Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 20, 1948 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 20, 1948
Page 7
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Phone for a WANT AD Taker EVENJNC TIMES, CUMBERLAND. ML)., MONDAY, DKCKMHIiK 20, ISMS SEVEN i burp and Joseph Sclicll. Honornry were held yesterday in Mew 'pallbearers were David Ronnie, Ed-'many Methodist Church. I! ii-si'd Rljind. James J. Jone.s. Ed-' i ward C. Green and John R. NcfT. ... , ., „,• v-,,.... unni-J In V.if color cunrd were James and Vcrnon ArnoKl. ot Nancj Hanks, Bci , L ^ p^,.- Tnom ., s Tl-orip- ^^ivcd * two so,,. Ha, L^XM -S-^ d K. Duckworth. Baltimore, and, Post. /nnri nr^. :inc! Mrs. .Jessie Pf:i]'l'. Froil- (Continued i:om Page i February. 10-iS. ' Ernest jI^DiYckworthT'iit home, and' Finn? squad was comprised two grandsons. I John Keplmgcr, Carl Arnol Thc body is at the Hnfcr Funeral| Blackburn, Galen Kcpharl. Home where n service will bo held tomorrow nt 2 pi m. by Rev. William Eiscnberger, pastor of First; Presbyterian Cliurcli. Rev. Chalmers Goshorn, pastor of the First Snydcr, Dcwayne Mills and Virgil | Davis. "Buglers J. Prcsb.nerian "church'. "Lonnconing" Charles Bolyarcl. N. N. Smith. Mar-; wil! officiate at the buria! in Oak- and Roland Showers, Jr., sounded Mountain Chapter 106 and Auxiliary of the Military Order of the Purple Heart were (Herbert McFarland. John Spikcr, i Mr.s. Herbert McFarland and Mrs. ; Juanita Lountly. us: Services S;. Veronica Catholic Church, pavls, and the late William C. Green. Detroit; Mildred K. Green, Lonucon- , nfl'iciiued and interment was in the; A ; so s-ji-viving arc the foilowin^'ing: Mrs. Virginia Wolfe rmd Mrs. Rev D I Com to pas'o- of (he 'J' llc body will be taken to ihcj Catholic Church Cenieiery, Thomas. ^'^ ana dnughlers: Mrs. Robert j Bernard Shstz, Washington, and Grantsvilic Method'ist Ci"cuit oi'i'i- ; homo of her sister. Mrs. Werner. : she was born in Austria, on Dec-!Downinsr. Washington: Mrs. Alcduj Marvin H. Green, Lonaconing, and fia'ted' 'iiid 'interment was i'n the; jiiss Gertrude Malloy ember 8. 1838. a daughter of Frank:Lake. Philadelphia: Arthur Green.; 14 nephews and nieces. cliurch cemetery.' . MT. SAVAGE —Miss Gertrude and Frances iTrojar' Gardener, and; ._: ...... ' Pallbearers all members of; .Matilda Malloy, 72. a daughter oi' live i:i thc United States 28 years.; Grantsvilic Post No. :!14. American 'i.hc late George Henry and Elizabeth The family lived in Pierce until Legion, were Wayne Durst, Jonas rjiilli Malloy, died here last nishfi eight months ago when they moved' McKenzic. uarreil Stahl. Robcrtjiii, ihc home of I'.cr sister, Mrs. iu Davis. ,•,,,•• Zcllers William Miller and Edgar, Michael Faiinon. • She i* survived by her husband.. ' She was 11 member of St. Patrick 1 .; six children. Antonio Gasscr, at! Bender. From Fort Cumberland Post No.! Catholic Church, and sang :n the home; 13, American Legion, were color] choir (ruard. George Zimincrly, J. J. Jone.s ' ion Dorsey, Edward Dorscy, James. Sen-ices Dcakin, John Deakin. S.-Sgt. Wil-153. widow of Edward R. Twigs. liam E. Cox. military esorl; Chester died Thursday at her home on Route David Ronnie, Edward Rhind and , .,.„„ Truman Fuller: firing sciunci. F. W. for Mrs. Emma E. Twigg. | Schneider. R. T. Lynch. C. E. Grif- Robinson and John O. Lcary. -28 near Old Furnace Road, were Military organizations participat-jhclcl yesterday jr. thc Hal'cr Fi were Nnnev Hanks Post. Boyce-i Home. fitli, W. 0. Bantu. C. r Jackson. T. MtllliKan, F. Mcilott, .W. M. Mrs. Mary Chura. Mossut.l there about 40 years. She Conn.: Mrs. Jennie Dover. Lovell.j pcci to the Ladies Auxiliary oi';\Vyo.: Mi-s. Ernestine! Rcpctsky,. tl-c Ancient Order of, Hiberr.lar.s'Thomas: Miss Martha Gasscr, 3al-: and 10 thc Sodality of the Blessed i.imore. and Pfc. Elmer R. Gasscr/ Fort Warren. Wyo.: 1'our brothers, I oyei! Women 1 ! / Morszfclrtt and J. Nines, and taps, I Prostburg. and 23 nieces and ncph- lews, including' Miss Marie Nooiwn, Rolanri Shower.;, Jr. •Mrs- Ocil t-ii-m- Mis. Cecil I,.um. Hill Cemetery, Lonaconing. Mrs. S. Syckes, Sr. Mrs. Beatrice M. (Holmes') Syckes. G9. wife of thc late Dr. S. Lua Syckes. Sr died last night ^-j{.;„=, SC J. 