Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 12, 1953 · Page 11
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 11

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 12, 1953
Page 11
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Pile Up Leaves to Make Precious Leaf-Mould All you need lo do to njakc leaves (urn into humus, is lot them nlono. For the .sake of neatness, it is well In raRo them up, and pile them in a corner where they will not be unsightly. Hut nature will do the rest in due time. Two years from now you will have a precious store of leaf mould without any further trouble. And once the annual practice is established, then every year a crop of humus, thoroughly decayed, is available for spreading on your garden Methods of management, which may seem elaborate, arc justified on two points, first they can speed up the rate of decay, so that compost is available in one year instead of two; and second, where room is at a premium, they confine the compost pile in reduced space, and improve its appearance. Describe Methods To speed decay, the growth of the bacteria which cause decay is stimulated. There are two methods of doing this. These bacteria are present in decaying manure, so that when a small quantity of manure is spread through the compost pile, their number is increased and their activity hastened. If manure is lacking, or there is objection to using it, com A (rim pile of dead leaves will become leaf-mould in two years without special treatment. plied by mixing chemical fertilizer with the compost material. Found Not Practical Any organic matter can be used in a compost heap; and this means menial cultures of these bacteria [table refuse from the house. Hut are now available, and can be!' 1 is no1 practical to use it except used instead. Nitrogen can be sup-[in a managed pile, where it can ibe covered with earth to kill odor. | The simplest way of creating a .managed compost pile is to set aside a suitable location, out of !the way, and preferably screened |by planting, or a fence; 10 x 10 ifeet would be an average size. 'Clean off all vegetation and harden the surface by rolling. Pile evenly over this area all dead leaves and other waste plant and even animal material, from your garden, and from kitchen wastes. NOW! YOU CAN OWN THE NEW ELGIN AUTOMATIC WATER SOFTENER Make Do are For little more than you paying for a Rental) • Operates Itself Automatically • Kegenerates Itself Automatically • No Tanks to Change • No Service Calls FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS ELGIN WATER CONDITIONERS 226 East Main Street Phone 8-1461 ' Appear Beneficial But carefully exclude, if you would avoid trouble, all wood, branches, twigs and metal objects. When the layer, well tramped down, is six inches thick, sprinkle it -with a balanced fertilizer mixture, about one ounce to a square yard. Wood ashes and limestone are also beneficial, each in three or more times this quantity. Then wet it down. Build up the heap, layer by layer, with similar applications between the layers; and keep it| wa t er . You'll be able to rinse the moist. If bad odors develop an| wa lls better and save trips for inch of soil thrown on top of the! cx tra water, pile will prevent them. AN OLD DUST PAN, painted a cheerful red, yellow or blue, makes a handy and attractive rack for rubbers. Inset shows keyhole cut in two corners for hanging on screws in the wall. Quick Way Wall-washing can be done in less time if your use two galvanized steel pails, one filled with soapy Brushmaking Is Art Less than half the weight of an ordinary paper clip! One sixty- fourth of an ounce is the maxi mum variation allowed in the weight of a paint brush. Highly jskiJled workers, master paint brush makers often have records iof twenty, twenty-five and more years of service in their trade. Insulation for Attics A familiar and convenient form of insulation, mineral wool batts or blankets are the answer to the problem of the attic that is too cold for use in winter and unbearably hot in summer. With insulation in these easy-to-install forms, an unused attic can be transformed into comfortable living space quickly and easily. READ THE WANT ADS The Daily Register-Mail, Galesburg, 111. Monday, October 12, 1963 1,1 An otherwise good concrete 'pour" can be ruined if it freeze?, before it sets. You can prevent concrete from freezing, if the weather isn't too severe. But it isn't an easy job. Building contractors solve the problem either by warming HIP concrete mix, or using anli-frcf.zc in the mix, or both. The first method is tedious and requires special equipment. The second Is decidely tricky. If (lie anti-freezc is not used just right, the concrete will weaken. A