Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on April 14, 1953 · Page 9
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 1953
Page 9
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Phone 4600 .for .a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 1953 NINE 'Deacon' Seeks Recognition, Fame For Dead Artist Friend By HORTENSE MYERS INS Staff Correspondent LAKE WORTH, Fla. -- (INS) -Usually artists seek recognition for their own creations, but not "The Deacon." Sam J. Schlappich has done more to brighten the faded fame of a dead friend than he has to promote his own artistic reputation. What little is known of Schlappich's work beyond his home state of Florida is due mostly to first prizes he won for wood carvings at ihe -Chicago and New York world fairs, and he didn't seek When Schlappich talks of his friend Winton, he speaks of a man who would have been happier living in the da-ys of Velaquez than the 20th century. There was no kingly court to protect the genius of Winton, and his idealized interpretations found no takers in the market of realism. To his friend Schlappich, it seemed that the coroner's report en Winton's death creed in that it did not list the cause as "inability to adjust to the world in which he lived." A huge m u r a l of the "Sailing of those honors. Florida officials a s k - j f h e Armanda," which, Winton may cd the Lake Worth artist to permit have r n e a n t to be his masterpiece. his carvings to be exhibited. Two of those blue-ribbon carvings -- "Hanna, the Incense Bringer" and "Maddona of the Jungle" -- are on 'exhibit now in Lake Worth library. These statuettes in wood were loaned by the 74- year-old artist, who acquired his nickname, 'The Deacon," because his father had been a minister and he himself had been educated for the ministry. was stored away carelessly by the impoverished artist, along with many of his other paintings. All were severely damaged and would be lost to a generally unappreciative world, had it not been for the enormous job of restoration done by Schlappich following his friend's death. 'The Deacon" recalled: "There were 22 holes alone in the mural . . . some big enough you could put a broom through restore 'The Sailing of the Armada" and many tedious months more to bring back to their former state the several smaller paintings by Winton which now adorn other walls in the Lake Worth library. Included is one self-portrait of Winton. The restoration of the painting is so accurately done that only an expert can tell where tie brush was wielded by Schlappich and not the dead m a n . The library purchased the Winton paintings now in its possession, but the wood carvings by Schlappich appear there by loan of the artist. "It got to the point so many came to the house to see those carvings that we couldn't eat a meal without interruption." . The 135-member Lake Worth Ar League, of which "The Deacon" is secretary, meets in the librarj building, and officials of the H brary long had wanted to exhibit the carvings--so an arrangement was made for the loan. Keeps Works A factor in Schlappich's reluct- Bids Entered For Equipping Coney School Teen-Age Italian Rivals Filmdom's Glamor G iris »· Bidders on equipping the new Lonaconing high school who submitted their figures yesterday are to appear at the Board of Education office with samples of their