Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 12, 1953 · Page 17
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 17

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 12, 1953
Page 17
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© < I'LL EAT MY LUNCH f AT MV DESK SO . ,, > I CAN WORK ON ">fTh~- THAT IMPORTANT Ifc* Hi( GRUMLV CONTRACT OH, BOY, I CAN MAKE A BEAUTIFUL SANDWICH J OUT OF ALL THESE COLD-CUTS BLONDIE ^ S &m RACKED FORME HEY WHAT THAT SANDWICH ? HAM AND CHEESE ANO| SAUSAGE , AND-? MAKE NO MISTAKE, MB. KIRBY.. KILLED BY A BULLET... BUT HE SUFFERING FROM A TROPICAL DISEASE ALSO. HE VVOL'LD HAVE HAD THREE MONTHS TO LIVE! .DENTON WAS N T'-SUPPORT H MAE'S GOT A ER, AN'A BAB "V DAMOOZF- , HER- AM' AH HAIN'T .} GOT S'GH.'-AH CAIN'T SEEITTO"^! ATTRACT A HUSBIN,OH ACCOUNT AH IS SOMEWHAT DlRTV,'. r -V,/ISH'T AH COULP MEET A BOY WHO •> ADMIRES DIRT f rJl***L LIKE. AH DOES ME^«B-V-THE CAMPUS OF P-U... cHuCKizr-f -'rYROK /e shower fs A MANIAC ABOUT CLEANLINESS. EVEN ON TRACH PRACTICE, HE CARRIES* COMPLETE. DISINFECTANT tOT.".'*-) rf* THE PLUMBER CAHT COME UP TILL NEXT WEEK-SO T rtMJT VOU TO PI/ THAT pin:- iti THE BASEMEUT- Off, THE HEADACHES ATTACHED, /» OWNING A PRO FOOTBALL FRANCHISE r, ...AND MY WORST ONES OCCUR ANNUALLY WHILE WAITING FOR THE BASEBALL SEASON TO END SO OZARK /HE CAN JOIN OUR FLOUNDERING TEAM, V ..AND THIS SEASON OUR PLIGHT IS SO I DESPERATE OUR HEAD COACH HAS FLOWN EAST TO GETTH'KID WITHOUT DELAYS... WOC, WHBF Television MONDAY, OCTOBER li WIIBF-TV—Channel Four 5:00 Buddies. 5:15 TV Showcase. 5:30 TV Chronicle. 6:00 Captain Video. 6:15 John Daly—News. 6:30 The Name's the Same, 7:00 Burns and Allen. 7-.M Godfrey Talent Scout*. 8:00 I Love Lucy. 8:30 Red Buttons. 0 00 Studio One. 10:00 Death Valley Days. 10:.'!0 This Is Show Business 11:00 Wrestling. WOC-TV—-Channel Five 5:00 Mr. Wizard. 5:110 Circle "5" Ranch. 8:10 Four Star Edition. H:30 Arthur Murray Dance Party. 6:45 News Caravan, 7:00 Name That Tune. 7:30 Voice of Firestone. 8:00 Dennis Day. 8:30 Robert Montgomery. D::;0 Musical Moods. 0:45 Bob Considine. 10:00 Ford Playhouse. 10:,'!O Weather and Newt. 10:45 Film Subject. 11:00 Honor lioll of Hits. 11:30 Coming Attractions. TUESDAY. OCTOBER 13 VVHBF-TV—Channel Four 00 Arthur Godfrey. 15 Haird's Puppets. •30 Strike It Huh. 00 Valiant Lady. :I5 Love of Life. :30 Search for Tomorrow. :45 The Guiding LlBht. :00 You Are What You Eat. .1)5 Farm Almanac. :.'(() Garry Moore. :00 Anne's Kitchen. :30 Houseparlv. :00 The Biff Payoff. ;30 Bob Crosby' Show. (to I'll Buy That. :30 Frankly Feminine. :0ll MaRii; Carpet. :30 TV Classroom. Mft The Buddies. :15 TV Showcase :30 TV Chronicle, :0(l Captain Video. :15 John Daly- Neys. :30 Cavalcade of America. I)" Life Is Worth Living. :.'lfi The Buddies. :()0 Make Boom .'or Daddy. :30 Suspense' .00 Danser. :30 See It Now. :00 Four Star Playhouse. :30 Playhouse :00 Fight of the Week WOC-TV—Channel Five 6:45 Test Pattern. 7:00 Today with Dave Garroway. 0:00 Ding Dong School. 