The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on April 3, 1947 · Page 2
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 2

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1947
Page 2
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Radio Highlights U.v (.'. K. !H TTICHI-MICU) New Vork, April 2—Two new pro- 7,!.! l L." s '.i - ll " M<i iU -Lually a return cl'iv i !\ e "' neUvoi>I{ bows on Thurs- \' T u?hi r V' l '"'" e - e is The Ma » OHed ^',,•11 :i|fa> " wil1 h;tv * Herbert -Maibhall on CHS at 10:30. Previous- i> a rc-])lao.Miieni, tiij s unu> it takes, ner rom the Hollywood Star time- Jecently moved u> Thursday ni^ht- l'>r jus concluding broadcast. Tlie Jill li \ a dc-UM.:iive soz-ie.s. he Aiher introductioj) i.s "Law\ 'Q. tor MBS at s, Lin adaptation'of the court room drama to Uie audience participation quiz cate«-orv Conto.siain.s will act as juror*, providing- ilu-ir solution 1'i'ojn drauia- tixedL-u.s(?s or from dirc.n question- in «• by the (m in inast-M'. who i.s Malcolm hastorlin. \VashiiiKtou attorney. A niinibcr of pru-Kasier programs are on schedule, iiifliKliny: XBC—11 a. m. J''j- ei f \Varin«-\s music, music drama "The First Communion." • .: S ' 1 - ( ;'~ i2i , 10 . p - '"• llol - v \Vook s<-rv- t,'*y l i y "~, 10 p ' »'•' '^tniiJy Theater btliel Ha rymore r.-udin M "The iiarnui'r. W ' th Cll!irles Boy * r as AiiKT-j.-a's Town nieetinj,'. broad- <;asnn« from Chicago for' ABC -ii N::U) asks its pan.-) "Should Jje ^iniiiuinsi t'ariy !,«• outlawed in V 16 I- «••' Debaters are Sen Hetuntinj,' Kddu-'s call on )ii« iihow Bob Hup* will be K'Uc^t o'f the Catitor comedy on NBC at 10-30 J ne Hoy.s Choir of Christ's Cluirch' Godfrey' on' :'fe aT' Ti ^'':n ArUUU ' N'f>C—ll::}ij :i . ,„. i);l( .|- Bt-ix-h .slmw; _' ,,. ,„. Today's Children; j.Ja lortia ia<-inf; ihj.s life; 7 Radio supper clnh: s ih-nry Aklrich fatnily: -S::',ij Burns and Allen; '.* Vt-r- onica La Ice in Musk- hall: '.)•:;<' Ja'-k Haley comedy: 10 Abbott and Co.s- tello. CBS—12:1.', p. , n . B 0 Miv Wliit,-. wjth Aunt Jonny; ;J:aO p. i»". Winner look AH; 5:30 Passovi-r program- h:l-j Discussion of Churches and }VorJd Peat-,-; S 1'hil Silvers and Suspense; S:'.if> Kl:f i n c-ear-e and uar; l) Dick Haym<\s show- -j-'JO Crime Photog.; 10 .Maffazine Thc-a- r _4, BC ~ 10:25 a - '"• Reltv Crocker's J^'rr-V- 0 ,^ " L nrido w " ilh G «"^n: 4,,0 Clift fcrlwards- Uke: 7:SO Studs Jerkel show; ;. : :;(i T)ios t - Sensational \ears drama: 10 World Securiiv \V o rk«hop d rama; 10' 1 f, K -i r" 1 Godwin. iM^^r"' 1 - 0 *''' 50 , :l ' '"' aa - vi "R' it with Tins -Music; i>:;!0 p. m. Harlem club- 4:la Johnson t'amilv; 7 Fulton' Lewis, Jr.: .s :3 o Count of Mont" Cristo; 9:^0 Antonini Concert; 10-30 i VVas a Convict. BOOM AND BOARD GENE AHERN % I'M SURE I HAVE v THE ANSWER.TO YOUR. RIDDLE;-- WHATHA52. 2 MOUTHS AND6 EYES ?" IT'S A MAN GOING INTO A CAVE WITH A POTATO IN HIS HAND/-- HE HAS z FEET;-ONE MOUTH/"THE CAVE HAS A MOUTH ••-HE HAS TWO EYES-• AND THE POTATO HAS 4 EYES/ <\ DAT AIN'T DA ANSWER.;--BUT IT SHOWS THINKING, •• •• SO I'LL GIVE A PURTY GOOD ANSWER./ 0:55 7:00 7:20 8:00 S:0f) S.-J5 9:0' 9:05 0:30 '3:45 9:5 a 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 Man's best pal, a dog-, will bright- WJEJ—Hagerstown O.\ YOL'R DIAL, I'llOGllAM nixie Serenadcrs farm Propram .