The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1947
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 0, 1947 BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN More Controls Over TVA Sought Proposal Would Also Return to Government Its Capital Investment World Watches as U. S. Debates Greek Aid April 0. (UP)— liiHTal Accounting Office has recommended a plan to give Con- Bros s "complete and effective control" over the Tennessee Valley Autliority and p-nnit return lo the government of its capital investment. In a report to Congress the OAC noted that administration of TVA funds. IMS b?en "the subject o: unusual compromise by act o Congrcs." The authority, it said, has been treated, neither like a corporation nor like a government, agency. TVA for the'" fiscal ""-car "ended' wlt ' 1 Russia - Protocols of the Tehran conference just published 3D. 1945, said that congress! ulso spotlight Turkey, revealing Anglo-Russlas-American ngicc- WASHING MACHINES we have them for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY BENDIX AUTOMATIC WASHERS The FINEST Automatic Washing Machine Phone 3450 HUBBARD & HOKE Your G.F. Store in Blythevilte Eyes of the world me on this area as Congress hears charges that President Truman's proposals to aid Greece are a step toward war ment in 1943 that Turkey's entrance into the war against Germany was then "desirable." Also disclosed was the three-power agreement that the Montrcux convention giving control of the IJar- suggcsted by the June had nnprc/pnated S'CT.CCO.QCO lo the Authority up to that point. The House Appropriations Committee, it said, has recommended power operiaio""Is l 'ammlized over '^ncllcs to Turkey was outmoded and should be ue revised. "JO vcars. This recommendation, however. has not been made a matter nf law. 'Die prom GAO would: I. DHmninu and formalize over- ill] cniiital rcaiiiremetils of the authority iis now constituted. •2. Finance future capital nec:!s ' «'f the TVA from ihc U. S. Treasury ihy appr< Printing funds for subscriptions to capital. I :i. Require the authority to keep two sets of bocks showing trie portions c,f its capital derived from appropriated funds invested in Jfcvcr facilities, and the portion *j.f'rtj" other aclivitics. | 4><5ive the Authority separate appropriations for (lie operating expenses of i*~, non-tncome-pvo- ducing developmental programs .'•u"h as navigation and flood con-1 trol. 5. CJive the Authority power to borrow osily leirporarily from the Ticasury at. ciirrenl interests With debate hi Washington on the Greek crisis nl fovcr pitch, In troubled Athens former Premier Thcmivitoclrs SophoMlis declared Cirrece Is "now Irresistibly headed lowiml civil wnr." Tlie liberal leader :iUii':kc<l both right ana left wing elements. Hetoi-c tint House Un-AmiThau Asllvlllea ".inunlttee, Wllllmu o. BuHitt. ex-U. S. iiinba.s.Siidur tl Hus.sla. shown \\Uh danglUci- Anut- 1 . eluiiRcd llusshi Is plnnnlni; nil "ultlmati' ullai-k" on Ihc U. S. and said if Utissla luul the atom bcnnb she \vim!il have dropptxl it on us alreiidy. Kussla, suld Hulllll, iins nln'ady "closed Its iron ItKt" on wore than ICO million people in eastern Knrope. These cravgeii lidded fuel to the debiite over whether the U. s, should help Cirecece in ['. move- to limit .SovUl expansion In the llalkuns. SEED SOYBEANS CERTIFIED IMPROVED ARKSOY EARLY MATURING .Foundation Slot'U—Direct I'Yom Ilrucdor l I os I. proved yields ','> to fj nioi'C Inisliols per iUTo and sliiiulH up hulltir than Ualsoy. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1KOII \V. Aliiin I'lionu 85K-857 REFRIGERATION—24 Mour—REFRIGERATION Sales Service Repairs AIR CONDITIONING wu AHU Ani,i-: TO oi-n:u YOU QUAI.H'-II;!) 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SSS ToMlc lieli)3 Build Sturdy Health./ »* Senator Pepper of Florida charges direct U. S. help for Greece is a step toward war with Russia. Questioning Navy Secretary Fonestal about the U. S. Mediterranean fleet, pcpucr asked: "Arc thcoc (naval) displays for political purposes'?" Porrc.stal answered; "Senator, we should so accustom other peoples to the sight of thn. American flag that it would never be conspicuous.'' Pepper: "Do you mean to put our flag anywhere ' on ihe seas?" "Yes. Our policy Is freedom of the seas for all." Pepper inul Fortestal rolerred lo such movetncius or the U. y. MedUcMTimoan Ilcel us look Ihc U.Hhi. P. D. Roosevelt into Greek water. 