The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 7, 1935 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1935
Page 2
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PAOB TWO JF; 6-DAY TOUR TO Washington • Good Buses — Good Hotels — All Sightseeing : Bus Leaves Tipton at 6:00 A. M., Monday, May 13 —Returns Saturday, May 18 | ROOM FOR JUST A FEW \ Call 60 Windfall, or 4407 Muncie ! MILLER TOURS 2TAZIS HUNT WIVES. Continued from Pago 1. ;'vr.il7!g districts, compared !i» v.-omrn between 1G and picked up all messages directed to it. Bolton, told not to attempt :i to! landing at the Kansas City air.">;; port because of fog, was instruct- year.; t:i I.IIIHI men ot these ages in the citi-'-s. Authorized to do so hy a labor l::\v. officials are combing offices intensified under 25!-comparatively even Held, fell year.-, who must serve one year on i short, landed on the shoulder of before they can be em- a dirt road, and flopped over. and f:\ctori.s in an s-javch !';;!• women ed to fly either to St. Joseph or Kirkville where there are emergency fields. But near Macon his plane descended, 'its twin motors coughing, leveled out toward 11 iarm. ; played elsewhere. The farm terms [ killing Senator Cutting, Bolton, begin in April and October. Cir:i!iuu?d from Page 1. p.,. ].... :..- ;i ..i-aliz;ition to c; count rks. |Miss Jeanne Hillias. sister of tlie I Kansas City dispatcher dispatch- STATUS. i lu S tlle Plane's movements, and JK. c. Greeson, co-pilot. i Harry Rhodes, farm youth, to- thor' day's first inquest witness. sa\v ithe plane skimming along hardly -this.. rc?p-> ;icrotary liiill from fir i. bin with no indication I'.i'.s been in 20 feet off the ground, he said. Noise of the crash attracted several farmers. who helped •th.u Pr.'i-iilent -Roosevelt will di-j transport the injured to tho ho.«- i-ni. of the un-|pital here. The injured, besides Xiiuioiiiiii- cniidi;ii-.n::l prornim. ''""'• i Wing, Drew, and Mrs. Kaplan. T'.u- report covrivd our foreign ; were: trad" t-'jA international invest- j Kichard Wallace, Hollywood: IM- n; p!i-'iti;>n un to Dec. "I. l!i:M. i Henry Sharpe, Hollywood: Mrs;. Ii ": '-,.-)«•( d iliat the world owe;l JMiizgcr and her three-year-old IE 15 TAKING A REST But Merrymakers in London and Visitors Continue to Celebrate. New Banfcdf Hi TBIBl A STRIKE IS STAGED (By ITnitoit Pri-ssl. \ London, May 7.—-Kins George; i rested at Buckingham palace to-j day while his London subjects j went back to work but vfcitors I from all over the world carrk'il ) 0:1 their merriment and -cleaner:;! removed the debris from yester-, day's celebration 01 the 25th year of his reign. Rob:rt C. Glazier A day in which 3,000,000 saw j Robert C. Gla:icr,j above, Hart- him and Queen Mary go in state j ford, Conn., banker, is slated jto procession to St. Paul's cathedral i become president ojf the National Association of Mutual Saving* for a thanksgiving service . * Young ijan, Despondent ; Over Failing Eyesight, : Takies His Iiifej Keeper of Keys NOTE TO THE PARENTS ig here and wife of Ira Steele, caretaker of i-the-current fiscal year, j Warwick,! E. I -"Crime Gastle," is I , lry reported today. Frank G. Sjnter,-Reelsvi ''read: Lafayette, May 7.