The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 2, 1935 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1935
Page 5
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CLASSIFIED ADS FORTS ALE OR TRADE REAL ESTATE FOR SAX.E--60 acres, good land and improvements; $65.00 per FOR RENT—Light housekeeping rooms. L. J. Teal, 238 North Independance street. c-182 acre; $1,000 cash, ler. L. W. Ful c-182 FOR SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SALE — St. Bernard pups. Harvey Michel, Tipton. p-183 FOR SALE — Registered Duroc boar. Phone Goldsmith. William R. Phares. P-1S1 FOR SALE — 3 or 4-piece overstuffed suite and lawn mower. Mrs. F. "N. Ramsay. 1S1 FOR SALE—Comb honey. 10 Ibs. for $1.00. Kathleen O'Banion. Phone 1616. if FOR' RENT — Modern heated rooms as low as $3 per week Miller Hotel. Tribune Bldg. tf WANTED WANTED — Girl; apply in person. Palace Cafe. c-182 WANTED—5 or 6-room modern house. Box T, Tribune, c-183 WANTED—Used trombone; must be in good condition. Phone 1464. c-183 WANTED—Garden plowiifg; work guaranteed. Ira O. Baden. Phone 3536. P-1 FOR SALE—Hats, $1.00, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Roode Hat Shoppe. P-1S2 WANTED — Middle-aged lady to work in the country for my aunt, near Kempton. Call Roy C. Purvis, Tiptou. c-ISi FOR SALE—Seed potatoes. Rural New Yorker variety. Phone 1464. C-1-S3 FOR SALE—Comb honey, 10 Ibs. for $1.00. Kathleen O'Banion. Phone 1G16. lf FOR SALE — Northern Michigan Russet seed potatoes. Phone 17X9. I'- 184 FOR SALE—Gasoline engine and power pump; fair condition. James R. Cochran, Phone Tipton. ' P-1S2 FOR SALE — Tip-Top chick proven the cheapest for farmer or poultryman; a few started chicks. Tipton Hatchery. c-tf MEN, WOMEN—Age 1S-50, goo; health; qualify now for government work; salary 5105 pci month and up; write Civil Em- ployes' Training about examinations, Box 4, care Tribune. P-1S1 PERSONAL STOMACH ULCER, gas pains, in digestion victims, why suffer: For quick relief get a free sam pie of Ulga, a doctor's prescrip tion at Lewis Speckbaugh's. p-Tu-W-Th-193 LOST AND FOUND. IMI'OKTANT—Orili-r clucks in ailvaniv. Hatch e.n-h . Mon. Ht-avlos 57.45 1'cr IDtf; T.M per 50(1; ?7.m) per l.Ooo. arBC type White LoKlmrns 56.0.1 per 100; JC.75 pur TiOO; . per l.Ollll. Few st:irt<-tl cliicks. Hoosicr Hatchery. Miclijean- town, Ind . FOR SALE—'New Remington No. S noiseless typewriter, shopworn, regular price $79.50, sale price $61.50 cash. Tribiuie - Press. t£ FOR SALE OR TRADE—1'iauus, day beds, sewing machines, stoves, Chrysler coach; live stock of all kinds bought and sold. Roy Webster, Arcadia. c-ISi FOR SALE — 1'sed and demon. strator electric refrigerators; easy terms; ice boxes. Line- backs. C-1S2 FOR SALE-^-One Fordshon tractor and plows; 1 team mules; 1 Osborn 7-ft. grain binder; used Fordson tractor parts; full line of Oliver and Allis- Chalmers farming tools. Butz Implement Store, Hobbs. Ind. c-tf FOR SALE — Super clean hard coal for brooder stoves. Phone 55. Edna Burkhajt Co. c-tf FOR RENT FOR RENT—Seven-room modern house, garage. Delia Roode. . p-182 FOR HBNT Furnished apartment, modern, with private entrance: : also 5-room with, igarage Phone T. tt,;F<?flter. LOST—Black traveling bag, will woman's clothing. netwcei Windfall and Prairie Centoi Mrs. Arthur LaGarde, Kemp ton. Route 1. c- MISCELLANEOUS LAST WEEK to get four photo for 10c; get your photo thi week at 126 E. Jefferson