Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 30, 1956 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Tuesday, October 30, 1956
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Traffic Toll Tod»r« Accidents 1 1221 •Injury 0 17,1 Heaths 0 2 •Accident* Uivoivini injury ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving the Alton Community for More Than 120 Years Alton area: Occasional tti6tt«rl tonight. Low Wednesday morn* inft in middle 5(K Hlgfc Wedftt*- day afternoon neat 70. Established January 15, 1836 Vol. CXXI, No. 245 ALTON, ILL., TUESDAY, OCTOBER, 30, 1956. 22 PAGES 5c Per Copy Member of The Associated Press CONGRESS ALERTED ON MID-EAST Nagy Ends One-Party Rule Revolt Seems Success By LYNN HEINZERLING VIENNA (J) — Hungary's Red government virtually conceded complete victory to the revolutionary forces today and called on the nation to prepare for free elections. Premier Imre Nagy announced the one-party Communist system has been abolished. The Communist Premier told the nation he has called on the Soviet army command to begin .immediate withdrawal of Soviet troops from revolt-torn Budapest Nagy proposed in a broadcast over radio Budapest the formation of a coalition government- meaning one of several parties— similar to that established just after the end of World War II in 19-15. The Peasant party and a mod- crate party of farmers and businessmen called the Smallholders were among the most popular at that time. Two hours after Nagy went on the air, radio Budapest broadcast an announcement that Soviet troops had started leaving Buda pest. There was no indication they were quitting Hungary. There had been ominous reports in Vienna that the Russians were moving reinforcements to the capital. One report was that tank reinforcements were clanking from the Soviet Union through north- cast Hungary; another that several tank columns were closing on Budapest from the southeast Doubt Confidence The. important Question was whether the provincial rebel lead ers would place their confidence in Nagy after 12 years of Commu nist rule, with rigged elections and nrppression of free speech. Some rebel chieftains in western Hungary charged only Monday that Nagy was a "tool of Moscow" and demanded that he resign. One of Nagy's ministers, following him in the broadcast, announced the collective farm system was abolished as of today and called on the "free peasants" to supply the nation more food. The announcement was broadcast at 2:30 p.m. {7:30 a.m. CST). Tank* Near Barracks Fighting slacked off at the Maria Tereria barracks, a rebel strongpoint in a week of civil war. Insurgents who had held out against Soviet tank fire marched out defiantly this morning and announced they would not put down their arms until the Russians have left Budapest. Five Soviet tanks were still parked about 500 yards from the barracks. The government - controlled radio had promised the Russians would start pulling back to their Hungarian bases at 9 a.m. (2 a.m. CST) "after insurgent forces start surrendering their arms." That hour passed without confirmation of any general withdrawal. Restaurant Men Study New Code Alton-Wood River Area Restaurant Association Monday evening at the Mineral Springs Hotel discussed the restaurant inspection code now before the Alton City Council. At the meeting we:-} the officers of Local 243, Bartender and Restaurant Workers, and John Curtis, executive secretary of the Illinois Restaurant Association. Curtis spoke to the organizations and urged that; they study the restaurant and health code and work with the members of the aldermanic health committee on revising the present ordinance. He suggested they use the state restaurant inspection code as a pattern. Alderman William S t o b b s, chairman of the aldermen's committee, at the meeting urged the Restaurant Association to work with the councilmen in preparing the ordinance. A committee of three was appointed, with Clarence Dunn and Earl Gaylord representing the Restaurant Association and Gerald Dalton, union business representative, to consult with the Council committee. In the Old Tradition AS OF OLD, the new Piasa Bird Carries a maiden in its jaws, but this bird doesn't know what it's doing. Students at Olin Vocational School are building a huge replica for the Halloween parade. From left, Pat Winans, Dale Livengood, art instructor; Dick Jewell and Cheryl Wright.—Staff Photo. Man Enters Guilty Plea In Holdup Roy Kenneth Hill, 21, who was jointly indicted with James Vincent Aldrich, 16, on a charge of armed robbery of the Brown Motor Lines passenger station, last July 13, changed his plea from innocent to guilty before Judge Streeper in City Court today, and was sentenced to a term of three to five years in the Illinois penitentiary- Trial of Hill and Aldrich had been set for today. The case against Aldrich was continued. In sentencing Hill, Judge Streeper approved a recommendation by Assistant State's Attorney Malcolm Durr, and made the penal term concurrent with one imposed on Hill two weeks ago in the Jersey County Circuit Court. Hill had pleaded guilty in the Jersey court to an indictment for burglary and larceny of the Anderson jewelry store, Jerseyville, last May 18. Hill appeared in court with his attorney to change his plea in the bus station robbery in which theft of 5279 was charged. He was