Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 20, 1948 · Page 14
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 14

Cumberland, Maryland
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Monday, December 20, 1948
Page 14
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FOURTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. SID, MONDAY, DECEMBER 20. 39-18 Phone 4(500 for a WANT AD Taker Peace Before Probable In Pro Football War Loops Seeking 'Master Plan' In Philadelphia Five-Man Dcpuiations Given Authority To Work Out Details By DAVID J. AVALS 11 PHILADEPHIA—(INS) — Peace rearsd its unctious head today | among the chastened and sudden-1 ly mild ex-feudists of the National Football League and All America Conference, both seemingly bent upon reaching an amicable irtice! before nightfall. ] Five-man deputations from each j league were to so into joint-action j immediately, with authority to work | out detail? of a master-plan by TbJch, starling in 1949, they'll be enabled to operate in harmony and mutual benefit. It was understood, however, that Its eeneral pattern already has a majority sanction from the leagues and needs only a clarifying touch or two to make It official. Rocket-. To Be Dropped Arriving in town from Cleveland with thc conference delegation came this presumed format of thc armistice terms: I One Chicago club—the Rockets.j of thc AAC—to be dropped. Another, the Cardinals, to be .shifted from the National League to the Conlercnce, replacing thc Rockets. Jn other words. Chicago's throe clubs would be reduced to two, —one in each league. Meantime, rival but friendly ciRht- club leagues would be in operation from coast to coast,' largely unchanged from the existing personnel, .save in this respect: Boston would wind up with club at all. Jt's franchise and players will movr into the Yankee Stadium Fighting Dukes ™ o Thump Butler To Share Lead Locals. DerpilC Ofl 1 INiglil J." SliOolinjt-i. Register 57-12 Win ALL-AMERICAN LEAGUE \TAPPING ON THE STANKINO Ol 1 THE TK.VM* \Voii I.II^L The Harlem Globetrotters who| great North Carolina team j Cumberland ; Wlicclinp .. . I Allooim , Wnblitnglon ,. :n' meet the Cumberland DuUes next •'•"• Sunday night at the SS. Peter ar.d i P»., 1 FlLLJiiJUl';,!'. M. AiLUOnil -tj Cumberland 57, Butk'i 1 J .- C.iimc Tolll/tlll V\'ll.s!llll£LOIl HI* \VlTCCllllK 0 . n !i:Paul School gym have quite a bas- Day wlicn tlic tar Heels tangle ^•kctball record, entering the 1943-491 with Oklahoma's Big 1 Seven •- 00 'campaign with 3,038 victories and champs. I 'vir. Ml ripfeats. ] but 231 defeats. The Trotters' pleai'niR 1 style ;incl clean play bring out fans in capacity numbers wherever Despite an ol'f-nlghs in shooting.i uicy appear, anil thc .story of NATIONAL FOG'J'rJAIX LEAGUE CHAMPS—.. • Gleeful members of the Philadelphia Eagles cluster around their coach. Earl (Greasy) Ncnlc Uifit Jn hand i, and Back.'lcld Star Steve Van Burcn <!">) in their dressing room at Shlbc Pf.rk after the home team defeated the Chicago Cardinals 7-0 to win the National Football League champion- ship yesterday in Philly's blggcsl snow storm or the season. At right is Guard Cllrc Patton '65i who kicked the extra poim- Other phiycrs identified by numbers ire Guard Frank Kliroy, (7G.i: 'Al V/istcrt 170, left of Van Burcni. captain; at icft (turned sideways.) is Pclc Pihos I35J. Joining the Conference and merging tnlcnt w!ih the present Yankees— presumably under the auspices of Ted Collins. Fixtures Listed Undisturbed by all this maneuvering would be these franchise fixtures. National League — Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Chicago Sears, Los Angeles Rams. Washington Redskins. Detroit Lions. Pittsburgh Steelers Packers. and Green Bay All American Conference—Cleve- rolEagles