Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 17, 1948 · Page 21
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 21

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1948
Page 21
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•Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES.. CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1948 TWENTY-ONE Radio By , f John M. Cooper^ They'll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hado MONDAY-SHATTER3RAIN HAS HAD A TOOTH CAVITV AS 5l6 AS THE GRAND FOR THE PAST SIX MONTHS- NEW YORK—(INS)—Every year jince 1940, ,the .Amos, and Andy program has featured a sequence in tfhich Amos interprets the Lord's Prayer for his daughter; Arbadella, as he tucks her into bed. on Christ- ^nus Eve. . ^ On Sunday. December ID. Amos Trill do it again. This is what lie says: "Our Father which - art in Heaven—(T)at means Father ot •11 dat is good, where no wrong tan dwell) "Hallowed be Tliy name—(Dat jntons, darlin', dat we should 'love an 1 "respect all dat 3s (rood). "Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be'done in earth as it is in Heaven— (Dat means, darlln', as we clean our hearts of all hate «n' selfishness, an' fill our hearts with love, de good, de true, an' de beautiful, den cartb. will be like Heaven). "Give us this day our dally fcread—(An 1 dat means to feed •ur hearts and .minds wid kindness, love an' courage, which . will make, us stronj. for our.. • daily task). "An 1 , forfrive us our debts as we forpive .our debtors—(You • remember de Golden Rule, don't' yon, loncy? Well,'dat means'we .must keep de Golden Kule, an' do unto others as we would want iem lo do unto us. An' now it lays:) • "An 1 lead us not into temptation but deliver'us from evil— . (Dat means, darlin', dat jcs' means to ast Got! to help us do, " »n' sec, an' think rlclil, so elnt we will neither he led or templ- ed by ».nythln)f. dat brbiid).. ' "For' thine IK the Kingdom, mid the power, and the Rlory, forever. Amen. (Dat mciuis, darlin', dat all dc world, an' everything dat's In it, belongs lo G~od's Kingdom—everything— your mommlc, your daddy, your ilttle brother, your gramma, you uT everybody. An' as we know dat, an' as we act-as if'we know It, dat, my little girl, is dc real spirit of Christmas.)" ~ Henry La Co'ssltt, the MBS commentator who.stuck his neck out a few -weeks ago by inviting listeners to soy what they don't like about Alan Yoiing Given Proeram On IVBC O i By C. E. BUTTERFIEI.D NEW YORK—(/PH-A ' possible counter move to the CBS drive NBC programs is seen in the signing by NBC of two now young comedians. They may be assigned to one or the two Sunday night spots va 7 cated in the forthcoming, program uphenvel. The two are Dean Martin and Jerry Lew-is, -with a gag chatter act mixed with' song. They, have gained considerable attention 'within th'e last year or so through night club and vaudeville appearances. They are due to come on in January to'provide a half-hour comedy variety. Just a day or so apo NBC commented that it had "plans already under ivay to bring to 'the network ne\v and original,-talent." conjmcnators, lome replies. .has now received The briefest was from a Chicago voman -who wrote: "What I don't liks about commenators" is commentators." But" he managed to find enough .longer replies to arrive 'at 1 -some 'general conclusions about the dislikes of listeners. .He says they dis- Jike commentators -vvho: Try to be statesmen; think they •know'everything; are vicious; are conceited; have. an