carefully admonished by the court as to effect of pleading guilty before sentence was imposed. Hill was allowed a conference with his attorney and his mother in a court ante-room, then returned to persist in the altered plea. After Hill was sentenced, an indictment against him for burglary in entering the George Underwood home last July 8 was dismissed at request of the state's attorney. Also sentenced after changing his plea from innocent to guilty was Richard James Nielson, 47, jointly indicted with Richard Arthur Gent, 38, on a charge of burglary of Alton Tire Sales building a year ago last Sept. 18. He waived opportunity for submission of testimony in mitigation, and was sentenced to five years in the penitentiary. Gent had been granted a severance of trial and- the case against him continued. Robert Orville Graham, 26, named in an Information charging vagrancy, appeared with his attorney to enter a plea of innocent. The court ordered his bond should continue in force. Graham's attorney has filed a motion to quash the informa tion Called to trial after disposition of the other cases was Edgar Taylor, 28, of Alton named in an information charging disorderly conduct last Sept. 7, at the Stanton confectionary, 908 State St. Selection of a trial jury began at 10:15 a, m. Wednesday Night All's Set for Big Halloween Fete The Alton Halloween parade, to be held Wednesday night, was given final touches as the East End Improvement Association's parade committee heard final reports Monday night. The parade will start at Broadway and Pearl streets at 7:30 p. m. The route will be from Pearl over Broadway to Piasa, over Piasa to Fifth, over Fifth to Belle, over Belle to Third, over Third to State, over State Report U. S. 6th Fleet Set To Act WASHINGTON JP — The United States 6th Fleet today was reported poised to help evacuate Americans or support any United Nations action in the embattled area of Egypt and Israel. The State Department announced it is trying to divert several merchant ships in the Middle East to ports where war-threatened American citizens can be picked up. Major units of the 6th fleet left Turkish and Greek ports Sunday night. Today they were reported cruising between Crete and Cyprus, from 250 to 300 miles from the Mediterranean end of the Suez Canal. Authoritative sources said the fleet, which includes two large aircraft carriers, two cruisers, about 20 destroyers and a reinforced Marine battalion, is under orders to be ready to take part in moving American nationals from Egypt or Israel. These officials pointed out that Egypt's action in closing the Cairo international airport had spurred efforts to get permission to use military aircraft or surface vessels to evacuate Americans from the threatened areas. The already powerful 6th Fleet may be joined in a few days by a hunter - killer group which late Monday interrupted a scheduled four-day visit to the •Netherlands to sail for an undisclosed destination. Informed quarters said this naval group, which includes the carrier Antietam, six destroyers, two submarines and one tanker, will join the forces already in the Mediterranean. The hunter-killer Group No. 2 was originally scheduled to visit allied countries for the purpose of demonstrating American anti-submarine techniques, val group, which includes the car- lo Broadway and from there to Riverside Park. Traffic regulations for the parade will be the same as in the past except for an area in front of Reilley Brothers Inc. which will be reserved for patients from Alton State Hospital. The floats include 26 in the commercial division with 19 in the youth division in addition to several dragons and a Piasa Bird entered by the Alton schools. The Egyptian Radio Club will have six cars in the parade to directs its operation, stationed at strategic points and throughout the length of the parade. Lester Cox reported that all of the bands and musical units for the parade are ready to participate. Also appearing in the parade will be the Marquette High queen and her court as well as the football queens of Alton High and the Alton junior high schools. The.Alton Military Club will also have marchers in the parade. Judges of the parade floats, all heads of women's service organizations, include Miss Melba Toupno, Mrs. Earl Gaylord, Miss Sue Miller, Mrs. Clyde Borman, and Miss Dorothy Paddock. William Roller, treasurer of the parade committee, reported approximately $1,450 has been collected and lauded John Dick and Ted Beneze, who have solicited the funds, which are used to finance the • parade and furnish materials for the "heads" and other exhibits entered by the Alton school children. E. P. Long parade chairman, urges that all floats and vehicles in the parade be checked for gasoline and water before entering. He said that almost every year one or more floats runs out of gas during the parade. Section leaders for the parade include Bob Jadwin, William Flippo, Francis Kaar, Norman Trowbridge, Dr. George Bassford, Jim Adams, Jim Palen, Jack Black, Charles Buxton, Sarn Xander, Ross Armbruster, Ed Cox, Carl Nickens, Wallace Roller, A. J. Crivello, Joe Hornsey, Gene Sawyer, Wes Molloy, W. E. Huff, Ralph Gent. Tom Metcalfe, Homer Adams, Keith Graves, George Peterle, Howard Otstot, Newell Allen, Harry Nimmons, Henry Berger, Clyde BoiTOan and Ed Stobbg, Sales Tax Bonanza For Area