street . p-lS2 government Has Already Spent Over Nine Billions in Its Fight, WINDFALL. ! ' W. R. Kenwfrthy has been notified of the critical illness of his brother-in-law;, William ^Waggaman at Nappanee. He is suffering with pneumonia. Mr. Waggaman is a former Tipton county resident having resided northeast of Windfall for mkny years. Miss Helen Massey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Massey of Indianapolis is recovering from an appendicitis operation which she submitted to: several days ago. Mrs. Nancy ;Crhm, grandmother of Helen and Mrs. Donna Bailey are visitingj ut the Massey TO BEAT DEPRESSION Much of the Money Passed Out Is in Loans Which Will Be Repaid, (Hy t'nitptl Pross). Washington, May 2.—The federal government already ha spent in fighting the depression more than a third of'the amount it cost to win the world war, treasury figurrs showed today. Relief costs and loans for lief and recovery have cost SU,- 03S.2fiG.641. Treasury figures showed th cost to the United States of the world war two days prior to ac tual termination of the state, o war with Germany, at S25.721*. 000,0110. Bc-j-ause of huge intere-- costs and veterans' benefits, the world war cost had climbed by June :IO. 1!KM, to a total of ? II.- 7li5.tiOO.000. The depression costs, on the other hand, officials said, woiiid likely show a decrease us soon as j the program is completed because hoped for repayment nf billions of dollars of recovery funds which have been loaned. THE , I i j i fJDPTQN . DAILY their regular meeting, May 6, 1935: homo. ] Mrs. Charles Trimble and Monday, Indiana State Senitorliim $257.16. White's Indiana Manual Labor Institute __. State Village for Epileptics 607.50 42.72 Sta'tTcentral Hospital __ 121.05 Indiana Boys' School 223.44 Indiana Girls' Schqol 1.50 Indiana State Farm ti 55 Ft. Wayne State School __ 26.5.9 Muscatutuck Colony ._ 14.61 Riley Hospital __!__ 854.90 Bancroft r Whitney [ Co., court rdom supplies . 20.00 West PubiiCo., same" 10.00 The Frank Shepard ' Co., same _: ' ~—- 16 -°° The Lawyers' Co-operative Pub. Co.. same 11.00 Frank B. Russell, postage court room' . 4.50 Foltz Lumber Co., jail supplies _! i Oral Straley, ditch repair 2.50 K. R. Edwards, same : 11.60 Willis Reiner, same 11.20 Louis Speckbaugh, anti- day, i toxin vaccine . 10.00 H. V. Morris, coroner, inquest 1 14.50 Tipton Lipht & Water Co., county ;services _I 145^22 lionnie Michel, treasurer Board Children's Guardians J_ 200.00 R. W. Simpson, clerk, postage for clerk's office-- 4.75 Miss Ellen McN|\v will be a six j c ^ Rin - c treasurer, pos- o'clock dinner guest of Miss Car- ••• daughter, Julia Margaret of Richmond were relative guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Henry Sun- Ruth Chai-lene' Scudder and Eloise Hopper arq spending sev- oral days with Mrj and Mrs. Wilbert Breaks. | Will Zehner of! Tipton was a dinner guest of Mi;, and Mrs. Geo. T. Summers Tuesday. «* Roy Beck, same — 427.57, Hull Bros M j same 57.85 The Boston Store, same— , .54 Edna Burkhart Co., same 14-.00 Edna Blnrkharti Co., county farm: .supplies — 3.50 Win. Jaqua & Sons, court house and farm supplies 165.76 j. C. Penne,y Co., Cicero township 'poor _;—_ 20.78 Eva May Pape, same 15.00 Nu-Way Shoe Store, same 16.86 Nutz '!