Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 30, 1956 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 30, 1956
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1956 On TV! TtrtSSDAl' EVfcSTVO 6:00—(4) News—Ed Kealli (5) Weather (36) American Jewish Digest 6:05— (5)Sports— Ingham 6: jo— (4) Weather—Brooks 6:15— (.4) Les Paul & Mary Ford (5) News—John Roedel (36) News—John Daly 6;2ft_.(4) World Affairs 6:30—(4) Name That Tune (5) Jonathan Winters Show (COLOR) The Chordettes, vocal group, an? guests. 136) News, Sports — Hayward. 6:45—(5) News — Huntley & ley (36) Political—Democratic. 7:00—(4) Phil Silvers — Bilko turns producer as he tries to get his platoon a spot on the Army show to appear on Broadway. (5) $100.000 Big Surprise— (9) College Math (36) Wrestling 7:30—(4) The Brothers—Harvey still carries a torch for a school girl sweetheart and helps to plan a class reunion to see her again. (5) Noah's Ark—(COLOR) Sam and Noah help to cure a leg infection of a circus lion. In doing so, Sam becomes intrested in a blonde at the circus much to the annoyance of Noah and Liz. 7:45—(9) Happy Page — Valerie Haynes and puppets put on a children's show, A Halloween puppet show is presented. S:00—(4) Herb Shriner Show — WE REPAIR Any Mike of RADIOS, TV*. WASHERS, tJRVDRS OAS and ELECTRIC RANGES. Fail »nd Dependable Service We Are A* Close Ai Vonr Telrphone. DIAL, '.1-7511 WEBER'S TV AND APPLIANCES tUV) STATE ST. ALTON ALUMINUM Storm Windows, Doors. Air Master TIU-O-.Matlo ALUMINUM Jalousie Door 1'V Tblck POUCH ENCLOSURE Ulooslt Doable Hang Windows. Fret Eitlmaln ORNAMENTAL IRON RAILINOS—COLUMNS ALUMINUM AWNINGS Ne Down Payment. MR Moa. Cox's Home Supply Co. North Alton In the M'niiice -,-IKU Res 'i-IKIl. For Fast TV Service Bring your set to our shop In the morning. Pick up before 5 P. M. Square Deal Shop 720 E. Broadway Ph. 5-9411 CALL 3-3500 ELECTRIC RANGE SERVICE G.E.—HOI POINT NORGE rRIGlDAlHE PHILCO rectory Guaranteed Parts Surfact Uniu and Oven Elements Tor All Makei MILO WELLS, Inc. 2919 State John N. font* Actress Dorothy Lanimir Is guest and Herb shows another ol his home movies on his army expe- rienees. <ji Jane \Vyman Show — Miss Wyman and Ralph Meekei slar in "Between Jobs". After raising a fortune in jewels from a sunken boat. two partners quarrel with tragic consequences. 136) For Men Only — Hay- vvard. 8:15—(9) Spotlight on Missouri— "Crime Lab". 8:30—(4) Red Skelton — (COL OR>—Red portrays Clem, the cobbler's son in love with a pretty ballerina portrayed by guest Sally Forrest. ' (5) Circle Theater — Biff McGuire and Lome Green slar in "Flare-Up". A polio epidemic in Chicago lasl summer is realistically portrayed. 19) TV Flashlight - Women's Club of Missouri. (36) Pantomime Quiz. 9:00—(4) $64,000 Question — Hal March emcees this big money quiz (9) Yesterday's World — (DEBUT) First of new series ol ancient culture. "Good Life On the Nile". (36) Polka Time. 9:30—(41 Dateline Europe—Jerome Thor stars as Robert Cannon in the story "Ghost in the Valley". (5) Celebrity Playhouse— Phil Carey and Jan Sterling star in "I'll Make the Arrest". (9) Meet Mr. Candidate- League of Women Voters. (36) Sands of Time D:45—(36) News—Hayword 10:00—(4) Danny Thomas Show Danny takes the role of both father and mother as he becomes a "den mother" for Rusty's cub pack. (5) Science Fiction Theater—Vincent Price stars in "One Thousand Eyes". A scientist uses a new principle to eye-witness a murder in total darkness. (36) Million Dollar Movie Robert Preston and Cathy Downs star in "The Sundowners". An outlaw helps to combat a group of cattle rustlers. 