The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on April 7, 1947 · Page 5
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 5

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1947
Page 5
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Antoninhno LOMIIB 10 \ '. Th *• NUED MONEY? ^ nf "n YOUI c- SIGNATURES fl Hour Service. Try CREDIT SEUV INC - '' ' ' a Pl ?« 'T ar r 5 °° K \ 0li "ick St. fro » r.Mo 6 'feu 1 "' E{lS 1 ado. Phono ? CHfVROLKT-1939 4-door. P?™™!^ Slat '°» Wagon. PIA MOUTH — 19*1 4 -door sedan wni'JS y n? y il d ^ Aul ° £*«»>ange wjltion Bivcl.-S. Poto. Pr 2M8W CHEVROLET— IS^T ""UinHp— TnTci? V£» ove » r c "£ ine -, 2 speed rear end.' Air brakes. Can be used as trailer. Excellent condition. Good tires. D33 .Summit Ave. Phone 5M-.M CHR VKOLET— J 'JZS Mast~r- : -D7TuTe 2 -door sedan. Radio. Heater. Now iires. Priced reasonable-. Apply :5'>:: ', e . iu ^ 1 '- (Jood condition. ' n !t ^"iia Ave.. or call •IP-HilO—Sli? '•__•>. : •'! 0 _; i m DO DG K~ 1 H i2 . 2"c'l 7., o r" "•« odaT~"~T: x"- celleru condition. low mil^a^e and fc'oo d rubber. CHRYSLER— Hi ; t 3, 4 .floor Sedan. Ap- .Ply 22S E; ist A n j j , > , ; , , , , .s , . bed. Apply L. E. Keudriek I'M . huona \ r ista^jv.-..__plinmv_ 90S-R.~ FOllp— IVi Ton •rnick'TrT'oxcenent condition. Good bed and tires Booster brake. Lloyd Smklj, War- .fordsburg. Pn FORD- .1931 Model A Pick-up for V,](7^— s 0 7i:i7r 210 Liuwoud _ __ _ PIA-.MOUTH— 1T41. .16 motor. Apply _Ko a n . LATE MODEL USED CARS USED CAR MARKET 324 Frederick Si. Phone 2206 The Thumma Motor Co. Buick Deafer WE BUY USED CARS FOR CASH PLYMOUTH—HKJ9 T-door Deluxe Sedan; radio and M eater. «ood condition. Phone 43S1 or apiilv -'75 _Frederick St. " - ONTI AC— 1 ITS7 -! -dT;o7~Helkmr~ml -ford coupe. Both in A-l condition Parker Tire Co.. 335 W. Franklin SE-DAN, THE USED CAR MAN '~ PONT/AC f,—1941 4-door sedan Radio, heate/. CHEVROLET — 1341 town sedan Heater. CHEVROLET — 1542 town sedan Black. Heater. CHEVROLET — 1942 town sc-ilar Maroon. Heater. VALVE CENTER 633 Summit Ave. Phone 420 Auto« for Hire XEW .DAY TAXI never did nurt-cha. Paul H. Job rise- n ' s Adv RENT A CAR OP. TR~UCK ~ Business or Pleasure Phone 441?) CITY DRIV-UR-SELF SERVICE _Rea.r Washington County Library Motorcycle* nnrt 3 5 INDIAN motorcycle lIK',-5 — 74. Good condition. Phone Clearsririu"- 2551. INDIAN Motorcycle 1927. 4 .Apply 63;'. S . Potomr.c St. Model WHIZZER MOTOR BIICES USED MOTORCYCLES MAC'S CYCLE SHOP 4 S. MULBERRY ST Repairing and Service Scntlona IG AUTOS cleaned and waxed, upholstering- cleaned, auto glass installed'' We pick up and deliver. Phone Bvrd's Auto Exchancrp. 214S-W Wanted—Automotive 17A A. R C.- will pay the following prices for pood clean late mod^'l used cars. Get cash in 5 minutes. Make -Uiick 17T)0 1225 107') Chev 12i)0 1G.-,0 fnjo Dodge ... 1275 1150 1000 Ford ]200 1125 1000 Olds i:;r>o H75 lo- 1 .! Ply 1150 102T) <42", Pont 1375 1250 1150 sr.o 7.-.0 S2f> SOO .".10 700 975 i 9.", S ~65'0 600 SOO 750 AUTOMOBILE BROKERAGE CO S9o Penna, Ave. Phone 4593 oE-DAN SAYS PRICE IS NO OBJECT FOP. GOOD CLEAN CARS OR TRUCKS REGARDLESS OF AGE OR MODEL COME IX WALK OUT WITE THE CASH!! oE-DAN—THE USED CAR MAN VALI'E CENTER 633 Summit. Ave. Phone 420. USED CARS wanted. Highest prices paid. AMSLEY BODY SHOP Virst & GuiKorcI phone -.i-!7 WE WILL BUY All Model CarJTarMl' Trucks 1936 and up. Pay Top Price grins' your car to <h"e Hoffman Chevrolet Sales, nr, w. Washing-ton St. Hagerstown. \ui ph -\-,z Rw»Inc«» Scr-rfce OfTcrcd ALT. TYPES of mason work. Phone 972-M evenings after r, p. _rn. ERICK t _ AND block work. Call CARPENTER repair and "ITuTfdTnT Will build trailers amhtriick bodies. _A. L. Poft'enberger. Kuhn Av.;;_extd. FARMERS—See us now for you r Dlowinpr. E. V. Erickson. one mile past Leite.sbttrgr on. Waynesboro ELECTRICAL Appliance iTemiTrFns House -wiring-. H O L/ A P FE L »t . F t R [-; V AHe.r .1 p. ni. cnll 42:!i-.M or "72-W . <"> E. Washingtori_S_r._ Phonc^P'O FLOOR SANOLNG. "fTni.^lniis 'and polishing.. Phono D. J. Go«ert SO , -J-2. FURNACES cleaned and repaired _ Reasonablj-. _P h o n c_" 721-.!. G E N E Jl A L motor overhaul iris. Clutches, springs, brakes and kne'c action Phono -J27G-W. CarbauKh'? G E NE K ATX) i IsC Sp"f i'ii gs~~c"hi VchIg"- nition. brakes, p^noral ropnir'nir MACE'S AUTO SERVICE' "'' GLASS—Sold and rcplrK-ed j n mno- mobilos, mirr n rs. window ciass Glass ShopMl N Loci; •< p\\ ri ~i\'-i\\ : H AVE i r.t s~^.ri~r7;~!r ; wirv"' s'c^ J'-. H. _Welier. in:" Pope Ave. or J. AWNM O W E US~Thar IH-7V : d~ Tul~TF- j>.-iire<- Will C ;ill for and dclivor. -- _--- _> i-OT .PLOWING— V)! Elizabeth St. nr 1 r a c 1 or j_> r_h o rs e s " eOMPLl.>TE radio service. cul! A yj^_ 1 M i . 4 2 y 6 - J . " ..... RADIO & MOVIE SKUVJCE 1..U bos. parts lamps, hardware projectors. screens, film for sale or rent. U.