The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on January 21, 1967 · Page 8
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 8

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 21, 1967
Page 8
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Humboldt Register Vlekl* W«»*»n Adel* Ptt»r»on T« Arew«e School Spirit T» Pr*m6te Grew? Unity Junior Cop? Editor Tom Brand! Jack Gochenouer Mick Hendrickson Wildcat of the week Hiss Stephanie Miner, daughter af Mrs. Marcenf Miner of HamboUt, bet been cfrosen as the Wildcat of the Weet for her interest and ability in music. She has a younger brother, who it « frosbnan at Humboldt Community High School. The subjects that Stephanie: are taking include English 12, *can«Bics. distributive problems, and retail mer- chondising. She is the president of the DECA and of the HHS choir, works at Ore's, and is a roember of All-State Choir. Outside of school, she belongs to a folksinging group, "Jhe Expressionists," and attends church choir as we// as being in choroe of the Hethodist Youth Fellowship music program. Student Council approved suggestion box, bookshelves Tbe HamboJdt CasuTjumtr High School Stodeat Coancfl met Tws- daj, Jtnutrr 10, with a discus- sioo of the Cnristosis Dance. A total of $104 vas takea in. vftieh vas not quite enough to pay tne cos! of the band, but •was close enough to assure tbe possibilitT of fotnre Christmas dances. lo otter business, the eoua- cQ voted to install a suggestion too* is the HHS library for tbe use of tbe sebooA's stoiteats a&d faculty. Because tbroring books on tbe floor is hard on book bindings. tbe council teas anooaoced that shelves *il! be provided bear tbe laacti hue Jar sbe convenience of ifce stsdents. Mensi»rs of the couaeU cost- side red UK! approved the idea of allo^m Use sfcxJeEt body to. dress »or* leisure'? oa semester test days, but stressed ihe facts that tfeis -»ould m# be a grubby di) aad Ifaal tbe coodaet of Use stooeat teriv wold te an ladicitiaa of uta! tvM be dorse in sJie fyture. Tfeg nw*U!ig ccotI'ified *ith a disc : jSsioQ of ss-!«!iB£ a project lor the st>>i«it council, revision of the studtst coaar'.lcoQ- ststutioo, and fee awessjty of te!piEg some pf HHS stT»des5ts adjust to scbooi life. Assistant Editor Sports Editor . Photographer To Stimulate Good Living To Provide Accurate News National drivers' test taken by HHS students Driver education students viewed the film. "Trie National Drivers' Test." Monday, January 9. and took part in the same test that was broadcast over the CBS Television Network last May. The film the first of its kind, used photography 'o test the in- diviJual's driving judgment. The students found themselves in the driver's seat facing a number of potential!) serious"driving hazards. Ttwv were tested on their ability to spot these hazards and ans«\>r questions pertaining to them. Correct answers v«n? shown and the students »vre given the opporhmisy tocomparetheirans- wrs with (boss? of typical drivers il! over the country. Mr. Barquist. driver education instructor at HHS, remarked that, overall, his students scored better than the national average. Food Fore January 23-27 MONDAY Spaghetti with meat sauce Lettuce tomato salad Sandwiches Peach half •-,• "if!.. *. •- . , jfc.1 . Qjocolote cake "-jj Milk TUESDAY Baked beans Potato chips Red apple slices Ham salad sandwiches Fruit Cookie Milk WEDNESDAY Fried chicken Mashed potatoes, gravy Relishes Hot French bread Orange jello Milk THURSDAY Meat balls in sauce Whipped potatoes Cabbage, fruit salad Rolls, butter Assorted fruits Milk FRIDAY Escolloped potatoes Cold meat slice Buttered corn Sandwiches Apple sauce cake with lemon sauce Milk HHS bands to be honored at annud Iowa band clinic by Dave U at see T1»e HamboldtHigtSctooJCoD- e«rt Band has been invited to gttfT^ tbe lOtto annual Iowa Band CliBie at Iowa City, January 20 KDdtl. Tbe Concert 5aad,uader Ik* 4trcetian of Don HtmiUoe. witt snm& «U stlectwBs Friday «wdJ« ladwliac "Utde Smitk "Caprsceio." Marcel Pool; "Faada^o." FrtJi Perk- ias afld F. Werle; "IficaaUtioa aad Dance," Jobs Bare*sCeaace; aad "Uarcli of fee a*«lmeo," 0. S. Belsterling aad H. L Al- Enthusiasm Humboldt Community High School wrestling coach, Joe Fitch, shows his enthusiasm in the foreground of the above picture during Humboldt's exciting 16-22 loss to the Eagle Grove mofmen of the HHS gym Tuesrfoy evening/ January 77- Humboldt grapplers shown in the background are, left to right, Ray Stockdale, Steve Rosmussen, Bob Short, Geoff Miclti/son, Jim Vinsand, and Herb Zinnel,-Register Staff Photo. Marefc," D. Pell- fer ba*i/ ; Bate Ml-Wl W Wli* AiKe i - w After prarticicg for five **«kvs, ti» Coaeert Baad *ill appear witt tbe U of 1 Havfef* Con- «rt BaadL natter JOB Ptersol •« acting coDdaetor. Besides SKwmboldt, thfc UaiversUr Band will U the only otter band OB Fitter HSfW, aa«e BjanJ *as alw *o presert a i ctiak SBartty, 19 weabers of r_ ft |Wr .