10:30—(4) Masquerade Party — Peter Donald is host. (5) Crunch and Des — "Hooky, Line and Sinker". Forrest Tucker and Sandy Kenyon are starred in this film series. ll:00-(4) The Vice: Donald Gray .stars as "Mark Saber" in the episode "Holiday for Heatherton". (5) News-Bob Hillie 11:10—(5) Weather — Clif St. James. 11:15—15) Political—Address by James Blair, Democratic Candidate for Governor of Missouri. (36) Weather—Mclntire 11:20—(36) Nitecap—Norman 11:25—(5) Movie — Lynn Dollar stars in the mystery "The Key to Murder". 11:30—(4) News-Ed Keath 11:40—(4) Weathervane—Allen 11:45—14) Movie: Stu Envin and Barbara Wood star in the drama "Dr. Jim". 12:55—(5) Weather (glamourize , c- A fine mirror beautifies your home like fine jewelry glamourizes personal beauty Come in today and set the many lovely new mirror creations in our stock. Clastic shadoV bo» mirror $hodow fefs mirror " A«liqufGol4-V*i« •DOOR MIRRORS. 16" x 68" $18.65 18" x 68" $19.50 20" x 68" 520.90 22" x 68" $Z4.00 24" x 68" ;... $25.50 .WALL MIRRORS. 18" x 26" $9.95 24" x 30" $14.75 30" x 36" $21.50 36" x 60" 30" x 48" $29.00 30" x 60" $40.00 36" x 48" $35.00 $48.00 LYONS GLASS CO. s Daily Radio Chart TUESDAY USD (NBC) 681) HI KXOh (ARC) MO Hi RMOX (CBS) KWH (MBS) 1380 KC P. oo .IS JO 6 .to .1) .M 7 M .IS JO 8 .00 .18 JO .ts \S I JO M 10 .M .IS JO .41 11 .00 .18 JO .45 A, M. 6 JO .45 7 .00 .15 JO .45 8 .00 .15 JO .45 •S 10 .00 .15 JO .45 11 .00 .15 JO .45 12 i £ .00 .15 Newt, Spurt* Frcrtdr Martin New* Notebook: Sonus Ballroom Newi Ballroom News: Man (in I he- UO Mot-sun Be*tt> On* Man s Family Bob it Ray Show Ballroom New.« 3nUroofB News News « Sports Digest Lowell Thomas News: Queen Roy Queen Bob Burnes Ed Murrow first five News First Fl* Newt News Sports BUI Crable Robert Q. Lewis ,, ,, H Suspenne Sports: Allen Dave Allen Mimic: News Drtgnet lea Heath's Music News; Crable BUI Crable Election Trends X Marks Choice News Bill Crable Blng Crosby Campaign '58 Report; Faith Amos 'n Andy Musical Hour Sports News: Heatter Gabriel Heatter Treasury Agent First Five Now* Newt Music Ballroom Ballroom World News Harry Fender Newg Night Muslt . New? Sign Oil Music Hour News; Fender Harry Fender Gil Newsome Melody Time Newt Rhythm" suite Newa, Sport* Smootn Sailing Thought for Da) WEDNESDAY John Roedel Arf« Notebook I oday ^ MmiinM AP News New* Weather lune Up New» Early Show Weatnci Kailv Show New> Brucf Havwmrd Weathei Blue* Haywtrd Country tourn«l Sunrts-e SiluU Ozark V*rt«ttM Weithei Jack tt Jerry New* World Newi News. Weithct Clock watchct Sport> jack * Terry News Ed Wilson New* News Spurts News Art's Notebook Bruce Hiywtrd World News: Dtwb Clock Watcher New* Ed Wllion New* Bandstand Breakfast Club Arthur Godfrey Ed Wilson New* Bandstand True Story Girl Marrie* Whispering Street* Arthur Godfrey Kitchen Club Howard Miller News. WllMm Gd WUsoo Bandstand Revu* News; Hcatter Carl Mclntire Art's Notebook Carl Mclntire News; Weather Playhouse Party Top Thirty W Warren; New» Backstage Wtf* Helen Trent Songs; Newi News; Revu» Gil Newsomr »• i» New* Bruce Hayward News: Headlines Ma Perkins Dr. Malone Our Gal Sunday Jack & Jerry n