& Groskppf.', Inc., same 53.65 Boston Store, same- _ 22.48 Foltz Lumber Co., same. 5.58 Tipton! Water Co., same— 1.82 Boston Store, same 11.00 Dr. Al A. Bridge, same- 12.75 Dr. Rj J. Collins, same— Dr. K! B. Hudson, same- 6.00 9.00 Dr. G.! H. Warne, same— , 50:00 Dr. J. V- Carter, same -- 101.85 Dr. ROy C. Fisher, same- 52.00 Dr. RJ 1>. Fullerton, same 66.30 Dr. HJ'E Grishaw, same— 44.80 Leath^rman's Funeral Home, same —'. 65.20 Beechtv-ood Hospital, same Rexall Drug Store, same Blue [Front .Drug Store sarrte -'. C. R. iHeirs Grocery, same 82.00 5.57 1.20 16.50 \., jv-m****-* *-»•———-••' — - — Sterling Grocery, same— 12.75 A. B!" Cochran. & Sons, same B. & W. Coal Co., same Inge foij treasurer's office Joe Mattingly, auditor, BE A ROAD BUILDER—Millions ot dollars being spent; get rie Trittschuh at | Tipton Thursday evening. Mrs. Minnie Bishop who 1 spent the winter at Went 1'alm Beach. Florida, with Mr. j and Mrs. J. C. Hadley has returned to her home: here. Mrs. Bishop!visited her son James Bishop and family at Kokomo for several jdays before returning home. [ Mrs. lOmma Hildrup received a letter Tuesday from her son Ur. | ...,,... Don Ilildrup'at San Juan Porto' Ki.trer & Co.. school super- ,Uii:o stating that jhe would be in I HH«Midenf8 office sup! Windfall June 1st. as lie would liave finished his iji-urk at tho hospital April :;nth. lie will visit the I'amima Can.-il and t!i«'t; sail fur Xew Yo'rk City iind from there hoiue. i Sanford V.Vavi.-r w;i'.> lias been ill for several days with erysipelas was removed ; to the Robert Long hospital at Indianapolis postage auditor's office- Harry Henderson, assessor, postage assessor's ! office Win. B. Tiurford Printing Co.. county offices supplies 1 . i Bin-rough's Adding Ma- rhino Co., servicing machines ; •--Citizens ; National Bank, I clerk's office supplies — i Underwood Elliot Fisher : Co.. treasurer's office supplies '. •1.00 S.OO '3.00 213.05 21.30 2.20 Ul. uunaia uciiife .31'i-t.,., e>"your share; devof part of your ° mc '"a's estimated that about Sl.- spare time to study of I. C. S. highway engineering course: hundreds of students employed on state and county highways. International Correspondence Schools, Jack Cunningham, Representative. 1034 South Adams St., Marion, Ind. c-183 MONEY TO LOAN FARM LOANS—^Reasonable Field'mer & Fielding. FIHST TIMK IX TK.VK.S. Basements of Tipton Contained Water and Fit-Ills Flooded. Reports from various parts of the county Thursday revealed that the rain Wednesday night was a general one and many say it was the heaviest experienced in this .county for the past four yea rs. For the first time in several years basements in Tipton contained water, the rain being so heavy that the sewers could not take it away fast enough. Main street near the school building was flooded but the water got away quickly. Several householders who slept m cottage through the rain wero surprised •i ij i) i . -VI IS, .'PK I) r*r-r\'i ». »»i rtr-ninrv ti'Itnit *1>mr r^nur f* /i, Good Used Cars .-REDUCED IN FRIGE To Fit -Your Pocketbook- PricediProm $50 Up rUsed Electric Washers New Ofllco Batteries Exchange Service Motor Co. ,'-r Olds — Pontiac — Frlgidalres r -, ?""?£•' [ i ( 4^-" 11 S* i&e- Bargains iluxe Coach, lio. IA Coach. .AOoftch. Used Thursday morning when they saw evidences of the large amount of water which had fallen. The rain was accompanied by considerable lightning and light service was interferred with several times. Night officers report the lights were out for a few seconds several times during the night and motorists say driving was almost impossible. Judge C. W. .Mount, who had been at Elkhart, where he addressed a Legion meeting, stated on his return he was forced to stop when meeting a truck as the downpour was so hard that he could not see the road. Used Car Bargains '84 Plymouth Coupe "'93 Chrysler Eight Sedan A. H. Hinton Guaranteed USED CARS 1 1983. IHxlge Sedan ! . 