Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 23, 1952 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 23, 1952
Page 5
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-Local Marln'ts — ; Of/\A7.7 /. No Change In Market Prices Here Prices wore unchanKod on Inoul crain and produco marUrts toiUvy. CHAIN Old corn Now corn Soybeans Oats (36 lbs.) Klax Graves Utain Company Oruver, Huntington. Maple HUl PKODUCE Sweet cream 73c No. 1 71c No. 2 eoc HenneclRs 29o No. 1 200 No. 2 22c Straight run 25o Hens, under 4Vj lbs. lOo Hens, 4'.-i! lbs. and o%'er 13c Heavy cocko lOo Lcehorn, leghorn cross cocks ...Sc $1.67 Sl.6,1 5;2.7J .. 750 Sioux City Livestock Sioux City, May 23 .ff^—Sioux City livestock market quotations: Cattle salable 300; calves none; supply practically all small lots; slaughter classes little changed In clcan-up trade; few choice yearling steers $32-$34(; commercial and good 27.60-$31; few commercial and good heifers $26-$30. Small showing utility and commercial cows 22.50-126; conners and cutters $17$22; Blockers and focder.i scarce. Hogs salable 2,500; moderately activct barrosvH and gilts 25-60 lower; top 40 lower; choice 1 and 2 barrows and glUa around 190-240 lbs. 2d.60-$21; latter for numerous lots to-order buyers; major packers 20.60 down; 260-260 lb. $20-20.50; 270-300 lbs. 19.50-$20; several load.s around 32O-.380 lbs. $18-$19; choice BOWS around 350 lbs. down 18.50$19; choice sows around 350 lbs. down 18.50-19.50; around 360-400 Iba. 1B.25-18.B0; 400-500 lbs. 17.5018.25. William R<»<i<i<)\v Kh'clrd as VTA Presichiil BY MltS. K. (i. Sn.WSON Th'i liiHt nii'i'Uni; nt 0\<- year nf •hi- Diinnoll P. T. A. was hold Woil- ni'Nday (•\i >nin)i with .'10 nicnibers i prosenl. A noiuinatinj; cunimltlon '> ha.*: jircsentnl a Hlnto of now ofl'i-• eer.s which resulti'd in thoso hiinj;; elocled. William Rofiiiow l .-i Uie now pre.qidont. Mis. K. .1. Krick.son vice prosidont. .Mrs. Percy FInuel, socrolary. anil C. J. Bi ^nson. trou.s- uror. Those officers will appoint all coniniillee.*: for next year. A motion wa.s passed to hav." the PTA sponsor the school picnic whirh is to be held May 2!*. The eiKlith piaders navo a short part of the play •'Elmer," which is to he given Friday oveninp. May 23. at 8 p. m. A hinrh was served. Quick Results. Satisfaction from Daily News Classifieds Bus. Opporfunity" Legal Notice Automotive " ICn ^trMib 9 «ti« Personal For Sale .won .MONTHl-Y SPARE TIMK RofiHinc and colleotinp tnonoy from our flve-cont llich r.rrule vending machines in this nren. NO SEI.IJNO. To qualify for Work you must hnvo car. refor- oiu'is, and $600.00 cash. Immed- intoly avallnhle. Dovottn.i: 6 htyirs a week to Inisinoss. >,i\ir ond on percentace of collections .•Jhould net up to $300.00 monthly, with very icood possibilities of takinp over full time. Income In- eroasinp aceordinply. Other Iowa territories, and stirroundlng states also available. For intor- vii'W, Include phone in application to l5ox 57I.J. Kslherville. Iowa. 194-3-21 CAR TROl'PLKS" For corerrei) spring drlMnp and KHH savlnj top performnnce. hrini: your .