Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 23, 1952 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 23, 1952
Page 3
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Announce Birlh of Son to Mr. and Mrs, David Pannhuh Mi». Honry BulU'r ri-ti ;vid ;i tel i -phonp call Tuosday ovminjf fioi.i hnr brolhf r. B. G,_ Pannhuk of Topi -ka. Kans., former managiM- of thf local Gamble-Rohlnson Co., ti-lUnK hor of thp birth that afiri- nfx »n of a son to Mr. and Mrs. David J'annkuk. David will he nnn-n,- V-rpd hero by many frlondss. having upt -nt most of his gradp school •••nil lUl of his hijrh school yrai.< h'-ti- Thf baby has boon nanu'd Ii'-hr<nd Oaylord and wc-iwhid five S^iundn 12 ouncs. Mr>. Kd tan -y and mm, •Inhii. v.frf Wednesday visitors at thi> injia^ of Mr. and Mrs. Claronc^> MoiKan of Sijirlt Ijtko. Sir. and -Mrn. Jamftt Van Valkon- *.'U!K ipont last weok rnd at Storm Ij-iyf with their son-in-law and <i.aagh\ft. Mr and Mrs. RobiMt lOKtU Mrs. CUn-nr*" Burr of Waterloo i.tid MiB. Chris Anderson of EI- m<jif art> I'-aving today after visit- inj; for Sfv ^ral daj-s with Mr. and Mrt. C, J l^nde and Mrs. Tobia PrtiTiaon. VtUUiUD Bale. KOn of Mrs. Mar- iu.n Bal*- of Odwein. and former memUr of the local (jraduatln.i! I lutifi. will graduate from the Oe\high school May 29. with hon- vrK. Bill, as he If known here. i.T Malutalorian of his cla.s.*. M JK. OrilUe Carey, who has Ix-ew living nf-aJ Camp Robe: ts. Calif, where h>r hURbaad ha* b.<n sxa- tiomid retuined last week to Boonc\ toUowinjir bis embarkation for ov- ••racUE, for a viirit with Mr. ;ind MiK. Paul Salvers of Boonf. Sip- was met there last Saturday by lier iathw-in-law, E. A. Carey and will return wilb him to Esthenille toi a visit with relatives of her huBband beXoie leiurninj: ro Mich- ijiun to make her home with her purontH while her husband is ovei- seHi? At Holy Family Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Donald ."Morris of Ceylon are p;irents of a son boi n yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. .lames K. Harrison of Spencer aie p.irent.s of twin j:irls born yp.sterday. ^Ir. and Mrs, Robert Kniidtsnn of Estherville sire pan nt.s nf a son born yrsterdny. Mrs. Beniiird I.,ooft of Swea City was admitted yesieitbiy for surt;- erv. Martin Balmer of Ksthervllle entered the liospital > e.-iterday for surRical treatment. DismlsKUls yesterday wfri> Mm. Elmer Champlne and baby Rirl of Ceylon: ^frs. Edwin Thomp.son and baby hoy of Estherville; Mrs. Merle .Stiube of Estherville. surgery: Roheil Corliy of E.sthervllle, medical; Mrs. Frank Neilsen of Grait- tinRer, surper.v; Melrose Schloeman of Esthervill(>, medical; Samuel Shiley of GraettinKer. medical; Mrs. Henrj- De Lawyer of RlnRsted. medical; Merle Puhrmann of Lake Park, medical. Lawrence. Kans.. Hit by Tornado Liiwrcmce, Kuh.. May 2" '.7'' A lorimdii dipped into Lawrence ye,s- terduy and then swept eastward iipruotinp treoK and wrerkini; farm biiildiiiRB. At louBt 1" pel•Hon^ wen injured none se.riously. Tiie twiatiir .iiaused little damage m tliis naiitorn Kansas unnersity town. Most of the damapc wa,« in rurul ureui; between heic and KunsuK City. 25 miles to the eai-t. The tornadic wind.": dis.