0:30 Glamour Girl. Mlv Good & Caramel Bar Howard &. Stark Co., Ww** yOUR OUTLOOK 0:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:35 10:45 11*0 11:30 Hawkins Falls. The Bennetts. Three Steps to Heaven. Follow Your Heart. Mary Louise Marshall. Morning Movie. Rural Roundup. Table "5." Today's Cooking. Kate Smith Hour. Welcome Travelers. On Your Account. Atom Squad. Gabby Hayes. Howdy Doody. Station Fun-TV. Circle "5" Ranch. Four Star Edition. Dinah Shore News Caravan. Milton Bcrlc. Fireside Theatre. Armstrong Theatre. Judge For Yourself. Greatest Fights of the Century Rocky Marclano vs. Rex Layne, Heavyweight match. July 12 1051. Candlelight Cameos. Doorway to Fashion. Rasslln' with Russ. Weatherman. News and Sports. What's Your Trouble. TV Forum. Coming Attractions. WGIL Radio Program 1400 ON YOUrt DIAL MONDAY 6:00 Caldeione Show. (5:15 Dinner Music. 6:45 Sports Parade. 7:00 Five Minute News. 7:00 Musical Intenuoe. 7:15 Public Service Show. 7:30 Music for Moderns. 9:00 Haunted Ballroom. 10:00 Nitecap News. 10:15 Music to Read By. 11:59 Sign Off. News on the Hour Every Hour. TUESDAY 5:58 Sign On. 6:00 Hymns of All Churches. 6:15 Morning Worship. 6:30 Coffee Time. 6:45 Wake Up and Live. 7:00 U. S. Weather. 7:06 Wake Up and Live. 7:30 News. 7:45 Wake Up and Live. 9:15 Let's Quiz the Mrs. 0:25 Musical Interlude. 0:30 Problem or Solution. 10:00 Music Interlude 10:10 Market Reports. 10:15 Morning Melodies. 11:00 Col well's Calling. 11:15 Musical Interlude. 11:30 Market Reports. 11:40 Farm Bureau. 11:55 Musical Interlude. 12.00 Farm Reporter. 12:15 U. S. Weather. 12:20 Music Interlude 12:30 Local News. 12:45 Monmouth News. 1:00 Musical Matinee 2:00 1400 Club. S:00 News. 3:06 1400 Club. 4:30 Hamn's Hits of the Day 5:00 News. 5:15 Pjiil Reagan Show. 5:20 Musical Interlude. 5:30 Tunes /or Tors. 5:45 Off the Record. 6:00 Caldeione Show. 6:15 Dinner Music. •6:45 Sports Parade 7:00 Five Minute News. 7:00 Musical Interlude. 7:15 Public Service 'Show. 7:30 Music for Moderns. 0:00 Haunted Ballroom. 10:00 Nitecap News. 10:15 Brad Williams Show. 11:15 Music to Read By. 11:50 Sign Off. News on the Hour Every Hour. Colors the News COLUMBUS, Ohio (UP)—A college publicity man insisted today it was a typographical error and not editorial bias when he sent a newspaper a telegram reporting that "the band and dull students" would take part in a ground-breaking ceremony at the college next week. OUT OUR WAY By Williams n W>-rz THE-IMTERPRETEg. <„ m , >, .,. *^£$2£&t£!5. _ Fiancee Returns Engagement Ring To Girl's Slayer RUSHV1LLE, Neb. (UP) — The fiancee of young Dtiane McLain, who killed a 13-year-old girl because she refused him a kiss, has sent her engagement ring back, it was revealed today. The girl, a high school senior in nearby Gordon, Neb., told her mother Sunday, "I'd rather remember him as he was." McLain, a handsome high school football star and one of the "nicest" boys in this remote cattle town, is being held in secrecy to protect him from possible mob violence. Last Saturday he led authorities to the sandy grave where he buried pretty Karen Talbot after shooting her and hitting her with a hammer Aug. 20. McLain, 19, explained "something snapped" when, after he had picked her up in a car, Karen resisted his efforts to kiss her. McLain's