The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on February 4, 1967 · Page 2
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 2

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 4, 1967
Page 2
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V-i, ",«?£'-V /«;*>*-,', • , *» i H»* Ji 3EStiL 1 &»iL.tLA CflfnM TMRNfli Albert danfe ot Clark* Meat the week «at a) tat nnseofUs daornter. Mr. KM Mrs. Tom 97ni OTTOSE3W«rs. CaroHne Tel* ford celebrated her S»7thbirfhday at the Stoset Manor Rest Bone a! Rt4fe Sbaday. HerdaagVer, Mrs. Ed Yoa Bank. pmttM tae birthday cafce. The after read- deets of tbp borne were coffee gxtests at the party, aloof with Mrs, Telfenfs relatives mi friends. Those aHeadiag from Ottnsen were Mr. aad Mrs. Soy Tel ford, Lam-reat* TelfOrd. Mr. and Mrs LeRoy Worby and daughter's Mrs. Ess* Ctioeer, aad Mrs, W. G. Cooper. Mr. and Mrs. Merle HalsrwJ aad fair visited at «w DonaM Smlffebwae itGflmoreatyMoa. dtr n^b! to see their new baby Mr. aad Mrs, Ltnhari HoMen also attended the Grain Dealers Contends! at Des Motnes fron Sunday autfl Wednesday. Mrs. W. EL Roaderttnark ot West Bend called OB ner ancle, Wxtsos SrutoerSs Saaday afternoon. aad on Ssomt Srotaers, She and Miss StruSiers went OB to visit at a» Albert Thorsee borne. The Ladies Rural Qab met Ttmrsday for an aD-day meeting at the Sais Kroof home. The busfcsnds were also dinner raests. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar wmums were Saturday &%trt visitors at the wniitm CbanCand hose at wJl w^WH UJUjej •* *e Aw. m«nm s , feiner? J. , 28. *f De * J Injured in dead end accident at Humboldt Mr. and Mrs. LaareJ Worster attended the Lucky IS card party at OK Ted Beafcmia home at Bradga^ SondaT sight Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Williams ve?e Stiaday nigist visitors at the Seal CSsoas. " Mrs. O'ianns Vioaas spent the v««k end at a» T S. Pogness fecae? at BcmlsAR. Mr. aasj Mrs. Neal OSsoa vere Wednesday aigiaJ visitors at tbe Erliag M*2miBS. Sondav nlgnt Mr. aad Mrs. Harold Wallace of GQE»re City and Mr aad Mrs. Bernard Jacobs of Brad- gats *ere gwsts. Mr. aad MTSL Eugene Hoflns •«« Saaday diuaer pwsts at dw Alf Lee home at Stratford. Ear-oat* borne, tJwy called OE Mr, sad Mrs. Knot Oppedahl at Hcm- Mr. art Mrs, Randy Wabwm and *eHy ot RiMwMI w«r* Ttnrsday visitors it On Allan Wtbjeas. to Ike aMenoos, the women and cMMren w»re ooflee guests at the Ed Grtna beane. Mr. and Mrs, Louis Jaoobwn visited at tte Howard hone day and Thursday. Mr. aad Mrs. Bernard Carte* and firefly of Gflaore City were Friday night visitors at tne D*r- rell Jones bone. Mr. aad Mrs, Erliag Malmla were Thursday night visitors at B* John Sielken borne at GD- tnsre City and Saturday night visitors at the Orvflle Kmdsens of Dakota City. Mr. aad Mrs. Byron Naeve and famQy of Bradgate were Friday aight sapper guests at the Laarel Worsters. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Larson were Stmday dinner guests of Mrs. Leona Duiel at HumboMt Mr. aad Mrs. Edward Ztenel and Mr. aad Mrs. Louis Jacobson aad daughters were Sunday eight supper guests at tat Richard Kranse hone at La Verne. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Wehr- spmnn visited Mrs. Dora Block at West Bead Friday oigfct Mrs. Louis Bearikson of West Bead was a Friday night visitor at tne Donald Usher home. Mr, aad Mrs. Rex Wflson of Bsmboidt were Sunday afternoon visitors at the Mike CoyJe some. Mr. aad Mrs. Richard Christiansen and Jaoa and Mr. and Mrs. Sherman SQbngfa sad &UB- fly of Hnaboldt; Mr. sad Mrs. Harold Dale sad Debbie of Dakota City, aad Mrs. Has Dale of Bode were Sunday night supper goests of Mrs. Jennie Brafland. Mr. and Mrs. Nick De Francisco of Des Moines spent the week end with ber parents, Mr. aad Mrs. Roy Jacobson, Mr. aad Mrs. Merle Halsrod and Jady visited Mrs. Mlna Wehr- spann Thorsday night Naomi Stmtbers was a Saturday morning caller at the home of Mrs. Phyllis Jrtmww, at Altona. Mr. aad Mrs. Edgar Meyer snd funny of Algona were Son* day aigtit visitors at the Kerralt Fowwr home. Mr. and Mrs. Duwayne Benge and family of Bradgate were Sonda; dinner guests at the Merle Halsrads. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Edwards and family of Forest City were Sonday dinner guests at the Mike F rowings. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Orimrn of Cylinder were Sunday afternoon visitors at the Carroll Olsons. Mr, and Mrs. Sara Dyer of Ayrshire were Saturday night topper guests at the Rav Pentico home. Other evening visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hof- fcrt of Emroets*wrg. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Olson attended a birthday pot-luck dinner for his brother, Henry Olson, at Bradgate Sunday. Twenty three guests attended from Lu- Verne, Corwith. Bode, Ottosen. and Liver-more. Mrs, Warren Whipple of Hnm- boldt began teaching the first grade Monday. She succeeds Mrs. Hflbert Mlxdorf of Bode, who resigned. Hello World Mr. and Mrs. Harold Overgaard of Dakota City are the parents of a son weighing eight pounds, nine sad a half ounces, born Thursday. February 1.1967, at Lutheran Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Fuller of Humboldt are the parents of a nine pound, two and a half oanee baby boy born Thursday. February I, 1967. at Lutheran Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hanson are the parents of a baby boy born Saturday. January 25. at the Clarion Hospital. They have Mother chOd. Charleae, S. Mr. Hanson is employed on the Herman Krause farm. a wind-op bear, sad he hopei someone winds Mm so that be can get home. Finally that Is fust what a passerby did. But since a wind-op bear CM oaiy go straight ahead Swrwood hid to walk through the too. through a pond and right through traffic. Furthermore he had to get home before his motor ran down. The author has made hit own inimitable pictures of this loving bear. An easy to read book is written by Lynn Sweat named "duck, the Captain's Chicken," Together the two friends sail the seas. Clock has a nose for gold, and one day it leads them to a small island. Cluck's Instinct Is infallible and there Is treasure on the island. Also there is an obstacle, and it is sitting on the treasure chest. Children will find Cluck's solution to the problem delightful and her reward from the captain appropriate and satisfying. Another easy to read book is "The Oh Ball" by Gertrude Es- pensebeid. Children will love the humorous pictures which with only one word "oh" tell an endearing and funny story of how a prince, his dog, and his bird finally tame the lively ball with their affection. National Safety Award presented Richard Klnsetb OTTOSEN-Mrs. Hasel Benson, postmaster, presented Richard Klnseth, rural mail carrier, with an llth year National Safety Award tor sale driving, Thursday. These awards are given each year to the carriers who have no driving accidents during the year. Keith Strayer, lay pastor of the Presbyterian church, gave his parisbloneers an oyster ste* dinner following Sunday services. Masonic Loll* meets. Zlofl LMto* GUM meets. Serving, Cora Laird, Evoane Cooper, Carole Loaning, Bert Klrrhhoff and LlHie Thompson. The Friendly Birthday Club meets it 1:SO p.m. at the home of Marjorlo Crook for a Valentine party with a K cent gin eichange. Beulah Miller wot have foe reading and Marie Adams will have the program. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8 Humboldt Duplicate Bridge Club will meet at Humboldt Trust Community Room. The Beaver Ladies Club will meet Wednesday, February 8, at the home of Mrs. Mae Verbrugge at 109 South Fifth Street with Mrs. Haael Kirchbof as co- hostess. Mrs. John Martin of Martin and Miller Home Interiors will speak on home decorating. Secret pals will be re- veiled. Women's Relief Corp meets. A. I C. meets; hostess, Oen- evleve; program. Marjorle; topic, Famous Presidents. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 9 Golden Age Club meets at 1:SO p.m. at the courthouse. Staffs Fuerel HOMO Hcrl*w 24 HM» Ptt«w 112-1247 Mltlwttl OMki »•» Any *•• ctal *Ur •• Obtained PMIE •! *• Pvmrvl MM*. Book by former Humboldt resident added to library tt, ol De osjerwd «*ity W&i«^.^^«r rtonary Ms car n> off a de«! esd stieet sad • Into * -fnciie mmjnujit at the TstfwSlB he feat lost School •I Mission hold JM. 29 ot Da. C. heal «Mr last Ifrfrrtl w«r« gtieA by Be*, topic. C. S, aowrrtj * Mr*. Marina Boat! fcjltaifl _ MRta w*s gifts by Be*. C. Vltar Ifealaa! -, : - . Bar. aaf Mrs. Steml afBiHuH aft* *TJL Onav awt siaraana wtth Mrs. Putts 1 R fcriptere was gtwea fey DasaM Dow**. *rrs- feuiei lifted k and Qeveath sUeeis by the two block jifisie park, Q^oce ffi ScaEstx SBD 9c£uiltL MDs, where be received aedi- csl atteation from Dr. Ivss Stautts before being takes to the Fort Dodge Lsiaersa Hospital Wednesday afieraooa by Ms tatber. Jim Sargeat of Hoabofett. where hejmdsrweotdeatat ssr- gery Tfcausdsy zamuiag. ffiy condition was listed as satisfactory Thursday. Be had arrived ta BamboMt Monday to visit his father wboo: be bad not seen fa CO years, Tney had pjaaaed a trip to Des Moiaes tor Wednesday. Pobee Depart~ s-at. doctors'' ofHee fat a dased eoa- Tne departaMct dls- a» ataear and esPed a of fite -^ toaoot Tkf ear is s total toss, toPciieeCk«L.W. _ Ufaat taUHr.iw ' to ftlfr 'tows, 'witsf t'OocKipd ^Art •'^•l^£ "3> t ^Lf tl » i • • n oa^i ^g^J* •ff^*jn»[^^ 'CV jSOKf otsCcA, uSKft^f* ter stow, two vtars, aad t base. Tte bm vss bzoiVfcfi i& ttizec IBBCCS nfedlg ftg rcisiilas.!^ pieces SBparstfetf tS, -tS3c j^^jTig' susis. found HO fcet east of tat base of (Q£ OfHiBiM. UPPSIfffTT-la^l Whea iastaUed K vesrs ago, 54 feet east of tne intersectjoc of Third Avenoe Kara aad Sorfli SeveaQt Street, flse menxtrial raessered spproirirrately five feet &iga aad ten feet loag. Al Hadar, a member of tae park board, said as estimate of 12,500 had bees made on complete replacement of tae raaoo- meet Be said it Bad not bees determtaed if repairs could be made to tne amnameat Oder members of tae park board are Mrs. Loeise Brandsraard aad 5. T. WorftJagtoa, wao Is csr- reaQy varattmrtg is Florida. Mrs. Allan Wttaea aad chfld- res were Moaday afternoon visitors at fise Robert Waeenter home aear West Bead, Mr. and Mrs. Saymoad Bor- ko*-sii and daag&ter w»re Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Etta McConnack at Bode, Otter faests were Mr. and Mrs, Robert UcConsack and Mrs. Chris. AldersoB aad soo of Rutland^ Mr. and Mrs, Elmer Eriekson of Hoctean were Monday night' visitors at tae ROT F™""li y«*«. and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Eaack- spa of Hombohtt were Thursday mgjjj T^S*tO3TS, Mr. aad Mrs. A&tone Speich and Ed-win were Sunday