«ed records, door chimes iNew and Used Records SOIT.VD LABORATORIES ^--Ji^_jy.a«ll;! L>!Kt o.n_St. ___ P_h._3 7 i f> PAUL L. iadl ° Service 'hone :JS AL1 , bish, small of hauling-— ashes, rub- C. L. Har- . . Keas. prices. _Phcm<>_4 iy3. __ __ CiiETK WO UK— General haul- IHK by hour or contract. and ashes hauled. Phoiu; 2d2S-R FOR local, out of towrf h'a^iln'ssT'all kinds, call f. R Thomns 3'J2:i Also -i 0 Jlk».L. l>Qj ts for__sale. PHONE 24S2-J for crT ij<.y.\r- --I a^ - J for f rating to "o 'uiv where. Moving in the Suite 'of Maryland. 20 yrss. experience. UepnlrhiK jintt ICf-rinlnhln^ 2y "F URN if ORE REPAIRING - REFINISIIING "Custom and Aniique Finishes" ROHERT E ART'/, JJil SUMMIT AVF^ PJL j 35 8 -J ._ F. J. CACK— Re-upholstering and repairing r'urniture. Phone 3036. 2S E. Frajjk Un St. F U R N1T U R E re p ;7ir e d ~a n d i r e 'firf- •«hed. Antique custo'n finishes. ._ ____ ._ FU UX 1 T U R K P. en p h o 1 s t e "rod. Vi n o line or' FABRICS. W. L. KAUX" -JL>.Cl'r 5S RandolnJ) Ave. Ph. 45<><;-j ! ___ l_ljHij__\V/iii_t£i(l-— Peiiinl«> 'd'' A M A /. 1 N ( ; OF F K I i — \ V , ; \, :7y ~\'7^T$ - :> for selling ^0 boxes Kr«-«ting cards -Sellii ror S! — your profit tip to ; "0c. ,Also f;ift and everyday cards wrapping- and stationery. Costs nothing- to try. Writ*- for" sampli's on aj'iprovsii today. MJCHlT 70 WiU _[uun_.SuJ.)^iu. LSO._X_ew_:t L rk_j; > X .1 AM.AX1NG OFFEJi— We pay you"? CO for selling 100 boxes 2". beatuit'ul assorted All-Occa.sion cards. ^«-lls for SI. 00— your profit GDc Five samplers. 1 1 <-o sls no ill int; ;r> i ry ' •}),•-. -rful Card Co.. 12i>. White cards __ AMAZING spare lime o B<-rt!ity all -occasion Rr personal stationery. 15 ers. No exj)(-rience or moncry" noc-d- f-'L Wrii.^ for approval s"aini>les ''•'L'JlL':!l_ ( _'iLl l j_ 1 -'1° Fox. lOini i ra . X. \'. AX experic-nced ^,'irl fo, PBX~"teie- phone switchboard. Hours 3 to 11 P. in. Six days. Applv Mr. Cotter ^ asln'ngion County Hns [ii t a 1 . COOK waitrfss. Roxy Frederick St. GIRLS — Food department. Good hours and w a s e s. Uniforms furnished. PEOPLES SERVICE DRUG STORE 17 W. Washing-ton St. LADY TO work in hot^l kitchen pantry to prepare salads, sandwiches, etc. SEE CHEF ROCHA HOTEL ALEXANDER CAFETERIA help wanted Experf- enced preferable. Good wages. Excellent working conditions. full and part waitresses. Uncle John's Cabin. Frederick St. Phone 1467-M. LADY with pleasing: personality to take charge of lo<_-al retail si.or**. Apply in own handwriting, stating ape and qualifications to~Bo>: 1;V c/o Herald-Mail. MAIDS WANTED APPLY HOUSEKEEPER DAGMAR HOTEL AI;TOM<^JLK MJOU — have tin open i im for the boat niech- aim; in Washington County and expect lo conipt'iiisaio him accordingly. . . . Vacuiion with ])ay. . . . Annual bo mi*. . . . Modt-ru cquiiynent. . . . L nusLial opportunity for ad- \-aiicci!i<'nt. Fb-iKh MotoV Co (172 JJ-'AJJiLL-^l' 1 '. _ I'!">IH-' •'jsiit) x- 2:101. HUSJXK.SS OPPORTUNITY ! intLMl ^latos Autu Kleciri<: Coin- pany wants diKiributor I'or (in'ir aina/.iiiK disco v.M'v, THJO AI'TO- MATIC Gi:AUD-/aT AUTi >MUi; ILK Prolccls . and adjariMit counti tin; car and all accessories from then; i- very aiiioinobilc '«wr)or a pou-Mtial prospect. NI> selling 1 cx- porieiico m.-cessary. llo\\'.-'vor, thn person sol«-L-ti.'i] Jiitist have car as his job will be cnniacihiH and supplying H'as stations, yaragos. auto accessory, hardwaro si ores, etc. Must bo able to linanoe initial slock 01' S2DU.OO to SjOy.od. t.'nitcd .SLalos Auio Klcctric COIUJKUIV factory roprest-ntat ivo will he in ter- rilory I Jirouyli April to discuss this oppomiiiiiy. l^v.-ry r.-ply will be K'iven a personal inl(-rvj(MV. If \-oti can nu'ci tin.' nliovti rt?i|Uir<MiK'iit.s, wril..' wiviiiK' full details about yoi;'lC. Address all coininunica- i.i«Mi,s in Uiiited States Aulr, K)p*-. _ CHA I'FKKUUS WAXTKl)— .Musi be wood. j_Miojj MALIC . ,. E. Bvntx. Mavtlower Cab, Ap|)ly Wentxcl's Rea- MAX TO DKL1VKU milk for dairy located distance from town. . Oppurtuuity foi man with afternoon job to increase his earnings. ARRllOD man with experience, to work on fri_ii t'ariii. Write Box ItKPP.KKKNTA'nVE naliotial concern dr-sires man 21-25 y<-ars old \vith c:tr fur position v.-ith local ollk-f. .SinvJ'k- men preferred. Good salary. Kxc^lIY-iit opportunity for aO v:i ncejii^itl, position. 41' hour w.-i-k. 4171. PLURAL Carrier Examination an- ouni-i-d for I laK''iwn. -Md. Clos- intr diUc April 2!, l'j-17. Si art your pri-]t;iratiun at nuc,-. \*nluablf: information r'ree. Kstablislujd in lSt'6. ponilencc Culleye, SALESMAN Warned. Must be able to panel truck. Chance to make between $70 and J12'J a week. This is an excellent opportunity for a bustler. Apply Ideal Dry Cleaners, I^^LJAllf til !_•!.' •:_Jr'! : iLL 1 .^. l ! > rsburg. pa. SINGij-; .MAN — lo v.