Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 22, 1952 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1952
Page 4
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I - EDITORIAL - TVie Pliilosophy «»f Lincoln i (lonfisc'alin|2 Cars Earl Hall of the Mason City Glolx'-Onzettc puWished an "Abe Lincoln Credo" the other day, comprising exceiiits from wj-itings and speeches of Abraham Ijncoln which stated that great man's views on goveniment and economics. Here they are: 1. Yon cannot bring jibout prosperity by disconraging thrift. 2 .Y0U cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. 3. You cannot help .small nion by tearing down big men. 4. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. 5. You cannot lift the wage-earner by pulling down the wage-payer. 6. You cannot keep out of trouble l)y spending more than your income. 7. You cannot further the brothei- hood of man by inciting cla.s.s hatred. 8. You cannot establish sound security on borrowed money. 9. You cannot build charactei' and courage by taking away a man's initiative. 10. You cannot really help men by having the government la.x them to do for them what they can and should do for themselves. Bill Feather says he is pleased to note that some physicians have quit blaming all adult ills on the pleasanter indulgences. The KedwiKd Falls Gazette i)onders the drunken driver .problem, including a reader's suggestion that the state impound an ol- fender's car as the game warden, through the court, may confiscate a i)oacher's gun. The Gazette reasons that "Fear of loss of as substantial a part of most men's holdings as his car will make him think twice before taking the risk. The idea has merit, although subject to the same criticism as revocation of drivers' licenses that it would dein'ivo some men of their jobs, which require use of a car. "An answer to that is that the drunkeii driver deprives an innocent party of hi.-^ life." That's strong talk, but unless other methods produce I 'esults and retluce killing-s on the highway from liquor crazed driver.- some such extreme measure may l>e exiject- od. First Winners In Fishins:, Contest Listed BY VINTON C. ARNOLD Spirit Lake. la.. .Miiy 31-Tho first li.<it of winners in the 1952 fishinR contest includes the Reverend Ralston of Dickens who weighed in a 9.5 northern pike. J. F. of Bancroft, whose 5.12": w;ill(\ved pike was the Inrpest entered Saturday nicht. L.. E. Sn.v- der of Spirit' Lake exhibited a Dodgers Go Bark into First Pla<T ; Wol ves End Home Season; 8-0 NATION.VI. I.K.A<;VK W 1, IVt BttH>ki.' 11 .\> New Yoi'K .1- Tl- Chicacvi 16 IS 552 t ?ini'inn.iti . 15 14 5i; St. I..'uij 15 16 4.<4 Plii!.idi'lrhi:\ 1" 15 464 11 15 .42.'! ritls!'uri;!-. :> 27 156 Lose' ill:: Walter .Mickeison of the New Ulm Daily .Journal observes that "One new record Harold Stassen has set. He has run backward faster than any presidential candidate ever did before." Have you ever noticed that one whom fate has dealt a bit cruelly is the first to suggest full measure of penalty for some one else who has also slipped? PoliUcal Ringside Demos Seek To Stir Up Interest By ROBERT IIOGAN, lowu Dally Press Writer DCS Moines (IDPA)—Iowa Democratic leaders are makln;; every effort to stir up interest within party ranks in an effort to keep 44 scats in the .<-tate legislature from ROinp to republicans, at least without a fight. The democrats failed to enter primary candidates tor 34 seats In the Iowa house of representatives and 10 seats in the Iowa senate by the March 14th deadline for filing. Now they don't want them to go by default. Iowa law provides' for nominating candidates by the write-in method providing no regular candidates have filed for the. nominaUon. The write-in canUi- •iate must poll a minimum of 10 per cent of the vote cast in his county or district for his parly'-s c:indi- date for governoi in the previous election, « 4 » IP HE HAPPENS to fall below the 10 per cent minimum ho Isn't nominated. But if a write-in candidate geia more than five per cent of the minimun. required, the party can then nominate a candidate for that office in convention. This procedure gives the party a chance to enter a candidate for lhi> office In tb« November general election. State chairman Jake More reports that