Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 20, 1948 · Page 6
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 6

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 20, 1948
Page 6
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SIX LVUJNKNU TUMIiS, 1YIJU., MUMDAY, DliCIiMJiEK 2U, 1'J-IS Plume -KiUU tor a WAM AL> Stale Receipts In Taxes Rise S6.770.930 .HiUo In Last Few Months Broadway- Contempt Trial Scheduled By GliOIlGE TCCKF.i: Associated I'ress Staff Writer I The war was a big' experience for | Joe E. Brown, A!, his own | NEW YORK—The man's name is .he traveled to most of the cornbnlj Joseph Evil us Brown but ho is more! lilleri , orSi cr.tertamir.p troops in The s-at« comptroller's office re- widely known as the comedian Joo^ A ] as |.- a .|, c Aleutians. Al'rien. Italy, ports thai during the July-Novcm-! E ' Brown. He is the seventh star AUH ,,, lii ,, New Guinea, the Philip- ber period Maryland took in SO,770.930 more in taxes and license fees than it did in the corresponding period in 1947. Total receipts for the first five! months o.' this fiscal year were $39,170,755, or 20.90 ncr cent above the E32.3<>9,844 collected during the samel 1 '" 11 ' period last year. Collections from only two tax sources—alcoholic beverages and insurance premiums—dropped. The state look in S2.849.25C in alcohol taxes during the first five months of the current fiscal year, compared with $2,979,832 last year. The comparative figures for insurance-premium tax receipts were $46.909 and $56,568. ' The biggest jump came in sales tax receipts — from $7,997,637 to 511,628,569. The comptroller's report estimated Maryland will have a general lund surplus of $25,539,325 next June 3 compared with the $20,473.515 on hand at the end of the last fiscal year. The state's bonded debt on November 30 was $20,754,000 compared with $22.734,000 on June 30, -—' SIG.895,000 on June 30, 1947. The report placed the state's fixed assets (land, building, roads, etc.) at $294,094,033, and the assessed value of real and personal property subject to state tax at 53.189,089,708. 01 I.IK- Broadway play "Harvey" in pj nfis nyK | L | 1e China, India, Burma a line .started in 1945 by Frank ray. theater. Alter Pay name'Bert Wheeler, Jim-; "There isn't n man in uniform my Stewart, Jack Buchanan, Brock, 01 . on i_ wno has done more for our | Pemberton, Jimmy Dunn, and fin-.i, oys t.] lan j oc - ~ " -'•' ally Brown. ' "' --•---•- Brown ;:rew up around E. Brown." said Gen. : MacAr'.hur. Brown lost, a son ill a Toledo,! boir.ber crash, age of o join an acrobatic troupe known as "The Marvelous Ashtons." ., _ ..... Bis weekly pay was S3 plus room j Kansas City Blues. His abiding passion aside from '..he theater is sport. For several owner of the vea.i's he was i. After his salary was I He still likes bos; the compliment, to $5 a week he joined 1 paid bj a little girl as the nicest another acrobatic troupe, the Bell Provost Trio, which made their debut at Coney Island. This a-ssocia- Won lasted 12 years. Between theatrical engagements Brown broke into professional ball with St. Paul' and at one time was under contract to the New Yorl; Yankees. While playing second for the Saints he evolved a pick-off play which he claims was the equal of the celebrated pick-off sprung by Lou Bondrcau in the recent World Series. But Brown was headed for the stage and made his first appearance in the "Listen Lester." musical comedy . jivu Brown was a solid hit in musical and] comedies, cnlci afler appearing in ever said about him. "Mama." said the :ittle girl Five Radio Stations Gel Heai-ini; Jan. 27 :iolly, news cited also. editor ul' WITH, wn.s for December 31 for » discussion of procedural questions. One of those questions will con- BALTIMORE- i.'l'i ive Baltimore area — T! of radio stations and a radio news commentator on contempt of court charges prrrwing ou: of their handling o:' stories of murder case has beer, set lor January 27 A unique The janitor was subsequently con- — -'".~™ ,.„,,-;„ »K.,|. victed of murder and sentenced tojjf^^o"^^ Judge John E. Gray, Jr.. of-PrmJc:? 1 noifiocHtfid^^he -/ty limits. Georges co;ir.ty. has been caJed 11^ , Vlother W ill rexolve around to try the case. The 'Baltimore| WBAI _, s argume;lt '^t Chief Judge judges disclaimed themselves as| 0 , e Marbu .. y of the court of Ap- intorosteri parties. j pc;lls had no riglu :o select an The trial date was set yesterday -outside" judge to try the case. at a meeting attended by Judivej _ Gray and about a rioi-.-'n defense; The Amazon basin has a network lawyers. , of rivers which are navigable for A similar meeiini; has been set 1 15,814 miles. A. :m<I P. Employes iRccoivc Ynl<: Bonus Bonuses totalling $3,750 have been .-esented approximately 150 em-, ployes of the Great Atlantic and! Pacific Ten Company in the area. Horace R. 