-ork on completely modern dairy farm. C)per- ate milkiiiR machines. p:i«teurize. «-tc. No tic- !d v/ork. Boj'id. room, and latmdrv plus attractive wages. "Write Box lf>0, c/« Herald-Mail. WANTED Filler makers for retubing boilers and pressure vessel work. Only reliable nnd qualified men need apply. Permanent work. EKPTER-LQNG. INC. 4jU S. Potomac St. WANTED—IJue to increase in business we are compelled to increase fun- staff. Can use two or three K'K>ii jju'-ii ate 2". t<> 40. Applv Voi;el-Ritt, Inc.. :;i4 W. Washing- U'Hl Si. WANTED GARDENER FULL time employment at private residence for experienced, dependable Gardener, who understands planting anil rare of roses, shrubbery and lawn. In your r«?pi> state age. •w here formerly employed, length of service and wapes ex- pecied. Address Herald-Mai! Box 122. U'ANTKIJ—Man bt-twt-Tii the ages of 2S an<i ."if. with executive ability, prnod education. character and plc.-i.siny persona iity,' who hns had sever;!! years experience in sales " MAKE BIG CASH PROFITS" NOW— Show newest Everyday <; r t -ei i ims. Marvelous 15-card "Arm-rican Beauty" assortment for all occasions sells fast, only Jl. You keep iip to nOi- box. Other popular sellers r.->- tail Cue up. Also Stationery. N o experience needed. Samples i>n approval. ARTISTIC. 250 Way, El- miriv. N. Y. •untact with ihe public. 11" you have those qualifications theft; is an opening for you. with opportunity for advance- ni'--nt in a business that has be*-n established for over |j'7 yen rs. Write in cnnl'id'-iiCf iciviny experience and ;• i--|>h"iie nuiiil'iL-r. P-ox i.",»;., care MLNNOiviTE lady, any ai;i. to help with house-work. Private room and board. Good wapps. Phone 'MOO-IX Mrs. David R. liitner. Hagerstown' Rr. _3_. PBX SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR EXCELLENT opportunity for youns lady with ple.'isintr p-:-r.= o'n:'Iity seeking permanent employment. S?e. Mr.-Snapp HOTE L A LEXA N D E R SALESLADIES with car. Five ,j-T7s a week. Four hr.urs daily. Wrfte __ SALESLADY—Experienced in ladTes rlothintr. Apply Moskin'?. 17 S Potomac St. WAITRESS--wanted. Apply Bent- zgl's, 4't Summit Ave. WANTED— Girl for penrral office work and typing. No shorthand or dictation. Apply Box S4 givinp reference, name, address and phone number. WAITRESS wanted at once Apply lJiy_.C.lub. 2S W. Krankji n _s!_.___ '_ WAITRESS ES W A N TED Pleasant workiriR- conditions. Delightful surroundings. Apply to Manager'' oifice HOTEL ALEXANDKR WAN'l'ED — Marrirtl man oper- a pa. rum- tit. lieat furnished. Write ate milkinsr machine, and work in dairy, no rieUl work. i, r c>od wa fires, and electricity F. C. Downey. Will jnmspon. Md.. i>r phone- Wil] i a m sp o r t 2 G1 ?.. WANTED—One experienced auto body mechanic and one experienced .into trim mechanic. Apply Mr. Keenly. Service Mijr.. Sharrett Motors. :',ii E. Halto. St. n i- i r>r— 3^.» I <-- n TI d Fi- m n 1 c 14 MF.N iitul v (.111 e-n. Ininiediat*.: em- ployiiieut. riM-7.'3 dolhirs prr week. f> dnvs. 2 v.'oeks vacation. Car necessary. Write Box 13(5 c/o Ilerald- DTSHWASHER WANTED. Apply Fiifie .toiin's Cabin. Freilorirk St. S in: a f Emi x- — \\' nntv it Ki- m n 1 e K(1 COLLEGE ,« radii a t.\~w"j; li "refereTTces desires n situation ns <'ornpa nion to a refill-- 1 !! hr.ine <;r f.-innie companion. Cau uive Rood references. J'hone :'..:'o_. : .I. fRo.Yl.Yi;, sewing or baity siufni:. Apply ii2C Saiorn Ave.. second floor "e-pr. Phone -!22^. _._- CLOTI1LV*; store for s:Vl.> Gooii stock. Room latt-ly remoiIeHed. t'aierins; to -.vhit*- nml i i olort->d tr;ifl«. Writ-^ Box i;.'*, c/-j Herald _Ma_il. __ _ ____ _ __ ' E N ' ' ' L I ' "s" f V i-r F'l : AN C II I S K SOMEWHERE i:; H:iK«'rsf.«jwn is a soinuL-ihinkins: busiiiesssnan with moilerate capital who. on a basis of minimum "\ p'-i-ianci-'s .Mw»lc«l, Ornnmtir* 44 ~ ___ DANCING— J -!> Jaii'y. 7~fc'uaran"tcc~to cucKhll Spaniel pupplos foT oat *, ALso rabbits of all sizes. Heuson" •' priced. »33 Summit Ave Ph - . , PERSIAN kittens, podigree, A' , , house on HopcweH Rd.. oft* erd imppies. Natural born heel drivers. Bred from a strain of heel drivers for gfinerations. Make inquiry at West End Feed & Sup- Ply. rthone 17S2 _ 1ISEs ~ ; ' ». C«tHe. '6'tkcr S era. i strap young. .>- . . -'& per pair. Delivered. Sam Pashen 8 Dual } I i ghwn.v_s HOLSTEIN bulls. htMfer Chester male hop. Chester TWO RIDING horses. Lady broke 3 i£it.LiM^!Ji^JL.JSill t£d . _ |Mjon(i..4_:f l^\\\ " Really a xood fain. Charles L! J-or.syihe. HiiK r e_rstowii. Itj_.,4. !"» SHOATS—50 to 100 ibs. C V .M c K' .• n 11 a, Do \y n s y i 11 ft Pi Ice. AN DREWS CHICKS—Day~oTd~a ml started, flocks state tested. Tube at'glu. Sexed chicks in all breeds. James Andrews Hatchery, [lagers- town. Md,. KFD No 4 at Middle- Phone Ki23-.!-•> LAH1 CHICKS — New Hampshire. £$*•<* excf:1 !eiu for broilers. NOW UN SALE, wholesale and retail , r NKUHAU.SBK HATCHERIES -l!L_"^_Ch_urc_h_St. _ Tel 4 -> 71 ~ ~ ~' ' -_____. _ U A H V cl 1 ICKS— Da y~oi d~o r~'s t u'r ted N 'VV i^»UJsl-ire Jied, Barred Cross White Rocks U. S. approved; pulo- ExcelleilL fo Cumberland Valley Hatchery C1II('Ks~"C~O.