Defeat \LeahyPredicts Bills'Miscues !iCardmals 7-0, Win NFL Title Close Contest In Sugar Bo id By FRANK LEAHY Notre Dame Coacli HONOLULU—Prior to' our departure from the Islands, we were happy to receive from Mr. Fred . „„,._ Digby. General Manager of the New , - M . i .r^' 1 Orleans Mid-Winter Sports Associa- passer with a hidden talent foi; ; t he excellent brochure portray- I'unnmg sloshed through the si""" 1 ' - • at Shibc Park to give the Philai Ma? l'Ii<lilcji Talent In Clash On Snow-Covered Field By RALPH BERNsTEIX PH1LADELPHL4— !ff) land Browns. Los Angeles Dons, phj a Eagles their 1'irs. San Francisco, Forty-Miners, Baltl-' pootball League chair.pionship. | more Colts. Brooklyn Dodgers andj The Lion's share of credit for the Buffalo Bills. iKaglcs' 7 to 0 victory over the Chi- Costly In Loss To Cleveland BroM'iis Jiik Firsls lulu Pro Loir Book In Whining Flag, 49-7 By CHARLES EINSTEIN CLEVELAND— fINS)— Tlic Cleveland Browns ii:kcd a pair of "firsts" lhc Cumborlnnd Dukes rode inio :i| Ilrst place He with Wheeling by' handing the Butler Cubs a 57-4'J: tlic bcjrinnins 1 of this ({resit epitioii is quite interesting. All-Anicrican Basketball League j in the fall of 192G Abe Sapcrsteln Atliey Praises Nick Scallioii As Real Cager Washington College Ace Serve* Notice He'll Be In. Thick Of Scoring llace (By Tlic Associated _Prc«J A couple of southpaw sharpshooters who have playsd in only one Mason-Dixon game so far are serving notice that they intend to be in the thick of the 1943-49 basketball scoring race. One is Jim Lacy, leader in last Klosterman first played in the season's scramble and the key to be playing for the second time in Die Sugar Bowl New Year's New Orleans classic two years ago. I Loyola's hopss of repeating as Con- North Carolina bowing' Jn (.hat 1947'fercnce champs. The other is Met i Scullion. Washington College Fresh- tussle to Georgia's Bulldogs. When asked at thc Allcgany football banquet lost week how "<=.. f ,; d .,")i.u c slow aet'ln- thought North Carolina would lure! 1 * 1 . Jl ' "^ ^"* ^ ^vK-t -hr r^i a-ahist Oklahoma. Klosterman as-l sta:lcd thii. yeai. Eaily m Jic cani- a bruised setback last night on the SS. Peter j was looking for a job and .1 Negro !, n ; and Paul court. i basketball team on Chicago's South r^ A paying crowd of almost 700,side was looking for a coach. Saper- bravcd the miserable weather con-;stein got the job for thc logical ditions to sec the fighting Dukes; reason that he was the onlj hang up their fifth victory In seven! applicant. starts, thc local, making up in as 1 -! Tl-'C merger of Snpcrstcin and the Kress!vencss what they lacked in neeiir; 1 The play led i 5-pol dcfinltc!_ 'First Half Clnse l - \ But last week the.talented left- Larry can't quite malic up his ihander snapped to life against nind if lie likes tlic two-platoon i Scion Hall exploding for 31 points. mind if lie likes tlie two-pi , , . svstcm as employed by Snavcly. JThis more than doubled the 13 he .'hit aKOinst Baltimore, 'University in "There's one thing you can say | his only Conference'start and )t Tlic first half was nip and tuck with the score knotted twice and clmiiRliiK hands live times, but tlic Cubs did n gradual fndcout in the, linal two .stanzas, losing both puisiV and their early Hashes of all-around' basket; work. i The Cubs, a fast-breakin "Let's change imr name to thc Harlem Glnljclrotlcrji a"<l lour tlic ciiuiilry," SupcrNlein sulil. The IJijf I'ivu .