Cities The six municipalities of the Alton-Wood River industrial area have received a net total of $316,819 from the H-cent municipal sales tax during the first year the impost has been collected. This is shown in a specia' report of the State Department of Revenue to Gov, Stratton setting forth the amounts distributed to the Illinois cities and villages which made the local sales levy effective on or a f te r Aug. 1, 1955. The municipal sales tax revenue "can be used by tbe municipalities for their most urgent needs including the hiring of additional policemen and firemen, granting of salary increases to all municipal employes, for much needed local improvements ... or to reduce general property taxes on real estate" according to the report. Collected by State The 3 ,i-cent tax is collected from the retailers for the municipalities by the state which disburses monthly to each the net amount after 6 per cent is charged off for costs of state administration. The disbursements are made to the cities in each third month after the month in which tho retailers become liable. The tax first was effective in August, 1955. First returns from retailers were made in September. And first disbursements were made by the state to municipalities in November. Hence municipalities that adopted the tax in time for it to be effective a year ago last August have now received a full 12 months of payments,, the state disbursement of October rounding out the year. Alton, where the tax was effective as of last Oct. 1, has received payments over 10 months. The amount shown by the report is $203,464. Wood River Township municipalities have received payments as follows: Wood River, full 12 months. $69,017; East Alton, six months, $15,419; Roxana, 10 months, $18,343; Bethalto, 10 months, $5,542; and Hartford, 10 months, $5,034. Other Cities' Shares For the varying times in which their sales tax has been effective other Madison Comnty municipalities have received the following amounts: Edwardsville (11 months) $67,019 iCollinsville, $78,427; Alhambra, $211; Glen Carbon, $372; Granite City, $78,471; Highland, $26,715; Livingston, $1,607; Madison, $14,068; Marine $1,211; Maryville, $1,476; New Douglas, $1,035; St. Jacob, $1,359; Troy, $7,270; Worden, $2,512. Total amounts paid to other municipalities of the area: Batchtown (1 month) $40; Benld, $7,089; Brighton, $3,018; Bunker Hill, $6,332; Carlinville (10 months) $28,774; Carrollton (12 months) $22,490; Gillespie, $18,605; Graf ton, $2,178; Greenfield, $6,705; Hardin, (5 months) $4,151; Hillview, $726; Jerseyville, (9 months) $35,538; Kane, $1,174; Rockbridge, $478; Shipman, $1,585; White Hall, $10,203; and Wilsonville, 946. State Hospital To Have More Psychiatrists Additional psychiatrists will be available at Alton State Hospital with the launching of a program for training residents in psychiatry at Dlinois mental institutions. Full approval of the plan was received from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and the American Medical Association, Dr. Otto L. Bettag, director of the Illinois Department of Public Welfare, announced at Springfield today. The training of psychiatrists in such places as the Alton hospital will combat a shortage of such professional personnel. The Alton institution has only three psychiatrists on its staff now, including Dr. Abraham Simon, superintendent, who also directs the administration. The basic program for young psyciatvists will be three years of training and two years of clinical service in state mental hospitals. Q 100 iTATUU KEY SPOTS IN MIDDLE EAST CRISIS—Triangular area in Sinai peninsula of eastern Egypt is apparent center of virtually all Israeli-Egyptain clashes thus far reported. Cairo, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beirut were key spots in Middle East news as hundreds of Americans sought to leave the troubled zones. (AP Wirephoto Map) Move Is Seen As Precaution WASHINGTON (AP) — The Eisenhower administration was reported today to have alerted congressional leaders for possible emergency conferences at the White House on the Middle East fighting. A high official said word was sent this morning to the following leaders: House Speaker Rayburn (D.) Tex., Senate Democratic Leader Johnson of Texas, Senate Republican Leader Know-land of California, and House Republican Leader Martin of Massachusetts. Also to Sen. George D-Ga. and Rep. Richards D-SC., chairman of the Senate and House Foreign policy committees. The word passed to the six men was that they should be prepared to fly to the capital on quick notice for possible talks with President Eisenhower and Secretary of State Dulles. Petition Filed For 'Manager 9 Vote in Alton UN Asked To Order Withdrawal By MAX HARRELSOX UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. 