i* •* Newa Playhouse Party Queen for a Day BrUct Hayward Right to Happlnesi 2nd Mrs. Burton Nora Drake Entertainment Jack & Jerry l» H •» New* S-Star Matlne* » •• Hilltop House Young's Family Bruce Hayward Strike It Rich House Party Phil Stevene Gd Wilson Newi Woman in Hous* Mary McBrlde Carl Mclntire Ed Bonner Carl Mctntlre Art's Notebook Carl Mclntire Ed Bonner Phil Stevens » M Matinee Ed Wilson Newt Matinee News; Matinee Matinee First Five News; Newsome Gil Newsome Newi 1:00—(4) Thought for the Day WEDNESDAY, OCT. 31st, A.M. 7:00— (4) Good Morning — Will Rogers Jr. (5) Today — Dave Garroway. 8:00—(4) Capt. Kangaroo. 8:55—(4) News 9:00—(4) Garry Moore (5) Ding Dong School (9 In School Programing starts at this time and continues thru 3:30 p.m. 9:30—(4) Arthur Godfrey (5) Bandstand 10:00— (3) Home—Arlene Francis 10:30—14) Strike It Rich 11:00-^(4) Valiant Lady (5) Tic, Tac Dough 11:15—(4) Love of Life 11:30—(4) Search for Tomorrow (5). It Could Be You 11:45—14) Guiding Light 'I WKDXESAY AFTERNOON Noon—(4) Recallit & Win (5) Charlotte Peters 12:30—(a) As the World Turns 12:45—(4) News 12:50—(4) Community Album. 1:00—(4) Our Miss Brooks. (5) Homemaking 1:30—(4) House Party (5) Tennessee Ernie 2:00-(4) Big Payoff (5) Matinee Theater (COLOR) Sarah Churchill stars in the only novel written by her father, Sir Winston Churchill. "Savro- la". A mythical country is ruled by a ruthless and unpopular dictator. The liberals sent their leader to protest to him and he falls for the dictator's young wife. 1!:30— (4) Bob Crosby 3:00—(4) Brighter Day (5) Queen for a Day 3:15—14) Secret Storm 3:30—(4) Edge of Night 3:45—(5) Modern Romances 4:00—(4) Gil Newsome (5) Russ David 4:30—(4) Fred Moegle (5) Variety Theater— "Lineman's Luck". Two power company linemen who are brothers come into conflict with each other over the love of a young ludy. 4:50—1.4) Look, Listen, Learn 5:00—14) Mickey Mouse Club (5) Wrangler's Cartoon (36) Movie—Buster Crabbe stars in the western "Fighting Bill Carson". 5:30—(5) Ramar of the Jungle— "Trail to Danger". In India's fight to *nd untouoh- ability, tho Minister of Tribal Wellaie has stated in Calcutta that people_better placed in society must end those considered untouchables to overcome their inferiority complex. Brussels Party To Be Wednesday BRUSSELS — Junior director of the WMA, Delores Eberlin is extending invitations to all school age children in Brussels, Meppen and Golden Eagle area to participate in a Halloween Party, Wednesday. Costumes will be judged and prizes of cameras, train case, and games will be given. There will be refreshments. Turkey Party BRUSSELS — The annual turkey party sponsored by Francis Pohlman, American Lpgion Post will be held in the Legion Hall Sunday, Nov. 11, at: 8 p. m. 40-Hour Devotions BRUSSELS — Approximately SCO persons attended the closing of 40-hours devotion in St. Mary's Church Sunday at 7:30 p. m. A priest from St. Louis was in charge of devotions, with 10 oth- ar priests from nearby parishes present. Marriage Bans BRUSSELS — Marriage bans for Miss Marcella Pohlman and Ray Menke were announced Sunday in St. Mary's Church. The wedding will take place Nov. 17. Miss Pohlman is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pohlman. Woodbnrtt WOODBORN — Mrs. Melvin Lawrence, the former Miss Eileen Rose, was honored at e mis> ceftaneous shower in Woodburn Congregational Church basement Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Larcher Heal left Friday to visit their son, Lt. Earl Heal, at Vance Air Base at Enid, Okla. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Pennington of Bunker Hill spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Pennington. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mann of St. Louis spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Strohbeck. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Swift of Guard visited her mother, Mrs. Leonora Elliott, Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lucker of Alton visited at the Elliott home Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. James Welch of Bunker Hill visited relatives here Sunday. Funeral services for ilrs. Lydia Fensterman, 89, were held Monday at 2 p.m. at Jacoby Funeral Home, Bunker Hill Burial was in Fosterburg Cemetery. Mr, and Mrs. Claude Li 2400 Bell* Sf. Alton Dial 2-2371 ANNUAL SAUSAGE SUPPER — GIVK3V BY THE — TRINITY LUTHERAN MEN'S CLUB — AT Tiii'j — LUTHERAN PARISH HALL •WOMEN, PUINOIS SUNDAY, NOV. 4th Serving Will Betfn B t 4tOO O'clock I». M. Adult»-$l.25 FAMILY STYLE Children-76c NewKing 9 QueenCro-wnedA t KaneBandMothersCarnival KANE — Miss Carlotta Stein-1 acher and Ronnie Guilander were named queen and king at the Band Mothers carnival at the grade School Saturday night. The retiring king and queen are Tony Kreuger and Tamara Plato. Others taking pai in the coronation were: Linda Whillock. Joyce Svvearinger. Barbara Hanneken, Dennis Mourning, David Worley, Ronnie Guilander and Gene Todd. Escorts were: Judy Harmon, Barbara Plato and Linda Mourning. Prizes at games were won by Mrs. Betty Plato, Ramona Ferguson, Mrs. Charles Berry and Mrs. Harold Bean. Kane Notes KANE - Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hutchens returned the latter part of the week from Robinson where they visited several days at the home of their son, Irwin Hutchens. Mr. end Mrs. Joe Petsche returned to Springfield Sunday after a few days visit with Mrs. Petsches sister, Mrs. F. M. Crawford. Mrs. Louise Boschert. and daughter, Mary Lou of St. Louis; Mrs. Annie Krallman, Mrs. Henry Roewe and Miss Marie Roewe were supper guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Harry De- Shasier. Mr. snd Mrs. Neal Hawkins Godfrey; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yocom, Fidelity, and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Powers, Plymouth, Mich., were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bates, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carlton, Mrs. William Darr and Hayden Darr and sons, Stanley and Roger, spent Sunday at Hannibal, Mo. Miss Emma D. Stringer was hostess at a shower Sunday afternoon for Mrs. Margaret Hazel Palmer at the American Legion Hall. Misses Deborah and Donna Crotchett of Bethalto visited the latter part of the week with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Crotchett. Sunday evening guests at the Crotchett home were Kenlner Crotchett and family of Bethalto: Darrell Crotchett and family, Alton: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carr, Mr. and Mrs. Delbort Crotchett and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Turner. Miss Maryln Turpening returned to Normal Sunday after visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Turpening. Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Prough were: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mundy, Wood River; Kieth Mundy and family, Jerseyville; Mr. and Mrs, Roy Turpening and»daughter, Maryln, Jersey County; James Turpening and family, Robert Guilander and family and Miss Elsie Wheeler. Mr.and Mrs. Ru<jben Allen and Mrs. Veto and Don Bellito returned Sunday from Herrin where they visited Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mathis. Mr. and Mrs Roy Devening, hast Hardin; Mrs. Elizabeth Stair, Licking, Mo.; Frank Cummings and family and Mrs Otis Sturmon were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. James Allen. ThoniasCummings'Rites Conducted at Jersey JERSEYVILLE — Fu n e r p 1 services for Thomas Cummings were conducted Monday at 2 p. m. from Jacoby Brothers Funeral Home in this city. The Rev. M. Edwards Breed officiated and interment WHS in the Grimes Neely Cemetery. Cummings for many years was identified with the Farm Bureau oiganization in Jersey County during the time of its formation and development. He was active in civic affairs and served during the Hc-nry Horner administration as a warden for the Illinois Department of Conservation for Jersey County. Halloween Ball At Onized, Wednesday Dancing will be featured at a Halloween ball in Onized clubrooms immediately after the parade Wednesday night. Scheduled to start at 9 p.m. and continue until 1 a.m., the dance will be open to the public and admission is free. Although costumes are not compulsory, prizes, consisting of 10 sets of glassware, will be awarded for the best costumes. Judging will take place at 11 p.m. Sponsored by the Onized Club Social Council, the dance will be spiced by trick features, including releasing of a large number of balloons that will be suspended from the ceiling. Several of these'balloons Will contain five- dollar bills. Hot dogs, doughnuts, coffee and cider will be sold during the dance. Members ol the Social Council who are on the dance committee include Bill Richardson, chairman; Harry Nichols; Earl Carney; Mary Lou Ringering; Darlene Stouffer; Wanda Wilson; and Roy Shake, Social Council President. Mrs. Thelka Dean Hurt in Accident Mrs. Thelka Dean of Carbondale, mother of Warner Coffman, funeral director and embalmer at the Smith Funeral Home, Wood River, is hospitalized at Alton Memorial for treatment of injuries suffered Sunday in an automobile accident, near Lebanon. The mishap occurred when Mrs. Dean, 48, was returning to her home after visiting in Wood River with her son and daughter-in-law. She was brought by ambulance to the Alton hospital Monday from Highland where she had been a patient in St. Joseph's Hospital. Mrs. Dean suffered a head injury and fracture of the right leg, at the knee. Firemen Answer 3 Minor Calls Monday Alton firemen answered three minor calls Monday. At 11:14 a. m., No. 2 engine company extinguished a dump fire at the foot of Ridge street. No. 2 and 4 crew's put out a blaze in a pile of boxes at the rear of Main Street Market, Broadway and Main, at 7:07 p. m. Chief Lewis said in the latter instance he believed some Halloween pran:;sters had set the boxes afire. At 7:35 p.m., No. 2 Investigated an auto with smoking emergency brake at 15th and Liberty streets, Owner of the car was listed as Elizabeth Hart. YOUR FAVORITE