furniture Tuesday, April 21 at 1:30 p. m. Eight school f u r n i t u r e firms from four states entered bids yesterday. They were opened by Ralph R. Webster, superintendent of schools, and Richard T. Rixer. assistant superintendent of schools. I5y KMILY HKLSER INS Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD-- UN'S) --- Ajma M a r i a Albcrghclti, sensational young Italian singer who flew away needs all time for a n y t h i n g else." Anna Maria admitted boys sorne- l i m r s ask her for d a t e s , but she laughed: Slalic Eicclru-ily Used As Ignition D E N V E R , Colo.--UN'S) -- S t u l i c j e l e c t r i c i t y , the k i n d t h a t sparks when a cat's fur is stroked or my attention. I haven't when a comb is passed through the h a i r , is utili/.ed in a revolutionaryr s ( ; l r j s combination generator-distributor is tamper proof, requires no ad- j u s t m e n t or timing throughout its entire life, and eliminates coils, condensers, and breaker points. ·- Electrostatic ignition cannot burn the electrodes of a spark plug and since il requires no current i g n i t i o n .system unveUcd m Don- v c ' from American shores f i v e months j ago as a pic-tailed school kid, r e - j . ' a t t e n t i o n o: to.npmiy. "1 j u s t turn them right down!" The "growing up" of their tal-1 daughter has engaged t h e j , . t h e entire Alberghetli, , , . . . , . . . turned to Hollywood today a d o f m - f . l m i I V i w , tolri his o f f r i n , elcctncity for ignition purposes. ilc threat to filmdom's top glamour; W O u!d have to wear lipstick .k'an lx- usod 1,1 aulomobilc. stal.. or R ) O J £ t contlHions . Buchanan said. ' ,-, . . . 0 1 . , , , ,, The new system can solve some D. L Buchanan present of the of h prob!cjns of verv hi h con llecke-lhnrn M a n u f a c t u r i n g a n d L , . ,, . . . ' ,, ,, . ,,,, ... ring their elce-l jpression engines not yet on the 1 generates harnesses static It and! a t i o n - i girls. 'shoulder-cut gowns for her role i i ) j |ary and m a r i n e engines. 1 market. Buchanan said, by making possible engine speeds of more t h a n six thousand revolutions per minute and compression ratios greater than twelve to one. The 17-year-old beauty, has coma] Paramount's "Red Garters," papa The Flowers School Equipment Company, Richmond, Va., was the ["". back sporting lipstick and curves of only company to submit bids on all items desired for the school. Three firms bid on home econoin-1 I t a l i a n compatriots, Sylvana Mangano, Pier Angcli and Anna ics equipment, two on auditorium i . 1 1 I t i r- 'j jMagnani. reward for Bellowed a big "no." "Rut." smiled Anna M a r i a , "we finally talked him into it!" The nc-w igmlion system u l i m i - : || o(lm . g J o e n a t e s the possibility of f o u l e d : spark plu^s and shorts due to m o i s - j V I E N N A -- ' I N S ) i t u r e . grease and dirt as the high-: Communist Party organ "Szabad U U I V U l l r W l l J 1 J 1 I I l i l l l / i V . . _ . . x r , , . . , Since the initial shock occurred, ''jtcnsily. low-amperagc current i s . N o p honors Soviet Russia's Jos- tlic Alberghetti's hoi- now sophis-jtheir daughter's saucy, blackeycd Anna Also in the library is the only j a n d it was on a very thin cheese- public collection of the paintings of an unknown but strangely gifted artist, Reginald Sherman Winton. cloth, a special