The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 22, 1981 · Page 30
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 30

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 22, 1981
Page 30
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Page 30 The Salina Journal — Sunday, November 22,1981 Good looking and good living By LARRY FARNSWORTH Good looking is the perfect phrase to describe this charming vacation home. Its pleasing lines make it very good to look at and its generous lineup of windows makes the "looking out" good for those within. Build model B810 by your favorite lake, on a scenic mountainside or wherever your vacation preferences take you. This perfect vacation home will provide comfortable living quarters plus excellent viewing of the scenes which please you most. The huge raised covered deck, spanning the front and sides of the central portion of this 810 square foot house, provide a generous bonus of additional outdoor living space. And, see how those six windows flanking the front entrance draw together both indoor and outdoor living areas. Note, too how the good floor plan provides efficient separation of dining and living areas while maintaining a pleasing air of spaciousness. And, picture your family and friends enjoying cozy moments by the big raised hearth. The efficient U-shaped kitchen offers an excellent amount of work and storage space and a sink window, looking out across that delightful deck to the secenery beyond. There is a utility- laundry room, too, just across the living room. A basement cellar option is available with outside entry near the utility and bedroom rear wall. At the back of the house are two pleasant bedrooms and a full bath, as well as a handy back entry. Here, too, consideration for the owners' comfort predominates. Just see that full wall of master bedroom closets and the sliding glass doors leading to the side-of-the- house deck. If you have long been looking for a vacation house which departs from the traditional floor plan ... if you seek a retreat which offers-you good viewing of your favorite scenes from all of its rooms, you will enjoy this model to the fullest. Here is a truly "good looking" design ... good to look at and to look from. -tf ft -fr For $2, you may send for a 44-page plan book available from Larry Farnsworth, P.O. Box 1841, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101. Ceiling fans add charm and savings Millions of homeowners have learned to appreciate ceiling fans for their combination of old-fashioned charm and up-to-date energy savings. Nichols-Kusan, Inc., manufacturer of Old Jacksonville ceiling fans, cites a recent study by a utility company which shows that the use of ceiling fans can result in dramatic year-round energy savings. In summer, savings are made possible because the fan's cooling effect enables a homeowner to turn up the termostat to as high as 80 degrees, and still feel comfortable. Although the use of a ceiling fan in hot weather doesn't actually lower room temperature, the constant breeze from the overhead fan makes everyone in the room feel cooler. Ceiling fans with a motor reverse switch also help in winter, according to the utility, because the fans push warm air trapped at the ceiling down into the room, allowing the thermostat to be turned lower. Depending on the model and its operating speed, a ceiling fan usually costs about seven cents to run for 12 hours. An average room air conditioner, on the other hand, consumes more than a dollar's worth of electricity. Over the course of a month, the energy savings with a ceiling fan could mount to nearly $30. Exactly how much money a ceiling fan might save depends on a variety of factors. These include utility charges, the number of ceiling fans installed, room size, how much cooling a home usually requires, and local temperature and humidity conditions. Some ovens can be pollution source MANHATTAN - Self-cleaning ovens have been identified as another potential source of indoor air pollution, an exploratory study at Kansas State University shows. "Someone highly allergic to smoke probably should not be using a self- cleaning range of any type," says Patty J. Annis, an assistant professor of family economics. Results of her study appered recently in the Home Economics Research Journal. In older houses, air leaks in around doors and windows, dissipating indoor air pollution. But in newer, "Tighter" houses, dispersal takes longer and air contaminants build up. Tests of three typical ranges showed that smoke and grease escaped during the self-cleaning cycles. Annis compared concentrations of stain and haze to cigarette smoke in kitchen-size rooms. At the worst conditions of the study, one range produced a "visible and definitely objectionable" haze level in a standard 12-by-14-foot room with an eight-foot ceiling, Annis found. "That's equivalent to smoking more than two cigarettes in a completely air tight room," she says. Haze levels ranged from one percent to nearly 2,000 percent more than normal indoor haze levels, she adds. At high temperature Self-cleaning ovens incorporate a separate 2- to 4-hour cleaning cycle during which oven temperatures reach 900 degrees Fahrenheit or more. The bent reduces spilled and splattered food to ashes. "Smoke eliminators" ere intended to convert smoke and grease vapor to carbon dioxide and water vapor, but their effectiveness varies, Annie says. During the tests, another range emitted "a significant but probably un- diacenwble" amount of haze, while a third did not produce enough haze to be noticed, she adds. Annis brushed an industry-prescribed mixture of ground beef, cheddar cheese, milk, raw egg, white sugar, cherry juice, instant tapioca, tomato juice and all-purpose flour on the walls, door and floor of the ovens before each test. "One oven produced extremely large amounts of smoke during the first few self-cleaning cycles," Annis says. "This was due to the burning off of insulation oils and binders added to the insulation material to ease handling and to prevent dermatitis among assembly workers." She excluded the first six tests of that range from the study. Annis declined to identify the three ranges in her experiments. The study was exploratory, not a survey of repre- sentative ranges, she says. "There are 20 to 30 different brands of ranges on the market. That would take a lot of testing. But I beleive there's enough documentation to justify further research," she says. The cleaner, too In previous studies, Annis and her husband, Jason