FAMILY DRIVE-IN OPEXS AT 6:30 SHOW STARTS AT ;:on LAST TIMES TONITE—2 HITS Gregory Peck,_ Jennifer Joji, I Ua i e Robertson, Rory Calhoun "THE MAN IN THE I in GRAY FLANNEL SUIT" j "THE SILVER WHIP" WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY Blank Widow Seven times as many people live in New York City today as occupied all North America north of Mexico when Columbus arrived. have returned here after several years residence in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. James Ray and daughter, Helen, of Bunker Hill visited Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Ray. ralw by Di LUXI SECOND HIT 50th CenturyFo* presents DOUGLAS • BELLA DARVI • GILBERT ROLAND CINEMASCOPE Color b, DE LUXE In tht »ondt> of STEREOPHONIC SOUND Plus Cartoon—Kiddies Free—Free Playground TWILIGHT MATINEE EVERY SUNDAY OPEN 6:30 Final Showing Tonite \Vni. Holden—Deborah Kerr STAltT 7:00 The Pro u d and Prof a n e plus The Naked Dawn Arthur Kennedv Technicolor Ucttu St. John WE'RE GOING ALL-OUT 2 l /2 YEARS IN THE MAKING! JEFF MORROW • FAITH DOMERGUE .REX REASON *ton --- -_- I f* SPOOKEROO .. .1 " |> CARTOONS I Birthday Supper At Fidelity Baptist FIDELITY — The monthly fellowship birthday supper was held Friday night in the basement of the Baptist Church. Mrs. Charles Marshall and Eldon Moore were seated at the birthday table. The Senior High Class taught by Melvin Wiegand was in charge of the evening entertainment. Miss Donna Marshall sang a solo .and Mrs. Ira Marshall and son, Dick sang a duet. Re- cords were played for the remainder of the evening. There were fifty present. Fidelity Notes FIDELITY — Mr. arid Mrs. George Bell and Judy and Kathryn Mogg visited Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. James Bales of Reeder. Jerry Lee Moore of Granite City spent Saturday night with her aunt. Mrs. Robert Cooper. Sunday Mrs. Cooper was a dinner guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Moore of Granite City. Tonight and Wednesday FAMILY NIGHTS Adults 25c, Kiddles 2 for 250 AII-\Vestor> 1'rojfrani DORIS DAY niul Phil Cnroy In "Calamity Jane" Shown nt 8:20 P.M. DANE CLARK and JUMP Clny in "MASSACRE" Shown 7:00, in P.M. NO PAKKIKO PROBLEMS AT ROXANA THEATRE Lust Time Tonlte "SERENADE" Color 8:59 "JOHNNY CONCHO" 7:30 WED.-THURS.-FRI. Laurence Harvey - Mary l)r« "Storm Over the Nile" Color Clnemiwope 8:55 Perry I.oprr. - Beverly Garland "THE STEEL JUNGLE" 7:22 Selected Shorts Open 12=45 Daily f TODAY & WED, ^ SCREEN'S GREATEST STARS in o Muiicaf ihoi hilt o nt" high in FUN BING CROSBY-GRACE KELLY-FRANK SINATRA CELESTE HOLM -JOHN LUND- LOUS CAIMKM . SIDNEY euc<M« - LOUIS ARMSTRONG ^>_ Shown at 1:10 3:10 5:10 7:10 9:10 CALLING .HOMICIDE TODAY LAST TIMES i-GORCEY •"•"HAU BILL ELLIOTT u:00 7:25 9:50 Bowcnj At 3:50 6:15 8MI» Open 12:45 Daily. 50c Till 5, Then 65c. Child 15c WED.! ESS 2 Big Exciting Hits In Color! JEFF CHANDLER DOROTHY MALONE A uMvaoM'M'nmtiemi rtcnm At 2:40 5:55 fl:20 PLUS AFRICA! WHERE ADVENTURE and TERROR MEET! \ CROSSING uan~.PETl-in.ORRF I TECHNICOLOR] At 1:10 4:25 7:50 *< AKTOO.V TONITE LAST TIMES! WED.! . N ,J ES OODRIVER BIGGEST OF ALL WESTERNS! IHMUTOIIS (THOUSAND MIMOMBU MOMWTS ~ JENNIFER JONES-GREGORY PECK-JOSEPH GOTTEN - UCWUHTWU wmunuu uw»6a mm KIM- HUB mm 1'lu* at 8:55 WEIRD ADVENTURE! COLOR! At 7:88 * CAItTOON

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