•ct.uic.sccil. In November, 1327, Saperstein. and ils Harleni Globetrotters rolled westward in two fourth-hand autos. he-re in :i long time. They goL plcn- cvcr since. ly of shots but, fortunately for thoj Over a 20-year period tnc Globe- Dukes, thc Bruins, loo. were oIT in trotters have had a .920 avcnmc their shootlnK and the locals, throuKlijiiKiiln.'it thc lop tennis in the U. S.. their'j. controlled the re- Ciinnda. Mexico. Cuba and Hiiwnll. Lust year they traveled iJO.OOO jnlli?s, bounds. Paul "Oblc" Obcrhaiis, Cumber-, played before half a mil.Ion funs land's pivot man. was the game's;and won 15. gair.cs while losing only leading point-maker with 21 tallies 1 five. and probably could have reached! the 30-point mark had he been able] to hold onto all ot" the assists Coach "People wonder Iiow Wi- stay Klotz fed him under the hoop, Geatz Sparkles Klotz also took lime out from his playmaking .Jong enough to riumpj in six field goals and a i'oul for l'i\ frcsb." Saperstciii says, "especially when we use Lnly eight men. travel by day and play every night from November to April. Well, we do four simple things. so tired when playing only on]been rung up in only live tests-to defense." [give him an edge, on the basis of The onetime LaSalle linemen .siiidl-ivemsc points per game, lie is also undecided us to whether' Brother Scalllon isn't even close lie will enter the professional field i in total points, but thc husky new- after he receives his degree next:comer has dropped In 52 in only two spring. "I think maybe I'd like to [games. One of these was the victory take a. fling at the pro game, but i thc Shoremen registered over Balti- my final decision is still several j more in their lone Mason-Dixon months away." Larry, incidentally, has made, football fans of his father anil mother. Mr. and Mrs. Marry U. .Kliuilcrntuii. The gridiron M>urt didn't iiHcn-st tlic.. 1 at all until Larry started his career at LaSalle. Now, they know as much or more! skirmish. Scallioii sank 2-1 in thai one. He added 28 more in a losing effort against West' Chester (Pa.) Teachers, for a. healthy overall avcr- «sc of 26 points .i game. wl-.ufs more. Couch 3-XJ A they says the southpaw specialist knows there arc four other players on the team and often cleverly iceds the ]lis malcs about the sport than the average ' Other Jead ;,. s :,,' the FJ . M Stale lootball follow«\ They saw all the jindividual scori ai . c wnbur games North Carolina played this p] , f Baldmore y with an year and they will be jm the stadium | ^ 132 - mls . i: , flv ., sames; at New Orleans on January 1 when | Zeda]i L , 12 _ 6 fivc; Pete LariT writes "fmis lo his coUegiatc | C]ark . Mt> Sp _ MaST , Si 335i foljr . !md career - _ ;Spence Wright. Maryland. 10.2, ave. This companionatc idyll may even be sweetened, it seems, matching forthwith thc champion Eagles and Browns for tlic honor and glory of pro football—and the gate receipts. The proposed site is Los Angeles nnd the time, early January. That, however, w'as something for joint action by today's 10-man board. But, if it's temper is as harmonious as reports have indicated, few difficulties arc on the day's agenda. The Conference committee is made up of Arthur McBridc, Cleveland; Tony Morabito, San Francisco; Ben Lindhelmcr, Los ^ Angelci; Jim Breull. Buffalo, ancll ma r.j- a'quarterback to have a G7- caso Cardinals in yesterday's I annual NFL title (,'nmc went to Quarterback Tommy Thompson who marie thc yardage when it counted most. Eagle Conch Baric (Greasy) Kcalc was unhcsilant and unstinting in his praise Tor thc veteran Thompson who led thc NFL. in passing during the loop season—and then _____ helped his team win a, coveted title j.