« Wild chat Isn't It amazing that the smart- pr you IwciMhp. tho smnrtprymtr parents in-roi^o'.' As long as vf'ro on the touchy subject of parents - when ycwr folks tr-ll you to drive carefully, don't po 'berserk ami Ret all bent out of shape. They're! Just trying to protect the Investment they have In you. Whloh economies class will win Mr. Muller's approval of good class discussion? John Slelter and Steve Carlson will probably never try to raise the Has Ivfore school any more after nearly freezing to death Tuesdav The girls arc having finite a bit of trouble getting off the bus after bowling.' Several threatened to war their football shoes to the bowling allev. Stookdale waited until the second dav of economies to fall asleep. This ties the old record bv Ray Stoekdalo. It's all in the family. In spite of nnmberotis warnings bv the teachers, a vast majority of the senior class has contracted seniorltls. All the trig students feel that trig doesn't do them any good except to help in physics. But then what does physics do for them? Has everyone noticed the large number of signs lying on the floor in the halls lately 1 Could that be indicative of something? lake poor quality scotch tape? In a 20-cent package of Mi M's there are exactly 186 M & M's. However, ontv 88 of these are chocolate colored. Well, you can't have your M & M's and eat them too. (Information obtained from Acne Statistics. Inc., What Cheer. Iowa.) Cathy Peterson - you name it: she's done it. Unscramble these letters to get the name of a Humboldt student - Dongor Flethstock. Isn't it disheartening that as vou just get to know and love your toothbrush, It wears out ami you have to start all over again with a new one? Oh, well - life is a series of conflicts and frustrations. Can you imagine seeing Mr. Barquist in black leather gloves. a black leather Jacket, a while helmet, drenched in Jade East am! pulling a wheelie on a Suzuki in front of the Eaterla? Well let's hope not. Something to leave you wondering about: An atom is so small that the human imagination cannot picture it. What can be done about this? Notional magazine Earlier tests? by Ann Toner No one likes semester tests. They're a burden to both teachers and students. It is grossly unfair to have these tests come on the heels of Christmas vacation. Because of this, instructors must begin preparing the tests and students must begin studying for them during the holidays or at least com- rriense worrying about them, instead of observing Christ's birthday, having fun, and relaxing. Students con forget quite a lot in ten hectic days, particulary the more complex parts of their courses, of which they fake a difficult test over before they have hod a chance to remember what they forgot. Therefore, it has been suggested by both teachers and students that semester tests be administered before Christmas vacation with research papers and notebooks due after the holidays. Thus teachers could correct tests at their leisure during the vacation instead of having to also prepare the next day's lesson and students would have ample time to research and prepare their papers free from semester test worries. This plan has been used effectively in other schools to the betterment of all. Sportlites by Jack Gochenouer roan, and Warren Corington Bands and has appeared as a trombone soloist and stage band clinician with high school and college bands ihourghoul the country- Tbe 78 members of the band have Itancfaed a drive to collect "quarter of a mile of nickels" from tbe contributions of Huaj- boidt citizen*. The tend has also reserved W rooms at the Holiday Urn at Iowa City, and on tbe return trip. Saturday, the Baud will stop at the ftftrle Bay Plata about 6 p,m tor Humboldt lost three sports events since my list week's column. The wrestlers lost two of (h* events, but I feel that they can be proud of the efforts tht.-y made. Clanon barely nudgc-i th«m 21-19 Friday, January 13, which was Humboldt's 13thme*!. It »as a hard luck night fur Humbo'dt as Butch Laird did not mike 103. Butch has to cut a lot of »wlght and I svm- pathizs vithhis problem but making tbe 103 pound division might have made the difference. Eagle Grove »on by a wider margin, 22-16. but there were some close matches that could have gone either way, Ron Bvgness got a reversal at tbe gun to tie 6-6 against Eagle Grove. He lost to his Clarion man. It may be my Imagination, but the Clarion trappier looked ?0 pounds heavier than Ron. Butch Laird lost lo hist Clarion man a! lit pounds and skunked Bruhl of Eagle Grove at 103 pounds. 