serious efforts are underway in 21 counties to nominati- write-in candidates for state representative fron: those counties, and that write-in campaigns are expected to nominate Democrat candidates for th" 10 senate seats for which no party candidates filed, a * * CLARK H. McNEAL, campaign manager for gubernatorial candidate Kenneth A. Evans, repotted lor work the other morning minus his cuff buttons Clark soon found that the Evans-for-governor coat lapel pins do a nice job of doubling for cuff links. Presumably headquarters has no qualms aboui "putting it on the cuff" as long as the payoff come? at the June 2 primaries. Al Kahl, immediate past chairman of the Iowa Safety Council, reported to the recent state convention his reasons lor the improved showing in lowa','^ present improved safety record. The report almost went unnoticed in the press. * * s KAIIL ATTRIBUTED the present reduction of 47 fatalities in traffic accidents to: An increase in the number of state highway patrolmen no won duty; the coordinated statewide traffic education program of the; the year-end "drive right" campaign conducted throughout the slate last December, and greater emphasis on traffic education In rural areas. He predicted an approximate 10 per cent reduction in fatal crashes this year if efficient performance of state and local enforcement officers con- Inue.i, if improvements are made in safety engineering, and if strong public support of the lo-wa Safely Council's safety education program advances. WALUNGIORD Twelve W.M.F. Members Gel Life Pins By ODELLA ANDERSON Life membership pins were presented to 12 members of the W.M, F. of the Walllngford Lutheran church at the meeting held on Thursday afternoon, May 15, Mr.s. J. L. Johnson of Gracttinger and Miss Lena Gundcrson received life ihembcrship pins us did the following: Past presidents, Mmes. C. I. Skattebo, George Gundersan" S. O. Lundy, Helgc Helgeson, C, L. Toi- feson, Amos Egeland, Sherniiin Gunderson, Chester Paulson, Ernest Skattebo, John Huibregtse. Carnation corsages of red and white, carrying out the color theme, were given to each honored guest. Tulip corsages were presented to honored members who have received pins previous to this year. Red and white candles and red and white nutcups completed tho color theme, Mrs. Johnnie Johnson ushered each to a .special seating arrangement. The meeting opened by singing "Take My Life and Let It Be," A sound film, "Beyond the Symbol" was sho^vn by the Life Member- .shlp .lecrelary, Mrs. Stanley Young, The hymn, "Now Thank We All Our God," was sung Tribute to Life Membreship members and presentation of pins was made by the Rev, C_ G, Gunderson and Mr.s, Stanley Young. Song of "Mothers" Remember SALE EVERY Monday, 7:00 p.m. Armstrong Sales Co. Armstrong, Iowa was presented by Mrs. Sherman Gunderson and Mrs, Leroy Gunderson; reading, "Tribute to Moth er," Mrs, Orville Rustad; hymn Blest Be the Tie that Binds"; poem, "Mother," was read by Mrs Norman Olson; closing h>-mn was God Be With You and Ever," and closing prayer by Mrs, Lester Johnson. Mrs, Leonard Munson and Mrs. Avis Paulson had charge of tho Mother's day part of tho program. Mrs. Johnnie Johnson was the hospitality hostess. Following the meeting, the Happy Birthday song was sung to Mrs. C. B. Gunderson and she was surprised with gifts from the circles. Hostesses for the afternoon were Mmes. Amoa Egeland, Dora Ref- Bcll, Malta Jacobson, C. I. Skattebo and Gilbert Bloom. The Walllngford school held its picnic at the Bible camp on Friday and on Sunday, aray 18, the Spring Grove school held their picnic at the Bible camp. The Anderson school picnic was on Sundp.y at Ft. Defiance state park and the Norman Egeland school picnic on Sunday was at Riverside park, Esthei- ville. lain Friday'-* Si -hedule: l^r^v^kly^. .•»( I'hiladtlpi'.ia (nicht' IWt^-'n at New Vuik uiisb'.v Ohio*,co nt rittsburi;h (nii;hti S: l^->jij it Cini-innati ini.chtv i AMKKICAN I.K-*<,IK W I. !\t O.H Cleveland 21 11 656 Wa.^hington IT i;; ,* New York 16 13 XV Bo.ston IT 14 54< St. Loui.-i IT 16 515 4', Chicago 14 IT .452 6- Philadelphia 11 16 .40T T-, Detroit S 21 .2T6 11 .Wednesday's Results: lX>troit > Phil.ndelphia 1, New York 5 Ohic;i po 1, Cleveland 5 Bo.ston 1. St L»'v::--s 2 Washington 1 ilO innlr,i:s> Friday's Schedule: Cleveland -.: Si. Louis (ni.eht), Detroit ;it po iniplitK Only p:ime.