The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 3, 1935 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 3, 1935
Page 4
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Tj •* Fresh Meats CUBED STEAKS—No bone, 'per Ib 30c BEEF BOIL—Tender meat, 2 Ibs 28c VEAL STEAKS—Boneless, per Ib 30c SWISS STEAK—Per Ib 25c BEEF ROAST—Choice, per Ib 23c BEEF LIVER—Per Ib 17c JEWEL SHORTENING—1-lb. pkg .15c FORK ROAST—Per Ib 25c KINGAN'S BACON—No rind, %-lb. pkg. .. .19c AI Cfl Kingan's, I 77r ULLU 2 Ibs. for • L \ *•• KRAUT. ^r^°'* A ™: 4 C NAVY BEANS ££"«? chisan : l?c TOILET TISSUE *5£ tege POTATOES p ^r wute :.... FANCY PEAS SUGAR pure can* Butter, Tipton, per Ib ._..... .32c Macaroni or Spaghetti, 4 for ; 18c Palmolive Soap, 3 bars 14c Raisins, fresh, -2-lb. pkg 15c Per box 2 Ibs. for Flour, Sunbonnet, -5-lb. bag 25c Pink Salmon, choice, 2 tall cans 25c Camay Soap, 3 bars 14c Lifebuoy Soap, 4 bars Y 25c lOc BLISS COFFER lb SHREDDED WHEAT CORN MEAL 2tobroxes WHF A TIPS shirly Temple bowl free with 2 pkgs. for 35c 23c 25c lOc 23c 4 bars Z5c Fresh Produce Ciiinalene, large 19c Mustard, quart jar 13c Powdered Sugar, 2 Ibs., 15c Pinto Beans, 2 Ibs 19c Liira Beans, 2 Ibs. ..1.. Rice, fancy, 4 Ibs Ericc 1 Peaches, per Ib. .19c .15c Churngold, 2 Ibs 31c Vanilla Wafers, Ib 15c Wilson's Milk, 3'taU ... .21c Red Seal Lye, can '. lOc Vinegar, quart lOc Puffed Wheat, 2 for ... .19c Tomatoes, 3 cans 25c Head Lettuce, large and crisp lOc Radishes, button, bunch | 5n Green Onions, bunch ! 5c Carrots, large bunch, 2 for I5c Cauliflower, fresh and large, head 23c Mangoes, 2 for \ 5c Asparagus, 2 bunches 15c Celery, 3 bunches lOc Green Beans, per Ib lOc New Peas, per Ib , lOc Kale, 2 Ibs. for .15c > Bananas, 4 Ibs 21c Grape Fruit, seedless, each 5c Sweet Potatoes, 4 Ibs i9c New Potatoes, 4 Ibs 25c Leaf Lettuce, per Ib I5c Navel Oranges, dozen 20c Sliced or Crushed No. size MOc 6MOW SAVINGS 0. K. SOAP Large Bar i 5c Post Toasties, large lie Oxydol, large 21c Oats, Crystal Wedding, 2 for 19c Great Northern Beans, 3 Ibs., 21c Graham Crackers, 2-lb. box . .21c COFFEE Chase & Sanborn, per Ib , -. 26c Ginger-Snaps, 2 Ibs. . r 19c Peanut Butter, 24 oz 25c Saniflush, large 19c Prunes, Del Monte, 2 Ibs 21c Fels Naptha Soap, bar 5c MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE— Per Ib. Gold Dust Cleanser, 4 for .. J8c Starch, 3-lb, pkg i.9c Kirk's Hardwater Soap, 4 for 19c Soda Crackers, 2-lb. box 17c Corn, 2 No. 2 cans 19c BABBITT'S CLEANSER— 3 cans 29c lOc CAKE Angel Food, 13-egg recipe, each Free ,|]V(cGrai/vs' Food Store] "gg^f UMMMUWMUUUM'HHU^UWJM^^ Defending Gallup, N". M., Rioters Were Abducted. WOMAN MAKES CHARGE (Uy I'nito.l Pr^ss). Gallup, N. M., .May 3.—Anthor- itioa o£ city, county and .state today investigated a report that two men interested in the ilefense of the Gallup rioters had be< n kid- naped by a band of masked iiu'ii. and spirited ajivay from this mining town. ! ; Those missing were David L<-v- ison, famous utorney for t!ie International Labor Defense Council and chief [counsel for sever:;! men -charged with murder in connection with 'the recent eviction riot here, and! Robert Minor. Xov York writer and cartoonist t:l' liberal tendencies. The alleged; kidnaping was r ported by Mrs. Julia Bartol. -'.i- year-old wife jof one of the m--:i charged with iiuurder. According to Mrs. Banol, th • kidnaping occhirred about lo.-:;>) p. m. last night, as she.' sat. with Levison and Minor in a parki-,1 car in Santa JFo Plaza, not far from downtown Gallup. The three Were layiu? plan.-; for defense of tin; ac: used in; n, :;h. said. : Suddenly, .she said, three n>>\v automobiles of unknown maiti- j pulled up to the parked ear. Tl' • 'cars, which wi-iv without liei n: plates, worn filled wilh in-jn aliout ti-n in rll — wlm-,• I;'.: wei'o concoalod by hoods. Governor Tingl<-y told li'- 1 United Press in Santa f'n that !K"would have to be positive a kid- naping really 'did occur" bofoiv taking any action. Police Chief I' said !i and his entiro for;-(! U:>:! $;>«;;••• to find a second witness of tl>- affair, and lia<! been unr.ble to d so. He said no iiiio could be foiin I who had evun-luard Mrs. Bart'i! screaming. ; Mrs. Hanoi reported that '!:: throe car.