The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on February 4, 1967 · Page 7
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 7

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 4, 1967
Page 7
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s»' Z7 • • •*• •!• * * * * ,JfJ -* .. iaJ^Ufc*^. „ -,-^ w ^ ,„„.,„, ^ .^ „ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ Humboldt Register Bill Dodaen Editor T«m n,_.j. ... .„... Bill Dodoen Editor Tom Brandt Vlefcle We.ton Junior EdlM Jack Gochonouer Adele Peterson Copy Editor Mick To Arouae School Spirit Assistant Editor ••«"•'•.uvuwr Sports Editor Hendrickson Photographer To Stimulate Good Living To Promote Croup Unity To Provide Accurate Newt response. However, It Is hoped that the second semester will see fewer news representatives with occupational laryngitus, and that the student body will recover from paralysis of the brain and make the supreme sacrifice answer the news question. I say sacrifice because they will probably lose their friends and be an outcast of the class. But If we answered the news question just before lunch. . .! The students of Humboldt High School took the annual news test Friday, January 27, the third In a series of five such tests. All students are required to take the tests and their scores are recorded and the grade is added to their history record. Wildcbat Well, It's comforting to know that the school was at Its act* domic best Tuesday when It waft evaluated. Well, It's comfort- Ing to know It's been evaluated, anyway, Mr. Osorno says he has been too busy doing worthwhile things to do anything that would get him In Wlldcliat. Quoto Mr. Muller, "If anyone asks you guys for a pass, just tell them I sent you, because I'm a big man around here." Well It looks like Mr. Cram has some compotltlonl The area between Mr, Carter's home and Mr. Chrlstensen's home has been turned Into a winter playland for decrepit teachers. Mr. Christensen claims he skated all the way from Mr. Carter's house to his own — sometimes on his feet. Kodger Lee has a new best seller out - "How to Play In a Band Without Really Knowing How." We are very proud of our zealous students who would give up anything to listen to the seventh period debates, even study hall. Steve Stanford claims that since his Initials are S. S., he has changed Idealogies and is now an advocate of the Students for the Democratic Society. But he can't fool us — we know that today's ISMS are Capitalism, Confucianism, Communism, Fascism. and Steve Stan- fordism Thought for the week, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people all of the time and all of the time some of the time and some of the time some of the people." Well, that was timely. TWH. What is it? The fop picture shows the chemical garden found in the Humboldt Community High School library that was used as last week's "What is if." j The bottom picture it the new "What is if."-Register I Staff Photos. |—i ^ •-, i- ••',> '-••-V°' -I--' _^_ •„ —_ News question BY Ann Toner Surely in a school the site of Humboldt there must be a few students who read newspapers and magatlnes and therefore know what Is going on in the outside world. But if student participation in answering the news question is a fair gauge, then the school must be almost entirely populated by functional illiterates. The news question is asked just after the announcements-nobody-listens-to at the beginning of fourth period. It is usually taken from the front page of the Des Molnes Register which Is found in the library. The question isn't answered until the next day to enable most students to find out the answer via newspaper, radio television, or carrier pldgeon. Although It Is believed by some authorities that the answer to the question is known by many students, there has been little evidence to substanclate this theory. If it is answered at all, it Is by the same few, brave souls each time. Some students have classes during fourth period, so who wants the news question answered promptly? The longer it can be stalled, the less class there'll be. But alas! the suspense grows unbearable and at last some knowledgable person blurts out an answer and the proper one is given by the news representative, much to the relief of the teacher and the news representative. This poses another problem, for It would appear that to be a news representative, one must be very quiet-voiced and mumble a good deal, selected by being the winner of a class whispering contest. But the most important prerequisite for being news representative is to be a good sprinter, because he must lead the class to lunch. Perhaps if we answered the news question. Just before we went to lunch there would be nor* Wildcat ol the Week Humboldt't only undefeated vanity wresf/er, Marie Doggy, has oeen chosen Wildcat of fhe Week. Mark's 17-0-1 record is outstanding, considering fhe rough conference in which Humboldt't grapp/ers find rhemse/ves. Mart It fhe son of Mr. and Mrs. Char/es Doggy, and Jives on a farm north of Humboldt. He is a senior taking Englith, o/gebro //, government and physics. This it Mori's fourth and final year in wrest/ing and we wish him the host of luck in the upcoming state tournament.