- rn iik Leahy with some fancy galloping. - Points, while George Geatz chipped Of Hcirt bookie the :i thai, since lion the shown ence o. The Season's Best our players spins the ball on ;fooLbrill game. lcx fillsc: ' for a millvltc: Jl ' The Tigers Tigers defeated Loyola High a differ-: returns were in. the Browns !uidc ca t7 wnn s Uirou-h with r,\ ,: One of f more than i scored seven touchdowns, prevailed! slrail . ht: ,, 0 i,, ts io ° reassure ihc' his lnclcx ten points. i by 49 to 7, nnd win their third con- loui^ T | 1CJ , clotcd out lhc third : S' v w Ulc customers a laugh and | O f Balllmorc 25-B in tho gnrnc yes' ' Lcrday tefore 0,000 persons in City Park Stadium here. Loyola started fast, marching 8U j-ards to & touchdown right iil'tcr the kickofl" with a tricky passing No less thnn n Uecutive All-America Football Con-' strul /.ii' oa (,h c i 0] ',,r C1]C [ 0 [ - t 4o-"7'S lvcs xla a rc51 " of the 14 contests] r cl . cnce title. ! s CO rc and their mnrgin never drop-! We cat a bl «' nlcal :U ' lcl ' lllc ;;anlc ' were decided by| Tilat thrce-in-a-row w:,s unc new one touchdown or, less. This cursory; Jl]lc examination ccr-' nin<v mfu . k -. T)1C othc: . W;U lhat . thc B ,. OW11S| jn 1vin . pcd below 12 points in the frame. In addition to his "clutch" shoot-. and hop on our.bus right after inid- niffht. We travel 100 miles in tho players would be trying to gone to a ha ...... becnme the first team ever to; ing, Geatz teamed with Klot to turn " ct some sleep had tninly proves that the Sugar Bowlers • so ^.^^ a r^i. league wnson 'in a high-class floor game. Ho broke ] '°Q- JL UJOtt. 3 Kill 11. Wi & uiJCiii 1JJ. v > i-s.i •*" I J : yesterday. It might have broken ten teams. This year isi Buffalo 1 rhe Browns, before .meeting: Buf- up enemy passes, stole the bar. from "The players talk over tncir games, the Cubs several times nnd possess- '•• play-by-play, while they are relaxed thc "sixth sense" which enabled i'"S- They learn a lot that way." Dan Topping, New York. jyard" touchdown pass on lhc first The National League nominees p] ar ca ii cc . back for an were not announced in Commissioner Bert Bell's statement which said the peace talks would be concluded before the'NFL's annual draft meeting is called into action. Wisconsin Bow'Jei: Singles Champion. CHICAGO — <m — Huge Connie Echwoegler. making a big-time bowl- j Ing comeback after shedding GO penalty. no exception, ns the Associated Press|falo for thc title, already hud topped final poll placed IN Tin Cnrollna Jn,the Bills twice In league piny this .i-i-i third place, with Oklahoma in I'nc season. Antl yesterday was no cs- ! number five slot. . ccption as 22.981 spectators, small- But not Thompson. He came back in the fourth quarter to make a vital six yard quarterback siicak for ,1 first down on .'against experience ss Touth Against Experience Some 80.735 fans will be given an cat crowd ever to sec the Browns at home, will attest. opportunity to sec youth pitted 1 , Buffalo, meanwhile, was Oklahoma's! hol P Iu1 ' hi in to be "Johnny on thc spot' for 1 K'.otz's tricky passing, Trouhlc At Fcuil Linr. ; In gaining revenge for a 57-llii .setback suffered ac Butler two Sal-! urdays ago, the Dukes outscored| I the Cubs 26 to 1C from thc floor.' VCI '- V : but fell below par at thc free-: Saiterstein's coaching Iccli- niaiie is simple. Every player shoots best from :i certain spot ur angle. We just work out an offense that lets our players shoot from those spots. Skill, showmanship and scientific j throw line where they caged oniy.• scheduling exp'ain the Globetrotters' thc Cardinal five yard line. Hi.s'Bud Wilkinson leads his Sooncrs! Among thc mistakes the Bills | ,- lvc ot 18 f ,. ec c |_. lr , ccs _ ' boxofficc pre-eminence. offensive mate, hammering Steve!against Carl Snavelv's Tarheels. i'-adc, here s what produced Clcvc-j Trouble threatened 10 break out o- Van Buren, then took a Thompson;Graduated from Minnesota in 1937.1 ] a"d touchdowns, dircct;y or :n-. . llh 3^5 to go m thc third quarter: Pew football players ever have the handoff and rumbled through a Bud Wilkinson's meteoric rise to. directly: I when the Cubs took exception '.o; opportunity of participating in more! truck sized hole for thc winning; football supremacy is indicative^ of j,.,,^/^/^]'^, 0 ^^^,!", 1 ^,,.;^ 0 ! th.c three-man "road block" the: than one major bowl game. Cuni- touchdown. ....._. ui,,,. n ,,j -n,, Bu However, a powerful running offensive starring Joe Heap and Hayden Mayeux got three touchdowns! for Holy Cross and an intercepted j TllOUSaildS haVC SWitClied |)ass brought a lourth. to gjving and serving FIGHT CARD POSTPONED ^fa (^^ Reserve NEWARK. N. J.