mrs. G. P. Ruse at 2 p.m. Circle VI meets with Mrs. Z. W. Thomas at 2 p.m Our Saviour's Lutheran circles meet. Circle I meets with Mrs. Vernell Medlang In the morning. Circle II meets with Mrs, George Jensen In the morn- Ing. Circle IV meets with Mrs. Joe Anderson after Lenten services. Circle V meets In the Fellowship Hall after Lenten services. Circle VI meets with Mrs. Ernest Sime at 2 p.m. Circle Vn meets with Mrs. Eunice Ernst at 2 p.m Circle VIII meets with Mrs. Matts Wal- lakalt at 2 p.m. Circle I> meets with Mrs. Fred Jensen at 2 p. m Circle >' nwetswith Mrs. Nols Shurson ot t p.m. Circle >'l meets with Mrs. Ernest Clemenson at 2 p.m. Circle yn nw<>ts with Mrs. Oliver Maiden at 2 txm, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17 Rolvkah Lodg* meets. Htimtwldt Hobbycraft Club meets at the First National Bank Social Center at 1:30 p.m. with Roberts Jensen and Edna Abens as co-hostesses. The project v ill b*> footstools atvl doorstops. SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 18 0 F.A. meets at 6:30 p.m. for a covered dish dlnm>r at the Legion basement. Hosts are Mr. and Mrs. Charles Little and Mr. nml Mrs. Forrest Lrarmont. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21 Circle III of Our Saviour's Lutheran Church meets vith Mrs William Chantlaml at 8 p m Sloven Fviorol Home Horlow Sl*vin 24 Hour Ambulance 5*rvlc«! Phent 332-3247 Addlltenal Chain for Any So.| elal Even) May B* Obtained at lh« Funeral Horn.. HONOR Halls' Hawhr Q. Who wot flrtt President t* b«ldly exercl** hit wartime powers? A. Abraham Lincoln. Q. Con tenant* obtain package Insurance similar to •no Home-Owners plan? A. Yes. Insure with the Fred W. Hall Agency W lit Ave. N. Huboldt Farmers Life Company HONOR AGENT OF THE MONTH Your area's Farmers Life agent has just won the honor of tho outstanding Farmers Life Company agent for last month. He won this honor only because of people like you... who put their faith and trust in him and his company's ability to provide you with adequate, planned life insurance coverage. If you've never met your Farmers Life Company agent... we'd like to suggest that you do so...he's a good mnn to get to know! Yes, you benefit more...when you insure with FEMIC. BILL MEYER Be> 265, Phon* 332-2644 Humboldt, Iowa FARMERS llfE COMPANY HOVE OfFICE OES MOINES, IOWA :.; AGENT NOW-SPECIAL WHITE SALE SAVINGS ON USED CARS Check our exclusive 2-year/50,000-mile warranty on late-model used Ford cars!' 11967 Mvstong, 2 plus 2, lew mi lea9*, loadtd. $2795 0 1966 Pontiac CanvtrtikU, 1 owntr, low niltogc, ntw warranty l«ft, whitt S2895 • 1966 Chevrolet Impolo 4-door sedan, white color, V-8, 1 owner, automatic $2595 f 1966 Chevy II, 4-door sedan, low low mileage, 1 owner, ten, automatic $1895 0 1965 Mustang Convertible, red, white top, V.8. 3-speed $1895 • 1965 Volkswagen $1395 § 1965 Mercury Montclair 4-door, automatic, power steering, 1 owner $2395 § 1965 Ford Station Wagon Country Sedan, 1 owner, V-8, overdrive, power steering . $1995 t 1965 Chevelle, 4-door, automatic, white color $1495 0 1965 Ford 500, 4-door, V-8, auto- •talic, power steering, air conditioning . $1895 0 1964 Rambler 660, 4-door Classic, low mileage, eitra clean $1195 0 1963 Ford Fairlane 500, V-8, Straight Stick, Extra Clean $1195 0 1962 Ford, 1 owner, Galo»ie 500, V-8, 4- 4eor, automatic $1295 0 1962 Chevrolet Imp* I a 4-doer hardtop, V, 8, automatic, factory air conditioning . , . $1295 • 1962 Ford Country Sedan Station Wagon, V-8, automatic, power steering, power brakes, air conditioning $1295 • 1962 Rambler Station Wagon, 4-door, 6 cylinders $ 795 0 1961 Pontiac 4-door hardtop, automatic, power, tan color $ 795 0 1961 Mercury, V-8, automatic, 4-door, 1 owner $ 795 0 1961 Ford Convertible, near new top, V-8, automatic $ 795 0 1961 Rambler Station Wagon, 4-door, 9 passenger $ 495 0 1960 Ford Co lax it 500, 4-door, V-8, Automatic, 1 owner $ 550 ConiMrcial Ditto 0 1965 Ford F600, 330 horsepower, 84" CA, 2-speed, 825 tires $2395 0 1965 Ford Window Von, low mileage . . . $1795 0 1964 International, cabin chassis, 84" CA, V-8, 2-speed, 825 tires, extra clean ... $1895 0 1963 International V) ton, V-8, 3-speed . . $1095 0 1957 International 2-ton, 10* end dump and hoist, V,8. 2-speed $ 795 Newco».r» Club Mr*. Margie Mirtla, Pre»- W.ot HiuBbaUt BUSINESS and PROFESSIONAL HUMBOLDT CITV OFFICIALS J«u M. KUv., Mcyor •H»rold 8olb«ck. City L. W. Dtokln.on. Chl.f ol Polio* Councilman Kroot CI«B«nion • otxrt Hotdcn ChrUt*n*«a R. T. N.wton Norman M. Mo Arthur JOHN EDWARDS REAL ESTATE BROKER FARM MANAGEMENT PB«M US-1M1 ••aaboMt, Iowa JAQUA «\ MANSFIELD LAWYERS JMua BUg. - 5Z« Stunner PhoM UZ 21M Humkoldt OLSON ABSTRACT CO. Eatd 8. Day Plane 3U-1SU Humkoldt Ia. Kv«nli)(l by Aiipolnimrnt Phone }3>-17tt 3SSH Bumner Humboldt UN. UAVII) W. 110VT CHIMOPH.tCTOH Cumplrla Htnlth .Service Huun 5-11 a.m. 1:34 lu « p.m. •114. HAFNER •OOKKKBFItli AMI TAX •EN vice M»lldla« T* Nrcl Off. Hr«. •EN MILLER COUNTY OFFICIALS Attorney, John Manilicld Auditor. Orln Nxleon A**e>*or, Marl* Phllllpi Clerk of Court, A. H. Co.inch Engineer, Vernon Miller Recorder. Battier J. Hubl. Sheriff. Marvin Ander»en Superintendent, Harold Granner Treaaurer. Phylll* ChrUlennen Corontr. Dr v J. H. Code! Ing ton DAKOTA CITV TOWN OFFICIALS Orvllle Knudenn. Mnyor Judy A. Thompson, Town Clerk Councilman B.U Rhode. J»rr> L.« Rob»ti Myorn Marvin Horhow Robert (Jrlffln CHURCH PASTORS Melh<*y.l ChuroH Or K. Marrl* Klldal ftev, 3. H. llanmer Contregallanal Rev. Franot. P. Burr Our Saviour'* Lutheran Key I,. C. Jenaon ftev. Arthur Monti-ornery St. Mary'a Catholic Moml>nor J. K, Tolaa Seventh Day Adventlat Ruaiell Jonaion Zlon Lutheran Church Mlaaourl Synod 308 No. Tafl and Beavor Townahlp Rev. Larry Kudarl Fifth Avenue BaptUl Rev, Carroll Ktlnkoon I»H. HOVRI.AM) ( IIIHOI'HACTOH IUM la n.m. lu 19 ... ., *-r«jr «(r»e)«il Pluor Of (Ire DR. E. P. HANSEN OPTOMETRIST 8:00 to 12:00 1:M lo 5!0 frWay Evening 7:00 to »:M CloMil Taur«l.y Afternoon Phont M»-mi Humfcoldt SISSON NURSING HOME R«fUtcrc4 Nurie t n charge Car. or AieH. C*nv.|e,ctnl and Amkulalory 24-Hour Nur»ln< Service PJiont S3M588 humboldi CIVIC AND SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS Chamber of Comm«rc« T. P. W.Ich. Pr«»ld.nt RuUry Club M»*oo Knlgbt, Praaldcni' Klw.nU Club Dutn* Hind, Pi««IJ«nt Lioni Club T. P. Wolch, Pr.aidont J«yeo« to P«tr> •tlvliiiiu, Pr««- The American Loglon John Van Horn, Commando r American Legion Auxiliary Mr«. John Seller, Pr*«ldent VeUitna ol Foreign W»r« Luunerd Colllni, Commander V.F.W, Auxiliary Mm. Duan« Saalholl Wom»n'« Club M». M. t. Northup. Prenl- dent Bu»l&<««, Profeeclonal Women MM. ttutlj Barieti, Preildent Beta Sign* Phi Sorority Mr«. Dennt* He to, Cr»*l*)*nl Club M». Marvin Berbow, Pre»l' Seller Appliance Service Often You Complete Major Appliance Service—All Make* Phone 332 UK Humkoldt C. E. Salti * Service Warren H. Smith, Broker REAL ESTATE • INSURANCE FARM LOANS Telephone SSt-1171 Aimm from iiuuotu PR, K. G. PRIDE CHIHOPHttTOM Mlflr. H...^"HM.- Huw, T-MO*

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