-Register Staff Photo. PMMMtrtted If* fjbost, 154 ftound »rapp/er for Hw*fc»/dt Community tilt ifcewn f4»v» ja| At e|i(pf|ifniM '** <• »*"« w«t/h|V«w«i«»r«»Jiii MM afWf « KJwenfc «•»«• itctoflM eVuner fWi4f-tlV^Mfw IfMft if. Tit i«* Hut fc-ve Wi/dcot* to a 9-3 tea* on. Other varsity wre«r/e«, from rigfct i* iacfcarount/, in- c/ude t«y StockaVi/e, Jim Taute, C/iff Irick«e*, lurch Loird, Geoff Micte/son, <W Terry Poffly. They were among the 32 wrettfer* that weft Jwnoredaf tit* dinner of w*iee tfceir ceach, Joe Fittk, was. the fye«t tj»aitr t *J*ftVi*a*iit We*. M/ss Jane Ell ton Jane Ellson new teacher at Humboldt Miss Jane Ellson has replaced Mrs. Marilyn Swenson as homemaking Instructor at the Humboldt Community High School. Miss Ellson, originally from Vinton, Iowa, graduated from the State University of Iowa at Ames and came to Humboldt to teach because she felt that HHS has an excellent homemaklngdepart- ment. She comes from a teaching background as both her parents are school instructors. Sewing Is her favorite area In Home EC. Of her first impression, she said, "Humboldt has a beautiful school and friendly students." Food fare February 6-10 MONDAY Baked bean and weiner casserole Orange slice Sandwiches Indian Butter cake Banana cream pudding Milk TUESDAY Mashed potatoes with creamed chipped beef Lettuce & tomato salad Ham salad sandwiches Pumpkin dessert & whipped - topping .,.-.;", ... WEDNESDAY Tomato juice Goulqsh or macaroni and cheese Buttered peas and carrots Rolls, butter Peach half Milk THURSDAY E tea I loped potatoes and ham Buttered string beans Hot french bread Orange, pineapple fruit cup Milk FRIDAY Hot beef sandwiches, gravy Red and white cabbage salad Fruit Cookie Milk Final junior high meet David Mussefmon, ton of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mussefrnan and a seventh grade sftrrfenf at Humboldt Junior High, l» shown at he pinned hit opponent in fhe fino7 period of fneir match during fhe junior high wrest/ing dual meet with North Junior High of Fort Dodg*. The Humboldt seventh grade grapp/ers won fhe/r meef 20- 14 whf/e the eighth grade lott 38-6 and the ninth groat won 11-10 in fhe final mttt of fhe year for fhe W//dkiffens. The season record now ttandt at four team wint and seven teem /ones with fhe seventh grade winning three of four, fhe eighth grade losing four ttralght, and the ninth grade winning one of three. There it no competition for position in /unior high wrest/ing which almt at giving everyone a chance to wresf/e. Each toy it matched at c/ase at posslblt to an opponent h/s own site, age and ability, -independent Photo. Full calendar scheduled for Humboldt high bands by Dave Watson The Humboldt High School bands have scheduled a full calendar for the upcoming months of February and March. The Stage Band will journey to Charles City Saturday, February 4, for a Stage Band Clinic. The 20 members of the band will compete with nine other northwestern Iowa Dance Bands to be able to appear in the evening's program consisting of five bands. On the following Monday, February 6, the entire Concert Band will travel to Webster City for the North Central Conference Band Festival. The four participating high schools include Algona, Webster City, Humboldt, and Eagle Grove. The band students will prepare a program, during the day, for the evening's concert that will be open to the public. The concert will consist of an Honor Band and a larger Conference Band. Included in the Honor Band are 24-Btudents from Humboldt. February 14 and 15, the Stage Band, along with the Choraliers, will present the annual VoBa- Cho program at the Humboldt Junior High auditorium. The two upcoming band pro- You're it It has been said that the snake has all the lines, but this week's It disproves this statement. It is not a sophomore or senior, but don't jump to any conclusions without