~ J > Ijt.v I'ostniau F. f). B. Hatcheries " ( '^i^i^t« of: Ancoiius, Brow ,,,r;is- H| :t ," MII.O;Y-;.S. Barred Rocks ami Hr-,ls «'i<-.. >,).!<", i KM- 100. ' " Assorte^Vnsists of Harre.l or White Hocks, S. C. Reds. Wvau- 'loiies, Australorp-n ]>. r. I't-ds '-"i » S> «- { ! , Uff , 0l "')ingto, ls . N. H." "<is Huff R'M-K-.s. S. J.. WyandotU-s. . . . or \\hite Giants, etc.. SO.Ltfj Any Our Choice Orde ^_. _ FOR CHICKS, feeds a"nd poult rv call S3G-J-I. Martin's ONE chi«;ken house S' 4"x23' 4. >7 ~wlth tin roor. 2 galvanized H. 0 Fountains. 2 Kalvanized feeders, one brooder Poto , feeder. S nosls. coal hurninp stove 575. Applv 633 S mac St W» n ted—-1.1 YJ» t'o<fk WANTilD— Barn pi ^^^7 st - WANTED—Poultry of all kinds". Phone Dale B. Rohrer, 101S-J- 1 ' Jitter 5 p. m. or Smithsburp 83 be- 'wf-en^ a. m. to 5 n. m ' Article* for Sate A LOT of used do or p. f.- rls b with plass. window frames, kitchen <-i;p- boarcls. lavatories, kitchen sinks used finishing- lumber, etc Apply' MEYERS & RERKSOX 41-43 W. Franklin St. BEAUTIFUL lace curtains. Slightlv unperfecrt ?1.5!» a pai r. RegulaV 5-i.J» values. Jncobson's Furniture jMOre. Itj.IS AV FrnnU-lin Sl . Condition. BOTTLED Gas Water "' - 4 - F - s - . _ _ COMPLETE line of TFusi"es,~Ab cl o m - inal Belts. Supporters of all kinds ( rutches. etc. Private fitting room J-.akle's Drug Store. 11 S W. Wa*h-' M_d EXPERT MAYTAG SERVICE" HAGERSTOW^N MAYTAG CO 1 22 S Potomac St. PHONE 662 FEET HURT? We;ik Arches Fallen Arches or l-'lat Feet cans in g tire.d aching feet. Excessive fatigue sore heels, leg- pains, or root Get the proper Arch Support by soeinir Mr. liloombc-r^. l:i West Washington St.. 2nd floor—Above Peoples Drug' store. Every evening 6 p m till ?. Wednesdays l p. m. till 5 flTRDTE~Spr:iy Machine. ^OF^riuTt, tank, largre pump. Also apjde «rad- Kood condition. Charles -V .^.L>1_JLeay_'-J-__'-'reek. M. 1 HOOVER S A LES £~SE I [VICE IL C. MYERS 1 N.X!-; RsT' r-iTN(T inTrT'rress.^naHiFi'i^l vise. i;-ineh, new; .) ft. iuf-t;d \>< >K trough, l .lameswuy oil broodf-r .'!0 lar.ire nnd small" chicken feeders. 12 foutitairis. 12 eicn crates 1 mrkey cor.p. 20x2^! ft./.slat floor! wire snlf-s. n:i-t;ii roof, c.i n easily be moved. Phone 2n"-.l-li after L>OTTLEI) GAS K;'i n«'cs" with ""• ; M',> t - ered" Gas Service. Seo nowcsi modols at Jc tea Appllanco Service. 21 SiHuniit Avo._ P^ionf 2-1. CLEARANCE SALE of" all ')v'iii"d s "Vn- used furnituro and houseliolil goods :U very low prices. Kc:ir of 25 J ,i \* r . Franklin St.. In alley room formerly occupied by Dixie JliPi'J.y.-J-'' 0 - ^ J hone M. ELKCTRIC washer. Good condition. FOUR buriwr (-lectric ran^v i'or sale. Sole'Mr. Miller. Oo5 S. Poiu- __ MiiNtncN« Properly for S»lr SU \'AH.'AMLK JJuwiness Property in Myers ville, consisting of large storeroom, two apartments. 3000 ft. storage space, striker heat, large J"t and garden. City cuneenieneos. Jl miles from Jlagorstown on Dual llgltwy. Owner selling because of \Vritc> P.ox Hornbl- __ ____ G AS 1 l"A N G E S for c i t y ~o~r ""bolt 'led K'ii.s. Coal and wood ranges, (.ijl Space Heaters. Aiitoniatfc oil. gas or electric water heaters. Warm air heating— stokers — oil burners. Jl. L. Coder, Kalamaxoo Dealer J'.-_Pj..J[L ( >-M_ 7 ! 'j ?Lii^'-'!2i!; 0 .\ v !>. M<1. 1CK ii(.)X~DO"" IV). "c;t;u : ii~*>cVvl . lain lined, good <.-oniJition. Jin; J0;jst_ A .ye. __ __ NK\V "M"iyKciiANiyrsT;~G'i!j'soti'"'~]-.-- lrigerator«, Stewart- Wanic-r r;i- dios, end tables, coffee tables, por- '•olain top breakfast set, mattresses. Phone 11— rear 2'.^ W. Franklin St.. room formerly occupied by ONE ANTIQI'I': solid walnut spool . brd. _i'all .'!. : .r.7-t{ al'lt-j- j, riiij j>, ni aT: Fiu G" 'EUA TO Fi -- E i e : r$ i":i ":,"." F i ( .o r model raclio, $20. ^ liuruonNew Jv-r- _i'.lT!.l!. ) !L. ( : > AL.iL 0 . v< 'L_?!'" 1 - ' 'Hi' ••"•SI -.L 'J'\V(.t PJ KCE ~)verstuiTed"TuTi7g" ryoiu s.jte, walnut Winthrop secroiary . r > ft. Frigidiiirc. All in good cor'i- lUil^Il-.. ..l!l\91!«' "I)ir>M. 10 PIECE walnut dini'iT)j;~n^.m"siiii r. Good condition. Applv Sll Guilford J\\T. ' ' ELECTRIC brooder, good condition. _A !>!>!>' -17 __ \yinier _Si. ___ t; A KDJ'lN " TiiACTORS—:! ~"si/.«s'."" All attrf?} meni.s. Immediate delivery. Phone Guv C. Kline. Myersvilie TIJ ACTu If- -T(T-2"(r" M H.~, i'-jnT.- l'c"-'Di"7/i r . ing, A-l shape. Completely ri-criii- <lilir.n«nt. plow-double gang all stt-el M in. i':ise bolt (MIL i; A \\jtm.-r, Ker-(lysv_il!j--, i:te^_l. W£LI>lN<r" KQUIPMICNT" "pnnips speed reducers, V and flat belts, and pulleys, chain hoists, eif-etric hoists, basement, and iin-iergi-oiind fur-1 tanks high pressure ami hr-at- ing boilers, siokers. exhaust fans. fCiii'.'s. riench grinder... etc HAG ERSTO\VN 1-1C S . U1 I'M ENT CO. Hatrerstowii. Md, TRl'.M I 'V-l;Vrfm:'ts',""nTetnl , (.2); Alto-Saxophone < l ) -, Tromb (I). All complete with good cases and in good playing condition. Fos I e r Fo i-ij. Roons I .r, r« > Md Styi-d.s. PlnntH. liLIGHT resist cabbawo plants and pansk'.s. C. M. Shing-leton. Spruce _rnid_D<:-\v us v i 1 bi 1'ik.