practical idea recommended is to protect the concrete after i; is poured. Cover it with tarpaulins or building paper, heaped over with straw or leaves. Or place a small stove near the concrete. A tent can be built around the concrete and an electric light bulb or heater set inside. Whatever you do, keep the concrete protected (and forms standing) for five days. American Homes Aging. Bulging At Seams, Survey Report Shows iHow up to date are American homes? How well do they serve the .nofds )f the families that live in them? Home Modernizing magazine f'ondiietfd a survey among its readers recently, and came up with the following provocative conclusions: C HOME MODERNIZING One-lhird of th» famllUi hay* •utfrown tht ipac* . . • In an emergency, you can con siderably improve the cutting edge of a cross-cut saw with a small, 6-inch, triangular file. Clamp the saw in a vice, teeth; up. Starting at the handle, filej both edges of each tooth. If the file is held at a 45-degree angle to the saw, the back edge of one tooth and the front edge of the next tooth can be sharpened at the same time. When all the teeth are sharpened, smooth down the sides to remove burrs. Older flooring with big cracks can be carpeted successfully by covering the area with hardboard. Another way is to fill the cracks with wood planed and shaped to fit. Laying a hardboard covering, with the panel edges of each board butted tight and nailed securely, is one remedy recommended. A more permanent method, says Household magazine, is to fit wood strips into the cracks, glue and tack in place. The result will be a smooth, even surface, insuring even rug wear. If cracks between boards are narrow, a rug cushion will help a great deal. In this situation, you can prevent the rug from wearing badly by sanding the floor smooth. Use of Proper Brush Makes Painting Job For eye-pleasing, long-lasting results from painting, the home handyman can take a tip from professional painters — use a good brush and use the proper type. Whether the brush is new, or an old one that has been well-cleaned, it should be used for the job for which it was made. Some tips from the Paint and Varnish Brush Division of the American Brush Manufacturers! Association should he kept in mind by all home painters. These sug-j gestions include: For flat surfaces, use flat brushes. Conversely, for round, surfaces, use round or oval; brushes. ! Then, after selecting a brush of the proper size, dip it slowly into the paint can, allowing the paint to penetrate only to half the length of the bristle. Deeper dipping wastes paint and may lead to accumulation of paint in the heel of the hrush, making it harder to clean and perhaps shortening its life. If the brush is new, paint 10 or 12 strokes across a rough surface to be sure all loose filaments are out. Dip again, and start to paint. Apply the paint with light, short, slightly curved strokes, lifting the brush gradually to avoid leaving a thick edge of paint. Grip only the handle and the metal ferrule, holding the brush at about a 45-degrec angle to the surface being painted. Paint only with the flat side Safety Tip Never store ashes lit Cardboard or wooden boxes. Fife prevention officials recommend galvanized steel ash tubs, cans, or baskets which are fireproof and have Convenient carrying handles. from the tip to half the length of [the bristle. Strokes should be even and not too much pressure should be applied to the brush as this makes it more difficult to Obtain the top-notch finish for which every handyman should aim. FOR RENT FLOOR SANDERS FLOOR FINISHERS PHONE 4216 GALESBURG w COMPANY Almoit half of tht hom«i hove Ihre* btdroomi . . . tht famtlltS ntid four . • • r—r >^V U Tht ovorage houit In netd of modernizing li 29 ytan old . , « MR. FIX HUFF INSURANCE AGCY. 220 Bill Arcade Phone 3441 -2 BY MR. FIX Distributed by NEA Service A man we know had a problem common to many home owners who convert expansion attics into sleeping areas and playrooms for children. His problem was this: where and how to build closets that would afford maximum storage facilities and yet not take up excessive floor space. He solved the problem neatly by combining closet space, cupboards, drawers, bookshelves and drop-shelf desks for his two school- age sons in two separate units connected at the back by a voluminous built-in toy chest. The two storage units were built "under the eaves" in one end of an already framed-in attic room. Little more expensive to build than a storage walj in the same place would have been, they have the advantage of providing any facilities a storage wall could offer — and without extending all the way across the end of the room, wasting floor space. Detail Materials These particular units