3>— Russia and the United States joined today in demanding that the U. N. Security Council order the immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces from Egyptian territory- At the same time, Russia called on the council to warn Britain and France against any milHary intervention in the Israeli - Egyptian conflict. Soviet Delegate Arkady A. Sobo- lev read a news dispatch from London saying Britain and France had agreed their forces would occupy key positions in the Suez Canal area unless Israel and Egypt stop fighting within 12 hours. This, Sobolev said, was a pretext for sending their troops into the area. U. S. Delegate Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. appealed to all countries to refrain from giving Israel any assistance, but he did not refer specifically to the British- French move. British Delegate Sir Pierson Dixon said he had been informed that Prime Minister Eden had made an important statement in London, but that he was not yet in a position to give the • details to the council. The delegates, one after the other, denounced Israel's action as clear-cut aggression and urged the council to act quickly to end the fighting. Lodge told the council the United States would present a formal proposal at another meeting of the council this afternoon calling for an immediate end of the hostilities and withdrawal of the Israeli forces. He appealed to all members of the council to refrain from giving Israel any assistance or from taking "advantage of the situation for any selfish interest." The United States, which requested the council meeting, was reported considering asking U.N. members to take major economic and diplomatic reprisals against the Israelis. U. S. Secretary of State Dulles asked France and Britain to join America in seeking council action. The Western Big Three under a 1950 declaration are joint guarantors of the Arab-Israeli demarcation lines. A n authoritative government source in London said the British government was ready to force Israel troops out of Egypt if the thrust proved to be an all-out invasion designed to seize some of Egypt's territory. French Foreign Minister Christian Pineau flew to London to confer with the British on the Middle East crisis. Premier Mollet summoned a special cabinet meeting and also was to go to London later. EDWARDSVILLE — Petition for the call of a special election on establishing a council-manager form of government for the city of Alton was filed today in County Court. Hearing on the petition, filed by Attorney John B. Coppinger Jr., of Alton as counsel for the Alton League of Women Voters, was set by County Judge Michael Kinney for 10 a. m. Thursday, Nov. 15, in County Court. The 84-page petition, containing more than 1,600 signatures requests the county Judge to submit to a vote of electors of the city of Alton the following proposition : "Shall the City of Alton, Illinois, adopt the managerial form of municipal government?" Judge Kinney, at mid-morning today, signed an order for the Nov. 15 hearing on the petition, and directed County Clerk Eulalia Hotz as clerk of the County Court to give written notice of the filing of the petition and hearing to Mayor Leo J. Struif of Alton and City Clerk Paul Price. Although only 1,297 signers signatures were required on the petition, the League of Women Voters had announced its intention of obtaining more than the minimum figure to insure validity and offset any duplications or signatures by non-city residents in areas immediately adjacent to Alton. The Alton league of women voters, under present plans, hopes to have the special election on the council-manager form of government question set for next. January in the City of Alton. If the court orders the election, upon approval of the petition a; the Nov. 15 hearing, and the proposal carries in Alton's 33 precincts at the special election four councilmen and a mayor would be elected next April. Usual procedure upon adoption of the council-manager form ol government is for the council and mayor to select a trained city manager from a list of professional municipal executives with training and experience in the field. Diptheria Outbreak In Detroit School DETROIT ff - City officials ordered an emergency inoculation program at a Detroit elementary school today to halt the spread of an outbreak of diphtheria. Seventeen persons from the school area on the city's lower West Side have been admitted to a hospital with t he disease or "suspicious" symptons of the disease. Of the 12 persons diagnosed a, definitely having diphtheria, 11 are children from the family of Mr and Mrs. Charles Pangracz. Today's Chuckle The doctor wanted the woman to tell him her age. "I never really tell my age," she said coyly. "But as a matter of fact I just reached 28." "Really?" said the doctor. "What detained you?" (Copr. Gen. Fea. Corp.) Warn Egypt, Israel: 'Stop Fighting' CAIRO UPV-Egypt and Israel received a stern warning from Britain and France today to cease fighting in the Sinai Peninsula. The Western powers threatened to occupy key positions in the Suez Canal zone unless there is a cease-fire within 12 hours. The announcement came as Egyptian and Israeli forces were clashing deep within t he Sinai Peninsula, which Israel invaded Monday. Prime Minister Eden said Britain and France have asked both sides to keep their forces 10 miles away from the canal. At the same time, the United States asked the U. N. Security Council to order Israel to withdraw immediately from Egyptian territory. Paratroopers Dropped Eden told the British Parliament paratroopers had been dropped in the area of the Suez Canal, but he did not say whether they were Egyptians or Israelis. He said the air forces ol both Egypt and Israel had been active in the neighborhood of the canal and that the British and French governments were determined to do everything possible to safeguard traffic through the