fabric he apparently obtained in Seville." It took Schlappich two months to LAYAWAY ONE NOW! THEN BULOVA ance to seek greater recognition! for his own artistic endeavors is his reluctance to part with what he has created. Generally, each is a unique production, upon svhich he has expended considerable research. "Hannu, the Incense Bringer" evolves from a story of an African slave who supposedly completed a hazardous journey to bring rare spices and incense to embalm a dead Pharoah, and thereby earned his freedom. "The Madonna of the Jungle" emerged under the artist's hands only after his brain had puzzled over a story which also came from the A f r i c a n jungles, Schlappich explained: "I carved the figure after learning of a social custom of the jungle. Boys and girls up to the age of fertility were herded together When a girl became pregnant, no body knew who the father was, and the girl went alone into the jungle to give birth to the child." i · i _ i L\- 11 i i . Uication, Chairs, two on basketball backstops, i ,T - u u . i , . . , . , . M a r i a , who has never plnved anv- four on science laboratory f u r n i - i . . . f ' ture and three on gymnasium | lmjp p . . year-old 14- philosophically. have accepted metamorphisis v i r t u a l l y u n a f f e c t e d by those con-icpii Stalin in its own dilions, Buchanan explained. | paper, whenever referring to the The system is shock proof a n d ' R e d dictator by using the personal vcar old forever." Anna Maria: The bids: Home economics equipment, Dis- rict Equipment Company, Richmond, Va., S13.523.89; Josse J. lamp Company, Baltimore, S15,- 50; Flowers School Equipment Company 519,335.84; auditorium chairs, Flowers, S5,100.33; James T. Vernay and Sons Company, Baltimore, S5,921.82; basketball backstops, Flowers, $1,493; District, Sl,700; science laboratory furniture, James B. Ferguson Company, Baltimore, 35,442.55; Hamp, 56,600; Flowers, $7,554.48, and John E. Sjorstrom Company,\ Philadelphia, Pa., $8,727.50; gymnasium scats, Crichton Engineering Company, Charleston, W. Va., $5,430; Flowers, $5,470. and Wayne Iron Works Wayne, Pa.. $7,500, with three lower alternate bids. mysterious t h a n bobby soxers, w i l t lie!shrugged, "we knew that someday! handed her first grown-up movie | the inevitable would happen ancl[ role. - I'd grow up. I guess this is it!" j She will wear make-up, glamor- Although she has won her great-i ous costumes and thrill to her first est success in motion pictures, the screen romance. · singer's great ambition js opera. ! Having appeared so often in] "First I want to do "Rigpletto"! jbraids and gingham dresses, the!at La Scala. Then 1 would like to We k n e w ' l' couldn't plav a M ' w i ! 1 " ol interfere w i t h nidio - tole-i pronoun prints "He" with a cap' . , ,_ '.. ,. . ·' .,,,..:_; vision or r a d a r reception. T h c u t a l H . MISS UNIVERSE 17 jewetr ' ·xpo nt'ton. Jbracsftf $3975 DOLLY MAI1SON 21 feweis $4950 DIRECTOR »xpanj?on band *35" SQUADRON 17 j'ewefj expansion oontj $5750 Georgia Cciilral Company Joins Rail Federation NEW YORK--(INS)--The Central of Georgia Railway Company has joined the Federation for Railway Progress. The action by the railroad is significant in that it is the first Class 1 railroad, other than those in which Alleghany Corporation has an interest, to join the Federation, founded in 1946 by Robert