—Despondent over failing ; eyesight Rodert F. Senter, Reelsville, 24', yeir oldji! Purdue university senior milted suicide by poiaoni hite yesterday. He explained bis moti' letter to his parents. Mr. and Mrs. |^Wch"Mr^71§teelVs"brother-ia-iawi Upending period on retord. H ex- [Mrs. Henrietta Steele, housekeeper Federal Government Expenditures Hit High Mark in Fiscal Year. EXCEEDS LAST YEAR . Washington, May •«. — Federal government expenditures crossed the $0,000.000,000 mark in the lirst 10 months and four days of the troas- "Dear Horn and Dad: "I am practically blind morning and its getting fast. Forgive me. I don't . IT 01 WAVix, i*. 4., : *_»! uue. tjdauu, is held as material witness in Govern- > _,. . . . ,. . inent's investigation of crime ring ! Thls was tlle lar sest peace-tim-i ,;which Mrs. Steele's brother-in-iaw. Upe ile. It .Carl Rettfch, is said to have headed.. I-ocHif-d by a small amount the j:" j '. ~JS5.!)39,500.74S 'expenditures in i FKQM MAXY STATUS. j t j, o corresponding period of the thH darker : Stinli'iit.s (if OlH i previous fiscal year. itiii! i The. government's-income also — .. <^ •-• ~ - , _ , , i . . j uibi. roi£ivo me. i uon t want 10 succeeded in- -mntiinr nio-ht of EenKs at the annual convention i. , , , . ,, , i succcenea »j anotnei nifciit 01 \ , -i , bo a helpless miserable! dependent. vi »* *»-_ - - -.-»..-.- ....i ».« •»...> -».«..,..-,. ...... iiitr.j^iJvuiiiiiiciiLa im-VJiiit; tiiot* rt-ant to I;I ICI»yi*u Iligh Schools Debating- j i-wi-ease'd in this period, amount- merrymaking. The celebration of the jubilee: New York,! May 10. 11 am going exploring." Two other letters, o is to last three months, lint today .two-thirds vote last week 'but \ the ! (i rcssp( i lo jjj ss Eleanor the king conserved his strength.'administration fonfes! rallied! S-S i neelsville, and the other w „ ^..^.^ , He was obviously tired at the end j votes, more than enough for o|rdi|-! ins matturs j regarding personal ground debate contests and 'sc-coii.l | the'"red ""to The "extent "of ?2,of yesterday program. | n.-u-y passage to put the progj-am j minor i )usincss detail.-', wer;r j round contests in oratory iiml ! s«7 : ,-l64-,134 on.llay 4. 1835. com- 1 | ing to $3,145,494,111, compared Kent, p., .May 7. — With: 111 ! wiih . §2.559,52'S,4'OS in the cor- 0 ad--high sclniols from 24 states com- • ,-espondin-j; period of the previous Lon--', | peting for honors in the national , fiscal year. :ontain- : forensic ! tournament here, third; Thi s left the government "in The only ollicial event schpil- into operation July 1. ! found in lii-s room. tiled today was a reception about GOO diplomats and other ingtou denied Hopkins wouldj al- ' j s try at the ^university. An FERA spokesman in Washr i Senter was majoring'in chem- i.gram. [declamation were on today's pr;i-1 pared - with S3,379.9« 2,340 on prominent persons by the prinv; t e r his ultimatum. of Wales at St. James' palace t-.-1 \Vhen the legislaturo convehied j AXXIVERSAHY C'AKK. night. | today highways leading to |tliej No results of the early contes; ; will be announcL-d until tonight. | ! Speakers at the opening of tli • ! tournament ])rogram yesterdav iMay i, 1934. ; At SlauKT Ucauty Shop. Louise Cunningham of Kemp- Prime ministers of the domin- | C apitol were dotted with patrols |Mi-, ami Mrs. H. P. Hicc (ict Gift jjwere Harry L. Ewhank, Univer-' t c; U started to work Tuesday ions took advantage of the un- ol - state police witjh iiistriictionfe : From Kroger Storo. IjSity of Wisconsin public speaking 'morning in the Slauter Beauty [professor; Ted Beaird, University f.boppo on North Main street as eventful day to hold a meeting to , 0 llash word if> t j ie i state i,ous|: discuss empire defense. when the mart-liars* vanguard; ' Mr. and Mrs. R. P Rice. 22-' |!of Oklahoma, and Dr. J. O. Englc- ; a i,<, ;l iity operator. Miss Cunning- Tho meat "pitchers' in ""' -.