Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 22, 1952 · Page 6
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 6

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1952
Page 6
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Loccd Junior CoUcifr Has Five E<trly EtiroUevs AiriM's ill Scalllf Five liiHh SCIKKJI j;i;i(hi;itis lioiii| fir. I) I '.liisim uT W .il- thla iiroa have i-i'pistoiM-d for woi k liii^'ruul is IISI.MI iiniDiiu l.OTs (pass- in Esthorvillo junior collcj,"' "I '^t ! I'MKI is I'liini llif I'.'ir IC.isI win. MI- Spptnmbpr nnil six olln-rs hiivf in-!ii\iil vi'si i i il.-iy in Sialtl.' (llcntpd tin lntprc-s# in tin' junior roUpgo. llip collnyp ofricp npiiits. Joicpn ThM and Mnv «;<ry Anili i- son, botli pijuiiuiti's of RinK^^ll'll lilKh school, rPiJistrri 'd fur tin' first Court Ciisc I'ilfd William I ',.'cli.'r d()in^,' liusin. as Motoi Sui >|)l\' ('(Miipany \'s, K. C year of thp t.'aclii'i -cdiR -aliiin pi o-i .l,,linsni\ and CailrUm \V Nniiiian. (rram. Corinp Hanson o( Ten il, ' Darlpne Paulson of Hinpstid and Lois HIiTKlns of Ksthrrvilli- havi' rp-rpsistiTcd for nrxt fall to cmii- plptp thP two-year (•diuse in llic loachpr -ptliicalion rurricuhini. I'cnir younj; mi-n fioin Hartlry liiK'li school and two \'(nmp wonien from Armstronp: hij ;li srliool visited the junior collrjrr and an- pinspertive Htudcnts. Returns from Korea Lt. Kenneth Mortensoii aiiived homo l;iKt niRht to spend his fin- lous;h with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vic Mortenson. II.' arrived in the United States from service In Korpa earlier this week Mrs. r .yflc's Sister Dies Word lias li.'eii ii'eejved her., liy fri.'iids of MIS . l .'loyd lAll.' of. the death of lii'r sisl.'r. Mrs. Anna liiehardson. of I'.iiilsnn. Mont. Funeral services wi -r.' li.'ld at Poiilson Ihir af(.'inoi>n. Mis l.,ytli' has h .i 'n in I'oiilson I.n some time carina for liei sislei hill is i '\p.'(tid hoiii.. in the ne.'ii fiilui. The REX A LI. CENOL GARDEN Dl ST foi* all vegetable plant and bug conti'ol. 1-lb. Can 69c fhLfZIil DRUG STORE To I)es .'Moines Meetiiij; Mr. and .Mis W.iller B. Hanimei' will ;;o to 1)(s .Moin-'s tomorrow where Hamiiiei will attend a iiieel- iof; of the hiuh school activity council for represcntativc.« of nnisic, .speech and athletic associ;i- tions, Ihe Kiil'.s alldeUc union, .superintendents' club and principals' a.ssociation to draw up a m:i;iter activities sclu'dule for state con- ti'sts and tournaments. Man Volunlccrs Mor«' Alimony KiKKlf'.iwado, Kn^.. May 22 '.-Pl C. .1. .feeves, who's been paying his wife 2 pounds Ifi .sliillinps ($7,701 a week since they separated, asked thi' court's iierniission yesterday to send alonj; a little more. The astoundi'd judpe, who said he never hati Iward of such a thinK. granted .Jeevi-M' request to increase the maintenance money to 3 pounds i.*8.40i. IVH the increased cost of livinR, ,IeeVi '.s explained. Vbu'll want -ID SCfThis SMWII Ptoqmm TDMI6HTJ nAVin WAYNK HUGH .AIARI .OWK JEAN PETKRS WAIT TIL THE SUN SHINES, NELLIE GRA FRIDAY AND SATURDAY .imbswlifliLiyi w.iUJiSdfORn SQllSH, AN K(i(; is broken by Bob Moritz over the head of E-cUlb initiate ,Iim hoewenbert;. He was attired for tlii' day in rubber boots, sweat shirt and pants and a p.iir of noKHh'-'^. Other initiation duties included lawn mowing' and scrv- (i)ady New.s photo and onKruving) inn a,s power for a little red wajjon in which club rapml)ers weii^ transi)ortcd to school. Bob Athey is watching 'proceedinf;.s" in the background. Otlicr.s initiated into the club were .Ilm Bittner, Dick P1P]HM- and Dale Mortland. Mo\c from Vori nodgp. Mr. ,ind Mif. Bill H.-ijfPdon and daughter of Kort Dodgp have mov- d here and are livinR where th ' loffee .shop was formerly located. I Il ha .s been made into an apart­ ment. Mr. Hagcdon work .s at Tob- Ins in E.stherville and plans lO huv (hhkens latei. Dynanilto Silo. Thirty-two pprson.n wore intor- c .'.tod .sppctalors .Saturday aftp.- noon at the Chester Paulson farm, j one and a half mile north of Wa!