obvious .bias;. »re excessively cynical; are excessively - optimistic; .and tliink one I -way and talk - another. I . However,- La Cossftt pot one let- I ter from, a woman in Glcndalc, MCal- written the. day after the Iwlection. which said: I "I like radio commentators. I I think. they're ' funny." NETWORK PROGRAMS ®. •Time ii «»»tern standard. Forcen- 'tral standard subtract one hour, tor mountain standard - subtract two hours. Some local Jtationi change hour ot relay to *it local schedules. Last minute program changes cannot be included. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17 Ev«ning I.-CO— New* Report Yt .Mir.—nbo Xcwkcant Kvery Dny—cbs Xotwork Sllnnt Hour—nbo»«uxt Kldrtlc* Hour (rupuiiU— nlic-v.'o»l Nncwork Silent. (1 lir,)—mbn-casl KWalca tlour (ropo:iU—mb»-««t l!l^—Sports: Music Tlinu—nbo You und Avlalion—cbs »i«5—-Vcwscust by Throe— nbc' Loivell Tliomas (repeat 11)—cba 7:CX) —Supprr Club—nbo-baulo Tho KauMi Sl;lt—cbs News und Coinincntiiry—abc Fulton bowls. Jr.—mbs 7:15—Nuwft and Comment—nbc Jack.Smith Show—cb* Kailv Commentarj'—"be Dinner Date—mbs .. 7:30—Th« STnoothlos—nbc Bub Crosby Club—cl>a Lone Riuiper Drama—abc Henry J. Taylor—mbs T;45—Xow» Comment—nbo - Nown Brokdcast—cbfl Spurts Comment—mbs . 1:00—Paul Lavall» Band—ubc Juck Carson Show—cbu Fat Man. Detective—nbo Creit Plays Sconos—mbs »:SU—Jimmy Durante Show—nb3 -Mr. and Jane Ace—cbs Tills la F.B.I. Drama—aba » Leavo It to Olrls—mbs i:»—Hy Gardner Says—mbs 1:00—.Eddie Cantor Show—nbo The Friday Theater—cbs Break the Bank—abc Gubrlol ileauer Comment—rnbs t:1b—XOKS Broadcast—mbs 1:30—Kea.Skolton.Show—nbo .' The Slierirr. Drtiaa.—abc Youra For a. Song—mbs 1:55—Five Minutes Sports—abc Kew-a for 5 Minutes—mba 10:00—l.|[o of Kllcy—nbc- KrlJay Playhouse—ubs Boxing '& Sports—ubo • licet the Press—iflba 10:30—3111 Storn Talks—nbc S^plko Jonux Eovue— cb«. DanclUE Tlmo—inbs 10:*^—Pro ajid Con—nbo • 11.00—Xews. Variety, - hrs.—cbs , News »nd Dance Hour—abc News. Dance Band : hrs.—mb« 11:1S—X«ws & Variety to 1—ntc 12:00—DancUit Continued—»bc-irest The word 1 "robot," used to describe mechanical devices, is derived from the Czech word "robit,"-.meaning work. ,? IJUST DEVELOPED Tri£ t/ACKIPcST TOOTHACHE. MUST .HAVE BEEN SOMETVIIM6 I ATE FOR BREAKFAST. WATT FOR , I'LL BE-THERE B/ CNE O'CLOCK^ •" , OH : H-H.' OOH-H.'OW/ GETTIN6 WORSE/i CAN'T STAND OF MIKE .'SEE A A PEMTIST ANP LET SOMEONE. ELSE ' 6ET SOME SLEEP- .SATURDAV- AT ONE MIMUTE TO AIOOAJ HE FlMALiy-CALLS UP HIS CEMTiST VJlTH A LINE OF SALOME 1 / LIKTE THIS- Mary Haworth's Mail Editor's Note: ^After lew years or scttllnn down, criindim brenkj out into' plrl-ohaslns a^ain, xnH w"e Ol " j-car».!s- planning to leiiYc him. DEAR MABY HAWOBTH: For 25 years I've been married to a girl- chaser, in which time I've tried to keep surface peace 'and make a home for our children. They arc married now and have homes and children of their own, but once again Grandpa , is deep in an -affair, tills time with a youne secretary. . He. Is. home lor dinner about one night a week, then he has a. few drinks and goes to bed • about 8 It's not apropos to Jump the ship yourself, in indignant protest of the nominal captain's periodic folly from the time the voyage starred. My advice is to stay or., sturdily 'resolved to ride the rough sea^ to the end of the trip, until Gabriel toots his horn and says, "Lnst port of call, old girl: I prithee, disembark here." Let Grandpa, in his .sprightly duds, CO overboard in fevered phan- ,om chase of mermaid sucker-bait | if he will, but