1OS8 Chevrolet Coach : 1988 Dodge Coach : 1000' iDeHoto Sedan Crenolet Coupe. Of the total S9,03S.2fifi.(; I! r.- covery and relief costs. troa.=iiry I Tuesday. 500.nOO.OOn, or nearly half. :ir recoverable loans. Another S3,000.nno.nm> i, :l s gone for direct and ri-liVi pii'-- poses and as far as the federal government is concerned will never bo recovered. Nearly STOfl.- 000.000 went for conservation work and will not be received. Smaller amounts went fui non-recoverable purposes. KKMKK I'OI/K "IKS. " to K\i>l.iii! Sena:,- .\-.lis llo|iUiii His Money Pist Wa.-hinglon, Mp.y 2.--Til ate today called ojn Uclict' Administrator Harry L.i Hopkins to <:x- I-laiii how he allots money to ih-:.- ;• tali's as dcadloirk over the ?ys- t-!in threatened rllii-f beiic.'lit:* "f „,,!,. i3.ti')0,0oo n.-.-dy O n 1 3.16 21.35 2.20 5.00 15.15 47.00 47.00 10S.OO 54.00 36.00 96.00 120.00 78.00 78.00 7S.OO 7S.OO 1.15 45.84 P. Of the S4,500.000,000 of coverablo drpiession costs. ?2.304,":!0.150. or more than half is outstanding in tho form of reconstruction finance corporation loans. Other amounts have pone into loans of other government credit agencies. All of the rocovory expenditures to date have come from direct government borrowings. Since the government began to appropriate money for relief and recovery a total of S17.704.720,- 41!) has been authorized. The government still has an unexpended balance of $8,666,453,778 for recovery and relief purposc-.s. BANK KOIiltKD. ,-,,. j promisi r"""" thai '!no one .-•larve" .stood bi.'tjwi'on th'. millions and destitution. Four liamlits (Jot C'li-sh Tear Gas. Allowances Tbe following i-laiiiis will In: considered by ih(j board of coiu- i.iissionei-s of Tipton ; county at (Hy i;nitctl Prr^s). Chicago, May 2.—Machine gun| bandits defied tear gas bombs to-j day and succesfully robbed the I Citizens State Bank o£ Park Ridge of between $8,000 and $10,000. The bandits apparently were experienced in their trade. When a girl employe of the suburban bank pressed a switch that released the tear: gas the bandits quickly pulled heavy goggles over their eyes, stuffed handkerchiefs in their mouths, and proceeded to take all available cash in spite of the gas. Meanwhile 12 employes and fivs customers who were ordered to lie on ttie floor while the holdup was in progress, choked and wept in the fumes. Four bandits comprised the raiding party. One remained in an automobile parked at tho curb. Another stood at the door armed with a machine gun, and the rc- malnln gtow vaulted the tellers' cages ad took the money. I THE DAILY WHEEZE I ; Hoknm: ".Why is it that the Indian and i the bison are shown on our coins, although they are p Ueblly «Wlact?" ' BEFORE SUCH A SMOOTH SHAVING BLADE at this tow price! NOW PROBAK JUNIOR /L blades Also in Packages jfe . 10for25c 25for59c |"During the pah few year I've been driven bcaueofncccssiryiato I the lower-priced 1 ttior | bladts-my beard suffer- i ing beou»e ^>f theihorr- i comings of] my pocketbook. Now yourProbak Jr. his again brought back! shaving comforr at no c itra cost. "E Eugene Leonnart San Jose, Calif.'