-."tr to us for n Rprlnp ehorkup HENAMAN MOTOU lO OFFU lAI. NOTICK IlKFOKK Tllh; IOWA STATK rOMMKKCK cootisaiON TO THE CITIZENS OF KMMET IIU'KINSON AXn CI.AY t'OPNTIE."^: Notice \? liorehy Riven that M.ilo Faulk an.l Maurico Ol.sen. j FOR fAFFTY. Hiivo lt,.p.-.-t dlia H * O Transfer. Esthorville.} brnk.' systoni t!ioi,uii:hK .i.l Iowa, has ntnde application to thei or rolin.> ilio in ik.--!. If Iowa .'Jtale Commerce Commission ; neeos<,-\iy. under autliority of Cliaptor X2i. the, TIIOMA.S Mi^TOHS Codo lft50. as amended, for a Cer-i . tiflcate of Conven»«ttco and Noce,^- _ slly to operate as a motor carrier, .of fnighl between Esthervillc, 'c 'fit \ rjt^a-.rt »n J f.rp,• Ni, ^•-f'^ >>'nftt t'iv.-i.( ^furHiay no 1 1!., Fri.. Mtty iS. IttVi 5 !.>•• un(w «f» 3 in:* Garden Hiilj. ' Mrs. Walter Anderson was hostess to the Lake Fremont Gardin Club members Thursday afternoon. Mesdamcs Paul HonneUe and Robert Anderson had prepared a program of articles suited to Mother's day. The entire afternoon given over to business connected with the club's entertaining the district Federated gardi'n club.s June 10. A total of 250 guests are expocted at Dunnell that day. Meals are served at Imman'jel ljUtheran church parlors anil the business and program sessions at the Community hall. The hostess served lunch after ,a busy session of plans. Sale Calendar Chicago Livestock Chicago, May 23 (.?P)—Heavy hop; receipts plus 1,000 head hold over from, yesterday's market drove prices sharply downward today with some late sales aa much as $1.26 lower. The cattle market was generally steady. Hog trading .was very slow nnd uneven and ,all receipts were not sold. 75th Birthdjiy. Oscar I.,. Swanson was honored by rf large group of relatives Wednesday evening in observance of his 75th birthday. Ho was showered with gifts. The evening wna spent in visiting. The late supper was served at a buffet tiible centered with beautiful tulips and consisted of many kinds of delicious foods and two large birthday cakes. Present were members of his immediate family of Mrs. Ethel Jensen and Pernilla, Mrs. Lloyd Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Swanson .and sons. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ander.-ion and family. Others there were J. W. Swanson and Lenoro of Fairmont, Mr. and Mrs. Arvid Swan.son and Ann, Mrs. C, Linus Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Swanson, Mabel and Maynard, Messrs. and Mesdames W. J. Conner, E. G. Swanson, Walter Swan.son ond family, SATIHDAY, MAY 31. 1:30 \>. n\. D. n. Gilbertson, 312 X. 6th St., Esthorville. Complete line of household furniture. Auctioneers: Foshier and Burns. Clerk: Emmet CountV .State Bank. Sale ad: May 27. Jobs Wanted JOB WANTED -Wallpaper cleaning and lawn mowing. Dick Hornby. Box 318. IflS-'Jx-". WANTED -Carpenter work. New building, remodeling, paragos. cabinet work. Arthur M. Higby. Phone 1F51. 