keep your perspective j and purpose true. Hold to' the course j you elected when you said, "I take thce for better or for worse—." o'clock..: Other nights he-is "work- In bjj,,^ t o sw itch metaphors, ing," he says. He has informed me| don i t ]et Grandpa's latest outbreak that I' am to make a life of my own, Qf ps y c ho-sexual infirmity exaspe- *nrf Hint-, hp will not be "spied on." „»„ , rnn *„ HIP nm-itt of cuUlr.E ofi and that he will not be "spied on. This is rather a Jolt, inasmuch as he had apparently settled down rate you to .the ponit'oJ cutting off your nose to spile your face. Wife's Installed . . . ,<.....,. as lle j ac apparen Tills development was regarded as thg pa£l j ew yearS) an d seemed to -, - one step in that direction ! derive much pleasure from his .home, j j n Worthiest Job Another NBC change, thus one , rcn and randchildren, so that . on behalf of the sponsor, will-bring j' was ] 00 y nB forward at-last, to a Comedian Alan Young 'back to > ' Iu , ol ' a a ----- '-=—•- ~--- broadcasUnK on January 11. HciJJ . d ...Jl, ._!.- _.'_ f „. T-ln^ nrf»li ' Tlirlf I OBll, - J1HHIL """ will take over from Date with Judy, a teen-age script which has been running since-1944. Listening- tonight:. NBC—8- Paul Lavalle Band; 8:30 Jimmy Durante Show: 9:30.Bed Skelton Comedy, 10 Life of Riley. CBS—7:30 Club Crosby; a.30 Mr. arid Mrs. Janc'Ace; 9 Gene Kelley In "The Gentle People:" 10 Dennis O'Keefp in "Cat and the Mouse.': ABC—8 The Pat Man; 3:30 This is FBI; 9 Break the BailK Quiz; 10 Fight, Sandy Saddler,-vs. • Terry Young. . . ' ' : : MBS—8 -Henry Fondn, in "Young Mr. Lincoln;" 9:30 Yours for a Song, Jane Proman; 10 Meet.the Press, Sen. Flanders .of Vermont. you've worked srward, at -last, to a^^ w(ly to tno top of tnc worthiest ,c with friends, 8W-|- |ob you ,']j cvcl . llavCi w i L h your par- family ILe. jtlcuinr quRliflcntlons. namely, the What Jobs Exist, For Gentlewoman? However, I cannot stay here, watching the aging Lothario with his sprightly . new clothes setting forth each day to his latest conquest. I certainly intend to make a life of my own .as soon as I can get a divorce; and I have thought.of going to a small town to get some cort of job. But'what.'job? What chance has a woman my age, without professional experience, of getting a job?; WTBO HIGHLIGHTS - TODAS : .4:00 Buclratasc • Wife (N'BC). 4:15 Sttlln Dnllns (ITBC). 4:30 Ixirenno 'Jones (NBC). 4:45 Youns Wlddcr Brown (KBC). 5:00 Jive nt FIVE. ' 5:30 Ntws. 5:4! The nhythm Kldera, : 6:00 News. • .. 6:15 South'of the Border. 0:30 Tlie Sportsmnr.'i Corner. G:45 Errnnd ol Mercy. • T;00 The'Supper Club INBCL 7:15 News of ihe World 'N8CI , , job of keeping a stout weathered roof over family relationships, where the second and third generations may congregate' to refresh sentimental ties. Or let's liker. your job to'a iight- house keeper's; and think how far the little candle of individual fine example throws its beam. There Is Inspiring, infectious dignity and strength Implicit in forbearing acceptance of facets of wayward behavior that one can't change, when such forbearance has. the larger cha-itable purpose of .contributing composure to other lives; and to leave your husband. Jn revolt against his follies, would visit many complicating anxieties upon your children, of course. Further, to leave him now would cast you upon-a rudderless course; so, from every angle, the profitable . ill have enough private income to live very 'simply; so had' I better try a city? Or would life be more pleasant in a smaller place? And I how docs one recommend .oneself for a job? I understand the first question, "what experience nave you. had?" • I know clothes, books, antiques; I can cook, having learned since tlie ^•JLJ.. I' have licadcd two hospital ^^,0^^^^^.