The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 3, 1935 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 3, 1935
Page 5
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TH2 TIPTON DAILY Every Day Prices! $1.20 S.M. A 98c 85c Old English Floor Wax 69c 50c Ipana Tooth Paste 39c 75c Antiseptic Mouth Wash '.. 49c 35c Hinkle's Pills (100) 19c 100 Pure Aspirin Tablets '. 49c 50c Milk of Magnesia 3Sc Pint Furniture Polish 35c $1.25 Irido-Vin 98c 75c Johnson's Glo-Coat 59c 85c Johnson's Floor Wax G9c 81.25 Vercolate Tablets C8c 60c Syrup of Pepsin 49c 85c Dextri-Maltos G9c 50c Pepsodent Tooth Paste 38c Ovaltine, large size 69c Wall Paper Cleaner, can 8c Pint Rubbing- Alcohol 19c Paper and Faints West Siile Si|ii:uv I'm- Delivery — Hume -Hi. Aniioiuirement 1'arh. 'III'IO.N c;il£I,. | is planning a trip to Spain within the near future having already piipape-d lior passage and it will lie one of several visits she has mad.? to Europe. She has also vis- , j,,. (1 K()ut i, Africa and gives an in- i terestini: talk on that country. The mother of Miss Warder Announcement was made Mis* Iiimuene Warder Will (Jive Thursday evening nf the eiiKa.K,'- ; Travel Talk Sunday K\eniiifr. j nieiit and approaching marria'-ie • nt Miss Lucile Iiurd:;e ami H«w- MJ.^ luo-_'i--.-,e V.'an'.T. a form- aril llohlis. at a di-lightl'iil bridge , ,. -j-j,,-. : , ; .i,i ami a ihui^-hier nf parly given by Miss r,urd--o ai ].,-r s. (,. v.'—d, r v. ci! known \i,-lie! ' home on East Xnrtl, street for ,. 1:!!t . ,,,,, !; ,,- : ,r. u-.iv Y.,:,]in K ai ,„,.,, , vhilc lhc (amily resided ,„ imnibers nf the Lido club and -', •,„. will :-ivi- a iravd talk at T jp, (m . Il( . r fathor at that time lo ' ln ' s li - :1! i:i Sun- i, ; , vill , r W | 1;U j s ] ;nmvn as t ]i e : !1: - - :I '*'•"" oY!:,ck I" Tirton-Xnblesville local whtich ;,- :-.a:>U - is !i>\-r .1. , ,,•„,.],. daily trijis between the two cilles'. 1111 Thursday. .May !Hh Miss \Vanler will spunk before the Ki- waiii.i Club at Ehvood and the Kiwopd hi.Lih school. Tile talks :'ii,ii by this young woman are ' " Jl ' !I '"' '""' "" wnnii while ami many of her old : ' ' i'ri> lids and friends of the family i: "'' : '' ' : 'I'"' 1 will welcome the opportunity- to ! •"•"•'•••' :•' "-< ••'=-'• U-,r JUT. ,:• r -I.' : vi . ; ;--'l . -v.-iM • i-.i ::•;•;•-: .::id i.-i h--r i;:!\ :i- i h ,,- ::;id detail •!'.• , ;,- i'- ;;. i . line oi :|; :• : P.M i - ni h.-r ad- lr !!•;.- d. ..-i-iii.-!.!!! of a Social Events It'nally liillerlaineil. ,1 Tli.- ISIues paiil i!;- i;, d.~ 'I'll d.iy a I a ;;i- . f in.. , >! i ii i..: Aid snci, |y , f | I,,. S.fiu!;. hlll'cll lleld a! i r.:, il,,::.c . ; U'illard Ho!!,':::.. ':'!:• I!!-;. niie >« c! ion .,1 i h'- .~i • j. i > ! d Mrs. Willard i!. i::.:.i H, ds. wiiiii, i - , i .