194 -4X -3 Services PIJVNNINO to remodel your home? Investigate Title 1 loans which cover all types of hom improvements. Consult us without obligation. IOWA TRUST & SAVINGS BANK 101'-" II ARMSTRONG Armstrong rcrsoiuils. Mrs. W. I. Mangold, Mrs. Clarence Adams, Mrs. Howard Pollard and Mrs. Frank Pape drove to Minneapolis Wednesday and are attending the National Convention of Federated clubs until Friday. On Thursday evening they attended a .party for Iowa club ladies at the • js'Leainlhgton hotel hoaorlng tha na' tional president, Mrs. Dorothy Houghton, whose home is at Red Oak, la. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Burns, Barbara and Steven spent Sunday visiting relatives at Britt and Rockford. Mr. Burns' mother, Mrs. Efflo Burns, of Brltt accompanied them home for a week's visit. WE DO contract paint work. See us for estimate on exterior and interior painting. Ph. 1680. Ray's Paint Store. 16-tf-9 FOR FREE PICKUP and delivery. Ph. 49. P & G Cleaners. 266-tf-9 To llennlng. Mr. and Mrs. C. Linus Peterson left early Friday for Hennlng where they will be guostp of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Nelson and to Fergus Falls where they will visit Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Tollerud. They hope to get in some fishing as well as a visit and Mrs. Peterson will return by bus Tuesday, while Mr. Peterson attends to business calls. Confirmation. The Rev. Arthur Schultz will confirm these young folks Sunday. May 25, at a 9 a. m. service. They are Phyllis Roben, Phyllis Markquart, Phyllis Jorgenson, James Deling and James Dougherty. Attend Conflmiation. Mr. and Mrs. Allle Watland and Mr. ahd Mrs. John Caboth and Bonnie attended confirmation services Sunday held at the I.,ako Mills Methodist church and later were dinner guests in the Russell Tordoff home. Sharon Tordoff was a member of the Confirmation class. Haa Coffee Partj'. . Mrs. Bertha Anderson entertained several guests Tuesday after noon for a coffee party. Those present were Mrs. Ted Voiding and Tommy of Belmond who were visiting here, Mrs. E. J. Schuster and children, Mrs. P. B. Johnson Jr., Mrs. Ralph Rovn and Mrs. Marios Daries and cliildren. To Mansfield, The annual meeting of the St. James district Women's Missionary society was held .it Mansfield Tuesday. May, 13, with sessions morning and afternoon. The speaker for the day was Rev. T. \V. Vorsell regional director of American Missions. Rev. T. C. Peterson of Dunnell was on the afternoon's program. Those attending from hero were Mrs. Walter Anderson, president of Immanuel Lutheran Missionary society and secretary Mrs. Newton Aagard. Others that went were Mesdamcs Wayne E. Peterson, Amy Under and E. H. Peterson. There were one hundred ladies in attendance, some coming in the school buses from a long distance. U. S. farm families receive about one-third of tholr total casii income from sources other than tlvei farms. TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE Answer to Previous Puzzle In the Armed Forces tfOUZONTAL 4 Manner 1 Feminine If!