\evvs Ot-no and Ills Gang- Kise and Shine Xews Rise and Shine Happy Biniutpy Club Little Hecord Show Family Altar Melodies b Malcolm .Vovc-lty Time Music in the Leiter Vetn Health Talk Arthur Gaeth Morninp Devotions Say it with Music Art Baker Show Kriendly Philosopher Tell Your Neighbor Chat \vith Roma Shopping Time Ctviu N'ov.'.s. Luncheon Wr-Indies Jackie Hill Show .Afternoon Melodies Merv Griffin Sliow Bobby N'orris Cedric Poster Smile Time Queen for a Day Heart's Desire .May We Help Tou? Tic Toe Tunes 4:15 Johnson Family •1:30 Red Cross 4:-i5. Huck Rogers in the 25th 5:00 On che Bandstand :i:la Superman 5:20 .Maryland Xewa '>'.'•'>•> Interludes 5:-S. r > Tom Mix 0:00 News (>:00 Sports Parade !; : ?5 £>'«ning Melodies ';:.|0 Victorious Li vine U:.'!.'> Candlflig'lit an( j silver 7:00 Kulton Leu-is <:15 Vincent Lopez 7::iO Artlnir Hnlc Inside of Sports •Sound Off Jr. Chamber Forum. Gabriel Heatter Dance Orrli. Treasure liour of Song The Family Theatre. The VOR-UC- Koom Dance Orchestra National Eddy Howard's Orchestra Einil Coleman't, Orchestra Siern Off A bushel of swcel potatoes will P/ol uTL° iTt r^Y 11 ' "'^ aml ab ° Ut flV ° P ° Und8 ° f i f '' 0111 85 l ° "> *™« of the feert l^c uom JO to I., pounds of ,nttlc food. This rood contains I ing value of corn. Solid Color Turkish TOWELS 98c Extra Heavy 20x40 McCrory 5olOc-25c Store S^pKx K> Jk J^>! . ', f i"J ^/ te*V ^ ^ •' + \\ Exerting pew fashions that ore sure fo make a hit. Choose your Easter outfit from our brilliant selections. Great values on flexible credit terms! Gabardines, suedes, coverts, crepes one/ twills. Newly created briefs, shorties, boxy shorties, fitted Princess coofs, classic boy coats and boxy coots. All shades. Sizes 9 to 50. Q09S from L.ifi Cuf-owoy fronts, torso-length Janets, pep/um backs, new sleeve ideas'. Worsted checks, worsted crepes, shark- sfcio ond gabardines. ftffeftC yii-jo from LJn Crepe ond printed crepe creations in / and 2-prece styles. Embroidery, pep- ivms, push-up sleeps, side zipper's and other details. Sizes 9 to £QS QOS tt, 12 to 20, 38 fo 52. 0 S B{) ; ' V R,\ fci : :l , ?TT5^ ,-^..^£ v "\^' ^ ">' i'x •'-\&A\V *-(ii' i ^ The Morning Herald, Hagersiown, Md. 'rtmr.silny. April It, 1DJ7. ROEBUCK AND CO. Here's Luxurious Comfort and Long Life in a Large, Hod LIVING ROO -, 'i <¥*&•-"£& tj^_ :<2=^irr£- & '^>\^ ® Miiy «&*" %& ^ <:&^ •$M '&&& &*•'< ISiS. >•?,£>. -ssffiMSw ^^^ ,j>:-->\- . ^^-- 4 Points of Superiority *m ..- >. '$.4 i«l &$f? i 0$J.&KS ,^< 5t«el Coil Spring* in the baic give greater eomforf. V/ell podded. ^ Use Your Credit . . . easy terms on Purchases of $10 or more \- ^ Expertly constructed ... in a style that's correct for modern or period room settings . . . this roomy, deeply padded furniture will maintain its beauty for years. Its seasoned hardwood frame is built securely to withstand daily family use; the sturdy covers in figured tapestries, cotton and rayon ve- lour, mohair or ankorloop are long v;earing. Each piece has broad, comfortably padded arms with well-formed hand grips on arm facings. The tai- lored roll-front cushions are reversible for twice the wear. Select one of these handsome Harmony House sets today for a more beautiful, more comfortable home. 3 PC. LIVING ROOM SUITES Skillfully Upholittred ond corefully sewn for long weor ond bcoufy. Joint* Are Double dowelled ond corner* ore securely blocked. $ 188 »229 Dinette Se* Pwcetain Top 69.95 Sporkling, streamlined chrome dinette set is practical, H's sturdy and eo&y-to-ckan. Tubular steei frame. Artifraa< leather seah. vfr&* T'^-w'^^I' &%&.4v FWJpJS.i.j-i •^ff^C'.