-; Ji-iiodulo.:. WK.STKISN LKAGIK ^'esterday's Results: Siou.x City li-l Omaha 2-2, 12-y Colorado Springs 10-14, Des Moines 9 Lan- coln 2, Denver T Wicliita ,'5. Don Blaha Is Hitting .400 for NortliAvestern string of bullheads weighing 14.4!, "rtlncsdajs R,-suU,: lM -.v>kly:. and .Mrs. Ray Grimes of Spirit I I'-'- Cncu,:.:.!. 1. >t S-l New , Lake took the Indies- prize with « < ^ >^ ^ Ph;!a.ieU^h ..A . r>tt,.b«.., S..*; northern. Some improvement in fishing on Big Spirit Is noted this week, especially -Since Monday. Ed Andreas of bvfeans look a limit ot nice walleyed pike while trolling in the deep w^.iters far out into the lake Tuesday. Others have had the same experience. MOST SUCCESS is reported by those fishing with spinners and live bait—either minnows or chubs. Limit catches of bullheads also are reported on the big lake this week. The trend up there seems to be toward improved fishing conditions in general, and present weather conditions favor tho trend. Shore ca.sters havq picked up a few nice pike between 9 p. xa. and midnight along the south shore of Big Spirit. Crappies have started biting in the upper end of East Okoboji, Two of the most productive areas are the bay south of Peppermint point and near the spillway between Big Spirit and East Okoboji. Minnows seem to be .attracting the species in greatest numbers. Good catches of bullheads are reported daily near Lake View be.ach on East Okolxjji. A few walleyes have also been caught there this week, * * * WALLEYED PIKE, silver bass and sheephead have been active at night near the Okoboji bridge between East and West Okotwjjis, Night casters with minnows reeled in slowly have gone home with nice catches. There has been some congestion in that area due to the large number of anglers. The problem of casters not watching behind them has been experieneod there and has resulted in several people being slightly injured by carelessly handled hooks, A little more careful handling of the casting rod would be appreciated by everyone. There have been some nice catches on West Okoboji. Don Daily took a limit of 2 to 3 pound waH- eyes Tuesday in Millers Bay fishing with a fly rod and minnow, and an unidentified group from Algona caught a nice string in the deep water off Fort Dodge point the same day. The most important fishing note to be considered this week is that pike are taking live bait more freely just now than anything else. It is well to fish deep and, when casting, roU the line in slowly. This one point may determine the difference between a successful and unsuccessful fishing trip. The Wolves dropped their eighth .same of the sea.son and their second ti> Pi, M.irtin Luther of New flni. 60 MartiSi Luther has hand- id tlse Wolves their only two shutouts of tl>e .sea.son. The Wolves \> eiv only able to set two hits o;: tho offenns^ of Molhaok Tho only scoring oppoi tunilies that tho Wolves havt were erased ly two double plays. One of them i-amo i>!o usual w'^y on a prouiid i hall to tho shortstop with a man | on firs; but tho other was most uii-1 tisual, Kor.ny Hartman led off tho I Ihirii innir.i; with a base on halls .Tin; followod and hit a sli-.- i;'.o .iowr, tho third K ASO lino Hart-' Ruthven in State Baseball Finals By TIIE ASSOCI.\TKII I'RKSS Exira, Kanawha and Ruthven have won their way to the Iowa high school spring baseball championships -which arc scheduled to begin at Mason City Saturday. Kanawha, the 1948 fall champion, pushed across five runs in the fifth inning to defeat Algona 5-3 in a sub-stato final at Kanawha, E.Yira, runncrup in 1951, defeated Kellerton 5-2 at Exira. Chuck Kline pitched a four-hitter for Exira. Ruthyon breezed post Paullina, 14-0, and scored In every inning except the first. Sub-state finals on schedule today included Calmar - Mclntire, New Sharon-Indlanola, Roland-Auburn, and Maquoketa-Cedar Rapids (FrankUn). Chicago, May 22 The Big Ten baseb.all pennant chase ends this week end with leader Illinois and Michigan, the top challenger, running almost neck-and-neck for the team batting crown. Illinois, with a 9-3 record, will meet Minnesota at Champaign Friday and will enttirttiin Iowa in a doubleheader on