Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 12, 1953 · Page 22
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 22

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 12, 1953
Page 22
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22 The Daily fiegiste^Mail, Galesburg, 111. Monday, October 12, 1953 WHITE CROSS Sending Out fftff Information In Nation-Wide Drive Are You Protected Against Doctor and Hospital Bills completely and at such low cost as the 5 million people now under the WHITE CROSS PLAN? [ INDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIES ARE ELIGIBLE— NO PHYSICAL EXAMINATION REQUIRED 1 COMPARE THIS PLAN WITH ANY OTHER PLAN IN EXISTENCE J T HIS happens every day. A family is getting along fine ... making ends meet, planning for the future. Then suddenly, an unexpected sickness or accident brings a pile of doctor and hospital bills. Savings that took years to build up are wiped out in weeks. The family is forced to borrow so heavily it will take them quite some time before they can start saving for the future again. Don't let this tragedy happen to you. Under WHITE CROSS, the famous low-cost plan, you can protect your whole family against doctor and hospital bills for just a few pennies a day! No wonder over 5 MILLION PEOPLE have turned to WHITE CROSS- making it the fastest-growing health protection plan in existence. Last year alone, Bankers Life & Casualty Company paid out $33 MILLION to its policy holders. Compare WHITE CROSS point by point with any other plan you have ever heard of. You can get the complete plan or any part of it;. (See list below). Then rush coupon at bottom of page for fuller details on cash benefits and WHITE CROSS' low rates for individuals and family groups. OPERATIONS 'Under the WHITE CROSS PLAN, you can get $5.00 to $250.00 for operations ... for each member of your i>w ' family... for each different w v^*****- sickness or accident. It is impossible here to list all the operations which the Plan covers. Virtually every known form of surgery is listed . . . from stitching a simple wound (at the doctor's office or in your home) to the most complicated forms of brain surgery. And to allow for unique or new operations, it is provided as follows, "For any operation not specified, the Company will pay the fee provided for any operation of comparable gravity and severity." You see, the widest possible protection at low cost is always the aim under the WHITE CROSS PLAN. Just a Few of the Operations for Which Payment is Provided Under The Plan Cutting into abdomen for diagnoiia or treatment Abtceia of the brain Amputations of legij arm* or finger* Appendix, removal of Brain tumor Bread removal or removal of cy«t or tumor on breatt Kidney removal Removal of stone or tumor from kidney or urinary tract Prostate operation Removal of tuba or ovary Goitre operations Lung removal Cutting into cheat for diagnosis or treatment Tumors (cancerous and benign) — removal of Varicose Veins, treatment by cutting or injection Operations to reduce dislocations of hip, knee, shoulder, jaw, finger, etc. Removal of shoulder or hip joint or removal of diseased portion of the bone Mastoid operation* Tonsil removal Adenoid removal Sinus operations Hernia, single or double Hemorrhoids (Piles) — cutting operation for radical cure Eye operations for removal of cataracts, etc. Fractures, simple or compound, to legs, arms, wrist, finger, nose, skull, etc. Gall Bladder operation Spine operations Circumcision Removal of Uterus . .. and many more HOSPITAL ROOM & MEALS up to $1,500.00 for each different sickness or accident Under the WHITE CROSS PLAN, you can get from $4 to $15 per day for 100 days for hospital room and meals each time someone in your family goes to the hospital. This is not a yearly allowance but rather the amount which is allowed for each different sickness or accident to each different member of your family. Needless to say, in case of a family accident this could add up to a very large sum ... a sum which no ordinary family could pay out of its own savings. And, remember, one person in every 2 families will need hospital care this year. X-RAYS, DRUGS, CARDIOGRAMS Hospital benefits do not stop at mere room and meals. Under this famous low-cost plan, you can also get cash for many other hospital expenses for which you might not expect to be covered. You can get paid for operating room charges, anesthetics, X-rays, drugs, dressings. And you are even given an allowance for electrocardiograms for heart examinations as provided in policy. FIRST AID & OTHER OUT-PATIENT BENEFITS Under the WHITE CROSS PLAN, you DON'T have to be a bed patient or stay overnight to receive hospitalization benefits. X-rays and laboratory tests as well as medical treatment and operations are all covered, even though you do not remain in the hospital that night. Furthermore, Bankers Life & Casualty Company will pay the cost of emergency treatment (as specified) for any accidents even though no hospital residence is established. CHILDREN'S AILMENTS Under the WHITE CROSS PLAN, it. is easy to include children in the family's original plan and also to add children as they are born. It is very wise to do this. The cost is very little. And the benefits can be very great. Children need medical care so often for childhood diseases, tonsil and adenoid operations, and what-not. Hospital room and meals cost just as much for a child as for an adult, you know. So do X-rays, laboratory tests, and such things. Yet, these are all covered under the WHITE