* Unsoliciiedj letcefs like ibis prove (be tfrtiing qua! tyofProbakJr.Try this inifornily keen and smo nh-shiying bwde. Get 'robakjr.fromyour neat at dealer's—'»: re- mirublc Value I M| 2i bl«dsjforo!nly5?cota plies S. A. Gordon, same ri. A. Gordon, auditor's office supplies A. W. Bolton. county attorney, effioc- expense __ Fielding; & Fielding, in- siii-anco Wayne Miller, assessing Madison township Will Komper, same. Chester Rector, assessing Jefferson township Ruth Re<-tor. same Louis C.: Mefford. assessing Wildcat township - Alt.i Rptherford, same -1). W. Luttreli. Assessing Cicero, township i K. L. Scott, same iTyner \Veaver, same n-!.T. A. Oslor. fame I B. Lu.ttrelU same R. A. Cardwcll. sheriffs office 'supplies R. A. Cardwell. sheriff, scrvinp processes R. A. Cardwoll. sheriff. boarding -prisom-rs K2.20 Miracle ! Mfg. Co., court house j .supplies 15.50 "oiler Booth, county farm labor ^ S.0° A. M. Lane, same i-"0 Milwaukee Lubricants Co.. • 7.2« j Abso-I'ure ice & Coal Co., i same — 21.CO I Hull Bros., same 3 - G(> liareain Grocery, saine -- 102.06 Crystal Chemical Co., same 40.M ] " .1 Mclntosh & Sons, ; o •> C same ; -•••» Puil'i &'B:irruin. snmc_- -!.>>a W. L. Hiipbr-s, -same S.OO Tipton Main Motor Co., Fame I • fi-61 Modern Bakery, same __"_ 5.10 Indiana Reformatory, same 2fi.lO Young A: Mason, same __ 6.38 Dr. t). W. Collins, same.- 7.00 Zcliner .'1- Zchnor, Wildcat township poor _- 32.07 Klnier Pi Schell, panic — 5.50 Farmers; (irain & Supply , Co.. same 2:1."S Dr. K. ft. Mosor. Maine __ • 4.00 Otto McNew. .same 5:t,01 Dennis Hankins. samo — 23.7.9 J. ('. 1'onney Co., Jefferson tojvnship poor 2.00 Ralph McMullau, same ._ 75.00 Dr. .1. it. Ferguson, same 102.50 folic'o *| Clark, same 71.00 Dr. fi. (i. Dunham, same- 7fi.25 flaude (•:. Johnson, same 48.45 Fred Spfcnnor, same '40.70 Knmptoii Lbr. Co.. same_ 17'.50 W. K. Reese, same 8.40 Mrs. MaHey Woods, same 11.20 15. K. Mah'affey, same 12.fiO Dr. K. Rogers Smith, same 25.00 Methodist Hospital, same 96.85 Noah C'.' Brown, highway ' labor i 5.00 William! Kritsch. i same-- 44.70 Joo Riley. same .-- 43.20 Gerald Campbell, same — 57.60 Jack Hawkins, samo 52.80 same 25.40 17.50 82.50 94.30 35.40 3.50 Hinkle Coal Co., same — Guilkey Bros., same .._-— Tipton Milling Co., same. \bso-Pure Ice & Coal Co., same 1 I"- 50 B.'fc |W. Coal Co., same— 110.01 Coppqck Coal Co., same-- 70.50 L. C.(O'Toole, same Rav Moore, same Moore, Bargain Grocery, same E. G.j Rust, same W. E'. May, same Mrs. John Reed, same — Ovid iMurisell, same Howe^s Grocery, same — N r . I. |Boldon, same Warfel & Small, same — Foltz! Lumber Co., same- 7.00 268.75 310.25 233.75 44.25 53.75 18.00 23.00 10.00 25,00 24.00 rifllll A-*t* !**•"•*• v., Edna Burkhart Co., same 132. So Kinder Coal Co., same— Jaqua & Sons, same Horn^ Trado Snoe store > same '•Dr. H. E. Grishaw, Liberty jtownship poor Dr. U. B. Shonp, same — Dr. E. B. Moser, same — Jacob! Fretz, same S. J. JHorton, same J. G.