^^^^ soldier IS?'"* 4 Army meal IS?""',* 8 Final bugle 8 Mongol caU 9 Dry 12 Past 10 Evergreen 13 Curved „ JT*® ' molding JJS««*s 14 Operatic solo "f"«"« 16 Version (ab,) 19 Musical s T R 1 K e A I. R 1 J_ V S E N S T o H u ammmmm acnnRRiBM gJIDSiEllSlS s T O A m E • ammmmm acnnRRiBM gJIDSiEllSlS ft • A u M C B L. u A R tmaamaia A C A P e R A Nl T S • A * T 1 u M P 1 B o 1 e T e R T K • a 0 Spirit Lake. Okohoji, Arnolds Park. Mllford, I'ostoria nnd .'>pencer. in Emmet, Dickinson and Clay Counties, Iowa. The purpose of this application is to transport frolKht to nnd from points and places now served under niilborlty held to and from the! points nnd places named above. The Commission fixed Monday, June 16. IP.W. ten (10:00) o'clock A. M.. at the offico of the Dickinson County Auditor. Spirit Lake, Iowa, as time and place for public henrinp on this application. IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION Call W. Rood. Chairman David B. Ixing. Commissioner Frank H. Means, Commissioner ATTEST: Gee. L. McCaughnn, Seerotary. Dated at Des Moines, Iowa, May fi, VXC Doikrt So. H-4.'12fi. I May 16, 23\ one I K :il\vn\s spijlni : Thr»# ,t«)« Out o-ok %^ch •.J.albw&l A^y Umlmura k.t .^iv tl< f»r "v>ra Ruv throo. on,' fi.-.' in.hi.liiij: trndo In First I.ui,' Piro.a WHITISH STANDAKD SF.UVICK j 41.S <Vnlr..l Av,' llML'-ll ' 1 Loans and Ins. 10 ACTO .'^F.AT iSAl.F Itondy-niado pla.'-iie :uito M:it covors. Variety of mlois imhi ding plaitls C ;\T\ f',* nu>rtt i ;u s Hip siivlnc' lU 'K prii (• $l'.M ."i Pllc-'.l to eloiu at JH S.* MONTC.CMT.UY W.\KD M-:tli,'ivillo, l„w:i 19.1-.t 11 for cr».lit .^ei' ••rv\,« rhftrt* w r»- pltM »r» I.T l>«i:) .N»M HM a**- (• chArK»4 It fc4 v*rti»^» i,.utiM* ,»r ptt.utv numt'^r IK*( r.'l a,l¥*fti*«r * CUkMiriM f3 UMK •I>»ul4 ibfttr »,sv«rit**mf«ta In tb* rrrvi (MM th»> apr «)kr Ami t*t^^ tMj prrvr »1 *n*r lb* nrit Mua For Rent mi; I!!'. I'Vi . I.; 1 « 'I. •!« t^t^>i « s r V \* f » '^i. • \ } I ^„i,'n4 tv. I . Jr.. ni i HI. .11.1 I Ml • ,'.1-1V 1, k- '. !• ( Th.K ...t Moi-l.i:, !!.'! v.n.i I.u, I« VtI i^o.vl Is ! r i; 1..^ t»^ t » 1 IIOI UAKl'l* UA\t .^\M>\M'll Ill u M.M!' i .rs .ii i>,". 1 I NK\Tl; f^l'-i" <o,Ml,lr>t lid." 1* ' I'-if! •. i\ u«- c • \' . M ' . M' > • i • »• 0,t.>:!.H-. -.tiiM:.-, i; »n t,» n{l^^• u..>tii .l-trilft,.. f -r f I\. \^ 1',,.: . \, ,1 s :'. »nt. ' M y > t I ItlK.NP Ci,M. . I tien.l t.» V\n.s \ l'>Ml l-'.,',oi fiM ,-1, .4iun,: 1 tfut vii> I ••oc MiiOii I'lirnitiiii- sioi. : I:. !:r\ \.>'>\ twr. ,\Nii % w y \: • Si in. . . Mi> J-'^ l-'l ••• n' rr- ».>! W IN h'-!^'* ^J- *' i."'. , ,<tf I •.\^ p. r • --n* tut nii OVH K i»nt • ilr y-iTity .nvu-ur n.\i'.i>u via 1» I K-l > I! Vi>ti>«< f-<r 1.^ .r 1 ((!- • JO,I •, t,, 1 N Air 1; , . 1- t \l. a.. I.r^ik.- H > '«:: u y.\ \l*r\<.n I'M :^"* fni, -r I 1 .1 1, 1 ) 1\>U UF.NT I'll-It fl.'.ii modiMti .