-. F R U1 'L r TRI-f[.";"« —S'w eet clierrTTT7T- peaehes Sfic: apples SI.00; plums, pears, apricots, sour cherry 51.40. Also shrubs and cver^rf-ens. I'.t _WJjsoji_j:K- l l.. W .-:.<• t.. Phono. 1S.'>2 - J. UOV.'ARD'S t'riple test.'tj seeiis~aVe your warranty. Our stock -is fresh. Place your order now nnd be sure of the varieties you want. E.vce 11 e n t de 1 i ve r ies HOW.-VRD'S nt HAG IT.RSTO WN .(^"-J 1 F,. |_ J vilJ' 1 . St. Phono S0f5 JLJR blended iawn g-i-as's" seeds are responsible for many of Hagerstown's most attractive lawns. Now is Uio time • . pl.-int ihd new lawn or repair the old. Excellent de- livf-rios. ^ HOWARD'S of HAGERSTOWN S T R A U' i i ]> 1 11 -i Y set s ~7>~i" \ 17os e~ 'w' 11 o haven't ordered. Will take orders until April 15th. 110 per thousand. .Limes Reese. Sr.. Rormsboro. Md. Phono Kofdyyvillp 4 I-!•*-! 2. Speclnlf In the Storen ARCTIC Ice Refrigerators SoO.oO ij VRANKLTN FURNITURE CO. I?. W. Antietarn St. ENAMEL V.'ALL COVERING MAKES a Perm.-Mirjir Washabk- Wall. Colors in BLACK -- 1'EA*'!! —BLUE. 27c a'Runninp footj MONTGOMERY WARD HEAVY GALVANIZED WARE Galvanized Pail? Jl.OC Galvanized Garbage Cans.... $2.'lfi Galvanized Tubs .. 100 feet No. 3 gaivanizcc' clothesline wire ...................... CF>c IdO feet tw'sied cable line ...... 75 c NES<;O Beater kerosc-ne portable room SS.50 SCIUNDEL-EOHRER ,t CO. INC. 26-25 b. Potomac St. VANITY FAIR ENRICHED FLOUR: We now have m stock, with the same good finality and richness you have enjoyed In the past. That good V nity Fair Enriched Flour. MARTIN FEED & IMPLEMENT St)f>_ h'r>nnn Ave. Hncrprstown. Mrt \Vnntpd — To ftjjy 66 ONE ALA.V fiJNM-. One'A. <:. si>rirkpiii tk ' 0 c/eri C m-|'r!i inetal drums. Ttr-nsonnble price. Fazie's Ffst, Station. SoO Penna. earn ii--t profits of $!.">. i"'it to 52:"i.- {lll>1 a tt ' up ihiririi; the next VJ tr.oii'lis as our >•>;,•! usj v..- fra ni'hisf; hold...;-, co-idiii'tiiii: a iiit;ii ifi.-.l business involvinir ci.tnrract sfrvic^s to • •siaV'l Lshc-d U".'.'il firms. This busi- nessi-nari will b.- fur:iish#rd an in- t-llipen:ly-plan:i'-'(! proirram ia- clu.hni; etui i|n:VMit. cor.;-,,-.; a; i vo advertising. pr'otnoi ioual literature :i::<] all r.^.-ra ; i ::i; suppl -i.-s. Jlj.s business :-boubl slu-w n :i i>pi-'r;> t i nc profit from th" start. ai\d lie may ••xpeiT to .r-'n.i\-.--r his : ; v ONE table top gasoline strive 2 gasoline irons, all good as new 20 Summit Ave.. Room 16. Second floor /• ; _Sm,nh. T f IA Y E f i b a by b 11 g K y" f o f s nTefG oV, d ••oinlition. i'bone }:.':'.:<. Call at 521 _N 1 Locus ^_St. \\ASiriNG machines repaired pa~rt<= and wringer rrJIs. Jones Appliance Service. 2 } Sum mj_r_A ve. P hone " 4 WE RECOMMEND the new" Finn! Foam to clean rugs and uphols- t"ry. Tt leaves fattrioy .vr.ft F.V ERLVS i:>i;PT." STORE •tih Floor. Win)]' bits, vises. plt:irr)i-r"fii'rnVic,~s. sorkei sets, crrease trisns. lawn anil garden tools. DOWNEY BROTHERS. W. Washington St.. E. xll ). A CALL to Sam's.' Exchange will bring- you the highest, cash value for your used furniture, bric-a- brac. glassware nnd household goods. J.C't Sau) call on vou now Phone K'.lf.-W. Slor- LOU K. i>. o. D< ».\ 12 i. Ph.o|U- 2V. 1^\V_-! i. TIMBloii wanted. White O:ik"and -b. No i.r.ict too .sntali. n large. Write. Q. D. liaiimgnrriner •{:'.. Way :i r><:hor<>, I'n. WANTED milk rout- LVl «'/o M-r;, Id-Mail. f.-n. Room^_ %VtthoK* Ronrd CE^NTRAlTLV ~'Lo'i'-'ATED'"~'iirnrsl i.-'l room f,,r 2 piM.plv. Also f, ni.-hei;I b'rd room and kitchen "FRONT bedroom. ", iildc|..s fr Siiuatv. ricar bus stop. (.;c!itlem;.ii \:i\'.- bath. Also doijt.le rrrfiin for marrif-d i-r,n;>i«>. ;;;;- l'oto:ria.j A \ e A1 ' 11 ' I'Ji 1 appointim.'!]!, ^ivIiiKT ad- IF YOU ARE considering buying a farm consult UAVLORD RROOK'S &. COMPANY "Realtors" '!' ACRI-; farm, i> room house, on Aiitietam Fiirnaco road leading: to Jlarpors Ferry. Throe cisterns. «;lec. pump in bouse, jyood barn, out- lildKs, Kood timbiM-. Apply Mrs. .lack Sailk-r at_ xini i »_f:i_rt n_. i2 A.—Brick Jiouso, barn, silo, Rood b>cntiou. Po:;s. this Sprinpr. '-:' liundrfd by S-lOO t'oot lots on 1't. 10, West. Priced to .sr>ll .OTS—Rt. 11 —Dual Highway. C. E. WINGER _ L L?L r > ..JJj £P r _ S l, Pli one_'2 RSn H<tii»«'« lor _Snte 84 A UKAKTIFUL suburban stone n-qry respect. The Morning Herald, Hagcrslown, Md. NINE MitixJny. Aj>»'M 7, 10-17. _,ll«)iii«£ii__f«ir ^*1«- 84 THRKE room cottage, 3^ acres. K'oorl i-isicrn. Karate, chicken' liousi'. on liard road, M mik-s from IfaKf-rsiovvn, ftr.oo. Terms if d'!- TOUICJST HOMiO—located on one of thft main Highways leading Into iho ciiy, 0 rooms. 