-^ipated in rain and hail north and south of fCuuKUt- City. County Flt)od Relief Fund Passes $1,450 Tlie Enmiel county flood relief fund went ovir the $1,450 mark lo- d.ny with the receipt of $15 in new contributions this week. Cash fjifts for flood sufferers may Ive left at the Emmet County State bank or at the Daily News office. 0 Today's campaiKn flRures: I'revlou.sly reported: SI.-l.Sfl.B.'i W. A. Ilendrlekson XOa Kinur Hansen 5 .00 Crescent Country Club 5 .00 Today's totals SI. 451.55 BEARDSr.EY— Continued from pace t publican j;ub(!rnatorinl nomination in thi' Junr> 2 primary election. * * *' BKARn.SLKV .STUF:.SSi;n that "re .KuKs count in fnrminf;, liusine.^.' :tnd Rovernnient," He .said his pi'f>- (rram is succeedint? "because it is npht and has leadership." "Check on the record jind you'll see why Beardsley's the n<an lo nominate." he declared. Gwfcs Fiv<»-y«*ar Sentence Des Moinos Dean Jerome BiHhop. 22, X)es Moines, was sentenced to a five-year term in the state men's reformatory yesterday aftor he pleaded gruilty to a charRe of assault «-Jth intent to commit rape.. PoR-o Pago. Samoa, has the best haj'bor in the South Pacific, says the National Geographic society. PETERSBURG Mr. and Mrs. John Wieskus anil family, Mr. and Mrs. Wendel Natterstad and family visited at the Walter Paulson home Sunday afternoon. When you're making fruit cnk chop the fruit and nuts the day before .vou want to make the cake, then they'll be ready to add to th batter and thi' cake-n^akin^ will not be ;i lonti chore. yvivmaii \J ins \ Kin nick itvnnf I, « , I , M ,y . t f> I- IS :i hl^t* t'.'t •». liloi^ wk 't. M n*>ttn.^'(I i-Hl;i\ v-, wmn^i'* N Klhtr.ik in. I rti 1-:i i ' f • ip.. ' • Ih. str>i,-\ r.| Ink. The \v . I I .I.itili .-i ,\' bn, AiH' - I'l-.ihi' W I .'.ibv i 'lit!«»n. Ji>hn I* N'Nun, 1 »> % Mi'.fu- .Velth.^-ltjl .N. VMU -Itl .SlM*", Tb. \ w . 1 . ^. 1. ,1 iM I h. t;lM . >l applu -AttimK p..] »,.r.,,| nil- iM. " . ?io.l «,\« t'Nt* Tile l\ .hii w,i.' eniiibii.^ii.Mi 111 i\ n |i>\\:l .tiinhM ('lirttnJ-; «f i'enimei,.' \t\ T \i> n»ei \ ili»- lit, Ntie KiiuUtk, in All Ai-.w;-.. »5s f...)ll..lll 1-1,.\ . 1 j«! in l'.l.:'l . I hi Hit;> K:>i >)M "iiid.iii .111.i . n. v\ f li.-i \> li.. u . s kill.,! in . , 1.. . Ill l <>t" \«'ic' SJtfirnn in liasrhall Finals ni till »-.«iH HT> 11 rm -s • I • K ,11 ... h; ,11, 1 n Hslliir^ilU". Iii««, Ihitlv Nrwt VT\6»y. May tJl. 19.'.i 3 rn..l. :i. •I • •• .>|'i .1(1 n I '1 .ii ^n. .;,i * .* r. I. !•.!':' r^ul- ,1 \!, In! rl . V-' •' 1 .,, ifu- Kt:\ ii I P.51 Insect Spray Kith iinr Kills Motho. Kiiarhrs, IWt «l It .SI -X 'ON'I) IlKl.I'INGS AUK served lU Ibe bull, s ^•uesl lea at the country club by .Mrs Leo Kitz- Kibbons. Seated on the porch of thi, club s'lppin^ coffee are i left to ripht P Mrs. J M. Hobb. (I>aily News plmto iiml i tii; i .n (iiu i Mrs Harmon Veliby. . M IK .lotm S!.i,U.I:il. . Mi- Janies Wolt/., Mrs. Heriiiiril H IITIIM.V of .A i nistnui;.' Mrs. Lloyd Stockilal.- and Mis s, n,v nmiiis 326 Killod in Air Accidrnls Washington, May 2.^ <j-Pi The civil aeronautics board reports :(26 persons were killed and ."il seriously hurt in 114 airplane accidents involving V. S airlines last year. By comparison. 21.