•»io»'ni apt t;,:,-,,*,'.! in p,M,-l\, ;;iuiu:o, Availnblo .liim- 1 I' l» I jf. 11,,\ Y If Want To Buy 10 BOTTLE GAS SALES-SERVICE Installations — Regulations HILL'S CORNER, Ph. 49J51 lBl-tf-9 PETERSON'S Radiator Service, just east of Vandy's, 1714 Central. Experienced in all types radiator repair. 115-tf-9 Having a Parly? Then sec us for clever Party Invitations Place Cards Tallys Our staff will (iesign them to fit your party scheme. ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS Northwest Iowa's Largest Printing Plant 191-3-9 SEE US when you need money. You may apply for loan of $50 to $300 on vour signature, salary or auto. Convenient monthly r.v payment plan, suited to your income. IOWA GUARANTEE, Inc. 19?-3-15 Political 34 Lars C. Thomsen FOR SUPERVISOR Fifth District Life-long resldi-nt of Emmet Co. tfueeosKful farnior. Woithy of yotir voti- at R.'pnblierin priniiiry, June 2. 19.V7-24 MARY TOSTENRUD Pf71T.RSEN For Clerk of Court Qiiiilifiod by oxperienco. I'rosoiit deputy elork. Republican Primary Juni- 2 193-9-24 FOR SAI.K innn Chrviol.l Now tiros. i:i»t>il ooiulittoii .laiiott naw:iUI. IMi. 7S4W. ir ):5 :u-ii FOR SAI.K 1<.>.'1,S Fold to.lor. poo<l condition, $7 ,100 lion.'\Ul Fishov, 6 South :!r(l St. 190 nvll LET US take care of your automotive needs. Humper to bumper service all maUo.v See us. Robinson Motors "Pontlac" Sth nnd Central Ave. 227-tf-ll FOK KENT Tl.r. .• loom ni.m riiv,it,' ontiano, liil'<l..I ;ipai t IM, j 1 ,^ w .\NT 'ri> m'Y 1'. I , l't»mt,- ' !,»i III* N. . ,|. t. ..n.l • ; -1 1 I,-. I ^•i^'' fc, ^ • *t.,s ,1, n, '.illioll.- .' KKAJKr MCSI, CO fir. Help Wanted I'OIl Kh;N"r ; vix .iw n\<»l, (i\ li.ii s,- $'.'0 .Million Ft,A . l^lliorxillo IM '.'v MEKIN'ISH y.ui o«n floot ,•< m lllp SuMOK'"' llont a bii,:li -l" • d Floor S;indi'i from \\:u.|i •MONTilO.MKUV WAHl' Kxtherv lllo. l<iwn '; .^ FOR HI'.NT SandT and . vour Coji5!t t*j Coa?*t ^tol, ,li;oi at l!'l '.• .^ HELP WAN'ri-:n Woman i>-< bousokoopor ami ronipanlon for elderly lady In nioili'i n luoiie in Es*h,MViUe. Miikt' porsonal ap- pllonlion to .l,nson at Golilon Sun Millini; Company. IW rt 'J FOR KENT Modom n room iin fiinilsliiil flr^it floor apiirtniiiil Adults only, Hiw N Rtli St T.l. H ',i;i.i. n.',.«i.' Loin ion 4s ^ WANT TO THADK :iA Ineb KO. ..!,,vo f,t; .ipnrlin.r;' nU.' I'ti.-iu- I'M : ,ti .1 Farm lOK SALE .Siv .Mpotto.l Polin.l tit.o.l 1 («> (nrrow IncI ef M^iv I., ilir Uoi ^:r.*,,n, 2 n\i nottb of t :i iMrr I 'A^-.t 7 WANTEI> I.-! viivit do, k, ^'o 111 oiif ni 'u N',1 ord. I t.. ut . inton\ Uatol\ t",' ar»,i t ut k t'\ opK^ I loot I i,* In, tilKilorii > Mottill Untohlnp RE-ELECT E. I. Ellerston Reiiublienn Candidate for Supervisor First District Seventeen Years Experience Hopubllcan Primary, June 2 Your Support Appreciated 181-11-24 For Sheriff Re-elect EMLET TWITO Candidate for re-election on the Republican ticket. Primaries, Monday, Juno 2. 