* ~.-, .-. .-- - boards ' and managed numerous and make a life of your own under charity benefits, but I can't believe the same roof with him. these qualify me for a paid position. -'— " You sec, I have no confidence in myself. My husband has taken that decision is to stay put. And doing so, have the good sense to revise your expectations of Grandpa; Books Bring • Co, P-TA'i. -7:45 H. V. Knllenborn (NBC). ' 8:00 Bins Crosby. n:.10 Jimmy Durnntp Show iNBC). ti;00 Eddie Cnntor'Shon' iNBCj, !):DO rttd SHelton 'Show (N'BCl. 10:on Proudly We IIixi:. 10:30 Here's To Vetci'Hns, 10:<5 Pro und Con (NBC). 11:00 News, • • ; ' ' . 11:15' Sport. Flrml. ' 11:30 Meiidowbrook Club Orchebiru. .. iNBC). ' 15:00 NrWS (NBC1. TOMORFtOW 8:00 BrcHklnjt on a Plnuer. 0:15 Ne«-». 0:30 ' Brcukfn«1. on a PlnLtcr. 1:30 News. 7:3« Breakfast on n Platter. . B'OO \VorId News Round-Up (>TBC), 3US Dick Lsltcrt tKSCJ. . 8:45 • V. S. Marine Band. . SiOO 'Mind Your Manners (NBCl. »;30 Coffee in Washington (NBC). 10:00 Mary Lee Taylor I.VBCi. 10:30 Adventure ot Archie Andrews (NBC). ' ' • 11:00 Mert thr Meets <NBSJ. r. :30 Smllln' Ed McConncll (N"EC'. !!;00 Anhur Barriault—Xews (N'BC). 12:15 Saturday Scrcnudc. i::.10 Adventures of Frnr-.k Mcrrlwell" • (NBCi. ' 1:00 Natlonul Farm & Home Hour (NBC). 1:30 Edward Torollr.son (NBC). 1:45 Heport on Europe INBCI. • 2:00 Vincent Lopez Orchestra (NBC). 1:30 To Be Announced (NBC). 3:00 Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra (NBCt. orld 'N8O. •"- ----- -' . ------- . ,>/v,-ip r i>rp Adventure .(Aiisy. from me. Please Khe concrete . amples of job-hunting for a woman my agC. -P.P. Don't Abandon. Sliip Gabriel Calls DEAR F. P.: Just because the bark of matrimony, in your case. haS delivered precious cargo of children | garden, source-nurture for the rising generations, -established opportunities for social service, all press In upon you there, so look to them well, while Grandpa (poor poof) childishly busies himself sifting husks. M - H Mary HfLM-orth couiuclK through hrr column, not by mall or personal mlrr- vien-. Write her Hi c»rr of The Eve- nine Times. delivered precious cargo of children i icopyriul-.t. The wmimiuum Post' safely in harbors of their choosing, • iDistrioutcd by Kins Features syndicate) The Worry Clinic EDITOR'S NOTE: Abnormal psychology covers st least live broad fields. Tnese are Amentia, Dementia. Psychosis. Keurosls and Psychopathic Personality. Don't be Irlshtened by these stranpe t.erms. ior they Are easily understood, rasto this Case Tlec- orrt 'in your .scraphooV:, lor -your dlc- nonnrleK do not contain these later definitions as I give them today. By Dr. Gcone W. Crane onward arc feebleminded, illustrate "amentia." "Dementia" is usually employed to describe a reduction in mental horse-power AFTER birth, as by disease or injury, arteriosclerosis, etc. A demented individual is not nec- „ u ,„ „„,! cssarilv insane. And an insane per CASE S-241: Hannah T., aged » ^ no( . bg demcnted . 