The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1934
Page 4
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PAG1 IOUK •LYTHJVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 1934 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCK. Editor H. W. HA1NI8, AdYertising Sole Nitlonal Advertising Reprtfentallve:;: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, DilUs, Kansas City, Memphis. PuWldied Every Afternoon Exctpt Sunday. Entered as second class matter nt the post i>fTice at Ii:ylhevll!e, Arkansas, under act ol Confi-ess, Oc- toixi 9, 1317. Served oy tne United r-rcss ~ SUBSCRIPTION HATES - By carrier iii tbe Oity or mvllsrvillo, I5c per jntl or Jfi.60 per year In ndvnncc. - By m»!l within n. radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per "year, IJ.W for six months, 85c for O.rec niontlis; 'by mall In postal zones two to six, inclusive, 16.50 per year, In zones seven ami eight, J10.0U per year, ixtyaulc In advance. :'• The Civil Seroice Proposal •• .Rejection by tho voters ol' Blylliu- -villfl Tuesday ol' tliu |>ni]>n-:il In plac'e •••the city police aiul lire departmuits '••under civil service wives no grout ciiusc for regret. '••• With the iledim'd pnrpi».si- of the •-'proposal—to- place tliwo impnrlanl ;. public sitfely services on ;in olVicieiR-y ".instead of a political basi.-—Him 1 can ;' be no i|iiiiiTol. Hut the not of llic "legislature for the nccoinplishmeiit of |",tlm worthy cud was so bad that il is '"doubtful if its iipplk'Hlioii lu the situation here would have helped much. For some years, at least, each stii- • eeudine city administration pltiy- i ed [jolitietTwith tiie police department, land perhaps to a lesser extent with J the fire department. Which makes it i surprising indeed that the efficiency . and morale of the deimi'linenls has ! been as t;ood as it has been. And j goodness knows thai at limes, so far j at least as the police are concerned, it ' has been pretty bad. • Policemen and firemen have important jobs. Their tenure -should depend • upon their efficiency and should l>e • indcpendcnl of political changes. Bui to accomplish this through the plan .. proposed by the state legislature might ' tend to make incompetent men as se- . cure in their places as even the most ' competent are insecure today. After •' all, there shouUI be some rc.s]K>nsibie • and iwliliciilly responsive person or •• persons to whom the people of tliej '• city may look for correc-tion -of^ills in ', any department of the j-oveiiiiiient. .' They may look now to the ma.vor and ! council, and if they will just insist ; that those worthy gentlemen j,'ivc Uiom ; the best available police and fin- tle- ; partments, regardless of all other considerations, the present system will work all tight. The Municipal Court The deci-ion this week by Killotigh upholding the validity of the law under which the quorum court is ' required to appropriate for the ,-iiip- port of the Blythcville municipal court vas a victory for proper administra- ion of justice in the Chickasawba district of .Mississippi cdnnty, Ihrouch- out which the court has jurisdiction. The court, like-;.pttier human in-titu- tions, lias its imperfections, but il is UT OIJR WAY so far superior to the magistiak's courts which it supplant oil as to make a return to the old system unthinkable. Judge Killough's decision, however, should not be regarded as disposing ol all questions in connection with the municipal court. Tlmso who have attacked it have Ijeeii on soun.l ground when they have complained again-t that provision of the law which makes the judj'c elective by vote of the cili- xens of lilytheville only, while his jurisdiction extends over the cut ire Chickasawlia district, hi the name of simple, fairness the law should be changed In give all the eliTlors of the district a voice in the selection of the judge. Another objection, having to do wilh the expense and inniiivenioncc involved in requiring principals and witnesses from all parts of the district to attend court at iilytheville for (he trial of minor matters, is also valid. The court should sit once or twice a week at .Manila en- l.eacbville— pi'fhaps alternating between (be two— to permit (rial there of civil matters and of such criminal cases as could be permitted to wait UIOM.