-cached tho outskirts, j j j • South East street, is the lirst cou-,!Jnaii, president of Kent State col-j ham. is an experienced operator Tho governor, aijnouncing tliat iilc in Tipton to receive free nil-.- iiogi.-, host to the gathering. " Ipud well uualitied for all kinds great Smitiifield meat in the inark'M St::tr.s a net debt of.!chilfl; William Kaplan.' Holly- I herc l''' ovillt(1 ;l K0 " li - (lis< ' ordu " i the relief dipnts wiiiild be allowe.;! of the aiinivnrsary cakes being of- ^ ("'ii'",n-l'.i ci" this represents war ' fas. City. .Mrs. Mfslcer was least <!•::>(•.:. \vh;ii' ?7,,s;:;.uoO.(M)(i of di-; seriously hurt. She was permitted j.-ct ";::t! <l Stall's investments! to leave the hospital last night. ::!in>a:i arc v::Iiicd on "obsolete"! Today's inquest was into the ]>'-.ok fi:r.tros. iJirect ign in-' death of Miss Hillias. Inqiuvits inv;. m.-:!t" in this ;-ountry total; to thejOthtr deaths will follow. ?3.000.•'!"'.OiUi. i The" plane, crack line of TWA's F..]•-•:•."n nations wore credited ! new transport flnot. !<>ft Los An- j *' i -~ e< ' la( P.; a-iv.n- an cxc^s of (xcliange' Deles' at •! p. m. (1\ST) Sunday, n i Plovers, of S970,(too.Ol-i) last year in their' stopped ut Albuquerque, where dealing with v.s and to have used | Senator Cutting boarded, to take earl i' Uli " s afternoon and the note in tlie jubilee by last night. . . Matchers had to handle the meat for most of London's -V- 1)00,000 people Ky themsrUvs. The pitchers usr-d tiioir limo liv continuing the jubilre cclrbr.i- tion and standing by the marl:< : wise-i-rackins at the laboring i-m- striking .. (;ve] . y libel - t y" as long as theyi re- fered by the! Kroger Grocery aiui 1! WILL ISIAKK STATKJU-:.VT. mained orderly, rojisented to: i\i- • Raking Company to couple who \\ | lot beautv work. ceivo a delegatioij from their are this year, observing their 53ri IIMcnsc in Trial of • Lafayette ranks. ^ ! (wedding anniversary. i : i!:ink Official to Hcfulc Charges. The unemployed program woiiljl : The company is making tlir of-, require of the legislature an'ap- fcr this week when it is celebrat- ( Lafayette, May 7.—The UOfr-ns propriation of $7.Sun.HIM) from! thi; ing its 53rd lanuiversary. siate soneral fund to carry 0:1 relief until .litlv after establishr Notice of ('oiiiniih.sioncr'ii Sale of- Real Instate. JCotice is hereby given that tho idersigned commissioner, to sell . . :il estate, appointed hy the i'was expci-ted to make its di-fer- ; .nidge of the fiptoii Circuit Court Kach couple in this vicinity eli-'r-'d opening statement today in! in Cause No. 2«sr. thereof, will •Ible for one of the cakes h only ! ; iho trial j of Miss Margaret A . j^tor »Jlo. £ the hour of^one it 1'or purchasing s-curitics in on. 510 gallons of gasoline. raiii-r than me:'- j The group of Hollywood piis- this I'Dunlry, <-ha:iJ. : -',> <:r snrvijvs. i;r payin-r j seniors wi-re en route to tlu- I". fiim-s o!! account toward meetin,;: s - naval academy to prepare i'or ! production of a motion pi-tim- to The strike was rctll-.'d ami-.'ahl:- m- 1 '.'. agreed to resume work at midnight. their wir debt obligations. ANOTHER VICTIM. L'nal:iiU3d from Page 1. ior.s o: romainrd in the Prime Ministi-r IJam;;i\v Ma •- Oonald and Lord Londonderry, air ministor. Hew over London be called "Annapolis Farewell." i cllrl - v l( " !;iy l " - si:u llu> il!llmini 'Wing. whose cbost was ,. nis ] I( . t i | lions and honlire.