| carter, same .F. G. Cash 1.50 47.50 16/26 3;00 19.50 6.00 37.50 18.S1 17.00 3d McLary, county farm t supplies 30.57 lobbs Grain.Co., same— 228.89 Arkenau's '-Drug Store, : same 38.86 Mrs. S. A. Porter, ditch i •repair 92.80 ',. G. Taylor, same 13.50 !hes(fer Prilliman, same _ 11.40 J. G. Taylor, same 13.50 Roy Land/same 878.75 3d Altherr, same • 4'6.55 Jesse O. Bowlin, same — 21.96 Farmers Oil & Tire Co., same 32.29 ripton County Farm Bureau, same —: ', 26.12 W. C. Mattlngly, Cicero township poor 34.75 Compton & Son; court house supplies 2..20 Compton & Son, county farm supplies 28.95 Tipton. County Farm Bureau, highway supplies 208.19 Farmers Oil & Tire Co., same 621.3S H. J. Schrader & Co;, same — 12-49 Compton & Son, same 1*;89 83.00 17.00 8.00 22.00 30.00 25.00 12.60 3.45 6.00 lenient of said estate, and i he same trill come up for nation and action of said Court on the 20th day of 1935, at which time all heirs/cni-J ditors or legatees .of said estne] are required to appear in saifij court and show cause, if an there be, why said account^-_ ,-„ -.,. vouchers should not be approve*/'^v:-^ Witness the clerk and seaj'-*""' said Tipton Circuit Court, at Ti ton, Indiana, this 25th. day. of April, 1935. : .RAYMOND W. SIMPSON, (Seal) Clerk Tipton 175-181-187-193 Circuit COurt. . ••» - . N'otice to Heirs, Creditors, Etc^ Dr. A. E. Burkhardt, Madison township poor Dr. E. B. Moser, same — Merrill Thomas, same Ray Hntcherson, same — H. O. Hobbs, same M. C. Marshall, same — '• 3. A. Harris & Son, same Boston Store, same Fred McElfresh, same . 6.6S 5.00 10.00 63 36 4,7.00 ?9.00 Home Trade Shoe Store, same Mrs. Wm. Kincaid, same _ John Ressler, same Hobbs Grain Co., same — Wayne Lorts, h'ghway labor _: — .1. M. Richards, county- farm repairs Respectfully submitted, JOE MATTINGLY. May 1, 1935. Auditor Notice to Heirs, Creditors, Etc. In the matter of the estate o Lucinda Keliey, deceased. In the Tipton Circuit Court, Apri Term, 1935. i Notice is hereby given tna Harry 0- Henderson, as adminis trator of the estate of Lucinda Keliey, deceased, has presentee i anti, Daiiiu *..~- ^j. examination aim at-n^n v*. -w« Romack -7 5 Circuit Court on the 20th day of Cottingham. same- 10.00 ji a y, 1935, at.which time all heirs, Hutto, same 12.50 ^ ij f rl II LLLI, atlillC __———— _* — .«- nitiUlll/lO Ul left** vv-v-«J •"•- — — - — — - tiitu »'u J. J.I Batchelor, same 12.00 are required to appear in said p rO ved. Windfall Grain & Supply court and show cause, if any there -witn Grain & Supply Co!, same 45.75 nrs. IWisehard. Hamer & Miirch. Jefferson township poor Sill IJ (JUtJl — — ___ — .— „„--- u »»u * - r *,-- - . Methodist hospital, same- 132.90 ton Indiana, this 25th day of Dr. S. M. Cotton, same — Mildred Porter, same Wm Rollings, highway labor! Greeson Sand & Gravel Co!, same M. C| Shope, county farm supplies F. Al Pape, county farm and highway supplies- Home Trade Shoe Store, county farm supplies __ \V. A. Reed, jai.l repair— S. LJ Bunch, court house repair John! A. Altherr, court house labor Rov tpet «l trial 4 fa'. lOc. ptckage of Vincent IvanBrlgglej I. N. Smith, same 11-50 J. L. Achenbach.j same-- 25.75 Carl Balser. same : 24.80 S. F. McDaniels,; same-- 32.00 Raymond Alexander; same 67.70 Russell jWatson, same _- 68.45 Frank Smith, san}e 52.00 Dova Bijner, san<e ', 57.60 I'.ay Louycll, samo J 36.00 Sam Hukhcs, samoi 41.25 Reuben I'arish, sjinlo 1 67.20. Karl Coipor. same j 5 1'99 Olaiitle Shaw, same; Glenn Paul, same Ralph Webb, same j Ray Rose, same j—j Basil Smyser, same.' Lorin Myorly, saijne, State Antomobllo Insur- , • ance <5<S,> highway sup- ; : ? ,plles:-,:i^—jixpj--,-^ •'- §-00; H: j.i gc iifeder Co., same 7-7»j l-tQftMmlli ' •--••""" 28.75 « 7 - 2 " 80.50 f"- 20 67.20 same >-' 61 . O 13.00 7.00 67.20 148.92 10.75 2.55 4.85 4.SO 1.50 88.50 68.85 12.00 ... D. Girard. county- farm supplies ^. .1. Morton, Prairie township pcfor Sam i Dickover, county farm supplies 112.75 \licoi Sowers, county farm labor _ 19.88 Mrs. 