19,_isa_brilliant conegestudent Vi ^ A rceblemindec! pcrson m ny , i AUNTHET By ROBERT "GUILLEN •Dr. Crane. I read an article the other day which said that genius and insanity are very closely related," she began, anxiously. "The author said that people with very high intelligence were likely to lose their minds. "So is there really'any relationship between I. Q. (intelligence quotient)" and insanity?" T. Q. -vs. Insanity . The -intelligence quotient or J.Q., ns it Ls often designated, refers to the mental horsepower of an individual. . . .But a person with a genius rating in mental alertness, may lazily drift throughout life without utilizing his superior horsepower. The I.Q., therefore, indicates what. CAN be done, even as a high powered automobile CAN make 100 miles per hour,-though it might never be driven beyond 20 miles an hour. • Many intelligent people are business-and social failures, therefore, French, Italian and Romanian. T never gave Pa, breakfast in bed. A bride ouffht never to start a bad thing- she can't stop or a pood thins; she ciin't keep "P. Tree Taciics KENT, Ohio—(INS)—Give a man enough rope, and he'll probably become a tree surgeon. The tree surgeons of the Davcy Tree Expert Co., || collectively .use some'300 miles of rope, annually in their job. of scrambling, up and through trees. The .Romance languages-include because do not utilize their native-ability or don't steer their attention along the right highway. Insanity is an abnormal state in which the patient becomes confused regarding time, place and person. He may also Imvc hallucinations nnd delusions of persecution, plus emotional apathy. Who Can Be Insane? Insanity has no apparent relationship to one's' intelligence. A brilliant. scientist can become insane, but 'so car) a feebleminded individual; After 20 j*cars Jn an ' institution for the insane, a person'may then recover 'and be as intelligent as before. Shock therapy now may shorten the attack to a few weeks. Some types of insanity are' characterized by destruction of the brain syphilitic infection of the- brain. In other types of Insanity, how of any injury to the brain. Dementia .praecox has now been renamed "schizophrenia" because „„ _ _... the mentality of a 10-year-old child. But n brilliant scientist rrmy from hardening of the arteries, become demented- untl! he also hns- only the mentality of the 10-year-old child. Abnormal PsycholofTj" Furthermore, that same feebleminded person with 10-year mentality .might contract syphilis, and develop paresis. At a-later date we might find hi,s Intelligence reduced to that of a 5-year-old child. Thus this original "amentia" individual niight also be classified under the "dementia" heading. A "psychosis'' refers to an insane condition, and Ls our third heading tinder the-subject of abnormal psychology. A "neurosis" refers to an emo- tlona! conflict which may be converted into worry or hysterical paralysis. Millions of normal people are neurotic. The usual pcrson who fc.irs insanity is neurotic, but not in danger of becoming insane or psychotic. Finally, we hnve the psychopathic pci'sonnl'ltles. who .are devoid of moral perspective. They'll dor.bk' cross their own mothers or cheat their own children, '".icy arc not Insnnc, but mornlly (Copyright by The Hopklni Syndicate, >c.) McCormick Finn Pays Extra Slock Dividend BALTIMORE— (/I')— McCormick & Company, Inc.. announced an extra dividend of $1.50 on its common stock, payable to stockholders of record Dec.. 1. | The extra brings 1948 dividend payments to S3 and the announce- actenzeo. cy ae&Lrutuuji ui tiic UL^JH payments to 5J aiia trie a.imuuni;e- tijsue.' as'in the case of paresis or men t noted this is the largest an- e-vnhiliHr. infopfl'nn nf thp brain. «,.