- linKford when a concrete sllo 30 feet high and 14 fcc^ In dlamcnter was blown down wilii dynamite. II had been badly cracked for years and was considered not to bo safe for further use. Holes were drilled at the bottom on one side, using half a stick of dynamite in each charpo. Ten sticks of dynamite wpii' used before thp sllo crashed to the frround. Man, H'l, rouiiil Guilty of Murder Rock Island, 111.. May 22 (/P>—A circuit court jury has found Charl- N« Decision on Awards DPS Moines UPt —Thv Iowa centennial memorial foundation com- ml.sslon, set up In 1946 to moke awards to deserving lowans, has considered several candidates for •s Mack Cox. .34, Rock Island, RUII-' educational awards but reached no ty of murderlnR his stpp dauffhtpr! and sentenced him to life imprls-| onment. Cox was convicted yesterday of shooting LlUle Pearl May, 17. during an argument with In ancient times, sulfur was called brimstone, that Is, burn stone, because It burned when lighted. his wife on April 24. Mrs. Cox was j Elsthervillc, lowa, Daily NeWS wounded but later recovered. I XhUfS., May 22, 1952 6 ADVKP.TISEMENT — Gen. Rid«way Warns Against Soviet Menace WashinRton, May 22 I.T) -Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway told today communist germ and ga^ warfare charges against the United Nations in Korea aie "a monumental warning ... as inenacin.; and urgent as a forest fire hearini; down on a wooden village." Ridgway branded the charges "false in their entiioty," The former commander of United Nations for eastern forces in here en route to t.-ikp over the allied command in Europe being relinquished by Cien Dwighl P. Eisenhower_ * ^S 3! HE (iAVE (;ON(iRE.S.S a dramatic account of how the eighth army in Korea, only tliree days under his command, rejiulsed an attempt by the Chinese and North Koreans to knock il out after a long retreat, and rose again on th.' offensive in less than ii month. Ridgway reserved the gravesi language of his speech for hi.? warning about, eonimunist germ and g ;is w;iif;ire priip.-iganda cli.'ii- ge .s. He said: "I wish to reiterate what I hay.' lepeatedly stated publicly, thai these allegations are false ip their entirety. "The extent to which communist leaders have gone in fabricating, dissemininating and persistently pursuing these false ch.'uges should hiipress upon thi. brains of those who yet fail or refuse lo see Ihe purpdse of, the deadly danger with wliich it eon- fionts us and the free world." « * * HE .MADE THE.SE other .salient points: 1. The coninnmists h:ive in their hands a "logieal, reasonable and liononUile proposal" for ending thi' fight in Korea. There will be no liiirgaining on remaining issues: "Acceptance or rejection, cessaliii.i or conlinuanei' of hostilities in Korea is now the responsibility of Ihe communist le;iders." 2. The United Nations army in i-iorea stands "pnuui. defiant and confident" along the asth parallel, with a "record of fidelity, valor .ind eoiipeiiition unsurpassed in all mUitary history." :i. The .lapanese aic friendly tn the United States, they want to build a demiieracy, bu'^ need, above all, to be able to buy and sell on the world markets .sufficiently IJ maintain a healthy economy. •1. Ameiiea must look for .'tien- gth to faith in principle ;ind tins*, in God. The Weather OEFlCnAI. TEMl'ERATUUES Maximum yesterday: 68 Minimum laat night: 52 TODAY'.S WEATHER 8 a. m. Temperatures: Wild direction: Wind velocity: Barometer^ Rainfall: .03 55 lESE l.S-15 29.50 Noon 60 ENE 15-18 29.61 Pedestrian Fatally Hurt Des Moines, May 22 (^)—The Iowa slate safety patrol reported today that Blanche Ruth Dekonlng, 58, of Washington, la., was fatally injured yesterday in a car-pedes- Irian accident on highway 92, four j hVppyto^rlte you the results of my experience. I, TOO, AM DEAFENED AND WHAT I DID TO CORRECT IT. Twt 'nty years ago I lost my hearing. Since then my life has been directed toward one goal — over- ceming deafness, both for myself and for others. The result of this work has been a tiny new hearing aid which can be worn in secret. With this small aid, even your closest friends will not know how you hear so perfectly. Voices, the radio, and the ticking of the clock sound natural. If you are Interested in learrw- ing the three steps In the correction of deafness, write to me, H. A. Lyons, Personal, 401 So. Washington St., Peoria, Illinois. I will mill's south of West Chester. IOWA FORECA.ST Mostly cloudy with sliowers and scattered thunderstorms this afternoon, tonight and Friday. Not much change in temperature. High today 6'i to 70 Low tonight 55 t.