-; carrying Levison, Minor and I heir . abductors drc.v. north out of Gallup toward cii highway l.-adiiig to Fanuinirt-ni. N. :.M.. and Du'rango,'C'!)!o. • The bloody riot occurred mo: than three wti-ks ago.: when u::- employed men sought , t:i fr- •• three persons charged with bn a!:- iug the seals : on a house t'i-oi-.i which one of them had boon legally |cvicted. Levison is internationally known as!a defense: attorney in labor cases] MORE BAjS: EMEXTS FLOODED. Cicero Greek ;Was Out of Its Banks! Friday Morning. . . i w More bcsements were flooded Friday morning and several persons were kv-ithout fire. On North Conde\street and that section of the city some basements contained as much as two feet of water. I Cicero creek was out of its banks Friday morning at S:00 o'clock and the water was across the southwjest portion of the drive at the park and several of the j low places were flooded. It was j still rising] and promises to break j a record (if several years before starting to 1 recede. Farmers; are not crops. CIIAKGti OF MfllDKK. Plan for Island Freedom f Quickly Downed. BLUE F DRUG ARREST LEADERS Five Young Men From'This County Accepted For Training. worrying , : (Uy ITnitwl 1'ri-ss). Manila, " P. 1., May 3.—Order about the jrain as most of them J .,j,j. ar i. u tiy Was .restored through- say the ground has needed a j QUt tlie Philippines tonight fol- thorough soaking to assure good j low i nt - a widespread series of en- Kui»ht.s Templar Conclave. ; A Veritable Iliixpitiil. , ;Wnyno Cunningiiam. local Chevrolet d-:aler, returned to his liome on Green street Thursday after a short business trip to 3H<*hlgan, to find his home con- re?tcd into a veritable hospital. ; fliis son, Jerry, age 10 months, |si"well broken out with Hi--- ^ipiasles, and his daughter. Joy, is Jtist recovering from tl'e disnas". lov to anc Mi Pi< K0( Hi; da At the Diana. Something entirely new _ in K stories is said to be brought the screen by William Powell i Ginger Rogers in "Star of Inight," current RKO-Radio lure woven around New York's icty and night life, at the .na Sunday, Monday and Tues- tomancc. in this modern, so- BEER LICENSE MOXEY. Michigan City Owes Refund But Can't Pay. (By United Press). Michigan City, May 3. — License provisions of the 1934 city beer control act were found unconstitutional yesterday in superior court. Local dealers immediately pre- Left For Seattle, Mrs. R. W. Sim] daughter Edna left F for Seattle. Wash., w Simpson will visit with ter Miss Marybelle Sir has just completed a nursing and will gra the class May Sth. Mrs will attend the con exercises which will -Wash. ison and riday noon liere Mrs. her datigh- ipson, who course in luate witn . Simpson mcncement be held at Tipton Commandery ;Xo. 52 K T. will meet in regular: session cr Mbnday .May Cth at 7:3,0 p. m The order of it he Temple will b'- confered. follojwing buHness session. All nunhbers nrfeijd to ni- the wnrl:. : attending on ..May Sth Fili-tl Asiiinst Yoiiiis Author Who! reported (ittiet had been restored Firebug. I at nightfall in ill provinces where 'ragged-'members of the minority ! extremist party had clashed with Admits ICc is Pross'i. 3.—A short- resulting from Sakdalista dis- -satisfaction over government taxation and the ten-year American plan for . Philippines independ- <r.y v Chicago,! May 3.—A young; goverumeut £orccs in . a writer of jilood-and-thunder stor- ^.^ insul . rectioll . ies, diagnosing himself as "an K:il i ma ted death toll of the re- ••goncentrle fire fiend." faced a' ,,^-jV,,, rema i, lc d unchanged at charge of murder by arson today .. ^ st . ores injurcd irl fighting a.-? alienists poured over the amazing contents of his 3,00o-; page diary. • - i H. Carle Peterson. 