CROSS PLAN. AMBULANCE, BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS If you have had to pay a hospital bill recently, you know that there are many items you did not anticipate ... items that run up a hospital bill. Under the WHITE CROSS PLAN, every effort is made to cover these items. Not only is there money allowed for ambulance service, iron lung, blood transfusions, oxygen . . . but there is even a cash allowance up to $25 for "any other necessary hospital expense." POLIO With new treatment, many patients can look forward to recovery with no crippling after-effects. You can also get WHITE CROSS protection that provides money for this modern treatment, use of iron lung, etc. r D0CT0R VISITS- L even for ordinary sickness . Under the WHITE CROSS PLAN, you get up to $150.00 (depending on the number of doctor visits) for each member of your family and for each different sickness or accident, where the doctor treats you, at your home, his office — or the hospital. CHILDBIRTH BENEFITS I Under the WHITE CROSS PLAN, you can get (after you have been a member for 9 months) hospital expenses up to 10 times your daily hospital rate for childbirth or any complication of pregnancy. leg Crushed—Gets $680.00 "Little did I realize when I took out your Hospital Expense protection ... that just a little over a month later I would be in an accident . .. My right leg was crushed between two mine cars. Your company to date paid me a total of $680.00 on my claim." Peter Zulick, St. Clair, Pa. FEMALE DISORDERS WHITE CROSS protectionl is wide and varied. Under] the WHITE CROSSf PLAN, you can get cash I paid direct to you for treatment of female disorders or urinary ailments (after six months), varicose veins, and other quite common treatments that can run up sizeable doctor bills. f MONEY TO LIVE ON when you're laid up and can't work Perhaps you've said this to yourself: "I wish I could be sure of a certain amount of money each month even when I'm laid up and unable to work." This is well worth thinking about. For, after all, at such times even though your earnings do not continue — you still have to meet payments for rent, food, clothing, gas and electricity, time payments on the car, and so on. Very often these bills become a mental burden to the person who is laid up and it makes it hard for him to concentrate on getting well. WHITE CROSS saves you this worry Under the WHITE CROSS PLAN, you can get up to $300.00 a month while in the hospital and up to $200.00 a month while you're at home getting well. In cases of extended illness or serious injury, this money often spells the difference between a family saved and a family deep in debt. You Can Get All or Any Part of the Plan Gets Paid tor Third Operation "I'm out of the hospital and feeling fine again and even have my peace of mind thanks to Bankers Life 8s Casualty Co. who paid me my third surgery. Without this insurance, we would surely be in debt My thanks to all of your company." Genevieve L. Lenfert, Kankakee, Illinois PROTECTS YOUR WHOLE FAMILY FOR A FEW PENNIES A DAY Under the WHITE CROSS PLAN — the low-cost plan — you can protect your whole family against doctor and hospital bills for just a few pennies a day. That's for everyone—the children and all. Although low in cost, the WHITE CROSS PLAN represents good cash benefits and good service. This low-cost, quick- pay policy has helped make it the fastest- growing health-protection plan in the entire world. You May Choose Any Doctor or Hospital You enjoy the utmost freedom under the WHITE CROSS PLAN. You are not limited to a few doctors or hospitals. Any accredited physician may treat you and you may use any hospital, large or small, and receive full benefits under the plan. NO RED TAPE 0 Money it paid to your hospital, your doc* tor, or you — at you direct. #) You don't have to join a group or g« through red tape. # No pro-rating—you get the full amount even if claim is covered by Workmen's Compensation or other insurance. 0 You don't have to be a bed-patient to col. lect hospital benefits. # You can get as little or as much protec tion as you want. More Than Covers Cost of Operation "I am writing to acknowledge your checks for my son's operations. We were very thrilled to have your policy pay us in full for this operation; in fact, a few dollars more. We have had many insurance policies and they have never satisfied us as your policy has. Thank you for the promptness and friendly way you handled this matter." Arthur Lautner, St. Louis, Missouri Receives $259.00 for Hospital Expense* "1 want to express my deepest appreciation for the claim of $259 for hospital bills which has been received. If I could only find words to help others receive the same wonderful benefits offered through your hospitalization that I have received. My heartfelt thanks go to you for this wonderful service." (Afrs.) Sadie B. Seaton, Coodlettsville, Term, MAIL COUPON FOR Free Information ON LOW RATES, BROAD CASH BENEFITS,i,-hl, Bir.kcrs Lite & Cajuaiy Co. NO OBLIGATION BANKERS LIFE & CASUALTY CO. CHICAGO 30, ILLINOIS MAIL AT ONCi FOR FREE INFORMATION THE WHITE CROSS PLAN, Dept. GRM-1012, c/o BANKERS LIFE & CASUALTY COMPANY 526 W. State Street Rockford, Illinois Send me the facts about the low-oott WHITE CROSS PLAN-Including all cash benefit* and rates for individuals and families. This does not obligate me in any way. Name. (Plus* Print) Address. City. County or .. .Zone.... .State. HOME OFFICE; CHICAGO 30/ ILL. t» mm mm immBiBm* q

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