* special days of court. Such changes in the law would increase the value of the court and eliminate most of the objections to it., It should be insisted that the legislature make them. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark ihat Caribbean Cruise Tilt 1 Ein[iotia (Kan.) Gazelle cuti haidly be- lU'v:' its laudlutkLTly eyes. Scanning (lie far horizons, it sights a snil. It sees Hie 1'resitlcnl of the United Stales ami Vincent A.stor. as and host, leaning nonchalantly against, the tallrail or the Ice .suupixTs. or whatever it Is one leans nonchalantly -ly-iiiut when bomid- lii'.* OYIT the billow. Well, it is a departure from (he ancient formula. Politicians iliiln't always openly fral- cinizi' with the ullni-ricli. Indeed, an attache ol the White House, in his reminiscences now running in a popular magi-zinc, lolls about a visit of the then powerful Senator Aldrich and his son-in-law. John U. Hcjckefellcr, Jr., to President Taft. They were shunted oil lo u side (!oor, no entry was permitted on tile register, every precaution was lakcti lo prevent an inkliiii; ol Ihe allair from yetting Into the papers. .Mucli water Has run liver Ihc dam since then, am) m'ver in sueli Niaeara-like roar as now. Meantime. Mr. Rockefeller has become n cHiz-n of worth ;uirl erowiii^ usefulness, And Vincent As)or. as publislier of a liberal weekly and in oilier rcsiwcls of social responsibility, is developing rapidly a ligiuc of his own. lie Is no longer merely an heir. So (hat. ]ioet who not Ion;; ago broke forlh to "accuse the rich of being what they always were" may presently sliike a dilferenl key. l-'or. •icrhaiks. ilicie is suinctliing; symbolic in (liis Caribbean etuis?. If Franklin Roosevelt is pointing the prow towaid Moscow, as some o[ our exclusive excitable* assert, may it net bu an enjoyable voyage, say, in Asior's yacht? —SI. Louis Posl-Dispaicli. We have kept the lailh with, ;uu| in. our Iraclitional political Institutions. - President HocM-vcIt, in his new book. "On Our Way". Th? mere (act that :; man wnr? r, uniform doesn't entitle him to raid Ihc treasury. —Senator Carter Glass. The woman of IMi simply hasn't lime lo he happy. --l>iuf. Joiui It. Slok?.<;. Univcrnly of PeniiL-ylvaiiia d?inia:o:ri-ist. BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Fron UM AIM it the Dsily CoarU-i THIS CURIOUS WORLD I William Ferguson —a \> >:itiirilay, April S, 1924. Friends in this city were shocked to learn of the death at Memphis Wednesday of C. H, Horn!, cotton factor, representing Andcr- von, Clayton Co., ami one of the :)ilme movers In establishment of .he locHl board of trade. Tlie Hist We Wilson for Clov- enioi club was organized here Friday lor llic avowed inirposc of H'lni'lii'-: such pressure upon Mr. VVil.son that lie cannot refuse lo become a candldati. T. J. Mahan was elected president of the club, with J. A. Moll as sccrelary- ti'ciisurer. A. G. Little, P. A. Ij-ui- ley, P. W. Sehiitx, Clyde Robinson, W. M. Taylor and several others spoke, offering tlieir services in the formation of similar cliu:.s tlirouyhout tlie state. "Give him a \»K hand! The dub isn't paying him any for this talk." Passion Play Will Have Prologue NEW YORK. (UP)—Tlic presentation of the Passion Play Oberiniimcrcaii this summer, celebrating Hie 300th anniversary of tlic original production, will be