-:. ' and who suffered internal injuries!^ b..f.ire liul'ling Ibc in the crash, was business man . j tin- kin? and tm«-rn ;!,'d on r.ger of thc production unit ami ' l iala ''<-' bali-ony. for mi'iit of un income tax on in-.nines rcnuirud to so advise their stor-j : •Cheney, former sccretary-treasur-: MaV] j-flg^ an j r rom day to day ov.-r S3,ooo to pay tli<- relief hil!l m'anaser, and a cake Avill be de-;Tr of the Tippe-caniTu Loan" .v 'thereafter until sold, at the office instead of the proposed increased 'live-red to their homo'by a rc-piv- jiTrnst Co., on charges of making j°J| 'he C^itizejis^ Naunna^Ban^ hi tali's: tax. i i| tentative of the Kroger Company, "false entries. . ' the fee simpl'e of th.- follo'wing de- In addition to tin- program 'for I'.i additoiji to this offer, the i Refutation of charges of :il-; scribed real .estate, to-wit: raising relief money llu- tuu-m- 'r<-mpany has ; an assortment 01 ; Icged gambling, speculation ami | Tho north half m the south- j.loyi-d asked immediate aid from' K'fis for patrbns in collection witii manipulations Washington pendiir; state action, various merchandise on'erin .. . I'rosecutor A. K. Sills was plan- i cast quarter of section twenty-five rt -\ . * - A /«« (2o), township twenty-two- (22) liquidation of ihf national giiar.l The big "birthday party" will con- ! : nod h >' Dofense'Attorneys IX I'- :fnd use of tin- national guard, ap r limiu througji Saturday, May 11.; Flanagan and C. A. West. |;rr,pria*l;on for rciiVf.j better she!- ; "* * * — I f r, medical and d»utal care ;im!i IMIMIACIDIKXT CHAIHJK. AKK I.NVESTfGATIXG. decided Pilot ; i father of Toby and Patricia Win:,. : and the crowd ol -»>').IHIO L'o'!i/ii '.VUL; attempting a "belly" landing. 'V:i::i-tf:-cs at <lii ; .:s' la -t night testified In-air l!: molors couph just ho-j foro t!ic- ladning, indicating they! wm\; ni)t rtc:iving gas. Holton movie actresses. a coroners in-i they ] THE NEW DEAL. there was still clr.ering and sin:;- ing the miiiumil aiitbem :ind "ICor lie's a J"'ly Good 1-VHow" win.-" thcv re-eiitercil thc ! palatv. v,-:u an saying just hrfore sidered app'jalin; a motion. Brit-fly (ho jheld that many provision^ of th; ho died c-f his injurks, that he haif i::hai-.-;lod lii.s gas supply. P-uI Hi.-htor. TV.'A vicc-presi- dr.T.1. tc::li!i:d that "for sonv- rcascn" th" ,';::s i:i the omergfency tank v.'a-'. not b.-ing fed to the motor:;. I!.- iuter mcnt ary landing" .The facts was show er, flying through thii'k fog. was ou " t ""^ e proce{ . 3 fcaving difficulty with its -"- Continued from Page 1. j preparatory to urging reintroduc-i lion of a revised measure this! session. Solicitor (!en«ral Stanley ! Reed, why argued thr ; case, con- A DESPERATE. ciulliinv; by ri'lic-r administrator's'. - , Thc mari-liris liiikixi urms ! a i; "»'•' Made- Against Judge Saniui! they i-ntereil the i:ity| forming ;t Alschulcr of Illinois. line iH-arly half a iniii; long. They; marchiMl directly 10 [the capilnl ' AVahhington, May 17.—An im- v.'itb ii m<ilorcy'i-lc police; coCurl : i)'.-achment charge against Federal Continued from Page 1. ;-o were r.oslod about thc c.'.p- rl: following chj.