Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on March 19, 2004 · Page 31
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 31

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 2004
Page 31
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ON THE MARKET FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 2004—11 Spiked strips will keep local pesky pigeons at bay By GENE GARY Copley News Service Q: We have a terrible problem with pigeons in our area. They are a constant, filthy nuisance, roo,sting on our roof, rain gutters and deck railings. How can we permanently discourage these perching pests? A: Pigeons love to roost and nest on eaves, dormers, window ledges and rooftops. Discouraging them from perching on railings, gutters and other structures around the house is a frustrating problem. The two most effective ways to discourage them is to eliminate their food supply and physically exclude them from their roosting areas. The first step is to prevent people in your area from feeding them. Some cities have passed ordinances making it unlawful to feed pigeons, because they are known to be disease carriers. They are primarily grain eaters, but in cities, they will scavenge other food left by animals and people. Eliminate their food supply by cleaning up pet food or spilled grains, especially around bird feeders, and covering your garbage cans. To physically exclude the pigeons, you need to block the openings of lofts, vents and eaves where pigeons congregate. Galvanized wire mesh (hardware cloth) is good. Plastic or nylon netting is also good, but it won't last as long as the wire. If pigeons are roosting on Find what looking for in the OM$fifls>cJ Ads! ' 3 &"*?.$•; - ' ' your roof ridge, try stringing a wire 2 to 3 inches above the roof, to make roosting there impossible. Another method of discouraging these pests is to permanently install metal strips of sharp prongs to prevent the birds from landing. Usually these are made of spring-tempered, rustproof nickel, chromium, stainless steel or aluminum. This "porcupine" wire can be fastened to windowsills, ledges, eaves, roof peaks, chimneys or wherever pigeons roost. You could make your own spike strips to deter the birds by driving a lot of long nails through pieces of metal flashing, but you would probably have better luck using manufactured strips. One source for this type of product is Bird Barrier of America (www.birdbarrier.- com; phone: 800-503-5444), a company that markets a number of bird control products including "Bird Flight Spikes," made in either stainless steel or polycarbonate (a plastic product). The company offers an entire line of bird repellent products which can be installed by homeowners, including "Bird Coil," which can be strung along long exposed ledges, beams, pipes, etc., as well as a stealth net, which can be used over openings to enclosed area. Bird Barrier makes a special "Gutter Spike," designed to attach inside the lip of rain gutters, as well as devices to scare the birds - audio and visual - and taste deterrents. Another manufacturer of a "porcupine wire" made of stainless steel is Nixalite Bird Control ( or phone: 800-624-1189). The wire prevents birds from landing and is virtually invisible from a distance. It can even be ordered in a selection of colors to match railings or roofs. Both of these retailers for bird-control devices can also provide a list of certified installers in your area. Q: We have a shower faucet that has a center knob, which you pull for on and push for off. \You can adjust the water temperature by turning the knob either the left or right. This knob has become increasingly difficult to oper-. ate. Does it need to be replaced or is there some way to lubricate or repair it? At the same time the flow of water through the shower head seems restricted. Is this part Of the same problem? A: Often this can be a very simple plumbing fix. Inside your faucet is a cartridge that slides up and down when you pull or push the knob. More than likely, the cartridge is filled with mineral deposits and needs replacing. Shut off the water to the faucet and release the pressure in the lines by turning on the faucet. Pry the little plastic cover off the center of the knob and remove the screw that secures the knob. Once the knob is removed, you should see the retainer clip that holds the cartridge in place. Before you remove this clip, make absolutely sure there's no water pressure at this faucet by opening it once more to test. Then remove the retainer clip with a screwdriver or pliers. The cartridge should pull out easily. If not, reinstall the knob and use it to yank out the cartridge. Clean the cartridge - soak- ELECTRONIC PROTECTION BY DEEP VALLEY _____ • Alarm systems & service • Surveillance cameras (707) 462-5200 I in tfAC03195 1-800-862-5200 CONT. LIC J638502 Prevent pigeon problems Effective ways to discourage pigeons: Eliminate their food source and physically exclude them from roosting areas. FEEDING • Eliminate pigeons' food supply by cleaning up any pet food or spilled grains, especially around bird feeders, and cover garbage cans. • Prevent people from feeding them with signs and city ordinances BIRD BARRIERS 1. Bird flight/gutter spikes 2. Wire strung 2 to 3 inches above the roof 3. Porcupine wire by Nixalite Bird Control (800)624-1189 4. Galvanized wire mesh 5. Bird coil • Metal "porcupine" strips by Bird Barrier of America 800 503-5444 • Scare devices audiovisual and taste deterrents ing it in white vinegar or a commercial product such as CLR (available at home centers and supermarkets) to dissolve any mineral or hard- water deposits that might be clogging the filter. Remove the shower head and soak in the same solution. Rinse with clear water. The cartridge should be treated with a film of petroleum jelly applied to the seals prior to reinstallation. I f this cleaning process fails to solve the problem, the cartridge is faulty. It can be replaced with a new one, readily available at a plumbing supply store or home center. Be sure and take the old one with you when shopping for a replacement to be sure you get the right fit. Send e-mail to cop- or write to Here's How, Copley News Service, P.O. Box 120190, San Diego, CA 92112-0190. Only questions of general interest can be answered in the column. 707-263-3729 ^AGM Anna Girod, Broker mKOTMANAGEMENT Open Saturday COMMERCIAL WITH AIRPORT CONVENIENCE 9.Bay 5,000 sq. ft. building with office space waiting rooms and bathrooms. $2,000 OFFICE SPACE with waiting room, conference room & private office. $850 UPPER LAKE STQUXMICEOPFICE SPACE

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