wa tenvay. Egyptian President Nasser was reported to have ordered a general mobilization as the fighting looked more and more like war. Military spokesmen at Tel Aviv announced the capture of the Egyptian position of Qusaima, about 10 miles inside the Egyptian border and about 15 miles southwest of the El Auja demilitarized border area. This action indicated the Israelis had struck at points scattered over a 70-mile front in their invasion of Egypt Monday. Earlier, a two - pronged attack from Kuntilla and the head of the Gulf of Aqaba, far to the south, had been reported without confirmation to have driven almost across the peninsula to within 18% miles of the Suez Canal. A communique here said Egypt's counterattack "stopped completely" the Israeli advance. Military sources in Tel Aviv placed the Israeli columrs at 30 to 60 miles from the canal. A Cairo communique said the Egyptian air force shot down two Israeli aircraft, destroyed 12 Israeli armored cars and strafed Israeli troops. Attack at El j| .ued These attacks wers. 1 ^id to have taken place at El Themed, 30 miles inside Egypt from the Kunr tilla jumpoff point, and against Israeli troops "before the Egyptian position at Qusaima." The communique claimed Egyptians were engaged in "mopping up operations in the Sinai Peninsula." Tel Aviv military spokesmen announced that the Israeli air force also had gone into action and had attacked Egyptian convoys. Earlier, neutral diplomats in Israel had expressed the fear that if the fighting got into the air it would tip the balance toward all- out war. The Egyptian airforce lately has been reinforced by the arrival of Soviet jet fighters and bombers. The Israeli air force has French jets. Face Blackout Israeli's 1,800,000 population faced a blackout tonight. It was the Cairo newspaper Al Messaa which reported Nasser had ordered general mobilization. There was no government confirmation. Washington estimates are that 150,000 to 200,000 Israelis had been called up. Israel is believed capable of mobilizing an army of about 250,000. Egypt, according to the estimates of outsiders, might be (Continued on Page 2» Col* «•) All leaders notified were reported to have expressed complete readiness to do so. George is already in Washington. Precautionary Move The move by the administration seemed mainly precautionary because top officials shortly before noon were reported largely in th« dark about the actual developments in the Middle East areas. The report of the standby alert to the congressional leaders cam« shortly after a 75-minute conference President Eisenhower had at the White House with Dulles, under Secretary of State Herbert Hoover Jr. and Herman Phleger, legal adviser to the State Department. Eisenhower had a meeting Monday night of military, diplomatic and intelligence agency officials. The White House announced afterward that would stand the United by a 1950 with Britain and France States pledge to aid any victim of aggression in the area. Even as Eisenhower was talking with Dulles, the President's press secretary, James C. Hagerty, announced that Eisenhower had canceled plans for a flying campaign trip Wednesday to Texas, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Eisenhower's whole schedule was being kept "flexible," Hagerty said, to give first priority to the situation resulting from the troops into march by Israeli Egyptian territory. Favor Stern Measures The United States was reported to favor the sternest Western Big Three measures— short of war— to halt Israel's sudden military lunges into Egypt's Sinai Desert. Administration officials were reported convinced only such united action could induce Israel to withdraw her troops. U.S. officials obviously were banking also on swift moves by the United Nations to alleviate the threat of all-out Middle East war. Officials hoped that Israel, with massive public opinion focused on her, might back down before Arab counterattacks could turn the limited fighting into a full-scale conflict. They conceded, however, that it might already be too late. Hagerty said the problem of whether to call a special session of Congress "will be decided in the light of the unfolding situation." 100 To Get Certificates For Course One hundred of the 120 registered for the Alton Ministerial Association's annual leadership training school will receive credit cards tonight for their work as the six-week course closes. The school has been conducted in College Avenue Presbyterian Church. A special feature, the motion picture "Far From Alone," will be shown during the devotional period beginning at 7:50. It deals with the problem of alcoholism from the viewpoint of an ail-American football player, the Rev. Earl Stover, dean of the school, explained. He said that because of its general sig» nificance and high quality, the association was opening this evening's showing to the general public. Entrance to the church sanctuary, where the devotionals will be conducted, can be gained through the church's side door, he explained. The 100 receiving credit cards from the school earned them by attending at least nine of the 12 class sessions conducted on six nights and showing evidence of comprehension of the textbook and material covered In claisei. River „ « Pool 418.88 TaUwater W Stationary Stage -2.7

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