^u !a!:i order. . A mass mcL-th D! the- slau: h;i shadow of a to main CJourt Judge «amucl Alschuler of ' »»•'" ™ north, range live (5) east, except all that part of the northwest quarter of the southeast quarter 'of j section twenty-five (251, township twenty-two I-.2) -north, range five Ifi) east, lying and being, within • j thirty Ciui feet of each side of I-Yrtcral Aullforitu' line of the main track of the Chicago, St. Louis & Pitts- ig Methods of Company. , iurgh Kai!rc , a d as the same is now located and constructed over and Indianapolis, May 7. — Two across said quarter section, having _. ,. la length of twelve hundred and representatives ot -thc State Se-j ronr (]2 o.l) feet measured along cnritics commission left here to- said center line from the inter- Cetery, bunch 5b Parsley, Irandi ...... 5c- Hed Button Radishes, 5c White Iqicle Radishes, 3 bunches ....... .1.10c Cauliflower, per head, 21c Green Onions, bunch!.. 5c New Carrots, bunch .. 5c Head Lettuce, 2 Heads, 15c Cantaloupes^ 3 for .. .25c New Cabbage, Ib. .L. 8c Bananas, 4 Ibs. ......I9c New Peas, Ib. .......lOc Green Beans, Ib. ....Iflcil , each ....... 5c| 12 Years Judge Purvis appointed Elmer Trimble and John R. Bowlln "as members of the county board ot Miss Hazel Swift, county recorder was confined to her homfe by illness and Miss, Tressa Coy was looking after the office. » * * '-•;'•John E. Leakey received word of the death 'o£ his father Amos C. Leakey, age 90, at his home In Anderson. . * * * - . • Word was received here by relatives of the death of Mrs. AT : J. Biltz at her hoine in- ; Brookville. : '.•!':'!' * * * ! The Methodist congregation was holding a reception' for their new minister Rev. O. T. Martin. * * * Ed Neary and Louis Kigin were opening a tire store in Atlanta, having rented the room below the offices of Dr. J. F. Bills. * • * * Relatives received word of the destruction by fire of the home of rRay Dawson in' Randolph county. * * » Benjamin Sells, 95, died at his home southwest of Tipton. i.»r a rehearing. itcil to maintain ord< r aiiio:ig u Abraham i i wan; hi-id at iinC' >i> eiiti-:iii'-c:;j ill i :iioininnT,l of . mill Him |ih r l- . jtlio .Seventh district was made majorit." opinion band of linn?;.-- marchnrs. r-,:i'n::-i cdiy cnrouti- to Springlk-U!. Manv of the marchers were in"- bili;'.ed in the coal mining r.-.'.-;::M'.-. Chicago. May 7.—Three woni} ( c/!iii:iitli-e went iihiiihvlo lay plea IK -fore the go\-f-ij-iior. ; i;':ak;.- hi:; impeai-hinent charge, the;. j first, one of tlje- 7:ird congress. AT- jiinvestigating a report that se- tiuil name r.i th-i judge was lie- i curities o£ the two Kentucky firms laved 'while alquorum roll call wa3i: ha(i been sold in Indiana without 'registration. Mrs. Kthel P. Duuncll, Indian- en and four men wore arresied railroad pension act wer equipment. Its signals could not property of law. This'" 1011 ' women and children in th;phrase has been interpreted to ! fifteen southern counties were go-: Conliir.if.l from Page 1. be heard by the TWA dispatcher .^ acUvity In Kansas City, although, from I nug , 1GS , mtr , d thal (hc the Plane's action, it secmnigly , made a futurn pe . lsiou ^\mp 0 i~~ 'sible, and added: lona Macaroni! ''That is a conclusion of such cover a wide range of govern-i '"3 hungry as a result of a stii^-l Townscnd old age puuiion scheino;. wide closing of relief depots. ' Johnson said: Thc closings followed refusal • "Young voters in this couritryi (jf Federal Relief Administrator j will do no more than tlirow away j Harry L. Hopkins to grant Mir. their ballot and their money- if, KERA funds to thc state until the | they allay 'themselvei Or Spaghetti serious and far reaching impor-l legislature provides SS.OOO.Ui'O a i such political will- Veal Steak. Ib, 25c tarice that it overshadows all other questions raised by the act. ... 