The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on January 28, 1967 · Page 8
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 8

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 28, 1967
Page 8
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HOITM CINTIAI CONFEIINCIIASRITIAU A* of Jonuory 21, 1967 Cl*or Lok* ... Hampton Clarion W«bti«r City Eogl» Grow Humboldt ..... kswo Falls .... 10 7 7 5 5 3 3 0 Lett 0 3 4 4 6 7 7 9 All Gomel 10 9 9 6 4 5 1 CONFERENCE SCORING LEADERS 1 3 4 4 7 10 8 10 Confe ranee 'Up a Lay River' Total Tom Claude, Algono ........... 197 Milce Kalkbr«nn«r, Clorion 191 Craig Espe, Algona ........ 190 Bill McCoy, Iowa Falls ...... 151 Doug Marso, Humboldr . ... 158 Ken Grobinski, Clear Lake 155 Bill Brauman, Eagle Grove 153 Jim Elting, Cleor Lake .... 143 J. R. Zimmer, Hampton .... 141 Tim Shelton, Webster City 141 19.7 19 19 16.8 15.8 15.5 15.3 14.3 13 12.8 All Com*. Total Average 259 266 260 189 199 200 201 189 161 19.9 20.5 20 17 15.4 14.2 15.5 14.5 12.3 ON 1IKE-NEW CARS Prited to Sell Quick! THREE 7"fce Cfcordfcvsfc**?, srVown otrov* oj fft«y inf*rpr*rW "Up a Lazy River," were f»a- ef tfc» KuthtrrJ Commwtify Clvk <w*«»ino held WecWjrfoy evening, January 25, of the ftvffmrf M*mk*f* »t ffce onwp are, fer> fo rigAf, fln»e« WofiKm, fenor; Low/e Gorgono, fcoss; Ofe* Joiutson, l*W*r jfoowi, os Unc/e Ofck of KVFO-fV, Wo 1 ; anc 1 Sfw Morfin, fcorifone. "Un- eJ»" Diefc was also ffc« ?v*sf jpwker of ffce> evening. -Independent Photo. Ujql Notices MAYOR'S PROCLAMATION TO THE VOTERS OF DAKOTA CITY, tOWA: Toe will t».k* sotje* tis»l «n tfee Sgtfe day cvf F>taiMrr. ]$$*, > epeeial «lectloa will fee £»W IB tk» Town ft Dmkolm City, lew*, tot the POTTOS* pf iaS talttiBt to tii* vowrs ot said jeotlOB, tfee Question o{ jr«.i,tir-. c peay • f>«a«iil»* Jsi o«-», »i*r»t* end Mintais «a »]».-uic licit, beat, end po»»r plxn',, and dl«- trtVvUoa ud *tr*«t lichUsc »>.«- 1ea, UH! tr«.n»mi»Jinn list wltti- te th» »»W Tows lot i period (Tea t&e efr*rtl<r* i»t» of i&|« OtdteftBee uotll th» jli d»> of M*». ItM- At *>Jd clreUss Ut* IvmllM %o be ued will 1S«- atuK^taatixiiy (Notif* to V r s»rs: - FOJ KB klttreutlve \-ct» «a th« (otlr»in{ o^teettoa a«.k« & cro»s i;.X> ze&j-k or eheek r-'l In «h» sooar* kfttr tk. ward -YKS-. For > E »e.tiv, Tc»e Bake • slalUu eiui in th« >9«mi* foUcwtai li* word *NO-.> Shell the p«SiUc «•»*»!» eoat&lB- ed im ti« follc-»- IT! la« Qrdi&uce f—i peAtlmf lowm INO Pvhlie 5«rrlc« Jtk truck!**. OBDrSANCE NO. SO3 AX ORDINANCE GRANTING UKTO IOWA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY. ITS SUCCESSORS AMD ASSIGNS. AJTrHORlTT TO COSST»OCT. RKCQNSTRCCT, OWN. MAINTAIN AND OPERATE AfJ KUXCTRIC LIGHT. HEAT AND POWER PLANT, AND DBTRIBBTTO.N SYSTEM IN THE TOWJT Or DAKOTA CITY. IOWA. FOR A PERIOD FROM THE EFFECTIVE DATE OF THE OR- DOTANCE UNTIL THE STB PAT OF MAT. I»SS. AND TO FtJRXISH ELECTRICAL ENERGY TO SAID TOWN AXD ITS INHABITANTS FOR LIGHT. HEAT AND POWER PURPOSES. AND INCLUDING THE RIGHT TO CONSTRUCT A HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRIC TRANSMISSION LINE INTO AND THROUGH THE SAID TOWN PROVIDING FOR THE REGULATIONS AND CONDITIONS UNDER WHICH THE SAID RIGHT IS TO BE EXERCE5SP. AND PROVIDING FOR THE REPEAL OF ORDINANCE NO. TT- BE IT ORDAINED by ti>« Conoeit of !!><• Town of D»kol» City. Ic»». Sffctifra j. A no«-4xelu*lr* ffmocils* i» h*»by (tiv»a unto A* Io»« Public f*rvice COB>&ay. its succtssars «&4 »»«l^ns Si»r»ln«ft»r cut If i th* Crmutcf. for a p*rt;x! fnsia Ui» *ff*c«lv» of U>t# OrdmAac* uatil U\« iJijr May, !»