2 baihs, hardwood floors, hot water, olf burner, hot water lio-t. HAGERSTOWN REALTY CO. "Realtors" 12 \V. Franklin St. Phone 166 •3 ROOM Bunu-alow and 1 •>» acres of laud, new stable and other outbuilding's. Good well. Some fruit trees. School bus and mail route. 2 miles northeast Little Orleans. Immediate . o.ssessiyn $700. Contact Mrs. Philip Fletcher. Little Orb-anSj jN^(l.,_Route J __ __ 5 l:OO.\l — modern semi-bungalow. immediate possession. Apply 236 in , . 'V ill : ploase Ihe most discriminating buy IT. i:u<'.\! l:i:iCK — W. Washington St. I'.onniiiig bouse- couvurled 10 :; apts M. A. JtOKSKY easily dfji,-e tor, G A i:iOAUTJl''IJL Ph. 277-t-W room frame and I mined. Poss. price for briclc. l'r. ; -Wai built. 100 ft. front- a^o on di:slrah!o corner in Fountain Head. Very Modern. Lavatory 1st floor, hot wate.r circulating- beat, stoker, laundry, playroom. C'arajro attnrliod Drastic rediictii'ii quid; sal.'. 1 •'H A.. S \-r. old ij^v.?llinfj. all conv.. except, buth. hot \vaU-r heat. Rood outbUlKs. KIN(.J .ST.—-6 room brick ^'ood cond.. priced to soil. A 3 STOKl' brick apart input house '-.•utrally loca.t»-d in excellent condition, poss. 1st lloor May 1st. Priced to sell. ' A., 0 loom brick, furnace, electric, cistern and spring, garage. Immed. CARROLL ,., BAECHTEL 2nd N->C1 Hank jjbtK. . Phono 12(: A LxjlJHLJv—on s" piTtoinac Su 'J rooms each side, all conv. LOTS. ON DUAL HIGH WAY — 1500 and »t;ijo eneii, A. L. XAHN Easy terms. 'MOR 1C PHOXK A FINE }!i-Miie on Higblaiid Way (hat is built for real comfort, well insulated. wea therst ripped and \viili storm sash. Possession can bo arranged. A "» ROOM Bunpnlow on Maryland A v, N"W and Modern. Immediate Possession. Inspection by APPOINTMENT ONLY! HUTSON-H ETXER AO EXC Y S. Jl. SiHubs. ASSIH-. 7 Summit Ave. Ph. !22S A GOOD brick resilience, reduced" to $12.000 Open for inspection 'J A. M. to L P. M. 7110 Summit Ave. Guy L. T'o^jb. Ph, 2MSO-J _ BLi'E RIUCE SlT.M'.MIT."'" J'A"—-12 rooms. Hi,;, baths. First ttoor newly red tratetl. OH burner. One acre of ground. 2 car Karat;*-. (;)iick/-n house. Larm- garden spai-e. l>e;iu- til'ul landscaped lawn. J-'enc<fif in yard. Located '.> minutes walkiiiK (tislam-i; from si ore. iiost odice, bus or train. \\'ill be open Mi.nd.-ty af- lenioon and Tuesday morning for insi)Cctiou. Across from Keystone Garage. Write to W. A. "Dowd. 4t;if) Norwood Drive, Chevy Chase BitEWER AND LINDSKY OFFERS HOMKS—LOTS—IX VE.STM EXTS WOODLAND WAY Altraf.-tive 5 fin. modern home. insulated weathcrstripped. modern kit-'liei and bath, oil beat ..... ?).'!, 500.0U J ,( IT— H !•: VONSfl 1 I'l 1£ P. O. f) 0 x JSG. Xon -resl dent owntr requests immediate sale. Make best offer. FOI'XTAIX HK'AD— Immediate possession of iit:w 7 rm. iirick am anil .-nnomatii- lieat. Bi;y to-day tinove in to-mf>rri'iw. ilandy location fol duplex VISTA ST.— 7 rm. home, stokor. (ioubl" ^rM'ai<e, i wo lots, possession May 1st. See us. inspect and ifive best offer. LOT—SALEM AVE. r.oxaoo. lieuut\-. uwiif-r has imrcb-.tsed hoijjt: and desires immediate sal NORTH AVE.—Corner biick property containing -1-1 room apts each with |O'ivauj baih. hoi water hear wil.ii siokt-c. An Idea! location for li usi ness. Non resident owner in- jit nicis us to sell at ojict-. LOT— JIAMILTON BLVD.. fiO ISO. A jval buy at Slf.OO.OO OAK HILL AVI-:.—Owner U-aviiiff • iiy has reduced price. t»n beautiful located -S rm. brick hom<-. U )T —FOF/NTA1N H EA D. Ben u - lifuily located, fror.ting- ft. on T .annul Ril. NORTH F.NI.)—Exclusive Apartment propfrrty cor.t.'i iniii^ f>-^> rni apts. B'-autifuIIy !iind.--ca i»ed KPOI r-nd tiiaki--s for cheerful and t»x- <juisifc living'. L< ;T--.\I I f.ii">LKP.r P.G PI K K — For\TAix HI-: AD. :.o* (H'.-ner moved ro Gt-orpia. s sen quick for $700 MI Ml'LHKRRY ST. :i«)-^2 NORTH To ~eti|e e.stair: iion-ri'.«id»-n t ail- inhun! ra lor Ve'iuests imniediat sale of ih is double I'ricI; proper! ^ i \ 'i n s; p"ssest-ii.)ii of N'->. '.\ . at. otir-i LOT-ftl'HI-: TERRACE—f.Oxl SO Fin*' location for discriminat \'.\K pureliaser. SHERMAN AVK. --- HALI'WAY. — Modern 6 rm. frnme. IUTKK aKrac- Mr. Lindsf-y or Mr. Seibert. "Jibbr PA'INT *' ~ | S!-.MMIT"A\"E..' T:::—i^Vo-' che,. r r.ii Get our lr,\v price- for a cornr-l^T*> j front, n-'-m. suitnlil--- for 2 gentle- job. LIP.ERTY ROOFERS. Phone' S3 MOSIUAIiLK Ijuibling bn. " . A. L. PyflVnbe.rgt-r. Kuhn .">HS!i{AHLE corner lot. Fountain .H/iOO. _Calt _L"J(M -M. Aero. Spring water. J«L_ IOME SITK Ek-ctric. -I/IO miles cast of city liniit.s on Mi. Etna Rd. $750 or terms. Frame blrly. SxlS ?12. r j. Apply same. Charles W. Snvdc-r. .ANVALK ST.- lots, 1)00 block. 40x125 ft. Waier. sewt-r. -Street to I this Pbone 202S-R. •;. Franklin Si.. LOTS OF BUILDING LOTS—In all sections o i he City and Suburbs, 'luy one no'v for your new Home. R. A. McCT'NE 2nd Nat'l Bank Bldg. V L HAVE many finu lots in excel- ifnt locations. See GAYLORD JiROOKS ^ COMPANY .-'"LV!- ..PfU'.