fiancee returned his engagement ring to a jeweler's. They had planned to be married in May. The girl's mother asked that the name of McLain 's sweetheart not be revealed, since she is an "innocent victim" of the tragedy. READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS . ELECTRIC SHAVER SALES & SERVICE GALESBURG TYPEWRITER CO. 72 S. Chtrry St. Phor* 81570 NOW OPEN! SAT and SUN. ONLY (Afttrnoon and Evening) OPENING TIME 2:30 GAIESBURO AMUSEMENT CENTER Rout* 150 — East of Airport tujoy good chewing keep a package handy' In pur<o or pocket Want to feel happier> Chew Wrigley's Spearmint Cum! Gives you a nice little hft. • Uives you o i »v> - TELEVISION NIGHT and DAY SERVICE ON ALL MAKES Prompt Attention RaatonabU Ratal RIVERS APPLIANCES 57 South Cherry Phones: 4208 or 3737-3 TELEVISION - RADIOS SERVICE ALL MAKES PICKUP DELIVER? BERG'S We Service and Install 258 E. Simmons St — 8-1305, TUNE-IN TIPS... Radio is made for music —and WGIL brings you the best every night of the week. At 7:30 it's an hour and a half of the latest records on the "Music For Moderns" program. At 9 o'clock hear popular and all-time favorites on "The Haunted -Ballroom." -Following 15 minutes of the latest news at 10 o'clock, hear a half-hour of jazz on that great WGIL show that premiered last week, "The Brad Williams Show." Remember, when you think of music, think of your radio—and when you think of radio think first of WGIL. serving Galesburg and western Illinois from 1400 on your dial. WGIL 1400 ON YOUR OIAI PEEP IN THE WOOPS ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF TOWN JOHNNY REMAIN'S ...sUNTIL PASTMIPNISHT, WHEN HE SLIPS BACK INTO LB HAVRE / |~ ^THE ONLY MAN WHO CAN START ^ ME Off ON THE TRAIL OF MLLfi. P0ISSON ..OS SAVERT/ MAYBE HB KNOWS WHERE SHE lS%» BECAUSE Z3UKBPONT/ -DlAttv- /v£- ^ /h^k&JoL!^ Ill Wc VOR. TViO CM | WKEfc WOYL V\0OS«>! . , THREE M£M WHO KM PROM NV V THIS- BEMTH AS WE APPROACHED THE ISUXNP, HOLIV...THEV VMJ15HEP IN TnlU THEV'RE NOT ON THI5 Tiuy ISLANP! MO THEV MWl'T HAVJE TIME TO GET OUT <y &GHT IW A BONT'. A BAHA.WA H i D0R.V &T5 LOW ON THE WWER.. ' THEV WiU5T'yE BEEN L0B5-TER R5HERK\EN ^-|> BECAU5E THEY /CORLEV? BIB WiEM* \CLEARED OF>, WERE HSWV UlONED TWAT.T00.3U5T EVERYONE ,Vm M RESTRICTEDX A5 WE REACHED ml ^SOUR 5WA (APEP BOW, BUT— j&wrb GUI PEP 'MISSILE* ARE BR.EPWT01T1 < I WISH SOMEBODY WOULD THINK. UP SOMETHING BRILLIAMT-- WE'VE TRIED EVERYTHING IN THE PAST/ [ THINK. THIS WILL INTEREST YOU - ITS FROM ELAINE BREVYTON . BOONP HIGH SCHOOL. ORLANDO. PLORIDA — - • THE - JUNIOR CLASS TAXES OVER THE JOB OF LAUNCHING * TWLRP SEASON . ENDING UP WITH A TW'RP TW/PL; TO ST/R UP INTEREST, we PUT ON SPECIAL STUNTS SUCH AS— KEEP 6OIN6 — , WE'RE ALL EARS/ >* THE WOMAN. REQUESTED -TO , Bfteiz RBDRfVER. WALLOWING NIA\TO 5SCAPZ* BANGS VURFSE MS KICKED 3YA BURR.Q WHILE" ATTErtPTttiS TOfACHH/S STOLEN SILVER. /0 -,'Z. MAYBE SHE IS...AKD MISSED -TOOK A ^vSETTING BACK BEFORE GREAT 5H1NE \THE HALLOW- PA .NVN ANP TO ALLEY BUT \ HAD TO STAY EM?TH OOOLA SWORE l BOUND FOR THE SHE WAS A A\ WVST YHAR, WITCH/ ' HER WAY KJUR ' K-9 CX>S«IH SCHOOi-

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