marked for tlie first time by tlie addition of a prologue depicting Die scenes which, during llic plague of llic Black Death, led tlie villagers to make their vow to present the play once every decade forever. A description of tlie prologue Is published in tlie cur- Electric Machines Furnish Assistance to Modern Surgeon This Is tbe last nf a series of ar-|ing the fragments of bone in pine 1 :elts by Dr. FishbHn on "How In treatment ol fractures and dis- rent Review of Reviews. The Black Deatli, following in tho wake of tile Thirty Years \Vnr, away entire communities. Soni2 GOO (iur Doctor Works." • v « IIY !>R. MORRIS F1SI1BEIN ilitnr, Journal nf thr Amrrlran Medical Association, and of Ily- gcia, the Health Magaiine In tile great surgical clinics to- ny, you will find many machines .•hich liave proved of immense lll ^ 11 npoi lance In saving rmmnn life. Iniori locations. All great discoveries in mechan- in physics, inchemistry, in engineering, find in oilier sciences nrc belli-; applied lo save Ini'uan life. Use of these machines ii.'s added somewhat to cost of medical care, but it lias made (he Irea*.- irsl, you will see great batteries | T steam sterilizers that destroy eriiLS on bandages, linens, and in- truments. Instead of depending on Just one nesilietlc. Ihe modern surgeon incut of disease more certain, and more scientific Physicians are deveiopinc mcar.j of using such macl'.ines jointly in hospitals and in grouiis of offices, to make their use less costly to the individual palicut. However, nn iiiachlnc Is any more valur.blc us a choice of ether, nltious ox-[than tlic brains of the man bode oxygen, ethylcnc. and atlii*r : ;hind it. No machine can make n inesthellc mixtures of gases. ^diagnosi-i or remove a brain fjinoi New types of macnmcs Iiave[ or an appendix, developed wliicli arrange and mix' Tlic doctor who interprets liic lie material accurately and sup- eleciroeardionrapliic tracing or tlie FISHERIES OF THE UNITED STATES S CANADA SHOW AN ANNUAL ViSLD OP ABOUT 3, 300,000,000 ' POUNDS/ ' ; LATIN IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF SCIENCE/ A PLANT .WAV HAVE A HUMORED COMMON NAMES THROUGHOUT THE WO9.L.D, BUT ONLY t \fU if J1EA £f«»JCI^ INC , DID NOT HAVE TRACKS I OF STANDARD GAUGE/ j EACH SECTION ; IF THE COUNTRV J ;T ITS <3WN STANOARO. 1-5 .J* 1 It (cok many years of work (o bring all the railroads lo one standard width of tiack. The present .standard wiillli of 4 ft. 8!-i indies was used on caily New England lines, nnd later in the mid-west. A raged through Europe, .sweepinj! ;5-fcoi width was used in the south, and the middle Atlantic stales peasants, wood can-ers anil larm- h ., rt m) llllif(mil |( Vi The p, r - w bc , tnll w | tll a u . (aal ^us? crs, living in the Bavarian village of Oberai/imergaii, dclcrinincd to keep the plague from their community. A bell ol brush fire was, set around the village and guards 'peasant's d-ed stopped any stranger who tried to enter tie valley. Ni:\T: When di> liirils seldom soar? Skunk "\Voll lirhavcd" HARTFORD, Sonn. <Ut>)~Four hundred children vibiling Chil- dien's Museum, played with a skunk without embarrassing after.... - . effects. The animal was a pet of visited his family. Immediately the 'says the record, no ciic died of th= ' Superintendent Arthur L. Clark village was stricken. Forty-eight Black Death in OUerammergau. ;and "well behaved." The disease continued to spread. The villaijc csun- Onc of the peasants employed in cit made the historic vow. which a nclgtiborlng village, becoming -has been kept now for three cen- liomcsick, eluded the guards ancl jluiics. From the hour of the vow, ^ ROMANJC -^ i.o'rrir. n 1u ih «-*n ncru«cU at Williams ily them to the surgical patient nfely and regularly. Tiierc are especially-built x-ray nnchtncs for use in the operating •cum. Jn the performance of the surgical operation, machine.