^'li^-^i Phone 4423 Water and bus service. Between t'aveiown and Clicwsville. Merle _R. -MLiith. ?;nith_sbujrjj. Ph. Sm. 22. /(iFNTKY HUMK L mili; (mm Half- \\;i.v. (l room bouse, 2 blocks from electric. Stable. 2 broo.ler houses. ?• acr«-s. -ATY CO. 40 PmiinHAve. U'nntfil — Rt-nl I::fttn(e L10US1-:—Six rooms. Convenient to schools atid churches. Price range jr>,500 to JO.000. Write Box 131. r- /o_ JiIerjiUKMaU. WANTKD—building lot with water and stowage -within city limits. No restrictions. Write Box 147. c/o H.-rajd-_.%!_»iL W A XT I-M> to Buy: Lot 7l)Xirid. Level, with water and sewage facilities. _\YL''e Box 115 _r /o_Hi>rn\ cLMaiI._ WAN'TED TO BUY— * or G room ho use In ^ity or within three mile radius. Urgently nr-edcrj by middle nged couple. W. E. Irvin. Phone 2;r,8-J. Immediate Delivery GENERAL ELKCTR1C CHlMli CLOCKS. CKNERAL ELECTRIC GARB Ad I- DISPOSALS, fits any sink. GENERAL ELECTRIC HOME FREEZERS, 4 cubic 1C. GENERAL ELECTRIC JUICE KINGS. GENERAL ELECTRIC SWEEPERS. GENERAL ELECTRIC IRONS. GENERAL ELECTRIC 60-iuch SINKS. ROYAL ELECTRIC SWEEPERS EUREKA ELECTRIC SWEEPERS G. E. RADIANT HEATERS. G. E. THERALUX INFRA-REE LAMPS. MAT MATIC ELECTRIC IRONS COLEMAN OIL 30-gal. WATER HEATERS. SIMMONS ELECTRIC BLANKETS. OASIS ELECTRIC WATER COOLERS. GAS RANGES. Equipped for bottle gas, natural gas or artificial pas. ARMSTRONG LINOLEUM RUG<^ SEPCO ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS. SO gal. Y011NGSTOWN KITCHEN SINKS, •IS inches and 54 Inches. SHOCKEY FURNITURE CO. 2S-30 Summit Ave. Phone 1203. WANTED farm ^vitll or without eiiuip- alony main highway, with m J uiie or .1 uly. Sam. C'emeteiy Hill. Sharpsburg. Notlvr» »1 Olil'KK NISI— UN1TKD STATKS O !•" AMliRICA vs. f n. JESSE .MARTIN .iml MAKV MARTIN, his wife. In the District Court, of the- United Sin res fur the District of Maryland. Civil No. :U1S. ORDER ORDERED ihiH twentv-seveinh day of March. KM7, by the District '..Vturl of the United State.s for the District of Marylaud. Unit, the Hale of tin; fee simple property described in the above mentioned proceedings made and reported by the mort- gagee named therein on the twenty- fifth day of March. 10-17. to Russet K. Provard and wife, of Hngerstown fi, .Maryland, as tenants by the entire tie.s. at nnd for the sum of Nine Thousand Three Hundred Dollars <*!).300.00). .said purchasers being the highest biiider.s for said property, be ratilied and confirmed unless eanse to the contrary be shown tin or before the day of May. I!M7; provided ;t copy of Ihi.s Order be inserted some iit:\vsji;iper printed and published in Washington I'ounLy. Maryl.-fnd. once n week for i.hree successive weeks prior to the flrst day of May. 1947. WILLIAM C. COLEMAN. L". S. District True <"~opv—Test: CM AS. W. ZIMMERMAN*. CU-rk. Classified Display C A R F' E N T f-: f i W 011 K KL'ILDLVG OF HOMKS AND REMODELING EARL L. MAURER 1121 Oak 11:11 Ave. Ph. 1053 HOONSBORO SEr-QND H\ND MARKET Property adjoining MarU's Ice Plant - TUESDAY. APRIL Sth. at 1 P. M. 10:;*; Ponriac Conch. P.O2 Pontiac Coupe. !'':!! International l ',-'- "on truck. I!i:iS DeSoto Pick-up." H3I Chevrolet -1 door sport sedan Pullman Custom Ruilt bous< trailer, fully equipped. 2 doubU beds, suitable for family. Also HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of all kinds, including- electrical appliances. Coca-Cola Cabinet, tirct Htid nunierous olffer items. FRANK NICHOLS AIM-!.: KnimTt ]!?o\\-lu.«;. Clerks: P;iuL Miller and Royce Harmon. 1LIC SAI T, (.he -undersigned, will sell a( my resilience two miles from Charlton at Ditm No. 5. THURSDAY. APRIL 10. IS-? 7 at I P.9M. H—GOOD WORLC HORSES—3 :'.6—11KAD OK CATTLE—30 H fresh cows with calve:; by their si'Io. .1 close springers. 15 heifers. 1:5 stock hulls. JlOGii 12 shouts weighing- from 75 to 100 Ibs. Howard Gruber Aii'rf.: Lr-wi.s Ren nor. Clcrkv. Fockler and Ebv. Don't let the moths live In your outgrown clothes, furs—SELL them through ads on this pape 'KM Si*rvii'n SEPTIC TANKS AND CESSPOOLS CLEANED T.arnfl tanks. esti mates piven. Sanitary equipment with JnO n:iUon i.'tnk. Knierpt.-nry .Trvife 24 hours, (.'has. ]'.. Wost. Fayelteville. I'M.. Box 5S or Phone 5fl. ROTZ BABV CHICKS Live, Lay .and Pay Nine standard breeds. Sexed pullets and cockerels. Special price on Leghorns and heavy cockerels. All breeders culled and blood-t isted. Free Catalogue and Price List RAYMOND S. ROTZ Poultry Farm and Hatchnry Box .TF, Fort London. Pn. Phone St. Thomas 137-R-23 i-'imtnt.-tnl CONDENSED STATEMENT OF THE BLUE RIDGE FIRE INSURANCE CO., HAGERSTOWN. MD. DECEMBER 31st. 1S-1»1. Tola! income dnrliicr i li" y-ar - • t;il (lishur5<-m-TitH during S'ree;. Twc> baths. larf," du' ed to ''all 20>!.-.[ >^Ml ; :"lN a',-;<! .—1,-r-;.' ;t " u'ood "TnOrT^ ! v:ai;'.- plan t.efr.y.' yon h;;y. r.';; int. 1 S;;rphi •'ii.-i K.-«l.-r:il Savir^s ,v. l.ojm Ass'n Tr.'ril 1 iabilit )*•.