1 think that the conclusion thus reached is a departure from sound principles and places an unwarranted limitation upon th-j Commerce clause of the constitution." . with liny o-'the-w(spi Slaking Xice Recover}'. Carol Swinford was removed to the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Basil Swinford, southeast of Hobbs Tuesday'afternoon, following a tonsil operation Monday afternoon at the Mercy hospital at Elwood. She is reported to bo getting along very nicely, having come through the operation in a splendid manner. month as its share of unemploy-, and nine daKwonders as these. •••--• " | We have had many ih this co'anj- mcnt aid. Field workers reported th lief funds were exhausted other counties and "virtual brcjd ; none ever got anywh and water" rations were bcin;'i body who followed thim did any provided by county . authoriti:;; j thing more than ;fatti?n a mcne otrc-itry from know-nothings thro igli I , . J, iu V> K oacu ove . r lu< : i , , ' I """J'S", last month. The davs you enjoyed m «;o greenbackers to j - populists—hu . most werc ^dayslyon W: in great }\rr -i rt . tinnn ni'At* rrif n nfmlui*>/\ <i*i«l « A M i .. T. i _ . _ J_ _ -t_' _.. t ire and and charities. tary triumph for isom "Tho situation is growing mori: | local Icadqr. Wo munt main desperate every hour," Royivildu said, "with more than 700.(/(id persons in four-fifths of tho t-.;:tc facing destitution, sickness taid even .death unless funds are m;id:; available." ' Organization of the forces of Governor Henry Homer to force the relict program through a Republican minority blockade iu the house of. representatives was thrown'off stride when it was reported that Hopkins would release FBRA-f«nds if state aid. could be assured-beginning July 1. JHorner IB seeking approval for an Increase- In the state sales ^-^^- -'^- the two party system 1 want to turn our political futijrei over to minority grou is.' Pointing out that i ho f ranien shed a dc~ de- trend to- aw of the constitution w centrialized governme-nt, "ho plored tljo Increasing ambit unless LIUS air 'day to participate in a federal gc-jsection with the line dividing the 'tht- house taday hy flepresi-nta-j curUius commission hearing °nj" a Ya'quarter 'section r.orthwest- • live Everett i "VI Dirksen (Kep !. tllc American Terminals and' wardly to .the line dividing the 'in . ' ' :' '"iTransit Company and the Green !<:»sl h;llf fr °m the west half of : |o,. .. ,, _ itaid scctioii, containiug an area ! UirksL-n rose in the house on .1 !: Illvti1 ' * a ''ey Coal Company UL l ;n " saj(J strjp o£ Qno a]jd si% - ty . five 'l-oir.l of personal privilege t!) !;Henderson, Ky., tomorrow. jono-hundredths (165-100) of an " Thc state securitois has been: ucre, be the same more or less. Said sale to be made subject to thp approval of'the Judge of the Tipton Circuit Court and for not lei'.v than the full appraised valu3 of Haiti real .estate, and upon the >ollowing terms and conditions, to-wit: At least one-third (%) of .is, isisecretary ot both com-[thc i purchase price to be in cash ii-mtn» ' on date of sale, and the remainder 1 '" to. bn paid in two (2) equal installments, due in six -(G) and twelve (12) months, respectively, from date