- . ti.'ll ennlesi v . !• ,; Halli.. .\ch- n!i,e-;i. The -.Villll, i- .,] ; Were tali' 11 !-• I i..- nc.-s.-il a s'.v.:ii-,.ii, .• -..., ji>y,-d nlle r , :.: ; ... • Were ill.-11 Mi|i;.;i. ,! -.-. i refresh::;. nls. I- -- • t,i .-ay 1 In- .--.-. l'-::i •;• a cii:n:iiOn n,: I: ;' .. liasin , :' \\ .-i i. ,. Inlin'.l in.: l!c :'!• : ,: ,.• t'-e ; : V. • re :; i:i;.-,l In ., ( !ll'-e| ii;'- n!' ii:.l !l :-' : ' hi-M ,-s! the riii;:-, M i: day Ala. 1 . Mil. Tl,. , •: :t M. i > MaiiL-li. Hi. Margaret Sny-j i- r. .1 illi.i \Villiie. llnriillly Pur- ' 1:1 :M. \I.i ru.i ri-t (irmsby and (Li:;, \V.I, liV. e| 'I --. .\i i In- , ;-, •• of nii.yih;; lie :;- MI.-. T.I. n- \i }•.;: , i in. 1 nf Hi,- club -. iii i. • V.'. dn, day May Mil al V i,. a • .•: .Mi:- M:iri':ir,-i Sny- li |v!v. noil. I Ai tile close nf the jilayinu. ,j ; i -l.i-h score uiti->( I'ri'/.e-; were -,..; ! awarded to Kilth Pi, keriim and . Ma:'y Klizahelh I'yice. and club •';• I pri.-:i s 10 .Margaret For.-i and Mrs. ;,., : Viruil Canixvell. T. Dainty refreshnn-nis nf ;, ;. , cream. cc.Ue. mints, and cnffee. ,. ; carrying nut the bri.l,-elect's >•:>!- ..ors of pink and while \v, re .-.TV. .1 T. at small tables, wiih pink .11: ! whit. 1 cov, i-s. and v. :;h ,-ci:i,-i-- M iii. ces of tall lighted pinl; la; r- M ill IIJIIK holilers. lied \vi;h piuk •'•• ai.,1 blue ribbon. Mi.-s nun!: 1 , v. a:. a .-.-is in jservin- hy her i,ii>-, ',; ••:'. Mrs. I.. M. liiii-du,-. and Mrs. T.-d ;'. llnlili::. l-'.ivnrs of pink ro.-i btlil-. (i; In which were tied wiih pink a;.d '• blue rilibens. small cards, r, .-.din:: a "Lucille and Howard. May L'.i." were di-iribiiK d by .hail Ilard-e. sish r nf the hriiie-el.-ci. di-'-M d ill a frock of pink and blue. (luesls presein foi- Hie deli-.:h!- ful evening were Mr-:. Carl dial' of Chica-o. .Inaiiila Atlian nf 1-]!i wood. Mr.-. .lei'nme liaiimvariner. Mrs. Don Siniih. Knth I'i.I.. rinu. ('ath'rine lluber. Mary l-".li::;\li, ill 1'yii, 1 . .Mary Mar-ar,-; lla,h ami Mai-uar, I \lyerly. Members of Hi.- chili \i !io v.-.'i-e in atlendan, e were Yr.ian <']-aii. (Jera'eii!" ('rail. Mrs. Mora,-.- Mi.-a, i. Cr,-! ::,-!> I-'.,-;, r. .Mary (;••!:,• I-:- -:-. M-;;--.ii'.-l l-'orsi. Mi ; .. Vi ;il C;.-.-,!•A - M. .In-epliin.- lien son. I-:i!e. n liray. \'i-ra (o-pbari. ai;:i Mi-rian Smiih. Mrs. Oland Small nf l-'ranlcfon. an oil'-of-i,;-.'. n mi u- be]-. was llllaille In be !i]-e-.-lll. Mi-s Hurdle is a daiiL'iin r of Mr. and Mrs. 1.. \!. r.iu.l- ,- ,r.' ibis city, and i< a ^radii Hi,- Tiptnn hi.;|] .-, hool v. i. h i ;:,i 1!'::.'. She lias he.-n , i i- gyi' Vi V";..-.i ,-. v l.-i ]-,-i arned .-••. t'aiif ,;-.,:.i tv.'.i \,- - 1-s av.i. - J • • '•• V- i' ili^r v i;h i; i'-nds in .•i '! .:• : !:- .';.- Tii'iii:! lor tile -• ' Y. ".