R. Young, chairman of Alleghany and of the Chesapeake and Ohio. The Federation now lists some 130 railroads and 12,000 members. Union Meeting Set Local 1874, Textile Workers Union of America, will hold a general membership meeting to morrow a-t 7:30 p. m., according to Neil Toey, president. The exe cutive board of the local will mee tonight. tile singer is happy to be saru- ling her first taste of femme fall-ism. But she still is strictly disinter- sted in the opposite sex. "Boyfriends, Bah! I intend to :tay away from them. My career sing at the Met. Of course, movies' are nice, too," she added. j In the meantime she will si/zlci Ihe screen w i t h her new-found] oomph and will compete woman-1: wise with co-stars R o s e m a r y ! Clooncy and Joanne Gilbert. ] \ HOUR DRY CLEANING at La Vale Plant Harry F O O T E R and Company LaVale Plant, Route 40 above State Police Barracks Cumberland 'Stores 36 North Liberty 5tr««l abov* Libirty Thcatri 27 South Certtrt Str*«t acrox from I«l«phon» Building 306 Virginia Av«nu« oppotit* South End Poff Office National Symphony Orchestra Howard Mitchell, Conductor Wednesday, April 15th, 8:30 P.M. Fort Hill High School Auditorium Cumberland Buy Tickets Now at Syckes Music Store, 22 N. Centre Street GOOD SEATS AVAILABLE PRICES Rows A-D $2.00 -- E-W $2.50 -- X-FF $2.00 Balcony: Rows ABC $2.50 Students $1.00 Balcony ALL SEATS RESERVED » H AUGERS JEWELRY 16 N. Centre St. -- Phone 4378 Official Watch Inipector for B4O, CiP I W.MrJ. R.R. flutolo f REFINANCING. Get $100 to $300 Today 7.27 monthly repay t $10O. 14.54 monthly rtpayi $200. 21.81 monthly r«pay« $30O. M1LLENSON CO. 106 S. Lib.rly St. Phcm. 847 exalt ORIGINAL ANN PAGE Peach, Pineapple and Apricot PRESERVES 47c 1-lb. jar 2-lb. jar JANE PARKER RHUBARB PIES 39c EACH JANE PARKER CHERRY ICED LAYER CAKES 49c EACH 10NA RED SOUR PITTED CHERRIES 2 N c^ 3 41 c A N N PAGE TOMATO SOUP JANE PARKER PECAN ROLLS 29c PKG. JANE PARKER DINNER ROLLS PKGS. 25c JANE PARKER RAISIN COOKIES 25c PKG. JANE PARKER PLAIN OR SEEDED RYE BREAD 17c tOAF PIUSBURY V.CHOC., WHITE YEUOW CAKE MIX 33c PKG. 10 101/2-01. cans 89c ANN PAGE PORK and BEANS 4 ^ 43c WHITE HOUSE EVAPORATED MILK 5 CANS 67c PlllSBURY PIE CRUST MIX i 2 ONUY BRAND TOMATOES No. 303 CANS LintE IADY BROOMS COLD STREAM PINK SALMON APRIL 15 -16 -17-18 REXALL GLYCERIN SUPPOSITORIES o (or adults of inlanls 12's HE6.43 L. Alco-Rex RUBBING ALCOHOL ; eHeclive pint 8tG. 49 Ho Faster Acting Aspirin Made! Beirmnt BALL POINT PEN or lord Baltimore fountain Pen RtC. $1.00 Puretest RUBBING ALCOHOL COMPOUND POUND PAPER Helen Cornell BOBBY PINS ASPIRIN black or tron/e. Reg. (24) Of lubber lipped (IS) KS. I0 W«fl swallowed with water, the fere hill grain* of aspi'in in each tablet go to work before they reach your stomach. 100 5-grain tablets KEG. 54 REXALL SACCHARIN 9 i VV grain tablets; bottle cf 1000 REG. $t.2fi t- fOf I . Petrolol MINERAL OIL Etfective REX-MAID HOUSEHOLD SHAVE CREAM WHITE ENVELOPES REXALL Mi 31 The all purpose antiseptic and mo-jth wash. Ideal £·"?'!, moulh- wasri, breath deodorizer and household antispoltc. KLINZO HAIR BRUSHES PRO-CAP ADHESIVE TAPE MfN'S and LADttS* SUN GLASSES REG. 79 PINT 49c 1-LB. CAN $1.29 REG.PRICE SI.49 JANE PARKER POTATOE CHIPS 63c IB CLIMAX WAIVET WALLPAPER GLEANER 35c CAN POPUtAR BRANDS CANDY BARS GARDEN SPICE or LAVENDER STICK COLOGNE Cotvienlraled solid eol^ne.. rde^! few hrfTtl . - , cannot spSI. REG. Sl.OO EACH NOW...TOUR CHOICE MfN'S and LADtlS' BILLFOLDS S1u"Jy cofO'JL-l fl«M'C REG. st.era 2 for i'" CASCADt IVIRYDAY GIFT WRAPS V'r.t'.