—i/P)—The fight ,, • card scheduled for Laurel Garden IfllS ScaSOn. tonight has been postponed until ncx; Monday because of the snow- CALVERT RESERVE Eloudcd TOiisfcey storm. New 1 ork welterweignts -35.8 Proof-S5To Grain Neutral Spirits. Buster Tyler ajid Charley Williams,calvcn Distillers Corp.,New Yorfc City arc matched for thc 10-round i feature. i jhis amazing coaching ability. Car!;''umblcs—and Buffalo's only touch-j Dukos tl . rc . v up ^ O n an put-of-|h e rland's Larry "Sparky" Kloster- clown - t thc ga.'iie was far from over.,Snavelcy's wealth, of experience. explosive Western back to his being graduated | Tommy James intorceptod twu Buffalo passes and Tom Colclhi and I All-Star Championship. The 32 - year - old sharpshooter from Madison, W:s. r swept the last four-game block from Cleveland's 1 Champion Cardinals still had plenty; from Lebanon Valley in 1915. Since I of time to blow the game up. Monc'; time, liis name has been synon- 28,864 diehard fans who! onions ^-ith fnor.bii: success. In the near blizzard to see thc (examining thc means used by each I game wore leaving yet. i Calls Plays Right Merc's where Tompson came into his own. A holding penalty set the Eagles like a fumble would have fatal. been „. -, ... ^e OOC -^ ^JUJUIIIki ULllrtiLV SLJl* t-ln; o^fl^ll.0 Steve Nasy, firing games of 226, *. f • A , fe j° 236, 234 and 243 again his opponent's Back lo lneu selen ' A meaK J ' CIC 193. 168, 216 and 193. Schwoegler, who won the All-Star crown in 1942, beat out 16 topnotcli finalists in the 64-game round robin matches to pocket thc 52,000 first prize. He posted 313.31 Peterson points. Thompson took the ball and on single-wing. Lo achieve success, once nsain we find a. clash involving the use of the single-wing on the one ha:ici, and the "T" on the other. As in the Rose Bowl, it will be the youthful mentor employing thc "T" with Coach Srmveloy basing his hopes on the tried and true tricks of thc a quarterback sneak smashed 13 yards for a first down. He fed Van I w ._ « 1 T1- • 1 • 'll jNOLLfllJl^-llJtllJVJJ Wl/llLill . LH,»-< .J">-Buren and Bosh Pritchara with .^ 0 ^ ^ lm trt young men in time killing running: plays that u TQ . Qvidc thjs ^ a . r.lw.l-nr^ mff T^l'Harrn v "T H c^nnl'r's; _ • _._*_. .. . Koclgcrs TJarkhorsc enjoy continued si average of 213 plus, compared to the record 218 he set in 1342. Andy Varipapa of Hempstead. N. Y., seeking his third consecutive championship, moved up from third to second place in thc final block vriUi a 307.27 point tally. Nagy, the leader entering the last block, finished third with 305.34 while Buddy Bomar of Chicago captured fourth with 301.22 by taking three games from Chicago's Joe Wilman, one of them 299 to 226, Final standings: N»mr W ball quickly on an interception, and bratcd tail-back and Art Wcincr, . . . . i ,. u4 ft LLki i,iiii~iju*«rki IT.IJU j^-i/ 111^111^1. Thompson-carrying the ball three ... foo r oul .. lllcn cnd wl _ 0 docs times himseir-dirccted Ins team to j cvcrythinfr asked of „,_• A l]-Anicri- Ican. To combat thc presence of these itwo gentlemen. Oklahoma presents the Cardinal two where the game ended. Neale said Thompson "was the Acaje sam yompson was ^"-| Pflu i .. Bud d V -Bun-is, unanimous All key. He called almost every play and Am0] . ican Jelcstion at guard nnd called them rigr.t. ,.,.,. >/fif-i, n