Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 23, 1952 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 23, 1952
Page 4
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Coutitrysicle Rochester Visit Brings Anguish Life is fuiiny. Sn (ur. siiu-, srsAN I ItAWi.i:^ i:isi:i.i; AlU .i 'l-;; (l.vith. I h:>\..i AI.I. Till-'. ANt.ltSIl IhnI 1 li.-ul 1. l)(>cn Ki%-i'n K'''''f'i' In oil vvillicul niis-<im; him to i much -Of as miieli n ^i I tlioiiyhl I xvuiilil miss liirji But I went up to noolicst ri- yr^t.iil.'y lo n ho.ii.l meotinR of tlu- Minir'sotu Hiisiii.-ss A- I"I O:< s-ii>n :U Wompu's rh)t )K nt lln- Krililor hntil. Mini I lincl :• s^tvftnpe oxpo)loncc And soimtliini,' lanir lo mr siul- 'lonly as I rod*' rlonp:. s(tni«'tliinj: I w.-isn't ;>!i 'pai'''d for. I.rt. nu' KO ! mU .1 niiiiut''. When nt]','i ucuni], told nu' that tliry .suffcii'd su at 11''- sij-'l'l of .-oiiv'- tliinf; or sonic placr associated witli llie hfc of a lovod one who had dird, and liow ovnconi. tiny wpro In a physical way with i^iirf, I would of <..uis. synipathiz.' wiiii Ih.'in. Hut s.criil', I'd say lo m\- i'olf. "Thc^• arc jusl r.ursini; Ihin [;rii'f If t lu \ would put it away fiinily, it w.iuld he lictt.r foi- tliiHii. I 'm not KOini; to u'ct that wny'" •i-i) spa |i '<l diiv- smote til'- K". - h, ^ml I uci.' 1 (1 mv ill vivid in^ his iIlIll•^•s and death since, now eiy little tliinf; that happened while in Iloclicster helcie his deatli came panorania, I was fri^titcned and shaken. The awful enipliness. Die full imjiact of what his di'ath means of I lie sii,'nificaaci ol mairiaue itself, came ovei ni' in w'aves. [t was as if all the stiffciini; I had hccu .•;paicd \vas novi* concentrating itself upon me. So nciw [ know what it means when other women tell me linw miinu 'ntai ily f,-rief and nuniory torment t iicni Aad I h n < h. *.'riic more undei si andin^' Ilian I was liefoie WKI.I.. <;OIN(; I'I" TO I;ocliestei I had om Ilun;: on my mind this meeting I liave to .-liut evciy- Ining else out of my mind and concentrate on what- cvor I ani tioin^. in* 1 couldn't ^et anyilimu don So with this I h.-ii! reports to make and puhlicts to j in th take care of and nothing; else mattered. Hut ibiuit 'cn miles out of Rochcstci- I looked up suddcnh- and saw at the sidi' of ihi- mad. a aicn advertisin,:; the hotel where Albert sta\ed while takinf; treat, mc-nt there. In a it ha|ipcncd. It wa.s as if the si^n had risen up and hit me he. iwcon the eyes. I rcroih'd from the shock Then It dawned on mc for the first time that I had not been hack to Roclusttr since I was there last fall witli him. \0\' SKK WA. KINDS of tilings m Ilnclieslcr. Coniini,' home from there this mornin.i; just outside the city hmits I c.imr- on an old man witli a Ion:,' wluie heard, paii.d in the middle and lyioK on his bosMm, like a palri.arclial Mosc.s. He was walkiiu; cntir (if Ih .i' liij-'liway, on thi' black line, and was usinp ei IHCIK Tlic crutches were at such .'I'l anL'h' as t'' mak* it impossible for a ''ar to pas.-: aiound iiim on siiie. without troinu off ilv p.-iv-nicnt a few- in.-hes. I slowed up and went around and .;o did traffic cominj; both, ways For .i little while it crc.-.ted somctliinL- of a traffic jam. But no orie sceii.ed siii prised or incon\'enicnced. 'A'ould ha\e likco to stop and ^et a st(U'y because I know t!> ro one there. Whc-c had he c-onie j from? W'heie was 1:< uoinp^ I 'm still wonderinf;. JM ^trWU* pall? ^eioffi. C^Ttit>:n;nc Vnr VlDtl!cst(-r and Itepubllc »n. Pui:i*lM\l T.vtry Kvrntn*; Kxctpt Sunday 6r.