$!,. ft«Hi mad T the »pprov»l of this OjJi- C« by !i» !es*l T-ot»r» of Ts5»a of DakoU Citj. Io"»», r tvn^truc t. reconsUucl. izs»ia- . »A<d io th« s-iii Town of Djikot* City. lo"-m. »aij Jo enter upon tfc» vti«et5. tv<.=u»«. »ll*vj u>d public pU^rs &ad t&erela, tbereaa, t&«re<usde; aad th*r«- crv*r to ccekAtruct, r«coo»truct, mAiat^bi usd op«r&te *A elec- trlr distribution syitcct aad street IletUnR sy*t*a to <ron- si»t of petes, wires, crossings, Bsy wir»». coedufts. »ad otter o«c»A»«ry c-Qn«tr-jct!OD. asd to fQml4h vlectfical enern- to s*!d Tows of DiJkoui City, lowm, uid lu tcJ-.»bit»nts for' ll»M, he»t, rawer u>d other purposes, and to owa. aatatata «ad operate a bticii «-olt*ce electric transmlji- sioa llae extending to a&d tiroBfii tie >ald Town frco poiats outsiiiv thereof. Section 3. The pole*, craa*- amur. wires, (uy w|r*« and other cosvtractloa «i>ov» crouad of •aid di»rrlbutioo aad »tr»et Hcbtiac >T<teei »i»II so far as pa*«ible b« erected In the alleys so a.s not uaoeeesstrily to interfem wltii Ac use of tie etrveu aad alleys of t&e. Town fry the pnblic. Svctloa 3. All construction taciadtnf bota ov»ri*ad aad «a- dercroufid coastnictloa shall b« in acoordaaee with the rales aad re<«IaUoos of the Iowa State Comniert* Commission and shall at all tlraes b« raalntalned In food repair so as to furnish efficient electric service. Section 4. The Grantee airves for and In behalf of Itself, Its lessees, successors and assigns. that all authority and rights In this ordinance contained shall at all times be subject to all right, power and authority now or hereafter possessed by said Town of DaJtota City, Iowa, to control and direct by ordinance or resolution the franchise herein granted and the manner in wMcH the Grantee shall use and enjoy the franchise herein gran- Ud. Section j. Said Grantee shall fully protect said Town from any and all claims of any nature whatsoever which may b« made against the Town by reason of the construction, maintenance at operation of s»id distribution system and transmission line. Section e. In the event that any person shall desire to move any building which will cause the removal of any of the poles and wires of said distribution system, the owner of satd build- in* shall make application to the Mayor, who shall fix the route and cause twenty-four (24) hours notice to be given to the owners of such distribution system. The removal of satd building shall b« at such hours as will p-ennit the least Interference with continuous service, the time ftxed to be agreed to by the applicant and the Grantee of titts franchise. The removal of the high tension line will not b* required If any other suitable route exists tor the moving of said building. Section T. The Grantee herein named shall have the rl«hl, under UM supervision of the Town Comacil. or such persons as the Town Council may designate, to trim or remove trees whenever necessary for the efficient operation of Its piant aad thf- furnishing of service. Section s. Upon the approval of this ordinance by the elector* of the said Town and Its acceptance by the Grantee, then Ordinance No. 77 is hereby repealed. Section ». This ordinance shall be In full force and effect from And after Its approval by the electors of the Town of Da- kola City, lows. »nJ Its written acceptance by the Iowa Public Service Company. Passed and AJopteii January 34. A.D.. 196T- Orvlile Knud.ipn. Mayor iS E A !.