1 a blond, i dreamy-eyed man of ''>-. admit- : ted setting fire to 50 buildings, j mostly apartments, in' the last! Dine years; "I am a| fiend." he "wrote, .with bold nmW-scoriu.c. in one of the last entries of his three diaries extending jliack to 1926. "I have: a super mind. I do what I want. Ther life—only a few lire." gagements between government consiabularymen and revolting bands of Sakdalistas. Lieutenant H. E. iSmith.i who Constabulary Headquarters here| ror the past sev eral years has had charge of the recruiting for the Citizens Military Training Camp... for Tipton county, lias received notice from • headquarters ol the Fifth Corps Area, at IFort Hayes, Ohio, that five yonng menj have been accepted for the camp from this county. i i The young men chosen i from the applications filed! "are I Howard Taylor Bonner, [LeroyJ Earl Hunt, Byron George Horton, Lorenzo Maurice Thompson i and William Leroy Kendall. Th<i four first named attended | the camp last season and will have a second year of training. : The camps offer an | opportunity for a month's vacation and In addition to the military training forms of entertainment are : prc- Author.uies ordered many party leaders arrested as the revolt flarexl in Santa Maria, liulacan province. General. Trias. Bacoor, Tanza and Silang in Cavite province. The Manila Herald said Mari! anu irnitvcTo, is nothing m > ,. . J .- -. mad thrills- V ^'7^^ Philippines legisla- v ided for the young jmeff, in all :lfve. bad been or- kinds of outdoor sports. All ex- was tlectd in penses of tfie men accepted are on IjlK- Sakdal ticket, but re-: pa j<j j, y the government. v ~ ! ~ 9 ! portedly left the party since. j The camp opens InjJuly at Ft. Ifcihy Dying. The term "Sakdalistu" is taken. Benjamin Harrison, j ' - from the 1 - Tagalog language. It j • • • j'— : Oar! Thunima. (i-nionths-pld ; lm ..;ijis"exposure of government; Will Move to Tipton. son of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad i abuses." " | ! : Thuma of iKlwood is reported to! T , u . I)ar t y -. s leader. Henigno | A. N. (Dutch) Wooidridge, for- be critically ill at the Mercy hos-! u all j os . will be extradited by the nier trustee of Liberty township, pital at Elwood following a sev-'j department of justice, it was an-1 who has been residing in Sharps- ions operation tin-re Thursday j nol incud lute tonight. \Vhi!e his Miorninr; for appendicitis arid oth-; ^hereabouts were not definitely i;r troubles, and a message Fri-; klll)V i_. n> hlj was believed to be in day noon stated it was feared '"•''! j a p an . could not long survive. | . — •»-••»• The little, one is a grandson i ' . lu-ookic Services. of Mr. and Mrs. John Pyle of| Xorth Comjo street, Mrs. Thununa being formerly Mls.s Knola Pyle. • • 9 j Funeral services for! D. ! Broiikie, former Tipton ^ resident | I whoso 'death occurred suddenly; [Wednesday afternoon; will be; ! ~~ ~~ . j held; at the fanhiy home. 3G-" East] Chicago. I May :!. — A federal ! Clinton street in Frankfort Sat-; court juryj last night aciiuiltul j U1 .day mornins at 10 o'clock. Rev.j Parish and Samuel J. ! Harry L. Cain, pastor of the First; Presbyterian church of Frankfort i will conduct the services. . j His-daughter,-Mrs. T. S. Ellei-j of Pasadena, Calif., wired she was'! starting by plane at once and I reached Frankfort from Indian-1 apolis Friday morning. Several Tiptpii people, will attend the services Saturday morning. ville for some time, j has rented the Langan property a.t 322 Columbia Ave., and will remove his family to Tipton next week; Mr. Wooidridge is j connected with the Wayne Cunningham Chevrolet Agency of this city and Sharpsville. • - • Parish Aciiuittctl. Frank Parish and Samuel J. Maddin, vice-president . of the Parish enterprise, of -mail f:"'.tii! charges as a result of the collapse of the 530,000,000 Missouri-Kansas Pipe Line Company. AAAAA to EEE j 55 — E.VNA JETTICKS — '• 9& America's Smartest Shoes. NU-WAY SHOE Walking. j STORE Xorth Side Square - — Tipiori . ! .....U.-j.'