of sale. The purchaser to have the option of pay- ins, all cash on date of sale. Deferred payments,- if any, to bo evidenced by prtfmissory notes of the purchaser and same to be secured by- mortgage on the real estate soldi Said notes to. bear six per cejit; (6%) interest per annum from date of sale -until, paid, and providing for attorney's fees. Said real estate to be sold free of all Hens and encumbrances ex- cept'taxes of 1935, due and payable! in 1936 and thereafter. RUSSELL S. MARTIN, • Commissioner. PURVIS & PURVIS, INVTTING J. E. COINS, 333 Maple St. As a guest of The Tipton Dally Tribune at the New Rita Theatre to witness "SEQUOIA." Explanation; This Invitation la not transferable and is good only Cor the party whose name-and address appear above, I'The' party named above, accompanied! by a member of his family or a friend should present this 'invitation at. the Ritz door" the same as two regular YOU'RE HAPPY XO\V HAS LAlKiK AIOIY. Think back over ihe ward centralization which ho ( as necessary in jnany Instances, We live, ho said, iji "tho twi lights of the state " ' Continued' from from tho west side ol 1. the jralild- eliapc. Increase these Eunny days by keeping fiti ' ' Avoid common constipation due to insufficient) "bulk" in, meals. It may cause headache;,'loss of appetite and energy.; It dulls your en- thnsiasm.take^ the fun out of living. I Kellogg'a AtL-BBAN furnishes you with "bulk"in convenient form. ALL-BRAN aiad provides vitamin B ind iron. Thik gentle natural food is ranch bettor than patent medicines. Unlike cathartics, it remains effective with continued use. ] Two tablespbonfuls daily aro usually sufficient^ Severe! cases'with each meal. If tot relieved this way, gee your doctor, ; At all" glaciers in ilio rc<l-and- kreep i CreeL; Italy Has; 284,(>(>O Man on War : Footing for Kiwrjjpnry. ' Ilome, May 7.—Further extensive mobilization of Italian military forces was announced officially toduy,. placing on a war looting a: total of approximately 284,000 men. f| It was officially explained that tlie mobilisation is due to the necessity ot : guaranteeing Italy's feast "African colony in view of 1'ibeavy supplies of arms sent to Addis Ababa ' (capital at Abys- fjjnia) by several Eitropoaii fac- ijirics," arid .also because of A"ys- H.'nla's mobilization. •WhyPayMore? ASKi THIS: WAIT ^v±_ti>±j5.^-, ', .• -v.j-«f-'*.v '?-]--r s !*''-'.'t•• 'Attorneys. 171-77-83-89 SK1SK KEKK BOSS. Jjjun \Vuntm by Officers for Qu'cs- tionin^ in Slaying Chicago,] May 7. — Police lo- ly sough; Joe Saltis, south side ;er boss 'luring prohibition, and s lieutei ant, Stanley Nowickl, question §hem about the ( sjay- . of Anton jzala- said, Kbt'cc 'Of Administration^ Notice is hereby given' that the undersigned 'has been appointed by the Judge of the Circuit Court of Tipton ' County, State* of Indiana, i administrator with the will annexed' of the estate ot John T. Cline, late of'Tlptoa Connty. deceased. 'Said estate is supposed to be solvent. ( NOEL A. PURVIS,. AprH 23, 1935. Administrator. JAMES M. PURVIS, Aftarriey. , 17 '•-•' V' ; :'.-V"-V-^S"J§T' ; Wscj-^ K you were willing wait fit>m five to ten " for your needs— Or if you would be sate isfled to DttyjErpni a *" All we would be a and a catalog,* j However, fled to ' and the right to." ^;___i_' ^.««-'- i '' ; "!«- 1 'Sxanune a. items before T.-,{ ^ ^, one^of the most hardware atocks S?- *^'"'>'"«'

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