- ! ,':. i >'-. ii- : !i : a ::tl" -I '.•.-. a:;.: A : i J. V."i!:::im A: -.\vi-y Sl.OO DAYS ii.vr rni/ KS KKiuvKi) TlmrMlay, Fridiiy, Saturday Rdode Hat Shoppe vilm Sin\\).v. ; in ; ! in,.- • ' n. ori-iihi/:a- j^ | v \'. iii i nl- i I.--i. all fc.rn-.. r ' : "' ; - all(i '::s,n-s of Ihe .-.i- ^,,. s A| .. :11 |. | saiii-.,in. «;.,i ,'. . a:i-:l .-v. •;. |n-rson who has SlII1(I ., y ,„,,,.„]„,. .,„<! ,,, ( ,j ; ,. ,,, .1.. lailcl lain, ,1 lirid^e < lub. Mr-. !.ov.-i H !•:;;.,]. ]• • i,: lain, d the I m : i.'ii::''.i i-; I'.i :-'i flub nf Klwood \V.-di:,- day , -.-. in^ at hor home i"S Kr.:;j .!••!;, son stri-,:l. Air . Kind- r ii,-ir.:r .member of the i lub before n m-iv- in:r tn Tipton. M.-mbi-rs of !!.-• club fir. ••:.••. inoludvl Misses Kll,-n li.-v. ry, 1 lir.--i Ihre" da\s followinu tin cideai. Airs. Smiisnn is n-.-. iviir- Uiiilfl ( lll-lllel~. Pesrnaassent Waving SLAUTER'S IfAT AND IJKAI'TV SIIOIM'K i Some new patterns, wall, paper, just received; priced; low at Sc double roll." Rex- aU ft g t -. -- Penny supper, Christian church, Saturday, 5 to 7. HATS — 50c to S2.0-J Kediicci! I'riccs on llri-—<cs and Suit- DELMAR BEAUTY SALON ORPHAN ANNIE', YOU'RE so "SKINNY — MY, YOUR CHEEKS ARE WHITE- THIS BREAD WILL BUILD 1011 UP, so MORNING. NOON AND NIGHT. IT DANA Tin- iH-emiiim \VeM • Vir^ini.i i mil in lump in 1 CL;^. \ er\ low ill ;lsh mill very I'i^ll ill he;il niiil-. The cniii Iliiil >;ili>lie>. Edna Burkhart Co. DC«UT. J'liiinr Adults Any Seat Kids - Ilk- For Home Purchasing, Home Building", and Home Remodeling or Improvements. The Tipton Building and Loan Association Court Street J. A. LEWIS, Sec'y. C3 Saiurda TT^E I HI FlUIS 1 3U7H 19 I CCtUISI CUSM V/flSNEROLAHO HURT BRIftH 4-BIG ACTS-4 I Our Late Show Saturday Night I Come After 8:30 and, See Two Shows for the Price of One Barbara Stanwyck j — iii — "Woman In Ml flBOUT GOOD FOODS WE KNOW MOST WOMEN don't like to "shop." " They have too many other things they like to do. Isn't is good news to think you can get quality foods at such low prices delivered to your kitchen hy just telephoning 130 or 27? Strawberries, quart 15c Instant Postum 25c Sunkist Lemons, doz., .I9c Post Bran Flakes . .lie Bananas, 4 Ibs 17c Green Beans or New Peas, lb 10c Celery, Radishes, Green Onions, Asparagus, Mangoes, Cauliflower, Leaf and Head Lettuce, Etc. Potatoes bu. 50c Pineapple, 2% size can 19c Fancy Dried Peaches, lb 15c Bisquick, large pkg. 29c , Gold Medal 24 Ibs. $1.04 Tipton Blue-Ribbon Flour, 10 Ibs., 39c, 24 Ibs., 89c Miracle Whip, quart jar .35c Stbkely and Gerber's Food for Babies, reg. price, lOc Prunes (small size, 5 Ibs., 25c); extra large, 2 Ibs., 25c Van Camp's Milk, 4 large cans 25c Soap Flakes, 5 Ibs ,. 