'j. F. Rayls, same — Sa.OO Sally! Sailer, same : 15.00 Kllen! Burton, same 30.00 Martha Brown, same 30.00 Andy! Hubank, same -40^00 Orbal Cochran, same 22.50 Orvat Snowbarger, same- 15.75 Benjamin Miller..refunded tax — 16 - 44 I j. Kessler, highway supplies 6.03 Carl I Niemann, highway lalior 21.60 Tiptqn Telephone Co., county service 46.20 H S.I Matthews, Red Cross appropriation for 1935, 1200.00 Go'ppjsck & township Son, poor Cicero . , Jesse LaGarde, highway lalior— O. El Tyner, same Kmeijgency Hospital, same 46.00 T>r. Al B. (Burkhardt, same. 1J75.25' Dr. B. A 1 . Burkhardt, same 14-1.10 67.20! fj 70.80; i^.,., Floyd, same — 67.20 ; Herbert Plummer, same _ 20.001 Ernie Quick, same —_— 55..20, I'earl Worden, same _ 56.00 Wm. [Friend, same 20.25: Ralph Teter, same _—' ;33.46 Ozin Allen, same . C. HI Vandevender, same Clyd(| Beamari, highway supplies '• Indiajna Oxygen Co,, same J. D.| Adams Co.,- same— DeLojng Auto Parts Co., 7.15 ! ;70.00 14. same 6.76 Dr i. M. Cotton, Prairie ; township poor — ; 60.00j Dr. . * -».», ».** — -—• 1 i • Omcr Lineback, same __„ 30.00 Paul Stuart, highway la--—-—-- Charlos Hawkins, same — 61-60 Tipto I Tijrbune, comity of- | j ficjs supplies ------ —; .I'S-SE; Jame i; (Siiay, court house ; - . | watchman —:—_—.'- i fi.871 H. I>i ^Voodruff, /court i. . M hoi se repairs — . ; 1.35 Arkei8it'i( Drug; gtore^ [ i 'J- In the matter of the estate of Daniel W. Hilligoss, deceased. In the Tipton Circuit .-Oonrt, April Term, 19.35. ., , Notice is hereby given that; The Citizens National Bank of Tipton, Indiana, administrator with will annexed of the estate of Daniel W. Hilligoss, deceased, has presented and filed ita account and vouchers in final; settlement of said estate, and • that . the same will come up for exam--£' ination and action of said Circuit ' Court on the 20th day of May, ' 1935, at which time all heirs, creditors or legatees of said estate are required to appear in said court and show cause, if any there be, why said account and vouchers should not be approved. Witness the clerk and seal of said Tipton Circuit Court'at Tipton, Indiana, this 25th day of April. 1935. RAYMOND W. SIMPSON, (Seal) Clerk Tipton 175-1S1-1S7-193 Circuit Court. (By United Pros?). Notice to Heirs, Creditors, Etc. In the matter of the estate of Caroline Means, deceased. In the Tipton Circuit Court, April Term, 1935. Notice is hereby given that-The Citizens National. 'Bank as executor of the estate of Caroline Means, deceased, has presented and filed its account and vouchers in final settlement of said estate, and that the same will come up for examination and action of '•;> Keliey deceased nas jjieseui-cu *^* ^AI**I«.*.—~-~" ~— and filed his account and vouchers said Circuit Court on tbe^ 20th in final settlement of said estate J --- -' "-•• ""'- " "' '" lmo m nnai S eiu«m C u,. u, — —- day of May, 1935. at which time and that the same will come up all neirs, creditors or legatees of for examination and action of said said estate are required to appear '- - •• »""- •'-- "' in said court and show cause, if is, ai-wuicu t»mc »" »""f ~F any there be, why said account or legatees of said estate an d vouchers should .not be ap- court and show cause, if any there be. why said account and vouch ers should not be approved. s should not be approved. Tipton. Indiana; this 25th day of Witness the