«1 ^ot-m-n Hnntf 1 C rt 1 ' nual return since 1820.' McCormick is one. of the largest in oiner types cu uuauu^y, iiuw- MCUormiCK IE one 01 me nui;i:ai. ever, there no sign,at all sp j ce) teai coffee and condiment rtf ll^f 'in 111 W . TA fllP l°lT"fl1n . 1^ nil n*ir- 4 vi l-lio i-t/M 111 t I-T r houses in the .country. icijamcu oui..^^" ""» -—•—- Rococo, a-term used to describe s we find that the brain does not type of European art ..'hich bcpan deteriorate, BS was formerly believed, early in the 18th Century, is derived so it is not correct to use the term from the French- word, rocaillcs, 'dementia". ' which designated artificial grottoes People who are bom with a low and rock arrangements of the gar- mental horsepower and from birth dens at Versailles. Ll'L ABNER By Al Capp V/HUT Y PLENTY.':''-AFTER AH DANCES THET OIGWIFTH' PIG.AH ELSE 1 -TANKS, OUT TWO O'MAH TEETH. AN'PRESENTS "EM ,GOES ^>7'TH' BRIDE AN' GROOM-AS MEMENTOS O' "" " WlFTH'XoCCASIO.M.C' THEN-AH REALLY GITS, y EIGHT- \GOIN'. 1 ?'— AH OFFERS T'REMOVE AKV I THASS NICE- DOLLAH WEDDIM' GUEST'S APPENDIX-FREE.-:'' "'~ '^ ' VEDDIN' / WIF MAH BARE HANDS/'.'' SAM? l~'M CVORTH EIGHT -£<<# DOLLARS ? V*.v-. . i-x- __-^ V/AL-ITS TH' GRAND FINALE THET MAKES IT SO EXPENSIVE /T—VO' SPREAD-EAGLES ME FASTENS MAM ARMS AM'LAIGSTFCUR WILD HOFSES-AN' B4Mf-^O' ?, R ^,£- GLJN j rr_V;mLETHEY TEARS ME T'PIECES, AH PERFORMS TH' V/EDD1N' CEREMONY.? HOW'S THET ? i ITS ALL RIGHT— I BUT. IT SEEMS' T'ME THET, FO' EIGHT DOLL.AHS, WE OU.GHTA GIT SOMETHIN RUSTY RILEY By Frank Godwin I'M'ALL KIS'-iT-SL'T I eU;55 MYCBATE.iS. EoeSED DOWN, SOOD. KULtO, THERS/ M& YO'J O'^AYT WHAT HAPPENED. FRIEND ?' j 1 LOST MY SEAWSS IN IT CIDW'T SCUIO LIKE YOU I IK STORM; AOT'lTWUGHT HAD ENSINE TZOUBLc. /l'C BE'TER LAND AN9 CHECK UP. WHILE I'COULD. M •It " 'ft jii P:2m •WELL, COME CM. \NE ALL ^T I SUES5 MIGHT AS WELL GO U? TO Trie | ISN'T ANY t»CPE HOUSE AND TURN It;.'. NOME 1 ' I MCW Cf'StVWG 0' YOU IS GOIM3 !vAR A BLAZE 6TEVE CANYON By Milt* i Caitiff T~^3 ... I THOU6HT YOU T.OHc- M \ MAYBE HAP AWNEV WSAKINO \ ££M BELT- BESIDES / THE BELT, CAS-H IM POCK£T! A BUT IT* / iMPTY// —THATS OKAY, CHEETAH, BUT UNCONSCIOUS >v X CAN'T STAY S^ FEOM ROCK ON HEAP, \HEE£ IN YoUC. EEEPKEEP, SO CHEETAH \ APARTMENT.' rm THEENK BEST TO BOKROW J-ANP I'LL NEEP 1tw yo JR. MONEY'FROM -^TAXI FAS& TO . _ „ MY HOTEL... 6OT STOLE.' feSS PAN6EEOUS TO VvVELL- ItLj PUT MONEY EEN SAFE \SO TO MY "* '.OP HOTEL DDT HERE WHEM-,\PLAC£ RlfiHT YOU ACH NOT WELL- KNOWN! Hr AWAY...—MAYBE YOU -SHOUl-P ~- BREEN6 BET TO THEE* HOTEL.' RIP KIRBY . By Altx Raymond I'M' MS, <I53V'5 X HOW.NICE OF | MAU...KE SE\'T ME... KI,V,.' LET ME MAY I 3= C.- / 1UTRC3-CE -CL)] t ASSISTANCE?^X TO A1AJOR... M=ASV.'HIL5, BSLC.V CSCKS: STOP HIM/THAT DCS IS SHAKING DIRT ONI MV CLEAN CAR/ „-.„ VESSELF, DOC/ 'FSfc , F1=TV C»NT9 . I'UL POLISH T U? GOOD, BETfER BE' fef /R?®^^ soo^/-;A(l« ^ fciCir ~-~T. —- i~. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES YOU'RE POLISHING MY,X CAR.'WITH THAT DOS/, DOESNT HE OBTECT.' m^\ By Edgar Marti* £Ki WV\\7.7.'. X WKfltO ViVy=. CRPiZ-V "tttW 1 SIA9ECJ HE'S 9ROOV » 1 COOVtJl^'T TtV\- ^ TA\Ni'S '. TIM TYLER'S LUCK By Lyman Young S-SPUD-SPUD- PULL US OLJT--< OKAV,TIM- CCHOKE)QUICK-) GIVE.ME FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Uy Merrill Blotter AHA ! A GENUINE 3S 7 V^ ZI LOOK. MISTER. I WHO'S tCEEDINGC QUIT ICIDDIM6 I FO!J "THEES AMD SIVE MEMV / IMSTRLIMENT". — -•--• CASH MONtY — HOW MOOCH? WENTY DOLLAR:? 'MYRTLE AT LAST. A ,\ YOU CASi SAY ^~^~ ( WHERE C IS Y Su. (MVRTLE SHOW POP HOW TD DO'MY HOMEWORK

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