a good excuse. It always has a smile and a kind word for everyone; well, a smile, anyway. It heartily believes lunch tickets should not be sold after Monday morning because of the extreme inconvenience this causes the office staff. Last week's It was Jon Hart. HHS Tops' concert to be February 14-15 The Humboldt Community High School Music Department announces the forthcoming "POPS" concert which will be presented in the Humboldt Junior High auditorium at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, February 14 and 15. This annual show, which in the past has been known at various times as "The Sound of Jazz" and "A Festival of Song #1 (or #2 or #3), has for the past few years been called Vo- BaCho, which stands for VOcal, BAnd and CHOregraphy. The program consists of a wide bariety of arrangements of modern, standard popular and (oik songs done by the High School Stage Band, whose members are selected from the High School Concert Band, and the Chora- liers, whose members are selected from the High School Concert Choir, along with a sprinkling of specialty, novelty and dance numbers by Music Department personnel. As in the past, there will be an advance sale of tickets. The ticket board containing reserved seats for both evening performances, will be in Wind's Boot- ery beginning Monday, February 6. Interested persons may pick up and pay for their tickets at Wind's or call in to have tickets reserved for them to pick up and pay for at the door on the night of the performance. The ticket board will be at Wind's until 4 p.m., Tuesday, February 14, the night of the first performance, after which it will remain at the Junior High building. The program (or this year's presentation of VoBaCho will be published at a later date. Humboldt math instructor delegate to ISEA assembly Carl Warrington. Humboldt Community High School math teacher was among the 411 educators selected to represent more than 33,000 members ol the Iowa State Education Association at the annual ISEA Dele- Assembly in PBS Molnes The assembly t> ttw f overt- int body of the riaWs lamrt , | u executive board, and professional staff During the Assembly, the delegates will review the ISEA legislative program, adopt a budget, determine future ISEA programs, act on resolutions, and elect two officers. Major report* *tfc l ol ttw --— • . - ~^"^^ (*" -^ Jects for the month of March are a concert, to be held March 7. and the Annual State Solo and Ensemble Contest March 31 and for the northwestern area wfJl be held at Eagle Grove. Last year the contest was at Humboldt with 14 Class A high schools u..v.ii*wit; vwilicai i»iai Uil J 1 allU w **•" *~ *->!»*. April 1. This year the contest participating. Student Council to handle HHS lost and found items Because of the amount of items turned into Lost and Found at the Humboldt Community High School, and because of the limitation of time and area, the HHS Student Council agreed to handle the department as a result of the council meeting held Tuesday, January 24. The council will set up a time and area for these items to be displayed to the students of HHS. During the meeting, other topics discussed included the evaluation of HHS by the NCA committee; name cards for seniors for which Faro Lajrd and Lynn Miller with take orders for in the library; and the addition of two new members, John Hadar and Rich Conlon, to the council due to the fourth period schedule change at the beginning of the new semester. April 20 was set as the date for the sophomores to select class rings. It was suggested to the council that a pop and ice cream machine be installed in the lunchroom as these types of installments are capable of raising a lot of money. The council members thought that there might be a tendancy for the pop and ice cream to take the place of the balanced lunch program already provided. Also discussed was the question of how to get the student body to take more Interest in the news question. A penalty was suggested for the students who dictinot loot for the answer, of having to do two the next day. and so on. SAorts Don Daisy of Humboldt w»» named on th« 1055 •11-oonfer- •no« bukat- b»ll te.m. S*« Don Lcfu* fot FIRESTONE TIRES LQGUEIGUCO Hlfhway 149 PKone 332-m« Hoik' Hawker Q. At what speed does an aircraft break the sound barrier? A. At about 760 mile* per hour. Q. Hew toon after application !* Insurance effective? A. Immediately, if the a font so designate*. with the Fred W. Kill Aowey •M let AM. N. STARTS SUNDAY

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