Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 22, 1952 · Page 2
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 2

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1952
Page 2
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Mrs. Palmer. Mrs. Harms Are Honored Calendar of E%ent^ V if.-! '.- ?: 111.'" t.'.( *r '*. .'..•••* V I" . y yi,*— i *,.> •• • • 1 y X~'.v V.M:-..A. ' . •-'I Ti;.; • I.J- 1 '..\\.\:.\ .... . ' • '•• ..• •.I"'? i :r.> ..... :. ..; , ... . ... ...... ... i.:.! xCri >..,>:: : .i > j.t.t.'.Ui. .i-.n, ii • I,'..'. i 'f .'i Personal 'Hit;.;''; 'i^'V - •'' f rtn.f" "iii.''.ivn. \rif^tr^ m ^ JXU^H t tW''': 'iMc-.ii'l I. •-•-,* tii;jrt'-^it!. lWi»t tit iTtit H'.-i.n -.iiu m^irt'-^slt " nil'- i'M a I r'V (n'»- I ttiitl'.' '.'ill.: Milf.':' Iilii:- <*•*• :•* n-SH ttw 4\ 'AUt i*- V Mtff tiu*' ill •t.-i.'t I latMC-iitt 1"'* nun-* l^KH-v ' z"*^ iHtj'i" ••Mi»^**-*m ;fi»w ti '1 'U' • t X ti':':' R. C. BROWN f O.AT«-and-.St ITS COATS $23 $1395 7 0 30 M6 95 TO 40 *23 95 TO C N5 *26 95 70 55 ^29 95 Elegant SUITS at TKKKIFIC ICKDI'CTIONS ^23 ^15 Viil. TO $35 $2295. V;il. $40 $2395 Vul. 'I'C *45 »26'^ Viil. TO ^ 55 *39'^ Viil. t 1.:.; <••'•', .f "'{•»•,' ,:,.T •..t .-.iv.''- ' W-i--'"^^' 1.1.'. M.'-'-.' "'• .-; : in: i;. 1 ; V -.. •. 1. > ; v. ul- :• • : ir:-i v-.i: r .i • v 1 1 Ml.<•-.;• i.i -.r^--^- •-.i.' •.••.•.•.1 V-.'. ..I;.' ::;r.: ; 1. •.. 'VM- -Jt.' iU.'.i--' ; •.•'.•.:.'.,•.< :-. • • -.r..- ^i-.l I.V.I-.'' • -. • .-..ii •'• w:-t..:.: v.; -.i.i.- w. —1:;..-.I..: V!:i^ M .jivn •. :i -.pi,. n.i '•n:r lui .i'..:tir I.. >—i..:.;t.- f ".'•—.i. t'nvHt;i7 ).'• .'•*":i'.r.'-. t.' u'.ni^t'.u'.i'.iv.w i;^..*v H i>.-ii',.'- :•' -•~in\x Uit laHtur .u -.r. i^.'T ^.vri r.l'.-k'.ii.t*:* " :i".'"t r:*'Ul.*- IIi '.'l. i:5'»**"'- v.;r.;: i»;u;**—1 v-v.; S..-.•»••!..> .-. " v .r .r_-.,.r5 •-Ti^ 7':.* v^ii^ •..•r.'..•V^'t v I -.I '.iuiiiT -x ~Iai--t. v.;-' .'•ji.,'. ICc;-..':.' S.-,w.-«. •Ul.-. iit-j >.v rii .-:r :>".ti. 5Ci .".i.- -.•..."•..>.•< •.' -.-.J ?-_-..-j»rf-)r>.r. i-.-i.-^' i.:.'. •>..!.-..-..»; J<.,.M F'.v '"*.•.;«.-..•. ». • i -r>».->r .-VW". f.'.i^ i.- -;.4.---. v-.^.-•^x- •i>s-j»r Mm .:-^^».-wv- K-i O.-.-. W-.Ki.-- - :• i.-ji v.n FiA K^ifTr.T.^ ir».-. a.•.-> «••..-.-.•-,..*..•._« -iffr.^r. -ii->r« '1:1 •.•>j^< -.. 5',.-r.m.'. p<• f *;v.- Frvf.-. -.-.^ r.-.>'.rr.';i!: div.-r; ; -.••s^.-.**: --. •.r .'r -h."S<lr»r. 'i-i-' ; ' 't.'--.- '.irr.*: v.. r.'.r-.,^- r.'-.'T >. c^V. c^r^f.T.^. To f • ••i- '..».«. h:rtr. »Ttp!orr »rS <iv-| • .'./•x.W ir./l r.T^T.r.y of ..i.-d {.^i.Ur.g It tr.-.'.'i:-/ , O.'.' -..-.f Tnc-.r.f-Tz i<.-p',.t<:<: tn^..' Wf f''-'.A.rsor. c.'iVir.':'-*! '.has > ; i.» .'Vi/i by cf.iidr'-.'