afternoon aad sapper guests at the Paul BersiagBass borne at Ft Dodge. Mr. aad Mrs. Lasrel Worster were Saturday dinner gnests at the borne of ber mother, Mrs, ABaaHoaaa! ^ "Mary Meade's Modern Homemaker Cookbook" by Ruth EDen Cbsrcb. a former Hnmboldt resident vno has been on the staff of the Chicago Tribune for many years, has been added to the aMt department of the public library. This is a cookbook designed for those who v»ttocook well, cook qotetty, and enjoy aooking. The recipes OK coo- vedeace foods, mini canned and froaen foods. Each main dish recipe is accompanied by a list of foods which go well »ita It A suitable wine is also suggested. Thus vhen a main dish is selected tte entire meal is planned. Loots Nlser, author of "My Li* in Court." has written another best seller, "The Jury WM itt Issue drrttrs Mr. aad Mrs. James Barber aad Rhonda of West Bead were Soaday night sapper gnests at the IntMCM Mi Olvis Hang home, !•!»•»•» 9m Mr. and Mrs, Allan Wataem were Wednesday afternoon visitors at the Barry Bsrkwe Jr. node at Cylinder. Mr. aad Mrs. Jerry Psalsoc aad fsiafly of GOmore dry were Saturday night visitors at the Darrel Jones borne. Returns." This famed law)-er presents four cases in vhich be fights vallently for human right under law. One of them is a divorce case stowing the moral depravity and legal confusion infesting divorce In America. In another he defends a convicted murderer who be believes has undertone a miraculous rehabilitation. In a third he, wins the acquittal of Roy Freubauf accused of bribing the teamsters union. And the fourth tells of the case of John Henry Faulk. who reputation and livelihood had been ruined by a black-listing campaign carried on by an anticommunist pressure group. New children's books of interest include "Snerwood Walks Home" by James Flora. This colorful picture book story shows and tells of Sherwood being left in the park in the rain. He is Social Calendar Courtesy of SIEVERS FUNERAL HOME MMMI MONDAY, FEBRUARY 6 Past Noble Grand meets. Humboldt Chapter No. 147 of the Order of the Eastern Star will have a School of Instruction starting at 12:30 p.m. Mrs. Peggy Hauswirth of Havelock will be the Instructor. Inspection will be at 8 p.m. Refreshments-will be served in the dining room. The Wesieyan Service Guild Prayer Meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the Royal Prayer Room at the Methodist church. Mrs. Dale Christensen will lead the devotions. TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 7 Legion Stag at Legion basement. Chili supper, entertainment door prite, admission. $1. R01T INSURANCE AGENCY A GLANCE AT THE PAST 0. J. Cayaw retired from coaching at Livennora at Aa and of tha 1954-55 school year. Allen Korslund of near TKor wat namod the Humboldt County outstanding young farmer In 1955. Dick Cogg wai manager of the Hwnboldt twinning pool In 1955. SEE US FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS PHONE 332-3*77 Iowa Higtvay PatrolmaB Wfl- lis R. Zabd annoan'od today that the HnmboWt Coonty Coorttoos* wffl be ehMBd Wednesday, Fob- rnary tt and Bat there wffl be no drivers Ueeaws isao»d OB tt*_day as it is George Washington's birthday. —sftajnjL a> asn ltwas«»- toVwatal aavM pot- Tas It * *tlaa> a mutatta, to i Tift. fMooer of % -* ^i ^WB^^F^^*w^Pw The modem fabric cyclas on a new gas dryer do more thin dry, They Iron, (Even taice care *,-,"> *»"-'^.^ , r ~ * >r ! ''.% -J- _ i T. Got A Financial Problem? Our (ond i«to ?/ GWe & ° Ann« ^° SOT ;"*ri |rl^.-' „ - » K>*h.v

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