^ were killed and 19 seriously hurt in 101 accidents in 1950. The board gave the fijnires yesterday In its annual summary of accidents. The report included both domestic scheduled lines and the irregular airlines. It said Alaskan air carriers had 19 accidents, four of (hem resulting in 16 deaths. Man Fails To Live Up To His Name Los Angeles. May 2.3 /P- What's in a name? Arden O. Goodnature's •iirl friend, Mrs. Ruth Williams, told police that because he became jealous he: Slapped hor, blackeni'd her eyes, split her lips, injured her ear, broke her right arm, yanked her to the floor by her hair and bumped her head several times, kicked hi'r, broke a rib. burned hi'r with a cigarette and jabbed her near the eye with a bobbii' pin. Yesterday Goodnature jibaded guilty to a.s.sault and was senti'nced to five months in jail. To Kiiihi Ft'rtilizor Plant Waterloo, la.. May 2.1 /l^ Armour and company officials said today the firm will build a l;iige chemical fertilizer plant five miles north of Waterloo. The meat-packing company officials said tlii, plant will produce fiO.OflO tons of fertilizer a .ve;ir. It is estimated that ,'<0 million .students were enrolled in IJ. K. schools in the 1950-51 school year. Two Second Delay Costs Company 819,000 Washington. May 2.1 .T- A delay of a couple (if seconds has cost the Gliilden company. Cleveland paint m .inufHctui eis. $19,000. The office of price stahillzation (OPSi said today Glldden paid the government that amount to settle an OPS complaint that the company sold brushes year at ov­ er-celling prices. The amount is nearly double the actual overcharges totaling $10.B72. OPS said. OPS I'xplalned the ov<»r-eelllng charge arose this way: Glidden issued a new paint brush price list to take effect Jan. 2fl, 1951. which coubl have been 12:01 a. m. The government froze all prices at midnight. January 25, 1951. Thus any price Increases after midnight could not take effect. Had the Glidden list been set to become effective as late as 11:89 p. lu.. Jan. 25. it would have been in order. r*hysician Wins S2 .'J,()()0 naniajres Waterloo. In., .May 2.t '.I'l Div M;iik A. Kubn, .'!!. Waterloo ph;- sician. won a judgment of $23,000 from a fcili'ral (list^ict court jury of ..^ix men and si.\ women ye.stei- d,iy. He had n.sked $56,000 frotii Northwestern Steel and Wire Co.. •Sterling, III.. IIS the result of a semitiaib'r citlliding with his em l.'eli. 2;i. I'.tao, lovii miles ninth of Denver, la Double or butterfly fillets are two sides of :i fish that has the b.-iekbonc removed; the sides arr held together by uncut flesh. Sl.i- gle fillets are the sides of Ihi- fish cut away from tiie backbone. You're money ahead yAm, you buy on these PLAIN HARD FACTS RIKGfD as Hie/, time/ ICootlnuallan ol ttanilmJ •c|u/p«i«il and him IUi/ttrol»d it d «pt «Hi«nf oo avollobilil/ of moltfial.l Stack up what you get for what you pay . . . and join the nation's largest group of truck users by choosing Chevrolet UOU CHEVHOICTTIUCKS IN. USE THAN «N» OIHE« MAKEI By far ihe biggest number of truck users today arc Chevrolet owners . . . and for good hard-headed reasons. Because what they get is this: /.Oil' Cost—in purchase price and in upkeep. A Irncli thai gels ihe job done. A truck that's rugged, long lasting. Take a look at the four facts below . . . and see why you, too, will be money ahead with a Chevrolet truck. Come in and see us about it! FACT NO. 1 Save mofioy on purtha .B pric. Slack up a Chevrolet truck agumst any other truck with comparable jpccifications. You'll