190-12-24 HELP WANTED U'ait Time) Distrlbutlnp oompany will soloot reliable porson to d'llvor in,Moli- nndlso and i-oUoet monoy (No SoUingl Uieal ivoeounts, this ana Must have cur. (1 to K I KMIIS f<pari' time oaoh wo, k and A 1 rofir- ettcoK. Pay is not ho\irl\ but do- pends upon numlor of aoeounts serviced Can also sorvieo sonto r"utos on n higher profit basis for a por- contape of monoy eollooti'd Tills roqtiires ability to work witlioul direct supiivislon an.l $700()0 cash \-.oiklnp capital wlilrli is fully soourod To .-li.l In do\-ol(,p- inp a full tinio routo, company will lend finnnoliil assistance to qtialifled aiiplioanis wlio prove their ability. If you <iualify write fully, inolii- 'llnp i>bono numbor. for porsonal interview, W. M. Webber, R<ix .'i7WW, Kstli.'ivlllo. la. 191 3x2 FOR RENT room. .Mro I.i.;lit Moor, hoUHok, o( inp I'b inoM i!t:i ,'1 r> FOlt lti;Nr 2 1'odioom li.iis,, .v eoll, lit location A\allni>lo .luno i:, Edith Honnitl I'll 74.'iW nil If n FOR RENT Tworootn lioii«.'. 711 So. 121 h St. Koy Howon FOR RENT — n-room downstairs HIMiitiiiiiit. Olaf Twodt, Pb 1M7 tr ft FOR RE.Nr Good slooping room for !i pentUinan .Mr.i Eliior Wopon, Phone 1136. ft FOR RENT Furnished or unfurnished npnrtmont. Pb. 2ir .W, Clarence C.olln. 173 tf 3 •'1 a-^on diawln^* !,> t\ olo».' Hrlnp • kfi In "o ,11 I.iko llilf I|,il,ti oiv ("ovliin. Minn ^ null • runt aiiil onofoutth ••oiilli of Dunnell !'.>& .1v 7 HOO HOUSFJ4 FEEDERS Rullt to your oidor. I'rloeJ ilgtit. c.unritnteed satt«f«otorv. Coma In. Blve UR the donlred dinion Blond. Commander KI.\aior«. Utintlngton W R 8<---m>nn. nianapot. Phon« 44Wfl 1 7 11,.. ,, FO|! H.M (•: »n,t ,,\ - , I.l, ?t ,i 1 A -i II m.%w , , J AO K ^OO FOR HM K frltf.rnl.ii nth "^l"-ni j.' f: t. « :t i' . IM. 1« ! 1 I ' b V* <*o' tv,*tvi .! l^.-. ..'.I ron.Kll.iri ,\J, I Ph l.'SW I.M- Ilov Gojtirie ^t'A 110..> TUADK IN <»ll..wiinre f..r \»iiir 1,1*1 h(k,' or\ ti nov* K,ro«f,.n«* bvoy.!. Ail "ifw^* J'o.' lift Ml... .l.-.i! !.»o» ^..^hlv Fii.-«i„n.' .'iN.r. . IM 5 10 fSKD lAIII.K I1UI.I.I tadl.i l» .V V Ivitnir t>!.ilo whit. J» %t WFitiEUN Ai vo Asmx' nrv>p.F. iflfl-tf ii> Real Estate WANTED—Waitress. Palace Cafe, 108-U-2 Part-time Help Needed Boys or Girhs Stock boys and checkers. No phone calls, please. See Ainie at I WANT TO WEAR A POPPV A NATION'S S/MBOL OF HEROIC SACRIFICE 4MiaiCAN iKioN *vnu*» MAC LOGAN For Sheriff Honest, dependable, well-qualified. REPUBLICAN PRIMARY June 2 177-26-24 Maurice Oleson For Supervisor First District Succes.sful farmer, competent, qualified. REPUBLICAN PRIMARY June 2 178-25-24 SIDE OI^CE 16 Managing 18 Wed 20 Infernal region 21 Godde^ ot plenty 22 Close 24 Uncovered drama 23 Provide an incotoie 24 -— Buth, baseball hero 25 Malt beverages w...v„>.v« 26 Setting 26 OrientalTolns 2' Ponders 27 Ill-bred fellow 30 Visigoth king 32 Decipher 34Dela? : 35 Indians 36 Worm • ' 37 Afresh 39 Circular plate 40 Sn9W vehicle 42V%^iT)ak«r 51 52 Indigo 53 Fasten 54 Work unit 55 Moderate 56 Domestic slave 57 Distress call VERTIOAL 1 FeminlM sailor 3Non- commissipmA 28 Fruit drinks 29 Table used for writing 31 Type style 33 West Point student 38 Roman magistrates 40 Steps over a fence 41 Edge along furtively 42 Nomad 43 Talking bird 44 Mine entrance 46 Intend 47 Polynesian plant 48 Hen products 50 Employ VANDY'S 1B.V2-2 Entertainment DIETUICH BTAII.S In "Hancho Notorioun" Friday nnci .Saturday at the (Irnnd Un'ii- tcr. AlHO "Tiilk About n Hliiini;- cr" with <;»'OrBc .