> CO. High Frida'y 62 to 70. Further outlook; Mostly cloudy a few scattered showers Saturday, not much change in temperature. MINNESOTA FORECAST Partly cloudy and not quite so tool north, mostly cloudy with occasional showers soutli tonight. Friday mostly cloudy, showcr,s south and central. Low tonight 45 to 50 north. 50 lo 55 south. High Friday 60 to 70. School Contract Let Humboldt. In., May 22 »./P> —Con- tiaets totaling .$314..il7 for a new grade school building to be erected at the edge of Taft park were let yesterday by the Humboldt school hoard. The general contract went ' 'irli,.i "ii f- -'^-Irllction Co.. Doy Molnos, for $251,915. CASH LOANS Friendly Service^ Friendly T^rms There's no red tape, no unnecessary delay when you count on us for a convenient cash loan. And above all you pick out the length and size of paymi-'nt most convenient to you. Consolidate your debts into easier-to-pay amounts. Call ".so YEARS .SERVICE TO lOWANS" Iowa Guarantee, Inc. 7 South 7tli ~ Phone 1045 — Ksthcrville, Iowa 01 Biliuls in Fc.stivnl .Masun City .1' - Ninety-one bands will paitieipale in tlie North Iowa b:ind festival here .Mine 10. After a paradi' througli the husini'.-is dis- Iriet, a mass hand concert will be held tluit evi'ning. Add crushed pineapple (drained) and raisins plumped in hot water to buttered rice; serve with a ham steak and a green salad for a festive supper — CORRECTiON — The folioMinf? an' llic (orirrl prices on the Post's Cereals advertised yesl«!rday hy I'areway Stores. Canc//-coafed puffed wheat SUGAR CRISP ... 23c New Sugar-Confed Rice Cereal POST'S KRINKLES I5c WHEATIES 19c t<-.'^ ECONOMICAL FOOD UISTRIBUTION *"t«:r Gift Ideas for the "GRAB" from the REX ALL Drug Store FLASH and MOVIE CAMERAS ELECTRIC RAZORS Shlck, KemliiEtnn, Sun ISpuni SOLID COLOGNE Tubu, Uublnstoin, I.eKoni;' PEN AND PENCIL SETS I'urUer ul, I'urketto, Sliueffor MEN'S SHAVING SETS Oldxplpp, 11 IN , Stag .•\rgUK, Knihkk, Kevere STATIONERY, THANK VOII'S Club, Folded—Flat Shi 'Pts COSTUME JEWELRY To Match Ear Ringx, Niicklaoeu, Brac(«l«ts CIGARETTE LIGHTERS Itonson, ZIppo, Flumenulrtt GRADUATION CARDS Conurntulatlonii, Thunk Vou STOVER'S CANDIES The SwenlpMt Gift HAIR-BRUSH, COMB SETS I'rophylttctic, Staff BILLFOLDS styled for tlip Cirudilatn FILMS IN POPULAR SIZES FLASH BULBS Press 2540 £ i rf^ e A^/1. Lei m Save at our Sale — Save at our Sale 3 o > loo loo 3 o -•- O > loo 0) oo t- 3 O 4'0 > to 0) CO 3 o *- > '0 CO 0) "Jo oo 3 o 40) > CO (0 CO u 3 o •»0) > 00 0) to 3 o 0) > to JJ) to «D > to As Our Sale Continues Never Before Never Again Will You See Prices Like This In Estherville Our Basement Is Full so we're closing out our stock of stainless steel, copper bottomed Revere Ware 15% oH Up to 43% Savings Salt and Pepper, reg. 690 Cleanser Shakers, reg. 98>! Recipe Files, reg. 1.65 Cannister Sets, reg. 1.98 Cake Carriers, reg. 2.29 Waste Baskets, reg. 1.25 Waste Baskets, reg. 1.10 Bread Boxes, reg. 2.50 Garbage Cans, reg. 2.75 .40 .55 .98 1.23 1.49 .83 .67 1.43 1.67 Toys air 25% off Ammunifion 25% off Gift Items 20% off lUDGE ROLL, CORNER HEAD, GARAGE or BARN DOOR TRACK 50% OFF Garden Tools Over 100 Small Appliances Pop-Up Toasters, Waffle Irons, etc. up to 25% Off Glasses for the Men Great savings on guns., fishing tackle (very little left), hardware, tools, electric motors. 25% off CO :< (D fli O c -I to CO < (D O 'C -1 CO 9 L (D CO < coj; CO < O c -t CO a o CO < fii -+ O c -t CO Q; l<0 CO Oi < o a» -+ lo c 1 CO up to 50% off CO Q» < o c .1 CO Of |(D to < ESTHERVILLE HARDWARE Qi 9 Save at our Sale — Save at our SKle f4

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