Annis, now a mechanical engineering consultant, identified vacuum cleaning as a source of inside air contamination. They also developed standards for testing the air-cleaning efficiency of range hoods at the request of the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Housing Administration. The vacuum-cleaner study showed a 98 percent increase in airborne dust for a canister-type unit with a downward discharge for two hours after vacuuming. Swimming Pools LIFETIME GUARANTEE f MOVER 25 VUIS m-ftUM* *» I • ••* • • • V »^~ ^"" McKEE'S $1O,OOO WORTH OF GOLD OR SILVER ... JUST $1,500? It's true... Mr. Small Investor! You too can learn the best kept secret of the investment world ... precious metals investing... from the people that know! The people at Brazier Exchange. Brazier deals exclusively in the buying and selling of precious metals. hundreds of thousands of small nvestors, just like yourself, are discovering that there is more to ligh yield investments than stocks, bonds, real estate, CD's and money market funds! ,et Brazier show you how a > 1,500 investment in precious earth rnetals can keep you two steps ahead of the inflationary spiral! There is no obligation, simply ask Brazier how to control $10,000 worth of any precious metal, for $1,500. Brazier has the answers! CALL BRAZIER, TOLL FREE! 800-854-6051 THE METAL EXPERTS BRAZIER A FINANCIAL EXCHANGE On dealing with decks By A.J. HAND I have a large deck constructed of two-by-four fir with spaces between each row of boards. We would like to cover the deck with indoor/outdoor carpeting, but are concerned that the wood might rot under the carpet. Has indoor-outdoor carpeting been used successfully in such an application? — F.S., Shelter Island Hts., N.Y. I have never heard of such an application, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. Obviously, the wood is going to be more vulnerable to rot than it would be if exposed to the open air. Even so, wood preservative should be able to provide enough protection to make your idea feasible. Before you carpet, brush on a heavy coat of a good preservative, making sure to work the stuff down into the gaps between boards. If you have access to the deck from below, it wouldn't hurt to apply preservative to the underside of the decking, and to the joists. Apply two coats to all surfaces,, allowing drying time between coats. Be sure to let the preservative dry fully before putting down the carpet, or solvents in the preservative might attack the carpet. No preservative treatment is permanent, so every few years, roll back the carpet and let the deck dry out thoroughly. Then put on a fresh coat of preservative. £ £ -fr We have a balcony planked in two- by-eight hemlock outside our master bedroom. We don't walk on it very much. Below it is a redwood deck which we use a great deal. When it rains, water drips through the balcony onto the deck and makes it quite unpleasant. I caulked the spaces between the planks during the summer when they had dried out and shrunk in width, Restore roof If you can't remember the last time you took a good look at your roof, you may need a new one. Every roof needs to be replaced at some time. Even the best roofing materials eventually succumb to weathering. The roof tends to wear uniformly under an unrelenting aging process in which the sun, wind, rain and climate variations play their part. Signs of a weathered roof include bald, blistered, curled, faded or missing shingles. A roof of standard shingles 15 years old or older, for instance, may need to be replaced. To avoid walking on the roof and possibly damaging shingles, the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association advises inspecting the roof from an upper-story dormer window or from the ground using binoculars. You can also use a flashlight in the attic to inspect the underside of the roof deck for leaks or possible water damage. If you feel you can go up on the roof safely, use walkboards to protect the roofing. Do you need another employe? Hundreds of readers are looking through the classified ads every day. Phone 823-6363 and an ad-taker will help you. MMC* CHOOSE A Friedrich Greenbrier Gas Furnace Hi-Bo/ (GUB Series) 80,00010 160,000 BTU/Hr. Input Friedrich QUIET, DEPENDABLE EFFICIENT HEATING! You can easily add air conditioning for year 'round comfort! Salina Supply Wholesale Distributor Garden- Home The Salina Journal V-GROOVE FILLED WITH CAULK DECK BOARDS using a latex caulk. Next winter the boards swelled and the caulk squeezed out. Next year I laid roll roofing, covered with plastic sheeting. But rain dripping onto that surfaces kept my wife awake at night. How can I solve this probjem? — E.M., Guerneville, Ca. You have a couple of choices you can try. If you want to go back to bare wood, I suggest you rout the spaces between the planks using a V-groove bit as shbwn in the sketch. This will create. a space that should be able to hold caulk. This time don't use a latex caulk. Instead, get a caulk with more elasticity. Silicone, urethane, or poly- sulfide rubber would work best. Another solution would be to use roll roofing without plastic film. The film isn't necessary, and I'm sure it is responsible for the nose that keeps your wife awake. Ordinarily, roll roofing requires at least some pitch or slope to drain properly (about one inch in 12). But in this case you are not really trying to make a perfectly sealed roof, you just want to keep the rain off the deck below. Roll roofing, nailed down, with roofing cement at all joints should do the job for you. Note: No matter which choice you make, it would be smart to protect your decking with preservative as describe above. And if I were you, I would probably use the roll roofing. It should require less work than routing and caulking, and will be less likely to cause problems with water-soaked decking. See Us For Bath And Kitchen Remodeling We Cut And Thread Pipe Open 8-5 Mon.-Fri., Sat. 8-4 Door Chimes The Athena Model 47bc Fruitwood Finish Luma-Stick By Westinghouse An Under-cabinet, over-counter, mount-anywhere, go-everywhere fluorescent light fixture. Includes cord and bulb. NEPTUNE Disposer Easy To Install Model No. 300 Propane Fuel Hundreds of uses for the do-it-yourselfers PITTSBURGH PAINTS • Features late« base coat • Add new and beauty to furniture or household accessories • Simple 2-step paint and glaie application • Soap and water clean-up Prices Good Now Thru Nov. 2$ AH Price* Subject To Stock On Hand

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