.. For a Limited Time Only MONUMENTS!! AT RIGHT P1UCE I REX Batteries PRICED MGHT ' J. H. COPPOCK, Salcsirian Phone 347J1 | j tend and assiit Arrangements | for Grand Commandery Ph |sjthat of his wife. Mr:;, funning- cnj tim, who sufferod a .severe at- Gi] jai-ck of gall duct trouble Wednes- sf)l lliy. Her condition was critical siv sticated drama .rted course. The red-haired iger, in the role of a young iety beauty, takes the aggres- o, and it's hard to tell whether 'or a time, and it was thought an p owe ii s a a willing victim, or an jjidration would be necessary at ap da Fjflday morning' reports from stated she is somewhat and it is thought an 'pnj*ratfpn may be averted. Sfelirig Groceiry "*" Soups, lg., 2 f or 27c Wafers, new, Ib. I9c Walnut St. I'hone 5SM. E fwa . SAT6 in !will also be completed! at session. . . jM. CURTIS JKEXNKniL, Coin. ;J. N. I'ENWELL. Ret. pared to claim $4,150 in refunds. The fees were paid with the understanding that they would be returned if the ordinance was found invalid. It was disclosed, however, that the money cannot prehensive clinger to the stan- be returned because it was placed rd of bachelorhood. In other in the city general fund, rds, it's the man in the case • '• the Washington State! University i with which the Virginia Mason! Itiisiii'fss School of Nursing is connected; It is possible Miss Sampson after her graduation will The Tipton ! P.ii:;i!ic;;-i iand I'ru- | feijsional \Vonv n's rlnii >vill mee; return i M i onday cvf , ni |, K at <;::;0 o'clo,:-'. with her mother for a visit hprcJ w j Ul Mri . (_-,-j. ss i c before assuming her nursing duties. 10 keeps the girl and the audience guessing. A sinister mystery adds the thrills of suspense to romance i d subtle comedy, with Powell d Miss Rogers«]oining forces to rack down the clues to a strange isappearance and a weird mur- er. ; Stephen Roberts directed "Star t Midnight," which is based on 1 story by the late Arthur Som- rs Roche; master of 'mystery flc- on. In the supporting cast 'are uch well known playerb as Ralph Morgan, Paul Kelly, Leslie Fenon, Vtitfan Oakland, (Wne Lockhart, flnssetf Hopfon HTK! J. S'ar- Brought to Tipton. .Miss Helen Martin was removed Thursday evening in the Leathermair ambulance from her rooms in Indianapolis- to the home of her mother; Mrs. Bertha Martin, on Nortn West stracr. Miss Martin, who is employed in Craig's Candy Shop in Indianapolis, is Buffering from poison front as Imbedded and infected Wisdom tooth, which was extracted Saturday eventhg. She was unable to work all week, and if not getting along as well as It degired 1 . MMe Visited Conference. L. S. Leatherman and C. i V. Craft left early Fridiy morning for Ft. Wayne to spend the day at the North Indiana Conferences now in session in that city. H.; (;. Findllng isia delegate at the conference froin the Kemjp Memorial church and[ has been there during the week. Mrs. George Stroun is the delegate from ihe Hobba church and la also attending tha sessions. • • i Squire word that Broke Elbo^r. ' - _ I I P. Rice las received alph Onge, a relative North West street, for a pitchin Anniversary .Sale COMMUNITY supper. Thcro will ; be I istallation of nbfcrs arc r"j- ': i of the not. j officers, and a;ll me quested to change of date and'-be j present. i . i* ** . TT ; Bought! Hunt Farm. ; Thomas V[. Stout; has purchased the I-junt fanhj of 40 afcrcs, 4 1 ,!: miljui.northwest of Tip- t<>n. according to a debd placed on record. The consideration wa? given as $-l,Q<|0. Thd jland was sild in setfl^B the Mjary Hunt estate. !*< ON COMPLETE SERVjOS sik $TO'CK.HECES' 39-Piect Service for 6 Places $39.50 Afinwer^ary^Sale Price $29.50 YOir^AVE $10°° 51-Piec, : Service for. 8 Places Regularly $49.75 '• Anniversary Sale Price 134,75 YOl||AVE$15 An nnequMed opportunity to«e^ your ta China, Diana Tonight and Saturday' Shows 7:00 and : Admission lOc j TOM TYLER in "THE MYSTfiEY A Western Melodrama.Full of Thrills and Action Also Serial, "The Law of jthe Wild," and ! neys' AU Colored Cartoon, "Peculiar ; OfU LATi; .SATIKDAV MGHT SHOW "STSAIGHT FROM THE HEART" • AVith Mary Astor, Koger.Pryor and Baby Jan They Refused a Fortune in Cold for a Tiny Bab? ; -' \\,1io Won Their, Heart, j The Best Late Show the Diana Has Ever S I SUNDAY, MONDAY and TUESDAY 1 SUNDAY SIAXIXEB 2 O'CLOCK j.. 'iliitinrc, lOc and 15c — ADSnSSION — Nights, i^oj and; exquiately fine prices winch mead . Setf »p i f- i- They'll amaze, amuse and thrill you •• -•. --•• Fromthttul a»t K««p.-.*:*"i.W: 1 H^P?1 pifei'*;* •"••'aEKiS/*^. :.j~.-'yM

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