-i and aduJw ir.'i .'.o •.mil: ;..-i.-t of th/; f;.-r. T -a.^' •.'.<• V.v.-;<..'..-.-, r,-j .'..i ;ir.d a-l; J.'.ir.» p.^/tjiio cr.:p-ii. »•.•:; i.-.'l {..-.;, vrr.:':.>-. v.-a.\' r.y !!.-» .:'••.-.'»/.r. Wi-«.< •".'ari- •r K.. il'.K.r^^y :.T.-\ Mr5_ Hii;-; A- V; > ir:' •:'•<'. r.u'. r.ap , '^..-i.-^.-, >.<•:<• orou?;-.'. back' ITun* fCliwIh Mkwt»» Ml vr.-i C' X.ian -vna .innnmiB 7 ii'iiliiT •"'mihif "ii .TiKinHnni it "if.i:-''i '.in!!' If 1ti« jtilar init lii.— KHT'.i'r-; 1 .C am: Uinmt.. • ••••r .i. .iin 11" iCS'r •v'ti. •.n 1 ii:i:>** jiiiiinnHii 3ii'nnnyr v:u< .r •,,ii,.vnii Tii 'uninir aii- i.;iif vi:t (.'"nr.iit 11 -jIh jBi-.v.nir i£ •in-.", v.-.iir vr;» K .-i. (DtnrH's SL'li If-iiT ^i'.i".itir.»« vt» •v.imnv 11' -.^iit uiri if--T Dr.mi'it •.i 'l-'-'it -:ti' •.iinHciiucuia ,vv-ir-t. r U'.ii'!' •^•riiit Xt>ni<t>n -via i rii":i" if 'Mt'- aBeli" .inii T:»(i:'r.tnnt l ru '«r. fSsrt. tjinittt TTM •narwtC ;»C tin iliiHt? if '•' •iT.rtir 17 "i.> iiiHr..»jm 11 IC.*". .•f.i;- r-'.r.oir-'s. Clliii.-'.«.i a:.!!u:l. W .-n .ii..:':-!it S;.'uta. it--' Snniiri ;.:i:.'!ir.n. K.-f. >^;>'.(t 5Gii!niv.Jt^!. 3t.-i. .W.f.r-, 3SJ1I. Sfei. SM East ««t 5t:i. iHt; ~nm.'!«. • •.<• Sa;Iv -fivi! S»*Hrt«fe9 .* itnat (if acit^ -:iunai«M iniul>> .t SuBy .lit^ninim artstuii'iri ts* Eainwncia. f^i- •r^^it Jir rjkt«r JC -jtjr ausacinji; is TiiJi- Mtt t<\r.»A i£tt£ tiift .ifiift mKmfiHVv A'-.iiii iu 'i * jift Sur Sfes, Tini ^..17- v»r» i^gcuitatil. TTtea. J«!W ?aa <iH^ jx-r^ * cailtt aa* * .feamn- trj-iij'.a .m "'Pniiearm.'" Mfa. S*n- i.'-r.i «t«it!iiiii stoBE >ika<7iu£ Oil! ,;;U« 5a acids* &rcsaii ioJit ^i w-tys- » gairfri-rn%.. Vaseti •gSsssaa Tmr" ••s. ijKi Sfrt BiSitrf >{ifi- Jtiot-r sal f>ffnu/hti •f;3n 1. Tl. 'il>lllilvii ;-c» t;-. » 111* aiiinn Ji; T 'KU- un< ftnrni .-t tHiirH Jt -n^. -.mi <«'i tnVilr ^i.r •*:C !T. AfUlb at'vrm Ik. itlimn^ < ,1. 11. k>- Ml' '. V. .".'r iii.l. Ti- inmrr.iiii Jit;'h; Imnn-tiin Mui iil ifiiiim-i tiiic iiitiniKn^ ht ii-»«i>tv. '•iimim' ttu 'Vtnno f n. n. 1;; iiiil, ,''injn»'i 3in *it inu nil ;m :ini. %ip!it *tar irfillr' y>t mr. %. r ,» .n ,w Z -). -n. X:: ;hi Unn" 11 ^!:-v -..tir i:'">!i 'i ..i. oa .i -.111 "Wmt : -f- :in'i '!'.t in Slnth"- •? " Z..:tl 1. n. li ;ti- :<{•• mi! l.lvi- •£ml<'>-u, ^immi • 'iJliil 'ilfjir'trs., " .III ). -n. -ii! liimir 11: 3t-H. Tj -T -i fliiiiu lTj* ""-^iir^:! S .it:;» * t. n, »li< iMiiiii ;r je- (..lit *<1i-l»«t>> M-ioWlHt hiTt: uni luw: *i»wi»H«i» i.n|?it>i Mtu; XT'* i .f. 11. It". t)it 5i (»:n .»i;',HniMj. i r-UiJ. lit" llj. -'"rtUimnnn Jiv r.hi filfit-i r'iirri.'- J:'.'(..n/tf .'i' - ri' •n;.*.- i :*ah ^nilk. Iowa, DaUr Newj nmrjv. May gZ. 1958 2 For Athlete's Foot frT'J toe*. Witch •i!.