*. rrvnclpal Holidays y.-'.f'tl %« fc<>r.-'. c:.i<s mailer Oct. ivii'^ '..V v si-^rr.vp a* *-i.„i' I;r»a MZ'.iT the? act vt Marcn Fri., >Iay 'i^, im2 TlIK OI.I) A.M) NKW OFFICKKS of thi- "K" Ir.asur club were cauKhl by the camera ius they txol to- urci t,-ether after last nifihl's bantiuct, and election of crman. offii'ers Left to ripht arc Boh Hcf;Kcii, outgoing Moritz. vice [iresidcnl: .lack Kidc, newly oli-cti'd secretary- for the (Dally New.s photo and cnKravinK) lU 'i Bob Erickson. rctiriuK .secretary-lrcas- .liiii Welton. outKoiuK president; Neil Hajr- iiewly elected vice jjcciidenl; and Bob who was elected to head the organization 1952 -r )3 school year. :n eDllte.'ii e\'.-iui- rti 'U ^'.'.i.c.i 'H ail , .i;. .\P news dis- ' s r !^^- :•; I i'T: o N T i.:; ii ri .- --.TirT ^e.. r. Ji. r..;.j Alto. ^' J. D.. r ..:.>v .-, inil .Martin .zt -.---.r SS, «.\ ro.n'.lis S4.2.'i; •.•~ iC-S.'.. »e<-k« 51. aii -jvt c- m'.ie.* ene year ill' >.% n» r.:.^s 5'2... three munlli-* s; cie .-r,. r.:.-! ,-i.oo. L.;*.> Mer ^t .an: .J per weeK . :•: -e >?ir ?H 5'.-\ m .nt.ns ST -*.;5: :.-.-*e m'tr.tbs S'J ':>. y.irzi^'^r the K-v.t Pre«" A55ociHUon. I'...*,.* Du:'.} Pr..*- ciali'-n. .National j;.-.:: As.- <;:it;.-n and Inlan-J PreM •Don't Chiingt Pitchers Steal The Show in National Loop By K.\LIM1 KOnK.V By TlIK .\>MK HTi:l> VKl>- Pilchtrs sparkled both on th- mound and at bat in both major leagues yestcrcay with Xationpl league hurlcrs st>.alin^ t .'ie .show- with four .shutouts. Curt Simmons turned m tin uen> of the day. The lanky lefthander pitched the Pluladclijb.i'i FhiUie,- to a 6-0 three-hit triumph over the Pittsburgh Pirates. Simmons fanned eight, walked five and aided hi.s own cause by Blomming a three-iun insidc-tiie- park home run in th<' si.xth inninc Enjoy Your Movies I'mltT the Stars Tonite-Saturday FUNHIEST POURE P IN NINE LIFETIMES! 9 •PERLDERG-SEATOV - WITH GetJE lOCK.HARl if A >jt. -^WUBK^ CO-HIT IOI£ITmN -CUIR£TI [yoit S iUnUEm -IOSEIITPIIESTOtI jj wiU IIUEI IKimil. Itii titiii ItllllCI niiKT ..I", TECHKilcOiqil i \o i;.- \r.::,t \:..r.\pt: •• - ZKHO~- \\ i;UK . ; ; : • • Cu'i5 :-r.r: E:-iV.:-<J sn^^tou;- B'.r^ Rus- r. Ur.k-d Brav s • r. foi.r niLs -n tr.- • •.-•••i.- r and dio- \-e m a run on a sin..-!e and doubl- Warren Sprxhn turned the 'ables m t!-.c n:.t;htcap. -o.itterint; nin-. hits hit.^ for n 5-0 victory. Home i-jns by Bob Th' rpe and Sam Je'hioc eased Spahn's task. Lefty Mon'.e Kennedy put in •. stions bid fiu- a ii;.-ular trick by pitching; th' .V. w- -^'ork GianU to a 6-0 four-hit victoiy over the 8t_ Louis Cardinal.-;. K-.-nnedy walked only one and fanned two in besting- Cerry .Staley who was seeking hi .s • iKhtii triump'n. Slab y has lost two 1 ,-ames, both at the hands of the Giunt.s. -* t * riTC'HIOKS encountered a rough afteir.f>on at w-hi'n? the Dodders cami- from behind lo beat Cincinnati, 8-7, and protect their half ;,-ame lead over the Giants The Dodgers, tallied four runs in the eighth inning to wiiie out a 7-1 deficit. lioy Campanella, returning to aelioM aftei a ihrer day layoff be- (ause of a brui.-ied hand, lied the seoi,. socking one of Dutch Hiller's change of pace pitchcM for a Ihree-run horner. Fr.'ink .Smith wa.'i lushed in bu; Andy I'.-ifko ciackerl Smilh 'K fiis! ))ilch for a double. Pafko moved to third on a bunt tind scoi-ed the winning run allur i;il Hodges filed out. •< * •lOI: ,\I)(-OCK. IDJUM d l,-itei- ini L-.iii,. sin.-.