« Px-T-pt '.:iiMlal '".'fpiial Actually paid up in cash Surplus over all liabilities pMi<y holders r.:i.r,7.s.:»n :so.750.::i 11.535.6fi 17l.2U.6r. 11'- of Marvl;,rnl, ("iflu more. Md.. Mar-'b" 1st. KM7. f H.-r-bv (V-rtify. Thru WANTED EN P E K ; ENCE D W A I TR ESSES COOKS For one of t!ie fines! rcsfati- rar.ts. xr-'llf-r. t workinc condition? Applv _ ; i: f li 1 1 M-; K A TO KS. Was"h eY< '~"\'~;\ • •UVIITI clenaers repair--! scrvirr for nM makes Ph->nc -v <r M;..i .PEXTLER_BROS. 4» Summit AVP ROOFTXC """ Ner.- roof in jailed. COM Krrule of material. Expert labor \o mon-y oo-wn. tree es imatr.,. No oV.Iica- rif\p. ^'h^np K "erl v.viii.. 7-F-r. i VY. T. LTJCK'E '"" Interior Decorator •"•''.: N T,nrtlit^ f p - n [ - 2 fi - W u ,on hand to repair your radio Linroln Klcctric Co.. Halfway Phone NOWELL IvLECTIIICAl CM '' BIG lemnnd for used farm AUTO SERVICE MAN-for chancing tires, tiar lipht ;icC'-Hsorie. 0 , and work alrjnp that Hue. Must be reliable steady worker. Goc*i salary and convenient workinf conrii- tions. Apply in person to Personnel L>fpt.—.".rd i-'!oor. , M ON TG O M E11V W A i: D ROY. li yenvs old. uTl)e!"p~\\ i: h fafm work. Onlv bo\- with co(> r ) F, || • SALK — w .l sI»rs-» -iijpjnrnt R EST A T R A NT — P-a r ':>7i~<f' lures. n. A. WEFSS & SON V Jonathan St T<M i?.l.-,-.! M.-.i. F«»K SALl-:-Ai\ m.irkvt for ov»-r thirty y>-ars. Siyii;-s''lf si-rvico oompletc with a!; fixtures. T)ninc nice vr.J- i-jty lv'atio;i. Low <'t!>r business n^cossi- ta;«'S sellniir ;* ; on re. Write ;:', S r n.) ( :E ROOMS, olhres. storage and mnnufaoJiirint: .'4A or P. DRAWER STEKL I.'ETTEP. FILES. I mm-id in r.^ delivery J.'.-i 50 HONEY'S St. Phnn ioii;>-. pro-war constrijc- ; lov.-ly m<,rl..rii lumio has rns. 2 batbs. beautiful liv- n \\ith I'idori! k:; r-!;«:r:. bn •-••;• rnent v/irh .". rociin.':. oil i. si>.i<-io-,;s i: rounds. C'tnck Knrm K n n f p m c n t i.AFSnN pa - IL P. ar \\.-inlcil—To It,-ri! \ j W'.NNTKD -•-:: or } i-.,,,,. J,,,:,-,.. by f\-i"i.T. prisoner of \vat (o I.«<nn. .M i>rt^ncf s S TO FA.RMERS L"NC ri'-.\:y> CRI'.DIT 4% — For P-.:r.-hr>vr. O r U'ANTED— - h.v,i^<. W ill iJiir.sprn't :: WANTED-: or 3 garages for sjor- h_r :\c K^^dvsii'lp 7-F-r.l. "' Apply Lloyd Bowrl-rs '- U'7-W- ."'.'"• I:EU ARI» •" '• room 't'^ir;ili! Writ- V.ox L'.-, e. Sl.'MMn' AVE —Larc tnce. c-i f Henry Holzapff-!. Ill |{rnW.iT-< in Kcal V.vtat» *'< >.\sr:/r TII K REAL ESTATE MART Ruildincr Phonr \\. \\ ASHINGTOX AVE.-—4 home, witli ^rtrd^Ti. chick^-r. houso. fj-ui' ti'--(s. Veiv r-'asofiabl'' priced. »n<i _\Vood stave a'nrt "fii>Vt'i;o. ( ."\ n.l. Plion.- 2<' -K-",. p. K Y LORD BROOK'S £• COMPANY :> N. Poto; ; .'iVst.' " Phone SPAVOLER A<;EN''Y .1. \.MISU.VS DR .V.-ifl Rank RHc 4UIH-.1, 12 in 1 ,.r aft«T b-liverv i fMisinc.^s ProjMTfr for Snlr S2 j RE A i , I-.'STATi-', ----•-=•_ ! I .\\- ]•;!,{.! \i; AND STi iRE '..-mp ler/>- i uaue. lo.nis am and priiPT.e'I \vith .IOHN F. REARl APPLES — All and MARTIN'S COLD STORAGE Pike Phone 41S7 ';Rr«M REAT,TYC«>. \ i:;;AL'i'V'•«'. .\f\ Summit of tlie State Insurance; Dopartmoi)t. Baiii- e MM.VP is a tru<> abstract, t.akf-n from iiu : Rjrlte 5-'ire his. ''<.«.. for the year en<llnvr in tbis Dtpartiiu-nt. LAWRENCE E ENSOR. Insurance C'lmmiasioii'-r. HAGRR HOUSE S.- Potomac St_ or Pho;ic Afk for Mr S'rauss. V^MTR ESS E 1 ' W7n".c~~<ia y s"" p7r PI !A 7. A R !-:ST A'I •'•: AN T IS N Potnninc s; WA ITRESSES-lFor d^y' wo ply betwo"!i _ A- r. .,r .'::".u ,'i 7 p ;n. \\ : A"fTl'>ESS~~""w ; u,Ye-l." Also ,,; t r<- Inr." dishwasher. Apply Silver ^ : -'-v F ;^ laUI ^ ;i ''--^" - N '- IV ' ; " ;n;v ' : FA-LM CP.EI'IT ADMINISTRATION \\ r. Y.\\ yoj; J2.i for srilintr ,V'i boxes fcreeiinc cards. Soils f'--r s\-your profit. ic>":,0c. Wri:c for sarn- pies o;, approve!. JEW;-:!. A GOOD PLACE TO P.CY A GOOD PLACE TO SELL AT EYLER'S NEXT BIG SADDLE HORSE SALE 1"" — HEAD — TOO Wednesday Night. April 9, 1947. at 6:30 P. M. Fop this sal-? we will have: ir.--HEAl' <>F THOSE <",Oi->D TF.NXESPF.K WALKING HORSES —15 that. ;!!•••> iiui»-T and good broke (or all meTiibers of the family Mr. nr.,1 Mrs. .Tr,,- Eyler will have 2<> Head of real j?oml Virginia ihat. a.-e r«.','tily sr'.'o'l broke and h;\v._- ))lei;iy of color. A!:-'..- \\'e i \\ill !::'.'>• good unrulier of s;>"ttrd ponii-s. " 5i'.oi v. iii !••-. subi for reliable pariifu. anv-nc this 'o; are s')ai<? l,js:h - •a.-.s fi'.-- tcai!"'! H'>rse.s- (<. t)ie r•••;•! chvap kind, • on . otr.tnisvion. so if yn< )ia\r> any Horse:-. P";ii'\« or T.u'k ;iv._. bf-tisc it in. wv can sure go.t il soUl for yi.i-u. THE EVLER LIVE STOCK MARKET !. .M'l Roui" No. 1 :. Ph'Vie 2^-.f MO'ltlCE The DAVIS SALVAGE SALES STORE (formerly -J7 N. Potomac St.> Is.Now Located at the WAREHOUSE - STOREROOM Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. ('near Chc-t Harbaus'h'.'i Garage) uiil continue (o S'lvertifC our Public Pa IPS anr] H»r< ;*f. M^rchatulise. "S^o us first; whatever your rieeils may be"

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