-..i. r.'.-:. r 7-t-L from i--^ ?Ty k IQatl^ Wwfl At t^bfrville Dnig Stow n-iwtitSt h-"ttnt ntrtipM?^. it-H. 7'iiJinao Su-un. W—I. ~.,iip'r i'aanii-vii«- jna but: tt uiit fliii Lait ?iniitLiH Ooiiia><e •Soi '-iE liMV Til' ^-.ii-iii' If Khh :^>".^um^. Slaui- ».r'--,r v-ui a.ufi".!-'. •ur.M inuiir _HC. --!« :iHr. if ~U' ir-^utiiaC p.'^- i!t Tgnrr.TTir Sir- -tm ^•nuit- •jn If r-jn.-.:!in H :itirar. j 'l ilj~t. Eighth Grade Graduation U Mav 28 L»:tij«?is iiarch. crti i.'-: Ajr*rt^ci: Trttfc Mn. 5.tT*7t La* 1:1 isa-.di'jtii'. ba«rt*9it ' 4ay"* ni««ttc^ Sb* r <ad "Tfc* fScr-- '}f 3. i'/r^ SLiV.^ irfcict Kn. P_ I^: AJVr a nv.t^ f>>'3r -"-i' !»'' to Vf .-•». Er:.T.*T AiiSJ *i4 <ti.;- - g'ttU-T ilr-a. W R AiaiiJSTVjev Mri.; Mm E'.rt Erak-^-MS. Mr» Tiir- Ev. : BY JCEav joax vx£xr« Kc; looj. Stfa. «eb «iuS Tti ynd* ; F'3p*!a; iddreaa. Rer. Tuiasr F J Fe!t*n. Jacksoa; Jire-n iii l£»r- lec* Cot, prc3«&3a£ia« iiaa* Vt^o Fredertck3«t:; pc«*»iiti»e R .\. Oi«.>r. gni* ir» Kart^oe Cox C*roi UH-; rsct, R'/r^T Johasc-s. Le »T» Oiroc • Ea^irf Barrfrti*. A/I.-ias Pcycjir Jaaic"* P<ti»n*^, Mary AEni-roa*. • JKUlt<-T.. r,.nid \Casirf. UtvA] Robber Takes Tii»e To Feed little Baby S :.«<*r Tacit 3«ac? ZZ' 3'—A 1'* litriTfl'if *'*yT -.-.r.ii jcmittioiii 1 tL^i. H< TTU ty 2»» pcpfii from i>ssE»E2 •Jroc ti* trofhy with '222' P»tci«; p.»-<T3bcj? ?I5 po:=ti tod =-L:i 1^ 4a£. ••H* irftfda iit =3i tec" iOii Dr. Terrj' I. Anderson OPTOMETRIST S'XC'CmSOT so Dr. R. C Biggs Or-r KiT,rci^ Coccty B»ai ©ifVe« Pisoce 43J CSoaed Suardaj- AAercoon Wliy did HermOT Peters buy a new Cose S,C Tractor? Hermcm says: I Eke the quick-dodge, non-shock steering and the v.?.y :t handies. even on plowed or rough ground. I also like the smooth oil cushioned chJtch. Like all Case tractoi-s (this isn't my first one) its traction is outstanding. The big, mgged four cylinder motor has plent>' of po^er for the toughest jobs . . . and will do it with a minL-tium of fuel. I have owned a Case VC tractor for il years so I know I can e.xpect long, trouble-free service and \-er>- low maintenance cost. Why not see this tractor at B 'B Implement «e SERVICE Esthcr\iUc, Iowa what we sell'' Phone 19-; 9i«lMo< Picnic Ma J ». pjeuif •jrill ix! heirj Thursday. May J 2S. at :h* j.-r.03! grOundJ Ever-' Jir.^ \z. ;'f.- f.oir.cauEi'.y U i/;v!t><J to aj;*Bd. Anyor.