•> ATTEST: Judy Thompson. Town Clerk On the back of said ballot will be printed the following with the facsimile signature of the Town Clerk In the blank provided therefor: OFFICIAL BALLOT For Special Election on the Question of Granting a Fran- cnlse to Iowa Public Service Company. Dakota City, low* February 35. |96T Q. Sc-rO (facsimile signature of town clerk) Town Clerk At said election the voting place will be at Town Mall and the polls will be open from 5 o'clock A.M. until s o'clock P.M. Dakota City, Iowa ATTEST: '""^ 34 ' mT Judy Thompson. Town Clerk Orville Knudson. Mayor 1-39-4 Surprised Olaf Klevelands at houseworming HARDY-Friends and relatives gave Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Kiev-eland a hoasevarmlng Sunday- evening, January 22, It was a surprise aBair and the guests brought a pot- luck supper. Toe KJevelauds moved to a farm near Lu Verne recently. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Clancy, Mr. and Mrs. Lelaod Swan. Myral, Mychael and Marshall. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Braytoo, Scott and Steven. Mr. and Mrs. Dick SL Hefty and Mrs. Clyde Olden of Hardy; Mr. and Mrs. Gus Ante of Renwick: Mr. and Mrs. Eilwin Hofty of Lu Verne; and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Rasmussen, Steve and Kevin, of Goldfield. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lippolt and Mr. and Mrs. George Markman accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Dale Halverson to Des Moines Sunday to attend the Grain Dealer's Convention and returned home Wednesday. Mr. Lippolt is the manager of the Hardy Cooperative Elevator Company, and Mr. Halverson ami Mr. Marktnan are directors. Mrs. Anna Potter of Hardy. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Pool, Mrs. Laura Hippen. Mrs. Carl Kellin?, and Mrs. Ernie Pergande of Renwick attended the installation of officers of the Rebckah Lodge which was held in the Legion building at Humboldt Friday evening. 1965 Olds 4-Doof Clean onj Sharp TWO 1962 Olds 4-Deor Clean and Sharp ONE 1965 Brick Riviera Low Ml leave-Air New Tlrai Clean and Sharp ONE Halls' Hawker Q. What is the. percentage of >exes bom today? A. 1055 malts to every 1000 female*. Q. Is the lift insurant* premium high«r for women than for m«n? A. No, usually less. tnrarc wilk Ue Fred W. Hall Agency M5 1st Ave. N. HutoMt 1961 Dodge Phoenix Sharp ONE . 1964 Cadillac 4-Door A Real Nice One ONE 1964 Olds 4-Door and Sharp ONE 1965 Rambler Marlln 12,000 Ml let ONE 1964 Biick 4-Door Law Milaaaa-Alr New Tirei Clean ond Sharp ONE 1962 Chevrolet Pickup A-l Shop* ONE 1961 Cadillac Coupe DeVille 2-Door TWO 1963 Olds 4-Door Clean ond Share ONE 1961 Olds 4-Door Clean and Sharp ONE 1962 Buick 4-Door Clean and Sharp ONE 1964 Volkswagen 2-Door Clean and Sharp ONE 1965 Rambler I 2-Doo A Nice One 1966 Ford Station Wagon-8,000 Miles Lots of Other Used Cars Humboldt Motor Sales 610 13th NORTH 332-2764 CADIL LAC-GMC-OLDSMOBI LE HIGHWAY 169 NATIONAL "^ FOOD STORES -^ EAttY Will SPECIALS EFFECTIVE 1HIOUGH FE1. 1 QUANTITY MGHTS IESERVEO OM YOUR FOOD BUDGET ALWAYS LOW PRICES "Serve Seup Tonite!" 4. B.C. EVERYDAY SODA CRACKERS 14k. Iw FRESH SLICED BEEF LIVER GROUND BEEF 49< 59$ 3 LBS. OR MORE Ptr Ib. .. . TOP TASTE SKINLESS FRANKS .L.PKC TOP TASTE SLICfD , , OLOCHA •k'UA '"Wejll LUNCH MEAT tSSf , L .^o J7? BREADED SHRIMP .UPKC 55< $1 09 HILLSIDE HICKORY SMOKED SLICED BACON l-LB. PKG. 65t WINSAP APPLES 3.1,49* KYFUSH CRISP CARROTS ALL PURPOSE RED POTATOES 20 1 89* c 14k. c«n« • «• tt t«,

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