-; now lire ivnilublc which cut and seal the Issues of the body by use of an elcclric knife. There arc clcctical- y driven saws, and machines vhich make clips lake tlie place of 'Ik lor stltctiliij; the skin. In the physical therapeutic dc- paitmenls of the hospital, more machines come lo light. There arc devices which provide iillra-violcl lays. Other apparatus applies heal to the body, by use of electric light, by burning of carbons with reflectors, am! by passing electric current through the tissues. Many hours would' bo required even to list devices used In Hi- 1 diagnosis and treatment of discas-; today. Their names arc compli- maled nnd tlieir uses highly tcch- r.icul. The sphymograph. the polygraph, the plcthysmograph. nnd the elec- Irocariliosraph arc devices which piovide records on a visible sca'.i changes in the pressure, llv, 1 savs X-ray picture. Ihe manipulates the clectricn! saw or the electrical knife, he. and not the machines. Is llic vita! clcmcn 1 . in your medical care. fcrl, hrr r illd u . iv Ilk r.STI M.l.i: PIKI.ll. ur ricli .ir.11 l-'IRl.II. Ikiir li:i% cxilvd liimsrlf Iroiii CHURCH EXCUSES 67 Gco. W. Rarhaa Every since I married Joe and brought him into our family he ami inotrer have been arguing about baptism and it seems the more they argue the more they become convinced that they arc bo'.h wrong. That is Mother says Jcc is wrong and Jo: Says Moi.rer is practical!*; ' S-S-ST - LEfe DIG A HOLE ALONG SIDE o 1 BIG ICK, AN.VJHEN HE WAKES UP HE'LL THINK VIE'Rt BURVl.. HIM —AN 1 WATCH TH 1 LOOK ON HIS PACE— VfJH'LL LAUGH VORE HEAD OFF. I K'lM IM,'\GlWC IT, WITHOUT D16GIM' ANV HOLES— I OOM'T HCFTUH 016 AWV MOtES TOOlT A JC^E. ME, NEITHER'. HEE-HEE- HAJH- HAH! v 'uH COULD SCRAPE HIS 1 lives OFF VJITH A STICK. pressure. p:ilse. and the motions of variou tissues and fluids. There are automatic devices used for giving blood transfusion);. Machines arc used for injecthr; air into the lungs fo as to produce collapse of the lung, or artificial pneiimolhoras, and lluis re;,; the lung in tuberculosis. up on the subject. I tell that they arc liolh wasting a lot of time in arguing about .something of so little value to That if they would put in jus', a .part of tlieir time lielpin-i their respective churches wilh the work a church is supposed to do that they would both get :i great deal tii..i morc satisfacticn out of life. Joe '"''= """ if he coulti only remember where Mother came from when she came to visit us a few years ago he would be giad to help her To gel back and Mother says she expects to c-xlcnrt visit with us until she convinces Joe that she and her church has taken the right ivnnn hr lire Ir.ttf opr-rr n irjiiitinxl Mil Al IIIIi:v. n ltd, n:in nnd l'nlil{|ii'« • rnrrhfnp: Inr l>'» *<>n. lll.l.l.M:.S. Itm V,,rk "> lir<r yrnri |,n«a nut fcc :ll,d ili.Kll-h- ] you'll bo ready at 112" s'.-.a qucs «lioned. '•Yes, darling." "It's a good time for tlic trip. A grim day is best." 'Toctic little hinib, aren't you?" Marcia asked, amused. Kstetle turned away witb more color than usual In bcr checks, ilie was iirriitioincd to being lauched at for such remarks and the laugh• ter always mnde tier fed lonely .mil young anil misplaced. Paljllto was tlic only one who dill not laugb Hint ilrrc llina ihr ri l-nlillin Kn hut h:iM c "n-anri:il. lnc^. In ll " c Eame Ili 111111.1 Ihc n:ilnrd « Hr tlrrldcA Co pny il vinit to Mtirru 1 atllr. .•vow t:n n.v WITH Tin: STOUT CIIAI'TEH X.\Xl M-m: morning that Hilliiifs de clileil to visit Morrr> Castle was tl,e same one on wbieli Marcia Ireadway sairl lo Ksleilc. "1 po: ; e I i=Mlly on-*lit sentence sup. to sec the In n yawn. position on baptism as revealed by • • • ti'.e head ol her church. There are devices for putlin"! (Copyrighted.) he nrms and the let's, tluis hoM-'i ' --John Hancock's signature on I|IR I Declaration of Inriei>C!ideiice was j so large that his name has been ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier^ Una boon ,,,.1 S! vmma wllh S ' etlaUlr " ^ inrl-r^ J I _ . . - .