-iied a gland slam' i.oiiiei l( 1 I .'incini-iati and Grady onrected with <Hie on to \v L. Pet. f; i 21 7 .750 L'l 8 .724 1 . 17 14 .54S 5'" 15 15 .500 7 14 15 .48.3 7 J 15 17 .469 8 12 16 .429 9 5 28 .152 18'.- Halt 'lie ll'd alt.-.ek Adi o(-k col- 1 Ol. 11,, Ciiieiiin-iti I •nch fol- g h.iiii slid. into s..|.ond a '!.' -ev..!i»ii innmi: lb was 1 • i 1 • 1 Jle i:e\ .•!, 11, 1 u.oti pill liici ana .1 >.;it the Boston I'.ed Sox to i-ioii o\ei the Cb-veland .M< I le: tnott singled in the tiono with the win- n .lohnny Pesky and odii:: n followed with sin- p.j:!'R:-;.';K.N 'rA ; IVK.S ir .i, o:r. ih-i. ^ Atlanta ann -rr.^-.. 2 ;-.<rt ;--,nL- rej rej.f.nTat;-.-e.t; in .\r.L .Vev ^-:a7 -r Itepre.eentauvcs. In-. Wr-.c-.e% B.. CM. .-l;:^. yuth Ave, .Ve« Y s...,-... . [;.. l^j -Jl!; I'>:: Ba. re, Kari&aj City, 4-8 UralD Da -l JJodsers and Giants Win; Senators Gain -NATIO.VAI, I.KAOrK Brooklyn New \'oi]i Chicago Cincinnati Philadelphia St. Louis PJoston Pittsburgh Thur>da }'"N Results: Brooklyn A Cincinnati 7. New York 6 SI. Louis 0, Chicago 3-0 Boston 0-5. Philadelphia 6 Pittsburgh 0. t>aturda.v*,s Sehedulo: Boston at .Vew York, Brooklyn at Philadc'.- phi.<i (night), Chicago at Pittsburgh, St. Louis at Cincinnati. A.MKUICAN LKA(;iiK Cleveland Washington Bo.stoa New York St. Louis Chicago Philadelphia Detroit Thursday'.s UCSUKH: ("leveland 2, Washington is 2, .New York at Chicago, post pontd, rain, (only games scheduled i. Saturdaj-'s Schedule: Detroit at Chicago, Cleveland at St. Louis, I'hiladelphia at Washington I nig 111), .N'ew York :it Boston. WKSTEH.N l.K.\(U!K \esterduy's Heslilts: Colorado Springs 5 Wichita 2. Other game.s postponed. Tllh; A .-ipi.. Ill .NM Al. BAN(Jt •• night at the s wei.. satisfied I Daily Xewc. iihoto and ingraving i 1: T of the -K" club '.'.-a.- Helping themselves are, left to right, Jim Beu- Skylm.. club. Prodigious land, .lack lOidc, Ponuy Knutsun. Bob Heggen, at the snioigasbord tabli-. Frank Mahan, ,liin Smith and Bob Erickson. Boh Moritz Named Head Of "E'' Club Bob .\Iorilz was elected i)iesident of the "E" club last night at the organization's annual dinner held r.t the Skyline club. Moritz suc- ceed.i Jim Welton as president of the elub whose members have all won m.ajor letters .in liigh school athletics. The hanciuet, a smorgas. bord. climaxed Wednesday's Infor mal Initiation for new member.-*. Other officers elected are Neil Hagerman, vice president; and Jack Eidi', secretar.v-treasurer. C<i!ich Jack Kaley of the junioi college was principal speaker. Kaley emphasized that letter-winner.^ could well adopt the "E" they carn- (d as symbol for a pattern of life that would always stand them In good stead. V iji in THK (JUALITIKS that athletes .should exhibit, he pointed out, in order to make it possible for thorn lo wear the "E" with distinction are qualities which they should strive constantly to maintain. Kaley commented that boys worthy of their association with competitive athletics and of wearing a letter should develop a proper attitude and spirit toward the athletic program, be willing to sacrifice to achieve success and attain the maximum effcctivpncss from their capabilities, be willing to accept instruction, discipline themselves in order to keep physically fit, to "put out" to the limit of their ability and to be unsatisfied with an.vthing short of victory gained through honest effort and fair play. * * if KALtn' DBKW ni.iny illustrations from successful athletes in the world of sports today and in the past. A short talk was given iilso