n /Mi-ct-.i^riinr- "T" Syracuse will ' be competing in jymnastics for ilv, second season | this winter. Jack Mitchell, outstanding 1 "T" quarterback. A darkhorsc to watch is North. Carolina's I-Iosea Rodgcrs. Loii Siibnn one each, James two piracies led in rapid orded to a pair o:' touchdowns by Edgar (Special! Delivery) Jones. j IMotlcy Tallies Tlirec Times Colella's theft provided thc impetus for a five-yard Marion Mot- Icy touchdown sweep. Motley's third of the cold, snow-bound day, and Saban. interceptiong, took the ball ail the way himself, racing back 39 yards for the final score of the day. As for the fumbles — George Young picked up. one and ran is yards to tally. Lou Rymkus fell on another, and moments later. Motley gunned 29 yards off left tackic for a. TD. Then Buffalo, marching 80 yards on the passing of Jim Still, scored its lone touchdown on a ten-yard nss from Still to Alton Baldwin. who madc a frightening catch in the end zone. That, it turned out. was a mistake, too, because it got thc Browns mad .ill over again. Dub Jones brought: the Bills' ensuing kicko.T back <l(i whose occosicnnl passes nllow for yards, and then Motley crashed bounds maneuver, Einll Sotynk, But-j, Icr guard, rammed in Obcrhaus.i middle man i:i thc Duke screen.! and then shoved him backwards with | both hands. Cooler heads and the (Continued on Page Jf» is a member of that minority group. Thc onetime LuSiallc lltR'h stnr L:icklc, now regular defensive R'liurd on Carl Snavcly's (Continued on Page 15) i Continued on Pane 15) Madison, WIs. .. 39 x-Afldy Varlpftpa. Hfaps'.catl, N. Y. 35 ittvc Sajy, j-Eudd.v Bomar. Clilc:.i:o :l 1-BiU ricscl-., Los A-pflca .... 36 Jor V.'ilman. Tot.lPlns PH.: 13,681 3i:.31 13. AIT 307.2" 13,184 305.34 13.IT: 30i.:2i 13,214 300.H j 13.131 300.01 | 13,046 :B5.AO i just the (itft for him , CS1CJSO ........ 31 i-.\nt;y GtiHj. Mlln-nullpc ...... 31!= DC'b 13,151 205.26 I i;:-Joh^ Crlinnilni, Dclroil . ........ :-l'. i-Etl Kai\o!:cs. i Chicago ....... IS 1 .: 31!= 13.353 :s7.-'S : Stun Sloawnsii, , T^~ Kirchncr. Lo-jisvlllr. Sy. Car: S^cc:-, C!:;ca:o Gfrrv And;racn Slollnr. Ill Kiv Cinicliu, Cleveland x — £?lfa point. xi;— T^'o rxtru points, 31 33 1Q.607 :3-1.17 ' 12,107 270.47 U. S. Will Flay .Hawaii In IAF Ton nicy Finals LOS ANGELES—J/Pi—It will be Hawaii gainst the United States in next Sunday's finals of the International Aniatcur Football Tournament. Hawaii beat Mexico, 37-0, Tester- day. The American team walloped Canada. 43-0, Saturday. Thc Hawaii-M e x i c o encounter ' wound up in a flurry of fist fijht.s o hall minute before it ended. But Sjterward everybody shook hands to restore international good will. GATES GLOVES LUXURIOUS FUR LINED DEERSKIN OR CAPESK1N IN FOUR COLORS... to Wool Lined Gloves from . . 4,9J> Natural Pigskins from . . . 4.95 uouna* mens snop /I5B/ILTIMOREST ' If HE Has A WE Have His GIFT Krf Noblo Wind Deflectors pr. $9.90 ||' 'T *r* S>? Fog Lights pr. SI4.45 |>$ ijjjrf Chrome Wheel Discs, set of 5 S14.50 || *jf • Safety Spot Light 518.35 Jf || Santoy Scot Covers set $36.75 J§ ^ White Sidcwall Discs 59.95 iff W & &, Tissue Dispenser (with tissues) S2.50 m %4 Windshield Washer S6.25 J f ^L* 1C License Plate Frames (2) $2.95 <& Service Dcpt. 28 N. GctJjc St. Soles Room, 205 N. Mechanic St. ARTI WAUTY ' S C AT THE L-0-W-E-S-T PRICES FREE DELIVERY Phone 5281 Complete Line of MINATURES Scotches, Bourbons, Ryes, Benedictine, Cordials, Gins, etc. * * * CIGARETTES Xmos Wrapped "f / Carton .... I« WHISKIES • Stli Walkers DeLuxe ... 5.05 Glenmore 5.06 Canadian Club 5.59 Seagrams V.O. . . ;. . 5.38 Old Granddad .6.80 Old Taylor 6.80 Old Chorrcr 5.70 SPECIAL DISCOUNT ON CASE LOTS Martin s Liquor Store Baltimore St. ot Western Maryland Crossing

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