- I OLilLt. hortzcd to nmiounct the following I v candidates for pi.blic office, sub- j Jtct to tim Democratic primary' iext August: .- . For ZAL County .Turtle B. HARRISON -"_t i; s ^-r -.T- Fnr Member or Com*rps-i CLINTON L CALDWELI, Fnr Sbfrlff and Collector CLARENCE I[. WIt.SON For Rc-oleclion for Second Term For Cnnnty Treasurer JOt) S. DILLAIIUNTY ROLAND GREEN For Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG ADDIFON &MITH For County court Clerk FniiD I-LEE^IAN For Rc-Elcctlon for 2nd Terra For Assusor H. L. (BILL\^ GAINE3 O. C. (IKE) HUDSON For Constable of Chlckiiiwbi Towmhlp •JACK ROBERTSON Almanac April -gfr 16H PociAontas ries Joiin - t -_ ._jcMu^jreaky into eruption.. ... lOMA^uvjUs vjaite •ferEujppeto.iie^ K^tellc said cn-u-rly. "I'll order tlie r :ir for 11 If tli;it suits you." "Oh. 1 supple it will." Mardn n^vccfl. "Hnm] i»e Hut npw.-ji.iiKir. will ynu. cliildV Arirl- read iny lot- icr,-; . fnr :nn. 1 d'iri'1 know \c\\y ie=.['[c want to \\nr~\c so inuth ink HIT! [icippi nnyho'.v." [i.^iplle snMcd in o;i?n mid rcul V^:;:^ 1 ? l"T,cr=*.. A; the iliinl OIK- *iJC' i ".=C(I. !l v.;i.- from [lie frSviHl m w!io:>) M;ircin 1'liii li-lcru! -- h n o w i n p March 1 ? ino.-i ttioiiEli nfjt the p:trtit.=c tic- lit nil It — writ ion. "ll.ivc yr,;j fo-inil vni;r E'ah!itn h\- any cliancnV" l*s'.?3le I'-'ilip;] qu^'kly at .M.nrrla who uri3 stiiriyln.;: the Irtte-in-lhe- SPIIPH:! [i-ai if .Trriv.i!? in IInv;im Tini rh'l rni-i .see tho link. When Knelk *v»nt on rrnrliny her linn! ?li'iuK .1 litlU-. Whni con,.] M;ir,-in "•:mt -if l^liliio? \\"f)i:!il ?!ir rci'(vj;ii7e I)ii:i If she wore to ,=cr 111:11? 1-NiciV. -ror.'. Ijuiin^ her vc:n1 i:iq only In If -roiiFClou? ct tlie wirtts. ihiir^ln slic i:vobrih!> waiild. Slir p;-n^e up. 1)10:1. "Tliu is <?\ id -"iiMy fnnn a clnso friond of yours. She sisns liciscll -lano." Martin wn? nFt;mtly ntcn. "<;iv? !t tierr, child." slip ordercil sharply. "I (iifJn't ki:nu- tlicrc was ;i loiter tV.t re fni:n h-.v." w:(ti a ly^'j-.vrilcr," ICs'.cJIc es- Tliin'uiiS of him fnr a moment. l-^ielle clnscd her eyes. They were Ic he married ns snou as she was 21—two IOUK yeara abend. They knew ibcy coulil not hone for Ji: Nielli's consent to tlie inarriafe and thai if they married wit linn I hi? consent no oh^lnclcs would slop him [mm seeking them out and iimliiis ilicm. Kstelle i; waa wlio hail seen Hie wisdom of wailine Ibo two years nnd who had insislcd upon IL. There wci'e litiics when -•lie wondered at he- o^n strength in innkin:; this -tension but even then she chin:; to it. caliy. an.-I then suddenly liV ?:ifd in a harsh whtaper, "Tlior* s Junuito himself. He ITILIHI have fotluwcd her horet- They say tia mills itic car when she rides in Jt!* "Wltere?" ashe-rl RilliiiES. The guide nodded. "Lot's mozy over there. Easy and casual like." "Mozy?" the guide echoed stupidly. "Vamos. Move citonR. I wanl lo get nc;ir him but don't want lo be cansht. Seo?" "Ah. the ititrigiic!" The guldo siiiilcd. shcAving a flash o( white iccih. He took «p his lecturing, perhaps a little ovcr-loudTy. "if tho Seitor will slop this way i will show him—" nuilo near lo ed at a spnt O1LI.INCS slood nu I'.iWito as he look in tlie wall where, tlie guide snid. a patriot bad nnce dislodged a slor.e to nnd a way to freedom. AT llic cilsc oi Mnrro C.isllc Hill- inics slepiu'd from llic car lie hml hired for Uie ninrnin^. "Ouch!" ho ;;roanrc) loudly, '['hen lie climbed casually. studieil iho young mnn A darned good-looking hard-faced yoiins; fellow, lie was. Tall and broad of shoulder with clear. Muc eyes. lie sccincrl to bp waichins llic gate as though looking for someone. Then Billingp saw the two women who lind passed him near ins. The one who was l-"ield"3 (bushier Inq^ed so that for a moment she was hchhid her com- Ihe lull stiffly „,„]. on the ,vay up. i' 1 " 1 *™' , "'"'"S 3 PI1W , "" sl " 1;0 1 ll^r lic.Til violently at J-:anito. Ho nt^nrcrl tlic yuun-: mau. "Prclty rnuiih liitic tlicy liatl Lirrp. ••i'risn'1 It?" lie risked IMjiliio. Nn f>no l>rr>m;lit up nc-ir rionfKcjfis. nilliniz.s knc-.v. \vaiild ppcnk l^n^lish n'Uliniu an .iccciit. lie vvailctl Jnanitn's reply loasely. !