b.v Hoyt Luithly of the Daily News in which he made the point that sports writers, in general, much piefer covering the carec|-s of boyt; who give their best in* whatever game they ant playing rather than the temperamental, hard-to-handle athlete, regardles.s of how capable a performer he is. He said that sometimes young athletes confuse Turn to page 6, cnlnnin 8 Reliirns To ^T" Win National Spelling Bee Washington. May 23 (il^—Doris Ann Hall, 13, of Hudson, N. C.. who lefused to be discouraged by being spelled down last year, is the new national spelling bee champion. She out-spelled the runner-up, Marjorie Foliart, also 1.1, of Grafton, Pa., and 49 other state champions .yesterday to win top place and first prize of $500 and a trip lo New York. It was a nip-and-tuck finish between the two, both of whom competed last year. "Farraginous" was the word that finally tripped Marjorie in the 28tli round, Doris Ann misspelled "Cicerone" with a final "I". Under the contest rules Marjorie would have \von if she herself had spelled correctly that word and one word more. But she left out an "r" in "farra­ ginous." And Doris Ann, spelling it correctly, WKTA on successfully to "vignette" and the title. The runner-up received $300. No Priorities for Iowa Washington (/Pi—No Iowa cities were on the federal communications commission's initial priority ILst of big cities now without a local television station which will get first call in the processing of applications due to begin July 1. THE DRUG STORE Your Prescription Specialists [Pharmacists on Duty^ Day and Night Serving your prescription needs promptly and tl'lioiently. >T. T.,. IToye — Phone IS \ Albert Cilfs DP Runner Goin Strong w. L. I'ct. fi.U 21 12 .636 18 13 .581 2 18 14 .563 2' 16 l,'. .552 3 ' 17 17 .50fJ 41-J It 17 452 6 11 16 .407 7 8 21 .276 11 Boston .1 4 St. Lou. • ::•:' <1 In.::. /.: 1 .rti! .-ind i.uig i-o. '.•.!. l;:i Ti;. )..-.- Ill' '"l.veland's leaii over '!.. luriiiei lip \\';t .-.hington Sen ."loi. u, i -.vo -anies. The .Senators ^•,h,|.|<ell Uie Hiowns. 4-2, in a nie­ lli g.,:ne at St. I,ouis. Home i uns l-.'d Y',..\ ami .Mickc-y Vernon otf :oio.. 1 Seiv.i.u- (one H'aidcii and i..i.'l, miiini: ieli,t nick by Tom ink I.. Ip. <l r .ot, la.i-terfield to 111.-: I' '-ai 1 Ji \icIoi-\ . By I KA.NK III CKI.\(.H.\.M C'hi-roUee Daily Times City. la.. .May 2.': '.V> Albert City's preps have swepi 15 trophies in the medley and iw) mile icla.v events while ci.isii'g II records in the iiorthw-es; this spring and the major reason is a IG- ycar-old I./ithuaiiian ficshniaii with sju-ing in his legs. HI'"H Harry Bluss's, .i lamdyhai'- ed Lithuanian orphan who "jusi loves to run." And .Saturday Ihe native cd Klai­ peda on the Mattie will have his big chance when he anchors th- Hurrcianes' medley and two mile quartets in the Iowa stale high !-cho(d track and field meet al Ames. (Jnlch.s the unexpected haiipeiis. Albert City will be right up in th • running in both events. T * * COACH DALK Ilarria' two-mile foursome - including Bliisys on anchor-has mnrked up an H :i7.3, heat time this sjiring among class B schools. The Alberts' 3:51 flat in the medley is one ot the tup clockings ou the class B division, Little Harr.v- he stands t>-t> and weighs in at 145 came to thi.' eoiiiitry at the age t>{ 13. The Ear! Russells. tarnicus near Albeit City, look out gu.'irdianship p.-ipei.s I him iiiulci- the displaced persons act. I'rioi lo thai, the boy spent sev ( ral years in a Dl' camp in Lil'i : icinia und, r Mussi ;in lub-^ Tin j youth later slaycti at a camp in th« I British zone or,(Jeinian.'