1 ; laic fast summer. The- hij; miTler is .shown above »rf Plvacii!', i:oit Tor AtliriUi. Korrcslul iniidc no luentlon ot plans lo .soiul a U. H- liKik force Into Ihc DiU'tlunclle;; an-u (his spring. He and War Secretary EMUursim (old ihc scn:ili* Pmclun l^laLlotis CointnUlce tlml no American (.mops would bi; .sent lo the Middle Kn.sL nud declared Ihe American inlhlnry mission;! Ui Circcce under (he Prosidenl's proposals would he very much smaltcr Ihan til Ural inulerMood by Coii- Kress. Forresdil (old the comnilUcc the Creeks tould besl lie ulded by Celling them ths inllUury equipincnt they need lo restore internal Kecurily and rooicanl/R their army. costs and forbid it to borrow" from any other source. The report said thai the activities of the TVA are "largely commercial in nature" and that its management, must have a degree of discretion "to move freely and exp2ditiously in the accomplishment of its programs and objectives." "UNBIOCK'V^ DIGESTIVE TRACT And Stop Dosing Your Stomach With Soda and Alkaltzers Don't exp«rt to get real rclicl from heartache, tomach, Riid and ba<I breath by taking and olh^r alknlizera if the Ituc cause ot HOW sour stoma ble is constipati. 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Kcline slloos nilli factory spcriflculioii lining, i. Adjust lirakc Shoes lo secure full pedal. ; Give you ;i 30-day free brake adjustment service. rilOXE 3170 FOR APPOINTMENT Still & Young Motor Co. LINCOLN MERCURY I'linnc 317 SALES AND SERVICE 112 \V. Walnut I'hone The telephone strike could be settled today if the union would accept our offer to arbitrate the major demands. In the belief that the principal demand of the striking- union centers around wages, the company has offered to submit the wage issue to a panel of five impartial .citizens, appointed by Governor Laney and the governor's of the other f o u r states in which the company operates. The offer still stands and the company .urges its reconsideration by the union officials. The union declares the present wage scale is low. The company believes this scale compares favorably with wages paid for equal skills and training in the .various communities it serves. In fairness to the public, the employees and the company, we believe these .differing points can best be resolved by .the arbitration panel of five men acquainted with conditions in this territory. Such a panel should be able to arrive at an equitable finding on whether or not present telephone company wages should be adjusted. The company has further offered to broaden, the subjects for arbitration so .that they include not only basic wages but such other demands as lengt!? of time for employees .to reach .top wage rates, wage .differentials between different communities, longer vacations and leaves of absence for union officers. Other .issues by the union such as union shop, check off, jurisdiction of work and the like, are in the company's opinion not proper subjects for arbitration. It is our earnest hope that the unions leadership will still accept our offer to join .with us in a request for arbitration to the governoi-s of the five states in our area. In .the meantime, recognizing our .responsibility to the public welfare, we reiterate our pledge to do our utmost to provide as much service as possible in this emergency. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY BlytheviHe Soybean Corp. 1800 \V. 'Main' JOHNS LIQJUO'R STORE All Your Favorite Brands • YKU.OWSTONIi • .s<:nr.M.i:v • ANCtliNT A«i: • -1 ItOSKS • 1. W. IIAltl'KIt • OLD CUAXDAl) • ()M> TAYLOR I'AIII, ,t()M-:S .. CAI.VKHT'S YIITIT I'liLrnTLiKi; Apiircciatecl ACUOS.S I-'IIOJI KIT/, TIIKATER Hardware Mutual and Hardware Indemnity Insurance Companies of Minnesota ll;ifi:il A plus excellent by lo.nlhi; Insurance aallioridcs. l i>n>luc(iiiu !icc:uise of l:ir;c reserves and udetiaale rplns Fuiuls. rnilinii *i:iviiiKS—mnl'C |]i:ill :jK lllillion iluHurs huvc bccD re- rnrd In dividend suvitif.s (ci imliryliidtlcr^. wrr cost—becniise of ;i eiircrtil .SL-Iucliun of rishs and economical oration. H ilivtdrnil *:;Y!IIKS on iiiiluniolille arul lire insurance cqyala ow net tosl. Box 431 FOR INSURANCE SERVICE W. L TAMKE Phone 2487 RHEUMATISM KEPT ME IN TORTURING PAIN The letter s;iys . . . "S:vms like the i>aiti just won't let KO." For move lliau L«O yt-ars doctors have proscribed this natural lain* ral water that lends to ncutrnUzc uain-caiiMn;; ucius. \\"iilc today for free booklet. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division lUjthtvillc, Ark. Dr. Milton E. Webb Optometrist Announces the Opening of His Offices 138 East Ma in Street Telephone 2297 Blytheville

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