«1ovcil ol ' "Vcs. very liail." Hilling hmr'l 'I' meet n1 "' tncw tlinl tlic stnry ahtiut Tin Julia ant] Cieiifncpos was n lie. SinlilEii'y "Tin's is my first trip licre." lie nnfitiod. "I tliink WG kind or "AN. yep! Mut Havana smile; j tlinnglil In the United Sliitc? tliat iilinn tlie aliair. Her father. I'leM. all Hint Inpiicn-:-! in tlii? «'ar is very Tho daughter Is n» lto.i.-[:vrlt riding around wilh Ills ani;el ami .hianilo a yood, good j boys." .minis man!" I .".,_ „,,. cn ,.. acquired n :;iirLc. A snwilly attlrc'l. ••^"'iinn and a slender Kill pa^ud thy. \valkirm hii.~l;ly nilfl c.lPily. j "'ITio yoini;: nne is l!ic daimlilcr '"^ ""' i nf Mr. James Kield." sni.i ilio guide. :on!i!ied naddi:i-: to'.vard the couple. "Is -hat FO?" "Vcs. She K (lie .!ua:iuo. Hie lighter. "Yo'.i dciu't say si>:" 1'iihu::.; was InlcreMed. "Aboiu [!•>«- o!-t ;; lie anyway?" a.--!ic;l as i: to li'.ukc con "All licforc your time. I SIHV-S-" "i'i.e 'wy vvao todkirm after ilie girl. >:e had col heard, "•'licy say." !!illlni;5 ronilnnert l-,ead to Mrs. 11.\VKNT read ••or.e nr two. I \vo' Ah—lie Is a «ci;»Icr! ti mnny ladio; who seek | C '»Sl!! C yc°3.' ql'ile n sight " him. To i,,, : ,,r,,,e ,:,e r.m.le ,1,0,,-, I ... tave a fr ' jct|(1 v j^ f a „., hf.d a, ,! e.= an ahPciH.nilnded pl , 1[:0 „,„ u „, Cidiv.diul. vasiicly ,r,,.,,,!c,t bj the Clccn . Jo . I:lll (;ra ,,, , Wnll[l6r , f J V, • I/; *'', : " lllc yo " cnn tcl1 m ° w|iici ' »•••? " is s-j-nnn-.^ Mo"» "niiM^d."" 1 !™ J^L ^' ' wa " 1 W ^ h "° |.-i|i'i-!:m!ir oftl::;il •*,(-!>•: It |p a pretty [ l.|nfrnlr nil xvis!, him lurk " ' I • I " rtl ""> ™<\ aiiscnlly lli:il hn Why d-)i:?l>'l IIP |:n lo I'M o :<! i W-I5 ' Orly l " It hc co '"' ! " OL No ' v na:i nml n:k Inr the airl'r Hilling n ' ;l -"^ »',ii= iilterly cfiuln -— 1 °f i l >' j 'li.cvlinnr'! lieivei^i pi:fl'.=. The CO- : <nn1 K=;t^!!'\ M.irtl.i'? eye- j 'inlria ['.;\C'l crnde \vaa s'.cep i inri'iuM. inoviin; (!.> [he I asre i T\V,':U\ ene or l\ve:i:y.;\vo — that and coming upon Hie tiicnllon ol • u-.^ tlic ri^lit n^p. Mm- n. he. i'niillto. K?:clle'? too ri'.iirklv cicen ' «-.:;; tc;ini^ c\: itod niiout thr ' r-'ajHiraare loM that she i'.ad sppn Mis heart |ihi:i:*nl .is the ^'ords. It wa? nnfortiinaie | tie heart! the h:\v'> n^e. tt " >ry ! * ! " 1 "t.Tl:i llO. lie ll.lli le'irnr Mnn-la coul* not. at tlie nionitm. i tliink ol sn acreptabl« esplansilnn Julia «as « Ihe day iw- fo;e lljat .In^nli llrccn's tiiantatlon "•a- a la-:o and (.inious 0110. Any iny reared at Cienliiegos would kiimv ot Jnjiaii Ureen. "Woll. I'll ask elsewhere. ThanVs so. wuli oui'van! calin. she iinlsaeri ; dai;ahier lo «ed: GotiJ or bad, 1 rcortinj itir lette*\ resolved to re ', woulil not mailer." queft I/IP horfaftcr never lo life "Hum—" said DHiip.g;. thn; nanic a;]|*:~ai In win I They were la the tort thca an £ ".'V ua'iir 'Ji c shadow o[ ,1 ci-tdt ua; "Go lo h::n? To Kic'd? Field I' 1 '! H:e sa;ne." Ullllngs sal-1. Tlien wmilil D'.iy .1 nobleman hit lv nli great ioUrest. coutrastlnx .-'.-..irply Kith n le Indifference o( hl» oilier word?, tie put a question lo Hi* guide about how many—ex- Jftlv. bow Q;any —men had bceD j"Ct In M;rtn tT ihe Epaatari 1 '- ll'o lie (.'oni.lnui.'ij|

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