-^:^<. '^ . ^gH • '^CT Roomy Modern Pssk Walnut Finished 44.95 Streamlined, gracefully jtyled desk of solid hardwood. Beautifully finished in walnut. 7 roomy drawers. Matching ladder back die" 5.95 x5 Choir a«d Oftoman Two Big Pieces 39.95 Yooll sink with pleasure into the spring-filled depths of this filr-back lounge chair. Hardwood frame. Handsome vefours ond tapestries. 2-Pc. Daveno Set Sofa and Choir 109.00 Comfortable spring-filled sofa changes qukkly into 72 x 74-in. doubfe bed. Large, sturdy chair has maple finished arms and base. Daveno and Chair BpfcFor 129.00 Sofa converts into 72x74-in. double bed: has bedding compartment. Seats and backs are spring-filled. Velour. cotton twill cover. f // -A->x "** -> y*- -• & •* 'A ^ t \ ^s: % ^ JfeiS)' **sr c Sf& /r > Long and shorf-i/eeve blouses in French, pebble and multi-filament crepes. Fu/ii, ruemos ond others, from 3.98 LINGERIE Koyon crepe and rayon satin slips in fearose, white ond black, lace trimmed ond tailored *yles. 1.79, 2.43, 2.79 Ladies' Dept. Main Floor 15 W. Washington St. H&^BAGS Vnderarm with zipper tops, top handle, envelope and shoulder-strap styles in plastic potent ond plastic calf. Including tax. 3.98, 6.80 SHOES Sfep info the Easter parade wjfri your best roof forward. Smartly designed shoes to complete your Easter outfit. 4.98 Telephone Stand Style! Comfort! 13.95 Compactly designed phons stand. Roomy 15 x 11-in. fop. Made of walnut finished hardwood. Sofriy padded chair. Shelf for directory. 1: •-.••..• ..-"• L^ ' ... J Step Stoo! Flared Legs 6.95 AH metal for lasting sturdiness. Tested to support 4000 Ibs. Rubber tread steps easiiy locked in safe position. Red, blue seat, steps, rungs. \\~. %££& Steel Kitchen Sfool Podded Seat 4.95 Comfortable all sfeel stool. Seat plunply padded and covered in red or blue artificial leather. Flared legs, chrome finished. 24-tn. high. Hardwood Trainer So^y Strop "| J9 Comforta-ble mirsery seat has shaped arms and back. Adjustable fookest. Finished in golden maple or white enamel. t*....'.- - • N - • Full Pane! Decdl Trimmed Good looking! Safe! Soondiy con- sfructed! Drop side has a sure safety catch. Non-poisonous maple or wax birch finish. . sj /•-.£> •se? ill/jli :-:// *| -> •*• »—r :,ie V-. -. .» K—-*~ ' -^ mj StSiMfflSiSiii-i' per running ft. Ic U cl t t,» Harmony House S»BS»g" sawOTS'Sf'*?? •..V/v'vt'**••<'•* * ' •*fi $$£' infant's Mattress T "} fM"" Spring Failed iZ.>O WeH mode crto mattress has sisal or ju*e pad insulator, layer felt oo bo*ii sides. Ta4>ed edges. 5-tndi box; wetproof cover. 28 x 52 wches. ^ Safe High A Value at ... 9.95 Widespread legs, securely braced. Safety strap and 3-position tray hold child in place. Comfortable, too. Maple or wax birch finish. r- /'. «:22c SI oorns nect » NG - . ,^ g.. CAP lt^> ».JU» • — .. j Steer-Easy Carriage Non-TtpSiandarc JT.7J Wefi padded carriage has new .swivel action front wheels, piped hood with visor, 2-wheel foot brake. Painted blue or aray and oluminum. • c 'crs Mfjc—P.r. M-^6 r ^ •^ Child's Nursery Seat Overhead Tray T 1 ./.) A convenient training seat. Made of natural finished hardwood. Safery tray keeps child in place. Colorful beads on overhead tray. 21" high. 6 N. POTOMAC ST. PHONE 2825 HAGERSTOWN, MD.

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