* not receiving a ibfi from lh» comtaitt** may bring cnrn sacdiriches. dishes, sJlv(>r and a c<iv*re«l diiih- Farm Barma to Mfvl. The Petersburg Farm Bureau will meet at the school Tuesday *v- [ frning. May 27. The topic for the j evening ij "Oraw En»ilage." Tho*e [ on the program committee are L.eonard Pluth, Lloyd Nashy and ; Jo* Haugland. R»-Jreshment committee members arf Reuben Meyer. Oouglai! Knobe. R. G. Haugland and Roman PaA«. .TffrnhOlcwi UAJ (U of the eWrlj hinetegfi fflftdSdrmi Mcail part in our modern habit* of tiring. LittI* medicin* in idd the** daji from th« tailboard of a «a |;on. Th« public hat learned that when illneaa cocMt, the tafe pro« ce'iuro i» lo te* a phjtici«n. Remember, aiwaya, that your phTiician it gorerned bj honeat method* and ethical prin< aple*. Plac« jounelf in his care and rely implicitly oa bii judgment. If he preacribe*, bring hit.p/tc VXifiiPa* to Ul for filling. ^ Estherville Drug G>. "Your Comer Drug Store" : Pftenitrarg I'entonal.*. ; Mr. and Mrs. George Roggow were Sunday supper guejta at the j Bud Pasjt home. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Paulson visited Saturday afternoon ai the Walter PauUon home getting acquainted with their new grandson. David Alan. The Walter Paulson's have ti*'o other sons. Ronnie and Bobbie. A family picnic dinner was enjoyed at the AJvin Knutaon home Sunday. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Victor Spltzburg and Carol of Dalton. Minn.. Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Synstelien. Alphlld and Richard. Mr. and Mrs. Carl S>'ns- tclitn. Connie and Calvin, Mrs. Floy* Hennlck and Patty Ann. Mr*. Harold Synatclien, all from Jackson: Mrs. Birdie Herbr»nson, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Merbranson aa4 Vtlcbacl, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hcrbranson and j[amily, Mr. and Mr*. Mtiton Martinsoa. Donald aitd ^j^rry. all from Estherville. The i Victor UpitsburK family are moving j fron^-Daitoo, Minn-, lo CalUomla. Mr. sAd Mrs Alvin Kputson and •ooii. vUit«d at tb<; ^dle Soucek hool* ftonday evenins'. Satan Chained for 1,000 Years You are cordially invited to hear thi« great Bible prophecy explained in all of its fullness. On Friday, May 23 at 8 p. m. at the Estherville \ Seventh-day Adventist Church 522 So. 10th St. Boaullful Colored Sacred Films — Go.spel Singing — BRING YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS — J-OLJTIC.KL Aln-KRTISK.MKXT P01.1TIC.^L .\DVERTI3El€EXTr To The Voters... It seems that many lax payers ;vro conVvvsod as lo the manner by which they are levied. All cities. towTis. school districts, townshijis, county assossois and county board of supervisors make its own individual levy each fall for the fimds needed upon which to operate the coming year. This is IuiiukI over to the county auditor for distribution for each fund, then to tho county ti ^asurer for ctjllection after January first and before April first, at which time the first half of the year's ta.xes are due. This