clerk and seal ot ^ pri , 1935 said Tipton Circuit Court, at Tip- RAYMOND W. SIMPSON, (Seal) Clerk Tipton April, 1935. RAYMOND W. SIMPSON, (Seal) -'" Clerk Tipton 175-81-87-93 Circuit Court •»-»* Xotico of Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned sheriff of Tipton County, Indiana, by virtue of an execution, with decree attached, issued to me by the Clerk of the Tipton Circuit Court in an action therein pending wherein Home Savings and Loan Association of Tipton, Indiana, is plaintiff, and Harry Levi, Fannie Levi, First National Bank .of Tipton, Indiana, The Indiana Oxygen Company are defendants, being Cause No. 2666 in said court, commanding me to make the sum of $1, 905'.65 costs and accruing costs, with interest to date 'of sale, will by virtue of a levy made on said execution arid decree, offer for sale on Saturday, May 11, 1935, between the hours of 10:00 a. m. and +: 00 p. m., at the door of the court house in the City of Tipton, Tipton County, Indiana, at public sale to the highest bidder, the rents and profits for a term not to exceed seven years, by the year, of the following described real estate in Tipton County, Indiana, to-wit: Commencing one hundred thirty-two (132) feet west of the northeast corner of out lot numbered forty-eight (48) in the town, now city of Tipton, Indiana, and .running thence south LUWnaiAii^ 1 J V"-" _« — ——• ,— _.--_ .u.i. M , » uu .-— 1« — _ WmJ McGraw. same ,249.50r;one hundred and ninety-eight (198) fee*.; thence west sixty-six (66) feet to the west line of said lot forty-eight (48); thence north on the west line of said out lot forty-eight (48) to the south line of Jefferson street; thence east on the south line of said Jefferson street sixty-six feet to the place o'l beginning, and being sixty-six (66) feet off of the entire west side of out lot forty-eight (48) in the town, now city, of Tipton, in Tipton "County, Indiana. Should~said rents and profits not sell for a sum sufficient to satisfy 'said execution and decree, I ^.. u will at the same time and place 59.34; offer for sale at public sale, the fee. simple of said real estate, or so -much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution and iwnsnip poor »„..»,: decree, said sale to be made w(th- G A Robison. same_ ;67.00f out any relief whatever from tal- "' nation or appraisement laws, ftnd in i stuari, ni B «»»j •«- i to vlrtl « e of a foreclosure of mort- nor_.L"-_--------- 67 - 20 ! gage on sald d ^? rl - bed Teal es ~ tate. In witness whereof I have here- this 10th day of April, A. P. 1935.. REUBEN A, -CAR0WEUL, Sheriff of Tipton County, Indiana. PURVIS ft PURVIS, Attorneys for Plaintiff.' I! t6'S-69 75J-8J ... •'.;.-—'' .*«'*'"'."'."'. :l Notice to Heirs, Creditors, Etc. In' Witness, the clerk and seal of said Tipton Circuit Court, at 175-181-187-103 Circuit Court. See the New Leonard Electric Refrigerators H, J. SCHRADER & CO. J.C.PENNEY-Ca 116-118 South Slain St. V3= LEATHEEMAN FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Furnace Coils Waste Fuel Replace Your Coil With a Self Action GAS WATER HEATER Public Service Co. ot Ind. s . 9c BREAD— 1%-lb. loaf .... KROGER GROCERY 8r BAKING CO. Comforts, Blankets, Quilts SMITSON'S LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING Phone 120 See— YOUNG & MASON Stite and Fornishiiiga 108 East Jefferson St. Radio LINBBA - i It ,*a eel

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