were framed of 2x2-inch lumber and finished in knotty pine. The job could also be done with plywood to advantage. Four feet wide— they could be built narrower if 'Built-Ins' Can Solve Space Problems Twin undereaves closets with built-in drop-shelf desks and cup boards are designed for schoolboys' bedroom. repacc demands it—the units are drop-shelf should measure 14 7 feet, 2 inches high. 30 inches. Cupboard doors be Materials used on each of theineath the drop-shelf are 24 inches units included: 72 feet of knotty high, and each of the doors are pine "paneling, 100 feet of 2x2- 15 inches across. The full-front inch framing, 20 feet of 1-inch opening for the closet is 32 inches stock for corner trim and mis- by about 5Vi feet, depending on cellaneous, 20 feet of 12-inch pinelhe height of the unit, shelving, one 3x7-foot piece of j if the unit is the full 7 feet, 2 %-inch plywood for shelf, desk inches in height, then the cub and cupboard backing, wallboard^oard doors above the main open for inside of closet, 8 bu!lcl:i ng are 16 by 18 inches, catches for doors, 12 wrought- j shelves drawers a nd desk on iron hinges, 2 metal chains for thc side o£ tbe mit are all 12 drop shelf, 7 drawer pulls. ! inches deep, but can be made Any home handyman can readily j deeper, 0 f course. The depth of to the pitch of the roof. The unit illustrated is five feet deep and two feet high at the back. FIX-IT FORUM Q—How important is It to "cure" concrete? A —It is a most important final step in concrete work, for water- tightness, durability and strength of the concrete depend on it. When the work has set up, sprinkle it with sand, straw or burlap and keep cover wet for a week. Here's a practical shower gift for a bride-to -be: Give her a galvanized steel pail decorated _ with fancy paper or ribbon and u v \ containing small household gadgets. for Home Owners... Vatican can f ^e no ft*.*. What loan lets you have tht many things you want? ~ OlIRS! That's righf-our modern refinancing plan decs all that and mora ... no rod-tapt, •Ithw. 9 We'd file* to talk to yew about REFINANCING todayl AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 250 EAST MAIN STREET NOW... Never before have you had the opportunity to buy a quality Gas Furnace at this Unbelievable Low Price. These furnaces are in stock, complete with controls. 4—Rybolt 85.000 BTU Gas Gravity Furnaces. Square Cased Baked Enamel Finish. Certified by American Gas Association. Self-energized controls. Need no electric power to operate. Rtgulir Pries $275.00 \ 4—Rybolt 110,000 BTU Gas Forced Air Furnaces, complete with controls. Certified by American Gas Association. Self-energized controls. Need no electric power to operate. Ragultr Prict $410.00 \ 195 295 PERMANENT DOOR H000S for YEAR ROUND PROTECTION! make his own working drawings by referring to the illustration accompanying this column. All he needs in addition are some of the dimensions, which can be varied as desired. The rest of the planning takes only a little imagination. The cupboard unit under the drop-shelf can be built with shelves or drawers. If three shelves are wanted, buy 8 more feet of pine shelving or a 36x30- inch piece of %-inch plywood. Three drawers can be made of %-inch plywood for fronts, sides and backs, and y<i-inch plywood for the bottoms. Note Children's Plan To be suitable for the use of children, the desk level should be 27 inches from the floor. The the whole unit varies according; GETTING SET THIS lT CHECK These Wood and Aluminum Door Canopy Features: GAS HEAT? Get it at its best: MuellirQifflORvl "™™ Sli TOUB FAVORITI HEATING CONTRACTOR Distributed by WILLIS STEEL CORP. ISt N. Academy These are top quality furnaces made by one of the leading manufacturers of heating equipment. Take advantage of these unusually low prices while our stock lasts. IDEAL HEATING CO. Galesburg's Only Manufacturer of Stock and Custom Millwork - OFFER - Froo Designing and Estimating Services HAWKINSON MFG. CO. V Choice of Aluminum or handsome Redwood. v Sturdy Construction, lightweight and durable. V Year-round Protection. V Individual Design, harmonizes with your home. • V Rainproof, Rotproof. Beautifies your property, Increases property value. V No sagging or flopping, no nuts and bolts to loosen, no rattle. FREE ESTIMATE without cost or obligation on your part. One of our representatives will assist you in planning a wood or metal installation on your horn*. There is a wood awning to fit any or metal opening. May be had on FHA with small monthly payments. Galesburg Tent & Awning Co. 76 N. Seminary Phone 3084-6 Cedar Avenue Phone 7393-6 "THC COMPLETE AWNING SERVICE" 500 North Henderson Street Phone 8 -15192

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