'Lynch, manager of the Super Market on Wincow Street said payments averaged about 525. The A. and P. has distributed a total of $2,100,000 nationally. All employes with six mor.ths or more service shared in the distribution. John A. Hnrtford, president of the firm, said. Rotary Club To Meet The Rotary Club'will meet tomorrow at 12:15 p. m., at Central Y.-M. C. A. with the fellowship cimmit- tee in charge. Charles L. Kopp- will be master of ceremonies and Charles Cathevman will review the club history and eulogize past presidents. In Shanghai, along the famou: bund, or boulevard, land is wortl $4.000.000 an acre. ........ ,.._ Baltimore Supremo Bench rule governing publication of crime stories in cases over which jurisdiction, forbids, nn-.onn other Chines: Publication o!' statements made bi- an accused, his actioi , alter hit arrest, the giving out or publication as! of the future course o. r a trial. 01 AlainU. SltJU n't: *JLL>J[J pi'i n^' ~' "— they left the theater one night, "will! the publication of a attendants past Joe E Browp so to heaven when .criminal record, lie dies?" ' ' The ; ' adio stations — WBAL 'Tm'sure he will hor.ey: why?" WCAO. WP3R. WITH, in Baltimore . . ' .. . _....i n rc<Ti"\ ;.-, ,-, A.M-UI- T7L-fii\- \iTflTf The moment. LuSallc Rup-O-Rani Clul) Plan,-: Meeting Toiiiglil F'nal plans for the annual banquet' == and dance December 28 will be made j ft at a meetlnB of the LaSalle Rap-O- j Ram Club tonight at 8:45 at the Knights of Columbus home. The dinner will be held at Kcc- gan's restaurant at 6:30 p. m. The semi-formal dance will be at the K. of C. home from 9 to 1 a. m. with music by the Society Ramblers. the well-remembered "Jim Jam Jems". "Greenwich Follies", and "Captain Jinks", he went to Hollywood and made "Crooks Can't Win."' . film life he was included among | movies. For several years in his! Inhn Since then he has starred in 50 JUI1II movies. For several years in his^ film life he was included among Hollywood's 10 biggest money . "My, won't God laugh." Accepted Into Fi-iLfii- Iota Chapter. Pi Tuu Sisn'.a, of Carnesie Institute of Technology, has accepted Howard W. Sir.e, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Sine, of Mt. Savage, into membership. The organization is a national honorary mechanical engineering fraternity. silent" a! and WSID in nearby Essex-"-ere •cited by the court to show cause why . they should not , e held in contempt fo. their handling of'.stories of the arres; of Eugene James, a negro jnnilor, in the killing of ll-ycar-olcl Marsha Brill last July. James Cor.- Mother, you know what wonderful relief you get when you rub on warming Vicks VapoRub! Now ... if a cold chokcs-up your youngster and makes breathing difficult . . . here's a special way to use VapoRcb lor grand relief, too! . . . It's VapoRub Steam! Put a good spoonful of Vicks VapoRub in a bowl of boiliiiB water or vaporizer. Then ... let vour child breathe in the sooth- inp VapoRub Steam. Medicated vapors penetrate direct to cold- congested upper bronchial tubes, brine relief with every breath! For continued relief while child sleeps, rub throat, chest and back with Vicks VapoRub. It keeps work- - n ,—, , ft tag for hours S, *8g":|CS to relieve dis- \jf BWr\«* tress. Try it! ©X? VAPORUB for EXPERT Phone 5IS3-M Wet-up & Delivery Service TRI-STflTE CLEANERS Maryland Avc. at Williams St. Tonight on The Telephone Hour WTBO 9 P NBC Network BORROW SENSIBLY If yoj need cash for winter expenses, our service is prompt, friendly and private Loans up to $300.00 Note — Furniture — and Auto Loans INDUSTRIAL LOAN SOCIETY, INC. No. 301, Liberty Trjsf Bldg. PHONE 97 WITH DONALD VOORHEES AND THE " BELL TELEPHONE ORCHESTRA CAN GET $ 100 if you can repay $ 8 38 monthly (15 Month Plan)' Pick Your Own Payments S 3.38 25.13 37.-I7 $ 6.72 20. IE 28.88 ti m p'oflortion. loon drr i*r f.'arylond Smn'l loom C'cmpt 1,0m Frd i. VI. 1351 People usiiiilly ;isk us 2 questions: ). "Cftn I get ti latin.' 1 " —Yes. LIM yc:ir we served over 1,0110,000 cusrnniCTS—pniof we like ;o say "Yes", We da J:I) T "Yes" to •! out of 5. 2. "\l y rtl my payments he rcfi- sonnhlc''" —• Yes, heGILise you select nmounc and cl.-ite o; your monthly p:iymem. It you Can use extra cash to pay bills... for medical or hospital ex- peiiscs ... for home repairs'and other needs, phone or see the YES MAN today. He likes to say "Yes". Loans $25 to $250 or more Open Monday Thru Friday friini !l In ."> Saturday <l In 1 Iliru Christmas loan! uu to 51000 on signature, turnituro or car "THl COMPANY1 THAT UKCS TO S*r YIS~ FINANCE co. 2nd Floor O LIBERTY TRUST COMPANY BLDG. S. W. Cor. BALTIMORE & CENTRE STS., CUMBERLAND Phone 721 • C. L. Coughcnour, YES MANogcr Lnar.s :imclc Lfi residotus o! »1! siirrnnndlng towns. I,Diin.--. J30(l HlHl H'S.s ni;id(; unrl'T t-hi: Miiryliuui Small ' Um:i Act. Puzzled? Then send all your Dry Cleaning to the Peter Pan Cleaners FREE MONITE MOTH PROOFING — making your gar- mners moth proof for six months. 8 HOUR SERVICE When Requested PETER PAN CLEANERS 3 convenient locations 158 N. Centre St. 536 N. 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