'poVt^Ame'ricarT Lesion, bar.d.j Rev. Walter M. TWIST: and Rev.: FROSTBURG—Mrs. Louclla (Caher home m The Dingle aJtci a, Wilshil , ulol ,. Smith Posl nnt ; Queens:T. E. Richardson, officiated and. Lcm) j ji ,,, u , i . 10 , wife of Cecil Laru.v nine-month illness. I Point Memorial Post No. 77f), VFW.: intcnnent was in Mt. Olivet Ccmc-i pii 1KC -l Road. Garre'.t county, clicd.; a ,•' "• m A well-known music teacher, s.;ir ..-...-.„„„,„. Gll!lr ,| j lery, Okltomi. iycsterclay in Albany Haspil,!.),' InLcnnrnt v v-i— The honor' Pallbearers were Luther Slir.vock.j Cumberland, where s!;c was admit- LeillcL '-'--'services of S-Si;t.| Harry Shrynek, Hiney Smith, Udenj^d t,| lrec clays Virgin Mary. She is survived, besides Mrs. Fan-. Matt Gardener. - ; John. Garnon. bv a brother, George Malloy, w ' ho resided with her. Thc bodv Ls a| . thc Fa , lnon hD11K , Services will be held Wednesday 1:1 St. Patrick's Church. dene:'. Phcc. Ind.; Joseph Gardener, | Cleveland, and Louis Gardner, Austria, and three grandchildren. ! Green services j LONACONING—Services for Wil-j is survived by two sons, S. Lua SycUes, Jr., conductor o! the Cumberland Civic Symphony Orchestra, and Wilton H. Syckes, concert :nas- KT of. the orchestra. Both also teach music in Alieguny county public schools. Mrs. Syckes was a member of music- and civic organizations including the Music and Arts Club, and of Emmanuel Episcopal Church. Her husband was a well known dentist in Cumberland for J. Edward Kclley, son of Mr. andjBuscr, Junior Buser and Donald Mrs. J. N. Kellcy. and the district's |Buscr. only Medal or Honor winner, in-| rfc. Broiulwaicr lUtcs eluded the following: | Rcburial services for Pfc. Robert Lt. Scott Coffee, Norfolk. Va.;;Broaawntcr. 26, Fred Millar, York, Pn.; M. A. Jones,,I Chcrryvillc, N. C.: Charles Davis. Donald Freeman. J.; Orren Brown, Louis Green, Walter Fred- Reese, Lester Dates, Irvin Bane, Hubert Kartman and John Porter, all of Kcyser. Mrs. William Sliiplcy Mrs. Jessie (NefT> Shipley. CO. wife of William Shipley. Potomac Park. husband i Mrs. Besides her husband, slu- is survived by five sisters, Mrs. James S. Werner" Finzcl; Mrs. Harry Wine- ' Green, AS, who died Saturday night lit his home. 77! c-hurch. i3 0 ;i S | a >;' Avenue, following a .short' i illness, will be h'Vld tomorrow nt - C:ISSIM- Sw'vii-cs 'p. m. :it the residence. j DAVIS, W. VH.—Services for Mrs. 1 Rev, John E. Slacks, pastor "11 Miiry Ga.sser, GO. wife of Sebastian'First Methodist Church, will of-i Gasser, who died at her home Wed-lficiate and intermeiu will be in Oak. GET A LOAN ON YOUR LUNCH HOUR Yes Ma'am—employed women con get a cash loan for seasonal needs, dental bills, or similar good purposes on their lunch hour. And still have time for a quick sandwich. You can Ret the money on signature alone . . . your employer or friends ,~re not involved. And you. yourself, select the amount find dale of your monthly repayment. Just phone or come in todny ond ;ell the Cashier you want a -"Business Woman's Loon." It's Yes to 4 out of 5 at Pc^ftioi , loam $25 to $900 or moic on signature, furniture or tar brenncr, Route 40, Frostburs; Mrs. nesday. were conducted at the resin-!Hill Cemetery. M\iil,ie Mirmick, Fi-ostbt!T£ p ; Mr Star Route, Frost ..•once Saturday, • ! Rev. Francis He was born in Lonaconing. a. Sippar, pastor of,son of Mrs. Jessie i.Trezisel Green. 1 "rwr COMPANY/J THf.1 LIKCS TO SAV ttt" FINANCE CO. LIBERTY TRUST COMPANY BLDG., CUMBERLAND Phone: 721 • Ask for Edith Twigg toons mcdfi IP oi oil surrounding lowni. . loons $300 ond Its: made ar.icr Iht Mcrylnm! Smoll toon Ail. A da-ughtcr of the late Josinh a:ic! Sara"Arm (Wiltoni Holmes, she is Bko survived by two sisters. Mr.s. Harry W. Fielding, this city, and Mrs. Henry W. Be'.cher, Binning-.