Saturday. Michigan, with 7-3, is at Northwestern Friday and invades Wisconsin for a pair on Saturday, The mini are batting ,290 to .288 for the Wolverines. Both teams' hitting strength is spread over their entire lineups, neither having a hitter among the top five. The leiiding conference batter is Ohio State's Jack Gannon with .486. Harry Hancs of Purdue, last week's leader, dro))ped 10 points to .459 for second, Harold Wallace of Purdue and Don Blaha of Northwestern follow with .400 each. Since 1896, Illinois has won 17 baseball pennants and shared four pthers. Tho lUini during the current sports year have won conference titles in football, basketball, indoor track, fencing, wrestling and gj-mnastic. In addition to being favored for the baseball flag this week, the IHini also are the choice to win the outdoor track crown at Ann Arbor on May 24, was thrown out trMn.K for 0.:-, tlir .-«i ,d tl'.o relav to .«<v.vr !d caujrht;in tt.ving fi>:' th .1t Ki.^o Sivins tho l .ti ;hor:ins n ao -.a -.lo p'',.sv on ,1 singlo IN TUT- SKCOND Rood led off w .th s .louMo but thonoNt two men >t :-.:ck O',;: .i Ki.-^r on t .rtt '.s to Bur,CV! t-iit j -,:-.-.r,oi-s on first and soc- or .o. "!"l-e tiovt n -i.-^n struok out to or.d :>.o Tho only other run- ro ;s :o cc: on ^.^so won^ Fosartj .>r..l KiTd -.n thi fourth i n oonsoc- •j;:vo Msos or. haUs_ Hartman wa.s h :t hy the pitoher in the eighth. ,ind K OCT .1 gv>t on l-.aso on an error in tho ninth. Tho Hilltoppers scored thre'.- runs in tho top half of the first or. two singles, two errors, and a triple. In the third they scored on :i single, double, wild pitch and an error and a single. * * • THIS WAS THE final home appearance of the Wolves who have two more games away from home. On Saturday they travel to Forest City to play Waldorf and on Monday they go to Eagle Grove for tho last game of the season. Fogarty will probably pitch against Waldorf and Hartman will go in tho final game ot the season. BO.V SCORE EsthervlUe ah r h o a Calhan, Ih 4 U I 13 0 Duffy, 3ll 4 0 0 0 3 Fogartj', s» 3 0 0 1 3 Reed, rf 3 0 110 I'pterson. of 10 0 11 Iveirson, If 3 0 0 2 0 Burger, c 'i 0 0 G Q IMggott, 2b 3 0 0 3 0 Hartman, p 1 0 0 0 6 Joe l)iJMarliuo*s Home Run Wins For Omaha B.» TIIK .\sis (HI .\TKn I'HESS Six games were played in th;We-stern league last night, with .1 sevonth--:i second game between Des Moines and Lincoln--called because of rain. Pueblo took the first half of t doubleheader from Colorado Sprln- p.-. 12-10, then yielded tJio second 14-9. Sioux City and Omaha divided a pair, with the Soos winning the opener 3-2 and Omaha grabbing the nightcap 2-1. Des Moines rang up a 9-2 victory in their completed game against Lincoln, but trailed 2-1 when the nightcap wiw called In the second inning. The only single game—Denver and Wichita—went to Denver 7-2, Colorado Springs' second game win was featured by a five-run seventh Inning which included a two- run homer by Andy Skurski, Omaha, in winning its nightcap i .pninst Sioux City, had Joe Dl Martino to thank for a two-run ttiiash over the left-center field fence with Neal Hertweck aboard in the fifth. Pes Moines bunched five hits with a walk and a Lincoln error for five runs in the third to wrap up their first game. Rain strangled the night cap with only two innings gone. .'Vnu'Heun .So]<Iier !S«'iileiice<l to Death Nuernberg. Germany, May 22 <JV) - Private John F. Vigncault, a 1')year-old Ainericnn soldier, ivns sen- teneod to death today for murdering two Germans and stealing their car. The little ghorp-facod soldier fiom Ooffs Palls, N. H„ ,stood quietly and showed no visible signs of emotion as he heard the sentence pronounced by tho U, S. fourtli division coiirt martial of 10 officers. I lO U el ^3 Mrs. Marie Stanwick and Clarence Olson from EsthervlUe, Mrs, John Wieskus and Mario visited at the Harold Stanwick home Wednesday afternoon. The Rev. .and Mrs. R. A. Olson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Olcson and son enjoyed a picnic dinner at the Harold Stanwick homo Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. L, A, Aanonson, Mr, and Mrs. Willy Stearns and family, Mr. and Mrs, Victor Spitsburg and Carol called on Mrs. A. A. Johnson and Alma Sunday afternoon. Comblnloi; the Vindicator and Republican. PublLshcd