.-. SOW U.MtlJ^" a baidwoikim; young man on the farm ai>P'."ai-; to be a budding star on the cind- eis. When BUisys C.rst canu- oui for tiack he told Coach Harris. ",-i !l my ancestors were good runners, so 1 can run. too.' Both of tlic youth's puienlM arc dead. "I think I can gci down under two minutcii ne.xt year, if I tiy hard," says Harry quietly. His top lialf mile leg on the anchor is 2:04.2. Just for the record, tli;it's tic best half mile iinchor mark ever rompiled at Albeii City and this soft-spoken litlle European lui.i three more years in which to better it. he'd do 15 it 1 didn't stop l.-ps. him." Bliisys' teammati aie Harold Sicvcrs. M;iiian Pitctia-. Sic\- uioic, Klindl und Bitehic juniors. In the two mile event, Sievers, Bill Kinilur (juuiori, Don Roh- w -i 'dder isopliomorei and Blusy^ scamper in that order. in the medley Bob Kllndt, irs is a sopho- SAVS UAUiil.S, "I think Harry will easily go below two niiniiles before he's a senior. We're thinking about using him in the open half, posidhly next year. "He's the hardest-working boy im the squad. "Why, if I told him lo do five Sij^iKMl by Chicago Cards Cliie:igo, May '23 (/Pi -Harold Liitz, 24, of Clinton. la., a Univcr- sitv of Alabama football end, has been signed by the Chicago Card! n.ils. He is an extra-point kicking specialist who booted 5H out of 62 attempts while at Alabama. Amateurs Can CoiniM»tc Dcs Moines t.P' Amateur Iowa cowhoy.s will be permitted- to com- jiete in the C.reatcr Iowa world championship rodeo here June 11-15. The niilional cowboys association has ruled that competition be open lo all who are of ago and pay the standard entr.y fee. Try II IJaily News AVaiit Ad. NOW SHOWING! ENDS MONDAY por ..iTlOAi. Ai)Vi :RTmKMi:.NT rOI .ITlc'A I. A 11 VI .;nTI ;^K.\lKNT. Iowa Needs Men Like KEN Ken Evans Republican far jCoyerhOi *NHE RAIN GENE DONALD OEBBie KEllY-O'CONNOR-REVNOIDS RINOIN' WITH A DOZEN SONO HITS I (iiclui<lnp..,''Slnom' In Th» Dolii ... Slai",,."You W»i.M«onl for Me", . - . . ^. ... many moitt Avallabia In lh« M-O-M Recotdi Album I •You Art Mr lucky 1U ft DEARBORN REAR. AnACHED FARM EQUIPAAENT This new Dearborn Rear Attached Mower can be attached to tlie Ford Tractor in a matter of minutes, and detached in even less time. You can switch to cultivating or any other job, and bacic again to mowing in a hurry. Can cut up to 35 acres a day, makes sharp, clean turns, backs Into cornen. Fine on hillsides iknd for clipping pastures. Improved, siralghtor drive reduces vibration to a minimum (or smoother performance and longer life. Cutter bar is lifted and lowered by Ford Tractor Hydraulic Touch Control. An automatic release permits cuUer bar (« swing to rear when It hits an obstruction. Cutter bar can be tilted to (our positions. Tapered roller bearings In Pitman Drive. Pressure lubrication (Ittlngs throughout 6 (t. or 7 ft. cutter bar. If you want a real mowcr,8ce thlsnew Dearborn Rear Attached Mower before you buyl Smith Tractor & Implement Co. 10sthi^i*vill<', lowu Buy on > oopyri«ut 19110, PwBom Motem qofpomloa; ASK FOR A DEMONSTRATION VIO FLINT SAY, WHAT ecKT OF RXTOK 1$ HE/ AMYHCAV? 7WE CaSEPS.' TAIUWiS VOUI? FtriEMP) LliSTEM TO AIXET OOl fWHASGA 10EA ,YOU \ AW ,eHUPPUP/ I'D ~ HALF-BAKED YAP;' \ NEVER A ^THKOWED X ;TRYIN 'TO KILL ANY LE^D AROUND eOMEBODvr LOOK / IF YOU HADN'T WHATCHA DONE / STARTED SHOOTIN'

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