29c Kraut or Pumpkin, 3 large 25c Tomatoes, No. 2 size, 3 cans for 25c Butter, Creamery lb. 32c Nut Oleo, 2 Ibs ; 29c Quick-Jell, all flavors, 4 for 19c Fig Bars, 2 Ibs 25c Genuine Oatmeal Cookies, lb. 15c Ginger Snaps, Ib.^lOc : Castile Soap, 7 for 25c Lifebuoy Soap, 4 cakes for 25c Swift's White Laundry 'Soap, 10 for 27c ; Imperial Tea, % lb. ..: 15c Drain King, opens up drain pipes, can .. 20c Oxydol, large pkg., 20c : Matches, 6 boxes, 25c Toilet Tissue, carton of 3 rolls 15c Starch, 3 Ibs. .. .17c : Raisins, 3 Ibs. .. .25c Corn Flakes, large pkg.. ..; 10c Peaches, 2% size, 2 cans for 25c Black Raspberries, Cherries, Apples Gooseberries, Peaches, Gal. Cans G OOD COFFEE is easy to make. Easy, yes, if you start with good coffee. Here are fine, fresh blends to suit every taste and every price: Ramo, lb 17c Bliss, lb 22c Maxwell House, lb 27c Chase & Sanborn's Dated Coffee, lb 26c Battleship, lb 22c F RESH and tasty baked goods make any good meal taste better. Today we suggest: Dietzen's Angel Food Cakes, each 39c Cream Puffs (Cass's), All Kinds of Rolls, Fancy Cookies, Hostess and Ward's Cakes—Our Bakery Department Is Complete. SUNDAY NIGHT SUGGESTIONS \VlitMi the men s<> simtlUnx ou t to tlii> ire hi>\, \vli.-H will they find? You'll hoar rhcirr> if hy accident (?) Ilify should stiiml)Jr across, "».V: Fancy Cream Cheese, lb. 19c Open Eyed Swiss, lb. ..50c Garlic Bologna, lb 20c Swift's Baked or Boiled Ham Our line of cheese, from mild ti> .stronjj. is compleie. .Any kind of chei'M- you may wish. Also Dutch Salami. TliurinaiT, Itraun- .sclnvi>i(;or, etc. <'ixiked meats you will enjoy. MEATS Good meats make the meal- You can always depend on our meats—finest in quality—fairest in price. The meat is the Tieart of the meal, and we believe the people of this community want and deserve the best. Everything white and clean, always spotlessly clean. Frigidaire .protects the food you buy here. We cut nothing but extra fancy heifers, the finest we can buy. You will like the flavor and the tenderness. No meats kept with vegetables. (Pure Lard, 2 Ibs. -... .35c Pork Liver, lb 15c Veal Stew, lb 15c Veal Roast, lb 25c Pork Boast, loin or shoulder, lb 25c •Sugar Cured Bacon, in piece lb 25c iKingan's Wieners are better, lb 20c Kingan's Frankfurters, lb. .... 18c Smoked Picnics, 5-6 Ibs., lb 19c Boil Beef, tender lb. .. — , 15c Swiss Roast, arm or chuck, lb 25c Waffle Veal Steak lb 30c Fanijy Neck Roast, lb - 20c Bacbnj no rind, mild cure, lb. ......30c Swift's Dixie Bacon, lb .-25c Jowl Bacon, lb. ,20c Cottage Cheese, creamed extra, lb.. .10c Beef Brains, 2 Ibs. ••. .25e Salt Fish, 3 Ibs 25c Icy Bay Fish, no bone or skin, lb. . .20c Try a Beef and Pork Loaf for Sunday dinner, lb. .., — 1?S MOORE'S MARKET s?KvW ''nym

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