find the Chev relet truck lists for less. 714 Central FACT NO. 2 Savo money on operating cett* Hundreds of thousands of truck users hiive proved lo their own s;disfaction Ihal Chevrolet costs the least of all lo own and ntaintain. FACT NO. 3 Save money on job efflclenty Chevrolet trucks are factory- matched to your payload requirements. You don't buy "too much or too little truck." FACT NO. 4 Save money on low 4eprecla1lon Records show that Chevrolet trucks traditionally bring more money at resale than any oilier make which costs about the same new. RHODES MOTOR CO. Phone 302 Estherville, Iowa Docroase in Lhwmploymrtil Des .Moiois, May 2.1 .T The state emplovnienl sei-uiity eoninils- slon rt'porls a deereiise In the unemployment InKUiiine*' lu'tivtty in Iowa during Apiil iis romiuinil to .Marrh The eomiuission leport shows that due lo the spilng pirkup in business the amount ot jobless l.en- efits, the numbi'r nf peopl" draw Ing them and the averngi' benefit cheek all dropped during the month. Apill'paymintH totaled $497,1«7. a decrease of $2?,1.H2t) fnini Maieli but $176.97.'! more ilinn April of 1951. The total number on the benefit rolls, 11,082 persons, was 1,913 bss than In Mareh. Tln' average bene fit eheck. after leaehlng a reeord high of $20 78 in Mi.reb. deelined last month to $20..'t7 The April figure MtlU was $2.7« blgh.-r than the average eheek for April of a iear iigu. Woman to l^>}'lon I 'ost ('li.iekie i.l'i Mis, Mmv tu. k .1, Slinl\ >"m. till., b, . 11 ,1. .t..! .1 \u. enmni;iil.t.-i .it tie- ,\in. II.MII l.iKlot^'^ IDMtti ttlstlirl til Iov\.i. til. Ill-t uoiii.'in 11,1111. .i t.i lb. i>.,..t Otb.r i>( lb .t.d \\,i. T 1> Hi>.itbb\ .li I 'h.u.k. e, ,li«ii w\ e(<b'i-. I,.\\i.t Itolbiiitl In \. IKH I and lliiuild Mulfoiil. Kini; \li-.. i-i>iiiiiiiinit.-i n. *' II Hoek U;ip\.\«, liiiam. id fii-.i. and "'nil ll.iillifig. .Miiii ii> tt< iirg. ant :tl -'ii m« 1.- if" ,-fi. 11 111-. • 11.. •. 1 11.t luio. t.i. lu.ilil \ pl.t. ir-l ,'1.. t % 11 1. 111 f 1 iiM :• e• .• 11'iH t . , \ . • ; 1. i 1 ill \ ; 1 1 11 i 11 < in. I I, IN . h ,.;.», Now 98c oil COAL GAS fURNAC€$ BUYWORD FOR ECONOMY NEW OIL -PIRID HI-IOY s KllL im- CROP- CHOKING WE6DS WITH For basement or utility room init«llation. Gieen Coloniel quality at a new low price. GREEN COLONIAL KNOWN AS THE BEST AND THE BEST KNOWN IN THE MIDWEST THOMPSON-HAYWARD 2,4-D Htrbicldts s^*"D[l-IIIIEI Don't let faM.tpa «".n( w«>.l« loh yoM o( prniiia eiwl toil (eitllily Prolyl ir.if>« paitiKfx amf pro/it» mtlh DED WRED. th« rrbuhU i,* O kdlM Whmn UMK I M rtirwled. tJKD WKKD civ»« youc cr«n>« ribow roiim \v\\i a i^uwck 1ini«h lo nlrobbin^ cropchokint »»»<1» Miiln Ortleei I'lloMe* ••IMi — 'tlJ mm rh <Mw> A New Low Cost Service! Church Bulletins Club Programs Special Mailings Price Lists by Direct Image l^rocess (Prwliired tllriTtij fr«»iii (>(»«•«rlttt-n niaHl «T«) Lrt ii.s show ytjii how ni.iiiy of your priiiliin; [ifohltTtis cim I M * solvtxl l)y ihi- ii.Ht' of lh«' I.llhoKiiiphlf piTM-oss, Oiir Job Prtntlnv; I>'[Nirftni'nl htiji Uw in m<KU'rn wjuijimetil for thf hi^h (umlity pr'HliKtlon of your priiitf^l materials at jfmer (mts to you. Sft* liow thin ru'W wrvitf* <-an tw ndapti'^l lo your n(HHl«! l^stherville Daily News ~ -JCm |-HINTI.N(i IJKP.lKTMK.Vr*

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