5-0. Butch now has a 10-1-1 record. Mark Daggy has really been tauailng since be was lied at AMco. He beat both hh, Clarion and E«i* opponents and mide efforti to deck th«m »)• dW not quite g«t U done. Mart I* now 14-0-1. Bob 8bort lost Ws first though It's a tough break for Bob, it's nothing to be ashamed Geoff Mlckelson could have pinned his Clarion man If he had a little more eirperlence but settled for a 0-5 win. His Eagle opponent was smart and fast and Geoff's tremendous strength couldn't stop him from losing 2-7. But watch out next year. A loss is going to be a rare event for Geoff after he gains more experience. The weight of winning both meets for us fell on the shoulders of Herb who just missed in both efforts. Against Clarion, he had a man who held him off for a 1-1 tie. Herb made an outstanding effort in the last 30 seconds against Eagle to the roar of an hysterical home crowl. but fell short In his efforts and lost 4-5. Too bad he did not start a little earlier, I don't usually mention junior varsity wrestlers but Cliff Erickson deserves some recognition. Cliff has pinned his last five opponents and looks like an excellent prospect for the varsity next year. Clarion and Eagle Grove are two of the wrestling powers of the *tate and Humboldt's boys m«de fine efforts In their losses. la the North Central Conference race, I would pick Eagle Grove over Clarion and Algona. Algona Is my second choice and Clarion third, although Clarion beat Algona, Huroboldt lost to Algona 28-H and almost beat Clarion, $o 1Jhtok_tte Clarion victory rousr"Twve been on a What is it? Shown ooove in the top picture is the complete photograph of the strange object that confused all of the HHS students last week as the "What is it?" The boffom picture is this week's "Whof is it?" and is simpler to make up for all of the suffering endured on the last one.—Register Staff Photo. Senior essay contest underway at HHS student at HHS Miss Elizabeth Nygaard has been nanuxi Co-ed correspondent for the 1966-67 school year, according to Miss Margaret Hauser, editor of Co-ed Magazine. Miss Nygaard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nygaard of Llv- ermore. is a senior at Humboldt high. Her appointment was made by Mrs. James Swenson, home economics teacher at Humboldt. Selected for her qualities of leadership and her enthusiasm for home economics. Miss Nygaard »ill serve as junior advisor to the editors of Co-ed, a national magazine for teenage girts published by Scholastic Magazines, Inc. She will keep them informed of activities at Humboldt Community High School. She Is among more than 4,000 Co-ed correspondents throughout the United States and Canada. You're it Of Its many and profound desires, Its greatest is to write "The Students, Yes." (Hint: What man wrote "The People, Yes"?) Its last name Is a combination of two syllables, the former being found in abundance on beaches and the latter (a nickname) is a pesty insect. It was a very good lineman in football, filling the places of two ordinary linemen. It also has a sister in high school but there is little or no comparison in size. If you can't figure it out yet, here Is a final clue: If you tripled Its »*ight and subtracted 73 pounds, you still wouldn't be able to get from here to Fort Dodge as fast as Pete Hansen. Last week's It wasSeth Prlebe. by Nancy Fuller Senior students, under the direction of Mrs. Louis Hank, have recently finished reading and writing essays, , Eleven essays were read ami rvaFuate-l during an'essay unit. Each student w-as required to write an essay dealing with Mental Retardation, which were collected by Mrs. Rank for a grade. She gave some of the better ones to a county committee, which will choose the top three. The first place winner wilt receive ten dollars, second place will receive five dollars, and third will be presented a plaque. The local unit for Mental Retardation Is sponsoring the county contest. The purpose of the contest is to provide motivation for students to study the community health problems of mental retardation. Out of nine suggested themn topics, the students were to choose one and write their own, original essay. The state winner will receive a $50 bond with the second place winner receiving $25 and the third place winner receiving a plaque. These prizes will be presented by the Iowa Association for Retarded Children (I.A.P.C.). The first place winner will also receive an expense free trip to the Convention of the Iowa Association for Retarded Children during June. The winning essav will be published In the state paper. "HOPE." Canasta Club was held Thursday evening In the home of Mrs. Fay Harmon with two guests, Mrs. Harold Meyer and Mrs. Sherman Arends. Mrs. Melvin Kubly won high and Mrs. Frank Gronbach low. Sport Shorts Humboldt w«a jofantod by Kookwull City on F«b. 'j, 194S. 34-15., MelUokaon acorect 7 points to !•*<! Humboldt. Sea Don Un|u« for FIRESTONE TIRES IOGUE TEXACO Highway 149 Phon« 332-9919 But Eagle's wrestlers have been most consistent and gave good "second efforts." Coach Fitch has done a fine Job of developing wrestling in Humboldt and deserves recognition for this accomplishment as he has built a team that the torn can be proud of. The North Central Conference is probably the best wrestling conference in the state.- We'll have to wait for the state-meet coming up to see if I'm right. The third loss went to the basketball team. CUrloo had » wide 65- 51 margin which is quite a switch from the 66-74 whipping that the Wildcats gave r "~ V fiilght tor Algona.' Humboldt them early In the » close fourth in the cou- >M\ four of tt*i* teams, are real fine. Q» a given flight, o>» of Item i* eajpuMv of Mrs. Martte HUMDTA Sunday 4 Days With a wife like this... Why would you live in the Arctic? -r *,

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