\luipliv. 194-21 DANCE Saturday Ni^ht Alvin Frick Skyline Club nuY A iioMi': I.S'HTKAD OK I'AVINC liKN'r Jbi'dnicini hou.-i... T.. U,, full liivx.-nn'nt, K. IH lioul I'.'t 2i\.t Av... M. id.MO T .'rinH SI.V KI down, l.iiliinci' J50 per iim ('li,'!!!)If llinn r.'til KSTHKItVIM.K llKAl.TV I 'll KHii 111 II;.:H.I i«vi s WKW 2 MKDUOdM».'. 1.. H , n. It., kilih.n (iiiil liiitit (iiiH hrnl, wnlcr lnnl .'r and nofliii.T. (lood loriitl<in I'l Ic. .1 In Hi'll. HI DO I-r ItKAI. F.STATK I'll. Ifl.VI <ir 1750 Idft 2-8 OOOI) .MI.VN'KHOTA KAUM in'YS CAIlOr. BUOCKMAN, Rj -nltor Ceylon. Minn. FOR HA LB-Two-bed room h<nii<«" nnd lot. Hoy Row«>n, 711 Hn nth IK7tf « I.AS 'r CAM. rh{rUn 1 lo .1 w.'.'kn iil.l [ind i ii»l f >f wrniton tr dii.'*-(t iirl .'t « llAMll.TnN' IIATCHKHV Hi%n.nifl. lowi m tf 7 KOIl HK.N'r I'.i«liinv f'tirl Knnpii I'll 7ra. (Jrn.ltlnK'r t»4-:^x» WU.I. I'AY v<i'i ttir vrty lop on >.iut Nil I l.ilk'ht «.,..l A Ki"ti FOR SAI.K W} 31 (<Ki« *tl mrtAl h .imc lrtil|.r M'>nr>' MIII T. UrnrtllnKrr l.iw.i 11««« t" n >U.'<Al .r. F.l.-.tti. ratiff^. 5 nil.'". !»)'< KinitmU pluno Mr» .lohn lliiilir<-nti,', Walltn,; ford Va .It 10 roll SAI.K I.IV P nrw Plvld,-.! lop K»« rnncr ri»rrlfl<-p /iail )»l.\V in> U> «'J0 p n\ IhTHlllr Dally .NdWi omcK. 161 <«-7 KOIl YOUH NBKOH IN Niw iin,l Uhi'd Murhlni-ry VIKING MOTOUK Ahv.iyii a Hrniiiii' di»nl nl Viking . . . your MH"H"y'HBrrlii nnd <invrr di-ulrr In KnUicrvtllc 17J1 If 7 rilKAM-I 'OlM .TrtV KdOH Ho »t nutrki 't prU-ii plun ctiiird'oiin, liolpfiil B.'tvlciv t 'orivcnlcnl curh m.rxUc, I 'iKino Vl r <;. OHAY 104-3 7 I'-OH HAI<K SO Willi.' Rork rhlck- . iiH ll m>i olil $1 :'f> <noli Eu- ( ."^chuhcit, .Siip.'fUir, tM2)l-7 KOIt HALK Inl 44H 4 row riiUIVB- lor Comploi,' Willi hydrnullc ryllndcm. AI BO ;-ii ,w rulllvBlor for A r. \V l>. uii.'.l one Miuton. If Anilr n. Wnlllnttford I'h 132 on 12. 19.T3X-7 roil nAt.16 -t.lKhtnInK r«4Jk 71 jrr* nt «nl.tiirtr{l cuatornxfn. Call enh 1SI7J SOI r. lOlh H(. flpvw cor. U. OiM n. lUth in-tOrXQ I'KKn KI'IlNlTfRK l>lnln^ r«>.iin null.*. 3 living ro«ini milt,«. <iMr>iiu((pd tMllnlnjt .•h-«lr Willi ottoman. 3 litmkrait mrtf. kn<.li.ilo .l.nk. ook I nffol iiAitiuH nrnNixruK. 10 KOIt KAI.K >'\ir«> l>r.d bo».r ni»!.> pup. Rj-naonahl* prkr Rl'h- nrd AlotnndiT, tttrn lOthorviIln ftlrporl. m ^K 10 UKKIUOBIlATOn HPBCIAI N PW. fV-fot't r<>|[rlgi)mt<>T. t<p«,-t- ally prlcrd At tlM.M. HEtDKK ctaccrmc co. rntf-10 rOH HAI.IS «t»«l clothMllnr j«l C«rl Lc««i-h«n, I'fc. TJJJ iwt Hi FOR HAM-: 8mnll. modern 'J hid- room I KJIIIC, on Iw-o loin <»iiii )ici\l. linnii'illnin pon.N.'inlon rhoiiii 15. 174 tt« 1».% '21 Large Modern Home riom.' to Bii.>;in<'s.'; District Gas heat. Automatic Kas uiitt'i' hcati'r. Mrs. Anilii'osc Conway 4]i; ,N'. .Ith Ph. 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