- -...,-.-._.__ . bam. England: and one brother.! died yesterday at .:<b p. in .at he. , | Oiiv-r Wendell Holmes, Sr., this city, j home following a lingering illness. f The body Is at the home where A Cumberland imive, she was n!; services will be held Wednesday at daughter of U« late (McKeci NeJT. H.|Jp She I ' 2:30 p. m. Rev. David C. Watson, and Margaret rector of Emmanuel Episcopal j was a member of thc First Mctho-j Church, will officiate and interment I (list Church, •svlD be in Rose Hill Cemetery. T!ie - body will be taken to Uic home this evening. Noah G. Likens Besides her husband, Mrs. Ship- : ley is survived by three daughters, Mrs. R. E. Hclwel. Denver, and Mrs. Fillmore Blackburn and Mrs. Clin- v~..^~", , ~- ' lo " Howcry, both at home, and two enT~£o"died n't'hiV'home nt Antioch I brothers. Thomas A. NefT. this city, yesterday after u lingering illness, land J. Edward Men", Baltimore. A retired farmer, he was born j Kcnscr Kites In" Grant county, thc son of the! Services were held yesterday after- late William and Sarah (Van Bus-j noon for Barbara Ann Kcsner, two- kirk) Likens. i month-old daughter of William M. Survivors include his wife, the;and Betty (Collins) Kcsner, 505 former Miss Ida Mae Lcathcrman;! South Street, at the home of her three daughters. Mrs. Marialyn Sny-j grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Russell dcr, Martinsburs: Mrs. Maxinc! Collins, 507 South street. llayhew. Washington, and Mrs.j Lt. Joseph Askey, Salvation Army. Magdalene Allan,'Burlington; one ; officiated and interment was in Mt. sister, Mrs. Elvira Clevcnser. Sprins- field, Ohio, and four grandchildren. Servic.cs will be held tomorrow at 10:30 a. m. at Knoblcy Cemetery. Wcrtman Rcburial XEYSER, W, Va.—Reburiiil services for Sst. Rex Wertman, husband of Mrs. Virginia Wertman, of 333 Virginia Street, were held yes- terdav afternoon at Trinity Luth- Herman Cemetery. Pallbearers were Richard Morris. Forrest Morris, John Murill and Paul Bowman. Reburial Services for Sgt. Car] E. Roycc, 25, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Roycc. 315 Footer Place, wore held yesterday at the Kight| Funeral Home by Rev. Charles H. Wnkcman, Heeet •^t^r^mf " McCrory's Two Big Floors Are Just Chock Full of Exciting Christmas Things For the Home and Every Member of Your Family ... Store Open Evenings 'til 9 P.M. Ladies' Handbags t t ; Mi SLIPS e.-an 'Church with the Rev. Donald I Sgt. Royce was killed in action in F. Brake, pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church, Cumberland, ofliciat- Belgium January 13. 3945. Military honors at the grave in "Reliance" TREE LIGHTS ns Interment was in Queens Point jZion Memornl Burial Park were in Cemetery. ! charge of Fort Cumberland Post Military services were directed by;No. 13, American Leftion. Forrest High, of Nancy Hanks Post,! Pallbearers were William R, Scl- Yctcrans of Foreign Wars. Pall-1 bcrt, Charles Erode. Marshall Tcw- bearcrs were Ernest. Hckey, Leon jell. Floyd Valentine, Jack Krcitz- Wiikins. Robert Parsons, Michael j Thc body will remain at the Welsh, Paul J\'icol L. C. Shuck. Hafer Funeral Home where services with Mazda lamps in assorted colors. For indoor use. Lights burn independently. String of 8 will be held Wednesday at 2 p. in. with the Rev. William J. Elliott, Colorbearcrs were Thomas Sanders and Herbert Hannan, of Nancy kHanks Post, and Russell Rolls and i pastor of First Methodist Church, 'Robert Phillips, of ' Washington- and the Rev. George E. Baughman, Smith Post, American Legion, Key. Church officiating. Interment Color cuards were Claude Boycc be in Rose Hill Cemetery. former pastor of First Methodist MOUNTAIN WATER MOUNTAIN WATER All beers are about 87% water. So, naturally, THE BETTER THE WATER, THE BETTER THE BEER! And it's Mountain Water that makes Old Export taste better than' any other beer you've ever tried—imported or domestic. 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