-',"",'^\ ?;·. iiMm- s«»i-. Re£. 25 2for26 STORK NURSER REG Puretest Peroxide of Hydrogen 9 * ce 3% itrenatti lor medicinal o« REG.45 L f»f Til Helen Cornell CREAM SHAMPOO ings out highlight!, .a rt. jar REG.79? 2 for LADIES' QlmrED PLASTIC SCUFFS In-.-rryi^u r"nlorT In if^J. p^r*'* '. PRfCISIOH POCKET LIGHTER Mu.?IJ '.t'-.Tit l.n-.h. ··r.iijrv.l, ti!.|! W .,r. 1J 1ft S t M Value £. for I*" Eirstaid GAUZE BANDAGE 2'i 10 yaiS'. . . R£G.2 QUKK-SWABS T l ; -,1 l!fl m''·»'···· ·) ^i REG. 29 f £. for J\ BODY POWDER REG. VI 25 for 12 BARS 45c SWIFT'S BROOKFiEtD CHEESE SPREAD 2 5 ^ 37c NUTtEY COLORED OLEO 2 »«· 43c ICEBERG HEAD LETTUCE 2 HD s 25c JUMBO CUCUMBERS 3 FOR 25c . . . IB 2 5 c FRESH ASPARAGUS 5ED RIPE TOMATOES IB. 25c FRESH SWEET CORN 6 EARS 45c 8-lS. BAG 49C FLORIDA ORANGES U.S. No. J PENNA. POTATOES SMB. BAG $1.29 'NEW TEXAS ONIONS 4 «$. 25c BLADE CUT CHUCK ROAST FRESH FRYING CHICKENS SUPER RIGHT SIRLOIN STEAKS . 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O i *- 2 for 90* MEN'S HANDKERCHIEFS iv. ,8- jf 2 for 26' CASCADE EVERYDAY RIBBONS nc 10, 2 for 11' K f t f N CORMUl BATH or TOILET SOAP Vi'l ^tnrr! ^ ' #5/1 Kti SI l9Boi £. tot /*" VICTORIA WATER BOTTLE :* . t .v, - J2Q REC S 2 1 9 C for £*- v tit u si" 2 for 2*O Theatrical COLD or CLEANSING CREAM m I =1 i'-.t *n.- y M each It* Cfeoics 2 for /"* GOLDEN JUBILEE BONUS BUYS HOT OH 1 SAIE PIAH, BUT TOPVAlUtS! CHLOROPHYLL TOOTH PASTE Helps prevent tooth decay and unpleasant rr.oulh odors. «hen J^4 u-,ed a!t« eatmj. iVi* 3V, tube. REG E9r SI.07 VALUE CANNON BATH TOWEL So!', UJI-JIICTJ 20'i'.0*. In 3forl.49 VAL. ROSE TRIO WRITING PAPER S2 53 51 Rju|e. IStfsr,* Season's ir.tit · colors. WOT 1'SALE mMf -' ' ' " ~ r ~ - ' ' O PAIRS 1 C1 / FOR 1.31 i I txtro-Hcnvy MINERAL OILJ1 ^ PANOVITE £F 1 CAPSULES I S 2 FOR 3.20^ L. _.. . »,,, _i MEDFORO FACIAL TISSUES Klenzo Nylon TOOTH BRUSHES Playing Cards 1 """" ~"-~?~li" BEEF, WINE IRON TONIC Ammoniated Toothpaste 5^.n y.-. REXALL WITCH HAZEL EPSOM SALT REX -SELTZER ,r,^vr« ,.M i. w COD LIVER OIL VITAMIN B COMPLEX c«,,»« . . BREWER'S YEAST TABLETS OECALCSUM PHOSPHATE w, n POLYCAPS- ; r.t^.n, r^ tM!.., A, B, 0 G CAPSULES .. v, 2 f o r 3 9 2 for 40' 2 decks for 96" r - 2forf.'U « .,v 2 for 61' r.-r 2 for 5S i^,-- . 2 for 41' ,, 2 for 59* . t ,.: 2 for 1.61 i r f l . 2 f o f 2 . E O ?»-^ 2 for 1.01 IMS 2 for (.36 n* 2for2.Ql iw, 2for1.6E Pric« sublet tu fed. ticise \xt wtiers ppiic»We. SWIM KAP, 2 lor 99' MONREALE OLIVE OIL i?.-,-^ 2 for 1.01 TINY TOT POPS 2 f o r 51.59 VAL. HOMEMAIO CHOCOLATE BARS ^ 2 f o r 3 7 CHOCOLATES Gaies CHOCOLATE SYRUP -,, 2 for 23- Libbey GLASS TUMBLERS ^ 2 for 13' FLASHLIGHT BATTERY -,'. ,.,-. 1 RijM ttunti to Knit qnanliti 2 for 16 CAPf COD /, G-oll«« PICNIC JUG insullikxi. bandy pouring spool M9L QUtK-BANDS waterpfocf. etostic. W#ays orr/t- I 1 ! kitf i R.WPS { ' 51.40 VAU EVISTDAT GREETING CARDS j- .i---1 New assortment I -Jj', v H of IS or^isuM i ipfejl "."Is. perfectly ' '/ 1 "^^~7 suited lor many i/ ^ff I occasions. feSj 59*^ UXAY AtROSOl INSECT KILLER Push-button sprzy contains DOT. 12 on. Rtj. SI 79 nkit Jlttxti CUMBERLAND -- FROSTBURG

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