money is deposited in the various banks by the county tivasurer for all taxing bodies. The treasurer then issues orders to the schools and the corporations according to the amount of money ho has on hand and is sent to them to use as they see advisable. The Board of Supervisors sets the counl\' levy in tho same manner, which lev>' today is 8.368 mills, or .412 mills niori) than thii>> years ago. So. the coimty levy today is not quite one-half mill more than It was three >-ears ago. Wth the advance of everything else, I btiicve this is I'cal ocxmomy. Do you know that before we engaged the Cli'iiu-nshaw apprai.sal firm, we consulted with the City Council. Farm Bureau, School lioard and dozens of farmers and business men, and they asked tlic l ^nard of Supervisors to hire a firm to re-appraise the entire county. The aiipnii .sai was made and it was approved by the State of Iowa. Nearly every County in the State has had ic -appiiil .sals made, some by appraisal fimis and others by individuals. Do you know that the Board of Supervisors li-l the I'lslhcrville (."ity Council draw on its Farm to Market fund to the extent of giiulin« and gra \"ei- ing from the south City limits past Fort IVfiancc, lo School Section Creek, which amounted to about $(>,G00,00? Do you kno)v that Saturday, March 22ii(l, llic llinc u\ ihe luuxi snow storm, the County had thirteen snow plows working on lhi< highways, and on the foUovving Monday moroing all of tin? county roadH were open'to tmffic, and a few days following, of the snow had been pimhed linck? Tliat is the service the public demands, and thai Is the ncivIc *.' tlu'.v luc recolvlng fixmi the County Supervisors. Do you know tlvat 1 was one of a tKmunltloi' ot foui', (iiiiutlided bv the MAyor arid "City Council of IMhervlllo, to eiulenvor lo hnve ilu< t\>ntrul Anv-' nue l^ridge taken care of In 11)50, and to have llu^ Kliilo ii'luiiKI (Vntrul Aw- nuo from City limit to Clly Uiult In 11151? We wi>re fiucceHMiul In Ih)Ui en- deavoi*s. < Do you know that I was one of a ooininlUei' of clglil, which lieli)ocl coi\» solidate tlie American Legion and the Vi)U >riuiM of FoioIkii WarM, hi oitlerto purchase the home thoy now occupy? Seventeen years of experience through liad llmeN mul »,„„| ..,|ih ti,» ft^ ture always uncertain, should mean somothlnK lit o|mm..II « 1'I "Ji'l,^^ ness concern In the county—the County llmilf, "'HWOSl busl. Now that you have time to check lhosi> 8luUMmnijB inul riHuioR iK^fotv election, and If tliey mean anything lo you voIoi'h, I would iipprpclHto >wa> .support at the Republican Primary on June 2i«l. K. 1. llllcirs^loii

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