Kvery Evenlnc fitocpt Sunday and Principal Holidays, Voting on New School Maquokcta, la.. May 22 ."P—Residents of Maquoketa -wore voting today on a proposed $297,000 bond Issue for a new grade school building. WEEKEND SPECIAL! Shortcake Sundaes 25c Take Home a Quart or Half Gallon of Dari-Delite for that Sunday Dessert. DARI-DELITE on C^t Central ISine-Y ear-Old Boy Droivns Manchester, la., May 22 i.V) A "9-year-oId Waterloo man waded into the cold waters of the Maquoketa river in a futile attemi)t I i save a 9-year-old boy who drowned in the stream yesterday. School had been dismissed for the summer and Ronald Rahc and other boy.s were riding thei- bicycles along a path near the river's edge_ Ronald, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Ratio, tumbled into 111 streapi. A. Gashel of 810 Hannah Blvd., who was fishing nearby, heard the boy scream and hit the water. The elderly man waded into the stream up to his waist and just as he go; hold of the boys clothing he stepped into a hole and had to abandon the rescue attempt. The body was recovered about 2i) minutes later 20 feet from tlw bunk. Ronald is survived by his parents and a sister. Totals Dr. Luther Wessel. ss I..uedor», ss Kolander, 2b Kock, 2b Hartivig, c Kramer, lb Voigt, 3b Sprengeler, of Plath, of Synhorst, If Schwpngle, If Cnrmlchael, rf Kaesmcyor, rf Molhaok, p 27 ab 1 4 4 .5 5 4 27 18 o a 0 0 0 I Owned and Publlahed by: Deemer Lee, Editor and »^jbll8her, Robert N. l*e, AdvertUlng Manager, 0 3 0 0 2 3 2 I I 0 0 The Asaoclated Press is entitled exclusively to Uie use for republication of all tiie local news printed In this newspaper as well aa all AP news dis- patchCB. 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 1 II 1 I I 0 0 0 0 3 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 6 Totals 40 6 9 27 18 Simimarj': Errors, Volgt, Culhon, Fogarty, Duffy 2, Ivor- son, Hartman. RBI, Kramer, Volgt 2, Schwongol. 2B, Roeil. Kriunor; 3B, Volgt. BB, Hartman J, Molluick 4. SO, Hartman 5, Moihack 9. Loft, Es- thorvlllo 8, DMLC, «. Winning pitoJior, Meihaok. Losing pitcher, Hartman. r h o DMLC 302 000 010—6 » I Ksthervlllo 000 000 000—0 2 6 It just so liappens that the plastic wrapper from a package of cigarettes is exactly the right sizi to protect a 3 by 5-inch recipe card from becoming sticky and smeared. Break the seal at the top of the package without pulling th little red tear-tape and remove the wrapper eaiofully. Fold the edges over the recipe card and stick down with plastic tape. HEARING AID TgHITH "Royal" ainazinsr exclusive features Bonn conduelloii devices available at moderate extra coKt, Estheryille Drug Co. "Your Corner Drug Store" DANCE . to the Satin Smooth Music of Eddie Allen and his Orchestra Saturday and .Sunday May 24 and Coming Memorial Day Jurgens ROOF-GAROEN: ''ETERSBVRG Entered as second class matter Oct. 6, 1930 at the postofflce at Ksth- ervllle. Iowa, under thea act of Marca 3. 1870. 4 Thiirs., May 22,1952 SUBSCRIPTIO.N TERMS By mall In Kmmet, Xofjiri, Palo Alto, Clay, Dickinson. Jackfion jind Martin counties: one year $8; six rojnths S4.23; three months $2.20; 5 wookji $1. By mall oulslde abovt co miles one year $10; six montlu fi.Zii-, three montlis $3.75; one month kl.OO. By Little iteroliant ;)jTlor; per weeK 30c; one year S14; six montlia $7,25; three months $3,75. Member of the Iowa Press Association, Iowa Dally Press Association, National Editorial Association and Inland Press AssociaUon. R33PRESENTATIVES Eschanee. OmaJm; also AtlanU and General advertising represonlatlves; Inland Newspaper RepresentaUvca. inc, WrlBley Bldif., Chicago; 512 Fifth Ave,, New York; Security BIdg.. St. IxiuK; 1012 Baltimore, Kansas City, 428 Oralo Dallas. TONITE IS PARTY PACK NIGHT Fill the car and overybody gets in for $1.00 1st run in Estheryille 2-ReeI Comefly Cartoon Friday-Saturday ~ FUmEST PICTURE § IN NINE LIFEnMESli ' PERLDERG-SEATOM •••«««>• * stMiiitc WITH GENE lOCKHART AND i^imRe A Paramount Picture CO-HIT pBSTofTHiBADME/^ , $M««INC ROBERT RYAN-CUIRETIEVOR IkCK IBETEl-ROBERT PRESTON with tUKI IIENIIN . iiH Htm UtIlaCC IIIIKT Trj- a BaJly Npiv.s Want Ad. STARTS TODAY BBU^ t1A>tlll« GENEKELLY-DoNAUiO'COiOR DEBDIE lEANIVP-IVIIlUlRDMlMll A M MOM PkluK

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